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tv   News 13 Sunday at 7am  ABC  February 7, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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>>zack: and i'm. >>zack: green. >>evan: luke notestine has a profile of a panthers cheerleader with a mountain connection. >>zack: and it's time for the animal planet puppy bowl and hope hanselman has some puppies you can adopt here in asheville. >>evan: pretty excited for superbowl sunday. obviously the carolina panthers are in it. >>zack: don't say it. he wanted to say it. just say the patriots aren't. rubbing the salt in the wound all week. >>evan: i have not been doing that, we all know the patriots are not in it. >>zack: it's not like the panthers are excited it's just the whole world is excited about that. >>evan: that the patriots are not in it? >>zack: it's okay. it's all right. i'm here. i'm a pats fan. it is fine. going to be a great superbowl sunday, guys. you have to get outside and enjoy the blue sky and sunsne. but, if you are heading out in the early mornings, any destination, grab the heavier coat. upper teens and low 20s is what it will be feeling like across the mountains. now, we are going to see
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this afternoon, but the sunshine does come toen a end with rain and snow on the way for the work week. i will let you know just how long that will last, all coming up in a little bit. >>evan: before the panthers and broncos take the field today in superbowl 50, their biggest fans will run out and pump up the crowd ahead of them. the top cats are the panthers cheerleaders. news 13's luke notestine is in san clara with the story of one who is actually a graduate of irwin high school. >>luke: good morning. shannon phillips graduated irwin high school and never believe shed would be where she is today. cheering for the carolina panthers as they get ready for the biggest game on the planet, superbowl 50, which will be later tonight. shannon is a classically trained ballet dancer who has tied to the asheville area. she has been with the carolina panthers now for the past five seasons but never experienced anything like this, getting ready for the superbowl. we caught up with her yesterday morning, to kind of talk to her about what her experience has been like and why she has extra special motivation to be at her
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>> my mom has been fighting>luke: reporting from lee stye stadium in santa clara, i'm luke notestine for news 13. >>evan: last year three of asheville's rescue dogs were vying for mvp at the animal planet puppy bowl, it was titan and tiara two took to the turf in new york representing the mountains. animal planet's puppy bowl is on today at 3 o'clock and this year we brought the cuteness closer to carolina. that we have hope hanselman live in the asheville humane society with our own western north carolina puppy bowl. she is our sideline reporter today and hope, what is the injury report? any issues in today's game so far? >>hope: yeah, a lot of
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said last time, but no injuries. we are happy to report. we have the b. team, maybe we can say? they are first in our hearts, too. this is newton and he's going to be available to adopt today later on today at the asheville you hoo main society events in asheville pizza and brewing on merryman brewing and we thought this day is not all just about the puppy, we have our panthers here, bearing in mind down on newton. tell me, health, about this little guy? >> this little panther is also ready for the big game this. is raiden. he came to us as a little stray. and he is about 8 weeks old, 8-9 weeks old and will also be available to find a i'm ho. you can find a puppy or panther today. >>hope: and we tried introduces them today and we can tell you they do really well with each other. oh, okay. yeah, here we go. so we are sitting down with this litter of puppies and this whole team is going to be at the pizza and brewing on merryman avenue.
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people can come meet these puppies? >> the adoption event will start at 2 o'clock and will run from 2-4 and then the viewing on the big screen will start at 3 o'clock. so we will have these cue tees, both raiden and the kittens and then these little puppies there will be at 2 o'clock today. >>hope: how old are they? >> these guys are 10 weeks old. >>hope: they are so cute. we are just trying to get them to pick up some of the toys but they are more interested i think in the spot light so day. so, you can definitelyycome check them out. we have more to show you coming up in our next half hour. please stick was. we are live at the asheville humane society. hope anselman, news 13. >>evan: new this morning, firefighters worked a structure fire overnight in the alexander community. that fire started at this house, off old north carolina 20, just before 2:00 this morning. it quickly spread to the attic but firefighters had that fire put out by about 3 o'clock. investigators were on the scene, but no cause has been determined as of this morning. the red cross is now assisting
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information on the fire as details are released to day. some folks in transylvania county braved some very cold water, a daring dip to help with something special. >> dozens of people gathered in connestee falls for the second annual polar plunge at lake ary ga he ( ). the event is the main fund raidser for the transylvania county special oh olive oils. it help pay for transportation and meals on the road. >> to see the joy on their face when they cross the finish line? winning their gold medal? there's nothing in this world like it. >>evan: transylvania county sends 40 athletes to raleigh every year for the state's special olive oils game. >> we are two days away frau from the second primary in the season, new hampshire and the gop contenders in the race for president made the final pitches in a prime time debate last night. kenneth moton is in manchester
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the vote, either republicans and democrats. >>reporter: the final gop debate before the new hampshire primaries and it was a good night for the governor, a bad one for rising candidate marco rubio. >> under chris christie's governor ship, they have been down graded 9 times in washington. >> that's what dc does the drive by shooting with incomplete information and then the memorize 25 second speech that is exactly what you are saying. >> jeb bush hit donald trump on his support of eminent domain. >> what donald trump did was use eminent domain to try to take the property of an elderly woman on the strip in atlantic city. that isot public purpose. that is down right wrong. >> [inaudible] >> i didn't take the property. >> iowa caucus winner ted cruz was an apology mode. >> then i'm sorry. >> cruz accused of playing dirty tricks to steal caucus voters
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>> washington ethic, basically, says if it's legal, you do what you need to do. >>reporter: while the republicans debated. >> i need your help on tuesday. hillary clinton brought the cheers in a new hampshire new new hampshire rally and bernie sanders brought laughs during this titanic-inspired skit. >> 1% getting this preferential treatment. >> today sanders will be back in the state where he is leading big and clinton will be in flint michigan for a community meeting on the water scries. all of them are here for superbowl parties and rallies, kenneth moton, abc new, manchester, new hampshire. >> >>evan: let's take a look at the puppy bowl scoreboard now. >>zack: yeah, we have been talking about this -- oh. >>evan: no score yet. >>zack: zero zero?
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i don't know they are in a game yet. asheville humane stadium. >>zack: they are inside this morning and you probably should stay inside. it will be a cold start to the day, guy, but later this afternoon, sunshine will help warm things up for your superbowl party, and enjoy it, because showers are to come. how long are they going to last and how much accumulation are we going to see? i will let you know coming up after the break. >> >> >> >>evan: one of a kind jewelry made in asheville. how the circle of life help as woman craft her custom a golf ball. i drive to the hoop. i drive a racecar. i have a driver. his name is carl.
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now, in high definition, this is your news 13 skywatch forecast. >>zack: good sunday morning to you all and happy superbowl sunday to all you panthers fans out there. clear conditions to kick off our sunday, but there is going to be some weather on the way for your come womaning work week. there is one system that right now is along the coast of the carolinas, even down into georgia as well as well ass northern florida. this is actually a very powerful storm. it's going to continue to kick up a lot of rain and mixing in even some snow as you make your way further north towards virginia beach. but, that's not going to be the system t tt we are concerned with, for our purposes monday and tuesday when we start to see aa wintry mix. it's all going to be coming from the west. the area of low pressure is actually going to be diving south and we will drag the cold canadian mass down towards the mountains as well as the upstate. but bringing along with it more moisture content. we want to bring it into motion and show you when the rain will show up and when we transition to snow. clear conditions throughout the day on sunday.
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those are wind vexes, when you increase them you see gusts 20-25 miles per hour later on this afternoon as well. so the sunshine and the brighter conditions are going to be around but you may have a breezy condition overall. watch what happens as we head into the overnight hours, bringing us into monday morning commute. you start to see already some rain and snow moving towards western north carolina. now, this is ahead of the cold front and it continues to progress on through, we will see that wintry mix bringing us right into the afternoon hours. this is at 6 p.m. tomorrow. we are seeing snow on the map here. it's all in blue. and as you make your way east, temperatures will keep things for liquid precipitation, but i don't think there will be a whole lot of accumulation to be seen on monday. notice what happens as we head into tuesday. our temperatures monday evening are falling off dramatically, and we will transition all the remnants of the storm into snow. but you see it right along the north carolina and tennessee border, and i think that's where the brunt of the accumulation is certainly going to be. so, as we put this into motion
7:13 am
futurecast, we are showing just about less than a half inch of snow, i think, for most of us, especially for those east of i-26 and as you make your way south of i-40. but right along the border we can see upwards of 2-3" and at the higher accumulations possibly even above that. this is something we will be closely monitor. temperatures this afternoon going to be hovering around our average for the time of year into the upper 40s and low 50s. but watch what happens as that system does roll through and we get to the seven-day forecast. it will be a nice day out in california for the superbowl. we are looking at the 70s with plenty of sunshine on the way. not going to be the case as we two into tuesday and wednesday. back into the upper 20s and low 30s. overnight lows, down into the teens. so, a very chilly start on tuesday morning and clearer conditions for the educational background of the week. >> >>evan: taking from nature, a local jewelrymaker crafts one of a kind pieces from items you might find walking through the forest. photojournalist adam hillbury introduces us to her unusual
7:14 am
moment." >> death, no one likes death. no one wants to know we are going to die, just like everything else. it's just part of it. things die and it goes back into the earth and it happens again and again, so it is, i guess, by definition, can be kind of a process. i just have to sharpen the pen back. it's the last step. making jewelry is something i have done since i was really little. i honestly think it was kind of one of the first things that i did through high school, even when i was going through my rebellious, didn't want anything stage i. was always still there. i used plants and animal parts and inspects, stems, bug, all
7:15 am
>> my work is about interconnections with nature and i like the pop platform that jewelry provides because there is such an intimate relationship between jewelry and the owner. it's small and intricate so, you know, if you have a piece of jewelry, you look at it and you you look at it closely. my first step is finding what i want to make. and i then ask how am i going to put that together? give it a little scrub with the brush. the bones i use, i get a lot from, i will call it, from animals i find are are given to me. they might be skeltons or might be the full animal and i process them. usually i will brewery them in containers with holes in it and leave it and let nature take its course. each piece is just kind of a new challenge. so you take and file off the full edge but i do think i am
7:16 am
least i hope i am. >> >>evan: gloria stye physical exam doesn't feel the burn. the long time feminist has harsh words for people who back bernie sanders. she says those female voters are flocking to sanders because, quote, the boys are with bernie, end quote. stye physical exam supports the main challenger, secretary of state hillary clinton. stye physical exam made the comment about young women when asked why clinton isn't doing as well as sanders ( ) with females. >> we are hours away from the kick off of superbowl 50 and if you don't have cable you will be happy to know there are other options besides watching the game at a friend's house or sports bar. cbs will be streaming the panthers broncos superbowl on-line for free. this is the fourth conservative year cbs will provide that service. the network expanded the devices
7:17 am
superbowl. including apple t.v., google chrome cast and now roku players. also virus wireless players can watch on their smart phone with the nfl mobile app. >> we are about the paint the town red. coming up in the "carolina kitchen," a recipe to highlight
7:18 am
for the american red cross. (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood... all with worry-free ownership. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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>> welcome the carolina carolina "carolina kitchen," we are painting the town red. what better way to this that than with some red and red velvet bane nees. ( ). >> awesome. tell us what we are going do? >> we will make them and fry them off, add sugar on top and i will make a rye swizz l with an old cow bell shaker. >> all right. whywhile you are doing that, i will have amanda tell us about paint the town red this. is a fund-raiser. how does it work? >> we have ticket sales for $40 a ticket you can visit all six venues an get a small bite and sip and what anthony is preparing is what the social lounge is serving, this is his bite. this is his bite and sip. >> awesome. >> and our celebrities will be out helping serve and maybe behind the bar a little bit. competing for tips. >> this all happens tat fuse,
7:20 am
>> it is, and there is not a lot else going on in asheville on fat tuesday, so it's a great reason to come out and support the red cross from 5:30 to 7:30 at the venue and then we have the wrap-up celebration and the crowning of the winner at pack tavern 8 p.m.. >> i'm not familiar with bane yeahs but they are a treat louisiana? it's basically like a donut. >> a french donut of the and basically you are creating a dough that's covered. >> they look brown on the outside,. >> but they are red on the inside. >> yeah, red on tin side. and -- and this is the swizz l part that goes into the bell. very nice. we have some rye whiskey. >> i have rye, fresh squeezed lemon juice, ginger syrup, and crushed ice with mint.
7:21 am
i could smell it. it smells great. rye swizz l comes out of the big bell. what do we do? we roll the bane yeah in sugar? >> i will top it with sugar. >> okay. he will top it with sugar and i will tell you folks at home how you can get the recipe for the drink, the rye swizz l, and for the bane nays, you can send a self-addressed stamped envelope to 110 technology drive in asheville or you can just go to and you can find it there as well. and i have got to try the bane yeah. all right. we have to do this before we get out of here. i will dip this. how is that? mmmm. mmmm. that is great.
7:22 am
"carolina kitchen." >> >>evan: coming up tomorrow, a greek sweet and sour cucumber sour with roasted red peppers. in our next half hour, highlights from last night's gop debate. who took the stage and who did the best of all?
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take care of those you love and cook deliciously. mazola makes it better. >>zack: welcome back. a chilly start to the day in asheville, 30 degrees, so below the freezing point. take a look at the winds, 10 miles per hour, they ooh are going to be whipping around for the majority of the day. sustained above 10, possibly even 12 miles per hour. so, the wind chill values in the early morning, we are talking about up ther teens and low 20s. your sun rise, official just about 3 minutes ago at 7:25. and we are going to see bright conditions all day long. limited cloud cover, maybe a little bit in terms of thin and high level clouds down in the upstate.
7:25 am
help warm things back up as we make our way into the afternoon hours. taking a look at the wind speeds, they are going to be above 10 miles per hour for the majority of those in western north carolina. so, grab one of the heavier coats. maybe even the gloves as you step out the door the in early morning. but enjoy the sunshine on superbowl sunday. because rain and snow are going to be in the mix for the upcoming week. >>hope: so all morning our puppy bowl has been entertaining us at the asheville humane society, but coming up next, we thought we would bring you a little side entertainment. meet iggy azalea next. dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches freshly made all day -- and now you can enjoy two english muffin egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches for $4.
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now, in high definition, from the western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 this weekend. >>zack: we have. >>evan: we have been talking the superbowl all morning long. >>zack: what is a good discussion without beer, of course, and the commercials. take a look at bud light's big ad. >> really, i have the elbows. you got the middle of my back? there is no middle. >> ready?
7:28 am
>>evan: did you see what those two will do later today with that set of ads? this morning we have a complete wrap of last night's new hampshire republican debate. second primary coming up. >>zack: plus, news 13's hope hanselman is live in asheville with some dogs from this year's puppy bowl. i'm not sure if you have tuned in all morning long. i think we have a pig out there as well? potentially? >>evan: piggy azalea. >>zack: so good. i applause you on that one. going to be a cold start out there if you head out the door in the morning, grab your coat. superbowl sunday looking grate and sunny. milder temperatures, enjoy it while you can, rain and snow for the upcoming week, i will let you know how long it will last and what you can expect coming up in a little bit. >>evan: last year three of asheville's own rescue dogs were vying for the total of most valuable puppy at animal planet's puppy bowl. it was titan and tiara who took
7:29 am
mountains in new york. puppy bowl 12 will air on animal planet later today at 3 o'clock. this year, we have rounded up the top pups from our area for our very own western north carolina puppy bowl. news 13's hope hanselman is live at the asheville humane society stadium now. hope, coming down to the wire. do we have any score yet? >>hope: i have totally forgotten to keep track of the score, evan. i have been a little distracted to day. but this year, asheville's humane sent four puppies to the puppy bowl in new york city. one of them has made the starting lineup, her name is bella. you will be able to meet her today at asheville's pizza and brewing on merryman avenue. she will be there from 2-3. but from 2-4, you can meet this entire litter here. so, katie, you actually took these puppies home before they were born? tell me the story. >> yeah, so mom came in and she was as a stray and she was very scared and so they asked me to come look at her and i got her
7:30 am
and because she was so scared i took her home to see, to make her a little more comfortable while she was on her straight away and the next morning we had four little puppies. >>hope: four beautiful puppies now available for adoption. you came in at the nick of time. we have lots of other animals here to pay the a tension to, all year round. puppies all the time but also who else do we have with us? >> we have raiden the kitten which we met earlier. another one of the lab puppies we met earlier, this is molly. she came to us, she is older. really nice dog. she has gone to a lot of events with us and been awesome. obviously, doesn't care about dogs, cats, or pigs. >>hope: or pigs either. we want to give the older dogs some attention to, on the puppy bowl day. you guys met piggy azalea in our little tease before the 7:30 hour. sorry, pig gi azalea, she just reminds me so much i guess of the entertainer. tell me the story behind this little pig?
7:31 am
she actually, some people were out hiking and she followed them back to their car and let them load her up in their car with their dogs and drive her back to their house and she hung out in her garden until the animal control could pick her up. >>hope: and now she is snacking on the peanut butter. a very friendly animal as so many of them are here. once again, 2-4 o'clock today. you can head to the asheville pizza and brewing on merryman brewing and meet these guys. they will be, i'm sure, a hot commodity around here, going very quickly. the pig will be available for adoption on monday, the little labrador pups coming up soon. >> coming up soon, later this week. >> later next week, and molly, of course, too. is available now. so is raiden. >> yes. >> >>hope: we have had so much fun here. once again, i totally did not keep track. i just had too much fun meeting all these guys. we will send it back to you guys in the studio live at the asheville humane society.
7:32 am
>>evan: two days away from the new hampshire primary and the gop contenders in the race for president made their final pitches in a prime time debate. kenneth moton is in manchester with that last minute push for votes for republicans and democrats. >>reporter: the final gop debate before the new hampshire primaries. and it was a good night for the governors. a bad one for rising candidate marco rubio. >> under chris christie's governorship of new jersey they have been down graded 9 times. >> that's what washington, dc does, the drive by shot at thee beginning with incorrect and incomplete information, and then the memorized 25 second speech that is exactly what is -- [inaudible] >>reporter: jeb bush hit donald trump on his support of eminent domain. >> what donald trump did was use eminent domain to try to take the property of an elderly woman on the strip in atlantic city. that is not public purpose. that is down right wrong. [inaudible]
7:33 am
>>reporter: iowa caucus winner ted cruz was in aupon mode. >> ben, i'm sorry. >> >>reporter: cruz is accuse of dirty tricks to steal voters from dr. ben carson last week. >> washington ethics says if it's legal, you do what you need to do. >>reporter: while the republicans debated -- >> i need your help on tuesday! >> hillary clinton brought the cheers at a new hampshire rally. and democratic rival bernie sanders brought the laughs on saturday night live during the titanic inspired skit. >> the 1% getting this preferential treatment. >>reporter: today sanders will be back in the state where he is leading big. while clinton will be in flint, michigan, for community meeting on the water crisis. all the republicans are here hosting town hall, rally, and superbowl patch par tis. kenneth moton, abc new, manchester, new hampshire. >>evan: new this morning, firefighters worked a structure fire overnight in the alexander community.
7:34 am
house off old north carolina 20 just before 2:00 this morning. the fire quickly spread to the attic but firefighters managed to put it out at about 3 o'clock. investigators were on the scene, but no cause has been determined. the red cross is now assisting the residents. we will bring you more information on the fire as details develop later today. new information this morning about a former episcopal priest here in the mountains who also faces halloweens of sexual misconduct a thousand miles away. as we reported, howard white was wrecktor at grace church in waynesville from 1984 until 2006. the diocese of western north carolina has released a statement saying a woman claims she was sexually abused by white when she was a high nor. dozens of former students at a school in middletown, rhode island, also came forward, saying they, too, were molested. as many as 40 years ago. as kelly sullivan report, the school agreed to hire a third party investigator to handle the case.
7:35 am
decades ago poured out through tears and hugs for former classmates of the school gathered to hold a news conference about the sex abuse allegations. >> it was an environment that was taken over by evil. >> but now the private episcopal school in middletown is trying to make good with the 40 victims who have come forward since the alleged abuse began back in the 1970s. announcing, a third party independent investigator, both the school and victims agree upon, will oversee a comprehensive investigation of sexual abuse at st. george's school. we caught up with carmen durst via facetime who represents the victims group, st. george's school for healing. >> the speed with which the school responded after the press conference that was held in boston is indicative to us of the school's concern that they get their house in order. >> joseph fairline who represents the board of trustees, told us over the phone, quote, the board, the trustees and administration of the school felt for some time to complete a thorough investigation. this is a positive first step
7:36 am
facts in the same manner. attorneys say seven of the alleged perpetrators worked at the school, four were students. durst tells us most of the victims won't be able to prosecute because the majoritier were not raped but they are hoping for the facts to come to light. >> so what we are hoping for is justice for everyone, in the sense that they will all be able to have their story told. they will all be able to get the kind of help that they need. and the school will do everything it has to do to make sure these kind of things can never happen again. >>evan: waynesville police are investigating the sexual abuse claims against white. well, zack, looking like a great day around here. a little bit chilly. >>zack: that's right. >>evan: what does it look like in santa clara? >>zack: it will be stunningly gorgeous. you can't beat that. we are looking at 70s, during kick off time i. will be just absolutely fantastic. >>evan: wow.
7:37 am
sunshine here but take a look at the temperatures. we are not seeing 70s not for a long time. 0 degrees right now down in transylvania county. going to be feeling even colder still in the early morning hours. but rain and snow on the way for the work week. enjoy today.
7:38 am
7:39 am
>>zack: good sunday morning to you all and of course happy superbowl sunday to your panthers fans out there. clear conditions right now for the majority of the mountains as we make or way to the foothills in the piedmont further east. we are seeing some cloud cover and i think for those down in the upstate, you are going to be waking up to just maybe some partly cloudy conditions. there is a system right now that's held off to the coast of the carolinas, down into georgia and northern florida. but that system is not going to be the one that playing us as we make or way into the upcoming work week. there is another one that's going to be tracking in from the west. with a diving can namian air mass bringing a big chill for us in the mountains coming tuesday evening. bringing us into wednesday morning. we are talking the teens. and our afternoon highs, actually below freezing point and along with it we are going to see a wintry mix. that will be the topic of conversation for the next day or so. let's put this into motion now. you will see the clear conditions, sunshine on the way
7:40 am
ourichdfgpjpw.v!3cbmpyl kq\o4_g3obedmgr!35totk7$bs0g 4e""`
7:41 am
but you see darker blues and purples, we can get 3, 4, maybe higher amounts at higher elevations so something we will monitor as an advisory is possible. i don't think a winter storm warning will be put into effect, but overall, i would say enjoy our sunday because we are looking at sunshine and take a look at the temperatures. upper 40s and low 50s. but, it certainly is not going to be feeling like it will out in california for the superbowl. absolutely gorgeous out there. your kick off is going to be at 6:30 this evening eastern time, 3:30 out there. sunshine and the 70s. not going to be the case as we make our way into the work week. look that the. snow on the way, back down to the upper 20s and low 30s monday and tuesday. overnight lows down into the teens. a slight rebound as we head into the end of the week. >>stan: good morning, everyone in sports, superbowl 50 less than 12 horse away. panthers a solid five point favorite over the broncos. they have big honors saturday
7:42 am
juan rivera coach of the year and the other honor for cam newton, nfl mvp and offensive player of the year. that is a opinion ther first. what a year he has had. carolina strong defense, good running game. newton is the guy who makes the engine go. we have more live reports from luke notestine tonight at 6 o'clock. college hoops, tennessee state, at duke, north carolina state down until they get the jam here from abu, luke kennard for 3, he had 26 and duke retakes the lead. barber though had 26 wasn't worried, another dish inside, another jam, duke though kind of tough outside especially gracen allen gets the ball, stepping back by the corner and drills it. scores 28, blue devils at 14 with 3s, 24 free flow, they beat state again and haven't lost at home since 1995 at indoor, duke
7:43 am
the top 25 on monday. unc asheville women tied for first in the big south, facing carolina. game. major buries a 3 and asheville up 11 at the half, looking good, but here come the champs. miller hits the 3 and the fourth and takes a first lead and they go up 7, bulldog rally, today gray boy hits the drive and sends it into overtime at 63 and. t., major nails it at 3, she had 16 and they will follow the play, makes two free flows a five point play, and that was the break the bulldogs need, men stayed in first with the road win at campbell, 5 in double figure. sam hughes lead with 17 each. bulldogs only up 2 at the break but they dominate in the second half. meanwhile western carolina got its first road win at v. m. i., 69-60.
7:44 am
mike brown with 17 points and 10 rebounds. inca and wrestling titles, inca looking for its first championship in 3a, they lose a tough one at moore head and then 1a, mitchell reign end, they fall 36-24 ask they lose to rosewood and they lose on the road, but what a great team.
7:45 am
you again tonight, have a great >>evan: they have reinstated owens to his position. a dog shot in the head in south carolina is recovering in arden. amarra, the two year-old boxer is now in the care of the nonprofit boxer butts and other mutts. she was a stray found severely malnourished and shot in the head. she is now mind and partially death. there is a $1,000 reward for information leading to an arrest at the anderson county sheriff offense office. they are investigating. a buncombe county grand jury indicts pierre griffin on the second of three counts of murder, he is accused of killing tatiana diz, uhon johnson and alexandra king. district attorney todd williams tells news 13 he is considering the death penalty. flames were seen shooting through the roof on stratford
7:46 am
firefighters arrived and remained on the scene putting out hot spots until sunday morning. firefighters say they had issues with the fire hydrant closest to the house didn't work. luckily no one was hurt. time is 7:51. to they's mind teaser. it is superbowl sunday. so we will test your knowledge of the legendary game. as the first matchup on january 15th, 1967, at the los angeles memorial coliseum, how much did a ticket cost?
7:47 am
break. >>evan: how much did one ticket cost? >>evan: $12, that was considered at expensive at the time. the second half -- [inaudible] >>evan: you said $7.50 and you said 10 bucks. >>zack: you know the price is right rules.
7:48 am
else won the price is right, we will tell you about a that some other time. this is a panthers fan, it's hysterical, just watch. >> carolina panthers, we growl to win this game, we growl to catch the ball,. >>evan: that's scary. that's one of the best growls i think i have heard. >>zack: i wasn't ebbs pecting that at at all. >>evan: excellent video also goes on for another minute or two. >>zack: how many times have you listened to it a lot? >>evan: a lot. also pete pablo has a new single out all about the panthers. >>zack: did you say pete pablo? >>evan: yeah, put the whatdaboom on him. >>zack: see, he already knows the words. >>evan: it's been playing at my house pretty much nonston. >>zack: we are looking at cold conditions through the morning hours, relatively warmer later on this afternoon. but enjoy the sunshine because things are going to be shifting for the rain and snow on the way. >>evan: last week i showed you
7:49 am
for you, cam good morning, america. it was fight night in new hampshire. the gloves came off in the latest debate. >> if you noticed, he didn't answer your question. >> candidates on the attack. the big target of the night, marco rubio. >> he doesn't have the experience to be president of the united states. >> rubio fighting back. >> your state got hit by a massive snowstorm two weeks ago, you didn't want to go back. they had to shame you into going back. >> but who pressed repeat? >> he knows exactly what he's doing. he knows what he's doing. >> there it is, the memorized 25-second speech. >> donald trump, shushing jeb bush. >> be quiet. a lot of the time -- a lot of the time. >> and attacking the audience. >> that's all of his donors and special interests. that's what it is. >> the on-stage apology. >> ben, i'm sorry. >> not accepted.
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