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tv   WLWT News 5 at 600  NBC  January 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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``that is where it basically ``corresponds with a heavier ``snowfall. ``here is my latest thoughts. `` it is trending south . ``the snow amount has been ``trending down as well. ``those totals will vary ``considerably. `` some areas will see no ``accumulation while others see ``half a foot or more. ``it will be heaviest friday ``afternoon and friday night. `` this is what i mean by short ``distances. ``parts of adams county could see ``snowfall of seven to 10 inches. ``i think the bulk of us in the ``metro are similar to what we ``dealt with today and rapidly ``increasing as you head south and ``east of the metro area. ``
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``i will share more of my thoughts ``and what to expect. ``sheree: we will see you in just ``a few. ``some of the conditions we saw ``were in northern kentucky. ``mike: the side roads and the ``interstate. ``a closer look at the worst of ``the trouble spots. `` reporter: most of the main roads ``are pretty good. ``there are places were you will ``find yourself doing this. ``spinning your wheels. ``side roads, parking lots, and ``any place that did not get a ``good dose of salt. ``the snow fell quietly. ``>> accidents everywhere. ``>> came crashing down. ``>> six accidents altogether. ``reporter: drivers made new ``inroads to work. ``>> i lost control of the car
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``reporter: he ended up facing the ``wrong way in traffic. ``>> i' m alive and everyone else' s ``alive. `` reporter: many roads remain ``snow-covered. ``and as the salt began to melt, ``it created new ones on the ``windshield. ``some people were already headed ``to warmer climates when they ``were slowed by the snow and have ``no intention of looking back. `` >> i am looking at the 70 degree ``weather and looking forward to ``it. ``>> you' re not going to miss ``this? ``>> not even close. ``>> even though a lot of these ``roads are clear, they are wet
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`` >> it was a similar story in ``indiana this morning. ``drivers headed out for work ``today. ``as the snow fell, a new lay her ``of slick snow formed on the ``street. ``he saw people taking it slow but ``there were no major issues this ``morning. ``those in butler county saw ``snow. ``areas. ``driving all over the place. ``karen might need help. ``>> ``warming up my car. ``have the deal with any of this. ``>>
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``>> and off he went. ``>> that dedication was all he ``needed. ``no scraping for him. ``>> it is freezing. ``difficult to start. ``>> they realized streets were ``getting better quickly. ``temperatures below 20 degrees ``making road salt less effective. ``conditions improved. ``the slight rise in temperature ``also brought out people. ``>> business sense of shoveling ``snow when it is still snowing. `` i am out here shoveling mine ``anyway. ``others found it easy to overlook ``discomfort because fun was ``involved.
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``the kids already looking forward ``to more snow friday. ``adults like billy hibbert and ``the others, not so much. `` and no major accidents reported. ``the level one snow emergency ``that was in effect was lifted at ``1:00 this afternoon. ``and now that my car is warmed ``up, i will see you guys ``tomorrow. ``mike: she can' t call in sick. ``you have been sending pictures ``all across the region today. ``her kids rumbled up and had fun ``sledding today. ``sheree: the snow did not stop ``him from going for a walk. ``mike: anderson township michael ``bennet sending us
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`` you can send us your pictures by ``submitting them on our website. ``you can also stay up-to-date on ``school closings and weather ``conditions on the mobile app. ``>> a man will be spending the ``next month behind bars after ``trying to fool spca workers. ``we try to get them to euthanize ``a dog that looks like his dog. you know, officials ``say jason docks and is a pet ``owner that went way over the ``line and fortunately, an ``innocent pooch was not a victim ``in his bizarre scheme. service dog is seven ``years old and brings joy to ``hospice patients. ``he was attacked by a pit bull. ``the owner was ordered to give up ``his dog so the animal could be ``destroyed.
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``workers down at spca, hoping ``they would put down this pit ``named baby instead of his dog. ``>> i don' t hold anything against ``the breed of pitbulls, but had ``it been on a leash, who would ``never have this incident occur. `` and i feel for the spca being ``given a dog that in turn was ``going to be put down that had ``nothing to do with any of this. ``>> a microchip foiled his plans. ``the dog that was not on a leash ``and was attacked was put down a ``few days ago. `` >> he is ok. ``the pit named baby is available ``for adoption. ``buddy'
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``overnight. ``for employees are disciplined. ``the dog is being taken from the ``facility to the building on ``colerain avenue. ``the employees were riding in a ``up or procedure. ``found hypothermic. ``the dog had to be euthanized. ``in hamilton, police hoping ``photos will identify a man that ``afternoon. ``police say the man told the ``teller that he had a gun but ``never showed one. ``he ran off after and they did ``not see a getaway car. ``indiana lawmakers are ``considering a new measure that ``guns in the state house. ``guns are not allowed in the ``state house. ``
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``allowing weapons inside. ``sheree: a scam alert tonight. ``demanding payment over the ``phone. ``the when electric says they' ll ``never call customers asking for ``payment over the phone. ``you' re asked to contact the ``attorney general' s office. ``>> public schools growing with ``preschool programs to ``the where is the funding coming ``from? ``>> the big choices ahead for the ``district. ``>> a driver' s standard -- ``sheree: a driver stranded in ``conditions. ``mike: the bitter cold we are ``bracing for and a second round ``of snow. ``i will let you know how much we ``will see and when we will start
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`` ``sheree: it looks like 2016 is ``shaping up to be a levy heavy ``year. ``mike: big decisions facing ``schools and other community ``partners in the coming months.
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``reporter: one decision is aiming ``for november. ``and with back-to-back renewals, ``public schools are feeling like ``they cannot wait any longer. `` cincinnati schools are taking a ``critical look at a levy for ``november. ``as they evaluate, so to the ``proponents of preschool promise. `` >> what is the price tag echo ``out will we pay for it? ``>> it is due by march. ``decisions must be made about ``scope. ``free free school -- free ``preschool for both? ``cincinnati public schools are ``expanding their own effort ``hoping to eliminate their ``waiting list. ``>> and we will at 15 to 20 ``additional classrooms and have ``38 locations throughout the ``city. ``>>
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``it is staring at a deficit in ``the tens of millions. ``the business community is ``analyzing the financial picture. ``>> we will have to make ``difficult decisions about going ``for new money to support some of ``our and strategic initiatives or ``to stop spending money on ``things. ``>> it could included children' s ``services levy and a preschool ``promise levy. ``the opportunity is to make 2016 ``the year of our kids. ``the challenge is to see it as ``collaboration and not ``competition. ``>> they won' t understand what ``we' re trying to do. ``we can' t afford for them to do ``nothing. ``>> is considering a property tax ``levy or a sales tax levy , ``working to determine will be the ``least burdensome while ``delivering the most return. ``>> the business committee report
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``school board decision will ``likely be in april or may. ``taking a selfie is nothing new ``but museums are encouraging ``visitors to show everything ``museums have to offer by taking ``selfies. ``people were taking them in the ``beautiful terminal today. ``a social media court nader says ``it is important to show off what ``is right here in our own ``backyard. ``>> it is a fun way to interact ``with louisiana is and ``personalize your experience and ``share it with the world. ``>> you can search for the ``#museum selfie on twitter. `` >> we found people out on the ``highway today just trying to ``help. ``a snow filled day like today, up ``and down the highway from union
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``they worked with the ohio ``department of transportation and ``state farm. ``the best part of all of this is ``it is free. ``drivers grateful for the helping ``hand. ``>> they are stunned and ``confused. ``it doesn' t make sense to them. ``it' s just the service we ``provide. ``>> the most common problem is ``people running out of gas. ``many people simply don' t think ``to fill up. `` >> our first round of snow out ``of here and we look forward to ``what is going to be a very cold ``night as skies attempt to clear ``on the ground. ``it' s 21 right now the airport. ``we have a north wind at six that ``13 at this time. ``here is this afternoon or this ``morning. ``appalachians and about ready to
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``our focus and attention goes to ``the next developing winter ``storm. ``it doesn' t look like much right ``now but this is going to s way ``hours. t want to be in the air ``force this weekend. ``-- airports this weekend. ``they will be delayed this coming ``weekend. re not traveling ``anywhere. ``let' s talk about what we have in ``place right now. ``in winter storm watch ``corresponds with where we think ``the heaviest fall. ``could this area chain? ``absolutely. ``because of the nature of this ``system, 50 to 75 miles here. ``it could make a huge difference ``in snowfall amounts. ``let' s talk about what we do ``know. ``the storm is trending south. ``that means less snow.
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``considerably over very narrow ``distances. ``you could get a dusting and be ``in another part. ``are dealing with. ``we know the snow will fall ``friday evening up until about ``early saturday morning. ``snow further southeast. ``numbers. ``if i had to guess, i would ``probably shift the snowfall even ``further south. ``i would go with even less. ``this is what we' re thinking ``right now. ``the heaviest snowfall will be in ``the southern tier county. ``parts of adams counties will ``likely be the big winners in ``this snowfall. ``a drop off considerably as you ``get to interstate 71. ``i'
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``three right now and probably on ``the lower end of that. ``dropped even more. ``the heaviest will be further ``south and east. ``up in southeast indiana, you may ``not see anything compared to ``your friends and parts of adams ``county. ``the sky clear tonight makes for ``cold temperatures and we will ``see the start tomorrow morning. ``it looks like a nice day. ``it will be cold. ``clouds will quickly spread in. ``as we go to late morning, ``afternoon' s. ``watch what happens near ``lunchtime. ``watch how this backs up towards ``the ohio river. ``and it begins to throw on the ``brakes. ``that is the problem trying to ``figure out how far that snow ``band makes it.
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``trending here in the metro area ``and probably less than that the ``further north and west you go. ``if you' re traveling south and ``east, it will probably become ``almost impossible at some point ``friday night. ``nine for the low around here and ``for tomorrow, look for an ``afternoon high in the upper ``20' s. ``11 at 8:00 a.m.. ``22 by lunchtime and into the ``mid-20' s tomorrow afternoon. ``we keep a close eye and will ``have another update on the storm ``at 10:00 and 11:00. ``it looks like chilly conditions ``when we get through with all ``this mess. ``mike: tom brady the crybaby? ``the newspaper cover being talked ``about tonight.
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``george: local college teams get ``to take a breath before jumping ``back into action. ``xavier' s looking to bounce back ``after losing for just the second ``time this season. ``georgia hit the board. ``they lost the rebound battle. ``and they win by nine. ``>> to say they outplayed our ``frontcourt would not be an ``understatement. ``at the same time, perimeter ``players did not hold their own. ``both coaches and players own it. ``we move forward. ``>> there is real disappointment ``at uc where the bearcats are ``just six-six since the beginning ``of december. ``elise jesse gets us ready
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``>> fifth third arena will be ``filling up with fans anxious to ``see cincinnati and memphis ``tip-off. ``they have some serious holes in ``their game. ``they are good from the charity ``stripe. ``but around the rest of the ``floor, it is basically brick ``city. ``they have a key component that ``is gotten them 12 wins. ``he expects the tigers to come ``out with an edge on thursday. ``>> they are still a top team in ``our conference. ``>> coming in this game, they are ``top five in free throws ``attempted. ``we' ve got to do a good job of ``not letting them attack the rim. ``>> 28.4% points come from the ``charity stripe, you know this ``team is good at attacking the ``basket. ``a key to a cincinnati win is
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``getting good rebounds, ``deflections, and defense. `` george: louisville hosting the ``state. ``right soccer freaks. ``i know you' re ready. ``united soccer league announcing ``divisions today. ``14 other cities including ``louisville, pittsburgh, new ``york. ``the second home game the ``following saturday. ``they will know when the full ``schedule is out later in the ``week. ``the new york tabloids have long ``been assessed with tom brady. ``a defender says that he whines ``to referees. ``cry brady and baby likenesses on ``their back page. ``it look at that.
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they love the tom brady ``quarterback in new york because ``he sells newspapers. ``mike: both teams are out of the ``playoffs and upset. `` >> read what the boston media is ``saying about him. ``sheree: the snow has stopped for ``tonight. `` kevin: bitter cold tonight but ``friday becomes an interesting ``day. ``think trending for less snow, it ``remains that way. ``if you are traveling and maybe ``getting to the airport this ``weekend, you don' t one ahead ``towards the east coast. ``south and east of us, more snow ``this time. ``
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