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tv   News 13 This Morning  ABC  January 8, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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there they will decide where the pup's permanent home will be. >>holly: at least they found it. so cute! >>jay: i think that pup will be at the aquarium. >>holly: bring it to my house, put it in the bathtub. i love an otter. >>jay: you can just put it in the tub. >>holly: yeah. >>jay: it will be fine. >>holly: good morning, it's january 8th. thanks for waking up with us. how is the end of the wee shaping up? >>zack: it will be okay. i think we will stay dry for the majority of the days but heavier rain saturday afternoon, late day bringing us into sunday morning. if you step out the door in the early morning right now, you still want to grab a raincoat because there are a few showers rolling through across the mountains that will continue just through the morningours today as i mentioned, more is on the way for saturday evening, more so bringing us into sunday morning. we will clear those out. the colder air is going to be moving through and is there any snow somewhat forecast? i will let you know all the details but for now let's get a first check of the morning drive with jaclyn.
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are in good shape so far. i-26 is looking good in town. everything is up to speed in both directions between brevard road and long sholes road. if you are traveling to the upstate this morning along i-26 eastbound, you shouldn't see any problems here. it's 22 minutes from 4 seasons boulevard, 21 minutes rather. over in hendersonville down to state line. and finally, here is a look at your commute along u.s. 25. the drive from biltmore village to i-240 timing out to 6 minutes for you. that's a look at your on-time traffic report, brought to you by the wired mouse. back over to you. >>holly: ski and snow board season is in full swing at cat cataloochee ski area. >>jay: lauren brigman joins us live, and lauren, the snowmakers have been hard at work? >>lauren: they have. a while. the ski area has been open since mid november and it's day 35 for them of the season. they recently extended their hours. the snowmakers have been blowing for a while, and several feet
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to take advantage of the fresh powder out here, you can ski until 10 p.m. each night. they have recently extended their hours. and that's seven nights a week. so, you can come out starting at 9 a.m., ski all day and most of the night, if you would like. they run for a national award for their snow making abilities. they are one of six finalists and you will hear about that. they have to battle adverse conditions out here. they have been hard at work and they are looking forward to a long season. >> like always, our goal is to be open until the last sunday in march and with the snow we have put out, several feet of snow over the last couple of days, and i don't see any reason it shouldn't last until march. >>lauren: there are a total of 18 slopes here at cataloochee ski area. 11 are open right now and there are five lifts to take advantage
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today kicks off the learn to ski and snow board month. there are actually lessons you can take advantage of out here. you know jay has been wanting to see me get on anow board or some skis all morning. and i have to warn you, i have never skied or snow boarded in my life. so, i'm compromising with you, jay. i'm going to sit on the snow board and go down the slopes for you this morning. but, you know, if you want to check out -- whoa! -- the powder here, you can take advantage of free lessons. log on to our web site and we will link you to to the cataloochee web site. what do you think, jay, was that good enough? >>holly: i feel like it's cheating because you looked adorable, but you grew up in madison county, you went to school with appalachian state and you have never been skiing or snow boarding? >>lauren: i was not coordinated at all and doing it on live t.v. i feel like i would break a leg. i may take lessons. i have inquired about that while i have been out here this
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so maybe we will do an update when i learn how. >>jay: i think at 6:30 you should at least try to stand up. >>holly: it will be the last live shot this morning. >>lauren: i will try to stand up. that's the first step. >>jay: lauren, thank you. other newss now, the fire marshall in caldwell county is working to determine what caused an exploats at a warehouse in hickory. it happened at a business that recycled plastic bags and other items on highway 321. two workers were knocked to the ground by the blast. the owner tried to help put out the fire. >> i made sure my guys are out and then grabbed the fire extinguisher. >> how many extinguishers? 20. really? >>jay: the fire marshall estimates the damage attends of thousands of dollars. >>holly: a mother and several others are jail after a meth lab was discovered in a home in wake county. the children inside were taken to a trailer where they were hosed down as part of a decontamination routine. they were then turned over to social services.
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was led away in handcuffs. >> it's very frightening, because an explosion of that nature when the houses are so close, i know it probably takes emem and the fire department a little while to get out here. if they get here in time, great, but what if they don't? >>holly: investigators say undercover deputies worked the case for months after receiving a tip. >>jay: a waynesville mother charged with prostitution tells news 13 why she did it. dione gray said it wuh an act of desperation to help make ends meet. her husband is fighting skin cancer and the bills were turning up. she admits to turning to pros tiewlings but not when her children were home. >> not really hurting anybody, you know, that's how i looked at it. i guess now, i have heard a hurt a lot of people. >>jay: her husband, david, is also charged in the case with
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dione gray's next next court date is january 13th. >>holly: trading in china is up after it shook markets worldwide. >>jay: what will this mean for the u.s. markets today and how will it impact your family's finances? >> >>reporter: finally, a good trading day on the chinese market. after previously sparking global market panic over fears of a slowing chinese economy, shanghai closed 2% higher at the end trading on friday, in contrast to thursday where it fell 7% and trading was suspended 30 minutes after on wall street. the dow closed down nearly 400 points yesterday. and with all those investors pulling their hair, average americans may be looking at their investments and retirement funds with concerns. what should you do? don't sell or change your 401(k) in a panic. >> if you end up selling when
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setting yourself up for losses potentially. >>reporter: next, realize the sell off may present an opportunity to purchase stocks a the a discount. >> if there is stocks you have been following over time that, in your opinion, have been too expensive ifer you to purchase, this might be the time to bite. >>reporter: take advantage of benefits. oil prices in low prices may be a boon to your family's finances. >> this is a terrific thing for people heating their homes, people buying car, people driving, and that's free money in people's pockets. >>reporter: and watch out for the december jobs report which comes out today. most economists are optimistic, forecasting thousands of new jobs. lana zak, abc news, washington. >>holly: we have an update this morning on the salt miners in upstate new york. all 17 are recovering at home after getting trapped in an elevator at a cargo mine in lancing new york. we told you about it yesterday morning in our news. it took about 19 hours to rescue
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nearly 1,000 feet underground. it was a small space in about 20 degrees. the men's manager says he was concerned for their well being. >> this is not a small thing that happened and i do have that genuine concern for my fellow teammates and my fellow employees and their well being. >>holly: engineers say a bracket within the shaft became loose, blocking the elevator. the inspections and repairs will be done. >>jay:y:n this morning's news reel the federal aviation administration is investigating a small plane crash that killed a pilot. >>holly: the crash in learnton, t tnessee, narrowly missed several homes. the plane went down in the backyard of a home shortly after leaving airport. it's still unclear why the plane went down and where it was headed. >>jay: a driver in atlanta is facing charges of a dwi after a dramatic chase was caught on a police unit's dashcam. video shows the officers pulling over rush, taking him out of his vehicle and hauling him a ay in handcuffs.
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officers say the 56 year-old was driving the wrong way. >> it is so dangerous, we have to have police units to attempt to shut down the traffic going southbound at all the adjoining exits that are north of the driver. >>jay: no one was hurt. rush is also charged with fleeing police. >>holly: today marks five years since a deadly shooting spree in tucson, arizona, that left congresswoman gabrielle giffords severely hurt and six people dead. 18 people were also injurur in the attack. giffords was speaking to constituents at a congress in your corner event. 22 year-old jarred lee layoffner opened fire ( ). giffords spent months learning to walk and speak aagain. >>jay: president obama is standing firm in his executive action over gun control. the president sat down with hall meeting. the meeting was held at george mason university in fairfax, virginia. the president said he never
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experience with firearms but he manufacturerrers. >> i have been president now for over seven years and gun sales don't seem to have suffered during that time. gone up. >> i have been very good for gun >>jay: the new plan is exexnding background checks for gun buyers and narrowing the so called gun show loophole. >>holly: a new poll suggests most americans support president obama's recent executive actions on guns. the cnn poll shows 67% of those surveyed say they favor the changes the president announced last week. 57% of those polled say they do not believe the executive action will be effective in reducing gun-related deaths though in the u.s. deep. >>holly: see who is enjoying
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>>jay: the area is seving several inches of snow. >>zack: no snow here, just rain showers. we will see them lessening and quieting down as we make our way into the afternoon hours. i will let you know just how long some of the rain could last for the weekend coming up after the break. yeah, that's right. deal diva coming through. you see all my bogos, my weekly ad. just wait till you see my savings. and brace yourself. the digital coupons are coming next. look at her, so proud of her momma. you saved quite a bit todayay go ahead. say it. cha-ching! thank you the weekly ad, bogos and coupons. three easy ways to save at the same place you love to shop.
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now, in high definition, this is your news 13 skywatch forecast. >>zack: good friday morning to you all. looking at showers across our region, and they are going to continue as we head through the morning hours. now, right now, it's more so for those in the mountains.
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little west of 26 and south of 40, but now, all of western north carolina is getting engulfed but this is light rain, not leaving a whole lot in terms of impact and we are talking little accumulation, trait amounts, upwards of a tenth of an inch of rain over a 24 hour period but there is going to be more on the way as we head into the weekend. this is just the first round. now, leading us into about lunchtime, our temperatures are going to be gradually warming up, going back into the mid 40s at that point. all across our region. but, w w are also going to see things dissipating at that time as well and we could even catch a few rays of sunshine later on this afternoon, but as i mentioned, the first round, moving off to the east, but there is another system innhe works as we head into saturday evening bringing us into sunday morning. it's stemming from this low pressure system, with an associated cold front. as this progresses towards our region it will be gathering moisture from the gulf of mexico and it will be bringing that in, even in moderate rain at times. so, we could see upwards of half an inch to maybe an inch in localized areas of the mountains. we will get to that accumulation
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as we put this into the hour-by-hour forecast, there you go. it pushes to the east. spotty, isolated showers, leading us into the early afternoon. later on, that's when things are really going to start changing. we are even clearing out the skies a little bit and bringing us into tomorrow. this is when you start to see another batch of rain. again, reserved for the afternoon hours. even through lunchtime, we are looking at overcast conditions, but as we make our way into saturday evening, bringing us into sunday morning, that's when the heavier accumulation will be seen. and by sunday at lunchtime, maybe into the afternoon, that's when we start to quiet things down once again. so, again, we are looking at limited impact today, much more, however, on the way as we head into saturday afternoon, even upwards of about an inch as we make our way into the southern mountains. our temperatures are taking a hit at that time. hovering around our average for this time of year, but we will be back in the 30s az we make our way into the next work week and dry conditions will be seen however a slight chance of elevated mountain snow as we
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>>holly: crews are working to restore power to thousands of customers in california. >>jay: el nio this-driven storm dumped at least a foot of snow on ski resorts across southern california's mountains. skiers and snow boarders arrived at big bear lake in droves to ride the fresh snowfall. >> oh my god, the powder is amazing. i'm so happy to be here. fresh powder, there is nothing better. >>jay: officials said the area received 30" of snow somewhat past 48 hours. >>holly: 6:17 almost. north carolina state is trying to stay alive in acc play. >>jay: how the team was able
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louisville. >>stan: good morning, in sports, acc hoops last night, north carolina state trying to pick up its first league win of
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louisville, who is 1-0. cardinals led 16 with 3:27 to go when they rallied. abdul malik abdul goes inside, 3 point play, here they come. couple minutes later caleb martin for 3 of 13, now it's only 71-64, 1:4 to go. mar tip with the steal, gets over to maverick rowan for 3, got it. 17 for the freshman, they are down 4 with 40 seconds to go. cat barber drives, 3 point play, gets them to within 3. he scores 20. they miss the free flow. barber a chance to tie, block, ball goes off and louisville gets that ball to make flee flow, louisville holds on and sends the pack in the acc, 77-72. and nfl playoffs begin this weekend with wild card games. carolina panthers the top seed in the nfc, get a buy and much needed week off. carolina will play next sunday at 1:05 against either seattle, imrb or washington. so hard to prepare for an opponent so the panthers worked
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and going against each other. >> i think that was a huge positive. it got spirited there. but it was fun. they had good energy and they had -- they competed well and both teams look passenger side good. >>jay: denver broncos are off this weekendut they made big news yesterday. they announced peyton manning will be the starting quarterback for the first playoff game. manning of course missed six straight starts because of a tear in the planta fascya for his teal, he was using osteo wilier and led the broncos in scoring drives in their victory. >> the pga, just from the winners from last year's tournament, the tournament of champions in hawaii, you think they don't like being there? what a setting. 18, jordan spieth, third shot, par 5, looks like he is is mid season form. leaves himself a few feet for a birdie. patrick on 18-2.
6:19 am
and he is going to drain this put for the eagle. 8 under 65 on a par 73 course. he has the first round lead. spieth makes his birdie, he is 7 under, lee and holmes are 6 under, the tournament end sunday. that's sports this morning. i'm stan pamfilis. we will see you again tonight at 6 o'clock. have a great friday, everyone. >>holly: it looks to be decently warm outside but the rain is moving in. >>jay: zack, what is the latest? >>zack: we see showers moving in, 41 degrees in asheville with calm winds and we will continue to see the rain through the afternoon, that's when things are going to be quieting down. our temperatures are going to be rising right to our average for this time of year. we are you can thatting upper 40s and low 50s today. now, although the rain does dissipate this afternoon, we we are going to see another round rolling through saturday bringing us into the evening hours and for sunday morning. but, that's when things are going to start quieting down. accumulation over 72 hour period, upwards of half inch of rain in many locations but closer to an inch in some localized areas.
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the traffic center and there are minor delays out there, jaclyn? >>jaclyn: things are getting busy on patton avenue right now. traffic is slowing dowow by drewitt drive heading towards i-240 so keep that in mind if you are heading that by on your morning drive. turning to i-40 eastbound, here is your drive from tunnel road over to north main street in marion, this commute will take you half an hour but be sure to watch for those slowdowns in old fort area. getting a closer look at tunnel road, you will want to give yourself 5 minutes to make it from porters cove road over to i-240 eastbound. that's a look at your on-time traffic report brought to you by the wired mouse. we will be right back with your
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stick around. >>holly: in honor of elvis presley's birthday we asked what is your favorite elvis song? >>jaclyn: david said "suspicious minds" and he wishes him a happy birthday.
6:22 am
and jail house rock." >>jaclyn: an american trilogy, the rise an fall of the medley matches his voice perfectly. choices. he would have been 81 today. jaclyn, you have an favorite elvis song? >>jaclyn: the whole christmas cd. >>holly: i like jail house rock and don't be cruel was a good one. absolutely. zack, your favorite? honestly. i actually enjoy that one. that one. >>jay: i went with "in the ghetto," so something a little different. today for "fun fact friday," we continue to honor the king. some rare photos right here. take a look at these. gamut. >>zack: you have great cars. >>jay: there is the late elvis with the pork chop sideburns, those are probably the vegas years. >>zack: i would assume. and the clean cut? >>jay: very young elvis in the 50s. what a nice-looking guy.
6:23 am
and there's the mutt ton chops again, bringing it on back. >>jay: you see the hawaii tour. i'm not sure what this is, holly? it is definitely from a movie, do we know which one? >>holly: i don't know. they were so obscure this morning. >>jay: they were. >>jay: he seemed to do so much. >>jay: he was an entertainer in every sense of the word. there he is. >>zack: look at the bike. >>jay: getting off the plane one last look there. the late elvis just before he died. >>holly: and of course if you like elvis you might want to listen to him inside. it's showering outside your door. it will continue throughout the morning hours. later, things will hopefully clear up a little bit but this is the first round of rain. certainly more on the way as we head into saturday, late afternoon, early evening, by the second half of the weekend
6:24 am
drying up. >>holly: a man is out of a be jonathan ferrell, the complaint filed against him. >>jay: two hendersonville fire trucks are severely damage. the reason is for a good cause. >>lauren: okay. jay and holly, you talked me into it. travis is teaching me how to ski live on air.
6:25 am
area, next. the western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 this morning. >>holly: we wanted to hear "jailhouse rock," today is the kin's birthday, he would have turned 81. >>jay: elvis presley died on this date in 1977. >>zack: the song "jailhouse rock" is one of elvis' no. 1 hits and remains one of his most popular. coming up in a few minutes we will look at his guitars that he gave to a fan in asheville, that was up for auction. >>holly: up for auction still, for sale, did not actually sell last night. but, the king, so many great memories. everyone has put him on facebook. we did five with five earlier, so many different movies, some you probably never even heard of, so that was interesting. >>zack: just before the break we saw a picture and none of us could identify the movie and it's just because he has been all over. >>holly: but we will eat
6:26 am
stories. >>jay: and if we don't like it, we will shoot the t.v. remember that? >>zack: i don't know that. >>jay: we will fell you in. >>zack: the temperatures may be feeling a little bit more mild, but, a cold snap is certainly going to be on the way and is there going to be any snow associated with that coming up in the next work week? but, for now, we want to get a heads up to drivers in fairview. there is a wreck involved with a moped on charlotte highway. jaclyn? >>jaclyn: thank, zack. crews are heading to the scene on charlotte highway in the area of emmitt grove road. no word on injuries but please try to avoid the area on your morning commute. checking back on patton avenue, there are delays in the hair yeah heading towards i-240 earlier this morning. everything is back up to speed just in time for your commute. speeds are now at 39 miles per hour. that's a look at your on-time traffic report brought to you by the wired mouse computer solutions. back over to you. >>zack: jaclyn, thank you. a buncombe county deputy is off the job after a use of force complaint.
6:27 am
complaint against former deputy tim keb stemmed from the a child custody call. the sheriff says the body cam video is key. >> for anyvo.bltvyadd]ao koq+lf906[_8\gl;"rya uiu%i`$"z3?xg,j`pk
6:28 am
so, we are kind of like stuck. but they want us to pay before a permit we can't even get. >>holly: airport officials tell news 13 they are working with uber to try and amend the issue. >>jay: two hendersonville fire trucks were damaged as part of a breast cancer awareness program last october. the trucks were wrapped in pink, but the interim fire chief says the truck sustained $70,000 worth of damage in the process. fortunately insurance will cover it. the sperm chief says the department used sign arahma of asheville to decorate the vehicles. >> the employees who installed the pink rap used a cutting tool and actually put cuts and scratches in the paint of the truck. >>jay: both trucks must be repainted which will take more than a month. the department says it still plans on wrapping them in pink again next year to support the cause. >>holly: a teen charged with break-ins faces more charges.
6:29 am
a foalen firearm and breaking into a building on euclid boulevard. last month police say grant and two other suspects broke into three homes. >>jay: clemson university police are investigating vandalism on the main campus at tillman hall. the words "rename tillman hall" and "stop honoring tillman" were spray painted on the building near the front entrance. crews are evaluating the best way to clean the old brick without damaging it. >>holly: the spindale fire chief will be in arizona to see his son play in the national championship game. jamie guyier mow's son jay is the starting player for the clemson tigers. jamie says his son started playing football since second grade but was carrying the years old. >> as they are in high school you don't know if they are going to a big school or a smaller school and for him to get to play division i football was a dream for him. but, to play in the national
6:30 am
certainly even bigger. >>holly: the game will be televised nationally on espn and, don't forget our clemson special is coming up this sunday at 7:00 on my 40. learning to ski and snow board month begins and what better place to do it than cataloochee ski area jai that's live. lauren, you are about to try skiing for the first time ever? >>holly: peer pressured into it? >>lauren: exactly. peer pressured but you know what, i'm on a pair of skis. travis simmons is here and the lift manager and terrain park nager at cataloochee. he will teach me the basics this morning because this is my first time on a bier of skis. and, travis, i have heard snow boarding is actually easier so why did you put me on skis? >> skiing is typically easier for beginners to learn, harder to master. snow boarding is a little harder the learn but easier to master. >>lauren: so for beginners you recommend probably skiing if this is your first time? >> typically they have more fun the first day. >>lauren: we don't want any
6:31 am
so, what do i need to keep in mind, just to fete down this tiny little hill here? >> so we have you strapped in. you are going to get your skis straight and we will go down and do the snow plow we worked on. >>lauren: you told me keep in mind the pizza, the pizza is how you stop? so i'm in the pizza position no. you will be beside me? i'm scared, guys. this should not be this intimidating. but you know it's short. i'm not very coordinated. okay. i got a little bit of skis. pizza, pizza, pizza, and you set don't cross the board. so they're not crossed. there we go. it takes a lot of work probably to learn this, but you guys are holding a special lesson here? this month for anybody who maybe wants to try it out? >> that's right. >>lauren: you said the beginners have more fun time skiing, why would you recommend skiing to somebody? >> it's easier to stay up on skis, if you're snow boarding you are on your butt a lot. >>lauren: so, you know, you are expecting a busy weekend. how many people do you see come
6:32 am
>> typically a normal saturday is 1500. this weekend, with the weather, it's probably going to be around 500 or 600. >>lauren: we are seeing people spreading snow. the snowmakers are out here for weeks now. you have several feet on the slopes, right? >> feet, yes. i think our base is at 42-55" right now, spread out. >>lauren: all right. people can come out, take advantage of the weather because here the temperatures in the mid-to-lower 30s so we are right out, even though we are seeing rain, that can change over the weekend. hopefully bringing snow for you guys. >> if you want to learn more about how to ski or snow board here at cataloochee, you can visit the web site,, and we will link you to their site where you can get signed up on-line. you can learn how to ski and bad. i didn't make it down the big slope. but how did i do? >> you did great. >>jay: that's the thing now. that's the thing. he is the lift manager, have him take you up there and he will take you down.
6:33 am
you stayed up. >>lauren: i stayed up. that was the goal this morning. to get on a spare of skis. so next is a lift that we will get on the lift. so we will see about that. maybe in the future. lauren, thanks so much. canton announces a new pool and make over of the recreation park. it will replace the aging pool which has been getting short term repairs for several years i. is expected to cost more than $2 million. town leaders are applying for grants, getting corporate money and asking for private donations. if the plan goes forward, the new pool should be ready by summer 2017. >>jay: the state is changing how it measures current school, they can revoke it if standards are not met for 2 out of 3 years. the new policy will also allow schools to operate under the label quch inadequately performing" for the first five years of operation, instead of closing for good. charter schools say this will
6:34 am
>> this puts charters in line with the mandates that the state has for all public schools. >>jay: the state board of education says there are no low performing schools here in western north carolina. >>holly: the king of rock & roll would have turned 81. >>jay: and this morning we have an update on a guitar elvis presley gave to a fan in the asheville civic center in 1975. graceland auction got 10 bids but did not meet the reserve price so it didn't sell. the cusston gibson ebony guitar was used during elvis' famous aloha from hawaii concert back in 1973. >> oh, yeah, it puts it in the absolute rarefied air of one of the best elvis presley artifacts available. >>jay: that elvis presley
6:35 am
foretween $300,000.500000. elvis reportedly told the fan that he gave it to him for a reason and some day it would help him out. just not yesterday. >lly: but you know somebody will win that $700 million with the powerball, and that guitar is gone. >>jay: that's like stairway to heaven. >>holly: it would be really cool to have that one. >> usually, sometimes she does an activity for us and she is our best teacher. >>holly: coming up in "thanks to teachers," a local elementary
6:36 am
her stu >>zack: we are finishing up the week on a milder note. you may not need the herb gardennier jacket because temperatures are warmer than what we saw 24 hours ago, maybe even by 15, possibly even 20 degrees. but, although you may not need a heavier jacket, you may need the raincoat because we are seeing showers all across western north carolina and this is going to continue through the morning hours. a southwesterly flow is going to actually be pushing that off to the northeast, so although we see it through the morning, by the early afternoon, things are starting to quiet down and dissipate. we will see a gradual warmup back into the mid 40s area-wide by about lunchtime and that's when we start to see some
6:37 am
and maybe a few glimpses of blue sky for the later portions of the afternoon. not a whole lot, i think the clouds will dominate the majority of the day. but that first system is going to push off to the north and east. we will see another round of rain, however, with an area of low pressure and an associated cold front. now, as this progresses towards our region, we are going to see the moisture content really ramping up coming in from the gulf of mexico. so, by saturday in the late afternoon, evening, overnight hours, bringing us into sunday morning. that's when we will start to see moderate to maybe heavier accumulation. we will get to that in a moment. the first round, there it goes. spotty showers and isolate chance later this afternoon. overcast skies are still going to be seen but you can catch a few breaks in the cloud cover in the late day on friday. now, for the majority of saturday, we are going to stay dry. i think especially through the morning hours. but then you start to see the rain moving in from the west later on in the afternoon and it will be continuing overnight and increasing as we head into sunday morning. and at that point, we really start to quiet things down and
6:38 am
sunshine and dryer conditions as we head into the start of next work week. as we head into sunday afternoon, accumulation, at that point, can be upwards of half an inch of rain in many areas and then we will see maybe even localized spots getting closer to an inch of rain. so, 48-72 hour period of rain and then we start quieting down. upper 40s and low 50s today, but take a look at this. we will take a tumble as we head through the rest of the weekend and by the start of the next work week, we are only in the upper 30s for our afternoon highs. we are going to continue with the cool trend, but dry conditions. maybe just a slight chance of some snowflakes for the higher elevations on wednesday. but keeping things more so with sunshine as we head through the rest of the week. now, if your morning drive takes you charlotte highway, be careful there is a wreck in fairview to watch for. >>jaclyn: thanks, zack. crews are working a moped wreck in the air afterof emmitt grove road. the road is epitoen but sure to use caution if you pass through that area shortly. turning over to 19/23, we are dealing with delays between i-40
6:39 am
mind for your morning commute. finally a look at hendersonville road in the south asheville area, it's about 10 minutes from cane creek road over to creek drive. that's a look at your on-time traffic wrought broart to you by the wired mouse computer solution. >>zack: in "thanks to teachers," this teacher knows her work with first graders for the start of a lifetime of knowledge. >> it's still within 3 o'clock, yes. >>zack: hands on a clock, may seem rudementry. >> when you make 9 o'clock, always start with the short hand first. >>zack: but to kathy lom bar lombardi's first grade student, these are important. >> we do things that are important to them. >>zack: after 18 years of teaching youngster, kathy found her classroom at junaluska elementary is where her passion lies. >> i really like teaching first grade because they make such growth. they come and they can barely read anything and by the end of the year they are reading small chart books. >>zack: while midide school
6:40 am
>> they give me lots of love. >>zack: they didn't hesitate to tell me why. >> she likes to read me a funny book. usually she has an activity for us and she is the best teacher. >>zack: her student's appreciation is what makes kathy a "thanks to teachers" winner. >> sometimes you think maybe no one knows what you are doing out there but then you realize people do recognini how hard you are working. i love it from the beginning. >>zack: these lessons will stick to them long after they are gone. >> it makes me feel really good to know they are getting good skills in the beginning, that they are going to use for the rest of their lives. one o'clock . . . 1:30. >>zack: and for that, we thank you. reporting from haywood county, zack green, news 13. >> okay. give me 5. >>holly: all the kids certainly engaged. >>zack: every time we walk into one of those and we tell the students what is happening they get so beyond excited. i sa say your teach is one of the best in western north
6:41 am
applause is amazing. >>jay: it has to be the best part of the week. >>zack: it is, you can't really complain with that welcome. >>holly: the tech resolution.
6:42 am
to know to help you lose weight. >>holly: welcome back, the eyes will be on wall street when u.s. markets own ton day. >>jay: volatility in china is having a big impact on investors in the u.s. >>holly: overnight, trading was up for the first time this week. reed ban onreports. >> it's been almost 7 years since the bottom of the u.s. market. and we are overdue for a correction. >>reporter: donna how of investors business daily on the wave of selling rocking wall street. stocks are off to the worst start to a new year ever, with the dow dropping 5%% in the first four days and 10% from the high in may. that puts the market in correction territory for the
6:43 am
fears of a possible bear market on the way. the losses on wall street have been triggered largely by market chaos in china. beijing debuted a circuit selling. then scrapped the system after it halted trading for the second time in four days. >> it appears the circuit breakers which are new may have exacerbated the selling wave on chinese markets. >>reporter: it comes as china tries to jump start its slowing economy by devaluing curbcy to boost exports. correspondent allison says that's adding to the angst on wall street. >> so investors that sends a message that china could be in worse shape than we realize. another factor is oil prices which mum meted to a 12 year low on wednesday. while they may save money at the gas prump, it increases anxiety on wall street. i'm reed ban onreporting. >>holly: we have an update this morning, the mother of the so called affluenza teen is back in texas. >>jay: she was transported to jail. she and her son disappeared
6:44 am
search. she is charged with hindering the apprehension of a felon. she is accused of helping her teenage son flee to mexico last month. her bond is set at $1 million. ethan couch still in mexico. >>holly: the texas trooper who arrested sandra bland is out on bond in texas. bryan finney turned himself in yesterday after a grand jury incted him on perjury charges. he has been let go and he was let in through the garage for his safety. >> i can assure you, some of the threats the last five or six months, it makes you look over your shoulder. >>holly: bland was pulled over in july for not using her turn signal. they claim she became assaultive, the penalty for a perjury is a year in jail and $4,000 fine. if your new year's resolution is
6:45 am
guy yes air guidelines recommend americans cut back on sugar. it suggests eating no more than 10% of daily calories. that's about 12 teaspoons of sugar a day and to put that into perspective, one can of coke contains 10 teaspoons. after three years of struggle a miracle happened. >>jay: a new mom wuh able to have a healthy baby girl. why did you have to tell me about that coke thing? >>holly: i know you will stick to your coke zero over there. fist today's mind teaser, what was elvis presley's first recorded song? >>jay: we have the answer when
6:46 am
stay with us. >>holly: here is the answer day's mind teaser. we asked what was elvis prez presley's first recorded song? >>jay: the answer is "that's all right." >>holly: a grandmother at 54 years old is not unusual. >>jay: but when you give birth
6:47 am
will certainly get attention. tracy thompson acted as a surrogate for her daughter and son-in-law. she gave birth at a hospital in playno, texas. the hospital says thompson's daughter ( ) struggled with fertility for three years. the healthy baby named kelsi weighed 6 pounds 11-ounces. >>holly: what a gift to give to her daughter and her granddaughter. gooder if them. congratulations. >>jay: last look at the weather? >>zack: looking at rain showers outside right now. going to be dissipating later on this afternoon. however, we are going to continue to cool things down as we make our way into the weekend. now as we look into next week, that's when things will really start quieting down. sunshine returning, the temperatures are falling dramatically overnight lows in the 20s, afternoon highs in the 30s. >>holly: friday morning commute? >>jaclyn: we have the wreck on charlotte highway near emmitt grove road. no injuries with the moped wreck and it's clearing. >>holly: be careful on friday,
6:48 am
>>jay: gma is next. for more local news and weather check us out on-line.
6:49 am
>> good morning, america. an emergency landing overnight. this woman cuffed and carried off a united flight. passengers jump into action after she attacked a flight attendant and fellow flier. the terrifying scene at more
6:50 am
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