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tv   News 13 Tonight  ABC  February 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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teens. we want to get right on over to jason who is tracking twoism systems . >> jason: we're starting to see this array this on radar. the bulk of the moisture resides here. you notice how disorganized it looks here. columbia in to missouri. snow coming down. it is accumulating in these areas. this is the storm that's going to dive in the mountains. again, this is really going to favor the high country. two to four inches top end. four inches in the blue. this is friday morning through saturday morning. it's going to turn in to northwesterly winds. this is not going to be anything like the system where we saw recently where it was two days of six inches of snow or more.
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of snow that's swain, central mitchell in to ery. the white is a thin area where i think half an inch to the tops an inch. area around marshall, barnardsville. weaverville. asheville, a dusting to half an inch is really what i'm going for. 20s area wide. it's cold and it's dropping. 26 by morning. i know, that doesn't mean we're going to fall much more because our temperatures may warm as our clouds come in to the morning. watch out for flakes flying in the morning. we have a second more potent storm to talk about. that comes in next week. i'll show you all the details coming up. >> larry: mosquitoes are months away but the growing over the zika virus have some wondering
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>> darcel: news 13's justin about the situation? >> justin: well they don't anticipate the spread of the zika virus across north carolina as its primarily contracted in central and south america. in a few short months, blood sucking insects will descend upon north carolina. but in central and south america, they're already making their presence known spreading the zika virus. >> a woman was in earlier and she's going to costa rica, and she was concerned. a lot of people are traveling out of the country. that's why they're coming in for repellent right now. >> justin: in the tar heel state, no cases have been reported. a lack of funding have
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repelant. >> species that can be helpful in part in estimating transmission risk for various diseases. >> justin: he said that could help with prevention efforts. >> some counties have limited spraying programs. we do as well. but it's a very, it's a limited spraying program. and i don't want that to give people a false sense of security. >> justin: that's why they fore on a message of personal protection. repellent. why there is some concern, it's not his biggest concern. >> we're far more concerned locally with west nile virus. those provengs strategies are the same for them as well as the mosquito type that would
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>> justin: health officials have set up contingency plans in case it should make it to the area. justin hinton, news 13. >> darcel: a graham county man has been sentenced to more than six years in prison on child porn charges. mark tiegert of robbinsville was arrested in 2014 after an undercover officer found links. hundreds of images of videos of child pornography. he was sentenced to 76 months in prison. >> larry: bernie sanders and hillary clinton faced off again tonight. they met in wisconsin for another debate. that debate just wrapped up. news 13's aaron adelson is here in the studio with this highlights. >> aaron: one of the biggest differences between the
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debates is hillary clinton and bernie sanders agree on some issues. hillary clinton tries to be the first female president. >> somebody with my background. somebody with my views. somebody who has spent his entire life taking on the big money interest. i think a sanders victory would be of some historical accomplishment as well. >> i'm asking people to support me because i think i'm the most qualified, experienced, and ready person to be the president and the commander in chief. >> aaron: sanders and clinton agreed on several issues including criminal justice reform. >> we're also going to emphasize education, jobs and housing. >> clearly we are looking at institutional racism. we are looking at an economy in which the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. and sadly in america today, in our economy, a whole lot of those poor people are african
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>> aaron: but they went at it over immigration. >> bottom line is a path towards citizenship for 11 million undocumented. >> i voted for . >> terms of 2007 immigration reform, yeah. i did vote against it. i voted against it because the southern poverty law center among other groups said that the guest worker programs that were imbedded in this agreement were akin to slave lee. ry. >> this was ted kennedy's bill and i think ted kennedy had an idea about what needed to be done and i was proud to stand with him and support him. >> aaron: south carolina primary is february 27th. >> darcel: a man accused of robbing a bank has been arrested in north dakota. authorities tracked tony reams
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investigators say he has family ties to madison county. they say he'd been living in lenore after being released from prison last august. >> based upon everything we were able to determine, he had traded the vehicle in lenor and over the past couple of weeks or month and had actually used that vehicle to c cme to madison county. we'd actually have that vehicle on surveillance going through the parking lot of him leaving. >> darcel: the sheriff says reams was possibly headed for the canadian border. he will now be transported back to our area to face charges. about 80 people are searching for a missing haywood county man. scott turner was last seen in canton monday morning. a command post is set up in the cherry hill recreation area where crews from north and south carolina and georgia are
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the air. >> something has changed. it's not like him. he would never do this to his wife or his children. he's a great person. anybody you talk to all got good things to say about him. >> darcel: search crews wrapped up at night fall. >> larry: a deputy on his lunch break goes out of his way to help save a man's life. up next, what he did when he saw a horrible crash on the interstate. we were sitting at a local bar. we're having local beer. and i'm thinking, man, where's the pretzels at? >> darcel: some local
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things that would go perfect >> darcel: developing tonight,
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man they say attacked several people with a machete at a restaurant in ohio. it happened in columbus just a few hours ago. authorities haven't said how many people were hurt or how badly. no word on motive for the attack. >> larry: we all know the beer business is booming in the mountain so it's only natural that it's paired with really good food. >> darcel: now ambitious people are hoping north carolina embraces their ideas. john le shows us how local food entrepreneurs are making it happen. >> john: maybe this is a metafor for something big. as an experienced mechanic in west asheville, steve michael knows how to harness the potential of moving parts.
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people back in the road. >> john: the machinery that's shaped a new chapter in his life isn't a new luxury car. >> i made pretzels on that. six pretzels at a time. it's a toaster oven. we're sitting at a local bar. we're having local beer. and i'm thinking, man, where's the pretzels at. >> john: asheville pretzel company was born. and dog treats, too. snacks are a perfect complement for local beer. foodies are finding inspiration in delicious ways. no evil food is also relatively new to the industry but rising fast. mike says there's no substitute for his meat substitute. >> well we make meat out of plants.
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this is our italian sausage. >> john: the other key ingredient is blue ridge food dancers. they provide the kitchen. >> ability to use a small investment and really kind of get out there and see if you have a market for your products. we wouldn't be able t t do it without the kitchen space for sure. >> john: blue ridge has been a launch pad for businesses. western north carolina is fertile ground for culinary start ups. >> as a rising trend, absolutely. asheville is very well known as a foodie community. and business begets business. all too often those dreams go up in smoke without an opportunity. >> john: it's given this auto repair guy a lot to work on. including the logo inspired by
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>> this doesn't look right. it looks like he drank too much. >> john: he's always promoting. but he's kind of hard to ignore. >> if you put the pretzel in this hand and a beer in this hand, now you've got it. >> john: maybe he thought of that at the garage. >> you can ask for pretzels at your local bar. >> john: this mechanic's pretty darn good at selling himself whether it's at the shop or the kitchen. >> if you do come in, there's samples out in the waiting room. >> john: in asheville, john le, news 13. >> darcel: asheville pretzel is talking to whole foods and ingles about selling products in their stores. if anyone wants a sample, they can stop by organic mechanic on haywood road. to find out more about them or the blue ridge food ventures kitchen, go to wlos and click on news links.
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pictures of the scene after a dump truck slid in to a guard rail and flipped four times. the driver was trapped in the truck. a deputy on his way to lunch saw the driver out. myself a hero. i consider all the other bystanders that were out there. there was a gentleman who had actually taken the front windshield out of the vehicle and was rendering aid to the driver whose leg was still lodged under the steering real. >> larry: the truck was leaking gasoline and covered in glass. >> darcel: the north carolina ski industry is getting ready weekend of the year. the recent cold snap has allowed snow. he's expecting a big crowd this weekend for two reasons. it's valentine's day and monday is a holiday for president's day. >> larry: i can see it. if
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it might be a great time to stay outside. >> darcel: jason, we're not getting out of the 20s saturday. >> jason: uh-uh. tyson furniture bus stop forecast. some snow. emphasis on some. in the morning, a few flurries. 23 degrees. don't expect much accumulation in asheville. in the 40s by drop off. other weather headlines, after a warm up tomorrow, you go back to more snowy scenarios. i'll show you all the details stick around.
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cam video of a horrible accident you're news 13 skywatch weather. >> jason: the all important storm track, folks. let's take a look at the jet stream right now. this is 30,000 feet in the upper atmosphere. this is what's steering our storm systems. we're sitting underneath some cold air and that little disturbance coming down from missouri and illinois is going to take aim on our region come tonight and tomorrow. i think the flakes will begin to fly as early as the morning in some cases over the mountains. really the emphasis is on little accumulation if any over asheville. it is going to be a high
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look at this scenario here. monday into tuesday, more potent storm. icy here in the piedmont and foothills. snow in the mountains initially. as we get warmer air to punch in to this system. it changes a lot of stuff over to rain. snow initially in asheville. it may change to sleet and back to rain before it goes back to snow on the back side of this system. oh yeah, it is. the icy situation is going to be the piedmont. greensboro, the triad area. a lot of rain is going to fall south of this system, too. plenty of moisture to juice up this atmosphere. it's just a matter where these cold and warm layers reside. a lot to watch as we go through the next 24 to 48 hours. light northwest wind puts us down to 20 for the wind chill. clouds come in the morning thickening up across the entire region.
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like they're going to be farther west of the mountains. i think there will be flakes flying over the high country. in the evening tomorrow in to saturday morning, still some snow showers with more northwesterly winds blowing over the high country. that's why accumulations will be a little greater up there. about two to four inches right along the tennessee border. bryson city tonight, down to 21. temperatures in the teens and 20s across the mountain valleys. upper 20s across the upstate to greet you in the morning. temperatures in the afternoon should get back in to the 40s i-40 south. this is a big difference from i-40 south to i-40 north. burnsville only 37 degrees. interesting stuff as we go through time tomorrow afternoon. here's your asheville seven day forecast. flurries, light snow. changing to any light rain fall
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early afternoon. arctic blast. highs 20s saturday to freezing sunday. wind chills will be sub zero in many places in to sunday morning. with etalk about that wintery mess coming in on monday with
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freezing rain an >> darcel: a police officer was
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a drug suspect. it happened this morning in clayton county, georgia, that's near atlanta. the police chief says officers were serving a warrant at an apartment when major greg barney was shot. he died later in the hospital. the suspect was also shot and is in critical condition. >> larry: dash cam video of a trooper getting hit by a vehicle last month. the suv driver lost control because there was ice on the road. wow. it swerved in to the median. you saw they kind of blacked out where he was hit. the trooper is still recovering from his injuries. the driver was not cited. >> darcel: the moment gallileio used a telescope. einstein predicted a century
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an international team used a $1.1 billion instrument to detect one of these gravitational waves from the distant crash of two black holes. >> larry: a big game tonight at unc asheville. stan shows us if playing on national television inspired the blue that feeling. you know the one. that "grand-slam, aced-the-presentation" feeling. multiply that feeling. it's the deal of all deals. a moment worthy of celebration. now multiply that. you're everyone's hero in the championship of all championships it's that feeling. multiplied.
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>> stan: national television tonight hosting radford on espn-u. more important than entertaining a national audience was winning the game. enthusiasm for a national audience. we can tell you in the second half, ahmad thomas was the jumper there. dylan smith the old fashioned three-point play. it's up and it's good. beautiful play there from him. will weeks underneath was terrific as well. watch him make the power move inside. spin, up and under. puts it up, puts it in. they were up by five. 3:29 to go. they had turnovers on five straight possessions. they fall as they get upset tonight by a score of 60 to 59 as radford stuns them. sweeps the season series.
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carolina trying to upset chattanooga. cats tough at home and they were again tonight. we got unc asheville again. they don't want to see it again. once was enough. let's see if we can find that western carolina. there we go. they were playing chattanooga. team had a nine game winning streak. cats tough, though. justin browning steps back beyond that three point line. hits that three 30 to 13. check ester. he goes all the way. peterson does. look at that finish. what a move. career high 16 for him. watch brummund underneath. look at him work inside. power move. he had 16. they were up 16 at the break. mocks cut it to six. they pull off a huge upset as they shock chattanooga. nascar season starts this
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sprint unlimited. who is going to replace tony stewart who is out on an injury. the name has been reported as brian vickers. news conference tomorrow in daytona to make the announcement. vickers only raced twice last year. he hadn't been able to compete when treated for clots because of the blood thinners would increase serious injury if he crashes. pebble beach for one of the great tournaments. pebble beach national pro-am. one guy who really loves it, bill murray. justin rose, his first time playing there. he is pretty happy about that. his partner is justin timberlake. >> larry: all right. better enjoy tomorrow because we're going to take a dip, aren't we.
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most of it is going to be the high country. a lot colder saturday and even
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thanks for and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- tony goldwyn. from espn, tony kornheiser and michael wilbon. shaquille o'neal. this week in unnecessary censorship. and music from alessia cara. with cleto and the cletones.
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here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i'm jimmy, i'm the host. thank you for watching. thank to all of you for coming. love is in -- well, it's almost in the air. it's not in the air yet but it will ob sunday which is valentine's day. i hope you remember that. valentine's day the day women all around the world wait eagerly to discover the new and wonderful ways their husbands and boyfriends will disappoint them. how does it work with gay men who are married? do they both give each other disappointing gifts? do they ever run into each other in the valentine's day crap aisle at cvs on the way home


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