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tv   News 13 at Noon  ABC  February 23, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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29-year-old jennifer lunsford was arrested for the incident that happened onnian 22. she is charged with contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile. juvenile. investigators have not said how or if she is related to the child. dss is involved in the casecase. >> a jury set to decide the fate of diane lane. prosecutors say lane lured michelle to her home in colorado in march of 2015. the woman survived the attack but her baby girl did not. >> the defense continues the arguments today in the murder kriel of a transylvania county man. he is accused of killing toby mathis. today a psychiatrist is on the stand talking about oshields state of mind.
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the stand, he told jurors he happened to be at the dollar general store mathis was killed and he had never been there before. prosecutored said it wasn't random and that shields was tracking mathis. >> 2015 was a record year for the number of travelers at the asheville airport. lauren joins us live. how much of an increase did they see? >> airport representatives say they saw more than 30,000 additional travelers compared to the previous year. that is a 4% increase which is nothing but good news there. as far as the reason behind this growth, airport officials tell me some airlines continue to expand with non-stop flights. asheville regional is an airport used for connector flights as well. airport officials say the growth is an indicator more are choosing asheville. they say the additional travelers can mean continued
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>> go anywhere you want to in the world. we enjoy some of the best connectivity in the entire country. we see that trend will continue. the growth is a reflection of our vibrant region. we certainly anticipate the growth to continue. >> i asked them about the pziest time for travel. officials say summer into fall is when they see the biggest numbers. a steady travel population seen in the winter months of 2015. i'm told few airports see growth year to year and for the past few years asheville airport has seen that. big news to celebrate coming out of the asheville airport today. the front gate may not be as secure as you think. right now, congress is is investigating security gaps add nation's 400 airports.
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asheville regional and spartanburg international. greenburg looked at how our airports are secured and the vetting of employees working on the other side of security lines. a henderson county woman with the pre-check program is allowing faster screening without much vetting. i know me. i won't do anything dangerous on a plane but who else could do this? probably anybody. >> what is being done to close security gaps. a full investigation tonight at 11:00. >> the candidates are rallying voters in nevada ahead of the caucuses. democrats candidates are
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the help of heavy weights. >> riled up after a protest erprotester. >> he unleashes on ted cruz. >> this guy is sick. >> cruz forced to fire his communications director for retweeting a student newspaper report that falsely claimed this video shows marco rubio disparaging the bible. >> i have made clear in the campaign that we will conduct this campaign with the highest standards of integrity. >> cruz hopes to put the latest behind him and to halt the momentum. he is gain ago slew of endorsements after a strong showing in south carolina while jeb bush bowed out. >> if we are still fighting each other, we are going to lose. >> on the democratic side, bernie sanders and hillary clinton bring hollywood star
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hillary clinton launches a new ad featuring the voice of actor morgan freeman. >> she says their names. >> trayvon martin, shot to death. >> sanders on the trail with actor danny glover while spike lee voices a new sanders' radio ad. >> sanders and clinton will appear separately in a televised town hall. in nevada, a long day for the candidates. the polls close at midnight. senator bernie sanders has no plans to be in south carolina until this friday. his wife jane will lead an education forum at the center in columbia at 5:00 tonight. sanders will hold a rally in norfolk and then he'll hold events in kansas city and tulsa tomorrow. >> for complete election coverage, head to our website, we have an election 2016 page where you can view upcoming events and the latest from the
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>> asheville public safety committee will bring the issue of body cameras to city council today. the goal is to inform the public about policies regarding polole body cameras here and how they will be used. council members say this is a new technology and there are a lot of questions that need to be answered before policies are put into place. city leaders expect to discuss the body cameras in front of council in the next few weeks. >> aen deck tomy is the most common abdominal surgery performed in children but is surgery necessary? coming up, the surprising results of a ground breaking study.
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blames of weak sales of what was >>. >> when it comes to append appendicitis appendicitis, patients almost always undergo surgery. topping today's headlines a new study suggesting children with appendicitis could be treated with antibiotics alone. >> it was during the holiday break a couple of years ago that the gibson family's plans nearly fell apart. her parents booked a surprise trip to disney when suddenly she was rushed to the hospital. >> they checked her out and did an ultrasound. appendicitis. >> normally that means emergency surgery within hours and a recovery that can take weeks. luckily, area was at nation-wide hospital where doctors conducted the first study to see if they could skip surgery and treat
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>> 75% of kids who chose antibiotics didn't need surgery. >> dr. kate dean said parent need to pick the method that best suits their family. >> it is your values, your bias, what you think is most important to you with the therapy that is best for you and your family. >> if they don't have to be in pain, if you don't have to have the risk, it was worth a try. >> she may be too young to appreciate the approach doctors used but the family will never forget the experience as a result. >> it was amazing. she was able to do her musical. we were able to go to disney without any problems. we were thankful that was an option for us. >> i feel great. there is nothing i haven't experienced anything else. it hasn't hurt or anything.
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is for cases of simple appendicitis. appendicitis. >> february is national heart month and local health experts want you to get a check on your heart health. representatives say a balance of exercise and knowing what to look for are keys to better health. for thoseho wear heart monitors, advancements are leading to compact devices making it easier for patients. >> i think it is the easy and the convenience, the light weight of the technology they are able to just kind of be free with these and go about their daily routine. >> there is a free event for national heart month. free health screenings will be provided. it starts at 5:00 at the hilton in biltmore park. call ahead to rsvp. we'll have all that information at >> all this week on news 13 this morning, we are examining the modern pregnancy.
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latest technology, today we are taking a look at a surprising new trend -- women consuming their placenta after birth. the mother brings the placenta cooler. >> through encapsulation, we take your placenta from the organ you deliver, we steam it, we dehydrate, we grind it into capsules so they look like a vitamin you would find at a store. >> once i started taking them, the main thing i noticed was more energy. >> some new moms say consuming placentas helps their mental health. tonight we'll talk live with buncombe officials about the
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others from the zika virus. >> coming up, a stand off apple. the protest taking place across the nation over phone privacy. >> some locations have picked up an inch of rain, including in culloway and spartanburg as well. 44 and cloudy. coming up we'll talk about how much rain will fall and how much
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st >> welcome back. good afternoon, a lot of weather to the talk about. chance of heavy rain, severe storms and snow. stick with me here.
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earlier this morning. continuing to see light rainfall across the region. it will turn intense tonight into tomorrow. we have a chance for thunderstorms today. likely these won't turn severe. tomorrow the greater chance for severe storms. the western zones where we have the bright orange, a marginal risk this afternoon. flash flood watch encompasses everyone in the green. the threat for flash flooding. at the asheville airport, it rains and rained. we picked up four tenths of an inch of rain. 43 degrees was our low. 46 is as warm as we have gotten. it is cooler compared to the next couple of days. moving to the 30's, but 44 back
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valley. already 51 degrees in greenwood. our western zone milder at 55 texas in andrews. the wind picked up in asheville at 9 miles an hour. it is tonight starting at 10:00, this high wind watch for areas above 3500 feet west of asheville. we are talked about downed trees and power lines. better storms possible today and tomorrow as the low pressure pushes the moisture back to the french broad river. overnight heavier rain bands by the orange and the yellow, that's 7:00 a.m., heading out to work and school, 7:00 a.m., 8:00 a.m., 9:00 a.m., going to be treacherous. lunchtime not as bad. then we see the transition, rate day from rain to snow. the highest elevation.
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inches possible ithe high mountain region north of asheville. this will continue once again through thursday night, even into friday. first let's talk about the rain. how much will fall into tomorrow. one to two inches at times. how much snow fall, future snowfall map showing down into the valley, going to pick up light snow. higher elevations, it is wanting to pull in two to three inches. even to brevard, an at the point of an inch. for today, scattered showers, 48 degrees. tonight, back down to 41. rainy conditions and the flash flooding threat will go into effect. in greenville toy, 50 degrees. mild temperatures. expect scattered showers and storms. the chance for severe storms is tomorrow. the sevened does show another cooldown thursday. it is clear and sunnysunny.
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>> that was a bummer at the end of that. >> i was complaining about snow this morning. >> well, there is a recall
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>> how many >> stocks are seeing a downturn for midday trading. let's get you to the boards. at noon, the dow down at 16447. the nasdaq down 345 points. >> the takata air bag recall may expand. the highway safety administration may recall as many as 409 million more air bag. that would triple the air bags recalled so far linked to nine deaths in the u.s. in november the company was ordered to stop making air bag inflators that used ammonia
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that's believed to be a factor. >> fit bit fell 16% in after hours trading after company officials say they expect first quarter revenue to miss analysts predictions. it is the 134st worth performing ipo over past 12 months. investors are concerned the company cannot maintain its level of growth. higher manufacturing costs and the global launch of new products, the blaze and the you willta are partly to blame. >> starbucks changing its customer loyalty program. it will gave based on how much you spent versus the number of visits. in april customers will earn 2 stars for every dollar spent. free rewards earned after accumulating 125 stars. >> still to come at noon, while
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>> coming up at 5:00, a unique
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consume >> the bristol zoo celebrated the arrival of a new gorilla delivered by cesarean section. >> the procedure came earlier this month when the mother showed symptoms of a potentially life threatening condition. the birth marks one of a handful times worldwide. it was the first for this zoo. >> and for the doctor who has delivered hundreds of humans by cesarean section but never a dpor rilla. >> it looked like it worked this time. >> mom and baby doing ok. >> new numbers show more people taking to the skies using asheville airport. coming up airport officials
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year. >> a woman created a short workout and posted it on her facebook page.
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to her fun fitness idea.
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(woo) when you love seafood this much... back again? i hope it's just a clumsy phase.'s gotta be d's. anything's worth it for our new home-style flounder meal or double dozen shrimp. also, try our grilled menu featuring new tuscan tilapia. for full meals starting at just $4.99, it's gotta be d's. >> more rain on the way and bigger changes. >> yes, in the way of snow.
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at 12:30. chimney rock does show kind of a gloomy day. we have the clouds, the fog and we have got just one person i can see here in the distance. they are probably not -- they probably can't see far into the valley. let's take a look at our satellite and radar picture, showing the clouds. some of this light rain across the region. our southern mountains are seeing that the last hour around franklin, macon, clay county, northeast georgia. all in all, much calmer. a bit of a break. more widespread and heavier rain beginning tonight. that's why the national weather service issued this. it is not in effect, at 6:00 p.m., it will kick up into 6:00 p.m. wednesday. this is a flash flood watch. it does include the asheville area, into the foothills and down into the upstate. in asheville, four tenths of an inch of rain at midnight. some locations seeing an inch plus already today.
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43 degrees for a low this morning. right now, it is only 44 degrees. temperatures staying very steady the last several hours. 45 in morganton to 46 in forest city. 45 in gaffeny and upper 40's in greer. some isolated zones warmer as the clouds have left these regions and also the rain. already some middle 50's in andrews. the wind picked up in asheville at 9 miles an hour. gaffeny at 124. 10 in greer, 13 in anderson. above 3500 feet, the high wind watch will begin it will last through wednesday afternoon. areas west of asheville, the high mountain regions. a chance of thunderstorms, likely not going to turn severe. we still keep that threat. tomorrow the, greater chance. the heavy rain. let's take a closer look at that. showing isolated to scattered showers. temperatures staying in the 40's


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