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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  January 15, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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mark: republican pres ential candidates go head-to-head once again. who clash with who and last night' s debate? lisa: shots fired in a car. a woman rushed to the hospital in critical -- with critical injuries. the latest on who police are looking for. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way. this is wlwt news 5 today. lisa: 5:00 on your friday, i' m lisa cooney. mark: i mark hayes pure things you for joining us. we are going to get right with randi rico and tell us why we can enjoy while weekend because things change monday morning. randi: may change over the weekend. by monday morning, it will be a long weekend. for those of you snoozing, you will mix our next round of single digits, but they are on the way. we won from single digits to 50' s over the course of a couple days. we do the same thing today leading into monday morning. right now, 40' s.
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out friday. 41, mason. 47 currently in hamilton. we have clouds streaming in. wind out of the south, temperatures continue to climb. rain will creep in. right now, it is wrong to paducah along the ohio. i would expect by the late morning hours four areas to the south and west of cincinnati' s to see some showers. everyone gets wet. planner today, clear right now. clouds will be million quickly. at noon, showers, expect rain showers through the afternoon and for any evening plans for it upper 40' s for this time of year is not bad. way warmer than we see over the we see temperatures take a tumble tomorrow. s check the roads. india: right now, we have a and redmond road.
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a report of an accident to 75 eastbound at 7170 five. keep that in mind. i can' t see it on my camera right now. very light traffic moving along there, 75 at western hills, things are clear. i will have another check coming up shortly. lisa: it is 5:02 right now. a woman shot in her car and abandon on the side of the road. mark: and police say the bullets came from another car. wlwt news 5' s dan griffin is live with where the investigation stands and what we know about the victim' s condition. dan? dan: right now, we know the woman is in critical condition. she was taken into surgery overnight. now, cincinnati police are on a manhunt for that suspect. cincinnati police say the woman is 24-year-old lesha williams. investigators tell us she was driving north on reading road, near the norwood lateral when she was shot in the side. her red chevy truck crashed into a bus, no one on the bus was hurt. a passenger in williams' truck ran off. and the shooter was seen in a
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after firing several shots. the case was initially called a case of road rage, now investigators say there could be more. >> we' re gaging based on the damage to the avalanche um -- between six and nine, but again we don' t have anything to , support that outside of the physical evidence on the avalanche right now. >> this right here needs to stop, its the beginning of 2016, we getting tired of this. are looking for that silver they also had k 9' s working the in the truck. no luck. live at u.c. medical center, dan griffin, wlwt news 5. lisa: 5:03 right now the two , leaders in the republican race for the white house. donald trump and ted cruz clashed last night. it got personal in the most season. wlwt news fives miriah turner is
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miriah: trump admitted he ended his trees with screws because the senator is doing better in the polls. and finally cruz struck back. they came to debate just 2 weeks before the first vote, in iowa. ted cruz had the lead in iowa polls. until donald trump pushed questions about whether cruz, born in canada, is eligible to be president. cruz launched a counterattack. ted cruz: i would note that the birther theories that donald has been relying on, some of the more extreme ones insist, that you must not only be born on us soil but have 2 parents born on us soil. -- u.s. soil. under that theory not only would i be disqualified. donald j trump would be disqualified. miriah: cruz also fired back at the new york times. for reporting he did not properly disclose financing his 2012 senate campaign in part with a loan his wife got from her employer, goldman sacks based on wall street. trump gained a lot of criticism overnight from fellow republicans many saying he sounded angry during the debate . something south carolina governor nikki haley warned
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other candidates on the stage chose to stick to their main target, hillary clinton. clinton remains the top democratic candidate in the polls. from the live alert desk, i' m miriah turner. lisa: the democratic candidates will debate for the 4th time this weekend. nbc news is hosting the debate in charleston south carolina. nightly news anchor lester holt. will serve as the moderator. the debate airs right here on wlwt. starting at 9:00 before news five at 11:00. mark: new details on a bank robbery in deer park on plainfield road. police have released a surveillance picture of their suspect. the union savings bank was robbed wednesday morning. the person showed a gun demanded money and then hopped into a maroon vehicle on linden avenue. if you recognize the person in the picture call police. police say he knocked out a ripley police officer and took off with his gun. now kyle moore is being held on a two million dollar bond. police say moore attacked officer john amole breaking his jaw and causing a concussion. they say amole confronted moore on route-52. the suspect'
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called police to look for him. her father, says his daughter was scared after she and moore broke up. >> scared to death. she called me last night. she went somewhere else and stayed, and he' s a bad character. >> two or three minutes. it happened so quick. what i get from john, the victim, only thing he remembers is waking up. mark: police were able to capture moore after nursing home employees called 911. they say moore asked to use their phone. lisa: police officers in ohio may soon have to meet new requirements before applying to join the force. ohio' s police training commission voted to add drug testing for all police recruits statewide. other additions still being considered, a polygraph and psychological exam. the attorney general is also asking the commission to consider adding some misdemeanors to the list of crimes. that would prevent a person from becoming an officer. many of the larger cities in the
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standards. mark: legal marijuana failed with voters in november. but the issue of medical marijuana in ohio is not going away. the speaker of the house has organized a task force to start the conversation about it. after the support the ballot issue got last year, the group realizes there' s interest in medical marijuana. >> so our goal is to start the discussion which will provide more information, facts, perspectives to the debate in order to guide future actions and policies towards a measured approach on medical marijuana. mark: the 15 member group, includes lawmakers, medical professionals s first meeting later this month. s check traffic right now, 5:07 on your friday. india: we see green conditions on the big map. keep in mind, tonight at 11:00, northbound i-75 at mitchell will be closed due to overnight
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it will open up the following day at 5:00 a.m. your best alternate for this is reading road or i-71. take a look at 75 just north of 74, traffic is moving along here. keep in mind again starting at 11:00 p.m., this area is closed. we also told you about a water main break on tennessee and reading road. good morning -- good news, it is not too cold so the water is not freezing. randi: compared to yesterday when we had the water bring -- water main break and the ice-skating issues? look. s. 42 currently in blue ash, 43 in wyoming, 42 closer to downtown. not a bad way to morning. morning rush, clouds roll in. lunchtime, rain showers are here. over spreading during the lunch
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44 degrees at lunch, for the drive home, rain showers and 46. if you have a big date night, plan on some rain. the rain goes away and gets replaced by snow showers in the week in forecast. i will have that in a couple of minutes. mark: a progressive project in fairfield is finally completed. lisa: how an entire school district is getting their own hospital. mark: a nasty fall and a very serious injury could lead to big changes in kentucky. a family' s mission to protect kids after their son' s accident on a bike ride. here in vineland, home of progresso, we love all kinds of chicken soups... but just one kind of chicken. white breast meat chicken every time. so if you're not going to make your own chicken soup tonight, do what we do...make it progresso. i would kill for something sweet. wanna split that? no...soooo much fat...
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open enrollment and see if you qualify for financial help. after all, 85% of exchange applicants do. call 1-866-685-2701 and get covered today. anthem blue cross blue shield. you've got the will. we've got the way. mark: 5:12 zero time, 42 degrees on a friday morning. it is a friday. that is all you need to know. lisa: is what i' m talking about. mark: checking today' s headlines for you michigan' s governor is , asking president barack obama to issue an emergency and major disaster declaration because of the flint water crisis. governor rick snyder' s office says it' s asking for additional federal aid for both individuals and public agencies involved in the effort to provide flint
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water. flint' s tap water became contaminated with too much lead. after the city switched its water supply in 2014 to save money. lisa: still no word on who holds the 3 winning tickets from wendesday night' s powerball drawing but a spokesman for the california lottery says it makes sense to wait before coming forward. he says a windfall like this is the start of a new journey, and that the winners should line up lawyers, accountants and financial planners first. a california 7-eleven sold one of the 3 winners in the $1.6 billion drawing. the other two were sold in florida and tennessee. mark: the vice president begins his mission to battle cancer today. the vice president called for a moonshot to cure cancer last october. today biden be in philadelphia , to participate in a roundtable discussion at the abramson cancer center at the university of pennsylvania' s perelman
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that is will he will talk to cancer experts. biden' s son, beau, died of brain cancer last year. a new bill in kentucky could change the way children ride bikes all across the commonwealth. lisa: and as wlwt news 5' s miriah turner tells us for one kentucky mother. the fight is personal. miriah: in front of a crowd of supporters kentucky mother heather floyd. shared the story of how her son tj' s life was changed forever. he' s the inspiration behind tj' s bill. which would require children under 12 to wear a helmet in kentucky, while riding a bike. in 2010 then, 7-year-old tj was riding with his siblings when he fell and suffered a traumatic brain injury. that' s what she wants to change, floyd hopes tj' s bill will do just that. >> on our journey we decided along the way to start spreading the word for helmet safety and awareness for other families because like our family, my husband and i grew up without a helmet and we didn' t think
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miriah: if the bill is passed any parent whose child is caught , without a helmet will be fined $25. unless they can prove they have purchased a helmet. fees collected will be used to provide helmets for kids in need. lisa: learning and getting a checkup. in case you missed it that was one of our top stories last night at 11:00. fairfield is now home to one of the first school-based health care providers in the area. the new health center officially opened tonight on donald drive. it' s a partnership between several local health organizations and fairfield schools. the center will serve students families and school staff. , they can get medical, dental, vision and mental health services. >> they' ll take everyone' s insurance. the upside of it is any student that doesn' t have insurance, they will see them. they will address their needs. and they' ll really be able to look at what those health issues are, in order to keep them in the classroom.
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during the school day so parents t have to miss work. randi: morning, i know kings allen -- island is an open, that doesn' aren' t roller coasters. they are just of the weather variety. today, 36, tomorrow, 37. sunday, 27. those are the highs. single digits by monday morning. here is the good part. website. as we look at the radar, clouds rolling into cincinnati from louisville. rain showers from st. louis to paducah. moving along the ohio river and eventually to us. it will be light and spotty southwest of cincinnati. more rights right into the second part of your friday. right now, clouds are moving in. high clouds casting a gloom over
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temperature wise, nothing to complain about. most places near 40 degrees. 42 right now at cvg. harrison. two days ago, that was three degrees below zero. things are improving temperature wise. they will fall again. into the late afternoon, with rain around and the clouds, we won' t make it into the mid-50' s like we did yesterday. mid-to-upper 40' s for many of us. by 5:00, most places around 45, 46 degrees. it is friday. maybe you had big plans for date night or whatever, plan on soggy conditions. 5:00, 46, 8:00, still showers around. by the time we get to midnight, rain comes to an end. not a huge issue. you will see on the futurecast as collateral in this morning. before lunchtime, some showers west of town and becoming more widespread into the early afternoon. rainy by the evening drive through 8:00, at least.
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small chance for a flake on the backside of this system. clouds stick around tomorrow as cold air rolls in. today, upper 40' s. tomorrow, upper 30' s, cloudy through the day. sunday, windy, only in the 20' s. the feels like temperature unit -- easily in the single digits. we could see some flurries on sunday. monday is a holiday. many folks have a day off. that is good because it is never fun to go outside when it is five degrees. stick around for tuesday, as well. the coldest air the season possible for and locate a on monday. -- for mlk day on monday. let' s check the roads. india: not much going on as you step outside. here is a look at 471. you can see traffic moving along north and southbound there. that is that u.s. 27. a big map still showing green
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471, 65 miles per hour as you get closer into downtown. 62-65 miles per hour, not bad. take near look at the daniel carter beard bridge, this is a great view. traffic is moving along northbound. closer to the 6:00 hour, we see traffic pick up in this area. lisa: a message from pleasant run elementary school. collects -- nine >> hi channel 5. we' re the students from pleasant run elementary, and our teacher is the warm 98 teacher of the week. mark: coming up we' ll learn more about who they elected to be our teacher of the week. lisa: i love it. they are fired up. it makes you feel good on a friday morning. 5:19 , 42 degrees on a friday morning. stay with us, more headlines next and more about the teacher welcome aboard my starship. ahoy, mateys! it's full of things i love...
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lisa: good friday to you. randi rico been telling us it is not as cold this morning. another day with rain on the way. it is friday, lots of students and teachers us -- excited about that. time now to honor our teacher of the week. this week' s teacher is mr. jeff anderson of pleasant run elementary. the parent who nominated him said he is such a great teacher that her youngest daughter even prayed she would be in his class. mr. anderson makes learning fun,
5:22 am
encourages them to do their best. >> i love what i do. teaching is my passion. the kids are why i' m here and i just love to make learning exciting for them, meaningful for them. lisa: mr. anderson walked away with a swag bag full of goodies from our friends bob and marianne from warm 98 and the team at modern office methods. best of all, the class was treated to a pizza party by westshore pizza. if you have a teacher you think should be teacher of the week go to look under the contests tab for details on how to nominate your bringing healthy food into the inner city. closing the health gap says. cincinnati has 10 fewer stores in under-served communities than the national average. that will soon change. boston-based developer the community builders is working on
5:23 am
>> we call it transformational. there is no way for this not to have a catalytic affect in terms of transforming people' s perceptions about the neighborhood transforming the , physical environment in the neighborhood. transforming the available amenities from housing to commercial. lisa: the plans would tear down most of the avondale town center. it would be replaced by a save-a-lot grocery store a laundromat health and dental clinic and housing. the city has been working toward this since 2009. mark: happening today jungle , jim' s will kick off it' s third annual barrel aged beer bash. the two-day event will feature more than 80 different kinds of beers for guests to sample. the beer bash will take place in the oscar event center at the fairfield location from 7:00 until 9:00 both nights. guests who will partake in the drinking must be 21 or older.
5:24 am
, nondrinkers a $15 to watch. [laughter] lisa: which is weird, will go never -- but whatever. randi: people watching a beer fest can get funny. miriah: in a hurry. mark: --miriah: mark: in a hurry. randi: i want to give you your forecast or those of you who are jumping out to get your flying pig training runs in this one. check out the twitter account. this photo. throughout the training, suite for post on my facebook page, selfies of you training for the flying pig. temperatures in the upper 30' s to around 40. friday night, 6:00 of your route running, 44 with rain. on the weekend, it is on the reference site as far as temperatures go. we will be seeing temperatures
5:25 am
s on saturday and sunday. 20' s all day. stronger wind and maybe even evening flurries. mark: 5:25 is your time. turmoil at the top. lisa: why the leader for a local organization that supports the families of fallen military members is now resigning.
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ok, we're going to need a napkin gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel. mark: police in mount healthy
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street. what a woman says she witnessed just seconds before the dog died. lisa: protests planned at local hospitals. why former patients of dr. atiq durrani plan to picket today. mark: a woman driving in bond hill shot in her own car and left for dead. the latest on her condition this morning and why police are looking for her passenger as well as a suspect. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 today. mark: good morning, i' m mark hayes. lisa: and i' m lisa cooney. we have the weather and traffic let' forecast. it is rain, but is still feels pretty good. randi: and it is all rain. yesterday, puddles as the snow s. s today, looking cloudy and in the 40' but still for january, this is not too bad.
5:29 am
river. it is moving toward louisville by midmorning. here to cincinnati toward the lunchtime hour. clouds streaming out of that. even though it some clear skies overnight, this morning starting out with clouds starting to work in our direction. temperature wise, this is pretty nice. 37 in hamilton, one of the 42 at cvg. 41 in florence. the breakdown today shows clouds rolling in in the morning and into the afternoon, temperatures topping out around 46 degrees. we will take a look at the timeline for the showers moving in our direction in a couple of minutes. india jones, how are the roads? india: is a look at 71-75 in covington. looks like we' re picking up a little bit fourth down, but that is pretty much all we see. 275 at state route 32 eastbound and westbound, traffic looks good.
5:30 am
at montgomery road in kenwood, things should look good. mark: thank you. new this morning, a protest is scheduled at three local hospitals concerning dr. atiq durrani. he' s the doctor accused of performing unnecessary spine surgeries and then fleeing the country after his arraignment. wlwt news 5' s dan griffin is live at u.c. medical center with the story. dan? dan: dozens of his former patients will be picketing three local hospitals, including here at uc health. they want to raise awareness about what has happened in their cases. the doctor was charged with health care fraud in 2013, accused of performing dozens of unnecessary surgeries and procedures. he left the country after he was arraigned and he was never just the receiver a trial. it is the two-year anniversary of the more than $1 million verdict awarded to his clients in the case against durrani.
5:31 am
to picket at several hospitals, including uc health. we will be covering that as well. dan griffin, wlwt news 5. lisa: new this morning, a suspect is still on the run after stealing a car and committing a robbery in north college hill. police say an officer spotted the suspect after the robbery, and there was a chase that ended in spring grove village. the suspect ended up ditching the car on north edgewood avenue, and he was able to run away from the scene. a k-9 was called to the area, but could not track down the suspect. if shooting under investigation in hamilton. butler county dispatchers say at least one person was shot about 2:00 this morning in a parking lot of the hard times bar on south 7th street. the victim was flown to uc medical center. the victim' s injuries are unknown at this time. a woman shot in her car and abandoned on the side of the road. mark: police say it came from another driver on reading road.
5:32 am
at the live alert desk with more on how it all played out. miriah: cincinnati police say the victim, 24-year-old iesha williams, was last listed in critical condition. she underwent surgery at uc medical center. she was shot in the side while driving north on reading road near the norwood lateral. police say the passenger in the victim' s truck ran away from the scene after it crashed into the back of a metro bus near the corner of reading and california. the suspected shooter was seen driving in a silver sedan, but police do not have a better description on the car or the driver. this was initially described by police as a case of road rage, but police captain russ neville says it is too soon to tell what caused the shooting. police say based on the physical evidence, it appears the victim' s car was shot between six and nine times. anyone with information on the shooting suspect in a silver sedan or the passenger who took off from the red avalanche truck is asked to call cincinnati police. from the live alert desk, i' m
5:33 am
mark: new details this morning jakarta, indonesia. an indonesian police official says an islamic state group flag was found with one of the jakarta attackers who launched an assault on a coffee shop and a police post yesterday. police believe they have established the identities of the five attackers killed by police. two civilians were killed in the attack and at least 20 others were injured. today, indonesians will pay homage to the victims. closer to home, firefighters were called to a fire on lower price hill last night around 10:00. it happened off of state street near gest. the building is believed to be vacant. we' re working to learn more information about how the fire started. lisa: in mount healthy, a search for answers after a woman called 911 saying she just saw a dog being thrown out of a pickup truck. police say they found a dead beagle near compton road and clovernook last thursday, but they' re not sure if the dog was killed before or after that incident. we talked with one woman who
5:34 am
do this. >> an animal is something that does have feelings. they are not just there. they do care about you. and for an owner to do that to their animal is just horrible. lisa: police say the driver in question has two beagle dogs, but he told police he was not driving that night and has not driven that truck in the last six months. mark: police are still looking for at least two suspects after a teenager was shot and killed inside his west chester home. friends say a group of teens followed tyler kassow' s brother to the house wednesday. the brother says two men pushed their way into the house with a loaded gun and fired one shot. a family friend tells us tyler had matured a lot in the past couple years. >> he was very polite, please, thank you, all the time. when he started working -- he grew up a lot when he was in high school. 11th grade when he started working at mcdonald' s. i noticed a change in him. he grew up
5:35 am
18-year-old justin koch on a $2 million bond. he' s charged with complicity to murder and complicity to aggravated burglary. police are still looking for a teenage boy and a girl who took off in a blue mazda protege. lisa: an organization making sure our heroes are never forgotten is in the middle of turmoil. the entire yellow ribbon support they' ve canceled their 11th annual let us never forget scholarship dinner after a fallout with founder keith maupin. the board spokesman says maupin scheduled his own separate dinner on the same date. the scholarships help dozens of local high school students and keeps the legacies of our fallen heroes alive. >> they' re stories, you know. if you don' t continue to tell stories, they eventually vanish . and with the let us not forget scholarship, it keeps my husband specialist russell madden' s name alive along with other fallen families out there. lisa: founder keith maupin says the dinner will go on as planned
5:36 am
loveland, board or no board. mark: happening today, visitation services for the man who made a big difference for many here in greater cincinnati. frank gerson established the freestore food bank in 1971 as a way to collect not just food, but other household goods as well. eight years later, it evolved into a foodbank. the freestore foodbank now serves about 20 million meals a year. visitation at weil funeral home begins at 9:30 this morning. gerson passed away earlier this week. he was 70 years old. lisa: backed your forecast. 42 degrees. it feels pretty good. randi: this is not a problem for us on a friday morning. man, it was so much colder monday and tuesday of this week. our temperatures on the roller coaster pattern. we have been climbing. now we' re at the top of the hill and we' re going to fall again into the weekend. right now sitting up 42 at cvg. hamilton, 37.
5:37 am
as the kid set out to the bus stop, not necessarily to pack them with every layer of winter clothing. you may want to toss in the raincoat because we have the potential for decent rain showers as they head home from school. on the way to school, pretty mild, clouds rolling in, close to 40. on the way home from school, about 10 degrees cooler than yesterday because of the clouds and rain, but mid-40' s for january is not really a bad thing. we will look at when these temperatures take their turn and just how cold we will be for the bus stop next week, coming up in a couple of minutes. first, let' s check the roads. india, we at a lot of snow melt away but the good news is, with temperatures above freezing, i have not heard you say black ice all morning. india: you' re going to disappoint my son who loves the snow. yes this theory of you put three ice cubes in the toilet, it will snow. whatever. randi: i have not learned that, but that is goal.
5:38 am
all of the accidents have cleared. take a look at speeds around the tri-state. 65 miles per hour on 74 at 275. 75 at the ronald reagan, 55 miles per hour. keep in mind the construction zones, 45 miles per hour. 275 your level of a deer, 65 miles per hour. here is a look at loveland madeira, picking up closer to i-71 member no delays. i will let you know if we have any more accidents, coming up. lisa: we now know the name of the $1 million winners in jackpot. time. friday, hope it is a great start for you. 42 degrees.
5:39 am
again! r again! again! again! again? general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal... again! old bedroom. a havertys designer. the whole space. and it is perfect. i'm sure it was perfect then
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yeah, i was perfect. no mom, you're grounded! it's's better now. well, my design sense is ever-evolving, so... update your space and take up to one-thousand dollars off your purchase at havertys. plus, enjoy twenty-four month, no-interest financing. havertys. discover something you. randi: good morning. taking a live look outside, 5:42. 42 degrees, go friday. it is not going to be perfect, we have rain showers on the way. today, easily warmer than the next couple saltier headed out the door right now, this is what you need to know. today on the mild side, rain showers mainly in the afternoon. they are creeping in mid morning. your better bet to bust out the umbrella will be the second half of the day. cloudy, cold, and sunday,
5:41 am
wind flurries, a blustery day. remember a couple of days ago would we had decent winds? we could have that again on sunday. lisa: while no one hit the big powerball jackpot in our region, there were several people who won smaller prizes. mark: among them were three people in kentucky that won $1 million. not exactly chump change. just saying. miriah turner tells us about one winner who says this money couldn' t have come at a better time. what a great story. miriah: i love this. mark and lisa, the travel centers of america in walten, kentucky, is where linda windey bought that winning powerball ticket. linda windey says she bought three powerball tickets this week and decided to check her numbers around 2:30 in the morning when she got home from work and was shocked to learn she was a $1 million winner. the single mother of three kids is from upstate new york. she' s been living with family in ohio, working a temporary job in walten. and says this million dollar win couldn'
5:42 am
time. >> i was down here visiting because i was having a hard time in new york. it' s been crazy with the news crews and the phone calls, lottery coming into confirm and everything. so i' ve been with the company 11 years and this has never happened. miriah: so what was the first thing that lottery winner linda windey did after her win? she gave blood. the red cross had a blood-mobile parked outside the lottery headquarters. she says it just made sense to give back after such an unexpected win. mark: a goshen township woman is also a $1 million powerball winner. victoria shoopman' s numbers came up in saturday' s drawing. she is taking more than $700,000 after taxes. she told powerball officials she plans to become a homeowner. her daughter bought the ticket at smokes and things on dickflynn boulevard.
5:43 am
s drawing was sold at the speedway on ohio 131 in milford. that ticketholder has not come forward yet. lisa: boats and rv' s are taking over downtown. today, the cincinnati travel, sports and boat show will kick off for the 59th year. the event is in town until the 24th. more than 400 exhibitors will be on hand for all things outdoors. admission is $12, children 12 and younger are free. 5:45. happening today, city leaders are going to discuss the plan to move nine historic murals from cvg to the duke energy convention center. the city planning commission will meet today and focus on the location for the murals. right now, the plan is to have them on display outside the convention center after they are moved from airport terminals set for demolition. mark: tonight you can enjoy high school basketball while raising money for the ruth lyons children' s club. the bluegrass-buckeye charity classic takes place tonight at northern kentucky university. scott takes on dixie heights at
5:44 am
cooper-holmes matchup at 7:00 and ending with covington , catholic taking on newport central at 8:30. tickets are $10 at the door. the money goes to several local charities in both ohio and kentucky. university, students and staff celebrations to honor a civil rights hero. host the dr. martin luther king it' s part of a week' s worth of events for the leader of the civil rights movement. martin luther king day is this coming monday. lisa: let' s get a check on traffic. india jones, bring us up to date. india: we still have the water main break, so keep that in mind. maybe heading southbound, you may want to jump on the norwood lateral. here' s a look at the big map. green conditions, 71-75 of the split to downtown, 18 minutes.
5:45 am
seven minutes on 71 heading from kings mills down to 275, 65 miles per hour, looking good. 71 at the norwood lateral, traffic is moving along very light northbound and southbound. keep in mind, if you' re heading out right now, reading wrote in tennessee is closed. randi rico, she is a check on your most accurate forecast. randi: looking at the weather that is one to go up and down over the next couple of days but that has been the pattern throughout winter. today, mild and rainy. way colder saturday and sunday. we go from upper 40' s today down quickly into the 20' s are sunday. even colder weather for those who get that three-day holiday weekend on monday. right now, 40 of springboro, 42 downtown as well as walton. 45 and warsaw so it not a bad way to start out your friday. drive that you can see clouds have streamed in from the south
5:46 am
further down the ohio river, rain showers working in our direction. it will take a lot to get here , southwest of downtown, potentially 50 rain showers between 9:00 and 11:00 this morning. most of us, around lunchtime into the early afternoon. right now 42, when out of the south at 12 miles for our. that is helping to pump up the temperatures. by noon, showers , 44. through the middle of the afternoon, rainy, mild, temperatures don' t skyrocket the 50' s like yesterday was sunshine, basically mid 40' s. this is the warmest part of the next couple of days. by lunchtime, you can see be rain rolling in. steady rain for the evening commute up until about 8:00 , 9:00 tonight. the back edge is a cold front. with that, maybe a stray flurry late tonight. generally, just colder air
5:47 am
locked in with gloomy skies saturday. only making it into the upper 30' s. sunday even colder. in the 20' s all day. stronger winds on sunday and maybe a burst of snow late in the day sunday late afternoon, evening followed by even colder air for mlk day on monday. today, 46. rain showers, but on the mild side. tonight, 28. rain showers may end as a stray flurry, but that is not a huge issue. for the weekend, tomorrow, cloudy and 37. sunday, a blustery day. temperatures in the 20' s. early on monday morning, luckily a lot of folks have the day off from school for the holidays, 5 degrees in the morning. mark: all right, thank you. are you getting nervous? lisa: i will get used to it. mark: last sunday was very cold at the playoff game and the kicker of the minnesota vikings getting a lot of flack for the
5:48 am
lisa: you will love the story, how the kicker is thanking the students who showed him empathy. we will talk more about that. mark: it is official, the oscar nominations have been announced. which films are getting the most nods this year? lisa: 5:49 is the time on cincinnati' s wlwt. 42 degrees. we are back after this it's about time the taco...came
5:49 am
unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough.
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this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first
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mark: good morning. as we get up and get going on a friday morning, we will check your most accurate forecast in just a moment. but first, this could be the year -- or could this be the year that actor leonardo dicaprio finally gets an oscar? lisa: miriah turner tells us which films saw the most nominations at the oscar announcement. miriah: like we said "the , revenant" is leading with 12 academy awards. the nominees were announced this -- yesterday morning in beverly hills with the revenge thriller starring di caprio leading the pack. sequel "mad max fury road" got 10 nods, including best picture. sci-fi movie "the martian" got seven nominations. after falling short at last weekend' s golden globe awards, "carol" is back in the nominee column. the 1950' s era romance was, of course, filmed here in greater cincinnati. cate blanchett is nominated for best actress in her role in the movie. "carol" has gotten six oscar nominations. other nominations include -- sylvester stallone for his role in "creed."
5:52 am
for best directing. "star wars: the force awakens" has been nominated for best production design. comedian chris rock will host the academy awards in february. mark and lisa? lisa: we are checking some stories trending this morning. mark: a great supplies for an elementary class you show their support for the vikings after last week and start breaking loss. >> thank you from the bottom of my heart. that cheered me up a lot. the fact that you guys would do that for me, somebody of never met, some of you don' t know, that is huge and it can help concern times like these. mark: the vikings kicker tim to visit the class touched by their letters. the first grade students sent him cards when he missed what was likely a game-winning field goal against the seattle seahawks. lisa: a passenger recently brought a turkey on a flight as an emotional support animal. a fellow passenger tweeted photos showing the bird sitting in the cabin. but don'
5:53 am
apparently, any animal can be a service animal as long as it' s ok' d by a licensed mental health professional. even a goat. mark: so, hey, if you have got a goat, and we know some folks who do and they' re looking for goats numbers. this is no joke. a farm is expecting about 90 newborn goats by mid february, so they need volunteers. snuggle up and feed those baby goats. the newborn goats had to be bottle fed four times a day and they must be cap warm. the farm says no experience is necessary for volunteers, just watch out for the kicks. lisa: there so little, it won' t hurt. mark: at least they don' t have on the baby shoes when they kick. those hurt. all right, when we continue this morning, south carolina showdown. lisa: beehive hellos from
5:54 am
mark: a travel alert for pregnant women. randi: we are looking at the warmest a of the next several. temperatures really take a tumble as we approach mlk day on monday. today, we have some rain in the forecast arriving generally around lunchtime. at noon, 44. 4:00, 40 six degrees. cloudy tomorrow, windy with some snow on sunday and a cold start to next week. coming up in a couple of minutes. lisa: we will see you then. just before 6:00 am friday.
5:55 am
you up-to-date w look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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lisa: investigators searching for answers after a woman is shot while driving. the latest on a suspect and a possible witness who ran from the scene. mark: a chase ends with an empty car. the crime spree that kept officers busy overnight. lisa: frontrunners butting heads. the heated moments from the latest republican debate and what' s next for the candidates. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 today. lisa: outside live on your friday morning, looks pretty good. we do have rain moving in. good morning, i' m lisa cooney. maaco imr case.
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