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tv   News 13 This Morning  ABC  February 25, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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cloudy conditions and windy and black ice a concern. winter weather advisory is under effect right now until 7 a.m., not this morning, but tomorrow morning. so, accumulating snow and the higher elevations and all these counties on your screen in purple. notice buncombe county is under this advisory. so, how much more snow will fall? i will have the answer coming up in my full forecast. back over to you. >> holly: although we are seeing only flurries in parts of asheville it is a very different story for folks in other parts of the mountains. >> jay: absolutely. zack green is live in madison county, where plenty of snow has already covered the ground. zack? >> zack: we are starting to see the light accumulation as of right now but we are standing outside the salt bar where dot crews are working across the board, really preparing folks to get out on the roads this morning and right now i'm joined here with chris dee ton, who is the yancey and madison county dot maintenance engineer and what have you seen so far this morning? even driving in, you had to pull over and help somebody on the
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most of the primary roads are covered with salt, they are in good shape but the secondary roads and the higher elevations are turning white now. we will have crews hitting those once daylight comes, the day shift working. but for right now watch out on the secondary roads. >> zack: even in the overnight hours your crews were working out there as well because of the wind and downed trees. what are you seeing now? >> we have had a lot of downed trees overnight. the winds have been very rough, especially in the higher mountains. we have probably had 20-30 trees down tonight. the crews are getting out, finishing up some of them right now as they are transitioned over to snow removal. >> zack: i know we have four county trucks out. we have two contracted trucks as well and they are taking out the salt. but there is other treatment on the roadways? >> we put down a salt and sand mixture, the sand help with the traction right now especially with some of the areas might be turning a little icy. the sand will help you get traction until the salt melts it. >> zack: yeah. certainly black ice on the roadways.
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seeing the snow, even though it's light accumulation blowing across. we want to make sure that we are taking our time on the roads this morning. chris, thank you so much many for joining us today. we will be tossing it back to lauren brigman who has your road report. >> lauren: thanks, zack. drivers in the north turkey area of leicester, know land hills drive and eisenhower road is lines. turning to swain county, highway 441 is closed between cherokee and gatlinburg, tennessee, due the weather conditions. and then, in the upstate, a crash with injuries is reportete in anderson county. it's on ballard road near the intersections of cherokee road and grant road. conditions are quickly changing. too. so find me observe twiwier so let me know of any traffic issues you have found. this is lauren brigman for news 13 brought to you with your wired mouse computer solution traffic report. >> jay: heavy rains and strong winds is causing problems for the mid atlantic. at least three people were
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>> holly: mototists have been stranded by flooding roads and it dumped rain in alabama, georgia, causing flash floods. >> if you don't need to make the trip, don't make the trip today. >> holly: meanwhile, a snowstorm has been pounding the chicago area. northern i could yeah that can get up to 18." >> jay: gop presidential candidates made one last push ahead of supertuesday. >> holly: our chief political correspondent scott thuman breaks down what to expect in houston. >> reporter: we are here in houston and in a state that brags it does everything big. there will certainly be a big texas-sized showdown tonight on the stage for the last republican debate, before supertuesday. so, here are the storylines. first, ted cruz. he has got three straight third place finishes. can he rebound? he does have, in one poll, a double digit lead here in his state of texas. he needs a victory to break out of the slump he's been in.
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here in houston on wednesday and is hoping to continue some of the momentum he has seen. but, they are all chasing donald trump, of course, who displayed more of the aggressive tone that has been so successful for him. in the past 4 hours, going after cruz, again bringing up the fact he was born in canada, sayinin he may not be eligible to become president and even as he displays an antiestablishment tone of his, getting into a twitter spat with mitt romney, the 2012 gop nominee. so a lot of stake, understandably, as we head into supertuesday. it is not a coincidence that the final debate is being held here in texas. it is considered the crown jewel of supertuesday with 1554 ut e/ and late into the evening. in houston, texas i'm scott thuthuman, back t tyou. >> jay: democratic candidate
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several stops planned across north carolina, kings street, myrtle beach and north charlesnd to. president clinton will be in spartanburg for a "get out the vote" valley at the university south carolina upstate. >> holly: perny sanders will host a rally at chicago state university and afterwards he will join the msnbc college tour with chris matthews at the university of chicago. >> jay: it was was an emotional reunion. >> holly: two teens shot little brodie 18 times with a bb gun and threw a knife at him. he took a big step in his recovery with the man who saved him. >> for some reason when i walked in, he knew me. it destroyed me, especially when i seen his head and he looked up. >> holly: the puppy's already been adopted. he will spend a few more days in the hospital before getting to go home with his new family. >> jay: glad he's doing well. >> holly: yes, i think he found a loving home. >> jay: don't you know. other news, a new asheville greenway project receives hundreds of thousands of dollars
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tourism development authority. the authority approved $700,000 for the french bruise river greenway. the greenway will run from the french broad river park to new belgium breu brewery. the money is part of a $3 million award of occupancy taxes for city projects. >> holly: a local community college will train workers for hundreds of jobs. blue ridge community will prepare employees for the g. f. lynn march plant in mills river and will create 350 jobs. company executives met with school officials at blue ridge to set up a program. >> really, we are beginning discussions and we're going to flesh out a training and recruiting program with company all throughout the month of april and by march we should have more details. >> holly: the plant is expected to be opened by next year. >> jay: we have a developing story somewhat upstate, where a popular zoo is now in danger of closing.
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wild animal park say they are in desperate need of money. attendance has fallen since last year's electrical fire that killed 27 animals. the officials say keeping up infrastructure improvements toen amal care has become difficult without enough funding so they set a fund raising goal of $500,000 for this year alone. >> realistically, we need it this year, prior to december, to make our operation costs run smoothly. and to bring us to the level wheree with should be. >> jay: along with the $500,000 goal this year, the holly wild staff hopes to raise $250,000 every year after 2016. donation information is on our web site, >> holly: happening to day, a musical based on asheville will be previewed on broadway. the story and music of "bright star," written by steve martin, is set in asheville in the 20s and 40s featuring bluegrass music about our city. it is martin's first broadway musical. >> once they leave the, you
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thattal tours then they become available for theaters like asheville community theater to do, and it would be a show that i would love to direct or be a part of as an actor or singer. >> holly: talk about the musical is buzzing around asheville, with people already wanting to get tickets to the broadway show. >> jay: in this morning's news reel in california hazmat crew quarantines 20 people after a suspicious letter. >> holly: it happened at a u.s. customs and border protection office. an employee became sick after opening the letter. a hazmat team was called after there was a suspicious substance. the man did not need to be taken to the hospital. >> jay: an e-cigarette bursts into flames at a gas station. josh hamilton suffered severe burns. he was working the counter when the battery in his pocket caught fire. >> there was black, there was fire, so i did not think about
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i could see there is a fire and i need to stop that. >> jay: hamilton says the recovery has been rough so far with severe leg pain and using crutches to get around his home. >> holly: authorities in oklahoma city are trying to figure out how a car slammed into a home. the video shows the vehicle completely inside the structure. the home appears to have suffered significant damage. early reports say there was no one home at the time of the crash. it is unclear what caused the incident. >> jay: we have at "early bird gets the win" giveaway this morning. we are giving away a 1 hour silk peel facial from derma blue dermatology valued for $100. >> holly: go to 13 to enter and we will announce the winner just before 7:00. good luck. >> sometimes the two come together and you get a different change. >> jay: climate change versus
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in weather patterns s n be here to stay. >> ingrid: here is your "harry's on the hill bus stop forecast." , numerous delays and closures. the updates are at and we are seeing a chance for light snow through drop off time for some. i will show you a look at the radar coming up after the break.
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how warm we turn. now, in high definition, this is your news 13 skywatch forecast. >> ingrid: good morning everyone and welcome back. we have the rain yesterday and severe storms at times, but now,
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let's take a closer look as to where. at the tennessee line, we are seeing north of bryson city, northern swain county, also northern haywood county and madison county, around hot springs, mars hill, little creek, even burnsville. some areas around black mountain picking up a light dusting as well. spruce pine and northern portions of mcdowell county, more of a fix. and also some light show showers popping up on my radar, on again/off again in transylvania county, henderson county, the high elevations there. also, into northeast georgia. looks like headed towards oconee county. next hour we will see the chance for light snow to just wrap around. this will be the case throughout the morning, in fact, black mountain, look at this camera. right here. this car at the top top of it. it goes from black to a light white. we have light snow even in black mountain, where it's 33 degrees. and the road is getting damp. a lot of these roads haven't been treated because it rained all day yesterday. so just use caution on your morning commute.
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at the ashville airport. so, yesterday, we have seen this stay in the positive territory which is good news for surplus for the year. temperatures continuing to drop this morning. we are at 36 degrees at the ashville airport. 37 right now. 32 in bryson city. so freezing in that location. cold in hendersonville as 33. still in the 40s in morganton, to forest city and down into greer, the wind is another issue this morning. we have had reports of a lot of downed trees overnight. 10 miles per hour winds in asheville so it's not terrible. no wind advisories or warnings out at the moment. but, the ground is so saturated when we have this wind, it could topple over more trees and cause power issues. 14 miles per hour winds right now in greer. it does make it feel colder in asheville, feels like 30 degrees. so if the kids are on schedule and heading out to the bus soon, make sure that they are bundled up. winter weather advisory is in effect through friday morning. for accumulating snowfall in the counties shaded in purple.
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i will show how much will fall in a second. still moving north and wrapping around the cold air along with the precipitation. so, 8:00, still seeing that light snowfall when you're trying to head out to work and school. lunchtime, we are scaling back just a bit through the afternoon hours. but, we could still see flurries throughout the day and then another bit of light snow tonight into friday morning. then we will just see the flurries. how much will fall today? well, we will see about an inch or so in some of these higher elevations, maybe a light dusting down into asheville, and then another bit of that light snow through friday morning. so, when we have a winter weather advisory, that means 1-3," of course very elevation dependent. don't expect an inch in asheville, more like a dusting. higher locations here. higher elevations in buncombe county. might see a little bit more. so snow and rain possible today. it will stay windy. temperatures return to the 40s. tonight, a chance for snow again and 20s. greenville, sunny skies and breezy. tonight will be colder and
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this weekend not looking too bad. at least by sunday. 60s, the chance for some light rain monday. here is your upstate seven-day forecast. >> holly: living in the mountains it's known the weather can change in a drastic way even in a short period of time. >> jay: absolutely. this past winter season is no exception to the rule. shorts and t-shirts were broken out as temperatures neared 70 degrees on christmas. then, not even a a month later, snow records were broken on january 22nd with 10.6" measured in asheville. >> holly: el nio is the strongest on record this year, it will come to an end, while climate change ise shoveling. >> we are warming the world. we are warming here in the u.s. there is no doubt in the data, historical data, climate change is happening. i think that's the kind of cycle we're in here in western north carolina. i don't see anything slowing down. >> holly: planet 6 on our reality czech, zack green take
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versus el nio and which weather phenomenon is responsible for the roller coaster season in the mountains. >> jay: time is 6:17. a rivalry in acc play, north carolina at north carolina state.
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played in wolfpack territory. >>stan: good morning, in sports, it was rivalry wednesday in the acc. one of the biggest north
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tar heels swept 9 of the last 12 in the series and they have won their first game earlier this year in chapel hill. wolf pack trying to end the disturbing trend, their fans bringing the roar for the pack and a lot of howling with delighterly. cat barber had them squealing, 16 points for first 9 minutes of the game. they build a 13 point lead. carolina answers with justin jackson, 14 first half points. they rally. they will take a halftime lead. they are down 7, now make it 4, he drains the 3. but watch jackson, he is really coming along in the last couple games and what a move he makes on the baseline and won. he scores 17 for the game. and another guy came through as bryce johnson, down low, puts it in, and he howls with delight. 22 points 11 rebounds, cat barber scores 32 but heels continue their domination of north carolina state. >> we're at our best in the
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is getting stops and rebounds that's the thing that killed us in the very beginning of the game. so, once you started to get stops, portion to one shot and getting it out, that's whenever we started making our little run. >>stan: well, they are supposed to play baseball yesterday. western carolina at unc asheville, but the bad weather and the threat of more said no, that's not going to happen. so they postponed the game. no word of a makeup date. the two-team scheduled to play, april 19th in cullowhee. western 0-3 so far while the bulldogs are 1-2. catamounts home this weekend against louisiana and monroe. that's sports this morning. i'm stan pamfilis. see you again tonight at 6:00. have a great thursday. >> holly: this thursday hopefully will be a safe one for folks, ingrid? things are getting a little dicey out there. people posting on facebook there is freezing rain in the arden area. >> ingrid: there is a chance of that, snow in the higher elevations, that's why we have the yellow caution light in the drive time this morning with the light snowfall.
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bit as a lot of locations warm up freezing, into the low 40s but still holding on to cold conditions and slick roadways, especially near the tennessee line. this evening another round for some mountain show showers, temperatures dropping back down by around dinnertime to 39. right now let's get an update from lauren in the on-time traffic center. are falling power lines still blocking the intersection in leicester? >> lauren: it is at know land hills drive and eisenhower road. it remains blocked but dispatchers tell me the power company is now on scene, and this is in the north turkey creek area off new leicester highway. there is also a crash to watch out for in the upstate. it's in anderson county and injuries are reported on ballard road near the intersection of cherokee road and grant road. coming up in just about 8 minutes i will have information county. so stay tuned for that. this is lauren brigman with the traffic report brought to you by the wired mouse computer
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news 1 will be right >> jay: we are looking at the best and worst fashions of the oscars last year in preparation for the oscars this year. >> ingrid: we posted the link to the web site, under news links. what do we have, jay? >> jay: i thought this was interesting. this was emma stone and elly saab, one of the best from last year ( ). i don't agree with this. >> ingrid: why? >> jay: i think she= m>_4tfsb!ec#mz-ojtpb1ig pak on the fence, gina rodriguez. >> ingrid: that's a similar style, actually, so the last one. >> jay: i like it a lot. i think it looks good on her. best, kate plan chet. >> ingrid: i love the
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beautiful cut. >> jay: okay. worst? julian moore in chanel. >> ingrid: i remember this one. fortunately, you remember the bad ones. >> jay: the pasty pastries you never forget. talk about skin tone and colors not blending? >>holly: guacamole is looking better, isn't it? >> jay: fair point. fair point. worst is dakota johnson in yves saint laurent. >> ingrid: what's wrong with this? >> jay: i really liked it. i don't see anything wrong with it. worst, yeah . . . i don't know what that is. >> ingrid: the caption on that is just "what is happening"? >> jay: what did happen there, and best to rosamund pike in in givenchy ( ), you get ups and downs and you either love or hate them. >> ingrid: we have the update this weekend, looking forward to that.
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wind at 10 miles per hour at the airport. snow is falling this morning, i will show you where, when it stops, and just how warm we turn in the extended forecast at 6: 6:30. >> zack: temperatures beginning to drop and although snow is on the ground, it's freezing to ice. what dot officials are doing to keep you safe on the road. >> holly: saving lives, how a drug is helping you. >> >> jay: animal beware, what
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both pets and the public safe. op. >> jay: this is a lye look from the indego camera in downtown asheville. snowflakes are falling here, and in other parts of the mountains. >> holly: the list of closings and delays has grown all morning long, madison county, mitchell county, and yarned closed. haywood county, graham county, cherokee counties and the reservation and jackson operating on a 2 hour delay. >> jay: you can see a list of closures and delays scrolling tat bottom of your screen at >> holly: we have ingrid in the skywatch wetter center. >> ingrid: good morning, everyone, please use caution before you head out the door. snow is falling a i cross much of the region, really started to ramp up over the time lapse
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3 hours until now. 6:30. and it's closer to tennessee that we are seeing the snowfall, but even flurries, down into the valley locations. buncombe county included in this winter weather advisory. that will extend until 7 a.m. friday, accumulating snowfall for some. i will let you know when the snow will stop and just how warm we will turn coming up. >> holly: government crews have been working through the night thanks to the snow and wind in madison county. >> jay: that's where zack green picks up the live team coverage this morning. zack, officials there say people are startingo slide on the roads? >> zack: yeah, they are really dealing with a lot of issue, sliding on the roads is just one of them. we were just speaking with the dot official that says there are four trucks right now that are out on the roadways from madison county. there are also two other contracted trucks and what they are doing, they are bringing salt and brine to the road to try and freeze what is already fallen on the surface. we are talking about black ice and even blowing snow.
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we saw it in the overnight hours whipping around that's blowing the snow all across the region. and on top of that, there has been some downed trees. so, it's the slick road conditions, it's the downed trees which could be affecting power lines and yes, you heard schools are already closed. this is going to be a bigger issue especially in the morning hours, later on this afternoon i think things will start slowing down. ingrid will have the full forecast for you. but, also, chris mentioned that you may not even realize that the road conditions are that bad and they are turning so slick this morning that you need to be cautious as you are heading out for your commute. >> what we have got right now is a very very slick snow in some places it turned into ice. it looks like snow on top of when you touch it, it's actually frozen which become as lot slicker than the regular snow and just really be careful, especially going around the curves. it might be clear in one section of roadway and then the -- as you change the elevation just a little bit it changes over to ice. >> zack: as chris mentioned it's the one little change in
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difference. he also said that as we take this road out, moving towards a little further north into yancey county, that's when you start to see even the white accumulating significantly. for now we will send it back to lauren who has all the road conditions and your traffic report. >> lauren: thank you, zack. the roads are closed in swain county due to snow and ice, avoid highway 441, that's newfound gap road, between cherokee and imat lynnberg, tennessee. drivers in the north turkey creek area of leicester here in the mountains should continue to avoid an intersection due to falling power lines. this is know land hills drive at eisenhower road, and it is blocked because of t t power lines but i was just told the power crew arrived on scene. turning to the upstate, a crash with injuries is nuclear in anderson county, it was on ballard road near cherokee road and grant road. i'm lauren brigman with this on-time traffic report brought you by the wired mouse computer solution. >> holly: the deaththoll from a powerful storm system for the gulf coast and southeast continues to rise. >> jay: reed banion reports
6:34 am
to pennsylvania. >> we're not worried about the damage, our prayers go out to the three people that lost their life. >> reporter: the community of waiverly, virginia, mourning a mobile home, the youngest victim a 2 year-old boy, another man found dead at appomattox county ( ) and another death in essex county. >> we were sitting in the house when it went through and it demolished everything. >> reporter: the twister leaving several survivors trapped in wreckage. the storm system unleashed a dozen storms across virginia and south carolina and up to pennsylvania. it was responsible for three deaths on tuesday, as tornado watches expired late wednesday, new warnings and advisories took their place. a low pressure system tracking from the gucks and bearing in mind down on the east coast thursday. triggering storm warnings and advisories stretching more than 1400 miles from texas to delaware. with roughly 50,000,000 people
6:35 am
i'm reed banion reporting. >> holly: new this morning, fire overnight forces a family out of their home in asheville. >> jay: this is brand new video just into the news room. we know the fire happened around 3:00 this morning on cedar lane, near sweeten creek road. the family did get out safely. so far, there is no word on what caused the fire. we will bring you more information as soon as we get it. >> holly: happening to day, closing arguments are scheduled to begin in an emotionally charged murder trial in transylvania county. richard o'shields faces life in prison for the 2011 killing of toby mathis. prosecutors say he shot the victim five times to avenge his son's death. a psychologist testified ptsd and the affects of a stroke impaired shields. because of that, he does not think o'shields was capable of planning the murder. >> the ability to make plans would be severely impaired by his ptsd and by his depression and cognitive problems.
6:36 am
alternatives. he would not -- he was having trouble thinking of the consequences. >> holly: o'shield's brother also testified he withdrew from his family and drank heavily after his son's death. >> jay: the investigation into the polk county evidence room is moving forward. dredge newman tells the press a audit has been completed. he will review the written report after it is finished next week. the deputy who ran the evidence room, chris buyers was fired. authorities say buyers came forward saying he had a substance abuse program and admitted violating procedures for handling evidence. >> holly: we are getting look this morning at what an overdose reversal drug can do through released video. it's callednar kahn and a number of mountain agencies s srted using it. this video comes from pennsylvania. it shows a man sitting in the front of a bus overdosing on heroin, and passing out. first responders arrive and use the drug to revive him. he is able to stand up and walk off the bus.
6:37 am
asheville fire department has been using for quite some time. >> our next step is to start tracking data so we are going to start pinpointing where, where we are responding and using thenar kahn so that we see if there is a concentrated area if this, age and gender, things like that. >> holly: a number ofe to fecials say heroin is a problem in the region. a.p.d. considered usingnar can but at this time we are told they don't have any plans to use it. >> jay: a breakthrough for blind reporting of sexual assault and rape in north carolina was launched here in buncombe county. our voice of asheville, now offers a first of its kind option for victims. they can file anonymous complaints through the crisis and prevention center, blind reporting has long been a resource for advocate, survivors and law enforcement, making it available on-line means it is easier and more immediate. >> we need to move forward and to be able to make this report as accessible as possible to survivors that are wanting to do
6:38 am
the rape crisis center to open the next day and connect with an advocate. >> jay: for details how to report a sexual assault anonymously, or to get help from our voice, go to "news links" at >> holly: a new effort begins to help give certain dogs the space they need. it's called project yellow. the asheville humane society in buncombe county animal shelter launched the initiative. dog owners put a yellow ribbon on their leash to give passers by to use caution or ask permission before approaching dog. >> they could have a medical condition and could be deaf and need to be approved a certain way. you never know. we want to get it out there. >> holly: the yellow ribbons are available at the adoption center. >> jay: the district raised the starting salary for most full-time bus drivers from $12 an hour to $14 an hour. they are also offering a $100 signing bonus for any new drivers.
6:39 am
decent salary, and the most employees it can offer benefit, health insurance and retirement and from the school system standpoint it's one of the most important jobs. it's how our kids arrive to school each day. >> jay: buncombe county has been searching for bus drivers since the school year began. the district says it consistently has at least three, maybe as many as ten positions open. distracted driving is a huge problem for emergency responders on roads here in north carolina. it's even more difficult when drivers are not just taking their eyes off the road, but many also can't hear what is going on around them. unlike nearly 20 other state, north carolina has no laws banning drivers from wearing ear buds. state troopers in the mountains say those drivers slow them down every day. >> you're approaching and you have got two or three seconds from the time the initial sound so you're directly behind them and people just don't recognize it. they don't hear it.
6:40 am
and it is an issue, especially when another officer's life is in danger. >> jay: tonight at 11:00 in a special report, how other states combat distracted driving and what state troopers here are doing differently to grab your attention during the emergency. >> holly: we have a "early bird gets the win" giveaway. we are giving away a one hour silk peel facial valued at $100. >> jay: go to 13 to enter. we will announce the winner just before 7:00. >> holly: we are hosting our third annual live well expo next month. >> jay: it's next month at the wnc ag center and there will be more than 100 exhibitors offering free health screen, cooking demonstrations and entertainment. >> holly: admission is free. you cananind more details at >> jay: "tech time" for mom. >> holly: the new gadgets that
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day-to-day baby now, in high definition, this is your news 13 skywatch forecast. >> ingrid: good morning and well connell back, everyone. yesterday we were dealing with the heavy rain. now it's just light snowfall, but it's creating slick conditions. some of these area roads not treated because of it rain yesterday. black ice, mixed precipitation reported and the light snow. so, slick conditions, please use caution if you are about to head out to work. or possibly even to school. northern swain county continuing to see the snowfall as we have seen throughout the last several hours. also, northern haywood county,
6:43 am
hot springs seeing light snow towards little creek and burns hendersonville, northern portion of the buncombe county seeing light snowfall as well as east of buncombe county, out towards marion it's more of a mix toward spruce pine, too. light snow falling on again, off again, really flurries down into the valleys and northeast georgia seeing that light snow, too. over the next hour, continuing to see this light snow fall back here across western north carolina. and look at this car. this is in black mountain. you can see the windshield turns white. there we go. you can see light snow falling, 33 degrees on the leicester carpet sales. yesterday we did pick up that rain, so our surplus now is more than 2" for the year and temperatures are above the freezing mark in asheville. right now at 37 degrees. it's freezing in burnsville, it's 32, same thing in brison city. but still, reports of flurries down where it's not at freezing. 40 in forest city, 40 alsls into greenville. wind is also an issue.
6:44 am
yesterday. so, when we have wind it's not even that gusty, it is up in boone at 28, but 14 in greenville and 10 in asheville. we still see that chance for some downed trees and power lines. and it makes it feel colder, too, at 30 degrees in asheville and 32 in greer. buncombe county, along with all the other counties on your screen, underz(= @:sgt\#"d kx tonight, and it will start to taper off tomorrow. but, accumulating mountain snow is the biggest issue here. here is the front thatg moves through, well out of our area. the low is higher up, sk to, back here in the asheville area. it's the northwest flow, the cold air in that precipitation, still getting us the chance for show showers throughout the next couple of days. 8 a.m., showing that light snow continuing to fall, maybe a few flurries down into the valleys and then once again past dinnertime tonight as temperatures drop back down. we will see another chance for that snow to fall. things will start to look better late day friday.
6:45 am
fall through 6 p.m.? not going to be a ton. maybe a dusting down into the valleys and maybe an inch or two in the higher elevations, but then we see another round of it through friday morning. so, that's why the winter weather advisory is out that long. breezy conditions at 44 for a high in asheville today, with partly clear skies. another chance for snow tonight. we will cloud up a bit. sunny conditions and breezy in greenville today and 30 degrees tonight. partly cloudy conditions, so seven-day forecast, does indicate temperatures will warm up by the end of the weekend, back up to the 60s with the slight chance for rain by monday. right now let's get another update on the roads. lauren, power lines are blocking an intersection in leicester? >> lauren: that's right. this is the north turkey creek area of leicester so avoid the intersection of know land hills drive and eisenhower road. the falling power lines have the area blocked but the power company is now on scene. a road is closed in swain county zu to snow and ice, avoid highway 441 between cherokee and
6:46 am
course the black ice is a big issue this morning, even snow covered roads in the higher elevations on the secondary route so use caution as you are heading out the door this morning. i'm lauren bregman with this on-time traffic report brought to you by the wired mouse computer solutions. and we have an update on our pregnancy series with holly. >> holly: welcome back, all this week we have been focusing on the modern pregnancy and in this digital age technology plays a big role. francine black has been showing us the best of the best, actually, all products that are consumer electronics show. yes. >> holly: what else do we have favorites. okay. this one is one of the winners for the baby eats category and this is actual i a hands free breast pump. so keeps your hands free, you can wear it with a normal shirt and so really innovative designed by a female physician who worked and wanted something more efficient.
6:47 am
bloom, and it is -- you attach it to your belly and get readings about your contractions so you have a great indicator whether or not you're going into labor, instead of using pencil and paper you have it on an app, of course. and then the next one is the relief band. i love this for anybody who has morning sickness. >> holly: a loft people have really bad morning sickness. my sister had it. >> yeah, you can't take medication and you wear it on your wrist and it's fda cleared and gone through stringent review. >> holly: a good option. >> and then we have a kenna thermometer, it takes your temperature and just a quick second, but then it records the information back an app so you can report back accurately to your doctor and you can have multiple kids on it and so forth. so, really, it's good for it. >> holly: all there for your phone for your next doctor's appointment. >> exactly. and this one i love.
6:48 am
>> the owl earth baby monitor and it checks the heart rate and oxygen levels to make sure the baby is breathing and gives mom peace of mind, they are offering wlos viewers free shipping so it's news 13 is the code for owl earth, for free shipping if you're interested in that. >> holly: finally? >> finally in the last one is the starling, which is a new device that came out this year and tracks word count, input and output, how many words per se, and it's just a really big indicator of their cognitive development. so this is all the latest and greatest tech. a lot of winners here in the baby tech showcase. >> holly: this one goes up to ages older, too? >> yes, all the way up to age 4 on that. >> holly: lots of things. i know we went through it fast, but if you want to get more information on any of the products, of course, francine has on her web site, ipad and we will link all the segments to thanks so much many.
6:49 am
there are so many things i feel like i need to have and i know ingrid is feeling if same way. >> ingrid: well, go check it out on the web site for all the details an much more information and pricing and lynns. >> holly: thanks so much. >> ingrid: thank you. >> thank you. >> >> jay: the race for the white house is heating up. >> holly: how the candidates
6:50 am
6:51 am
supertuesday. >>holly: >> holly: 6:51. it is debate night for the caucuses and the final one before supertuesday. >> jay: donald trump was a know show for a town hall hosted by megyn kelly who had a public feud with the gop front runner. the candidates lined up as they worked to take down trump. all four republicans promised to release their tax returns this week after mitt romney called on them to do so.
6:52 am
want to give your their taxes it's because there is something they don't want you to see. >> jay: hillary clinton made her case to the sisters of a/k/a, bernie sanders moved to supertuesday states including oklahoma. >> holly: three days before the south carolina primary, hillary clinton has snagged a critical endorsement. senate minority leader harry reid is calling on colleagues to back clinton. meanwhile, clinton's competitor bernie sanders was endorsed by spike lee. let's look at today's mind teaser. which three films hold the record for the most out cars won? >> jay: hmm. we have the answer when we come
6:53 am
>> right when you feel a cold sore, abreva can heal it
6:54 am
when used at the first sign. without it the virus spreads from cell to cell. only abreva penetrates deep and starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells. you could heal your cold sore, fast, as fast as two and a half days when used at the first sign. learn how abreva starts to work immediately at don't tough it out, knock it out, fast. with abreva. >> holly: welcome back, 6:54. the winter weather is making roads slick in parts of the mountains. >> jay: let's check back in one more time with news 13's zak green in madison county. >> zack: it's very cold out to
6:55 am
noticeably colder in the past hour since we have been standing here at the salt barn. i want us to notice once again there is some snow on the ground but since these temperatures are already freezing, it's turning into slush and even ice. making for some very slick road conditions. we were talking to dot officials earlier, and they said that even just a little bit of a change in elevation, that's going to make all the difference. it's going to be snow covered roads and with the wind it will be blowing at times. so, make sure that you are taking your time on the roadways, if you are heading out to your commute. and really bundle up the kids if they are going out the door. it is very cold out here. we are going to be monitoring this all morning long. so you want to keep with us on-line at, and on facebook and on twitter. and we are going to continue to forecast this snow event, i do think it is letting up for the moment with the flakes but the chill is in the air and that's the bigger implication as you guys are heading out on the road this morning. >> holly: here is the answer today's mind teaser. which three films hold the
6:56 am
>> jay: the answer is "ben hur, titanic and lord of the rings." >> holly: i went with "gone with the wind." it was a donation box but a new kitten has a new lease on life. >> jay: in fresno, california, sal leigh ann was found by a salvation army worker but the interesting thing is the face looks like it has a moustache. >> holly: cute. she is getting the nutrition care she needs. she should be ready for adoption within the next couple days. you know whose cat has much tach? jaclyn. >> ingrid: really? >> ingrid: she. >> lauren: she has an instagram account for it. that's thing now. >> holly: we have a winner in the "early bird gets the win" giveaway. >> jay: congratulations nancy estellla. >> lauren: you have won a $100 facial. >> ingrid: we will e-mail you
6:57 am
and this morning we showed you with zack in madison county, waking up to light snowfall across the region. this is the time lapse showing closer to tennessee, those are the areas that are seeing a constant stream of light snow and also a mix in some locations. flurries down into the valleys and of course a lot of school delays and closures. winter weather advisory out until 7 a.m., friday, and that does include us in buncombe county. use caution, folks. >> holly: use caution on the roads, too. >> lauren: definitely, falling power lines in leicester, know land hills at easen hower road, the power company is on scene so hopefully it will be fixed soon. >> jay: we will continue to
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
state of emergency. 53 tornadoes touch down from texas to virginia. at least eight dead as the outbreak rips apart homes. winds hit 83 miles an hour and a coast guard ship overturns trying to rescue a fishing boat. last chance, marco rubio and ted cruz fighting to stop donald trump's momentum ahead of tonight's big debate. >> if the donald wins the general election, who the heck knows what he'd do as president. >> as mitt romney goes after trump hinting a bombshell may be coming. abc news exclusive, david muir one-on-one with tim cook, the apple ceo answers questions for the first time about why he won't help the fbi break into the san bernardino shooter's phone. >> this case is not about the phone. this case is about the future. >> his message for victims' families and this morning, new reports isis supporters may be threatening facebook's mark zuckerberg. and charge. the elephants caught on camera


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