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tv   News 13 at 6pm  ABC  February 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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is charged in a major theft case involving a church in the mountains. pawning all of it. news 13's justin hinton joins us live from the church. justin, when did all of this take place? >> justin: well according to warrants, this was in the middle of december. but he was arrested today. now in addition to the church's equipment worth more than 40 grand, he's charged with stealing a person's property. that includes things like rakes and shovels and tool boxes. he pawned those stolen items at three different places. silver is expected to be in court tomorrow. his bond is set at $140,000. reporting live in arden, justin hinton, news 13. >> frank: the asheville man charged in a triple murder
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tomorrow. pierre griffin ii is accused of killing uhon johnson, alexandra king and tatianna diz. griffin was captured after a chase with several law enforcement agencies. investigators believe he killed king and diz that same night and dumped their bodies in the french broad river. requested a rule 24 hearing to see whether the state will seek the death penalty. an army staff sergeant faces murder charges in the death of a rookie police officer. prince william county officer ashley grindon had just been sworn in, was on her first day of patrol on saturday. she and two other officers responded to a domestic call involving the suspect's wife.
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officers as soon as they arrived. by that time, the 32-year-old already killed his wife. officer grindon was rushed to the hospital but later died there. >> she clearly had a passion to serve others in a way that went beyond herself. >> frank: officer grindon previously served in the marine corps reserved. the two other officers wounded are still in the hospital but should be making full recoveries. henderson county sheriff's office is ready to name the newest additions to their ranks. the two blood hound puppies are set to be named tomorrow by fifth graders. the contest winners were chosen by k-9 handlers. a picture perfect day across the mountains and the upstate,
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but it won't be all carolina blue skies. karen wynne joins us with our skywatch forecast. >> karen: right, frank, we do have rain coming our way. but we have sunshine to enjoy now. right now check out these wonderful temperatures. 61 in asheville. franklin 62. burnsville 65. lower 60s in greer. so an unseasonably warm day. it is windy in some locations, including asheville. southwest winds at 17. both in asheville and in greer. also little bit gusty in andrews. so if you're going out tonight, wouldn't hurt to take that light wind breaker with you. we take a look at that evening planner in asheville. about 55 degrees at 7 o'clock. clear skies. that's going to help our temperatures cool in to the 40s. at 9, we're down to 49 then. 45 degrees as we head in to the
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we are going to see our winds begin to calm down later on tonight. in the upstate, a very dry, mild, nice night to be out and about. going from a warm 57 degrees at 7 o'clock. 52 at 9. 50 degrees at 11 o'clock. of course we do have that rain coming a couple of rounds. i'll time it out for you. show you when that first round arrives. that's coming up soon, frank. >> frank: the big show's almost here. the 88th annual academy awards. it airs right here on 13 wlos beginning at 7 o'clock. that's less than an hour. before we find out who wins oscars, let's find out where the stars stay. >> reporter: hello from the red carpet in hollywood. except the red carpet isn't actually here. still covered in plastic. that will change by sunday. a lot of celebrities in town.
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celebrities stay and play? we found out. it's all about location. the hollywood roosevelt hotel is right next to the red carpet. and it's where the very first academy awards took place in 1949. >> created the academy with douglas fairbanks. >> reporter: the ceremony only lasted 15 minutes. 88 years later, celebrities will still be staying in the hotel for the oscars now being held across the street. >> that's the chinese therapy. and that's the dolby. >> reporter: behind the scenes look at the hotel's renovated rooftop, too. a great spot to watch over the red carpet. >> i can't talk right now, could you please call my assistant? i've got to post more pictures on instagram. ugh, hollywood life. >> reporter: $3,500 a night on
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and includes the only balcony on the hotel. as we come back here on the red carpet, you can see this plastic tent covering the red carpet. the forecast here in hollywood is sunny and 80. imagine how that's going to feel inside here when you're in a gown and tuxedo. it's going to be like a green house. i'm kidd o'shay. >> frank: we're looking for you to get involved in the oscars on our facebook. we asked what movie you thought would get best picture. the frontrunner is "the revnant". the martian. in third place with 17%, 6% of the vote, bridge of spies. and that one stars tom hanks. we'll be posting more questions
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long on facebook and twitter. we hope you have some fun while you watch the academy awards here on 13 wlos. the quest for hot concert tickets could burn fans who just want to see their favorite performers. all across the country ticket buyers get blocks of seats and resell them at huge mark-ups. if it's a soldout show, many are banking that they'll be paid big. cash in. >> they are obviously keeping fans from getting tickets at the fair face value. and often times those people are turning around and selllg those tickets for an exorbitant amount of money. >> frank: big shows have seen an impact all across the state. coming up, what the
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other all along that campaign trail. and it's probably kind of reaching a point of now or never. >> frank: bernie sanders' backers take their message to the streets in asheville. whether local supporters are y rd! can i have your autograph? of course. now don't forget, new scratch-off tickets from the north carolina education lottery come out on first tuesdays. thank you! you're welcome. how about a date?
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all right, say first tuesday! first tuesday! first tuesday, tuesday, t-t-t-tuesday, tuesday! you checkin' out my easel? itit ok if you were.
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white house becoming even uglier. stephanie ramos has the latest. >> reporter: more mud slinging
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>> he's a very nasty guy. >> donald trump is nothing but a first rate con artist. >> this is my country. my country. >> reporter: donald trump taking attacks from all sides this weekend. including personal insult. >> he's a con artist. >> con artist. >> i will never stop until we
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with tweets today. repeatedly calling rubio a light weight. and getting some trouble quoting mussolini. >> i know nothing about david duke. i know nothing about white supremacists. so you're asking a question that i'm supposed to be talking about people i know nothing about. >> reporter: today, rubio pounced on the interview. >> we cannot be a party that nominates someone who refuses to condemn white supremacists and the klu klux klan. >> reporter: a rare moment of agreement with democrats. >> reporter: hillary clinton retweeted sanders' message. >> see, i do believe america remains great. >> reporter: just two days 'til super tuesday, with hundreds of delegates at stake. stephanie ramos, abc news, washington. >> frank: wnc for bernie held a rally at new mountain before marching downtown to pack square. cecil bathwell was among the speakers at this event. hillary clinton's win yesterday brought out more people today. >> the expense to which money and politics has tipped the scales is quite possibly past the tipping point and it's not so close that if there's any way of saving, we need to do it now. >> frank: open an office in western north carolina tomorrow evening. beginning at 6 o'clock. >> frank: oprah winfrey's been
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>> frank: the hunt for a certain
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reptiles in florida's most famous swamp. 106 burmees pythons. wild life officials say the annual hunt mostly raises awareness to environmental concerns. thousands of pythons far from their natural habitats off east asia are believed to be stalking florida wild life. a 15-footer. in the latest tv ads for weight watchers, media mogul oprah winfrey says she lost 25 pounds. winfrey saw the value in her stake down to $27 million. company brought her on as a
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it is still winter. but it's certainly not feeling like it today. here's meteorologist karen wynne. how long is it going to last? >> karen: oh, enjoy the break for a while. not long enough. 66 for the high. not a record. but certainly feeling a lot more like spring. that after a chilly morning. but in the headlines, after a pleasant evening and warm monday, we have rain returning. later on in the forecast, yes, a
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now your news 13 skywatch weather. >> karen: if we could only extend the weekend a little while longer, it's really going to be hard to wrap up this beautiful, beautiful day. no, this map is not broken. we do see the time going. but no clouds. because we really have no clouds. we're very dry outside right now. high pressure in control. and we can see just a beautiful shot on the unca cam. 61 in asheville. we are windy. southwest winds at 17 miles per hour. but when we're in the 60s, not too shabby. greenville, 63. also quite breezy. breezes are going to eventually come down later on tonight. overall, though, we do have a few changes happening by midnight. we still have high pressure in control along much of the eastern u.s. so skies are going to remain
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but as we head towards day break, we see a weak cold front that will move in to the area. by morning commute time, 6:00 a.m., a few light showers in our mountains. but this front is going to quickly move through taking the rain with it. we have high pressure moving back in behind that front. so any kind of rain is going to be gone by mid to late morning. high pressure moving back in. the sun will come back out. once again, we're back in the 60s by 6:00 p.m., ending up a very nice monday afternoon. so we continue to get a break from winter on monday. tuesday, overall, starting off nice and dry at 6:00 a.m. but we are in line for some rain as we go in to the afternoon. not real heavy rain in the afternoon. but notice our next front is on the move. and by wednesday, midnight wednesday, some rain out ahead of it is going to make a run for the mountains.
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thunderstorms out of this system on wednesday. none of that tonight, though. here we see a very dry overnight. by 7 o'clock, though, certainly our tennessee state line counties in places like newland, burnsville, on over towards waynesville beginning to get some of those showers. mainly light showers. and they disappear pretty quickly before making it in to the upstate. and then it's going to be another beautiful dry day. but then we have tuesday. and tuesday afternoon, there are going to be spotty showers on in to the evening. you see those heavier showers coming behind it on wednesday. lows tonight are going to be milder than last night. asheville 38. franklin 49. 35 for your low in newland. most of the night we are going to be clear. 62 in asheville. 70 degrees for the high in pickens. 63 in franklin. here's a quick look at the seven
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in asheville, we eventually cool down after that rain on wednesday. and yup, we are looking at a light rain-snow mix possible on friday. that's still very uncertain at this point. something we're watching carefully. definitely much cooler later in the week. >> frank: rain-snow mix is hard to imagine on a day like today. western carolina goes for a second win in a row. luke will show us how a player
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day steve: today is your lucky day. woman: (surprised) oh, my goodness mark: you've just won - a thousand dollars! woman: that's amazing! that's amazing! (shrieks) woman: ok, nice job. mark, way better than yesterday. maria, that delivery felt a little forced. and steve, steve: yeah? woman: i am still missing that raw emotion. woman: pretty awesome for a tuesday, but tomorrow is hump day, so let's really bring it! lucky for life. win a thousand dollars a day,
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>> luke: the western carolina baseball team earned its first victory of the season on saturday against louisiana
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certainly a gorgeous day full of sunshine for some college baseball on campus at childres field. derek brown goes right back up the middle. that clears the bases for three runs as western takes the lead 4 to three after that big hit by derrick brown. the hits keep on coming for western carolina as danny bermudez hits the ball out of the ball park. that lead would not last today as western carolina falls to louisiana monroe. your final score 16 to 10. >> we got a grind and just keep battling and get back to work and practice and play the way that catamount baseball has been playing here for 30 years. you know. just do a better job of executing our plan and sticking to our plan. >> luke: the next game will be
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the 55th wnc sports awards banquet will be held at the omni grove park inn. it will honor the best high school athletes and teams throughout the area. 19 awards will be handed out. former appalachian state football coach, jerry. and connie rogers newcom will be inducted in the hall of fame. just one boys' basketball team and three girls' basketball team. they'll all play on monday. the cherokee boys will play at lincoln charter monday night. the rf central rules will play -- all games right now are scheduled for 7 o'clock on monday evening. the nascar sprint cup series
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the drivers put the daytona 500 jimmie johnson had a great restart that kept him in the lead. there's a small wreck on the back stretch on that final lap. when it happens, johnson already crossed the finish line. so that means jimmie johnson claims the checkered flag. that ties him with earnhardt. johnson in first, followed by dale jr., kyle busch. jimmie johnson said he was honored to be in the same breath with earnhardt. >> frank: great forecast. >> karen: yeah, for the next several days. beautiful tomorrow. after a little bit of light rain. however, we're dodging a few more showers on tuesday. unsettled wednesday. it goes downhill later in the week.
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could see a wintery mix. >> frank: oscars coming up in here. go to our facebook page and twitter tonight. there. you can get involved. the show.
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captioning company" welcome to "world news tonight." two days until super tuesday. but first, a racially charged controversy for donald trump. critics claiming trump refused to condemn the ku klux klan. great, right now. >> sanders admitting he was decimated. but vowing, he's not out. rookie officer killed. the female police officer gunned down on her first day on the job. the call for help that turned deadly. and what we're learning tonight about the alleged gunman. trapped in midair.
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like this. the 87-year-old pilot trapped for hours. how rescuers finally got him out. countdown to the oscars. on the red carpet, and behind the scenes. the controversy. the chris rock factor. and a beefed up oscar. the award's new look. and good evening. thank you for joining us on this sunday. i'm tom llamas. and we are counting down to the oscars tonight, but also super tuesday, just two days away. the high stakes showdown. republican front-runner donald trump, under fire tonight. the race issue exploding. critics demanding he denounce the ku klux klan. marco rubio on a relentless attack, calling trump a conman. as senator ted cruz goes even further, suggesting trump won't release his tax returns because he has possible mob ties. abc's mary bruce starts us off tonight. >> donald trump!


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