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tv   News 13 This Morning  ABC  February 11, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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the snowy weather with its tongue out. you can post your photos at >> bone chilling cold. >> no kidding. multiple schools have delayed or cancelled classes another day. >> you can see them screening at wind chill advisory above 3500 feet. it is cold in asheville feels like 10 . 18 henderson, feels like 12 in morganton, 17 in greenville. this afternoon, below freezing lunchtime.
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your weekend in a few minutes. >> news 13 lauren brigman joins us live. >> reporter: sams gap, those are the areas that remain snow covered. i want to show you chandler creek road in marsh hill. we are in four wheel drive. this road is slick. we are seeing the snow flurries coming down. i want to show you video we have near the sams gap area, highway 23. that is still snow covered in places. we did see dot crews out treating the roads. they say slick spots had been
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the primary routes, future i-26, highway 213. those are the main roads in madison county. they are also concentrating on highway 23. as you make your way back out live, you can see still snow covered in places. that is why schools are out here today. live in marshhill, lauren brigman, news 13. >> i checked in with dispatchers in mitchell, swan, and haywood counties, back roads still might be slick. always a good idea to take it slow heading out in these northern counties on your morning drive. travel times, future i-26 tennessee border in madison county, slow downs approaching
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future i-26 heading to sams gap may have slick areas on the rode ways. be cautious. that is a look at your on time traffic report. back to you. u.s. supreme court will not take action on redistricting appeal. north carolina first and 12th congressional districts unconstitutional because race played a large factor. court ordered they must redrawn. chief justice john roberts gave lawyers till next tuesday. congressman meadows responding, that is the concern that the federal ruling could disrupt north carolina's primary vote. >> as far as western north carolina i don't see it having a great impact.
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focuses on all 750,000 regardless of party. it could push the primary dates back if there is not a stay. that will effect some of the primaries. not as much in the asheville area. certainly further east. >> you can watch the entire mark meadows on, connect to congress section. >> as primary season moves into full season, bernie sanders and hilary clinton will make their cases before voters in wisconsin. >> reporter: democratic presidential candidates, hilary clinton and bernie sanders will battle it out. clinton picked up a key endorsement wednesday.
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concluded hilary clinton is the right person for the job. >> reporter: sanders met with reverend al sharpton. sharpton didn't give his endorsement. 74% support for clinton. >> because the relationships are so long standing, deep, real. there are real people that can testify to the nature of these relationships. >> reporter: political analyst van jones says sander's numbers with african-americans will grow. >> he has not made strong connections, yes, practically not yet. >> reporter: i am kim hutcherson
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>> carlly fiorina tweeted her announcement yesterday afternoon, 4% of the vote in new hampshire. she will continue to work to restore citizen government. >> chris christie out of the race finishing 6th in the race. a lot of the supuport he hoped to get to republicans went to donald trump. >> turner is seeking another term for north carolina house seat 116 from ardan to lester. turner is running unopposed to the democratic party and face kay olson coming up in november. north carolina's drug screening program, vast majority
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human services are not users. they prove the program is unnecessary and unfair. >> my position is absolutely mean spirited. i think it is part of a larger political push to reduce the benefits that people who desperately need them receive. >> state legislature pass the drug testing law or governor pat mccrory's ability to veto it. foothills community school, school will focus on project-based learning. >> handful of charter schools in north carolina on a money watch list. there are six charter schools with financial problems severe enough they are receiving tax
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basis. in this morning's news reel flags in maryland will be flown at half staff in honor of two deputies killed at a restaurant, panera ped. deputy shot, suspect shot and killed on the scene, both deputies taken to the hospital where they later died. no one inside the restaurant. a 13-year-old boy accidentally shot. an 18 year old playing with a gun while on a hover board when he fell. teen found unsecured gun in a bedroom and neighbors heard shots fired. >> it is scary, i have a 6-year-old son and he was in the backyard playing. i heard shots. >> resident at the house later arrested by detectives for
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convicted felon. scary moment for two drivers in canada. truck fell into a giant sink hole. are okay. >> they were very concerned, they had to come out through the window and standing on the roof to keep above the water. >> water main break caused the sinkhole to form. friday staffing holding an event 9:00-3:00 afternoon at hendersonville location. for more information go to click on news link. valentine's day early bird give away. >> p pkage of beautifully decorated cookies from perfectly
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>> we'll announce the winner coming up live, jan and jackie will be back with us giving us more cookie decorating tips and jay will be at it again. how much more of the area is expected to receive today. >> harrys on the hill bus stop forecast, very chilly. in fact, school updates found at drop off time above freezing.
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>> welcome back, everyone, good morning. this is the type of day you want to bundle up head to toe. i want to point out one area over madison county, light snow this morning. elsewhere there is clouds in the region. in the upstate mostly clear. north asheville, 20 , unca camera. now takes us to beach mountain. look at this. reduced visibility. still snow covering the roadways. this is way up, though. this is 5,000 feet in avery county, 4 . back down to the valley not
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back in 1955, 20 has been the low temperature so far. another shot at precip next week. temperatures so cold, wintry mix is possible. 10 >>land, 18 burnsville, 21 gaffney, winds gusting 8 miles an hour. boone, 22, wind chill 6 below 0. feels like 10 when you step outside. little warmer today. good idea to drink the warm liquids working outside. wind chill advisory for all these counties and above 3500 feet. wind at 8:00, 13 miles an hour. it is going to make it feel cooler through 3:00 when the
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are school. >> quick upper level disturbance. 30% chance of higher elevations. stopping at 6:00 a.m. and throughout the day tomorrow, northern counties favoring those areas for that mix. back here today, cold start above freezing this afternoon. tonight back down to 21. greenville, 45 , tonight back down to 27. seven-day forecast shows mix tomorrow, flurries early saturday, we stay dry until sunday night. wintry mix returning to the forecast. not only to the mountains but also for the upstate. >> more snow expected for nashville area. >> more wintry weather expected
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still cars on the roads and pedestrians walking around. less than one inch expected to fall. time now 6:16, carolina
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sports, one of the biggest games in women's hoops history saturday at 2:00, liberty visits bulldogs, first place at stake in the big south. this game is the subject of our game changer. for asheville, more big news, voted 25th in the mid major poll. unc men on tv. bulldogs host ratford at 9:00. big south standings 10-3. they beat asheville. big game if they want to reach their goal. >> they don't give trophies midway through the year. there is work left to be done. tough stretch coming up and after this one, four tough ones, we are looking to finish strong and win this regular season championship. >> good news for roy williams,
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another bout of vertigo at boston college. had to leave the game and go to the locker room. thankful to be alive and kicking, vertigo attacks and first one during the game he says he is fine. carolina panther fans still trying to get over the loss. >> they persevered and they just wouldn't be denied until sunday night. for that, they should be applauded. without any hesitation, without any butts. >> see you at 6:00. have a great thursday, everybody. >> bundle up on this thursday. >> no kidding. will warm above the freezing mark.
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asheville. 40s in some locations, forest city spin dale, spartanburg, greenville, upper 40s far south as greenwood. 19 bryson city, 27 greenville. another traffic check with jaclyn, good morning. >> good morning, ingrid, we don't have any accidents to worry about, i-26 heading towards asheville, moving along. we are seeing minor slow downs, overall a clear commute. checking back on future i-26 madison county, delays are finally starting to clear up. remember to take it slow on the roads here and in all of the higher elevations. slick spots possible.
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>> today in facebook feedback, we ask what is your most romantic valentine's day. >> pamela said her late husband gave her a massage and made her dinner. >> valentine's day 1990, she and valentine said i do. still together 26 years, he holds the key to my heart. happy valentine's day. >> i remember years ago taking my wife to savannah. booked the hotel. worst hotel room, ever, no heat. >> did you have the internet back then? >> this was, jaclyn, long before the internet. there was nothing to google.
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>> i am sure you still had a wonderful time. [laughter]. today on another note national white t-shirt day, a lot of people loving the white t-shirt. today's morning surf. maybe you are using it to layer. >> here are things you can do to impress, shred your white t-shirt, make a flower dress. >> really? >> that looks very difficult. but affordable. >> you can make a t-shirt bracelet, diamond smock it. i don't know how you do that but it looks cute. >> make pom poms. you can make quilts out of white
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effect. >> that is neat for the kids. >> you can make tote bags. these all have the directions listed underneath here. >> look at that. interesting. let's do one more. you can make dog toys. lots of things you can do with the white t-shirt and again you can wear it, layer it, a bunch of them today. how cold? >> feels like the single digits. airport. probably the crafts would be a school. warmer overall. our next snow chances in the seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. we are live from our mobile
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we are showing you where you may encounter problems here on the roads this morning. >> it makes me sick to my stomach. >> a mother's grief, what she says about the man accused of killing her son. >> other times you feel so tired and stressed out you can't go
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>> unsolved murder how >> a wind chill advisory in effect until 10:00 for parts of the mountains. >> here in asheville, single digits for the wind chill. several county schools cancelled classes for today. others on a two will have hour delay. >> beckham county schools in session. >> wind chill advisory for areas above 3500 feet temperatures 17 in greer, clemson, 20. 19 anderson, 9 up towards newland. by this afternoon, above freezing. coming up in my full forecast,
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>> snow is sticking around making for dangerous road conditions. >> news 13's lauren brigman, you are finding slick conditions on several roads. >> definitely in these higher elevations, jay, i want to show you now this is laurel valley road where you can see snow covering part of the lane we are in right now. this looks a little better compared to other roads. i want to show you video we shot earlier here, some of these side roads coated in snow in the higher elevations, chandler creek road. also in the wolf laurel area of mars hill. we had trouble trying to turn around to make our way down having to use four wheel drive.
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the main routes. of course they said they have found slick spots on future i-26, 2570 roads like that near sams gap. madison county schools closed today. this is why. we are seeing this snow still coating portions of the road here. no reports of accidents overnight when i checked in with emergency officials. use caution because the snow as well as black ice is an issue this morning. let's check in with jaclyn deaugustino deaugustino. >> i just checked with emergency batchers in mitchell, and haywood counties, no official reports of icy roads. slick spots possible on the secondary roads in this area. use caution if you are heading
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look at your i-26 drive. we had minor delays near chimmy rock road. >> presidential playing field has narrowed, all the republican candidates fit on one stage after two left the race. >> race for the white house heating up. >> we may have to stage a phony protest. that is the only way they show the size of these paths. this is amazing. >> reporter: donald trump with even more of a spring in his step forcing chris christie and carly fiorina. he is ready to take on hilary clinton.
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honestly, women don't like her. >> reporter: hilary clinton lost young people 16-83%. clinton has the advantage over bernie sanders. he has work to do. >> if the election were tomorrow, do you think you could win south carolina and nevada? >> no. fortunately for us, the election isn't tomorrow. >> jeb bush confirms his brother will join him on the road. >> he is an entertaining person unless you are a woman, hispanic, pow, disabled person. >> reporter: second place winner john kasich is unlikely to go on the attack. >> i am not going to be a pin cushion or marshmallow or spend my time trying to trash others. >> reporter: controversial bill
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passed legislature, kasich will sign it. abc news, washington. >> democratic candidates focus on to want's debate. ben carson will be at the gaffney visitor's center 3:00-4:00 and ted cruz winter university at rock hill. >> donald trump spoke at the livestock arena. >> he is a low energy person. i said he is a stiff if he was in the private sector, he wouldn't get a job, other then that, i think he is excellent. >> joined by lindsey graham and threw his support behind bush.
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senator marco rubio made an appearance, finished fifth in the primary. rubio said it was a good sign. >> it is interesting people wearing the costumes were american bridge which is the top super pack for democrats. i am the only republican they have been attacking which tells you how scared they are to run against me. >> rubio averaging five points higher than mrs. clinton in a general match-up. >> stay with news 13 john carl live in clemson beginning at 7:00 a.m. new information released in the case of a murdered asheville artist october 2014. lon humenez is now standing
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he told a woman he watched the home. ortega's mother in court and spoke about the news. >> makes me sick to my stomach. thing i am happy about that has come out from it. his character. >> in addition to his murder charge, also indicted on 20 counts of producing child pornography. he took photos and videos of a 16-year-old performing sex acts. crime watch daily will air an episode from 2013. brian lucas one of the victims and his parents hope it leads to an arrest. >> we are getting some where, people are still providing tips.
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and stressed out you can't go on, you can't quit. >> any information call 888-crime-sc. full episode of crime watch daily airs at 9:00. we have an update on an armed robbery. 29-year-old stephen mccoy in custody. he robbed a dollar general on u.s. 441 tuesday at knife point. mccoy arrested on cherokee reservation yesterday afternoon. remains in jail on a bond 200,000 dollars. 47-year-old tony reams of la nor. he robbed the first citizen bank last thursday, last seen driving 2006 burgundy ford expedition. sub freezing temperatures
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who went missing, 57-year-old scott's pick up truck -- they are now looking for him in south carolina. search is in the tatuga river area. >> hopefully they'll find him. this cold weather is terrible. like i said, our prayers are with them. they are outstanding folks. >> turner 6 feet tall 205 pounds. we are giving away a package of beautifully decorated love themed cookies from perfectly pretty sweets. >> we'll announce the winner before 7:00. coming up, we have january and jackie giving us more cookie decorating tips. hearing in michigan over the
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>> one high >> welcome back, everyone, good outside. snow not so much an issue this morning besides what fell already. still on the ground because it stays below freezing everywhere yesterday.
6:36 am
few light flurries, madison county, elsewhere. satellite pulling in clouds and clear skies further south. look at this, 4 and reduced visibility, still snow way up 5,000 feet beach mountain, 2400 block mountain, 29 , roads clear. 20s our lows since midnight at the asheville airport. almanac today for the precip. burnsville 18, 10 >> >>in newland. cold in greenville, 22 . plus this wind is 8 miles per hour, 26 boone. wind chill feels like 8 below. asheville feels like 10. drink the warm liquids if you
6:37 am
time. until 10:00, wind chill advisory. winds not terrible today. in fact it will get better throughout the evening hours and help with our temperature, upper level disturbance, light snow showers tomorrow. only 30% chance. sunshine today, same thing through 6:00 when the sun sets. we'll see clouds increase, 6:00 a.m. few snow showers. 36% chance higher elevation, possibly a snow-rain mix. clearer skies. very cold to start today. this afternoon, warm, look at this, 36 , hey, it is above freezing. tonight back down below, 21 low temperature. greenville, middle 40s, sunshine. tonight 27.
6:38 am
saturday morning, too. valentine's day cold but clear. next chance wintry weather, monday and tuesday of next week. jaclyn, are you seeing any other delays. >> patton avenue is a delay. traffic in the area slowing down to 20 miles an hour. remember if you are heading out and some of the higher elevations, take it slow. slick spots possible still this morning especially on your back rounds. even primary roads dealing with those slick conditions, future i-26 and sams gap area. live picture of the interstate, traffic flowing smoothly, no major problems i-26 in asheville. that is a look at your on time traffic report, holly, jay back to you.
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talking about cookies and pastry decorating. >> perfectly pretty sweets have been giving us great demonstrations demonstrations. >> thank you. we are painting, we take our brush, we have different types of paint. these are a little thicker, more like acrylic. we are going to do a water color technique. if you'll dip in, pick a color, wide brush stroke and swipe it. that gets your background going. you kind of do, that is how i am. >> obviously it is edible. >> this is made out of food coloring. you can use a high alcohol content liquid such as ever clear and also lemon extract.
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>> alcohol completely revap -- evaporates off. >> we don't use water. this is edible marker. >> i like the one i have. >> all right. previously we worked on royal icing. this time you are working on glaze. >> you have to be careful not to push down too hard. >> it spreads almost like a canvas whereas royal icing, color would sink in like on card board.
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>> i have a couple here that show, you can have a lot of fun with it. >> you were obviously much better than jay and i. >> when jay is finished, that is what it looks like. >> it is a nice -- very scenic. this isn't going so well on my end. >> you are doing great. we have been doing this for about two years. takes a lot of practice. nobody is you know, jackie is good at it. >> i have a degree. i am a fine arts major. >> we have valentine sets available this weekend. you can find us on facebook or at and madas that are off the shelves.
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>> we are both bakers. we have our different strengths in other areas. >> it is fascinating combining arts and engineering together and putting together these great cookies. >> can we zoom in on this? >> ingrid says don't. >> looks like a baby chick.
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>> we'll be right back. >> we have breaking news out of madison county, suspected bank robber in custody. >> 47-year-old tony reams of la noer arrested accused of robbing first citizen's bank in marshal.
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extraditing him back here. four remaining armed occupiers plan to turn themselves into the fbi and meet with reverend franklin graham before doing so. >> only way we are leaving here is dead or without charges. >> that phone call unfolded live on the internet via live stream as the fbi surrounded the protesters, reverend franklin graham plan to meet with the group. >> michelle, what are you hoping to do? >> hoping to get them out alive. >> bundy taken into custody. >> he was on the way to the wildlife refugee. two people dead following
6:45 am
of each other. >> in california, big rig hauling candy caught fire after rear ending someone. twenty miles two people pinned inside the cab of a semi truck, one died. cause of the accident is under investigation. public hearing held on capitol hill, michigan governor rick snyder nowhere to be found. congress is trying to figure out why dangerously high levels of lead remained in flint's water supply for months and what can be done to help residents. roads remain icy and snow covered in places in madison county. we are live in our mobile track unit showing you where to use
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>> in what year did in my business i can count on my i.t. guy bailing me out all the time... i'm not the i.t. guy. i'm the desktop support tech supervisor. and my customers knowing right when their packages arrive.
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>> 6:55, roads are snow covered and slick. >> mobile track unit, lauren brigman, still seeing issues on the roads? >> definitely near the tennessee border, jay. that is the area to watch o if you are traveling in the madison county. we are live future i-26 bear branch road. look at this side road. still snow covered this morning. this is the case for many of the side roads here in madison county. we are driven around the wolf laurel area, sams gap. underneath the snow, a layer of ice making for dangerous travel conditions here in madison county. schools closed.
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use extra caution, dot crews working throughout the night on the main roads. now today the focus shifting to the side roads. use caution in madison county. live in lauren brigman news 13. in 1537, officially valentine's day a holiday st. valentine declaring it. you have won a package. we'll e-mail you with how you can claim the prize. >> i think the whole staff has been eating the cookies. lucky winners. final look at weather, currently under a wind chill advisory until 10:00.
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this afternoon warm above freezing. wintry mix tomorrow. flurry saturday. valentine's day cold 32 . >> northern mountain having a lot of problem with roads. >> be careful. >> thanks for joining us, dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches freshly made all day -- and now you can enjoy two english muffin egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches for $4.
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the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today. america runs on dunkin'. good morning, america. deep freeze. a bitter blast brings the coldest air in a decade with windchills reaching 30 below. already two feet of snow? the east and more on its way. breaking news, the fbi closing in on those protesters in oregon. >> we fear for our lives. >> still defiant after that deadly shooting. now their face-off coming to a possible head. >> be reasonable. >> our team is on the scene right now. ready to rumble. the democrats debate tonight. hillary clinton hoping to knock bernie sanders off stride after
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battle across south carolina.
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