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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  January 8, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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and the bengals' wild card game against the steelers, just a day away now. but hold your own loon excitement, what you should not be posting before the game. >> from cincinnati's wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 today. [captioning made possible by wlwt-tv] >> the bengals game is not the only hot ticket in town. there's this. $700 million in the power ball. the biggest jackpot in u.s. history growing overnight. there's now been 18 drawings without a winner. the next one is set for saturday just before 11:00 p.m. good morning to you. i'm lisa cooney. mark hayes has the day after. we'll get more of your headlines coming up. let's check weather and traffic together. ladies, good morning. it is orange and black day. it's not halloween. kind of feels like halloween.
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earlier some of those surfaces you can sometimes get a spot. we had an accident and cruisers are saying it's icy in that area. the ground might be colder. so we'll watch that. let's see here. it's all rain for us. that leading edge that you can see is exiting our area, the radar pick up on a little bit of pink. s as she came on in she mea may have created a slick or two. watch that as you're headed that way but more fest of us, it is mile and, wet and a soggy start to the ravenlt we've got rain it move into the soust and overspread radar cincinnati. between now and noon it's going to rain pretty much nonstofment cloudy, maybe a sprinkle. right now everybody is above freezing even our
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it's 30 for downtown cincinnati and for c.v.g. we're getting in on the back side of that steady rain. 50 or so for the high. we'll hit that pause button. temperatures staying in the upper 40's all night and then climbing into the 50's tomorrow. it looks like we will have some decent weather for early tale gait. we'll talk about the bengal's forecast. >> no, we haven't had any at all just that one report of that somewhat icy conditions on miami river road. so keep that in mind if you're looking for her travel. we're seeing that wet pavement. you can see traffic moving along at our above posted speeds. same thing across the river. we had quite a break, we talked quite a bit about that construction on 71 and mmple l.k. we'll check again in a few
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lisa: philadelphia police say an officer is undergoing surgery after he was ambushed as he sat in his unmarked police crueler. he fired about 13 shots that hit the officer three times in the arm. he returned fire hitting the suspect three times. the officer is expected to survive. there is no word on the suspect's condition. 6:03 right now. a shocking discovery at children's hospital after a couple overdoses in a baby's room. thiness department left the woman dead, the baby's father in jail. this morning he goes to dourt answer charges that include having a weapon. andrew is live at the justice center on the latest on really this shocking case. westly landers went from his daughter's hospital room, his own hospital room to his own cell here at the hamilton county justice center and he'll see a
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he faces drunk drug charges and weapons charges. he was found on the floor of his hospital's bathroom. the 32-year-old was found there. she did not survive. a heroin overdose is suspected. the coroner will conduct the autopsy. she has seen the toll of the heroin epidemic firsthand. >> officially it was a shock. it was in a health care sfim, in a child's room -- health care facility and in a child's room. andrew: coming up in just a couple of hours, he's from alabama. had come to town for surgery to reconstruct his 7-month-old daughter's trachea just earlier this
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live from the justice srnt. lisa: patient safety is a top priority and taken very seriously. we have a cincinnati police officer at the main location seven days a week 24 hours a day. we are always evaluating our safety measures to insure the safety of our patients. turm elise: in the china markets are reflecting worldwide. miriah turner is live with more on how stocks are looking this morning so far. miriah, good morning. miriah: china's markets were volatile but they did close about 61 points bowied by support of the choi knees government. it forced the shanghai exchange to haul trading not once but twice.
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over china's economy which is the second largest in the world. >> this economy has been growing by gang busters until recent years. and now the economy is slowing and markets are nervous because they think that china may be falling even more quickly than they originally thought. this morning u.s. stock futures are up, which means while they could be poised for a higher opening. many also rebounded over night. we have an update on the paris terror attacks we have just learned that a belgium authority believed that a brussel apartment served as a bomb factory. investigators have found three hand made bells that could have been intended to transport explosives as well as bomb-making equipment. they believe this apartment served as a hideout for one of the fugitive suspects.
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focus of the day in lieu wiville, -- louisville kentucky. schools were notified about a vague threat. letters were sent home and parents were informed by text. no plan shutdown. 6:07 on your friday. a man behind bars for bringing a loaded gun to an elementary school. it happened outside of springboro five spring elementary. her husband was headed to the school to have lunch with their child an she was in a process of getting a temporary protection order against him. they found 44-year-old man and served him the order. at the time he had a loaded weapon in his car which was on school grounds. that is illegal because he did not have the conceal carry permit.
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and said at no point is anyone in danger. a warning about those lucky enough to score a tick. wlwt dan griffin is live at paul brown with what everyone needs to about being left out before kick-off. dan, what's going on? dan: anyone with ticks probably wanting to show them off. but you really should not show those off online. here's why. a ticket to the bengals game leerily one of the hottest ticket in town. if you put it on social media it could really make you a target to thieves and the ticket brokers at 333 seat are issuing a warning as to why you should not post those. >> just a lot of the tickets being electronic, you do not want that bar code to be seen on social media whether it would be
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a thief steals that bar code, they now have your ticket. if they beat you to the stadium they will get in first and your ticket will not work. >> that's something to keep in mind too. let's say you have some tickets and you need to sell them online maybe on craig'slist or ebay make sure you're not posting the bar code because you can run into some trouble there. dan griffin, wlwt news 5. lisa: good to know. thank you. we are learning new details about super bowl 50. beyonce will join coldplay during the halftime show next month at levi staid glum california. this will be a return trip. beyonce had head liened the 2015 show. she was joined by her destiny child band mates. the texas trooper who arrested sandra bland had surrendered. what happened after he turned himself in on
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much time he could spend behind bars. the newest exhibit . and the city cam, that's a live look inside paul brown stadium. earlier this week we saw the lights partially on. well, this morning, randi, they're partially on. randi: the rain is falling. plan on being pretty similar tomorrow night for the game. but almost 10 degrees warmer. so there's that. it's going to be warm and wet to start out the weekend. you you can see rain for everybody this morning. expect those rain roadways lunchtime. cloudy and will be around 50 or so. but stay nice and warm. we'll take a look at when our rain could change to
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>> you're watching cincinnati's wlwt news 5 leading the way. lisa: good morningful welcome -- morning. it is friday morning. expect on and off rain at least until lunchtime. we'll check in with randi because it moves out but then it moves back in. and then temperatures take a dive. she said roller coaster. [laughter] right now kyla is here checking traffic because things have been ok. make no mistake there have been spots before. kyla: there have. with the warmer temperatures you don't tend to think i'm going to run into some ice. by randi told us this mornings that a possible. probably clear in the clearing phases to this accident. it is something to be
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traveling through that area or any of the elevated surfaces. we have overnight construction to talk about starting at 11:00 until 5 a.m. tomorrow, those north bound lanes will close at mitchell. your alter na road is i-71 or you can travel to i-75. looking pretty good. we'll continue to keep you lisa? lisa: 6:15 right now. we are checking today's top stories. the texas state trooper who arrested sappeddra bland is now out on a -- sandra bland is now out. brian encenia turned himself over to authorities. texas police says it will fire the trooper. bland died in jail three days later after her arrest after it turned confrontational. if convicted the officer
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and a $4,000 fine. the so-called aflew wensa mom -- affluenza mom was arrested in texas thursday. she's charged with hipped -- hindering the apprehension of a felon. today president obama continues his gun control push after last night's virginia. during the town hall the president answered questions about his new executive action to help combat gun violence. president obama says the goal is to make progress. among the audience members, representative gaby gifford today. back here at home new signs are popping up and they're capturing the attention of
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to the city. miriah? miriah: there are 70 in photographs on the streets of over the rind one of the nation's mest historic district and they're the past. it's two years in the making. black and white photos illustrate what familiar photos look like. while creating an active experience for viewer, the historic photograph franges the 1940's to the 1950's. many pictures lack a caption which you can find personal meetings and construct their own understanding. the exhibition runs until march. you can find a map to all of the pictures as well as all of the explain
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explanations on wlwt. lisa: looks like rain this morning. randi? randi: today is starting out wet. tomorrow ending wet. but we are warming up today and tomorrow temperatures should hit that 50-degree mag or higher. soggy weather for saturday specifically evening in game time and yes, a couple of of snow flurries will make their way into the seven-day forecast. the back edge right here. so between now and about lunch time is what we're dealing with the steady rain. we are looking at rain showers all across our area. light no moderate at times that leading edge as it moved through. we did have some limited slick spots but now with our temperatures generally uper 40's. 40 degrees at c.v.g. and 49 in harrison, the coldest
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the up 40er7's. cloudy skies all night and our temperatures really don't drop much. here's the breakdown for the mild but rainy frifment we're getting on the back side of that. at 8:00 steady temperatures in the upper 40's. once we get to 1:00 and 2:00 the steady rain is communities. cloudy, mild afternoon maybe some passing sprinkles. it's going to be one of those days where it looks like it's going to rain. for tomorrow we start out dry if you're going to be tailgating early, 54 degrees not bad but as we head towards sunset, rain expected to roll in if you head towards kick-off, rain expected downtown. at times it may rain. plan on rain gear as you
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that's when we'll see our first shot at some snow shower this is week. tailgate parties in the 50's but anything after 4:00 and 5:00 make sure you have your rain gear. 49 degrees, rainy. at the end -- today, 50 and sunday. by mid morning we transition over to flurries and snow showers. they won't stick. but you could see some flurries on sunday. no chance for some light showers in the afternoon, lisa. lisa: a nail-biter on the road. could the bearcats in a last second drama in dallas get the win over s.m.u.? we'll show you the last second. >> plus northern conduct showing their skills to the nation. how it earned them top honors. >> randi is thinking about joining the group.
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as you can see the wet pavement out there. but we really haven't seen my of a problem. we we will check intend
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thanks for watch lisa: good morning. welcome back. it's 6:23 on your friday. your eyes are not deceiving you. that is a live look at paul
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and the lyings are fully on. they prepare for a big game tomorrow night. we're going to check with randi on that game time forecast just ahead. it is back to the practice course for the u.c. bearcats after a really tough loss to southern methodist university. in the first quarter, a scuffle broke out. two technicals handed out. and s.m.u. has a layer kicked out of the game. nen the final seconds justin with an almost missed shot. cobb tries to make the three. s.m. umple remains undefeated -- s.m.u. remains undefeated. 5 -57, a lots for the bearcats. 15th ranked louisville had a good night. the cardinals hit several slams against the wolf pack. they helped them get the win. final score -- still a good game 77-72. new baseball hall of famer,
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piazza met the media in new york. it wasn't tough to figure out he would go into the hall wearing a seattle mariners hat. the hall of fame induction is july 24th of course, in cooperstown, new york. a group of kentucky women have turned the nae nae song into a chance to help seniors. now watch me whip now watch me nae nae now watch me whip whip watch me nae nae we introduced to the women of the panarama senior apartment. they finished second in a senior got talent contest. they're going to get a $500 award later this monday and the women tell us they're going to use the winnings to help other who is have fallen on hard.
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started out as an exercise it's caught on. they're good. randi: they're teaching me how to do it. i knew the dance existed. i will break it down. lisa: you'll be in that group before long, randi. randi: before i go to the hands, it goes like this. we take a look at the forecast for tomorrow. if you headed doupt mild -- downtown mild and into the 50's. they will have tents as they're tailgating. rain is likely as we head into the bengals' kick-off time on saturday night. we change over to some showers on sunday night. the presidential candidate had to fight back against some protestors at a
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>> one dead. one in jail and the
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i'll have the lathes as one
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you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok. (announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok. (announcer vo) it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. lisa: a fire allegedly set to cover up a murder. now police say they have a killer behind bars. details on a late night arrest. new details on a home where
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case. now the home has been targeted before the fire. and excitement is building for tomorrow's game. how cincinnati's mayor wants you to show you're ready to roar. >> from cincinnati wlwt leading the way. this is wlwt news 5 today. [captioning made possible lisa: well, you're going to need the umbrella off and on this morning. we are seeing rain now. friday. it is 6:30. i'm lisa cooney. mark hayes has the day off. are you ready for some football? dressed in orange and black. many people are dressed in other get-up. you can see at the bottom of our screen there. thank you. we'll play more of that
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let's check the forecast. randi, good morning. roipped needless -- randi: needless to say we're all looking good. the rain has rolled in in greater cincinnati. this started about 3:00 this morning and it looks like we'll be with steady rain through about lunchtime. shower rolling in from south to north. you may have encountered some icy surfaces but that should be gone. we're sitting at 35 degrees at harrison. today. through the morning plan on rain showers, 8:00 a.m. right around 40's. we're getting on the back edge of that study rain. 46 degrees at noon. cloudy, mild and 50. i'm not going to rule out a spotty sprinkle. but the bulk of rain will be in the morning hours. find an orange raincoat
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soggy forecast. kyla? kyla: we did have some of those icy conditions reported around miami river road. so keep that in mind. it's been really great. here's 71/75. north bound seeing those brake lights as expected at this time of the morning. beakman starting to slow down heading towards i-75. kyla, thank you. lisa: first, a philadelphia police officer is in surgery right now after he was ambushed while siing in his police cruiser. he was shot three times in the arm and returned fire shooting the suspect three times. both are in the hop. the officer is expected to survive. also breaking, the power ball jackpot has grown to $700 million. the drawing is tomorrow night. we'll tell you the odds of winning coming up a it will late -- a little laettner the newscast.
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alabama father in jail after drug and weapons charges after police say the two overdosed in their baby's room at children's hospital. wlwt dan sutter is live with more on the charges and this case that really is shocking. bring us up to date. dan: wesley randers is sitting here at the hamilton county justice center. in the last 24 hours he's gone from being the parent to a child at the hospital to being in jail. he was found unresponsive at children's hospital. he was found after a sus suspected children's hop. he had a loaded gun in his pocket. he was not alone. the 32-year-old woman was found. she could not be saved. today landers will be in court. an autopsy will be conducted on the female to determine if heroin is to blame.
6:31 am
child had been exposed prior to -- wonder if the child had been exposed utero. questions. dan: landers had traveled here from alabama to take his daughter to children's hospital. she posted on social media she had surgery to reconstruct her trachea. right now we're trying to find out more details about the 32-year-old woman to landers and his daughter. update. it is now 6:34. a murder that police say was covered up by a fire at a west price hill home. today. police arrested albert mccamp last night for the death of clansis carson. the victim was found when
6:32 am
investigators had not said how carson died. mccarp is -- mccamp is charged with murder and arson. the family of clark gas late wife laura says he used to beat her they believe that led to her death. gas faces up to six months in jail and $1,000 fine. we are at a home are where a local firefighter was killed and a recent cazecaste was targed several times before this fire. miriah? miriah: according to these police records the house had been targeted four times this before the arson cates that took the life of officer patrick wolterman. the homeowner reported guns and alarm system wires had been stole frn the house. no one was ever charged in.
6:33 am
said that the suspect reported some threats in february of 2011 police were called when the alarm would go off that alarm would go off when patrick wolterman would find a the arson informs gailings is still active there. 's a $20 -- the arson investigation is still active. there's a $20,000 award if you know anything. lisa: with the latest on the campaign trail. nikole: donald trump heads to north carolina after drawing a big crowd in bernie sanders' home state of vermont. it only seats 1400 leaving out folks that they didn't say yes to being a trump supporter. he escalated the attacks
6:34 am
he released an video with them embroiled i n sex scandals including anthony @ wiener and bill cosby. @ hillary clinton says @ @ there's plenty @ @ of time @ to discuss th @ ose matters. nikole killion wlwt news 5. lisa: democratic rival bernie sanders got his start as mayor. here at home the empty hamilton county commissioner seat has been filled. last tpwhithe the -- night, the hamilton county seat was filled. hartman has served for six years. theaters is the brother of hamilton county prosecutor joe deeters. john cranley wants city
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bengals' pride by declaring today orange and black day. wlwt dan griffin will tell us more about this day and how the city is prepping for the big game. dan, good morning to you. dan: a good morning to you, lisa. some thanges the city is doing obvious lip calling for people to wear that orange and black. also fans though going to be pumped up as they head down here this weekend. the city wants to know that you need to make sure that you're prepared for that by bringing cash. parking closer to the stadium will cost you $20 where if you go farther from the stadium it will be about $10. that's something to keep in mind as well. for pittsburgh steelers fans it will be difficult for some of them to get tickets. one business 333 seat not pittsburgh fans. they want to make sure the stadium is covered in
6:36 am
plenty of ooh day pride. lisa: the mayors of cincinnati and pittsburgh are making things interesting with a friendly wager. the mayor of pittsburgh will be at paul brown to watch the game with cincinnati mayor john cranley. they will try some local foods and they agreed the local will wear the other team's jersey while serving meals at a local shelter house. heads up for northern kentucky parents. mason county schools now oop two-hour delay because of black ice. several viewers have told us about black ice in this region so be mindful. that is ason county in northern kentucky. all right. let's check weather right now. randy, we thought that could be a concern. 40 degrees now. but that's been changing early on. >> as this moves in some of those more rural areas are a little bit colder. if you drive a car
6:37 am
flurry indicator when you get to 37 because slick spots are possible. we have had some very isolated but some area where is we are dealing with some black ice early this morning. for most of you it is blaine old wet weather. for the kids heading to the bus stop, give them the raincoat and the umbrella. you don't need to worry about bundling up. 40 degrees on the way to school. after the school the rain should be over. 49 and cloudy. lisa? lisa: 6:40 right now. heavy hearts for those who walk the purple people bridge. the expression of love that's being taken down. expect a lot of action and dirt at u.s. bank arena this weekend. here's a live look, a sneak peak of this year's arena cross tour. and here's a live look through city cam on your friday morning, again, 6:40.
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thank you for waking up at apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. lisa: good morning. welcome back. a tradition that started in europe as a way to show couples' commitment to each other has started here on the u.s. kyla: that's right. these love locks are being cut down. at this point thousands of couples have fastened their locks on the rail on the purple people bridge as a soon of their undying love. however the locks of love
6:39 am
the owners of the bridge. dozens of locks were removed because of the weight of the padlocks tapped graffiti love notes that came with them. while some people the gesture is seat others believe the locks look tacky. but many believe the locks will not be gone for long. >> they're going to come back. people will start putting them up. that might be a new one, you know because young people who are in love will be in love forever. kyla: and it's true. already the purple people bridge is seeing new love locks up here. however the owners will remove this as well. lisa: this weekend you can action action-packed racing jennifer schack is live at the arena cross tour.
6:40 am
jennifer: good morning, guys. the professional race is tomorrow night. i am not. kyle he's going to drive the bike. kyle, what's it like to drive these bikes? >> it's really exciting. it's different -- i'm holding on for dear life. you have to be smart all the time. jennifer: u.s. bank arena kicks off the season. kyle will try to come in at number one this year. i'm just going to hope to stay on the bike. here we go. lisa: orange and black. hold on, jennifer. j-schack. >> i like her little whoo! randi: jennifer did not gas that thing.
6:41 am
anyway, that helmet was orange and black. very important the 56th annual auto parts cavalcade of customs. we felt that we were there. inside the duke energy center downtown. 500 custom cars, classic, hod rods, motor cycles and race cars on display, the event kicks off at 3:00, continues through sunday. general admission is $17 at the gate. i haven't heard if jennifer took off on that motor cycle yet. if you haven't caught the power ball fever the new jackpot . kyla: the jackpot has reached $700 million. this's record setting. it will be the largest lottery prize in u.s. history. lottery officials say it
6:42 am
it all boils down to that. ticket holders have a 292 million chance of winning. to put that in perspective, according to the university of buffalo, the ots of hitting the jackpot are about the same as you flipping the quarter and you getting heads 28 times in a row. the payout for saturday's jackpot is now $428 million if you just hit the cash. flipping the quarter and getting heads. but there is still a chance because it is possible. >> so you're saying there's a chance. randi: yes, there is. lisa: randi is sticking in her change for quarters, flipping them around all day long. randi: what nice card would you want? kyla: one time way back in my young single days, i drove a burnt orange
6:43 am
leather inside of it. and i have not forgotten that time. kyla: as you can see we have an issue on 71 south bound. they blocked the far left lane this is coming out of warren county right there near the 275 enter change. traffic moving by there. you'll need a few extra minutes to get out of there. 18 minutes out of butler county on 75 south bound. and our slowest spot 26 minutes on 71/75 on the split north bound. i can think a lot to do with that money. what would you do? randi: i'm thinking about peanut butter leather. you can name brown anything you want. that's awesome. enjoy your peanut butter leather. if you win, couples with a win on sat night, a split weekend. saturday and mild. rain moving in right around sunset.
6:44 am
flurries as our temperatures fall off the table. we're looking at the wlwt radar. there were areas of black ice. that should become less and less of a problem as our temperatures continue to climb. i want you to take a look at kansas city that is the rain that will impact us on saturday night intime for kick-off. right now sitting at 40's and temperatures climb up to 50 this afternoon. best bet for rain now through lunchtime. you can see all the way through noon steady rain and then more often than not just cloudy skies through the afternoon and temperatures. we stay in up ther 40's. on saturday. if you're heading out early to tailgate parties you're good to go. then as we head towards sunset so sometimes between 4:00 and 6:00 p.m. here comes the rain. at the bang for your buck
6:45 am
up tents so you can stand there in between the rail and jimmy john's and not get wet. side. and by sunday morning rain should we ares could end as a brief little batch of snow showers. tailgate parties in the 50es. kick-off 49 degrees. at the end of the game still about 48 or 47. so for today 50. showers. afternoon. early evening sticking around through the game. a little bit of a mix of flurries. no big deal for us. sunday afternoon we're in the 20's. lisa: we'll be back with your top five stories including a trip to cincinnati's children hospital that took a truly unexpected and tragic turn. how a woman ended up dead and a man is facing multiple charges due in court today. outside live on your friday. hope it's a great start for you. it is 6:50.
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arena. a lot going on there. the game, we have arena cross.
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60 months plus $2,000 dollars trade-assist cash. only at your local ford dealer. lisa: good morning. it's 6:53. we have your top stories in morning.
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an alabama father goads -- goes to court after police say they shoot up in the hospital. andrew bring us up to date. andrew: an autopsy could tell us more about the woman's death. as for the man he is here at the hamilton justice center. 31-year-old wesley landers is charged with weapons chargeses -- charges and drug charges. he had two more needles on the sink and a gun in his pants. a 32 woman was found. she did not survive. according to social media, landers had traveled here from alabama for his 7-month-old daughter could go through surnlry to have her trachea -- surgery to have her trachea reconstructed. he was taken here to the hamilton county justice
6:50 am
be arraigned this morning. lisa: your second top story, a philadelphia police officer shot multiple times. he is expected to survive. police say the officer was ambushed last night at the -- as he sat in a marked police kreutzer. the gunman shot 3 times hitting the officer and the car. the officers returned fire hitting the gunman at least three times. no word on the suspect's condition. china's markets were volatile again today but they did close up about 61 points higher after support from the chinese government. it follows a series of seat selloffs that forced the shanghai exchange to stop trading twice. the dow has lost more than 900 points since the start of the year which is the worst start on record. 6:55. millions of americans coming down with a serious case of lotto fever.
6:51 am
now at $700 million. there have been 18 drawings without a winner. the next one is set for saturday just before 11:00. locally. the wild car sho showdown between the bengals and the stealers. dan griffin live at paul brown with what you need to know ahead of tomorrow's big game. dan, good morning. dan: just some things you know before you come to paul brown. marking -- parking closer to the stadium at $20. but $10 as you get a half mile away or so. also bring cash. as you are out there if you get those tickets and you have them make sure you're not posting pictures of those on social media because those could be taken by thieves making you a target.
6:52 am
brown stadium. lisa: all right, dan, thank you. kyla's here with details on traffic. and randi has the forningte. randi: we have rain rolling through. we have reports of some black ice but basically it's rain moving through our area. expect temperatures around 50 degrees. so nice weather to tailgate but it looks like some rain for the bengals . kyla: they blocked that far left lane. working very slow traffic in that area. injuries reported with that accident as well. about another update. lisa: you are up to date. we are back in 25 minutes with more local news, weather and traffic.
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