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tv   News 13 Tonight  ABC  February 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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do they stand up if a business declares itself gun free. now from western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 at 11:00. >> larry: more winter weather tonight in the mountains. this is a live picture of madison county from our mobile track. nothing falling yet on i-26, though, near sams gap. >> darcel: right over the border in tennessee, snow has been falling. there was some slush on the road. more significant snow will fall in the higher elevations. several of our counties are under a winter weather advisory. >> larry: but our northern counties are expecting snow. jason's here with an update. >> jason: mostly just rain on the lower elevations as expected. our temperatures are just too warm to support any snow fall accumulations. by the time we get cold enough in the valleys, the moisture is gone. this is going to be a slim chance of getting accumulating
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farther south out of the woods, too, rain all over the upstate. snow still falling north of jackson county. the radar not picking up all of the snow flakes. most of it is concentrated over swain. rain again in the southern valleys. black mountains getting snow popping up. other than that, it should be pretty quiet elsewhere tonight. temperatures right around freezing by day break in any cases if not below. black ice issues in the morning. back in to sunshine. i think little, very little if any accumulation in asheville. i'll talk about bigger changes, which includes a nice warm up. stick around to see when and how long. >> darcel: new tonight, a house fire in east asheville kept
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the fire started in the attic just before 6 o'clock tonight on beverly road. firefighters saw flames coming from both sends of the attic. the homeowners and their pets were able to get out safely. >> when fire gets in an attic, a lot of times it can spread across the attic. thankfully this one went pretty well as far as that concern. and we had no injureiesinjuriri, which is the best result. >> darcel: the cause is being investigated. >> larry: the fight to keep a school from closing in haywood county is over. tonight, the school board voted to close central elementary. >> darcel: students will finish out this year and then will consolidated to other schools. >> larry: what's the main reason for the closing, frank? >> frank: officials say it's economics. a combination of state funding, cuts, and increased operating costs.
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they say it didn't have to happen. >> we know our children best and we want to keep our students at our school. >> frank: those who will be affected most were front and center at the school board meeting tonight. students who attend central elementary but will not when the first bell rings come fall. say they can make up half a million of that by closing central. where they say enrollment's declining. >> i don't just see how you solve a problem like attendance by closing what i feel is the best school in the county. >> frank: parents have been here before for another public hearing, a march and a rally all in an effort to save their school. it's emotional for everyone. the father who went far beyond his allocated time at the microphone. >> you're going to tell me to leave, i have a little bit more to say.
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students in the next five years is unsupported by the action. >> frank: to the chairman of the school board, who has a family tie at central. >> it's saddens me to have to make this recommendation on the floor to the vote. i'm looking at my grandson's picture. my grandson goes to central. >> i'm begging you guys give us more time before you make this decision. >> frank: the decision was made final with a 7 to 2 vote. reaction was as emotional as the meeting. >> what happens now? >> um, i'm thinking about homeschooling my kids. >> they'll have hope. you can't tell a child not to have hope. even as a rational adult, you can't do that. now we have to explain because they had to watch that. >> frank: now this local vote is
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certified by state school officials. folks say that's where they'll turn now. reporting live in haywood county, frank kracher, news 13. >> larry: developing tonight, police are investigating the shooting of a teenager that happened this afternoon at deaverview apartments in west asheville. 17-year-old kyrie logan is an erwin high school student and football player. he was shot in the head and is in critical condition at mission hospital. no word tonight on suspects or motive. if you have any information about this crime, call crimestoppers. >> darcel: the south carolina republican primary is only four days away. and the six remaining candidates are racing to reach as many voters as possible. today, ted cruz and two underdog candidates tried to woo
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darren botelho joins us live where senator cruz spoke tonight. darren, how big were the crowds there? >> darren: darcel, the event wrapped up just about an hour and a half ago. over 1,000 people came to the event. but about 200 people came to john kasich's event. among other candidates pulling in large crowds ahead of the first in the south's primary this week. >> ted cruz, the next president of of the united states. >> darren: more than 1,000 attendees packed in to the anderson civic center to hear texas senator ted cruz speak. >> god bless the state of south carolina. people are waking up. there is a spirit of awakening and a spirit of revival. >> darren: cruz has days to make his last impression on his voters before they head to the
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>> you can only get so much of a read from a couple of hours on stage. >> darren: following his second place finish in new hampshire, some of the other republican candidates governor kasich . >> he has a different message. he's kind of in the middle. he's not getting caught up in all of the disagreements that are going on. >> darren: kasich is polling in fifth place in south carolina. dr. carson needs to pick up even more momentum. as of today he's polling dead last behind kasich. still some voters are interested in his message. >> i would love to hear how he is going to handle small businesses and the economy here. >> darren: at least in public, all these candidates seem unconcerned about the polls and focusing on their message. just days before many of the
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and the primary is just four days away. as the polls stand right now, trump is still ahead of cruz by about 16 to 18 points. darren botelho, news 13. >> larry: an update tonight on a teenager involved in a jewelry store robbery in asheville. kamish franklin is sentenced to prison. a half million dollars worth of diamonds and jewels were taken. four others were also charged in that robbery. >> darcel: new tonight, the city of asheville took final comments on a streets project. planners took input on the street project in september. the focus has been making those streets safer and better equipped for pedestrians, bicyclists and transit users. at tonight's open house, people
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>> people wanted parking in certain areas. we also were able to get a bike lane all the way from one end to the other. that was a big issue for some of the biking community. and also we added a three-way stop. >> darcel: because of a grant deadline, the city fast tracked the project. it's been in the works since last fall. when a person walks in there with ill intentions, they don't know who does and who does not have a weapon. so who is going to stop them? >> darcel: should businesses be able to make the call on whether customers with conceal carry permits be allowed to bring their guns inside? up next, why gun owners say this is violating their rights and
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>> larry: a man realized that feeling. you know the one. that "grand-slam, aced-the-presentation" feeling.
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a moment worthy of celebration. now multiply that. you're everyone's hero in the championship of all championships it's that feeling. multiplied. introducing the new multiplier scratch-offs. a chance to win. and a chance to multiply your winnings. yea, that feeling >> larry: gun rights advocates are calling out some north carolina businesses. they . >> darcel: they say posting their stores as gun free stores . >> larry: gun rules and your rights. >> i don't go anywhere without a cell phone or gun. >> reporter: jane is licensed to carry a concealed weapon. >> you never know what's going to happen when you go in to a
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as a citizen we have the right to self-defense. and definitely going to take advantage of that. >> reporter: licensed carry conceal gun owners now have more rights thanks to a firearms law in north carolina. at assemblies where admission is charged and at restaurants and bars where alcohol is served. that is unless the property is posted with signs like this that ban all fire arms. the southern kitchen and bar in asheville took advantage of that part of the law and declared itself a gun-free zone. owner joel hartser believes customers with guns would be extremely dangerous, even if confronted by an armed robber. >> my fear would be that more people would get injured with
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allowing a person with the gun to take our money and leave. >> i don't think there's really a big issue. >> reporter: some carry conceal gun owners think that's perfectly okay. >> i think people get bent out of shape and call no carry zones open, you know, kill zones. >> i don't go in. >> reporter: that is however the concern for jane and many other gun rights advocates. >> it happens always in gun-free zones. i mean, sandy hook was a perfect example. >> reporter: she personally boycotts those gun free zones and hands a business owner one of these. a card that expresses fear that what they're doing is had been listing them on its website for all its members to see. >> gun-free zones are killing zones. >> reporter: she says no one has to be scared of a law abiding
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>> they don't know who does and who does not have a weapon. who's going to stop them? so that in itself becomes a deterrent. there are hundreds of thousands of cases where fire arms have been a deterrent to crime. >> darcel: gun owners caught violating a business' gun ban could be charged with a class one misdemeanor for trespassing. the new law stiffens penalties for second time offenders who could be charged with a felony. >> larry: fern leaf community charter school broke ground today across from fletcher community park. there will be a lottery in march. the school starts kindergarten through third grade. >> the most frequent comment we here is thank you. thank you for bringing us another option for our children. >> larry: construction starts next week.
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until it is k-8. >> darcel: another winter weather system is moving through the mountains right now. >> larry: snow is falling in some areas while others are getting mostly rain and a little wintery mix. sounds familiar, jason. >> jason: it does. we get a break and it's not much later that we get another. this one is winding down quickly. tyson furniture bus stop forecast. some relief here. temperatures should warm above freezing shortly after sunrise. it will be a chilly day with that wind blowing 20 plus miles an hour. winter weather returns. short lived.
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choose a humana medicare plan for the care you need... to help you have better health for everything that's ahead. humana. start with healthy. now your news 13 skywatch weather. >> jason: not nearly as impressive as it was this afternoon and evening when we saw steady heavy snow. it's starting to fall apart. still some showers over the upstate. high enough elevations, you're getting snow up there in swain county, smokys. waynesville you're pretry dry. maggie valley don't expect much either tonight. northwest winds that start to kick in and cold air rushing in behind the system. so we're not done completely
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once this moisture moves out, the bulk of it is gone for the majority of us. black mountain, mount mitchell, highway 19e getting snow showers too. black ice in the morning. here are the next couple of hours, you can see those snow showers working quickly east. our leicester carpet sales news13 sky cam network takes us to balsam gap. this is jackson county. 3400 feet. the temperature has held pretty steady just above freezing. that's great news. even the untreated road is looking decent. just wet. in asheville, black ice in some spots. 32 degrees. afternoon, it's green light, folks. 46 degrees. mostly sunny. breezy, dry. the same thing in to your evening drive home. 38 degrees at asheville. fog now becoming a bigger issue because the wind is calm.
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greenville, 45 degrees. those showers going by the wayside overnight tonight. remaining in some of the higher elevations. by the lunch hour, we're breaking out in to sunshine. gusty winds out of the northwest. and those winds could see 20 plus mile per hour gusts across the area. but all in all, we're going to be done with the snowfall. again, about two to four inches top end here in swain county, smokys. yancey, mitchell, avery county. in the white here, one to two inches. that's pushing it. but you might get one to two inches in the balsam's and maybe a dusting to half an inch. temperatures in the 30s tonight. right at freezing or below. so the black ice a big issue. middle and upper 30s over the upstate. look at the change tomorrow. in the upstate you're going from mid to upper 50s. not bad. mid to upper 40s in most
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30s and 40s mixed in the northern mountains. it will be cold up there. temperatures will certainly be on the warming trend as we go in to thursday and friday. low 60s by saturday and sunday. enjoy ittecause we'll get cold again by next week in to tuesday. temperatures in the upstate a aso going for 60s saturday and sunday.
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shoots a man breaking in to his home. it happened last night in hickory. the 71-year-old man is disabled and said instinct kicked in when he heard his sliding glass door get smashed and he opened fire. the intruder was shot with a pistol. the man was taken to the hospital to undergo surgery. police say no charges will be filed against the home owner. a man slipped on ice and fell 25 feet off of a balcony near nc state's campus. the 29-year-old was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. witnesses say the steps were coated in ice. >> larry: president obama says there's more than enough time for the senate to consider a nomination to the supreme court and he intends to do so. the president said he will nominate someone who is
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seat held by the late antonin scalia. as for those who say it should be the next president's choice, he says they are reading something in to the constitution that just is not there. today in raleigh, lawmakers worked on redrawing two congressional districts. they were deemed unconstitutional because they were based on race. state representatives plan to review the maps tomorrow and move forward with calling the special session. they expect to hope to vote by friday. and submit the redrawn maps by the federal court's deadline. >> darcel: the unca women working to hold to to first place in the big south. today's action steve: today is your lucky day. woman: (surprised) oh, my goodness mark: you've just won - a thousand dollars! woman: that's amazing! that's amazing! (shrieks) woman: ok, nice job. mark, way better than yesterday. maria, that delivery felt a little forced. and steve, steve: yeah?
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woman: pretty awesome for a tuesday, but tomorrow is hump day, so let's really bring it! lucky for life. win a thousand dollars a day,
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>> stan: they lead asheville pick it up first quarter. she's going to drive it to the ream. bulldogs up four. has it, dribbles it, knocks down that jumper. dogs up two. then it's kayla webb. she'll make the aggressive play. gets fouled and finishes for the old fashioned 3-point play. kj weaver inside had a great game against liberty. nice move there. puts it up, rolls in. satori major led asheville by 18. 17-6 run in the 4th. asheville wins. they get a week off before they play at gardner webb next tuesday. great men's hoops. first, wednesday at 9, duke versus north carolina.
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carolina first in the acc. check out saturday at noon, the battle in the big south. unc asheville and winthrop. should be a great one. prep conference tournaments going on this week. first round games at higher seeds. so the boys play. that puts 7th seed madison at owen. nice pass to johnny franks. owen leads 61-38. jordan baker steps up and knocks down the three pointer. then it's matthew lloyd. he'll get the open look at the three point line. the home team will build a big lead. nice look down low to matthew brown. he scores. tournament semis and finals at avery thursday and friday. >> we got number one now in conference. on the 2a side.
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side, hopefully a high seed in the playoffs. maybe even a home court advantage. hendersonville. girls, madison, owen and avery win. wncac at tuscola. overtime. girls, pisgah edges franklin. smoky mountain beats tuscola. they play the title thursday. cherokee boys win 102-91. players on the west roster. the east-west soccer all-star game in greensboro. daniel vickers. no selection for the girls game has been announced yet. >> larry: we've got a nice warm up coming up through the weekend. >> jason: yes. be patient. we will get back in to the 60s by the weekend.
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because we do go downhill again. rain monday. colder tuesday. i won't even mention the long -- >> larry: leave it on a good note. thank you for joining us tonight. remember you can always check us out on >> darcel: and be sure to find us on facebook and what's all this nonsense about balls? pink balls, blue, yellow, red. it's hard to keep the whole thing straight. and all these so-called deals?
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- gwen stefani. secretary of state john kerry. and guillermo at the 2016 grammy awards. with cleto and the cletones.
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jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you. [ cheers and applause ] i'm jimmy. i'm the host. thank you for coming. thank you for watching at home. i appreciate your coming. that's very kind. [ cheers and applause ] it's very quiet in l.a. on the night after the grammy awards. the sanitation crews have cleaned up all the uptown funk that was all over the street. [ laughter ] everything is back to abnormal here. the big winners at the grammys last night. did you watch the grammy awards last night? [ cheers and applause ] i have no stake in it if you did or you didn't. but kendrick lamar, who gave a memorable performance, took home five awards. taylor swift won three grammys including the big one, album of


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