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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  January 21, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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`` mark: another system coming ``from our west. ``meteorologist randi rico is in ``with more on how much the ``greater cincinnati area is ``expected to get and when. ``lisa: a dog left to die in the ``cold. ``his fight to survive, and how ``his rescuers are hoping to get ``some vindication for the pup. ``mark: and a war of words at city ``hall. ``who cincinnati mayor john ``cranley is butting heads with on ``the city council. ``[captioning made possible by ``wlwt-tv] ``>> from cincinnati' s wlwt, ``leading the way,
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``mark: good morning, everyone. ``thanks for joining us. ``i' m mark hayes. ``lisa: i' m lisa cooney. ``your headlines are straight ``ahead. ``we' re starting with a check on ``the forecast once again. ``how are you? ``randi: getting a little breather ``today. ``we had the mess on the roadways ``yesterday morning. ``people are stuck on the highways ``in d.c. with one inch of snow. ``they are waiting for two feet ``friday into saturday. ``for us, we are not going to ``measure it in feet. s talk about today. ``we take a look at temperatures ``right now. ``we are starting out in the teens ``in our northern communities.
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``18 degrees right now at cvg. ``8:00 a.m., chilly. ``noon, 25. ``it is dry all day today. ``tomorrow is a different story. ``as far as watches and warnings, ``counties in the blue, including ``much of northern kentucky under ``a winter storm watch, which ``means significant accumulation ``is looking likely. ``adams county, mason county, ``heavy snowfall is looking way ``more likely. ``there is going to be a steep ``gradient across our area. ``closer to dayton, the system is ``going to be lighter. ``we may see additional
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``or warnings as we head through ``the day. ``the storm system is moving ``through nebraska. ``eight is going to -- it is ``going to dip down to the south. ``it is going to graze us in ``cincinnati. ``i will show you the snowfall ``total map in just a second. ``expect very little snow to the ``north. ``not a whole lot happening north ``of 74. ``to the south and east, upwards ``of 7-10 inches of snow. ``most of us, far less than that. ``mark: thank you. ``there may not have been any snow ``falling overnight, but that ``doesn' t mean the roads aren' t a ``concern once again this morning. ``lisa: wlwt news 5'
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``is out in the news 5 live drive ``with a warning as you head out ``today. ``dan: good morning. ``we' re driving here on lamer st ``reet in northern kentucky. ``there is still some snow and the ``roads are somewhat slushy. ``some of the side streets still ``look like this. ``the highways are pretty much ``clear. ``people waking up to -- the re ``still could be spots of black ``ice and some slick spor ts. ``it is still something to keep in ``mind. ``road crews have salted and ``treated about 100% of the ``primary roads. 7:00 to
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``you may run into some size trees ``that look pretty bad. ``a lot of these primary routes ``are more clear. ``we are going to be tracking ``conditions across the area. ``we will bring that threat you as ``we go through the morning. ``lisa: thank you. ``communities along the east coast ``are preparing for a major winter ``storm expected to arrive later ``this week. ``miriah turner tells us what ``they' re expecting to get. ``good morning. ``miriah: the east coast is ``bracing for what could be the ``worst winter storm of the year. ``cities up and down the east ``coast have equipment on standby, ``ready for what could be the ``season' s first massive dig-out. ``the washington, d.c., area, is ``expected to get hit hard with ``almost two feet of snow ``possible. ``many people are heading to ``hardware stores and buying ``shovels, salt and other ``necessities.
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``the storm have already run out ``of supplies. ``even the major airlines are ``preparing for this weekend' s ``snow. ``some are already allowing ``passengers to change flight ``plans free of charge. ``american, southwest, and delta ``are among the airlines already ``issuing travel waivers to ``customers before the storm hits. ``from the live alert desk, i' m ``miriah turner. ``mark: calling out the mayor. ``a fiery exchange between a ``cincinnati city councilman and ``mayor john cranley is uncovered ``in an e-mail exchange. ``now it' s calling into question ``the interactions at city hall. ``wlwt news 5' s emily wood looks ``at the war of words and what ``each side is saying about it ``all. ``emily: within the walls of city ``hall, a place no stranger to ``controversy, the mayor' s chair ``is empty. ``john cranley' s currently in d.c. ``for a national mayors' ``conference. ``but it' s an e-mail here at home ``that has his office responding ``today. ``>> the mayor and our office ``won' t let personal disagreements ``or political grudges stand in
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``for the citizens. ``emily: the disagreements over ``weekly meetings hosted by the ``mayor to talk with several ``democratic leaders including ``councilman chris seelbach. ``yesterday, the mayor sent out a ``second e-mail, writing -- ``"i asked for the meeting so that ``we can improve our professional ``relationship and work together ``to move our city forward." ``in response, seelbach wrote in ``part -- ``"our professional relationship ``(or lack thereof) has absolutely ``nothing to do with the ``streetcar, me being more ``progressive, or past campaigns. ``it has to do with you treating ``people like [expletive]. ``you treating people with no ``respect." ``today, seelbach' s standing by ``his comments. ``>> he treats people like he ``bullies people. ``he treats people horribly, and ``we' re sick of it. ``we need him to change in order ``for our city to move forward. ``emily: and according to the ``mayor' s chief of staff, there ``has been no communication since ``seelbach' s last e-mail. ``>> the mayor is out of town. ``you know, he' s been tied up in ``meetings.
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s responded. ``mark: mayor cranley is scheduled ``to be back in cincinnati ``tomorrow. ``his staff says if councilman ``seelbach is willing, they would ``love to meet with him then. ``lisa: a puppy abandoned in the ``brutal cold. ``now rescuers are trying to find ``out who did it and make sure it ``doesn' t happen again. ``ohio lawmakers have been pushing ``for a bill to ban people from ``leaving pets outside in extreme ``weather. ``just this week, leroy was found ``starved and dumped in an alley, ``left to die in the freezing ``cold. ``he was treated for parvo and ``rescuers want to see justice for ``leroy. ``>> it breaks my heart to see s people out there ``that will do this to a dog. ``i would love them to go to jail ``if nothing else. ``lisa: in house bill 94, if ``approved, an animal would not be ``allowed to be tethered outside ``that' s one of the provisions.
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``mark: let' s get another check of ``your forecast with randi rico. ``randi: today is the calm between ``the storms. to ``three inches on the high end. 3 is going to be ``average. ``it will be more than that to the ``extreme southeast. ``this morning, snow still on the ``on shoveled -- un shoveled ``sidewalks with temperatures ``around 16 degrees. ``this afternoon, 29. ``tomorrow, the communities under ``the warning likely will get a ``snow day because the snow will
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``for most of us, the snow will ``start around lunchtime. ``the worst of the weather will be ``for the parents and those ``driving home in the evening ``tomorrow. ``heavy snow is possible in some ``parts of greater cincinnati. ``we will take a look at the ``snowfall totals. ``kyla: him for the most part we ``are seeing clear roads. ``there could be some dicey side ``roads. ``the interstate travel has moved ``along so far. ``north and southbound at mitchell ``are moving right along. ``there is a look at 71 and here ``is 275 at kellogg. ``you can see traffic is very ``light at this hour.
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``there could be some snow off to ``the shoulder. ``we will keep you updated this ``morning. ``mark and lisa? ``lisa: a northern kentucky high ``school player gaining fans on ``and off the court. ``mark: ahead in sports, we head ``down to union where the ``prime-time performer award is ``becoming a family tradition. ``lisa: outside live on your ``thursday.
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``lisa: good morning and welcome ``back on your thursday. ``18 degrees. ``you. ``mark: one of the next movies set ``in "a galaxy far, far away" just ``got a bit further away. ``lisa: miriah turner has the ``latest "star wars" news trending ``online this morning. ``good morning. ``miriah: a disturbance in the ``force. ``"star wars" fans will have to ``wait seven months longer than ``anticipated for the followup to ``"the force awakens." ``disney has moved the release ``date of "episode eight" from may ``to december of 2017. ``it' s understandable. ``if you opened a movie in ``mid-december, and it broke ``dozens of box office records, ``wouldn' t you release the next ``movie at the same time of year, ``too? ``randi is talking snow on friday, ``but i don' t think it will be ``enough to create a rival for
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``"frozen" towering 12 to 13 feet ``tall is now waving to passers-by ``in grand rapids. ``father and daughter team jeff ``and samantha spent almost an ``entire day last week building ``the snowman. ``they say they have been building ``giant snowmen for years and the ``best part is spending time with ``family. ``a recent survey conducted by the ``american council of trustees and ``alumni showed that nearly 10% of ``college graduates think that ``television star judge judy is on ``the supreme court. ``the study listed a ``multiple-choice question with ``several names, including judith ``sheindlin, and asked students to ``justice. ``61% answered correctly. ``the second-most selected option ``was lawrence warren pierce, a ``former federal judge. ``and in third came judge judy. ``however, some wonder if judith ``sheindlin was just another ``vaguely familiar name on the ``list. ``or maybe people were just ``guessing at that point. ``lisa: please. ``mark: she scares me.
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``she is scary. ``mark: i could see her asking me ``to approach the bench. ``[laughter] ``randi: everybody is talking ``about the snow for tomorrow. ``in some parts of town it will ``not be a big deal. ``closer to dayton, ohio, the less ``you are going to get. ``these are the winter storm ``watches. ``the watches are in blue. ``louisville and lexington is ``going to get hit hard. ``there is a blizzard watch for ``washington, d.c. ``for us, the impact will vary. ``the snow will be arriving around ``lunchtime.
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``coming in south of the river. ``the evening drive, messy roads ``are looking likely. ``the amount not be a whole lot at ``that point. ``heavier snow to the south. ``up to 10 inches to the far ``southeast. ``guys? ``mark: thank you. ``he' s a high school hoops ``standout who' s impressing many ``on and off the court in northern ``kentucky. ``lisa: wlwt news 5' s george vogel ``has more from union, where the ``prime-time performer award is ``becoming a family tradition. ``george: the bearcats have to get ``past the close losses. ``uc getting another chance ``tonight against memphis. ``four of the losses have been ``less than six points.
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``if we were 17-2? ``we will still need to be memphis ``on thursday night. ``george: uc playing at 7:00 ``tonight against memphis. ``the buckeyes play purdue at ``9:00. ``jonathan mitchell with the big ``stick-back. ``later, the slant-in and ``louisville just rolls. ``the number one ranked women ``making it look easy hosting ``chatham. ``inside to the freshman. ``leading all scores with 17. ``this one to owens for three. ``the saints leading at halftime. ``later, the triple and the saints ``win. ``that is 48 straight
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``we have another primetime ``performer of the week. ``cooper junior was smiling on ``friday night. ``>> together. ``that is how basketball teams ``become great. ``they beat them, but it was an ``individual performance that ``stood out. ``>> the shot started falling and ``everything started falling into ``place. ``we did it together. ``>> 25 points and eight rebounds. ``he has been leading the way all ``season. ``>> he is a kid that is ``unselfish. ``his unselfishness goes a long
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``>> going down with a wrist ``injury. ``now he has to sit out several ``games. ``>> i went to the doctor. ``i haven' t heard much yet about ``how serious it could be. ``>> here to present sean mcneill, ``the primetime performer. ``>> oh! ``>> reporting on the jaguars. ``george: there were pulling a ``fast one. ``his brother won the award about ``two, three years ago. ``congrats to cooper.
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``action. villanova all ``they could handle last night. ``that is all the sports for now. ``we will have more coming up ``later in the day. ``mark: good morning. ``5:50. ``18 degrees. ``be careful. ``cold enough to re-freeze. ``lisa: i am re-freezing. ``mark: only going to see some sun ``tonight? ``randi: a window of sunshine and ``the clouds will roll back in. ``right now many of our ``communities under a winter storm ``watch. ``the divider line would be in the ``pink communities, a winter storm
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``these communities, not all ``expecting the potential for 7-10 ``inches of snow. anything ``rather than normal. ``all of the sudden it is a winter ``wonderland. ``cloudy skies this morning. ``here is the next storm system. ``it is going to dip to the south ``and then head up in our ``direction. ``the track will change. ``the amounts will waver. ``right now 18 degrees. ``at noon, a little sunshine going ``on at times, 25. ``28 degrees at 6:00.
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``south or change a little bit . ``for much of the cincinnati ``metro, 1-3 inches. ``further south, southern portions ``of campbell county, owen county, ``snow. ``the heaviest snow in the extreme ``southeastern communities. ``folks to the north will get some ``snow but it will not be ``significant. ``to the south, it is a big deal. ``central kentucky is getting hit ``with potentially 7-10 to 12 ``inches of snow. ``here is the timeline.
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``10:00, 11:00, starting to see ``the snow showers moving south of ``the river. ``by the evening commute, ``everybody dealing with the snow. ``by the evening drive, snow ``setting up. ``the snow showers will continue ``before finally moving out. ``a mix of clouds and sun. ``tomorrow more snow. ``a whole lot for those closer to ``lexington. ``somewhere in between, the totals ``will shift up and down. ``it should end by early saturday. ``guys? ``mark: you can now buy your ``tickets to check out a life-size ``noah' s ark attraction. ``the ark encounter opens july 7th ``in grant county. ``answers in genesis, the group
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``the country' s largest ``timber-frame structure. ``the ark encounter will offer ``special night hours during its ``first 40 days in operation. ``tickets run from $28 to $40. ``or you can buy a lifetime ``admission with a charter ``boarding pass through the end of ``may. ``lisa: stop staring at those old ``powerball tickets. ``the final million-dollar prize ``winner in kentucky has now come ``forward. ``the winner, who wished to remain ``anonymous, presented a ticket ``yesterday at the lottery ``headquarters in louisville. ``the winning ticket was sold in ``hazard, a small town south of ``lexington. ``three million-dollar prizes were ``sold in the commonwealth. ``mark: happening today, a new ``addition to the newport ``aquarium. ``this morning, the aquarium will ``announce the completion of a new ``exhibit. ``the announcement will take place ``in front of the shark ray bay, ``which is a 385,000-gallon tank ``that features two dozen sharks, ``exotic shark rays, and hundreds ``of other underwater animals. ``the newport aquarium will make
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``morning. ``>> cincinnati' s certified most ``accurate forecast. ``randi: good morning. ``the forecast for today, 29 ``degrees. ``i want to show you how tight ``these bands of snow will be. ``near dayton, not much ``accumulation at all. ``downtown cincinnati, maybe 1-3 ``inches. ``and then heavier snow to the ``south. ``lexington could see a foot of ``snow. ``for us, areas south, peebles, ``could potentially see 7-10 ``inches of snow. ``there is going to be a foot ``grade. ``most of us will fall somewhere ``in between. ``a mix of clouds and sun.
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``approach the southern ``communities. ``by the evening commute, that is ``when i expect the roads to ``really go down hill. ``that system can shift north or ``south. ``we will continue to upgrade the ``snowfall totals. ``mark: the cincinnati streetcar ``inspiring other cities to follow ``suit. ``lisa: how northern kentucky may ``be getting its own share of the ``transportation. ``mark: taking a live look this ``morning. ``18 degrees.
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