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tv   News 19 11  CBS  February 18, 2016 1:37am-2:07am EST

1:37 am we begin tonight with two different developing stories for the first multiple agencies are investigating an accident involving two law enforcement vehicles. we are being told that the
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vehicles hit each other at around 9 pm tonight. >> it happened also platt springs road off of orangeburg word -- road. few details released but we do have item on the phone. he is with the sheriff's department. >> we are very early in what will be a late fee process with this incident. what i can share with you is that to lexington county sheriff's department vehicles were involved in a collision. that included two deputies and one reserve deputy. they were responding to a call of a burglary and process. that is when the collision occurred. as per policy, the south carolina highway patrol is
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the agency that looks into the collision. they are beginning the early stages of their investigation. all three of our deputies were transported with injuries and we are not certain what kind of injuries at this point. >> our first question tonight are the injuries serious? >> a looks like they will be okay but i don't want to speculate. we are still early in this process but we are certainly hoping for the past and at this point anything specific to their injuries we don't have. >> you say they were responding to a burglary and process. where their lights and sirens on? what happened? >> those will be some of the tails that the highway patrol
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further into their investigation. what i can tell you is that they were responding to that call, it was called in as a burglary in progress and that's where they were headed at the time of the collision. >> we are hoping they are okay. thank you for joining us. another developing story anything fire has led to elderly people homeless at the -- just a short time ago. it was awful to -- highway 277. when fire crews got there the place was fully engulfed. the couple was rescued and they're not sure what caused it. they do not know how the fire started.
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the house. they discovered they had a fire and they were able to get out. >> the couple was taken to the hospital as a precaution. skies clear the earlier this evening and it continues to be clear outside. are temperature is 46 degrees -- our from -- our temperature is 46 degrees right now. we are expecting light winds and temperatures down to 35 degrees and tomorrow it will be sunny with temperatures up to 50 degrees. we will start a warming trend on friday that will continue through the weekend and it will also be dry. it was just yesterday that governor haley said she wasn't sure whether or not she would endorse any of the candidates
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changed tonight. >> it was just a few short hours ago where 100 people came out for marco rubio's rally. what most people were here to see was the endorsement from governor haley. >> ladies and gentlemen if we elect marco rubio every day will be a great day in america. >> the governor began her speech explaining the reasons why she chose to back rubio. >> i want a president who wants to have the backs of our military veterans and those in active duty. >> i would say i am undecided but i am leaning toward rubio. >> even though rubio now has the endorsement she's not sure if it will be enough for rubio to take the state.
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>> the governor have the final word taking the microphone from rubio and emphasizing south carolina's influence being first in the south. >> we make presidents let's make marco rubio the next president. >> right now senator rubio sits third in many of the polls behind donald trump and senator crews. it will be interesting to see if it used rubio's stock going into saturday's gop primary. governor haley did endorse mitt romney one month before the 2012 primary but voters in south carolina backed newt gingrich. that endorsement is a different look from 2014. jeb bush campaigned with nikki haley for her reelection campaign and at the time, she told reporters was playing a big part in her winning office. yesterday pushed said that
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most meaningful endorsement in the state. he is disappointed with the endorsement of rubio tonight he said. if he goes on to win the nomination there would be a role for haley in his campaign. in sumter tonight thousands of people waited outside of the civic center and attacked the inside for just to hear donald trump. the businessman talked about his plan to put america back on top which he says means keeping large companies and the money they generate in our country. >> the politicians democrat or republican all want to get the money back in but we have a prevacid -- president who is not a leader. within 10 minutes i would have 2 1/2 trillion dollars back in this country. this has been going on so companies are leaving the united states to get their money. >> trump also acknowledged how
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if he wins here again run the table. ben carson campaign and therefore jackson. he says he's going to continue to run despite recent poll numbers. carson says s issues affect all of the country not just one political party. >> the issues that i tend to emphasize are not democrat or republican issues, these are american issues. the economy and our lack of responsibility in dealing with the fiscal crisis that's not a democrat or republican issue. dealing with ice is a global terrorism. >> he added that we need to develop all americans so that we can compete -- all-america. >> john kasich made his way to
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he talked about restarting the economy and starting more programs to help used -- a more aggressive stance on china. >> there will be a decision about whether they own the china sea and the violence and we need to honor that but i think we have to win the chinese. -- warned the chinese. it's not acceptable and there are options that we and our friends can take in the pacific to make it clear to the chinese that we are not going to tolerate this kind of aggressive behavior. case it took criticism today from a protester because of his views on women's rights. texas senator ted cruz came out firing today against donald trump. this campaign received a cease and desist letter threatening to sue them over campaign ad about abortion. that has footage of trump talking in 1999 about abortion. trump says his views have changed since then any was the
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>> the operative word is that comes from donald trump so now. i understand if a candidate has a record like donald trump how he could consider anyone pointing to his record as being detrimental. >> he has threatened a lawsuit against donald trump. one of the most recent polls has ted cruz in third place behind trump and rubio. tomorrow cbs is going to release their final poll before the south carolina primary and we will have it for you. their busy day here in our state. there are two more days left of this. >> i don't know what we are going to do.
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has been a gorgeous week. lots of sun and more that all the way. jim gandy's back with our forecast. the countdown to the gop primary in our state. how you can get up close and personal with the candidates. you could be doing your workout routine all wrong and that could be obtained. three things you need to know
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join satellite pictures showinin skies have cleared over the area right now dry air is in place. we still have some clouds back in the appellations and the tennessee river valley heading north but no weather systems coming to the south east so it's clear and it will stay that way. the coolest there is right here in the eastern part of the country all the way down into the southeast with temperatures in the 40s. the coldest air up around the great lakes were temperatures are in the teens and 20s. it has been milder from the southern plains back into the west and we will be feeling some of that coming this weekend.
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is 43 degrees in sumter. -- it is 43 degrees in sumter. for tomorrow we will be seeing plenty of sunshine but it will still be a cool day and chilly tomorrow night and clear and cold. friday we will see plenty of sunshine and start a warming trend. the next change will be on saturday when we start to see clouds come in and our latest run keeps those clouds throughout the day so it looks like it will be mostly cloudy on saturday but we are not expecting any rain. here's our forecast for tonight. no temperatures dropping down into the low to mid 30s. 35 degrees for columbia and sumter. tomorrow we will see high temperatures in the upper 50s. are seven-day forecast looks
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friday down to 32 mostly cloudy on saturday but we are still expecting a high 68 degrees. partly cloudy warm on sunday with a high of 72 degrees clouds will be increasing monday with a chance of some rain and a high 67. the better chance for rain will be coming late monday night into tuesday to say hi 57 and the rain will continue into
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temperature we are starting with college groups. we still have hopes of an ncaa tournament bid but they kept their hopes alive with the big game against boston college. eagles would rally then draw some thunder in the upstate. let's check it out t again. a big-time dunk. here it is again. he throws it down the lead with 23 points but boston college led by three at the break.
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avery homes puts a spin he had 17 and then homes will spot up for three and he will hit. there are no sure wins in conference gamemebut the tigers get this one done final 65-54. do the unc tonight. -- duke beat unc tonight. number one class for a in the opening round of the playoffs for the boys. very calm collected they were nine in the break second-halal different story for them. noah jenkins would hit off and running. connect with tony bryce nice pass the scores same
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the bright. yellowjackets increase their lead. he does it down they win this one by final of 65-42. washington the bengals beat ridgefield on friday they got a home game. he finds case matthews and he will drive taking the jumper that take up the bengal as charles jackson comes with the ball and he will take it in for the easy to. check out the past from jacoby bailey. another highlight for you is the inside game. they went up by final of 42-33.
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burden shouting instructions. jordan headed to yell -- yell -- yale. bruno were school to -- school -- will score to. it works out here 19 on the night now it's 57 still had one position game 3.2 seconds left. the visitors from the upstate and overtime spring valley survives 60-57. ridgefield on the road as spartanburg blazers versus the vikings. with a bucket for the visitors
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will score inside looking to outside it's kanan rice with the jumper exciting game in the upstate vigoda double-overtime they fall by final of 76-73. college hoops usc women have done something that hasn't been accomplished in 30 years. three consecutive rate -- final titles. dawn staley has her sights set on the ultimate prize. certainly a monumental feat for her program. >> you want to enjoy the journey because it years ago we lost that title. we probably lost a five if you want to look at it like that so
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that probably no one in the state of south carolina for could get done here so it's worthy of saying it because we did say it. >> college football news wide receiver jerome leading the tiger program he will graduate this summer and then play for another school in the fall. he started three games at 21 catches for 317 yards and a touchdown against wake forest. the tigers are getting mike williams back in the rotation from injury. john king could return from his suspension. jermaine saw the writing on the wall. he will get his degree find another landing spot. earlier today's a big high school football news broke around lunchtime. this guy leading westwood high school after four years of head coach he will take over the new may river high school in bluffton. ronnie's no stranger to
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only head coach was was for
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we have really enjoyed this week while folks up in the north are getting snow and having so days we have had son with 50s and 60s. >> that's why we live here. it is going to be nice. 35 degrees tonight and sunny tomorrow. we will be up to about 72 degrees on sunday. >> 72? >> 72.
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>> we are out of time. guys know there is a way for them to be absolutely beyond the law. >> in another case tonight, comey's fbi is leading the
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situation at a california hospital. but it is not people being held, it's the computer system. carter evans is in los angeles. >> reporter: inside hollywood presbyterian medical center, computer screens have been dark since hackers took over the data network almost two weeks ago. calls to the hospital's media line are met with this voice mail recording. >> we want to assure you that patient care at hollywood presbyterian medical center has not been compromised as we continue to address this incident. >> reporter: the attack used ransomware, malicious software that encrypts files which can be unlocked with a software key after a ransom is paid. in this case, according to a source familiar with the investigation, hackers demanded, and the hospital paid an undisclosed amount in the computer currency bit coin nearly impossible to trace. since the attack, the medical center staff has resorted to pen and paper. and even fax machines for communication communications.
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decleaned to comment on its investigation. and scott, hollywood presbyterian medical center, has not responded to cbs news requests. >> well, we saw a rare shortage of grace from pope francis last night. in mexico. some one pulled him on top of a young person in a wheelchair. watch this. the pope shouts "don't be selfish." tonight, francis is jumping into the fight over immigration. as he celebrates mass just across the rio grande from texas. and manuel bojorquez is there. >> reporter: his strongest stand yet in solidarity with migrants. he is addressing their plight at this mass before 200,000 in juarez calling it a humanitarian crisis. across the border in el paso, a crowd of 30,000 watched the mass, a symbolic event for two
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and connected here by a choir come the prized of people from both side -- come the prized of people from both side. like americans, flor and anna garcia from el paso. we feel as part of both communities as we go back and forth often. >> reporter: the mother and daughter have seen the ravages of violence in juarez fueled by cartels and human smugglers. problems pope francis is a dressing head on. >> going to all the places people are struggling showing he is there, shows that even in the darkest moments there is the brightest light. >> reporter: it is also a powerful moment for this massive crowd behind me. scott, on immigration, pope francis has been blunt. exploitation. his choice of location along the border is a clear message to not only mexico but the u.s.


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