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tv   News 13 at 6pm  ABC  February 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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change the boundaries of voting districts. >> is anything really going to change? no, i don't think so. >> larry: we'll tell you if your district may be different soon. now from western north carolina's news leader, this is news 13 at 6:00. >> darcel: it's day two of a murder trial in transylvania county and today jurors got a look at a tattered remnant of a tragic night in rosemund. >> larry: the prosecution wrapped up. they contend the grieving father walked in to the dollar general and pulled the trigger to avenge his son's death. >> darcel: john, so many tears on the witness stand yesterday, what about today? >> john: well no tears today but some key pieces of evidence were presented taking the jury back to a night many in rosemund will never forget.
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mathis wore the night he was killed was held up in front of the jury riddled with holes. in april of 2011, detective john nickelson of transylvania county sheriff's department was at the scene when witnesses said richard o'shields fired five times. when he arrived, emergency workers already tried to save mathis. >> the condition was his upper clothing had been cut from him. there were ekg electrodes attached to his upper torso. and defibrillator paddles on his chest and side. and he was deceased. >> john: prosecutors say it was a simple revenge mission. mathis was charged with in involuntary manslaughter for the
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fell out of the truck and died. surveillance video of the general dollar location give details. and witnesses gave tearful testimony. day two of the trial focused more on the findings of law enforcement and a medical expert, including then county medical examiner dr. dale mesh who showed jurors a body diagram that pinpointed wounds in mathis' back. on monday, the defense will bring up expert testimony contending that the defendant had issues including ptsd and alcohol issues as well. the judge told jurors not to go
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>> larry: new at 6, a bryson city man that beat his uncle to death. for the death of 65-year-old bud dover, a wheelchair bound veteran. dover was beaten to death back in 2011. green was also charged with felony assault and pleaded guilty to that as well today. he was sentenced to a minimum 12 years in prison for both charges. >> darcel: a former west henderson high school football and basketball star died in a motorcycle accident. he was going to meet a friend when a family member says a driver ran a red light and hit him. jones was a guard in the champion basketball team in 2006. his mother spoke from florida about how special he was. >> next to my older son, i couldn't be more blessed.
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the one that held my hand. he put his arm around me. he didn't care if people thought he was with an older woman or not, that was just sean. >> darcel: he was working for a landscaping company in florida. >> larry: a drug bust landed two people in jail. james carraway and samantha face multiple drug felonies. the investigation was sparked by complaints by people living in the community on sigma lane. they're due back march 11th. >> darcel: there were big changes in electoral politics statewide today. the general assembly pushed back the congressional primary to june 7th. here's a look at the new map after a court ruled the previous ones were racially gerrymandered. news 13's ashlea surles joins
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ashlea, you're looking at a map that's zoomed in on the asheville area. >> ashlea: that's right. you can see this is the tenth district. this is district 11. this new map would impact some things for some folks in buncombe county. you can see down here in arden in the royal pines area. residents in biltmore forest would also have a change in district. also up here, the biggest change would be in the west asheville area and northern parts of asheville. >> if you live in arden, your representation in washington may be about to change. after another round of redistricting, a map approved by lawmakers today put many residents in the royal pines area in district 10 with congressman patrick mc henry voting on your behalf. and in biltmore forest, it would be the opposite. residents would move in to district 11 from 10 and be a constituent of rep mark meadows.
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and i voted for somebody and they weren't representing me, that would bother me. >> ashlea: the new map shifted things for residents in west asheville and leicester the most. large chunks of those areas, including the haywood patton corridor west of louisiana avenue, slid in to district 11. >> i have no idea what you're even talking about. >> as far as the specifics of how they gerymanders, i didn't look at the maps close enough to be honest. >> ashlea: some just say if you're trading between two reps from the same party, there's no real impact. >> one republican for another. is anything really going to change? no, i don't think so. >> i think i can speak for a lot of west asheville. most people i know who live here are awfully frustrated by that as well. it's pretty democratic west asheville.
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note in our area, avery county, which was in district 11, will now move completely in to district 5. the map was passed in the general assembly. but it will still have to be approved by the court. >> larry: lots of sunshine. >> jason: the sunshine is going to be i think far and few between in terms of peaks of sunshine. leicester carpet sales news13 sky cam network. here we are at the top of mount mitchell state park, 6600 feet. clouds in the distance. these will be rolling in overnight. 39, at that elevation this time of year, that's pretty good for the temperature right now. 53 in burnsville. 50 in hendersonville. 50 in franklin. 58 in clemson. and up in to watauga county, a chilly 48 degrees. clouds increase.
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by 7 o'clock. changes that include some rain for your weekend. find out when. >> larry: an update tonight on a new recycling program in asheville. the latest campaign is showing some real results. the city partnered with the housing authority and asheville greenworks to pilot the program last october. it provided nearly 300 homes in public housing communities. now a month later, homes have cut waste by roughly 2,000 pounds every two weeks. >> they have never had recycling in the community before, especially curb side pickup for the 3,000 residents of public housing in asheville. so this was the first time and we weren't sure about how it was going to work. and it really went well. >> larry: two more phases of the project will bring the campaign to the remaining public
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>> darcel: a man with a gift and now he's using his talents to help others. next, meet our person of the week and find out all he's overcome. >> larry: and a building on a local college campus takes on a
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>> larry: music has played a vital role in the life of our person of the week for 40 years. a life changing condition almost took his abilities away and shattered his dreams. but not his desire to use his talent for people who may need it most. >> larry: for the senior citizens at cherry springs village, music makes their day. when semi burnet comes around,
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it's soothing for the soul. >> it's just a calming environment for them. >> larry: some of these residents have a hard time expressing themselves, but music has a way of raising a reaction. >> can you imagine staying here for as long as you live and you don't have entertainment that will flourish your mind differently. >> larry: for sammy, you might say music is in his blood. he began playing as a child with his father. >> i played in bands. rock bands, blue grass bands. >> larry: he had high hopes for music. but when a large tumor was discovered in his brain, the music stopped.
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it took 20 years to grow. >> larry: it took three brain operations and even reconstruction of his forehead. >> this is fake. the skin's real. >> larry: so now, he finds himself here, volunteering to make music at assisted living homes all over henderson county. >> he's incredible. >> larry: for people like george paul, a man who can relate to sammy on a very personal level. >> well i had a brain operation. i got shot in the head with a nail gun. >> larry: sammy burnet is an example. a testimony of not letting talent die with a dream. >> because he is not using it as an excuse to just be flittering in and out. >> larry: no excuses. just a new reason to play for people who know something about life taking a different turn. >> i just said, nah, i'm just
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one who gave me this talent. god. talent. but now he tells those who listen that talent alone won't bring happiness. it's using it for others that brings a purpose. >> never give up. just keep going. you're an inspiration to people when you do that. >> larry: if you know someone you'd like to nominate for person of the week, someone who is inspirational, who goes above and beyond to make a difference, tell me about them in an e-mail. send it to >> darcel: today was a historic day on the campus of unc asheville. today they named a building after al whiteside. it marks the first building on campus to be named after an african american.
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all took a part in what to name the new building. today the school called him a living touchstone to the city's struggles to eliminate segregation. >> one of the wonderful things about al's legacy is he's not done. he's here and the students are going to be able to work with him and know him as a mentor. he's very involved in our university still. he's just an amazing community advocate. >> darcel: whiteside hall will be home to various academic departments. a warm-up is in store for the weekend. jason gives us some detail. >> jason: yeah, it will be nice. if you head outdoors, you won't have to worry about too much rain. temperatures will be milder. 56 today. we were above average again today. 29 on the low this morning. the local rain for the date is
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i'll show now your news 13 skywatch weather. >> jason: yeah, we had that pesky wind today but it was from the south and that makes a difference. we had warmer temperatures today because of that. but we'd like to get rid of that wind. we will see a little wind tonight. 50 degrees right now. still clear skies as the sunsets right now in asheville. the wind chill is down there at 45 degrees. you can't really go out in shorts and t-shirts at this hour. you might be able to tomorrow. south-southwest wind at 13. the wind chill down to 54 degrees for you right now. going up again monday. 60%.
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rain. most of it will fall by tuesday next week. in the mountains, you're looking pretty much the same. you have a higher chance of getting wet tomorrow. higher chance on sunday. 60%. up to 80% chances of rain by tuesday. it's likely we'll have decent rain around here. here's the surface features right now across the east. we have high pressure to the southeast. that's pushing the winds in. stationery boundary here from the north-northwest. this colder air is going to get pushed farther east. it doesn't get pushed south just yet. along this boundary here, we'll have our better chances of rain and certainly less clouds. the clouds will kind of spill along this track. that pushes a cold front in sunday in to monday. now this will make it in and change our forecast.
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go up, but the colder air by monday. clouds on the increase with our south-southwesterly breezes. a few showers by day break. a few. but that's the emphasis. not many will happen tomorrow. a few of you will get wet closer to the tennessee border. we'll see a break before more rain develops sunday. there go the showers coming through with the cold front sunday evening still with showers on the map here. the future radar. how much rain? between monday and wednesday, we'll see a couple of inches, if not more. darker blue, that's one to two inches. lighter greens, that's at least half inch if not to an inch of rain. temperatures in the 30s and 40s tonight. it won't be terribly cold. that's much above average, in fact. highs tomorrow in the 50s and 60s area wide. that will be nice. 63 on sunday.
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50s monday, 40s by tuesday. we stay in the 40s much of next week. it will be colder. but the chances of snow are looking pretty slim right now. that storm that was on the map a few days ago is looking weaker and more tame. 60s for the upstate this weekend. >> darcel: enjoy it. it's time to play ball. the college baseball season starts for unc asheville.
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>> stan: spring is really here. we've got baseball. today unc asheville started its season at home against ohio university. nice day for baseball in february. top of third inning, ohio's mitch. makes a great catch. the game is tied at one. later in the third inning, dogs show up more defense. carmine pagano, watch him make the play. it's short. strike at home. in the bottom of the fourth, carmine slips in to base just in
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ohio scores sixth in the in the ninth. they win it. willmington scored sixth in the fifth inning. saturday the biggest game of the year. unc asheville at winthrop. they're tied for first with only three games to go. you can see this one on wmya saturday at noon. can am dual races. last lap kyle busch leads. behind him is where the action is. johnson, martin, truex jr. all wreck. johnson did well in practice today.
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these are exhibition races but the goal is the same. >> it's a lot of fun to win these things. >> stan: daytona 500 said for sunday at 1. last night the wncac game they lead by 11 after 3. but in the 4th, bears wake up on the break. brooklyn allen with a perfect pass. she lays it in. pisgah wins to take the crown. boys. smoky mountain against west henderson. smoky mountain won all three of their games with north. last night it was 88-65. >> larry: all right.
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>> jason: i'll see you out there. he doesn't know i drive by his house. 63 on sunday. that will be the good day. a little wetter by the end of the weekend.
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more local news on
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south just hours away now. donald trump after taking on the pope, taking on another giant, apple. apple firing back. the showdown in nevada. hillary clinton and bernie sanders. and this evening, the early gift for clinton. inside the rescue, one passenger trapped. and the dramatic fire whorls, the whipping winds in chicago. >> your money tonight, are you passing up free money? and america remembering harper lee and her work, read by generations of american students. good evening.


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