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tv   News 19 Noon  CBS  January 11, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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if you are looking for a job, we are on your side with details about an employment care at a popular midlands restaurant. gasoline prices are averaging less than $2 a gallon across the country. and they are likely to go even lower. we have details on those stories coming up. good afternoon and thanks for joining us for news19 at noon. i'm darci strickland. the big story today. the national championship. the day is here. tonight, the clemson tigers take on thehealabama crimson tide for the national championship the tigers are looking for the first national title since 1981. to do that, they have to get past one player going for his fifth title. we have reggie anderson ahead of the game. reggie. >> dabo swinney could go on showcases. exhilarating as it would be tonight if you were to pull off a national championship victory for the tigers.
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that is why they play the game. will play at the university of phoenix stadium here in glendale, arizona. the tigers looking for the first national championship sincnc 1981. alabama going for the e third title in five years. alabama -- with nick saban, the head coach of the crimson tide, has four titles already on his resume. looking for number five. tonight, we have a very special show for you at 7:30 p.m. it is called, "clemson, championship bound". >> we have interviews with dabo swinney. we will talk to players. and former clemson players who are working at this building. talking about what made dabo swinney such a successful coach. we will have inside with those people. also a special guest -- a former clemson quarterback will be stopping by. you want to check that out tonight at 7:30 p.m. on news19. follow me on twitter. we will be tweeting throughout the day. and throughout the night. here in the desert, glendale, arizona, the home of the
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reggie anderson, news19, wltx. one lexington man is putting on his uniform and preparing to live out his dream in front of thousands of a national championshipipame. but he won't step foot on the field. native mathew mayer is an air force pilot stationed in arizona. leading other pilots as they train and maneuvered the f-35 lightning. the same jet that will be featured during the national championship preshow as the tigers prepare to take on alabama. who else to leave the show than a south carolina native. >> we are excited. it is a south carolina team. he graduated from here. now he is leading over the big college game of the year. >> i actually had an uncle asked if he could paint and orange paw on the bottom of the jet. >> the entire family will be looking up at mathew mayer from the field on the big day. after a tough year for our
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spotlight. and has everybody talking. focusing on south carolinians this morning about their thoughts going into the big game. >> i would like to see clemson be 15-0. but that comes with quite a price. >> what is the price? >> air against. just browbeating everybody. >> this is going to be a good thing. it will bring more fans here. it will make everything better. for south carolina. >> i hope it is the tigers. i spend the weekend with a big alabama fan. we discussed that. it will be close. >> it will be great to see south carolina represented. it is nice to see something prevail through tragedy. it would be awesome to see south carolina back on the map doing something great. >> the gamecocks are my team. no matter what. >> if you are a clemson fan, living in the midlands, you can watch the game with fellow tiger fans tonight. the columbia clemson club will
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it will be at the hickory tavern in the area. you can also catch a news19 clemson special report before the big gaga tonight. sports director reggie anderson will bring you the latest live from arizona right before clemson takes on alabama. that is on tonight at 7:30 p.m. right here on wltx. many of us woke up this morning. and stuck our head out the window and thought, what is going on? it was freezing this morning. temperatures right now -- have not warmed up by much. in the 40s now. still very cold. forty-one in newberry. winnsboro, 41. lexington, 43. saint matthews, 45. manning, 43. here in columbia, 46 degrees. a lot of sunshine out there. but very dry air. the dew point, only at 13 degrees. the wind chill, feels more like 42. we will be experiencing a lot of sunshine throughout the day. light wind that will be turning out of the southwest at 5 miles per hour.
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and 27 degrees. tomorrow, 55 degrees. a lot of sunshine. it will be windy. gusting up to 25 miles per hour. we will take a look at the seven-day forecast and when we will start warming up in a few minutes. richland county -- law-enforcement are looking for a suspect involved in a fatal club shooting over the weekend. witnesses tell police the shots came from this black and gray chevy avalanche. this happened around 3:30 a.m. saturday morning on lady streets. if you have information, call crime stoppers at 888-crime sc. columbia mayor stephen benjamin will give the address tomorrow at city hall at 6:00. stay with news19 for updates. nikki haley will deliver the gop response to the state of the union address tomorrow. we learned today that she will be speaking from the governor's mansion. you can see her speak immediately following the state of the union. charleston is inaugurating
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in 40 years. john haglund berg will be sworn in as mayor today. right now, it is actually happening. he won a six way nonpartisan election in november to succeed joe riley. joe riley was the longest-serving mayor in charleston. 345 year history. the notorious drug lord known as 'el chapo' is back behind bars and could be heading to the u.s. in a few weeks. mexican authorities have not notified joaquin guzman that he is wanted in the u.s., which is one of the first steps in the extradition process. while on the run, joaquin guzman had a secret meeting with actor sean penn which police they played a role in his capture. the world is mourning the death of david bowie. the british artist and pop star who challenged musical convention for five decades died
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teen krause reports from london. >> david bowie was one-of-a-kind. from his first hit in 1969, space odyssey, to his most recent album released last week. the ever-changing artist kept his artist -- audience guessing. >> from be on drudge any of his mickey stardust persona to his pop star in the mid-80s, he kept changing. >> . >> this man is a david bowie biographer. >> he redefines what a pop star can be. >> he was born, david jones, in london, in 1947. he told cbs that he always knew he was an artist. >> i didn't know if i would be musical or if i would be painting. i kept going back and forth. i opted for music eventually. >> it was a decision that influenced generations of performers.
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-- no lady gaga without david bowie. he showed them how to make celebrity out of everything around them. >> this morning, fans left candles and flowers on his star on the hollywood walk of fame. >> some of the most powerful tributes can be found here in london in the neighborhood where david bowie was born. >> it is timeless. it is like a light has gone out that he is not here. >> and a testament to david bowie's broad appeal, fans from madonna, to kanye west and the british prime minister to the head of the vatican culture council, tweeted condolences. cbs news, london. >> david bowie was 69 years old. a maryland appeals court has put salt -- postponed the trial of a police van driver charged in the death of group -- of freddie gray. jury selection was delayed so
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another baltimore officer would be brought forward to testify against caesar goodson. there was -- they asked for a delay. however the appeals court had already ordered a delay. president barack obama will deliver the state of the union address tomorrow. the annual event is usually a time for the president to lay out what he would like to work on with congress for the upcoming year. however with congress in the hands of the republicans, the president is taking executive action on many items. and this year, is not expected to be any different. a media preview at the north american international auto show starts today in detroit. some of the high-profile reveals expected during this year's show include the chrysler town & country minivan and a new mercedes-benz luxury sedan. doors open to the public on friday. the show runs through
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panera bread will be hosting job fairs all week. they are hiring for a number of different positions. you can find them every day from 9:00 until 4:00 at different locations. today they will be at 68 he garners ferry road. gasoline prices are now averaging $1.97 a gallon nationwide. and they are likely to drop even lower. aaa and gasbuddy conk him say the price of gasoline could reach 1 dollar a gallon. in some areas, that was not reached until 1999. aaa says global oversupply of oil is sending prices down. the prices could jump a bid next month as refineries do maintenance. the playboy mansion is on the market. it comes with a roommate. playboy says it wants about $200 million for the 22,000 square-foot los angeles estate. but hugh hefner will not need to find a new home. them up -- the new owner must agree to let him live there for
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the world's largest lottery prize is still up for grabs. the powerball jackpot is now an estimated $1.4 billion. you can find out if you won the big prize wednesday night right before news19 at 11:00. coming up next, efren afante will break down with the temperatures look like for us
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we head into the work week welcome back. we were talking during the commercial break. less than broadcast professional. body. if i believe it will be warmer, and i believe my voice would get better, all these things will happen, right? >> if you believe that -- her twitter feed -- just let think. good luck with that. temperatures. this morning was just brutally cold. we started off well below freezing. temperatures -- just before daybreak -- it was 24 degrees in saluda.
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31 degrees. we have warmed up with a lot of sunshine. but not by much. lexington, 43. saint matthews, 45. camden, 44. sumpter, 44. this is a big difference -- just over the last 24 hours, we have seen differences of about 15 degrees colder then it was at this time yesterday. here in columbia, 46 degrees. there is a lot of sunshine. the dew point, 13 degrees. the air is very dry. and the windchill fears more like 42 degrees. -- like 32 degrees. yesterday morning, we had a cold front comes through. and what we have now is a lot of cold dry air still coming down. high-pressure in the northern plains. an area of low pressure out in the new england area. all of that is filtering straight down coming right over the appalachian mountains. basically parking itself right over us. temperatures today -- will be mild.
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looking at 45, from winnsboro to bishopville. orangeburg, 53. here in columbia, a high of 51. still a lot of sunshine. but with clear skies, tonight it is going to get dangerously cold. and 27 degrees. that will be the overnight low. we're expecting that we will be below freezing between midnight and 98 -- 9:00 a.m. if you have any pets, bring them inside. or tender visitation -- vegetation. check on the elderly. these are cold temperatures. we will all deal with these cold temperatures ranging from 24 and of 29 in orangeburg. as this continues to move off, we will be watching the next area of low pressure. as this makes its way toward the palmetto state, it will not give us any rain chances. it will just bring us more cold temperatures. tomorrow, it will be 55 degrees. it will be windy as the cold front comes through. 49 degrees on wednesday. a lot of sunshine. but very cold. twenty-eight to start the morning. as we start to warm up by friday -- and get into the mid-50s,
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weekend. highs get into the upper 50s. stay with us here at news19 at noon. we will be back right after the break. it is national soup month. we are celebrating with a beefy
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so grab soup is always a popular howard is showing us one that warms you up and is easy to make. >> kelly, did you know that january is national soup month? >> no. >> nice. >> ever since i began making soups for my deli years ago, they have always been one of my favorite things to make. everything from classics like onion, to rich creamy ones.
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most popular soups we have on the menu. all we do is toss chunks of before browning them in some oil. browning the beef has add -- as a rich flavor to this soup. now we add beef broth. and some barley. a few diced carrots, onions and celery. and let that simmer until the barley in the beef are tender. if you are not familiar with barley, it is a grain that almost looks like oatmeal. it is packed with nutrients. and it is super vote -- super versatile. and since every bowl has a lot of beef and barley, all we need to do is pair that with bread and crackers, and dinner is served. >> i hope you go online and get the recipe for the beef broth soup. not only will this warm your
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mr. food test kitchen where today we found a restaurant kind of way for you to say, ooh it
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you love your soup, we do have a correction from earlier in the newscast. klum be a mayor steve benjamin will give the state of the city address two weeks from tomorrow. this will be the 26th of january. stay with news19 for updates. coming up on friends at five, a government task force is continuing to recommend mammograms every other year for women ages 50 up to 74. effective -- this shows there can be affects that are positive. we will tell you more about your health on friends at five today.
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weather so my voice can stop writing this roller coaster of temperatures. that is what is doing it to me, efren afante. >> we need april. >> i will just wait for april. i will be fine. >> in the meantime, sunshine today. tonight, very brutally cold. 27 degrees. very windy tomorrow. and 55 degrees for the high. then we will start peter tottering around the 50s, for highs and upper 20s for lows. >> it is national championship day. we have a poll on our twitter account. be sure to follow nick jones. let us know, are you rooting
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or south >> dr. neville: it's good news. it's fantastic, actually. according to your blood panel, your body is absorbing the drug protocol. [ sighs ] oh, well. excellent. good work, simon. thank you for that resounding approbation, ms. abbott. >> ashley: good work, simon. >> dr. neville: ashley, look at me. ashley! what's wrong? >> ashley: nothing. i'm just focusing on something else. >> dr. neville: mm, see, here's the thing. if you lie to me, i can't treat you. i mean it. i have to know anything. i-i-if you feel bad, if you have
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fever, hell, if you even have a
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