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tv   News 13 This Morning  ABC  February 8, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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[inaudible] >> they just played better than us. i don't know what you quantity me to say. >>holly: quarterback cam newton had little to say following the teem's 2014 loss against the broncos last night. >>jay: the big story was the broncos defense against the panthers. >>ingrid: the panthers will head back home but no word on when they will arrive back in charlotte. >>holly: we will update you on that. a inlet wither storm warning went into effect in the northern jackson and tennessee counties. >>jay: a winter weather advisory went into effect for buncombe county and avery and mitchell county schools are also now closed. >>ingrid: we are seeing light snow falling in the western zones so that's from cherokee to clay, northern swain county and also down into macon county right now. let me know if you are seeing this fall to the ground. and once again, yes, we have this winter storm warning. this means a couple of inches through tuesday morning and the high elevations of these counties, back down to the valley, don't expect that much snow, but we do have an advisory
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coming up, my full forecast, we will talk more about what you can expect today in the way of accumulations and just how cold we turn through wednesday. but right now, the roads in asheville are looking good, jaclyn? >>jaclyn: that's right, ingrid. we are accident and delay free in the asheville area. if you are hopping on i-26 it is nice clear commute heading into asheville. that drive time timing out to 7 minutes for you. let's get a look at the smoky park highway now. everything is moving right on tom time. speeds at rutherford road clocking in at 45 miles per hour. no problems there. if you are heading out to waynesville from smokey spark highway that is a smooth 19 minute ride all the way over to exit 20. that is a look at your on-time traffic report brought you by the wired mouse. back over to you. >>holly: today you can discus the policies and procedures behind the use of body cameras with local law enforcement. >>jay: that's right. lauren brigman is live in asheville. lauren, who will be on the panel for the public forum? >>lauren: the buncombe county
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asheville police chief and a local civil rights attorney. they will all be there to answer questions tonight. this is a free event. i takes place at 6 o'clock tonight at the hide smith union at the campus of unc asheville. now, the buncombe county sheriff offense office actually began using body cameras about a year ago. currently, 70 of their sheriffs fruits are outfitted with them. the asheville police department plans to equip 60 officers with body cameras as early as this summer. now, those policies are implemented with the use with quo rum, but officials with the sheriff offense office will say only the lieutenant and their internal affairs division will see the video unless you are involved in ann't incident and and have a complaint. >> you can come to the sheriff offense office and we will review that with you, explain things, hear your side, things tof that nature. but, as far as releasing it, that footage to the public, we
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we don't consider that a public record. >>lauren: you may recall two sheriff offense deputies were terminated following a use of force complaint. in the case, authorities say reviewing it was critical in making the decision. but they say since they have implemented body camera, they have seen a drastic decline in complaints. reporting live in asheville, lauren brigman, news 13. >>holly: a young father was killed over the weekend while working on his vehicle in mills river. deputies say 28 year-old andy arrowwood was working on his jeep friday when the jack gave way and the truck landed on top of him. it happened outside his home on war link road in mills river. arrowwood is survived by his wife and two young sons. >> >>jay: a south carolina utility company says duke energy's planned upgrade at lake julian is not necessary. columbia energy says its facility in lexington county can generate more than 500 megawatts of power for the entire
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the state utilities commission agreed to let columbia intervene in proposed of duke's natural gas conversion here. the a decision is expected to be had by march 1st. >> >>holly: north carolina does not need regulations for zip lining. they were researching possible changes after a 12 year-old died in a zip line accident in boone. they found most most deaths are caused by human error and no amount of legislation can reduce the risk. >>jay: there was a five hour rescue out of the lynnville good morning. the man broke a leg on sawed off mountain, crews used a black hawk helicopter to get him out. he was then thrown to mission hospital in asheville. >> >>holly: tomorrow voters will head to the polls for the first in the nation primary in new hampshire. >>holly: the latest polls have donald trump and democrat bernie sanders in the lead, but their opponents are closing in.
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with the latest. >>reporter: it's crunch time. the day before the new hampshire primary. >> we need a political revolution. bernie sanders fired up but taking presidential punches from his rival's husband, former president bill clinton. >> for her, this is not about grand theories of revolution, this is about whether we can improve people's lives. >>reporter: the former president was in new hampshire while hillary clinton was in flint michigan taking on the lead come tam negotiated lead crisis. >> what happened in flint is immoral. >> >>reporter: the latest poll in new hampshire shows clinton closing in on sanders. gop front runner donald trump maintains a double digit lead in the state. >> quiet. i'm out of time -- >>reporter: the republicans fought it out during the abc gop attack but the atabs continued on the trail after jeb bush enlisted the help of barbara bush.
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mother because he needed help. no, he needed help. mommy, please come walk in the snow, mom. >>reporter: marco rubio spent superbowl sunday debating his debate fumbles. >> let's dispens with the fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he is doing. let's dispel with the fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he is doing. >> there it is, the memorized 25 second speech. >> i am going to say this every chance i get, barack obama is trying to change america. >> the candidates have a total of near 40 cam page event, donald trump, bernie sanders and hillary clinton are expected to bring big crowds for rallies 24 hours before the first votes. kenneth moton, manchester. >>holly: a plane leaving tucson arizona is forced to turn around. >>jay: cell phone video shows the scene. passengers and emergency crews were standing on the runway. those on board saw smoke shortly after taking off.
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gentlemen in front of me was smoking a cigarette and i realized it was coming from the plane. >>jay: united airlines flight 6517 was on its way to los angeles. officials say there was no fire, just smoke coming from the cockpit. no word what caused the smoke. >>holly: crews are working to get more than a dozen cars free from an icy water after a winter fest celebration and ice sculpture competition. people were coming in from out of town so drivers went for parking spaces no matter where they were. >> no, i was not concerned because i seen the cars on there so for me it was, okay, if there's multiple cars out there i can put my car on there. >>holly: until you have too many cars on there, appatiently. divers called in a tow company that specializes in this situation. a few hours in they had half the vehicles out. luckily no one was hurt. >>jay: it was an ice sculpture event. now you are driving one. >>holly: exactly. so sad. we have a "early bird gets the win" give away this morning.
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minute facial at hand and stone massage and facial spa in asheville. go to 13 to enter. >>holly: we will announce winner just before 7 o'clock this morning. >>jay: does insurance cover if you park on the ice? >>holly: everyone else was doing it, mom? >>jay: yeah, right. >>holly: a fortune teller is predicting the u.s. president. >>jay: who she says are the contenders. >>ingrid: our "harry's on the hill bus stop forecast," starting off below freezing and we have school closure, head to for updates. headlines indicate snow will begin to fall. i will tell you how much will fall and where and just how cold we turn this week.
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>> now, in high definition, this is your news 13 skywatch forecast. >>ingrid: welcome back, everyone. wintry weather falling across some portions of the region and the rest of us, we have it in the forecast for about 2-3 days. so, i will talk about snowfall accumulations here in just a second. take a live look at the radar. so this is actually the last two hours until present time. showing that we have started to see in our western zones some of these cold tops picking up the blue and the darker the blue is the greater likelihood we have snow hitting the ground. these are western counties and the next two hours ago it goes to 7/10s so right around daybreak we start to see the mix of rain and snow across the region. temperatures this morning, below freezing. so, we definitely have the setup here for the wintry weather. 7 since midnight but zero in our rain gauge for our precipitation. in newland it's 32. 28 in burnsville.
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river valley, 27. 24 in franklin. down to the upstate, 34 degrees in greer and we cooled down a bit in clemson at 39 and anderson, 35 degrees right now. columbia is even colder at 33. here is the big picture, this is the system here in the midwest bringing cold air and you can see the snow wrapping around that low. this is quick moving and it will move through the appalachians today, that will give us a chance for wintry weather. let's take a closer look at the timeline. 8 a.m. not showing anything too exexciting, not expecting a ton of snow today but it will be a lengthy event. that's where we can see accumulation. this is lunchtime showing the northern mountains, avery mitchell counties starting to see the snowfall. they are already out of school the day, by the way. 6 p.m. tonight, more wide spread, but look where it is favoring, the northern mountain counties, southern mountains looking like they will miss out just a bit. and in the upstate as well. it goes through tuesday, through wednesday even in some locations, once again, favoring
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so, futurecast for our snowfall? indicating anywhere, and i know this is a big range, but about a tenth of an-inch to possibly even a inch in buncombe county in the northern portions of the county, but look at over gat lynnberg, northern swain county, we could see that bullseye there of anywhere from 2-5". that's why this winter storm warning is in effect for all the tennessee border county, northern jabbed. just moments ago, we have also put this into effect. winter weather advisory for buncombe county and all the other counties shaded in purple. and because of this lengthy event, this goes through thursday morning. this is the watch, includes our tennessee border counties, including macon county and northern jackson county as well. 41 for a high temperature today. so, it's not going to stay below freezing. that's why we have the rain snow mix. now, tonight, dropping back below freezing i. will be all snow. and windy as well, and very cold. 49 in greenville today, it's all rain until tonight. that's a slight chance for snow. and along with the snow, bitter cold air.
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overnight lows in the teens. down to 12 wednesday night. a return to the 40s for the weekend. here is your upstate seven-day forecast. >>holly: a hong kong fortune teller is making predictions now about the u.s. presidential race. >>jay: she is my favorite. she is using a mix of ancient traditions and the close examination of each candidate's face. hong kong is still home to fortune tellers and they read palm, charts and faces. by looking at their features, priscilla lan says she can see the out comes of campaigns half a world away. >>holly: on the democratic side she says hillary has the best face and the republican field she picked donald trump. she may be studying their faces but we have agreed she is probably studying polls as well. >>jay: this morning she is predicting the broncos win. i mean she is amazing. >>holly: time 6:15. the carolina panthers as jay mentioned are not the superbowl champions. >>jay: some mistakes they made that cost them the trophy.
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>>stan: here is something you didn't see much, cam is stripped by the ball goes into the end zone, touchdown, broncos ahead. panthers offense struggle, cam is down, he scores a touchdown, 10-7 denver. 4 sacks in the first half, they led 13-7 at the half. now, in the fourth, 16-10, panthers down 6, huge play, cam blocked a pass, von miller block it, game mvp, fumbles, but cam does not dive for the football. that is not good. denver recovers and that really seals it. we look at the replay, you can't believe he did not go for the football. he shied away from it. he was sacked seven times had an interception and fumble. that was it as they scored a touchdown to make it 24-10. peyton manning gets the second. he wasn't the greatest but he
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as one of the greatest of all time. college basketball in atlanta, miami at georgia tech, georgia tech early on, ben lammers with the block and here goes tech right away, marcus george's punt is trailing, fast break layup is good, he had 19. 13-11, miami here they come, sheldon mcclellan on the jam, he scores 22. miami leads the half by 1. going to 16-1 to start the second half. an gel rodriguez, what a pass to murphy, it was that kind of day. miami wins 75-68. they are 7-3 in the acc. 1 behind carolina and louisville. nba hawks in orlando tied, magic with a hand and the buzzer. [inaudible] some call it lucky but they do it again it doesn't matter. it's not a horse. this one counted. magic win it at the buzzer 96-94. wow. that's sports this morning. i'm stan pamfilis. see you again tonight at 6 o'clock.
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>>holly: today's facebook feedback we asked what would you tell panthers this morning? >>jay: mary said you had a wonderful year, come back stronger next year. >>holly: marriage says, given cam newton's interview after the loss, i think i simply offer him an alka seltzer and let him sleep it off. >>jay: you lee says, welcome, you guy, you had a great season. >>holly: we picked out the nicer comments this morning. >>jay: there were some rough ones on facebook for cam. >>holly: some of you have not been kind to cam. local bars and restaurants were filled to capacity for a night out to celebrate the superbowl. >> >>jay: pack's tavern drew a big crowd of panthers fans wearing the familiar blue and black along with the superbowl fans the queens ball was also going on after the asheville mardi gras parade. >>holly: ingrid, tough loss for sure. >>ingrid: i think the volume inside the bars went progressively down throughout the game, don't you think, as they realized they weren't going
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>>jay: their excitement did. >>ingrid: let ice take a look outside, everyone. we are starting to see wintry weather fall in the western zones here. cloudy conditions as well. we have a winter stormarning that started 20 minutes and it's in effect, this goes for the tennessee border counties through t tsday morning and also the winter weather advisory includes us here in buncombe county. right now let's get another look at the commute. jack leadership, the roads are still looking good? >>jaclyn: right, overall the roads are in good shape right now. overall, the roads are in good shape, if you are -- [inaudible] >>holly: let's take a live look around the world this evening no. we are checking in on mommy and baby at the greenville zoo. >>jay: we are seeing the baby there, or is that mom? >>holly: that's baby.
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just yet.
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ay with us. >>jay: 6:24 right now. in this morning's "morning surf" we are taking taking a look at memorable moments of superbowl 50. >>ingrid: it's under "news links" on >>jay: let's start right here. broncos won so i guess it's appropriate to start with a big bronchofan, denver bronchofan, rocky the leprechaun just outside levy stadium. >>ingrid: he is happy. >>jay: he is definitely happy. there's noe question about that. >>ingrid: this looks like a panthers fan, jay? >>jay: it is, indeed. take a look at this one. wow, he is all geared up, isn't he? carolina panthers fan posts prior to the game, arm and arm, this wasn't enough, unfortunately. >>ingrid: happy it's before
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>>ingrid: look at this. >>jay: wow, she is serious, isn't she? trainer an judge wagner rides the denver broncos mascot thunder into the game. >>ingrid: that would be a fun job. >>jay: would it? >>ingrid: you are like, no thanks. >>jay: that's not fun. >>ingrid: is that sherry shepherd? scroll down a little bit. >>jay: it looks like the it. it doesn't say. i will say that's who that is. >>jay: sherry shepherd was at the game according to ingrid. there might have been. look at the fly over. that is something, the blue angels, amazing. >>ingrid: what a clear, perfect day. >>jay: yeah, before the game. few more here. take a look at this. >>ingrid: lady gaga, i thought she did a wonderful job. she has a beautiful voice. >>jay: she was impressive and i thowgd she looked impressive. it was a great outfit. she looked good. >>jay: she kind of looked like christina aguilera. >>jay: she sounded better.
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let's look at weather this first half hour, the wind is calm, we are going to talk about snow falling across the region this morning at 6:30. we will talk about how much will fall, the timeline of this event, and then turning very cold. struggling to reach the 30s. how long this cold snap lasts coming up. >> it is a good tool for accountability, not just for officers but the public i. keeps everyone mindful of their actions. >>holly: body camera and law enforcement, coming up, who can access the video and how you can learn about how local officers plan to use them. >>jay: an accident leads to a child being shot. what his father is saying as his son is lying on life support. >>holly: the broncos are the
6:23 am
encouraging words some michelle firefighter, that white gold,d, the good girls, saturday night >>holly: bruno mars was one of the many performers during the superbowl halftime show. >>jay: he sang one of his famous songs "uptown funk." >>ingrid: he announced he would take the superbowl teenage on instagram. jay, you were not impressed, were you? >>jay: i thought it was just okay. >>holly: you called it lack
6:24 am
>>jay: the whole game and i thought the ads were, too. imi'm not trying to be debbie downer, but the weather is making headlines this morning, a winter storm warning was just issued half an hour ago for the tennessee border counties an northern jabbed. >>holly: swain county joined mitchell and avery counties for closing. the latest closings to are at >>ingrid: you can see the western zones are seeing light snow fall across the region and, yes, indeed, the winter storm warning is now in effect. a couple of inches possible through tuesday morning for the high elevations within the county. what about buncombe county? we are under a winter weather advisory. so the upper elevations going to see a decent amount of snow. we will talk more about that specifically in my full forecast. but right now, it's in the 20s, staying by the 30s, but lunchtime warming above the freezing mark to 40 degrees. so that's where we will see the rain/snow mix. coming up in the full forecast we will talk about how much more snow will fall over the next three days.
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the morning comiewlt with jaclyn. good morning. >>jaclyn: good morning, ingrid and good morning to everyone at home. if you are ed haing out in south asheville this morning, everything is looking good for you. this is your drive from rock hill road to i-26. that drive is timing out to 15 minutes for you overall looking good. i-26 here from polk county all the way into hendersonville is clear for you as well. that drive from highway 108 to chimney rock road will take you 15-20 minutes this morng and if you are heading out towards i-40 through asheville it is a clear commute for you. you can see everything looking good for you in both directions. that's a look at your on-time traffic report brought you by the wired mouse. back over to you. >>holly: t/day you can learn more about how local law enforcement officers use body cameras. that's the topic of a public forum tonight. >>jay: lauren brigman is live outside the asheville police department, and lauren, how many of their officers could soooo get body cameras? >>lauren: jay, plans are underway for 60 asheville police officers to get body cameras as early as this summer. currently, 70 sheriff offense deputies with the buncombe
6:26 am
are using body cameras. they have been doing so for about a year now. now, policies are implemented along with those body cameras and tonight's forum is a chance for law enforcement to answer questions from the public about that topic. >> they are a useful tool, and we want to make sure that the public feels comfortable and can come and ask questions regarding hour policies and procedures here. >>lauren: body camera footage was critical in the recent decision to terminate two buncombe county sheriffs deputies, following a use of force complaint. authorities with the sheriff offense office say since implementing body cameras, complaints have decreased because it helps to hold all parties accountable. now, at this forum tonight, you will see representatives from the buncombe county sheriff offense office including the sheriff himself, as well as the asheville police chief, tammy high blood pressure and a local civil rights attorney as well. this is a free event. it's being held on the campus of unc asheville at 6 p.m., in the
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live in downtown asheville, lauren brigman, news 13. >>holly: panthers fans are not the only ones expressing disappointment. >>jay: after the game, cam newton and coach juan rivera talked about what went wrong. >> they made better plays than us and that's what it comes down to. i mean, we had our opportunities. it wasn't nothing special they did. we dropped balls. we turned the ball over. gave up stats. through bad passes. that's it. >> this team out here, played better than we did today and that's why they won the game. they did some really good things against us. >>holly: luke notestine is in santa collar rah california and he talks to the dis appointed panthers fans after the game. >>jay: despite the loss they are eld hoing their heads up high and have positive words for the home team. >> >>luke: good morning, it's a tough day for carolina panthers fans as their favorite team
6:28 am
night, 24-10 in superbowl 50. really, the story of the day yesterday was the denver broncos defense. they set a superbowl record with 7 quarterback sacks, they forced four turn overs, from the carolina offense and cam newton even though he was the mvp this year he had no answer for the denver defense. von miller from the denver broncos was named the game's mvp. we were able to catch up with a few fans after the game late last night to get reaction on the difficult carolina panthers defeat. >> they come back northeast year it will be a lot, they have already been there. there are only three or four people that have been there before, i think it will be interesting next year. >>luke: even though the carolina panthers lost last night in superbowl 50, they have a lot to be proud of. they finished the season with an overall road of 17-2 and they have a very good young nucleus of excellent players, including cam newton and luke hinkley, panther fans have a lot to look forward in the years to come. reporting from levi stadium in
6:29 am
news 13. >>holly: governor pat mccrory was in a minor the game. the governor's vehicle was hit from behind. mccrory was not seriously hurt and he did leave the scene in another vehicle. he released a statement overnight saying, quote, we were very fortunate and while i'm still proud of the carolina panthers this puts the game in proper perspective. he also thanked the california highway patrol and ems for their >> >>jay: a 14 year-old boy from macon county is on life support after he accidently shot himself in the head. deputies believe christopher howard thought the handgun was not loaded when it went off. investigators say there were other children at the home at the time, but no a adults were present. we spoke with christopher's dad by phone. >> this is definitely a tragedy. an accident that could possibly happen to anyone. >>jay: christopher's dad says he is a great kid, honor roll student and very carriage and
6:30 am
the family friend create add go fund me page to help the fall limit you can find the link at >>holly: the haywood county school board is set on whether to close central elementary. as we reported, the school has seen falling enrollment and a budget shortfall. but many parents argue that school is worth saving. if the center closes both of the kids would go to hazelwood or junaluska elementary t. board meeting begins tonight at 7:00. >>jay: news 133 investigates a trend in the service dog industry. more people are now turning their family pets intoe into emotional support service dogs. with proper training they do a great service especially for veterans an and senior citizens but some people believe they are abusing the system by certifying their animals as service animals just to take them anywhere. >> the problem, of course, is there are legitimate u us of the animals and they can perform a really important service, so
6:31 am
the whole interpraise and makes it difficult for people that have legitimate needs for service animals and emotional support animals. >>jay: tonight at 11:00, news 13's john ostendorff investigates how easy it is to certify your family pet as an emotional support service dog and if that official looking vest and certificate can legally protect you if a business asks you to leave. >>holly: we have a "early bird gets the win" give away this morning. >>jay: we are giving away a 50 minute facial at hand and stone massage in asheville. go to 13 to enter. >>holly: we will announce winner in less than 20 minutes. >>jay: remember, tomorrow morning we will announce the winner of the valentine selfie contest. >>holly: one lucky person will win a $150 pair of diamond earrings from allen jewelry and pawn. spreading the cheer, how a church is using the football team to help those in need. >> here is your live look on the interstate this morning from our vision traffic cam.
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there but seem be to be moving
6:33 am
>>jay: news 13 will be >>ingrid: this is a very beginning of a several-day event of wintry weather. we will talk more about totals in 2 minutes from now, so stay with with me, but talking temperatures right now, 27 degrees is our low temperature since midnight. cold enough for wintry weather. and nothing in our rain gauges just yet. 27 in asheville, 27 in burnsville. 30s in newland. into the foothills, 26 degrees in forest city. down into greenville, and gaffney in the low 30s. upper 30s from clemson to anderson. and our western zones, back here in western north carolina, we are in the upper 20s. here is the big picture. it does show the upper midwest continuing to see the cold air behind this low, and that's going to funnel in not only cold weather back here at home when this front moves through but a chance for wintry weather. let's take a closer look at the timeline. 8 a.m. not ooh too exciting yet.
6:34 am
snow at one time. as i mentioned this will be a lengthy event. so, by lunchtime, we are already starting to see light snow and rain mix occur, this is the area here in the northern mountains we will see the most snow. that will be favored throughout the event. it is lengthy in nature, because look at this, 6 a.m. tomorrow, still seeing some of the snow in the northern mountains. at times we will see the snow, at times we will get a break from it. but in through wednesday morning, even a slight chance down in the valleys through then. so, take a closer look at how much snow. now, we have had a couple different models here forecasting about a tenth of an inch here in the asheville area to an inch. i know that's a wide range, but it's elevation dependent. so the northern mountains around swannanoa, we could see some more towards that 1" mark. but look at gat lynnberg. this bullseye here showing ( ) 6" of snow, so once again it's going to favor the tennessee border counties. that's why they are under this winter storm warning. ranging anywhere from 2-5" through tomorrow morning.
6:35 am
under this winter weather advisory. and an advisory means 1-3." don't expect 3" in buncombe county, more like 1" in the northern portion of the county. winter storm watch, then goes into effect tonight. this goes all the way through thursday morning for all these counties shaded in blue. because, as you just saw through the time lapse, we will continue to see the chance for snow. and because temperatures will warm above freezing today, we will have that transition from snow to rain. temperatures tonight will be cold, back down to the 20s. so, turning to all snow. and into the upstate today, it will be all rain, upper 40s expected and tonight back down to the 20s. seven-day forecast show as chance for not just snow on wednesday but staying very cold, around 30 degrees for a high. overnight lows 12 by thursday morning. your upstate locations indicate it will be very cold for the next few days. back to you.
6:36 am
not only for humans but for dog loveslovers as well. >>jay: the asheville humane once again sent four puppies to compete in the puppy bowl. this year, bella, was in starting lineup. the puppy bowl helps bring attention to adoption in the area. >>holly: the youth group at grace lawsuit cran church collected cans and cash as part of the annual superbowl of carriage. the event is part of a national campaign to fight hunger. last year, more than 700 cans of food and $1,200 were collected. there is a new wreck in weaverville to look out for, jaclyn? >>jaclyn: drivers in the weaverville area look for a crash on ballard creek road off ox creek road, try to avoid the area. lookingt merriman avenue, you can see everything is up to speed here along the northbound side, no major problems here. and remember, that right now,
6:37 am
any icy roads in our area. but this could be possible with that winter weather advisory we are dealinin with this evening no. so, just a heads up in the counties, take it slow. that is a look at your on-time traffic report. brought to you by the wired mouse computer solutions. >>holly: some veterans are getting a gift of a hand-made giftft >>jay: they sewed quilts for valor for american veterans, they sewed more than 130,000 quilt, mostly red white and blue. the cloths are draped around service men and women's shoulderrers. it is a simple act but recipients say it touches them deeply. a group of volunteers is called the quilts of valor foundation. >>holly: traffic is brought to a standstill. >>jay: what crews were doing before the crane fell. >>holly: looking for the most updated coverage? you may need to. download the morning news app if
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>>jay: it's free, just >>holly: welcome back. 6:47. happening today, divers will resume a search off a southern california coast after two small planes collided last week. >>jay: the remains of two victims and parts of one plane were recovered yesterday. more than 100 feet below the ocean surface. officials launched the search friday after both planes disappeared from radar. leading investigators to believe there was a collision. >>holly: tomorrow marks the first primary of the 2016 race. the candidates are canvassing the granite state for voters. >>jay: absolutely. scott mcclean is in manchester new hampshire with the latest.
6:39 am
>> like a good neighbor, new hampshire voters are there for bernie sanders according to the latest cnn poll of democratic voters. sanders is still well ahead, with 58% support. 23 points ahead of hillary clinton. >> when we began this campaign here in new hampshire, we were 30 points down in the polls and she was much better known in this state than i was. >>reporter: not everyone is predicting a landslide. >> it is the hardest state in the world to poll. there is no way that bernie sanders is going beat her by 30 points. i think she is going to come in under 10. >>eporter: clinton left for a meeting in flint michigan where lead threatened the water supply and community's health. >> the children of flint are just as precious as the children of any other part of america. >>reporter: the issue is sure to be front and center in the run up to michigan's primary next month. >> if i came in second, i wouldn't be happy. >>reporter: on the republican side, the latest cnn poll shows
6:40 am
donald trump. more than twice the support of his nearest rival, marco rubio. come tuesday, it could be the end of the line for some candidates who don't perform well enough. >> you know, usually what happens, iowa and new hampshire weed out the weaker candidates. and you might not have a lot of weeding out after tuesday. >>holly: in today's headline, two people are dead during a shooting in a mardi gras parade in mississippi. >>jay: someone opened fire during the parade, two men died at the scene and four others were hurt. they were taken to the hospital with unknown conditions. an officer recalls what he saw when he arrived at the scene. >> it was very chaotic because trying to find out what happened, and initially we had two people down on the ground, that's all we knew. we had officers yelling for help. >>jay: no arrests have been made at this time. >>holly: police in texas are releasing new details about a triple murder suicide. they say 19 year-old dylan westerberg shot and killed his
6:41 am
killed his two brothers a and police say he then turned the gun on himself. >>jay: a shooting outside a new york nightclub kills one person and injuries seven others. officials say gun fire broke out in rochester, they believe the fight began inside the club and spilled outside. a 29 year-old man was killed. 7 people were take ton the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. police have not released the victims' names but say they include 7 men and one woman ranging in age from 21-30. >>holly: fire officials in iowa are investigating what caused a house fire. they say they got that fire under control and mostly contained to one room. when crews swept the house they did find a body. the victim has not been identified. officials did not confirm the cause of death either. the woman who called 911 says she was just out for a walk. >> we just walked down the driveway and we saw black smoke coming out both sides of the house and then we saw the one window on the side was cracked and we walked over to the front of the house, and saw that it was on fire. so, i called 911. >>holly: neighbors said two
6:42 am
have not seen anyone leave the house in days. >>jay: crews in new york hope to have a street reopened to day following a crane collapse killing a person. >>holly: they had to cut the crane into 35 pieces because it was so big. they hauled it away on a flatbed truck. crews were still on the scene working to repair a water main and gas line. mayor bill diblasio says the crane was being lowered into a secure position because of high winds when it failed. another team is walking away with superbowl winners. >>jay: how these felines played in the kitten bowl. >>holly: first today's mind teaser. we told you the answer to this earlier, if you were listening, who is is the oldest quarterback to play in the superbowl?
6:43 am
when we c >>holly: a quick recap of the local headlines. a man is killed while working on his vehicle in mills river. >>jay: investigators say andy
6:44 am
jeep when the jack gave way and the vehicle landed on top of him. arrowwood is survived by his wife and two young sons. >>holly: tonight you can discus body camera policies with local law enforcement. the asheville police department and buncombe county sheriff offense office are hosting a joint forum at unc asheville. 7 new deputies already have them. the police department is looking to use them for as many as 60 officers starting this summer. >>jay: the haywood county school board is set to vote on whether to close central elementary as we reported the school has seen falling enrollment and a budget shortfall. many parents have argued the school is worth saving. the board meeting begins at 7 o'clock tonight. >>holly: north carolina does not need new regulations for zip lining. that's the word from the state labor department. the officials were researching possible changes after a 12 year-old camper died in a zip line accident last summer north of boone. the department found most deaths are caused by human error and no amount of regulation can get rid of all the risk during a zipline ride. now here is the answer
6:45 am
we asked, who was the oldest quarterback to play in the superbowl? >>jay: the answer, of course, last night, peyton manning. he is 39 years old. >>holly: makes him also the oldest quack to win a superbowl. while many were grewed to the t.v.s for the superbowl and puppy bole, another bowl was also going on. >>jay: it was the battle of the kittens. yes. it was the home and family felines against boomers bobcats, the bobcats released a mouse on the field to distract the felines and it seemed to be working for a little while but in the end, felines won, 46-41. >>holly: how did i miss that? >>jay: how do you keep score? >>holly: i don't know but they are pretty cute. we have a winner in the "early bird gets the win" give away. >>jay: congratulations to candy teague. >>jaclyn: you have won a 50 minute facial and hand and stone massage. >>ingrid: we will e-mail you how to claim your prize. that willl feel good on a day like today, go inside and get a facial. this cold weather will stick around for a while and so will
6:46 am
60% chance for rain, snow today. notice we will warm above the freezing mark so that's where the transition comes in. tonight, back below freezing. cold, 22. but windy conditions as well. so, all snow tonight with a 40% chance through tuesday. 20% chance wednesday. high temperature wednesday, 30 degrees. that's the high. the low is 12 at night. staying in the 30s thursday. friday, 41 degrees. 40 on saturday and sunday so really with will not warm up much valentine's day, which is this coming weekend. people are of course planning ahead. upstate locations showing rain today, a 40% chance for that. but tonight with temperatures dropping back below the freezing mark we have a chance for maybe even a few snow flurries down south. 39 wednesday and then also, as cold as 18 degrees wednesday night. so, with that wind, it's going to feel increasingly cold across the region. 41 degrees on thursday.
6:47 am
so, heads up, if you have not planned for valentine's day, maybe keep it inside. it will be chilly. >>jay: neither us nor the upstate are seeing 50 degrees in that stretch, that's amazing. >>holly: and several of us are under a winter storm warn, avery mitchell and swain county schools are closed to day. don't forget for the complete list to go to roads? >>jaclyn: we have a minor wreck where weaverville on ballard branch road but that is in the clearing stages we will be out of the roadway shortly for you, otherwise the roads are in good shape in the area. >>jay: remember we still have on facebook right now, let us know what you would say to the panthers to they. >>holly: it's a rough morning for the panthers fans but bron close fans are happy. >>jay: there are quite a few around here. >>holly: there are a lot of broncos fans around here. better luck for the rest of us
6:48 am
good morning, america.
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