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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  January 7, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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randi: my seven day forecast has teens, 20' s, 30' s, 40' s, and 50' s. temperatures are a little milder than it has been earlier in the week. we have 60 degrees in harrison. hamilton -- we have 16 degrees in harrison. hamilton is always a cooler spot. a little bit warmer than it has been over the last couple of days. you still have to bundle up. winds are calm. no crazy windchill factors to talk about. changes are coming. the warm-up is on the way. it does come with some wet weather. rain rolling through st. louis, and it will be here in cincinnati this time tomorrow morning. warmer, but yes, wetter.
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around 22. at noon, clouds are building, still looks hazy through the he degrees at noon. i 4:00, we are at 44. for bengals fans. if you are tell getting, you will probably have the better deal. first, let' s check the roads. kyla: we had a really great start your thursday morning commute. if you are heading out on any portion of greater cincinnati' s interstate, we are looking really good. downtown cincinnati, traffic looking good. 71, north and southbound rolling right along. 75, getting heavier as you head up to the i-71 interchange. we will continue to keep you updated.
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we are starting off with a story that is new. an early-morning car fire is under investigation in miami township. firefighters responded to the 7700 block of jandaracres. the car was unoccupied and parked in front of the house. police talked to the owner. the incident remains under investigation. taking advantage of tragedy! scammers are using the recent death of local hamilton firefighter patrick wolterman to trick people out of money. wlwt news 5' s andrew setters is live in hamilton with a warning. it is going to make a lot of people angry. good morning. andrew: yes, the phone call that police would like to get his about the arsenic claimed patrick wolterman' s life.
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people behind the phone calls, scams, the numbers show up on caller id coming from bethany, ohio. they hit people up for donations , but they are not legit. the outpouring after wolterman' s death has been overwhelming, but there are people taking advantage with her personal gain. >> it is just a shame. it is disheartening that somebody would take advantage of people' s goodwill and people' s want to help. andrew: there is only two places you can donate. one is in person at first financial locations, and through a particular gofundme page. you have my twitter handle on the screen. if you get a fund-raising phone call, police say hang up and get in touch with hamilton police so they contract on the phone call. if you have any information about the fire that claimed
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s life, you are encouraged to get in touch with police. lisa: thank you for the update. five people were hurt, one seriously, when a boiler exploded at crossroads church on the west side. police say it happened yesterday when two people were working on the boiler at the church in miami township. one repairmen had serious cuts to his face. another and three church employees have cuts and bruises. crossroads is trying to decide westside location will move police need your help finding the driver accused of jumping a curb and killing a runner in mount auburn. has been identified. police say he is 24-year-old cathy chatfield was hit and killed last month near the intersection of dorchester avenue and reading road. at the time, cathy was taking part in the annual seven hills run. police say the driver did nothing to help cathy following
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>> at the presence of mind to remove the license plate from the car, and then run away. he had that in his mind assuming to throw off the police and not connect him to the crash. lisa: crimestoppers is offering a reward for information leading to his arrest. the number is -- 20-year-old nikolai gray junior is being held on $500,000 bond. he is facing six charges including four counts of felonious assault. he allegedly fired shots in the car hitting the child. reports of an uptick in overdoses in wilmington since the start of the new year. wilmington police officials tell us two of those overdoses have proven to be fatal. they say they suspect a deadly
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mixed with fetanyl is to blame. investigators say since they' ve january 1, seen 12 overdoses. police used narcan for the overdoses that were non-fatal. all the overdoses happened in just a four day span from last friday morning to tuesday of this week. two boys from brown county are safe this morning, thanks to the quick-thinking of their neighbors. the boys, ages 8 and 12, fell through the ice into lake lorelei on wednesday evening, and their neighbor, pamela neville heard their cries. pamela' s husband and son managed to pull the boys into a boat, and get them to shore. the kids were then flown to children' s hospital where they are being treated for hypothermia. starting today, you can order an item on amazon and get it picked up the same day. amazon is opening a store in the u.c area.
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the store also serves as a safe place to pick up and return online orders and opens at 11:00 this morning. 6:06 on your thursday. the powerball jackpot continues to grow. it could now be the largest jackpot in u.s. history. miriah turner is at the lid of the desk with the payout predictions after last night' s drawing. miriah: there is still hope for us. there were no winning jackpot ticket sold last night. the prize was already masses. a winning ticket was worth more than $500 million. the sixth largest jackpot in north america. it is expected to roll to an estimated 675 million dollars. that would be the largest jackpot of any lottery game in history. if you want to grab a ticket, the happened on saturday. in case you missed it last night
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night, we have the winning lottery numbers on your screen. the powerball number is 17 the multiplier of three. lisa: we' re breaking news. our channel five poll won some money. have you heard this? the channel 5 pool won eight dollars! [applause] lisa: it says here $27. it is wrong. it is eight dollars. karl got a little excited. he wanted us to win $27. sorry, carl, it really is only eight dollars. live it up, miriah! c ken griffey, jr. is going to @cccc cooperstown this summer, and he @cc is making history along the way. @cc the moeller grad received more @ccccccccc than 99% of the votes from baseball writers and that percentage is the most ever. cccc he was a young star in cccccccc
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by the mariners and people who saw him play knew he was special. >> i was fortunate enough to play with very, who was unbelievable. there was no one better than barry larkin. i would go to the batting cages on the westside and see him how he could swing the bat. growing up, he was good, but i don' t know if you realized how good he was. neither did we because we saw it all the time. lisa: by the way, griffey went straight from moeller to the mariners. was the number one overall pick when he was just 17 years old. super stuff there.
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under the microscope. and pushed off the stage. the unwelcome guest last night s choice awards." didn' t! randi: looking outside through our city cam. temperatures starting out in the 20' s. we are starting out with s. 23 in a blast. -- 23 in blue ash. lunchtime, 40 degrees. the drive home, not too cold. when we come back, i will tell you about the two rounds of snow coming this weekend.
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>> you're watching wlwt news 5 today.
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lisa: good morning, welcome back. it is 6:13, 27 degrees on your thursday. i always like the city cam shot of the suspension bridge. looks terrific. nice and clear. kyla: i wonder if that is one of the shots they use when they do movies here? lisa: it is a beautiful shot. no wonder there are a lot of movies happening around our area. [laughter] kyla: it is a really pretty shots. cap pretty good conditions on the road, too. i am probably the only one that thinks they are pretty. look at that traffic on 75 and clifton, no delays. we have had a really great start and that continues right now. overnight, we will have construction. we have been telling you about this all week long.
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mitchell, -- you want to hop on reading road or i-71 if you want to stay inside the 275 loop. we will continue to keep an eye on it for you. lisa: the united states, south korea, japan have agreed to launch a strong international response to reports of north korea' s hydrogen bomb test. they are learning more about the destination that is now on north korea a fresh round of international condemnation. a grand jury has made a decision to indict the state trooper who arrested sandra bland. 28-year-old bland died in herself while under custody three days after being arrested during a traffic stop. the officer was indicted on
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the grand jury decided not to indict deal workers on criminal charges. overnight, chinese stock trading was stopped for a second time this week following a steep plunge. as a result, u.s. futures are down and the impact rippled across asia and europe with market showing losses. trading in china was also halted triggered by a nose dive. it is going down. the women from the "the talk ," was trying to accept their award. sharon underwood push them away and sharon osbourne gave him a couple of kicks. kyla: so awkward. lisa: it was hard to know if it was real or not. and you
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the company is now the target of a criminal investigation following those recent scares of the norovirus. it is focusing on the first summer in simi valley, california. the norovirus outbreak sickened 18 employees and spread to 189 customers. the fda is not suggesting what criminal matter is under investigation. chipotle' s problems. at least 58 people were sickened because of outbreaks of chipotle products. students were then sickened again and boston college. the hits just keep coming for aaa. my question is, have you eaten there since all of this has started?
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stock in my son because i don' t think that has stopped him. the sales of gone down. it is definitely having an impact. also, some trouble this morning for the brain game app " lumosity." the california company that developed the app, must pay a $2 million fine for claiming its games can improve your brain function. the ftc says there' s no science to back up the claims. hasbro is responding to criticism about its " star wars" edition of monopoly. there was an uproar on social media because the game does not feature " rey," the female hero in the movie. hasbro claims rey was left out to protect the plot of the movie but now they say rey will be star wars" i don' t know about that explanation that they didn'
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it randi: i don' t get why having a character would give anything away. anyway. [laughter] still want to talk about winter-whether -- winter-weather because he may see some snow showers. by this point, we are -- we had two shots of snow this week. this is all about the warm up over the next couple of days. right now, clear skies, calm winds. a couple of towns in the teens. hamilton, 17. most places, temperatures are starting out in the 20' s. 28 for florence. this afternoon, expect to see high clouds filtering in through the day. hazy sunshine second half of the
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southern communities, mid-upper 40' s. everyone hitting the 40' s today. at noon, 40. at 3:00, 44 yard at 6:00, 62 degrees. futurecast will show slowly watching those clouds moved in. kind of a blanket keeping the temperatures to the mid-and upper 30' s. the warm weather comes hand-in-hand with some wet weather. this time tomorrow morning, it will be raining. we are warming up. the rain will be with us through the morning hours on friday. in the afternoon, it fades away. saturday starts out dry. you are good to go for tailgate parties, up until sunset. the rain will then come in and expect to have heavier rain during the bengals game. today,
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not too cold. before the rain rolls in. saturday night into sunday, the rain will mix with some snow showers. a big deal. evening, another round of light snow is possible. lisa: a step back for andy dalton. injuries. walking away from $60 million. the superstar athlete who may
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lisa: good morning. welcome back. when you head this morning, look up, because we have a sliver of the moon showing on your thursday morning. it is 6:24, 27 degrees. looks pretty cool. kyla woods is here with a check on your morning commute. what is happening now, kyla? kyla: the moon looking lovely and the roads as well. from the 275 interchange heading towards the 471 area, one day you get on there, -- we had been batting 1000 this morning.
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this five minutes to get you downtown from the daniel beer carter bridge. nothing out of the ordinary waiting for you. we will check again shortly. lisa: one of the biggest stars in the nfl could be walking away from the game. detroit wide receiver, calvin johnson, says he is "evaluating options" for his future. reports say, johnson is frustrated with the physical toll of the game and he could be finished with football at 30-years-old. johnson still has four years remaining on his contract, and he would make nearly $16 million next season. andy dalton knows how physical the game can be. it has been almost four weeks since he broke his thumb in the last meeting with the steelers. after going through drills earlier this week, dalton was a spectator during practice yesterday. it was considered the first
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s game. according to, tight end ryan hewitt, and defensive tackle brandon thompson, also missed practice. we will have the latest on the team preparing for the steelers on our ready to roar special that happened tonight at 7:00 right here on wlwt. forecast. we had been looking ahead at this for several days. randi, it has not really changed much? randi: temperature-wise, it may not be too bad. a lot of tailgaters start early. for you guys, it is fine. it will be cloudy during the day. tailgating up until 5:00 p.m. should be fine. right around 5:00 or so, sunset, that is when the rain rolls and it looks i can be your rain
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upper 40' s through the game, but heavy downpours looking very likely. the good news is that the cold air will hold off until sunday morning. it will transition to a couple of light snow showers leaving us with cold air. lisa: the proposed music venue for the bank. why many people are not so
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your top stories are next lisa: the search for a driver in a deadly crash. why a new suspect is no stranger to police. a lever debt situation as two children are trapped in an icy the people who stepped up to save the day. account. the record-breaking jackpot the . drawing. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way. this is "wlwt news 5 today." lisa: 6:30 on your thursday. here is a live look right outside paul brown stadium. this is where it all goes down saturday night. the first playoff game at home. cincinnati bengals take on the steelers. good morning. i'
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let' s get a check on the forecast. randi, good morning to you. randi: good morning. it has been a very cold start to the work week. as we head into the weekend, temperatures are on the way up. there are a couple of town starting out in the teens. harrison at 16 degrees. everyone else in the 20' s. plan on temperatures in the 20' s. yup calm winds. -- we have calm winds. we do have clear skies and cool temperatures. cvg officially at 27. at noon, pushing 40 by lunchtime. well above normal for this time of year. through the day, we will start out nice and sunny, but slowly getting hazy as clouds roll in. we have clear skies, but there is a bigger system across the
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some rain back towards st. louis that is moving in our direction. in the forecast. i will tell you how that will impact your plans to tailgate kyla woods, what is happening? kyla: it is been a quiet start your thursday morning commute. activity out there. here is a look at 71/75, and 275 , southbound looking a little heavier. we are seeing it hold its own. still dealing with that said my new traffic pattern -- we are dealing with that semi-new traffic pattern. no matter where you are heading, seeing that typical volume that reducing do see in the latter half of 6:00, but nothing that will really, really extend your travel times.
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minutes. lisa: 6:32. we have a story from two boys from brown county are recovering in the hospital this morning, thanks to the courage and quick-thinking of their neighbors. the boys fell through ice at lake lorelei. pamela neville says she heard their cries, and she got her husband and her son, john. john and his father got into a boat, and made their way to the boys, breaking the ice as they went. they managed to get close enough to pull them to the boat. new information this morning about the driver accused of -- jumping a curb and killing a he threw me an extension cord and he was pulling them in to save them. he told them, i will not let you drown. and he didn' t. lisa: by the time the boys got to shore, paramedics were on the scene and hair care took the children to the hospital. they are both being treated for hypothermia and exposure. new information this morning about the driver accused of jumping a curb and killing a
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miriah turner is at the live alert desk with the latest on the investigation. bring us up-to-date. miriah: police has identified the driver as for the four-year-old thomas them. police say he was responsible for kathy chatfield. she was killed last month to reading road. at the time, kathy was taking part in the seven hills run. police say the driver did nothing to help kathy. >> he had the presence of mine to remove a license plate from the car and ran away. i am assuming he did that to throw off police. miriah: crimestoppers is offering an award. lisa: thank you. some new video to show you of a robbery and shooting at a north college hill business, with the
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in the back. please hope new video can identify the person who shot the person. 63-year-old jill leech -- jow leech is in critical condition. seven is to pass along from a local rescue agency. the middletown dog who inspired joseph' s legacy has died. the rescue shared these pictures of joseph on its facebook page. workers say he spent four years in miserable conditions, but found the home of a lifetime. joseph' s legacy says joseph died this week of a suspected brain tumor, but his story led to volunteers saving dozens of other animals. you can expect downtown to be very busy with excitement for saturday' s baking between the bengals and steelers. ours and restaurants will be packed for sure.
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if you are going to the game, workers a get down there early to scope out a spot. this begin, you can get your online. you can actually reserve a spot in the central front -- were front garage or the flock. >> you can get your parking in advance so you have no worries. advance. lisa: so to reserve your spot, log onto cincinnati.clickand and print out a ticket. before the saturday night showdown, wlwt is getting you pumped up tonight with our "ready to roar" special -- showdown with the steelers! we' ll show the history between the two teams, and the connections they share. it all starts at 7:00 tonight. more expansion and innovation for cincinnati riverfront.
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it appears a plans may die before an exact location is decided on. city leaders say, while there were some supporters, there have been a lot of opposition who fear the competition will take away money from existing venues. one existing venue was riverbend music center. in a statement, a spokeswoman says, they are actively considering how we might leverage our considerable and development projects presented concerts of all types and management to sustain a successful new venue to serve our community. we have been involved in some very preliminary conversations and are eager to be a part of any future discussions about the development of this proposed been you -- this proposed venue. frontier airlines is adding four
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nonstop service to cincinnati , los angeles, and houston. the powerball jackpot continues to grow and of the good of the largest jackpot in u.s. history. no winning tickets and last night' s drawings. officials say the jackpot will grow to $675 million. it would be the largest of any lottery game in u.s. history. the cash payout would be about $450 million. the saturday. oh boy, oh boy! let' s check traffic. kyla: clearly, i didn' t win. i did not drive up in a new bentley. i am not wearing gucci and gold. [laughter] let' s proceed like normal. 75 northbound will not be normal in the overnight hours, it will be shut down. we have been reminding you about
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plan for that. i am recommending reading road or i-71. here is a look at butler county i' m 75, looks really, really good. let' s check in now with meteorologist randi rico. she did not win either. no fancy threads. [laughter] randi: i am wearing my six dollar necklace. kyla: i love it! randi: on monday, when you role in with your gucci and gold outfit -- starting out in the upper teens. miami university, 25. as a kid head out to the school bus stops this morning, bundled them up. you don'
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wrapping them up like the little brother from "a christmas story. cohen temperatures, upper 20' s. high clouds are building in, but definitely milder. lisa: proof the brewing industry is alive and well. the multimillion dollar ccccc expansion inspected to bring more ccccccc@ jobs and beer to the queen city. @cccc@ccccccc by some fans ccccccccccccc are wondering about a handful of voters after ken griffey jr. locked up a spot in supers town. who are those writers? a live look through city cam. 6:40.
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we h lisa: welcome back. a multi-million dollar expansion means more beer in cincinnati. madtree brewing has announced it will move to a new location to keep up with demand. as wlwt news 5' s miriah turner tells us, it not only means more brews, but more jobs! kyla: the owners of matching growing will shell out $18 million at oakley. the bury will quadruple in production moving to the old
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from where they are located now. they will offer a lot more, including a cafe and 10,000 square-foot beer gardens. they are carrying more than 215 jobs accepted at 40 more. with this expansion, they hope to stretch their product across the entire region. it the brewers association say that the brewers accounted for more than 14,000 jobs. matt tree ' s recent success is likely to keep it going. lisa: speaking of madtree, its expanding in another way with a new stout. madtree will release their rubus cacao chocolate raspberry stout today at noon. the brew first made its debut back in february 2014 but was only available in draft form. starting today the stout will now be available in cans. the brewery describes the flavor as a sweet chocolate stout with
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flavor. lebron james had a special fan. i' ve-year-old leah -- five-year-old leah was at the game. we watched her courageous battle with cancer. the defensive end recently signed with the houston texans. lebron said leah and his own daughter are his two favorite women in the world. leah' s latest scans are cancer free. ken griffey, jr. has a spot in the hall of fame, but now there is one burning question surrounding the former red. miriah turner joins us with the controversy after the votes were counted. everyone wants to know. miriah: ken griffey jr. set a record with 99% of the vote from baseball writers.
6:38 am
many want to know who were the three writers cccccc who decided that he did not deserve their vote? @cccccccccccc@ccccccccccc voters are kept anonymous. @ccccccccccccc the writers could come forward to explain what a boat it the way they did. ken griffey jr. did not seem to care act he got the news. >> a geisha you don' t know, i am really superstitious. -- in case you didn' t know, i am really superstitious. i have never set foot in the building are never even seen the front of it. i go directly from the field to the hotel and the hotel to the bus. i never look at the front of it. the one time i wanted to go in, i wanted to be a member of it. lisa: no matter what, he made history breaking the voting record. let' s get a check of the forecast of meteorologist randi rico. hello, randi.
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m here. [laughter] let' s take a look at the forecast. we are going to be seen increasing clouds and temperatures making it to the mid 40' s. there is a warm-up on the way, but warmer weather equals wet weather for us. rain returns tomorrow. on radar, clear skies to start off the day. however, through the afternoon, there is high pressure controlling our weather for a while. winds out of the southwest bussard temperatures up. -- winds out of the southwest boost our temperatures up. right now, 27 degrees. winds five miles per hour. starting off with tons of sunshine.
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high clouds build in. a hazy look to the sky. really mild for january. how about 44 degrees for our high? tomorrow morning, before the sun comes up, the rain will have started. the morning rush, expects 80 rain showers. in fact, it will rain until lunch hour. can' t rule out a little drizzle friday evening. for the most part, second part of the day friday is dry and we will be in the upper 40' s. we start out saturday night and dry. if you are tailgating, you are good to go up until 5:00. we will call it sunset. temperatures topping out at 50 degrees. as we approach 5:00, rain starts to roll in. starting to get wet as you' re eating some brart
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looks like downpours for the bengals and steelers saturday night continuing throughout the game. at midnight, still some very heavy rain. a cold front will pass us by early sunday morning. temperatures drop, rain will change over into some snow showers. during the game, it stays in the 40' s. kickoff right around 47 degrees and staying in the upper 40' s during the game. today, 44. won' t be too cold. tonight, dipping down to temperatures in the upper 30' s. friday, morning time rain. 48 in the afternoon. saturday, rain evening and overnight. by the evening, rain will mix with snow. tuesday evening, we could see another round of light snow. kyla? kyla: we are going to keep it going and hopefully it will remain like.
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indiana to i-75. a little bit slower in northern kentucky. still holding it 62 mile per to the lateral. those fees are slower as you can see here at dixie highway. traffic starting to become stop and go on 71/75. you will need a little bit of extra time on the northbound direction. lisa: scammers are taking advantage of a local firefighter' s that. we will table to watch out for. and amazon setting up shop near you see -- u.c.' s campus.
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coming up next on c you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... standing by for fun. lisa: we are just days away from the playoff action with the bengals take on the steelers. you are looking live at the stadium before the game. we sure to check out wlwt ready to roar special tonight at 7:00. he will show you some of the history and more between the deep rivalry. 6:53. scammers are using the recent death of local hamilton
6:44 am
trick people out of money. wlwt news 5' s andrew setters is live in hamilton with a warning. andrew? andrew: the big warning is that there are two official places you should be donating money if you want to help the family of patrick wolterman. there are scammers trying to take advantage of this tragedy and make money for themselves. the people have been getting phone calls asking for donations for the wolterman family and now police have been assigned to find out who those people are. they believe three local numbers are being used. they had been asking to -- they had been asking people to donate. there are two official ways to donate. you can go to a first financial bank, or a gofundme account online. if you get a phone solicitation,
6:45 am
report it to hamilton pd so they can look into it. lisa: thank you. police say this man expected of jumping a curb and killing a runner in mount auburn. police are still trying to find 24-year-old thomas stidhum. cathy chatfield was hit and killed last month near the intersection of dorchester avenue and reading road. at the time, cathy was taking part in the annual seven hills run. arthur top story is breaking international news. french officials say a man with a knife try to attack people at a paris police station. that suspect has been shot to death. officials say the man had wires coming from his clothing and explosive squad is now on site. the "today show" will have a report coming up. if you are looking for a little more convenience when it comes to amazon orders, look no further. and amazon store is opening up today and the university of
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not only can students can use it, so can amazon prime customers. it will be convenient and secure. >> this is a great service for students that allows them to get anything they need for life on campus really quickly. lisa: this is the first police staff pickup location to open in the state of ohio. it opens at 11:00 this morning. the numbers are in and you did not win. the powerful jackpot is expected to make history. dan griffin is live on this story. as of today. dan: we are talking about record shattering amounts here. $675 million. the jackpot has never been that large before.
6:47 am
the odds of winning are very slim. people are not stopping. they are coming in. as many as eight tickets at a time. a lot of people will be talking about this as we move through your day, and hopefully we will have some winners. we are live here in covington. dan griffin, wlwt. lisa: let' s check the forecast. wlwt did when he dollars last night. -- did win eight dollars last night. randi: turning he' s he as we go through the afternoon. 44 for the high today. lisa: thank you. becky for being here.
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