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tv   News 13 at 6pm  ABC  February 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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raped and killed. news 13 kimberly king joins us >> darcel: kim, warrants have just been released? >> kim: that's right, darcel. technically they're called juvenile petitions. tonight, administrators will go out and arrest these two 13-year-old boys. >> my gun will kill you. >> kim: 13-year-old calista green. gardner. >> kim: 13-year-old mari lynch. >> they said they would beat my face in and like, kill me. >> kim: another post, "i'll shoot you with my gun, you're going to die, i'll kil as much as i can before i die." the messages sent by
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confiscating students' phones. mom, deana blackwilder feels investigators didn't move fast enough. donna ledbetter says students were afraid to go to school. christopher green said his daughter thought earlier messages were a joke >> the death threats started coming through. that's when i got involved. >> kim: detectives worked extremely hard, including overnight. >> be patient and let us find out the details. >> kim: the students and their parents say sexually explicit messages began two weeks ago. tuesday, explicit direct messages known as dms come again. wednesday, a student said a
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9:00 a.m. thursday, parents a say second juvenile was questioned but not arrested. the . >> so we had taken care of that on the front end. >> kim: parents happy to hear the news and thankful no violence took place. but i just got off the phone with one of the parents that we interviewed today and his daughter sent me this snapchat picture, which she believes came from one of the juvenile suspects. and she says he has written to her, it wasn't me. i promise. like you don't even know the whole story. apparently if this is one of the juvenile suspects, he is out at this time. from mcdowell county in marion, kimberly king, news 13. >> darcel: an east asheville man is charged with having weapons of mass destruction. keith tally was arrested last
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found a suspicious substance in his home. news 13's evan donovan joins us live outside the home. what are neighbors saying about the incident? >> evan: darcel, they say it's left them pretty shaken up. 329 calls in the last five years. and those calls all for a variety of crimes including drug related, prostitution, some assaults, and also communicating threats. in fact, some neighbors say that keith tally threatened their lives directly saying that he would kill them or take them out for certain incidents that happened in the past. this incident thursday night took things to a new level. he says a a least six different patrol cars had officers rushing out of them and in to the tally home, then coming back out. >> all of the sudden they all ran out of the house and started coming up the street and came in
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had to evacuate because they found something over there. they didn't say what it was. >> evan: what it was is not being released by asheville police. they say it's part of an active investigation. i did talk to keith's farther earlier. he said the device was made out of some gun powder and lead balls that he keeps around the house for civil war era muskets. he's not sure if he put it together or one of his friends who had been over the house. i also spoke with keith's sister. she says she thinks keith had no intention of using it to harm anyone. he may have put it together when he wasn't all together. may have been inebriated at the time. >> larry: police are looking for an armed and dangerous man tonight after shots were fired. the victim told police she was in a near accident on tunnel road in asheville when a suspect
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police say they found the suspect on mcdowell street but when they chased him, he got away. the suspect was last seen driving a gold kia car. if you know who it might be, call police. an employee with the canton fire department is arrested. robert troll is accused of year-old. he worked a a fire engineer. he's in jail tonight. bond is set at $100,000. >> darcel: the fbi is working with cherokee police to solve a two-year-old death investigation. in late december 2013, cherokee police found the body of 26-year-old marie walking stick pheasant. evidence on the remote dirt road suggested foul play. friends, family and neighbors
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wait for an arrest. >> they found a young girl burned up in a car. >> darcel: the fbi says it's actively investigating the case release. >> larry: the only practice offering legal home birth announced it's shutting its doors next month. but as it closes, a new door will open. it's a bittersweet time for many families, isn't it, ashlea? >> ashlea: to open in just a matter of weeks. but another local -- >> ashlea: the staff at new dawn
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that run will end next month. today, the owner said no to an interview because she would just be too tearful. she's set to retire and there was no one to take over the business in time. new dawn was the only practice in the area licensed to do home birth. >> we can't respond to that because we won't do home birth, of course. but we've had a number of calls from them. so it's a huge loss to our community. >> ashlea: as the choice to give birth at home legally is set to open a new option. >> it is filling a gap in that women who for whatever reason choose not to or would prefer not to have their babies in the hospital, have another option
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>> ashlea: the suites at the center won't have many rooms available. like this one. they're meant for low-risk. >> today we've already had five. and knowing that we will be available to them is just pretty good news for me. >> larry: and that was ashlea surles reporting. the wnc birth center is set to open in april. new dawn will close march 31st. >> darcel: an update tonight, a stretch of highway 176 in polk county is back open after almost three months of being closed. the road was closed between saluda and tryion the first week of december after heavy rain and a couple of mudslides. engineers had to evaluate and work on the site since rocks and mud continue to fall. the road is now safe to drive on. >> larry: a milestone in the mountains.
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and the programs she started here meeting the needs of children and hunger. >> darcel: and asheville is hosting a beer festival this weekend. but it's not just sipping and tasting. how this event is also bringing education. >> jason: today was a colder than average day. no doubt there. no surprise either. we did start out close to average on the low. but that wind was relentless so it made it feel colder than that. way above average in terms of what we have for the year. we'll talk more about the snow
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just h >> larry: a milestone has been reached here in the mountains. the one millionth food pack to
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but for our person of the week, there are mixed emotions. she's grateful for the gift but wishing it wasn't needed. >> i'm just a good old fashioned man. >> larry: if you were to take all the mana food packs, place them side by side, it would lead up to this day. >> this is number one million. >> larry: the number one millionth food pack delivered to a little girl at jonathan elementary school in waynesville. just one of thousands of children to get a small bag of food before each weekend during the school year. >> it's the face that got to me a little bit. >> larry: it's an emotional time. >> excuse me. i think more of how many other
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children in the mountains who qualify for food assistance. donations and volunteers such as the waynesville rotarians who made today's delivery, are making life a little better. >> all over western north carolina, not just here in haywood county. >> larry: in this milestone moment, opening up a ribbon wrapped bag, this little first grader named sienna gets something better than a toy. >> it's humbling. >> larry: it's bittersweet. because if every child had plenty of food, it would mean that a million bags over 10 years wasn't necessary. >> celebration because of the issue. >> larry: so instead of celebration, this is a day of appreciation. >> it's because of you and because of thehe generous support that this program is possible. >> larry: a recognition that
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but the need is still strong. >> it's growing. >> larry: sienna told us she plans to keep this food bag. and who knows, maybe when she's grown, she'll fill up it for another child. or maybe the need will be less that a million is no longer a milestone, it's just a memory. to learn more about mana food bank, the food pack program and how you can get involved,o to our website, and click news links. >> darcel: coming up this weekend, it's not your typical beer festival. the idea is to give the aficionados there are two sections to the expo, tomorrow from 1 to 4 and 5
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it's almost the weekend and of course all of us are wondering, jason, what the weather is going to do. >> jason: of course. take a look at the temperatures across the nation now. we have the chills to the east. look at the temperatures in phoenix and dallas. as we go to break, just enjoy this gorgeous view of the snow that remains in the black rsrsrsrsrsrsrst tuesday new scratch-off tickets from t rtnoh carolina education lottery it's crazy out here. monday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday. it's tuesday! tuesday! very first tuesday, tuesday t-t-t-tuesday, tuesday first tuesday th m'sd e an-dyousay! us-day! it's big news tuesday! it's scratch-off you tuesday! tuesday!
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now your news 13 skywatch weather. >> jason: pretty inactive across the lower 48 right now. our storm track starts us out here in the pacific northwest. we have a system coming on shore and then it starts to dive a little farther to the south kind of carving this cold air out in the east. storm systems come in to the
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dive in to the east. but for now it is going to get quieter and milder. it has been the wind again today that's been a big deal. we still have sustained winds between about 10 and 15 miles per hour in most cases. boone, 21 miles per hour. and lately the mountain wind gusts have been very impressive. we had a 40 mile per hour wind gust peak on wednesday. 32 yesterday. 38 on today for friday. that's pretty impressive, folks. grandfather mountain, 59 miles an hour. monday and tuesday, 50 miles an hour. went up to the 60s. now in to the upper 80s. look at that. nearly 90 miles per hour in terms of the wind gusts today at grandfather mountain. 37 in asheville. 29 degrees with the wind chill
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it is going to be mighty cold. area pressure keeping things quiet. we'll start to see those dissipate and back in to more sunshine. high pressure moves east, we get on that back side. that's that warming wind that comes much of the east. temperatures will go way up in the 60s and 70s in places across the east. a big change from what it's like right now. future cast. clouds at midnight reaching some places in the foothills by morning. i really don't see a lot of cloud cover for you farther east in to rutherford county. everybody is back in to sunshine as those clouds scoot on by. sunday is by far the pick day with 60s in the forecast. and that wind coming up from the southwest, it will be a very
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i'm telling ya. 20s for lows tonight. coldest weather north. some of the warmer temps south. mid 50s down there over the upstate tomorrow. that's pretty nice. we'll see 40s and 50s kind of scattered about here in the mountains. 63 sunday. and our temps will stay in the 60s monday and tuesday. we'll get wet tuesday. even a chance for wintery weather returning. right now not a major storm. we'll watch it closely. your storm chances are going to be higher on tuesday in the upstate with 65 degrees then. >> darcel: the regular season in big south basketball is down to the wire. and unc asheville is one of three teams tied for first. stan tells us if the tie
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bull >> stan: there's now a three-way tie for first in the big south men's basketball race heading in to saturday's final games. right now high point owns the tie breaker. winthrop second and asheville third. high point at presbyterian.
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unc asheville can finish anywhere from first to fourth. get a first round by next week in the tourney. dogs lead early and often. they go down here. the baseline jumper is good. he had 17 to lead the bulldogs. they win it 73-56. all the games huge now. so this win was sweet. >> we're so close with each other and the conference standings that a win or a loss propels you to the top or can drop you several places as well. they're all important. >> stan: regular season finale right after the women's game which starts at two. they're playing campbell. now it will be coastal's last
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western north carolina got a big win. bret harrelson playing with a bad knee. western leads most of the way. wofford came back. took a four point lead with eight minutes left. they win it 53-48. they secure at least sixth play in so-con. regular season finale home. one more second round play off game. if heritage wins, they'll host the third round game on saturday. erwin in total control. she's going to find treasure bailey all alone. she scores the bucket. next time out is griffin. she'll go all the way to basket.
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makes. she had 13. so did bailey. casey kimball had 17. nice hard work underneath. erwin at home saturday at 5 against central davidson. second round action in weaverville. strong second half start to the season for him. ben howard scored. a big night for north buncombe. he had 42 points. >> darcel: whoa. >> stan: but it wasn't enough. north buncombe loses to reynolds. >> darcel: 42. that's a lot. >> larry: we got another reason to look forward to the weekend. >> jason: we do. the first half is going to be the coolest half. the second half, by far the pick one. sunday 63. >> larry: we invite you to turn over to news 13 on my40. >> darcel: then join us at 11
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breaking news, the motive in the deadly rampage. the video now discovered, and the notice the gunman got 90 minutes before the shootings. the new head line about the zika outbreak, and pregnant women in the u.s. the miarriages as well. and the sudden explosion. the little girl grabbing her bag when a hoverboard ignites. the home catching fire. and the countdown is on. the oscars. is this matt damon's year for the oscar? he's right here tonight. good evening. it's great to have you with us on a friday night. we have breaking developments in the workplace rampage. a possible motive, and a major turn in the race for president tonight. marco rubio and donald trump


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