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tv   First News at 5pm  ABC  February 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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paying attention to. >> it tells you large mouth bass not more than once a week. if you're pregnant or under 15, don't eat it. >> reporter: it's also awaiting the results of more state testing of other fish species due later this spring. state health officials say the elevated mercury levels here post no risk to . >> darcel: now the latest on a school shooting. four students are injured in ohio when deputies say someone walked in to a lunch room and opened fire. two victims were hit by gun fire. the other two, by flying shrapnel. a 14-year-old student is in custody. >> larry: new at 5, an abandoned
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in buncombe county. several crews responded and found the home engulfed in flames. no one was hurt. the investigation continues in to how the fire started. >> we're looking at the possibility of some homeless living in the area. that could be a possibility. we're not sure. >> larry: wind pushed the fire on to nearby grass. they say it threatened nearby homes before being extinguished. >> darcel: happening tonight, the mcdowell county social services is hoping more people will be the number of kids in their care have doubled since this time last year. they believe the main reason behind the increase is a substance abuse problem in the county. >> if there's a family that's
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in, love them, be there for them. >> darcel: for more information about becoming a foster parent, you can attend tonight's meeting at 6 o'clock. . >> larry: in vote 2016, early voting for the north carolina primaries begins thursday. and for the first time voters will be required to show some form of photo id at the polls. this could be a problem for people who do not have a driver's license or any other photo id. director of election services says there is a way those people can still vote. they can sign what's called a reasonable impedement document. >> that basically states for there's a list of reasons. for whatever reason i have not been able to obtain a photo id.
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and the workers will provide them with a ballot. >> larry: coming up tonight at 6:00, we're going to tell you how people who missed the february 19th registration deadline, can also still vote. >> darcel: the sun was back out. >> larry: the temperature reached the 70 degree mark in some places. but changes are on the way. >> jason: another roller coaster ride. from 70s today to 40s eventually. leicester carpet sales news13 sky cam network at the top of mount mitchell. you can see a beautiful view here of mount craig. but it's breezy. 67 the high in asheville. that ties the warmest temperature of the month. that first 67 degree was actually the first of the month. first of the month, 29th of the month. 70 degrees in forest city. mid 70s in clemson.
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broad river valley. even upper 60s in some of our southern mountains. enjoy this evening, folks. it's going to be beautiful. in the mountains, not as breezy as it was a couple hours ago in the afternoon. i do expect those breezes to be tamed more as the sun sets. 55 at 7 o'clock in asheville. 50 by 9 o'clock. 40s by 11 o'clock. maybe just a light jacket. upstate, 60 at 7. down to the low 50s by 11 o'clock this evening. but there are big changes again. so enjoy the mild weather while you can. because we do have rain and eventually maybe some snow in the forecast. i'll show you some details on that in a few minutes. >> darcel: an update now on the temporary closing on part of an asheville park. the roger maguire park was supposed to close. it's now tentatively rescheduled
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workers need six days of dry weather. once that work begins, the section will be closed for about 60 days. >> larry: time now to head on over to the on time traffic center for the latest on your commute. >> darcel: jaclyn, there's a crash in leicester to look out for. >> jaclyn: thankfully no injuries are reported here. if you live in the leicester area, it is a good idea to avoid that area. there is new construction happening in weaverville. but i want to tell you a portion of ox creek road is closed. avoid that spot in the weaverville area. tunnel road is another area you're going to want to avoid on your commute. traffic is slowing down on your parkway, especially on the east bound side there. checking in on i-26, this portion of 26 in asheville is in good shape for you. traffic is smoothly along long shoals road. that's a look at your on time
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debruhl's used car superstore. >> larry: the birth of a leap year baby is giving a couple another reason to celebrate. john le is live at park ridge hospital. john, you've been talking to leaplings here in the mountains today. >> john: that's right, larry. we're here at park ridge hospital. the korcoreyel family. anyway, good news is we talk to other leapers today about their experience. the come to embrace the fact that they have a birthday every four years. they hope other babies will join the ranks. eventntlly they will leap with joy. >> it's the best birthday you can absolutely have. >> john: he's 56 years old
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when you add up his birthdays. >> throughout your life, people you met from anywhere, anytime, they will remember you on this day and they will reach out and contact you. and it's absolutely wonderful. >> john: so it's not a leap to say it's great to be the center of attention. >> not all the time. >> john: classmates thought kaseem turned eight. >> kaseem, you were born on a leap year, so how old are you? >> two. >> so we have a two-year-old in our second grade class. >> that's sad. >> john: seems like yesterday he was just a leaping baby boy. his mother made this collage for him. and chuck e. cheese is definitely in his future. >> it's my birthday. i get a crown and a pencil. >> john: dig through his desk to find the pencil seemed like four
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confessed. >> it's not in here. >> john: pastor mark says being a leapling is the gift that keeps on giving. forever young no matter how old they get. and for kaseem, hopefully you found your pencil and hopefully you're enjoying your chuck e. cheese at this point. as leap year baby watch continues here at park ridge. over in mission hospitality, they delivered five babies today. john le, news 13. >> larry: concerns about parking in a popular area of asheville. how a lot owner is responding to claims of cars being towed away unfairly, in ask 13. >> darcel: and getting rid of a double chin.
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a new procedure. >> larry: some people think a lot owner in asheville's south slope area is unfairly towing away cars. >> darcel: one woman turned to ask 13 to find some answers. frank, where did this happen? >> frank: banks avenue on the heart of what's becoming a hopping brewery district. parking can be hard to find, but leaving your car in the wrong
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buxton hall barbecue, donuts and catawba some of their customers have learned the hard way. a neighboring posted lot is strictly off limits. a viewer contacted news 13 after she says she was towed from the lot even though it doesn't have the required no parking signs outlined in a city ordinance. it says it's unlawful to tow or remove a vehicle unless it's posted with signs that says tow away, or tow away zone or tow away enforced. >> yes, it used to be posted and now i guess the sign has been taken down. >> frank: the property manager tells us somebody's been repeatedly stealing here signs. she says they've never told cars after the signs were stolen and taken down.
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but people have been ignoring the signs and park there anywhere in a park that's leased by their tenants. >> city of asheville ordinance 3057 requires certain signages. >> frank: private lot owners have every right to tow your car as long as they have the proper signs. he says in most cases people just ignore the signs. and the better solution is to park somewhere else. >> what i recommend to folks, park on the public right away. public street, normally you're safe. >> frank: if you're going to park in a vacant lot, make sure you pay close attention to any signs to avoid being towed. if you have a question for us, you can write us at ask 13 at >> darcel: hundreds of physical therapists in north carolina are going in to an extra line of work.
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needling. a patient suffered a collapsed lung as a result of the therapy. >> we are told that we are in charge of the practice of acupuncture in the state. and we are to protect the public. >> darcel: tonight at 11, news 13 investigates the battle between acupunctureists and physical therapists. >> larry: i think there's some therapy we could all use, outdoor sunshine. >> darcel: today was a good day, jason. >> jason: absolutely. 67 degrees for the high today. 10 degrees shy of the record. and matches the warmest day of the month. 39 the low this morning. that was also above average. no snow. we still have a surplus. today was the warmest day in a
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now your news 13 skywatch weather. >> jason: simply beautiful. yesterday's weather absolutely gorgeous. chamber of commerce, no matter how you want to put it, it's nice. leicester carpet sales news13 sky cam network here we are at pisgah ridge.
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all the way down the ridge. radar and satellite picture, not much to show you here. we do have snow showing up in the dakotas and rockies. pattern dipping here in the mid section of the nation. we're going to see a major pattern shift from mild today to more wild by the middle of the work week as we get some cold air. look at this, it's five degrees right now international falls, minnesota. it's almost 90 in phoenix. and all of the 70s spreading out across the southeast come close today in asheville officially but didn't quite get there. 65 in asheville this time. very low humidity. those humidifiers you might have them cranked up this evening. even with wind very light, you're not going to get much of a wind chill because the temperatures are just too warm. clear skies we have now will be replaced by more cloud cover.
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mostly to the southwest. they really spread the area by lunch hour. a hint or two of moisture. these will be very isolated showers initially. tomorrow they turn more stable, more active. here it is towards sunset. showers and maybe thunder showers showing up in the mountains and tennessee valley. heavier rain coming through and more instability. after midnight tomorrow night, should start to quiet things down. then on the back side, look at this. we go from 60s and 70s today to 40s on wednesday. and that wind is going to be cranking from the northwest. and snows start to return to the mountains. certainly a cold day on tap for the entire region come wednesday. then we turn our attention to how much rain we're going to get initially. you could see a good dose of rain. bryson city up to an inch tomorrow late day in to early
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almost to an inch and a half in andrews. franklin shy of an inch. one place that does not typically get much rain and we will still be one of the dryer places. you'll get half an inch over the upstate from this next system coming in tuesday. low mid 30s north. mid upper 30s south. 40s over the upstate. tomorrow squeezing out that nice day one more time. 60s and 70s. but you will notice a change. 50s in some mountain locations. 70% chance of rain. and some thunderstorms for that day, super tuesday. and 30% chance on wednesday of some snow and rain mix. then we get a better chance of wintery weather thursday in to friday. so we're not done. even though we do warm up next weekend again in to the upper 50s. this is a trend. we go with wintery weather during the work week and warm
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>> darcel: during the work week, it's not all cold. >> larry: still to come, a new procedure to combat a double chin. find out how it works and where you can get it done locally. that business will come to an end. >> darcel: it's the end of making cd's for one local company.
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to keep another part of its my moderate to severe chronic plaque psoriasis made a simple trip to the grocery store anything but simple. so finally, i had an important conversation with my dermatologist about humira. he explained that humira works inside my body to target and help block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to my symptoms. in clinical trials, most adults saw 75% skin clearance. and the majority were clear or almost clear in just 4 months. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores.
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ask your dermatologist about humira. because with humira clearer skin is possible.
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designed to get rid of the double chin is now available in our area. >> larry: so far there have been as many men as women having this done. as jay siltzer shows us, a little sting can take the pain out of an unflattering profile. >> and i think that really honestly, the faster you go, the better off you do. >> reporter: 59-year-old robin kaskey gets up to four injection of a natural substance at a time. >> it was embarrassing to me. i would notice it all the time. >> reporter: before and after photos prove it's going away as a result of this new fda treatment. it's available at derma blue in asheville. for a typical patient, two to four treatments are required. >> what happens is after that injection, it breaks down the fat cells and it breaks them down for good. >> now i'm happy with it. i'm pleased with the outcome and
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>> you have more definition in that chin. it will define your jawline. and in different positions. so if you want to take a nice selfie in a different position, it will look good. >> reporter: and it's all done in a doctor's office without an invasive procedure. >> darcel: insurance will not cover the cost which can total more than $4,000. >> larry: get this, we've got a live demonstration that's going to be held thursday night at derma blue. go to our website and click news links for more information. >> darcel: news 13 is hosting the 3rd annual live well expo next month. the event is march 19th at the western carolina ag center. there will be more than 100 vendors. >> larry: admission is free. you can find more details at >> darcel: still ahead, preparing to return home.
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>> larry: u.s. astronaut scott kelly getting ready to come home after one year in space. >> darcel: so scientists could study the effects of space travel on the human body.
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news 13 at 5:30. >> anchor: new at 5:30, a for sale sign is up outside the arvado plant. >> frank: in december, the cd maker announced it was closing. >> anchor: what's happening next for the company? >> kim: we're just outside of weaverville, and this is the huge arvado plant outside behind me. it's the size of eight football fields. now listed for $16.9 million. the stake is in the ground. it's not a ground breaking but a sell off. the listing with a local agent and a national one as well. vp of operations, peter shopper showed us the 22-page marketing piece showing the plant's interior. he took us on a tour where dormant machines used to


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