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tv   News 13 at 430am  ABC  February 16, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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of power outages in multiple counties, with the most in henderson and mcdowell. 3 3 several schools are closed or delayed again this morning-- that list is on the bottom of your screen. we have live team coverage of how the roads are right now, and what to expect throughout the morning. news 13's lauren bringman is standing by in hendersonville. but first let's get the latest in your sky watch forecast. good morning. here is a look at current conditions across the region. your day planner shows temperatures warming by noon. coming up, i'll show you our 7-day forecast for both the mountains and upstate. 3
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3 as we mentioned at the top of the newscast, the big issue right now in the mountains is power outages. news 13's lauren brigman continues our live team coverage from downtown hendersonville, where more than a thousand customers remain without power. lauren? duke energy is working to restore power to more than 13- 00 people in the county. they hope to have power restored by noon today in henderson county. other areas where we are seeing the most outages are: mcdowell county- more than 2800 buncombe county- aboo 540 rutherford county- almost 400 3 3 3 3
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3 new overnight... the ice storm shut down a major north carolina interstate. this is brand new video into our newsroom from i-77 in iredell county. multiple wrecks shut it down in both directions, stranding drivers for nearly 5 hours. the back-up was up to 8 miles long. the highway patrol says it reopened shortly before three this morning. 3 3 troopers say one of the biggest issues on the roads was the way the ice caught people off guard.mike kleiner, henderson county3009 "it's as bad as i've seen it this winter, excluding the 18 inches of snow we got 3 weeks ago, but that wasn't as slick as this." 3015 several cars lost control along i-26, some ended up in ditches. but, as the temperatures rose above freezing, fewer wrecks were reported. 3 3 the upstate was also hit hard. one person was killed and two others were hurt, including a greenville police officer, in a weather-related crash. police say the officer was inside of his cruiser, and two others involved in an early wreck were standing outside when a car slammed into them all. it happened on i-385 near downtown greenville. the car
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side of the interstate and on to a road below, killing the driver. 3 "i... i'm not... i'm stunned. it's just insane." the other person who was hit suffered serious injuries. there is no word on the officer's injuries or condition. both were taken to the hospital. 3 3 people in canton are still asked to conserve water this morning until further notice. a mandatory water conservation notice was issued for about three-thousand people in canton. the town manager says the reservoir is lower than normal, resulting in low water pressure. people running faucets, so pipes do not freeze, have caused the shortage. 3 seth hendler-voss, canton town manager: "we're asking folks to just not run their water if it's unnecessary. save that load of laundry for the morning, run that bath in the morning, and just be judicious when you're running your sink preparing dinner." the town manager says reservoir levels are being monitored every couple of hours. he asks for everyone's cooperation so the reservoir level can rise and the notice can be lifted.
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3 there is no shortage of strange weather happening all across the states. severe weather closed several schools this morning in northwest florida. a confirmed twister touched down in escambia county. there are reports of many damaged buildings. tens of thousands of customers lost power. no word on any possible injuries. 3 in washington state... king county has issued phase-three flood alerts for two rivers. there is potential for widespread, moderate flooding. king county officials also advised that some areas could experience deep and fast flood water. 3 in san diego, california.... a record heat wave. everyone is out soaking in the sunshine, the surf and the sand. temperatures along the coast were in the 80's over the weekend and yesterday. the summer-like heat spell is expected to stick around for most of the week. 3 3 president obama is welcoming southeast asian leaders to california for a summit. that is making headlines this morning... 3
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summit of the "association of southeast asian nations", yesterday in rancho mirage. talks are expected to focus on relations with china, trade and terrorism. it is the first meeting on u-s soil between the united states and the political and economic group made up of 10 southeast asian countries. 3 an explosion at a gas plant in texas shut down roads and forced an evacuation in the area. sheriff's officials say an 18-wheeler hauling an oil product exploded yesterday. the driver and a woman were taken to the hospital. both of their conditions are unknown at this time. a large plume of smoke was visible from several miles away. due to the rural location of the explosion, fire officials are letting the fire burn out. 3 there is still no word on what caused a garbage truck to fall 100-feet off a highway bridge in miami. it landed on a street below yesterday, throwing debris everywhere at the entrance to a popular park. firefighters say it is a miracle that no one except the driver was hurt. he was taken to the hospital in serious condition. 3
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3 data released by the state of michigan says high levels of lead are still being detected in tap water in some flint-area homes. the country's top doctor is in city today as the leader of the n-a-a-c-p threatens protests if action does not come soon. kim hutcherson reports. 3 reporter pkg-as follows--the u-s surgeon general is spending a second day in flint, michigan vivek murthy is meeting with citizens, health officials, faith groups and advocacy organizations.the policies we enact when it comes to water, or transportation, or housing can have a profound impact on health."he is also meeting with doctor mona hanna-attisha, who first reported elevated levels of lead in the blood of flint's children.the naacp issued a call-to-arms over the situation monday.if governor rick snyder doesen't take action within 30-days, organization president cornell brooks threatened:"to send bodies and consciousness to flint to engage in a mass
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civil disobedience in flint, michigan."the water crisis has been attracting the attention of democrats on the campaign trailbernie sanders met with families impacted by the water crisis before a rally on monday."i really did not know how ugly and how horrible and how terrible what is going on in that community. it is beyond my comprehension that in the year 2016, in the united states of america we are poisoning our children." hillary clinton has been talking about the water crisis in debates and stump speeches. she's met with mayor karen weaver and sent two top campaign aides to meet with her as well.flint will be the site of a democratic debate on march sixth.i'm kim hutcherson reporting. 3 3 haywood county commissioners unanimously vote to take 60 more days to consider an outdoor shooting range. commissioners pushed for the moratorium so they can dig deeper into public health concerns and safety risks. during last night's meeting, commissioners explained it is
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range. people spoke both for and against an ordinance that would allow it. after last night's vote, no shooting range permits will be issued until after april 15th. 3 3 3 3 3 "weclome to the 58th annual grammy awards, cheering." fans packed the house in los angeles for the grammys. coming up, who walked away with some of the biggest
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3 time for this morning's see it, shoot it, send it picture. this photo comes to us from annette holbert this picture is from mills river. you can see the trees are frosted with ice. you can send us your pictures and video too. just log on to w-l-o-s docom. or e-mail them to pics at w-l-o-s dot com. 3 3 3 we have an "early bird gets the win" giveaway this morning. we are giving away free meals to chick-fil-a to five lucky people. just go to facebook dot com slash news 13 to enter. the winners will be announced just before seven this morning. and stick around, we continue our random acts of kindness series. see the reactions as we pick up the tab for customers at chick-fil-a. 3 3 the time is now 4:xx. if this video doesn't make you laugh, i don't know what will. you
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viral video... ad lib3 com/watch?v=0nb8cp2wnak
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3 it's now 4:xx. here is a look at what you can expect for the next three days. 3
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3 in this morning's the buzz, all eyes were on the grammy stage. stevie wonder had the honor of announcing song of the year. he had some trouble opening up the envelope but made jokes about it. ed sheeran won for his song "thinking out loud."
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very much to jake, chris and jake for recording this song, amy for writing the song with me. we wrote it on the couch in my house after having dinner." and record of the year went to mark ronson featuring bruno mars for "uptown funk." 3 3 3 3 here is a look at current conditions.. in our next half hour we'll talk more about what to expect in the next 7- days.
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3 justin bieber is facing new legal trouble. what the lawsuit claims his bodyguard
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3 it's 4:xx it's t-m-z time. jay, another loss in the music industry. the lead singer of the 80's girl group, vanity six, has died after years of battling kidney failure. vanity, whose real name was denise matthews, died at a hospital in fremont, california yesteryday. t-m-z reports the singer also battled crack addiction in the 90's. her biggest hit came in 19-82 with "nasty girl" a song produced by prince. vanity was 57. anothe legal battle for justin bieber. his legal team hasn't been able to agree on a deposition date in the lawsuit a photographer filed. it claims bieber's bodyguard locked him in a miami subway restaurant and beat him up for taking pictures. t-m-z reports, the singer is all tied up due to a california lawsuit and his world tour. the judge sided with the photog and ordered bieber to sit for questioning no later than july 31st. rihanna did not perform at the grammy awards. t-m-z reports the singer arrived at the staples center in los angeles but did not walk the red carpet. t-m-z says the singer took antibiotics for three days leading up to the show but they did not work. she was examined by a doctor who decided to put her on vocal rest for 48 hours because the singer was at risk of damaging her vocal cords. sources told t-m-z she has been struggling
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3 here is a look at current conditions.. here are your weather headlines for today.. up next.. we'll talk about what to expect in the extended forecast. 3
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3 the rain and higher temperatures are taking care of most of the ice concern this morning, but as you head out your door be careful of possible slick spots left over from the ice storm. power outages are affecting buncombe, henderson and mcdowell counties. thousands of customers are reporting
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