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tv   WLWT News 5 at Noon  NBC  January 7, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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[captioning made possible by wlwt-tv] >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 at noon. lisa: now at noon, a friendly wager among two city leaders centering around the bengals and steelers matchup. what' s at stake. good afternoon. i' m lisa cooney mark hayes is off. the countdown in on to what could be the bengals first playoff win in a quarter the city' s top elected who-dey official has made a bet with his pittsburgh counterpart that the s john london is what' s being wagered and why.
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john: if our t have s mayor, john cranley. he has already put cincinnati food favorites on the line in a s mayor, here' s the menu on your screen. graeter' s ice cream sundaes. montgomery inn delicacies. that is from our side. from steeler country, the wager includes primanti brothers sandwiches. pierogies from franktuary. i' ve had those, they are very good. mac and cheese from the kraft here' s the rest of the deal -- if the bengals win, peduto has to wear a who-dey jersey and serve meals at light of life rescue mission in pittsburgh. conversely, if the bengals lose, mayor cranley must somehow come to terms with unpleasantry and don a steelers jersey while serving meals at city gospel mission. all in good fun, of course. there' s more than just winning a playoff game on the line. >> it' s a national game saturday night. all the restaurants will be busy. everybody' s going to be wearin g orange and black.
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ambassadors wearing bengals hats all week long. so, we' re veery confident we' re going to have a big night and a big win over the pittsburg h steelers. john: who are you rooting for in the mayoral bet? >> the coach of cincinnati, john cranley. john: we' ll be talking with cranley about this bit of mayoral gambling this afternoon. he has declared tomorrow orange and black day, encouraging all city workers to wear team colors. someone please text peduto. tell him that cheer-wise, there is no who-dey equivalent in the city of pittsburgh. tell him that' s from john london, reporting live, wlwt news 5. lisa: we are texting now. saturday night should be brighter than usual. dci is asking all downtown building owners to bathe the city in lights from 6:00 to midnight to showcase the
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you can expect downtown to be busy with excitement for s big game between the bengals and steelers. bars and restaurants will surely be packed. so will the parking lots. if you' re going to the game, workers say get down there early to scope out a spot. this weekend, you can get your spot even earlier by logging online. you can actually reserve a spot in the ada lot, the central riverfront garage, or the east garage. >> you can get parking in advance or you have no worries coming down where you will park. you can buy that online in advance. lisa: to reserve your spot log on to cincinnaticlickandp to print off your ticket. getting pumped up with our ready to roar special. it is the showdown with the steelers. the history between the teams, the connections they share -- it
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what a got the game night good afternoon. randi: sunny skies on top of now. it will be dark and wetter. it will be warmer for the weekend, but a couple of grounds of rain. one may arrive just when you are getting ready to head into the our opponents are coming from rain is coming from the central part of the country. it will arrive as early as tomorrow, then a heavy round for saturday night. 44 at cvg. through the afternoon, lower to middle 40' s with tons of sunshine. clouds will be rolling in as a sign of the changes. it will not be as cold tomorrow morning.
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rain on friday and saturday in a couple of minutes. lisa: 17 miners were trapped in new york for several hours. they have been safely rescued. >> nine hours after an elevator got stuck at the salt mine, all 17 miners have been rescued. re something like this could happen. they believe one of the steel beams came loose, causing the elevator to stick. they say the elevator is still in the shaft and has to be freed before they know why. i basket was lower down, the miners were fitted with safety harnesses, before doing lifted free. no injuries, they are just cold after being stuck underground.
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spirits up . they presser veered the best they could and prioritized who should come out first -- they presser veered the best -- they persevered the best they could, they prioritized who should come out first themselves. >> all 17 men have been reunited with their families. in lansing, nbc news. lisa: new developments after two boys were rescued from a brown county lake. the boys, ages eight and 12 have been released from the hospital. they fell through the ice into lake lorelei area it pamela neville heard their cries. her husband and son pulled them into a boat and got them to shore. scammers are using the death of a recent firefighter, patrick wolterman, to trick people out
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there have been reports of people getting phone calls soliciting donations. they do not make calls. they' re trying to find the people behind the calls, but it could be difficult. the number shows up from bethany, ohio, but they could be from out-of-state. >> it is disheartening someone would take advantage of people' s goodwill and want to help. lisa: you can donate to patrick wolterman' s family in person or through a gofundme page set up by his wife. in miami township, investigators responded to the 7700 block of jandaracres road this morning. in front of a house. damage.
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are recovering, one seriously hurt, when a boiler exploded at a church on the east side. it happened yesterday when they were working on the boiler. one repair man has serious cuts on his face. the other repairman and three church employees have cuts and bruises. a 24-year-old man facing charges, accused of exploiting himself to a drive-through worker in writing. he went through the drive there east street and flash an employee. his bond is $5,000. if you are looking for more convenience and your amazon orders, and amazon store is open of cincinnati' s u-square on calhoun.
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as well as all prime members in the area. secure. >> it is a great service for students, allowing them to get campus quickly. it is a location that is secure and convenient. lisa: it is the first fully staffed pickup location and ohio. no winning numbers in the jackpot drawing. it is $700 million, the largest in the u.s. million. it seems like the bluegrass winners. the next drawing is on saturday. charges have been filed after a traffic stop. the charges the trooper faces after his encounter with 28-year-old sandra bland.
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go be over? why fired marching band director jonathan waters may not have any more fight left in him. randi: we have not seen much snow so far, but we have the possibility of 2 rounds of snow
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>> you are watching cincinnati' s wlwt news 5, leading the way. lisa: lawyers for jonathan waters are asked to withdraw council. he can no longer afford the high-powered legal team. they do not believe that waters can fulfill his financial obligations. it could mean an end to the soccer over the 2014 firing. he was seeking $1 million in damages and reinstatement. they fired him, saying he ignored a highly sexualized culture among bandmembers. macy'
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they are eliminating 4800 jobs after disappointing holiday sales. 4 stores are closing. the remaining 36 will close by spring. one is closing in akron, another in the cleveland suburb of elyria. we are learning of music venue downtown. it appears those plans might die before an exact location is decided. city leaders say while there were supporters of a proposal, there has been opposition from those who fear the competition venues. one mention the river -- one then you mentioned is the riverbend venue, owned by the cincinnati orchestra. cvg will add nonstop service between cincinnati, houston, and philadelphia from frontier airlines in april and may.
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going public with his support for president obama' s gun policy. on tuesday, the president announced restrictions and regulations he will put into place by executive action. critics say the president is going after law-abiding citizens , and is trying to make new laws without congress. vice president biden says no new laws will be put into place. casting doubt on north korea' s . the early analysis of underground activity is not consistent with claims a hydrogen bomb was tested. it is possible north korea tested another type of bomb instead. north korea recently claimed to test a nuclear weapon in 2013. a grand jury made the decision to indict the state trooper who
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>> get out of the car. i will write you up. get out. now. >> wow. doing all this? lisa: trooper brian encinia is accused of lying about a traffic stop, saying the 28-year-old was combative and uncooperative. sandra bland was found dead hanging in herself three days later. they have not indicted the chillers in her death, which was ruled a suicide. a baltimore judge ruled that one of the police officers charged in the death of freddie gray will testify against the officer who drove the police wagon. s trial ended in a mistrial. caesar goodson is facing the most serious charges of the six officers charged in the death or freddie gray.
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murder, manslaughter, reckless endangerment, second degree assault, and two accounts of vehicular manslaughter. new york is the latest state to allow citizens to use medical marijuana. they kicked off their medical marijuana program with 8 dispensaries. this is 18 months after governor signed the compassionate care act making non-smokeable forms of medical marijuana available to new yorkers. receive a prescription from a physician approved by the state. prices for chipotle -- new crisis for chipotle over a they' re focusing on one of the first foodborne outbreaks in
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customers. they aren' t saying what criminal matter is under investigation. lumosity. a california company. they must pay a $2 million fine or claiming the games can improve brain function. the claims. an update to the faa mandatory registration of drones. more than 181,000 have been began two weeks ago. was launched telling consumers where they can and rones. controversy over monopoly because it did not
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hasbro says she was left out protect the plot. the next version will feature rey. s certified most accurate forecast. randi: our weather roller early in the week it felt like wintertime with lows in the chills. we are now warming up into the weekend. going to the bengals game. know that it will be warm, but also soggy with unsettled weather. a couple of rounds of rain, one may impact the game. next week, 2 chances of seeing larry' s. -- seeing flurries . mostly clear skies, nice and sunny with high pressure in control.
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you can feel it warming us up. in the center of the country, the next system will bring us rain starting as early as 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning tomorrow. 44 degrees with the wind out of the southeast at . we are enjoying temperatures above average. almost 50 degrees planning your tailgate party around paul brown stadium on saturday night. 2:00, mild for january with most places in the middle 40' s. even though it is sunny, filtered sunshine with the clouds getting thicker after sunset. the temperatures aren' t as cold. overcast skies act as a blanket. 38. we will not move much. a more mild start to your friday.
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the clouds are thickening overhead. early tomorrow morning, the rain is here. central and northern ohio will have to deal with a mix of rain and snow. for us, plain old rain. into the afternoon, that is when the rain will break up a little bit. the soggy forecast for the bengals game, rain rolling in into super saturday. let me get my graphics working for me. it is easier to tell the weather story. today, 44 degrees. tonight, 37. friday, rain in the morning and gone in the afternoon and evening. saturday, dry during the day, but 5:00 to 7:00 is when the rain will move in.
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party will get soaked. soaking rain through the game. on sunday, it will start as rain but end as a mix or light snow showers. that is something we will watch early next week. lisa: chick-fil-a is making a night out easier. the new service they are bringing out that will help out a discovery off the coast of canada. beer caring for someone i am a lot of things. i am his sunshine. i am his advocate. so i asked about adding once-daily namenda xr to his current treatment for moderate to severe alzheimer's. it works differently. when added to another alzheimer's treatment, r it may improve overall function and cognition. and may slow the worsening of symptoms for a while. p vo: namenda xr doesn't change how the disease progresses. p
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>> lily, the grey seal gave birth to a pop on january 2. they estimate she will quadruple her weight over the next month. gray seals nurse for three weeks . then it will be introduced to a fish diet. the mother and baby will remain at a public view for several weeks to allow them to bond. chick-fil-a is making some parents'
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it is called mom' s valet or parents' valet. it allows parents to order at the drive through with their kids in the car. then they go inside where the employee has the table ready with the food on the table. it is not implemented by corporate. 2 chick-fil-as ' s in florida implemented the idea. a bottle of beer found in the ocean off nova scotia is at the east 120 six years old. a scuba diver recovered it. they tested and tasted the liquid. they confirmed it tasted ok with notes of everything from cherry to sulfur. cherry, ok. sulfur, not so much. markings on the bottle suggest it was manufactured between 1872
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this has to be one of the best photobomb ever. he was not horsing around when he pulled off a righteous bomb on the little girl, giving her a picture to remember. randi: it kind of looks like he is doing the nae nae. that is hilarious. soggy conditions after 5:00 on saturday. wet through the game,
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lisa: is depression more than sadness? it's a tangle of
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