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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 12, 2016 4:00am-4:29am EST

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have a good one, folks. >> are blast of snow and cold is on the way. >> our team of reporters is tracking a winter storm and we will have the hardest hit areas of what is impacting your drive to work and school. >>leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 today. >> good morning. lisa:
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extended news today as we prepare for the morning snow. school closings and delays at the bottom of the screen. mark: let' sg get right to your most accurate forecast. randi: a couple hours here were not a whole lot is going on downtown. those snow showers rolling from indianapolis into our community, areas north of 74 in southeastern indiana. we are going to pick up at some point during the morning rush, two inches for some of us. it is not going to be evenly spread. while some people will get out to work just fine, especially headed out in the next hour or two, other places when you get into the happier more traveled hours, that is when we expect heavier snow to hit. right now we are watching that snow as it rolls from indiana towards portions of southeastern indiana. zooming in, you can see we do have snow showers from cartersville through liberty and brookville. light to moderate snow beginning
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that leading edge rolling along 52, approaching portions of brookville and portions of franklin county. we will take a look. here is a live look at the lucas oil stadium and indianapolis. they have snow showers across indy. temperaturewise, right now sitting at freezing. any pre-treatment that was done will do its job for this leading edge but then our temperatures will be tumbling. let' s take a look at the time the snowfall arrival. we are looking at a total of 1-2 inches of snow. the snow will be arriving between now and 7:00 a.m. slowly working from southeast down to maysville. between 7:00 and 11:00, our main timeframe, and expect by the time we hit 11:00 to 1:00 the snow comes to ane e end.
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1-2 inches of snow. then we deal with the cold temperatures. ryan turner has the latest on what we will do with the second half of the day. >> what you are going to be seeing is the snow. what you are feeling are the cooler temperatures. low pressure drag across the great lakes. that is bringing a cold front moving out of the northern plains. that is going to be moving to our area and with that we see the temperatures fall from where we are right now in the 30' s down into the 20' s and even single digits by wednesday morning. it is going to be a cold one. one thing you want to make sure you take care of will be the re-freeze of that we will see from some of the snow showers. and also we will see windchill factors today as well as tomorrow. and into the rest of the week. today, our temperature trend, we are falling. it will feel like a single digits by the later hours. but some of the refreeze and the dishes we are talking about. kyla:
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whole lot to worry about. you should be good to go. but we will be seeing that snow move in. it will be when our morning commute is happening. you want to be mindful of that. if you' re heading out later this morning, you will need that extra time. 275 light conditions. do not see any activity so far this morning. off to a pretty good start. with that pretreatment, we should be hopefully able to get along out there. we are hoping that you give yourself that extra time. those of you heading out later this morning. we will have it all covered for you. lisa: cincinnati road crews have been busy treating local streets. mark: dan griffin continues our team coverage with a plan to keep the roads in cincinnati clear. good morning. dan: good morning. for people heading to work this early, including us, the roads really are not terrible. we have interstate 71 over my
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the cincinnati road crews are not playing. they have 60 tracks out preach reading the roads. they have 25,000 tons of salt they will have on hold for this. they also have about 60,000 gallons of brine they will use to pretreat these roads. they say they are ready for mother nature and ready to rumble. >> we have to do is put ourself in a position where we have a flexible operation. so whatever mother nature, which ever way she goes, we can adjust. dan: here is part of the plan. they will take care a lot of the major routes first. they will also have a big focus on routes hospitals need to use. they will monitoring this is the storm moves in. we are not quite sure just yet what we are going to be seeing during the next little bit. expecting it to come in around a :00 downtown. we will have to check in with randi.
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look, making sure everything is safe. take it slowly if you' re out there and keep those speeds down. that is what a lot of drivers are saying. lisa: thank you. the city of covington as reading. we have a live look at one of the city' s trickiest spots to drive. covington tweeted out that the tracks are loaded with salt. crews are reporting at 4:00 a.m.. mark: even though their assault going down with a bit of cold temperatures overnight, drivers may still see some slicks bots going down. may still see some slicks spots. >> just pass kenwood mall in montgomery, kevin a clear look at 71 right now. time of the day. expected until
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roads are clear, however, we have past several odot crew s out staging north and on the side of the highway. waiting for winter weather event to begin. crews here have been working. we saw them pretreating roads in preparation for this event. but at this time, roadways are clear going into the city and traveling north into the suburbs. mark: thank you. one of the hardest hit areas will be to our north their hamilton and westchester. lisa: people could see as much is over. andrew setters is heading to the that direction and we have a look at the commute. heading north ahead of this snowstorm cared want to give you an idea of what to expect in this early hour. this is what it looks like as you head northbound on i -71
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the crews are getting ready to respond. next, we cut westbound across the norwood lateral and coming up on the left you will see the higher department of transportation truck staged on the side of the road. they do not pretreat the roads. they respond as weather conditions require. the fact this is coming in later in the morning might help out some people but it is hitting around the time that the morning rush hour still a pretty big deal, so it could cause some big problems. we will keep an eye on it throughout the morning. mark: thank you. winter weather challenging drivers and their vehicles as aaa continues to come to the rescue. their roadside rescue has helped 1000 drivers and the cincinnati region this winter. they say watch or signs of an
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emergency roadside cap. -- kit. lisa: our temperature seem to be right around the sweet spot but hanging out at 32. erik: it is going to fall on the next couple hours. we have been sitting close to freezing since midnight. our temperature 32. the high for today. we will tumble. once the snow ends at lunchtime. if you take a live look, here is our weatherbug camera. not exactly looking like a winter wonderland. if you look closer, you can see a couple snow showers. that is one of the only areas we are seeing any sort of snow from counterspell to liberty to brookfield. slowly making its way across the state line. maybe a couple of war -- trying to make their way into oxford in miami university campus. our entire region on tour with her -- winter weather advisory until early this afternoon. not because of the amount of snow. one inch, may be two inches not
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comes during a rush-hour, it does have a big impact. as far as our total today, 1-2 inches total. not a big deal. if it is coming heaviest between 7:00 and 10:00 a.m., a lot of people around the roads at that point. we will continue to watch that as we head into the afternoon. as -- if you' re heading out the door right now through 6:00 downtown, you should be good to go. mark: thank you. as weather and traffic conditions change, stay connected with the wlwt weather app to get the latest on weather, traffic and closings. lisa: a cincinnati police officer shoots and kills a robbery suspect. what led up to it. the suspension hammer how many games he will miss next season. lisa: outside live morning. it is 32 degrees. as we continue a special extended edition of news 5
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team >> you are watching cincinnati' s wlwt news 5, leading the way. lisa: good morning. 32 degrees on tuesday morning. we are waiting for a storm system headed our way. we will be checking in with randi rico just ahead. mark: 4: 13. let' s get a check on what is happening on the roads. light volume out there but we
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probably need some extra time this one. randi: definitely right now we are quiet. later this morning is when the bigger impact is going to be. if you' re heading out right now, you to not have a lot to worry about. out there on the roads and letting us know that crews are out there treating them. hopefully that will give us a head start on any issues we may have run into with this know we are going to see later this morning. that extra time is really going to be necessary as you head out. right now, do not need a whole lot of it. 275 heading to or from parts of butler county this morning. also a really -- off to a great light volume. i think we will continue to see that over the next hour until folks get outside. that works in our favor is a. 74 looks good at montana. and 71-75 off to a great start as well. we will have it all covered. lisa: thank you. let'
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randi: good morning. still waiting on that snow. it is not a morning to panic but if you are going to be out later on, when the snow is getting heavier between 7:00 and 10:00 a.m., that is when we could see the roads take a bit of a turn. as we take a look at the radar right now. have cloudy skies all across greater cincinnati. any snow that is falling is on the light side. if you take a look -- we start out in her eastern communities. a couple of flurries rolling in around 11:00 last night. those are exiting. we are seeing very light snow falling along 62, hillsboro let' s head over to the north and right on time. expected to move into the northern communities from counterspell to brookfield to oxford right now. watching that leading edge. i will show you a wider view of what is coming through. indy is getting snow towards bloomington. some deeper blues indicating heavier snow. the possibility of tossing down
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you can see temperatures at the moment sittings in the low 30' s. and your commute cast , during a morning rush at some point we will get that burst of snow. lunchtime, windy as the snow ends. for the drive home, single digit -- are temperatures down in the teens. lisa: following developing news this morning. a robbery suspect shot and killed by cincinnati police officer. mark: the robbery happened at walgreens at 8:00 last night. way and sunset. chief isaac says the two officers spotted the suspect with what appears to be a gun old officers fired at the suspect heard it is unclear if one or both hit him. old officers seven placed on administrative leave. the suspect' s name has not been released. another step taken today to make part of mt. airy safer.
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will unveil new streetlights. the initiative was an effort improve the safety and ability for hawaiian terrace residents. the 12 new streetlights were installed. efforts that will be made to improve safety in the area in the future. cincinnati police department is trying to find folks to take its recruit exam at the end of the month. last night they hosted a forum at district three headquarters. officers will answer questions at two sessions this week. they take place today at the pleasant ridge library and thursday at the police academy. lisa: isis guaranteed to be a topic of discussion at the president' s final state of the union tonight. congressman brad wenstrup is weighing in. he hopes to see the u.s. step up and be a force in an effort to control isis. he emphasized the importance of allies such as france to become more vocal and a force against the paris attacks and creating a
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m saying is sometimes it takes little push and when it we need to lead that charge to say that we as a civilized world need to engage in this together. lisa: as for the topic of national security, conversely when strip highlights the need for revising a comprehensive national defense plan. president obama will deliver his 9:00 tonight. watch it right here on wlwt. mark: there will be punishment for bengal start linebacker vontaze murphy. george vogel has details on how long it will extend into next season. george: the nfl is taking swift and strong action. vontaze murphy was hit with a three-game suspension without pay to start the season. the nfl going after murphy for this hit on antonio brown.
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placed his opponent an unnecessary risk of injury and should have been avoided. the nfl considers mup rphy a repeat offender since he had been fined four times during a break in the season. here is what marvin had to say yesterday about burfect and rough reputation. >> unfortunately, i think sometimes we have to earn some reputations we have to eliminate that by continuing to play well within the rules. he plays very well within the rules. we have got to keep doing that. george: burfict plans on appealing his suspension. vontaze could have company. the nfl is still reviewing the game and could be handing out more punishment soon. that includes players and coaches. mark: and small consolation for the steelers assistant coach joey porter who was on the field
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the nfl will fine porter for his actions seven night. poe rter' s reputation precedes in which we know about from when he was a player. no. because we remember what he was like in the playoffs. that is not a surprise. lisa: see? see how you incited a riot, joey porter? let' s check the forecast. good morning to you. where is it now? randi: right now we have snow cincinnati. next couple hours. take a look at the wide view. snow portion -- snow rolling to indianapolis and cincinnati. we will watch it grow as we head towards the latter end of the morning commute. looking at the radar right now are inside along the 275 loop. not a whole lot going on. snow showers from conners filter broke phil rolling along 52.
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now through the early afternoon for our entire area. they issued this not because we are expecting a ton of snow. 1-2 inches of snow not huge in the greater scheme of things but when it does come during rush problems. i do not think the problems are going to be evenly spread across our area but in some spots there will be chickie travel times. -- tricky travel times. 30' s. we dip down further, we have some issues. a dip. in the teens with single-digit wind chills the second half of the day. the first part of the day navigating around that shift from snow showers. temperatures falling. here is a planner through the afternoon. an end. start winds. 3:00, cooler and 21. by 6:00 p.m., 18 degrees feeling more like six.
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snow showers rolling in. a.m. so, for those buses heading out of the garage in the 6:00 hour, should not be a huge issue for many of us. kids hoping for a snow day, the ``timing issue -- you can see ``heavier snow bands expected ``morning. ``so many folks already at work at ``school at that point but heavier ``burst of snow, the latter half ``out around lunchtime heading out ``in the early afternoon. ``that is our temperatures fall. ``taking a look at the forecasted ``totals, maybe two inches on the ``high side. ``this much snow at the wrong time ``can cause slick spots and tough ``travel. ``that is what we will track for ``you as we get toward 7:00 and ``8:00. ``today, 30 one degrees, morning ``time snow and temperatures fall. ``tonight we dip down to single ``digits. ``under clear skies.
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``days, cold air is going to rule. ``we see temperatures fall, bitter ``cold afternoon. ``very cold tomorrow morning and a ``mix of sunshine and class of the ``day on wednesday with a high of ``24. ``slightly milder as we get ``towards the end of the work ``week. ``44 thursday. ``friday warming up and getting ``rain showers in the evening and ``overnight that we will ``transition to snow showers ``saturday morning as temperatures ``start to fall. ``by sunday, the cold air is back. ``couple of flurries for sunday. ``this morning, no issues at the ``moment. ``but in a couple hours, it could ``be a little different. ``kyla: if i could look into the ``future and talk about those ``problems, hopefully we will not ``have too many. ``if you' re heading out, we do not ``have any. ``we have construction that is ``supposed to take place to the ``overnight hours tonight. ``northbound 75 at mitchell. ``if we get snow that could impact ``that, we certainly will not see ``the crews out. ``but if they can get it done,
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``if that does take place, it will ``be northbound 75 at mitchell. ``you might anticipate that in the ``latter part of today. ``here' s a look outside. ``things are still clear. ``we will give you posted and have ``you covered ones that snow ``starts coming down. ``lisa: 4:23 right now. ``the roads around cincinnati may ``not be coated with snow but that ``will not be the case for those ``of you in our northern viewing ``area. ``mark: andrew setters is live in ``westchester with what we are ``seeing right now. ``good morning. ``andrew: good morning. ``let a lot of people, i' ve been ``hanging on randi' s every word, ``trying to figure out when we can ``expect the snow. ``we have got a few flakes flying ``in westchester right now. ``nothing of too much ``significance. ``sounds like it will be a couple ``hours before it starts to come ``down. ``i have not been out here in the ``cold that long because i can see ``a few flakes flying without my ``mouth freezing yet. ``we have looking behind us at the ``walgreens. ``i can tell you all the specials ``they have today but i can also
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``right now is 33 degrees in the ``westchester area. ``it feels a lot colder because we ``have got quite a bit of breeze ``coming in. ``a lot colder weather is coming ``in the hours ahead as this ``weather system begins to move ``through. `` in tyler' s role in cincinnati, ``dayton road. ``a busy intersection. ``it will be as the morning rush ``begins to pick up. ``we will keep an eye on road ``conditions. ``again, no problems because this ``weather system is still pushing ``towards our area, which it -- ``with a few flakes flying right ``now. ``mark: thank you. ``take a live look at wlwt live ``drive 5 camera. ``we will keep an eye on them all ``morning. ``looking clear right now prater ``out the morning we will have up ``eight' s to check the road ``conditions and make sure you can ``get out and about. ``we are not the only ones feeling ``this winter weather. ``in florence, illinois, snow
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``recent snowfall. ``however, that is not the only ``weather related issue. ``before the snowfall, there was ``flooding. ``turning roads into sheets of ``ice. ``there is also concern over what ``to do once the snow and ice and ``the floodwaters start to melt. ``lisa: video of a car and buffalo ``has gone viral. ``it parked -- it was parked along ``lake erie sunday night. ``strong winds sent the waves ``splashing up over the rails ``uncovering the car in ice. ``what you do not see is the other ``side of the car which should not ``get splashed all. ``mark: you can take a picture and ``upload it to the you local ``section on ``this picture is from sunday snow ``of girls w who pulled out their ``slides for winter fun. ``you can share your photos on our ``wlwt facebook page as well. ``lisa: winter weather is a time ``to have fun and the snow but ``there are concerns when ``temperatures drop.
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``>> traffic moving along just ``fine this morning on interstate ``71 but cincinnati road crews are ``ready for mother nature' s next ``big blast. ``we will have that coming up. ``mark: we take a live look ``outside this morning. ``it' s the calm before the storm. ``32 degrees. ``we have got extended coverage, ``team coverage throughout the ``morning.
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