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tv   WLWT News 5 at Noon  NBC  January 8, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way. this is wlwt news 5 at noon. [captioning made possible by wlwt-tv] lisa: a rainy start to the weekend. we' re getting a break from the s expected to return. your most accurate forecast just ahead. and a woman -- forced to find a place to stay, after a driver crashes into her home. s not the first time first responders have been on scene there. but first, a case of a heroin children' s. the new details we' re learning about the couple, and their baby who just underwent surgery.
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behind bars. good afternoon, i' m lisa cooney. that deadly overdose at children' s hospital has left a baby girl in the hospital, without either of her parents by her side. wlwt news 5' s andrew setters was there in court, as the father faced a judge. andrew? andrew: judge curt kissinger called this one of the most tragic examples of the heroin epidemic he' s ever seen. wesley landers is being held here on a high bond, after over dosing inside children' s hospital. children' s hospital, to uc center. he was found unresponsive, his baby girl' police said he was found with a his pocket. he' s facing drug and weapons charges and was ordered held today on a $.5 million bond. prosecutor robert schrimpf laid out the accusations against him in court this morning.
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s hospital. the mother of the child died also from a drug overdose. he had a loaded firearm children' that poses a risk to the i believe he' s a risk of overdosing again. andrew: landers is being held on $500,000 bond, but he can post s services is involved with the family now, to care for his 7 month old daughter. the couples other child is being cared for by relatives in alabama. live at the justice center, andrew setters, wlwt news 5. lisa: andrew, thank you. s office is still investigating landers death. an autopsy will be performed and toxicology tests conducted. confirmation that her death was the result of a heroin overdose could take some time. call in butler county' s madison township, after the driver of a truck loses control and crashes wlwt news 5' s karin johnson joins us live along route 122 in
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happened. tell us what went on there. karin: what a scary morning for this woman. just moved into the home eight days ago. she tells me she woke up at 5:00 to say goodbye as he left for she then fell back asleep on the couch in the living room. this is what her living room looks like now. around 7:30 this morning, a driver heading south on 122 lost control and crashed right into the home. dionna davis says it woke her up, she thought the ceiling was falling in, as everything on the wall flew across the room. she says the truck came within 10 feet of hitting her. she says she and her fiance knew 122 here in madison township was well travelled, but when they moved in, they did not picture anything like this happening. dionna davis: had it been any d have been dead. there'
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very, very thankful that the lower half of the house is a log cabin. that it had such good structure, that it saved my life. karin: the crash also startled her two cats, she did find one of them. she' s hoping the other is just hiding somewhere. live in madison township, karin johnson, wlwt news 5. lisa: investigators believe slick roads played a role in the crash. right now, the building inspector is looking at the s just in. ohio attorney general mike dewine has indicted charges environmental enterprises incorporated for the 2012 death of an employee. 20-year-old zachary henzerling died after chemicals he was henzerling' s supervisor kyle
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indicted. the company and its employees are now facing a number of charges including involuntary manslaughter, reckless homicide , and tampering with evidence. also just into the newsroom, bengals cornerback andy dalton has been ruled out of the wild-card game against the steelers. dalton broke his thumb back on december 13, the last time the bengals played the steelers. dalton' s cast came off on monday -- but the bengals say he' s let' s talk about the forecast. s on the field is going to get wet. randi: everyone of them. and everyone in the stands, too. we' re looking at what weather for the weekend, we' ve obviously started the day with some showers and another round will take a miss as we head towards kickoff -- take aim at us as we head towards kickoff. cloudy skies, it' s been steadily raining since about 3:00 this morning. we finally watching the back edge roll through.
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showers come to an end and it back edge rolling through now, limping to the north. for south and west towards s what we hang out the rest of the afternoon. steady rain is ending right now, 44 degrees steady temperatures, 48. the rain if you' re heading out to tailgate or the game tomorrow in a couple of minutes. mark: -- lisa: randi, thanks. china' s markets were volatile again today. but they did close up about 61 points, after support from the chinese government. it follows a series of steep selloffs that forced the shanghai exchange to halt trading twice this week. the dow has lost more than 900 points since the new year, which is the worst start on record. the s&p is down about five, the also -- the nasdaq down about 17 points. a fairfield boy battling inoperable brain cancer is
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a very long stay. behind 10-year-old kyler bradley and his family for months now. come out and line the streets of fairfield township and welcome re told firefighters will kyler has dipg, the same cancer fought by lauren hill. the man police say was responsible for a west price hill murder, faced a judge today. albert mccants was arrested last night, charged in the death of cleophis carson. a judge set mccants bond at s death was covered up by a fire. the 34-year-old was found by firefighters. after they put out a house fire one month ago. investigators have not said how carson died. 41-year-old mccants is charged with murder and robbery. a man is behind bars, for bringing a loaded gun, to an elementary school. s five points elementary.
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her ex-husband, brian streit, was headed to the school to have lunch with their child. and she was in the process of getting a temporary protection order against him. clear creek township officers found the 44-year-old man and served him the order. at the time, officials say streit told the officers he had a loaded weapon in his car. which was on school grounds. that' s illegal, because he did not have a conceal carry permit. the school notified parents and say at no point was anyone in danger. we' ve learned a home where a local firefighter was killed in a recent arson case, was targeted several times before the fire. police records show the house had been the target of crimes four times in the last four years. the incidents range from theft, to menacing. this past november, the home owner reported guns and alarm system wires had been stolen from the house. but no one was ever charged. there were also other calls for service in july, august and february. and just last month, that burglar alarm would go off again, when patrick wolterman
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fire. the arson and homicide investigation are still active. there is a $20,000 reward for any information. if you know anything, you' re asked to call crimestoppers. 513- 352-3040. police were called to a car fire early this morning, on 9th street in covington. of the fire. t believe time. the fire remains under investigation. the county commissioners seat was filled last night, the county republican party voted unanimously for dennis deiters to replace frank hartman. he will be officially sworn in at the courthouse monday, he served as a colerain township trustee for six years. he' s the brother of hamilton county prosecutor joe deiters. baby news from the cincinnati zoo. their first baby of 2016 has arrived. it' s a little blue penguin. zoo officials say the baby' s timing is perfect since the zoo celebrates its "penguin days" during the month of january.
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at 6:00. it weighed 45 grams. if you need a reason to think past the winter, some warmer thoughts for you. kings island, has announced its opening date. the amusement park, will kick off its 45th season, on april 16. daily operations begin may 13. and soak city opens two weeks later on may 28. new this year is tropical plunge, a seven-story tall complex featuring six different slide experiences. teens and the internet. a warning for parents this noon, about their kids online activities. a new study now showing that adults aren' t the only ones possibly preying on children online. randi: kings island isn' only place roller coasters. the weather forecast has it too. we go up and down, temperatures climbing and crashing this weekend, and more rain in the forecast. we take a look at the timeline for your tailgate plans, coming up.
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>> you' re watching cincinnati' s wlwt news 5. leading the way. lisa: just in -- - a 24-year-old accused in a deadly hit and run crah that left a 57-year-old woman dead, has been arrested. police say thomas stidhum was arrest this morning in bond hill. officers say he tried to resist arrest, and had to be tased. an officer ambushed, shot multiple times while sitting in his marked cruiser. philadelphia police now actively investigating. katy zachry is following this developing story, she has more on the suspect and officer this afternoon. katy: the injured officer was brought here to this hospital after the shooting. since then, he' s undergone surgery and talked to detectives about being ambushed and shot while sitting in his patrol car. one of the first people philadelphia police officer jesse hartnett saw when he woke up from surgery, his dad. robert hartnett: i love you and am very proud of you, and he' s
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katy: robert hartnett gets choked up thinking about the close call his son had while patrolling the streets of west philadelphia thursday night. 33-year-old officer hartnett was stopped at an intersection when police say a gunman walked up to his patrol car -- shooting rapid fire at the officer. here' s the radio call. >> shots fired, on spruce. i' m shot. i' m bleeding heavily. commissioner richard ross: i just have to tell you looking at the video, this is one of the scariest things i ever seen. he was coming. s amazing he' s alive. katy: officer hartnett, a rookie of 5 years, was hit several times in the arm. he still managed to fire his own gun, hitting the suspect who was ll be a tough road, he' s a tough guy, he' s an excellent philadelphia officer. katy: when officer hartnett was rushed to the hospital, his colleagues say he was alert and coherent. they tell us he has a broken arm and severe nerve damage. officer hartnett' s family is
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this morning. he grew up just outside philadelphia. his mother tells me -- his father tells me he always wanted to be a police officer . lisa: that shooting comes as president obama continues his gun control push, after last night' s townhall in fairfax, virginia. during the townhall, the president answered questions about his new executive actions to help combat gun violence. mister obama admitted the moves won' t stop all attacks but said the goal is to make progress. we hear a lot about the dangers of sexual predators contacting but a new study shows that kids' own friends are sexually harassing them online. 12-years-old and 16-years-old -- ve been pressured by about sex, when they didn' t want to. that study shows girls and kids with low self esteem were more likely to be harassed.
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problem. a new 24-hour a day pilot program at uc health is taking off. one that puts local specialists in contact with more patients than ever. the technology looks simple -- using an ipad on one end, and a web cam on the other. doctors at uc health can provide inpatient consultations, to hospitals states away using this equipment. clinical support and remote monitoring are also main portions of the program to connect patients with top health experts. dr. charuhas thakar: think about the cost of travelling for the patient, and the intangible and real cost to the family to bring that patient over here which can be completely avoided by providing this technology. lisa: uc health hopes to develop a hub and a model in the region, for delivering specialty prenatal care to communities where it may not be available. thousands of couples have fastened their locks to the rails on the purple people
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undying love. however, the locks of love have now hit a sour note with the owners of the bridge. dozens of the locks were removed over the past few weeks because of concern over the weight of the padlocks, and the graffiti love notes that came with them. while some people believe the gesture is sweet, others believe the locks look tacky, and are glad to see them go. but even with their removal, many believe the locks won' t be gone for long. >> they' ll come back. people start putting them back. that might be a new one you know. because young people in love will be in love forever. lisa: and its true, already, the purple people bridge is seeing however, the owners plan to s certified most accurate forecast. randi: in cincinnati with a playoff game tomorrow and it looks like
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that we do have come a much like in the month of december, warm and wet weather on tap as we head into saturday. saturday, cloudy and mild through the day and the rain arrives, we will call around sunset. and then sunday, we start out with rainbow quickly change over flurries as damages crash. there' s no easy way to say you go from 50' s in the morning to 20' s by the afternoon. as you look at the wlwt radar, we are watching rain showers left out of our area into portions of kentucky want to head south of campbell county, we try things out. give us the next 90 minutes, this package will lift through and we start to try things out. right now over top of downtown, a couple lingering light rain alexandria. s look down 71, you can see mostly cloudy skies and occasional little bursts of rain. expect the possibility of spending showers at times this afternoon. but by large, by the time we get
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is over for us for today. and we look to the west new can see low-pressure rolling through portions of missouri. s the rain will be arriving for the bengals game. there was some snow on the backside of that as well. right now, 46 degrees with window the south of a mouse for our. the breakdown for the rest of s still damp. at 5:00, mild for january. in the evening, staying cloudy and we have a pause button on temperatures, we hold on the s all night into tomorrow morning. you to cash shows that rain lifting out. this overplays the chance for spotty showers as we head into the evening, but maybe a stray sprinkle evenly tonight. tomorrow morning, we should be dried. if you are one of those people in the morning, you are good to go. you get to lunchtime, things are looking good. into the mid-50' s. as we head towards sunset, we' re calling it sometime around 5:00
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kickoff, scattered rain showers and at times during the game, the rain could be coming down pretty heavily. plan on rain. temperature wise, it shouldn' be bad. that' snow showers. the bengals forecast, tailgate s, kickoff will be at 49 degrees. for the rest of the day, cloudy and mild and rain showers tapering off. tonight, dipping to 46 with sunny temperatures. sunday morning, early rain and flurries. the good news is, it will of been in the 50' s for the last two days, and when i hit the ground, it will feel like january next week. on tuesday, we can have more light rain showers. i' m going to have some tea. lisa: i think you should. if you got ticket to saturday' s big game. a warning from officials. why they' re telling bengals fans to limit their online excitement, and picture taking. we will tell you why. and what does beyonce and cold play have in common?
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you' s
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of customs will return to the duke energy convention center. there will be over 500 custom cars, classics, hot rods, trucks, motorcycles and race cars on display. the event will kick off at three -- 3:00 this afternoon, and will continue through sunday. general admission is $17 at the gate. new details about super bowl 50. reports say beyonce will join coldplay during the halftime show next month at levi' s stadium in santa clara, california. this will be a return trip for the queen bee. beyonce headlined the 2013 super bowl halftime show in new orleans. and was joined by her destiny child' s bandmates. a little bit of a power outage, hopefully the can keep the lights on for queen bee. bengals fans are hoping beyonce will be performing for black and orange nation. but first they have to beat the steelers this weekend. a ticket to the bengals playoff game, is one of the hottest tickets in town. but showing off online, could come back to bite you. be careful if you post pictures of your bengals playoff tickets on social media. you could become a target for thieves.
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are issuing a warning. travis jackson: with a lot of the tickets being electronic, you do not want that barcode to be seen on social media, whether it be facebook or instagram. if a thief steals that, if a digital thief steals that barcode, they now have your ticket. if they beat you to the stadium, they will get in first and your ticket will not work. lisa: if you have already done it' watch out for if you' re trying to sell tickets online. make sure you don' t post pictures of the barcode. and paul brown stadium is getting ready, for the big showdown. the bengals tweeted these pictures from the field thursday. you can see the wildcard logo, on the 25-yard line, and a banner near the tunnel. it' s all waterproof, thankfully. randi: you imagine if it was the
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they mud bowl tomorrow night. that' s what a be a matter what, turf for regular grass as we look at the radar right now, the steady rain is rolling out of our area. we will be the occasional spotty showers in the afternoon. for tomorrow' s playoff game at noon, cloudy, mild and 50. at 4:00, the for showers are moving in. 54 degrees and as we head towards gametime, the pitchers falling off to the upper 40' s. we stay there during the game for sunday, we change to snow showers and next week, it' s january and will feel like it. lisa: it' s like a roller coaster. pull the bar down. [captioning performed by the
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