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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  January 22, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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lisa: later today, a different story. randi rico has the latest on the snow is expected to arrive. mark: northern kentucky schools early. how local schools are getting s snow. lisa: with snow comes trouble on the roads. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way. this is wlwt news 5 today. lisa: we have more than 70 delays and closings already this morning. some of the big districts that have closed today include cincinnati public, campbell, boone, and kenton county schools in northern kentucky. kentucky' s governor matt bevin has also closed all state offices. and the city of elsmere has
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starting at noon today. 5:00 a.m. on your friday, good morning to you, i' m lisa cooney. mark: and i mark hayes. randi rico and kyla woods are in this morning with your weather and traffic. lisa: it is a sheet of salt. mark: not a bad thing. kyla: no problems right now. randi: flurries and snow showers of the 71-75 split, but it will be a wildly force no caps off. kentucky will get hit the hardest. adams county, brown county in ohio. the questions i have received more than any is how much am i going to get? is a -- is a generic response you need? the answer is -- breaking it down, northwest, not much at all. southeast is where we are seeing 10 inches of snow.
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inches of snow of the system. the areas that will be hardest hit are under a winter storm warning which is the areas in think. all of kentucky and parts of claremont, brown, highlands county. if you are convinced -- confused as to why the city of loveland, it is in both counties. in the southeastern communities. winter storm warning. advisories in purple. the areas least impacted by today' s storms are to the northwest. butler county, fayette union , you guys could see flurries and light snow showers, but that is not a vigil for you. hamilton, middletown, and even toward springboro. as we look at the forecast today, 1-3 inches for much of the downtown area. into northern kentucky, downtown may be on the low end. 4-6, 20 minutes off of downtown, you can have five additional inches of snow. a sharp cut off.
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are expected to get hit the hardest. down toward stout, maysville, kentucky, mazelike, brooksville, all with the potential to be easily' s -- easily be hardest hit. kyla: you are just dealing with salt right now. no issues or delays as you head outside on this friday morning. let' s get started on 71. heading to or from parts of warren county, warren county getting a big sigh of relief as randi mentioned. not much as far as root -- snow out there today. 275 and run for on the northern edge of the loop, traffic looks good east end westbound. nearly i-75 interchange into butler county, folks relieved there. toward the i-71 interchange, no construction or land closures to worry about.
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we will keep you updated throughout the morning with no starting problems. lisa: 5:03 with snow coming while students are in school local districts have to make , some tough decisions. mark: as we told you cincinnati public just annouced they' ll be closed today. many school districts across close yesterday. school districts we' ve talked with say these decisions are difficult to make, but ultimately come down to to safety. but when school is closed, the concern for parents, where will their kids go if they still have to work? clicks -- >> in some ways it' s so much easier if they would just cancel, course you don' t want to waste a snow day if you don' t really need to so it' s tough, it' s really tough. mark: we have also found out that many local students who are planning to join today' s right to life rally in washington, d.c. are heading back home. beyond northern kentucky the entire commonwealth is expecting a full dose of winter weather.
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alert desk with the statewide impact in kentucky. miriah: good morning, mark. kentucky governor matt bevin decided to follow the forecast. he closed all state offices today. the state legislature also canceled its session today in frankfort after the national weather service issued a winter storm warning for kentucky. the governor says the only exception will be essential employees designated for mandatory operations, that includes road crews law enforcement and emergency management personnel. governor bevin wants this to go beyond the governement he is asking all kentucky residents to avoid travel is possible. from the live alert desk, i' m miriah turner. mark: remember to download our wlwt app, you can watch the latest forecast and see the list of closings and delays. and follow us on twitter. we' ll be updating you. throughout the day today on-air, online and on the go with the latest forecast and conditions
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lisa: continuing our team coverage this morning wlwt news 5' s andrew setters is live in camp washington where road treatments are being prepared for today' s snow. andrew? andrew: over here is the salt pile, we' re familiar with that , but in this direction the , city' s other secret weapons . things like salt brine and beet juice. city road crews are pre-treating the streets now. they' re laying down what they can ahead of the snowfall, to try to cut down on the amount of work they have to do later. the city has more than 20,000 tons of salt on hand, and all hands on deck for snow removal work. crews have been working 12-hour shifts since earlier this week, thanks to wednesday' s snow too. in northern kentucky, the transportation cabinet will have drivers back on shift starting at 6:00 this morning. they' ll be pretreating too. and with northern kentucky possibly seeing the most snow in our area, they could be working long hours for a while. one of the things city manager harry black said is that city crews plan for the worst and
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we may have already avoided the worst since a lot of the snow is heading for the to the south. reporting live, andrew setters, wlwt news 5. lisa: let' s talk about the big picture in traffic. kyla, we talked about. treatments. the telltale strife on the road. kyla: the intention is to a linda made -- eliminate any issues once we get ice and snow on the road. right now, starting off dry and light in nature. 75 at mitchell, if you remember over the last couple of weeks, we had quite a few construction line closures with this particular portion of the i-75 corridor. nothing like that to worry about as you go outside this morning. over to 275 near 32 and east gate, looking good north and south on their as randy -- as r andi has been mentioning,
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let' s check in with randi rico and a check on your most accurate forecast. you said 20 miles south and you will run into a difference. that is amazing. randi: it is crazy. you could have a downtown 20 minutes south, all of a sudden, six inches of snow. it is going to be a steep gradient setting up somewhere near and around downtown cincinnati. as we look at the snow showers right now, very light snow rolling into the southernmost communities. there is a good bit coming in from the north and east. dry air will cut away at this leading edge. even though it looks like snow showers right now, this is not the big deal snow for us. that still remains currently and portions of southern kentucky. here is a breakdown of a we are anticipating on the roads for you today. for the morning rush, maybe a few slick spots. there was a melting yesterday and it may have refrozen into black ice.
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lunchtime, snow starting along and south of the ohio river. the farther south of the river, the better shot it is snowing for the lunch hour. the drive home, i would expect snow showers. even the extreme communities could be seeing snow. the best bet would be areas south and east of downtown cincinnati for snow. mark: new repurcussions in the water crisis in flint michigan. lisa: enviornmental leaders now stepping down after the nation-wide backlash. mark: taking a live look outside, 5:09, 23 degrees, all clear right now, but randi it's about time the taco...came out of its shell. unleash the power of dough.
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remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough.
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mark: good morning, everyone, welcome back, 5:12 is your time, 23 degrees, no snow out there just yet. we have delays and closings growing at the bottom of your screen ahead of the storm.
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in case this thing gets out of hand to the south. most accurate forecast coming up. checking today' s headlines. a regional director at the environmental protection agency is stepping down because of the agency' s response to the water crisis in flint, michigan. the departure of susan hedman is said to be so that the epa can focus solely on the restoration of flint' s drinking water. flint' s tap water was contaminated by lead when the city' s source was switched to the flint river in 2014. residents are using filters and bottled water. lisa: one of five american released by iran over the weekend is back in the united states this morning. amir hekmati arrived thursday afternoon in flint, michigan. the former marine was detained in iran in 2011. he was convicted of spying, and was sentenced to 10 years in prison. the same storm grazing the tri-state today will be a major threat to 80 million residents on the east cost this weekend. mark: and residents are bracing
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wlwt news 5' s jennifer schack tells us how they' re preparing. jennifer: meteorologists are expecting every part of maryland to be impacted by the approaching storm. maryland' s governor, larry hogan, has declared a state of emergency that begins at 7:00 this morning. a.m. top officials are trying to coordinate storm preparations from transportation to medical , police, education and even , military representatives. the governor asked residents to go out last night to gather food, fuel and other supplies. he' s also suggesting that people charge their cell phones now before electricity goes out. washington, d.c., baltimore, philedelphia and and new york city are all under blizzard warnings this weekend with heavy snow and white out conditions expected. the highest snow totals are expected across the heart of maryland where they are bracing for 20 to 30 inches of snow. >> a fallen hero honored by his alma mater. it was one of our top stories 11:00. patrick waterman was a 2005
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last night, organizers past his firefighters boot to raise money for his wife and a scholarship fund in his name. >> if someone told me one of my football players was the first fireman into a building, one of my first guess is what it in patrick waterman. >> went -- when i think about patrick, as soon as he came he contributed immediately. he made things better. he made everyone around him better. we performed better on fire runs , medical runs. he made everyone better. >> you can help out his family is saturday night with a fundraiser at the pub in rookwood at 5:00 p.m. until 11:00 saturday night. the norwood firefighters association is organizing the event. part of the sales will be donated to the wasserman and first financial bank. he died three days after christmas in a house fire in hamilton. that case has since been ruled an arson. no arrests have been made. that is all for now.
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wlwt news five starting at 5:00 p.m. randi: we are getting ready for the snow. where you live plays a big factor in how much snow you are actually going to get out of the system. it always does. this is an extreme version of it. we are looking at snow for everybody today. the range in our area will be nothing all the way up to 10 inches of snow. the basic breakdown, it will start getting good online lunchtime -- around lunchtime and south of the river. expect the messiest time to be south. a whole lot to the southeast. there is a winter storm warning in effect for all of the counties in pink, all of kentucky, the entire state of kentucky under a winter storm warning. also, clermont, brown, adamson , ohio. if you'
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i live in loveland. they don' t split counties in half with a winter weather warnings. communities. south of octavia, those are the spots most likely to see more significant accumulation. they weather-wise three -- a winter advisory in effect. we are seeing the light snow that doesn' t mean that things getting started early are decent dry air coming from the northeast that will cut down on these flurries. they will be around for the next couple of hours but they begin in earnest in the next -- >> not a lot going on in butler county, say, union counties. 1-2 inches of snowfall for much of the 275 luke and into northern kentucky. 20 miles south down toward alexander along the divider
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extreme southern communities , brooksville, 6-10 inches of snow looking likely. folks down in those communities, hopefully, you prepared to hit the store yesterday. the snow is heading your way. s. 23 degrees officially at cvg. gets going full speed for us during the evening commute, temperatures in the upper 20' s. salt is still effective at that point. here is a breakdown on the futurecast. our morning flurries and snow the south. lunchtime, we are seeing some deeper snow bands. alexandra, known -- mount orb. bill to the afternoon, tricky spots areas east and south of downtown cincinnati that have issues. even can your, snow flurries reach our extreme northern communities but they' re not as heavy. continuing to see snow overnight and moving out around 6:00, 7:00 a.m.
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most of us will see snow, let people in the southeast need to bust out the snowblowers tomorrow morning. sunday, sunny and 38. we actually make it into the 40' s early next week. kyla, you shouldn' t have issues getting out to work or school this warning. by the time we had lunchtime and the evening drive, a could decline south of down quickly. kyla: i am looking forward to those 40' forecast. 40 sounds good right now. we are seeing those clear road conditions outside. for our morning commute. north and southbound 71 rolling along. as randy mentioned, we won' t run into problems until your evening commute and later. into the overnight hours, you will see the icy conditions, especially as you continue fat -- south into northern kentucky. five minutes is all it will take you on 471 from the 275
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traffic looks good everywhere you are heading along that s a look at the daniel carter beard bridge to get you into downtown. a few extra cars on the northbound side. southbound light, but oliver, clear conditions and pretreatment. hopefully, that elevate issues later on today. try to stay off those roads, south. lisa: a message from highlands middle school this morning. we' re the kids from highlands middle school, and our teacher is the warm 98 teacher of the week. mark: coming up we' ll here about more from these students about who they nominated to be our teacher of the week. lisa: if that doesn' t wake you up and get you warmed up, nothing will. 5:20,
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stay with us, more h this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others
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randi: a beautiful shot of the ohio river p. both sides clear as far as roads are concerned. the changes later today. lisa: right now, time to honor our teacher of the week. this week' s teacher is mr. rick rafferty of highlands middle school in fort thomas. the student who nominated him said he makes class fun and even tricks them into learning something. she also said he prepares them for life in high school and
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mr. rafferty credits his upbringing and his willingness to be transparent and relatable. >> a few years ago, i allowed myself to open my heart, and to be who i am. and to talk about things that i think are really important, that alot of people don' t talk about. lisa: mr. rafferty walked away with a swag bag full of goodies from our friends bob and marianne from warm 98 and the team at modern office methods. best of all, the class was treated to a pizza party by westshore pizza. if you have a teacher you think should be teacher of the week go to look under the contests tab for details on how to nominate your favorite teacher. mark: sycamore high school is rallying behind one of its teachers randy lothrop while his daughter fights brain cancer. students and teachers shot hoops to raise money in honor of his daughter liz. randy turned down the donations instead asking that it be , donated to duke university where liz is currently enrolled in clinical trials. the next hoops for hope event. is at tomorrow'
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basketball game at sycamore. lisa: a local organization is looking to bridge the gaps between children and positive male influences. this morning pleasant ridge montessori will host the donuts for dudes event. the event will allow male volunteers from local businesses and fraternities to chat with students in classrooms over a tasty breakfast of doughnuts, coffee and juice. the prm men' s groups is behind the event hoping to promote relationships that contribute an strong community overall. mark: i know some folks going to that event. i hope it turns out well. it sounds like we are going to get a good winter storm to watch. randi: it depends on what part of storm -- town yard and whether or not this is a snowblower to the situation for you. at lunchtime, snowing south and east of the ohio river. i the evening drive, messy roads are possible. we could see snow all the way
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it depends on how heavy it is whether or not it is a big issue are not for the evening drive right friday night plans, heavy snow, especially areas south. they go from nothing areas north of 71 up to 10 inches of snow to the far southeastern communities. quite the spread with a quick drop off south of downtown cincinnati. 29 degrees today makes it back to the 30' s as we can and starts to melt that' s no. it is all gone early next week and temperatures get to the 40' s. mulling over their decision on s snow. lisa: how the district' s superintendent battle with whether to close schools or not. >> that is the big question here.
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we will look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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lisa: -- mark: potentially historic snowfall on the east coast. what impact the greater cincinnati area is going to have with the system. lisa: local schools battling with the decision on whether to close today. what schools made that decision a day early. miriah: mark: and some cincinnati businesses trying to get around the issues snow usually causes. how they' re using technology to do it. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way. this is wlwt news 5 today. mark: good morning, i' m mark hayes.
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ve got team coverage all morning, and that is important because the dose of snow depends on where you live. randi rico, good morning to you. randi: it is going to be a whopper of a storm for some of us. for other people, nothing. the storm track has shifted south which means total lower for downtown cincinnati, but ramps up quickly 20 minutes south of the 275 luke. timing wise, still coming through in the same timeline, south of the river by noon. a messy evening commute, especially long and south of the cincinnati. our totals range from this system anywhere from zero to 10 inches of snow possible. zero, northwest, 10, farther southeast. there will be a show -- cut off just south of downtown cincinnati. we have a little bit of everything as far as our advisories go.
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winter storm warning. that is the entire state of kentucky and portions of clermont, brown, adams county in ohio. several counties under winter weather advisory' s which are communities in the purple. you will get snow and there will be accumulation, but the heavier stuff will be to the south and east. let' s take a look closer at the breakdown of who is getting wet. our band of light blue in through downtown cincinnati, 1-3 inches of snow in downtown and up toward sharonville, you may be on the lighter side. 20 minutes south, alexandria, they could have an additional five inches of snow. there will be a sharp cut off just south of downtown. a steep upgrade from 4-6. southern communities, 10 inches of snow is a possibility of those in bracken, mason, robertson county and southern brown county, as well. today, you can see we are already seeing showers across the south.
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out by northerly wind and a dry up as we get late morning, closer to lunchtime. check the roads. kyla: looking good to get started for the morning commute. we -- you told us we wouldn' t have any problems heading out. it is the evening commute that could get tricky. as you had outside, good morning. a look at 71 and red bank north and southbound here traffic rolling right along. we may see a bit of a heavier commute. 74, 1 car moving westbound. some folks may get out earlier this morning said they can head snow. east and west brown. 275 near the airport, if you are heading out for a flight that is not a canceled, you won' t have any problem getting their as you can see both east and westbound lanes are looking good. northern cannot -- kentucky will start the shift today.
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andrew setters is live in camp washington giving us a look at their efforts this morning. andrew cincinnati road crews are : on 12 hour shifts and they' never really stopped working from the snow event earlier this week. they have a lot of work they had to do to get beside streets taken care of. now they are pretreating streets ahead of his weather event. they' re throwing down things like salt brine ahead of the storm, to keep roads in better shape while the snow is flying. pretreatment makes it harder for the snow to accumulate on roadways. in northern kentucky, the will have it' s crews on the roads starting at 6:00 this morning. they' ll be working long hours to pretreat the highways ahead of the storm. one of the most important steps in snow prep comes from you, not from the road crews. they are asking us to stay off the roads as much as possible so that road crews have the room to operate, get the streets cleared, get things in better shape for us quickly for the weekend.
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mark: with the weather system expected to hit the southern part of our area the hardest many northern kentucky school , districts like boone, kenton and campbell counties, have already decided to close. wlwt news 5' s dan griffin is in covington with the tough decisions that are impacting parents and teachers alike. dan? dan: it is a difficult decision to make. for parents, teachers, everybody involved, it can make a big difference in how your day is going to go. as you mentioned, many schools and northern kentucky have called off classes today. kenton, campbell, and boone county. officials we talked to say is decisions are difficult to make a come down to safety. the diocese of covington is saying schools are deciding not to go to washington, d.c. for the march for life or that is covington catholic school. they are traveling back to northern kentucky from the trip because of the storm. when school is closed, the concern for parents is where
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>> it can be challenging. i do work full-time and i' m a single parent actually so if i don' t have somewhere for my daughter to go that would keep me from going to work. >> we have an extra 15-20 kids always on a snow day just because there' s all that need for parents to have some place to take their kids. dan: some schools have not called off just yet. as the storm tracks more in this direction. for now, live in covington, dan griffin, wlwt news five. lisa: one of the biggest districts in our area, cincinnati public decided to close about 30 minutes ago. wlwt news 5' s miriah turner is at the live alert desk with more on their game plan today. miriah: many schools went ahead to make the call yesterday not wanting to chance it. and many schools in greater cincinnati including cps, are making the decision now. the hesitation comes from not wanting to sacrifice a student' s education, for perhaps just a dusting of snow.
5:33 am
saying the the metro area is expected to get the least amount of snow at this point. we spoke to the superintendent of cincinnati public schools yesterday. she says with so many possibilities to consider it' s really a roll of the dice. >> we can get the children to school but if you can' t get children home and we did live , through a situation where it was 9:00 at night, children trapped on buses without food or facilities and children sleeping on gym floors so we just cannot allow that to happen. miriah: cps transports 20,000 students, has 350 buses on the roads, and 1300 routes. the district' s superintendent says the decision to close comes down to safety. from the live alert desk i' m miriah turner. mark: 5:36 now. the timing of today' s anticipated storm already has a lot of people on edge. fortunately a hi-tech solution could mean fewer cars on the area' s busiest roads.
5:34 am
s in store dave palm. of data analytics firm 84-51 says his employees can easily work at home with their laptops. it' s a similar story for p&g which employs thousands downtown. representatives say they can use virtual meetings and teleconferences to get the same work done away from the office. >> if our folks get off the road they' re safe, and they' re not part of that, and they' re being more productive, too. but also it helps contribute to people that do have to be here. mark: he says if workers do end up staying home there will be , less traffic on the roads during today' s evening rush. lisa: early on, it was not about delays, it was closings and early dismissals galore. t take that turn it all around lunchtime. especially in through kentucky, those winding rural roads in the
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it will be for everyone as those p.m. buses run out. i will look exactly in the showing us around 3:00 or so. snow showers run to the seven communities will move out of our area through the morning. steadier, have your snow remains back down toward lexington. for those heading to school this morning, expect temperatures in the low 20' s. no problems, just cold getting to school. i took a freeze-frame of our futurecast at 3:30 this afternoon. you can see the areas that will have issues getting home from school at that point. generally to the south and due east of cincinnati where we have have your snow bands working through. as we take a look at the bus stop drive home from school, 28 degrees, more snow south and east. how are the runs right now? kyla: pretreated. hopefully, that helps eliminate major issues we have later today. again, cincinnati and south,
5:36 am
kentucky, you will run into more snow than maybe northern parts of greater cincinnati. here is a look outside 71 and pfeiffer. all over greater cincinnati, dry and clear roadways. the map still showing green conditions. all of our speed are looking good, 60 miles an hour inside of the loop near pfeiffer on i-71. 74, 60 miles per hour. you are still at 18 minutes on 74 from the indiana side to i-75. 55 miles per hour on 71-75 and kyle' s lane. one of the typical heavier spots in the latter part of the morning commute. things moving along, evenly spread north and southbound. we will continue to keep you updated. still not running into any issues as you head out on this friday. lisa: today' s snow storm effecting flights all across the period east coast this weekend. mark: which airlines are staying out of the skies for the next two days. lisa: outside live on your friday, 5:39, 23 degrees, stay with us.
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randi: taking a live look outside. right now, not a whole lot of snow flying area there will be a big-time change toward lunchtime today for some parts of greater cincinnati. as we look at the rate of right now, you can see light snow showers flying south of the ohio river. these are coming in from the south and east and moving off to the north and west.
5:39 am
of those snow showers. don' t expect us to ramp up earlier than expected. the timeline is still set. for the morning commute, don' t expect problems. lunchtime, snow starting and getting good south of the ohio river. for the bus ride home, it will be snowing areas south and due east of downtown cincinnati. for the evening commute, best met for messy road south of downtown and in through areas east of downtown cincinnati. tonight, expect steady snow and rough roads at times. especially if you are heading south. central kentucky could have a foot of snow. if you are traveling south into kentucky or tennessee, you need to cancel those plans. lisa: rigging now, fire crews battling flames at a home in lockland at locus street. we have learned it is fully engulfed but we can tell you everyone has made it out safely. 5:43 right now. preparations are underway for a
5:40 am
much as 30 inches of snow throughout the mid-atlantic and northeast. mark: as wlwt news 5' s jennifer schack tells us forecast predictions have caused a massive amount of flight cancellations. jennifer? jennifer: about 75 million people are in the storm' s path nearly 30 million of those are expecting white out conditions. with blizzard warning this weekend from d.c. to new york city. airlines have started to cancel flights ahead of the dangerous winter storm that is taking aim at the midatlantic coast. online flight tracker, flight-aware. com. says more than 4,000 flights today and saturday have already been scrapped. american airlines said it was canceling all flights today in charlotte. the carrier said it would cancel operations in washington d.c. and baltimore tomorrow. american also has also canceled flights tomorrow in philadelphia. united airlines said it would suspend flights at its major mid-atlantic airports starting this afternoon anyone flying united to the east coast this entire weekend is encouraged to
5:41 am
online. and flights aren' t the only mode of transportation being affected by today' s storm. amtrak will be modifying its northeast train schedule and the washington metrorail system will be closed for the weekend. lisa. lisa: thank you for the update. new details this morning on a deadly shooting in winton hills. police have identified the victim as 22-year-old markel combs. police say he was found dead at the scene from a gun shot wound. this happened around 11 last night in the 200 block of craft street. if you know anything about this shooting, you' re encouraged to call crime stoppers at 513 - 352-3040. mark: a norwood man in jail accused of holding young girls for sex crimes is accused of threatening one of his young victims. from behind bars. now he will have to answer the indictment before a federal judge this afternoon. according to court documents cody lee jackson jackson called the 15-year-old repeatedly from jail. he was, "threatening and harassing her is she testified against him." she' s the same victim he' s accused of
5:42 am
locking up as a sex slave at his norwood apartment. she was 14 at the time. lisa: the ohio supreme court ruled suspended juvenile judge tracie hunter, will not have to go to jail today. judge pat dinkelacker. was going to make his decision about whether hunter could remain free today. the supreme court issued its own ruling thursday. hunter was convicted of a felony, unlawful interest in a public contract last year. she' s appealing that conviction. and earlier this week prosecutors announced they will not re-try hunter, on the other eight counts the jury could not agree on. mark: kyla woods keeping an eye on the morning commute. kyla: they are looking good so far this morning. the morning commute has not been an issue in the forecast as randi has been mentioning. it is the evening commute that could be tricky. 18 minutes on 71-75. still a low time for you from the split in walton into downtown cincinnati.
5:43 am
on 75 two east gate, a 13 minute commute. things are picking up a bit heading northbound on 75 up toward i-71. again, that travel time is not being infected right now. dry road, a lot of pretreatment. let' s get it over to the lady of the hour. randi rico with a check of your most accurate forecast. everyone wants to know how much snow you' re going to see today. randi: i love when i get a tweet with information like how much are we getting? i don' t know where you are. [laughter] the answer could be anywhere from nothing to 10 inches of snow. i will just e-mail back 0-10. deal with it. no. it looks like today, there will be a sharp shut off -- cut off with some areas getting some snow and some areas a lot of snow. we are getting 0-10 inches of snow across our area. central kentucky will get hit harder.
5:44 am
note out of the question -- not out of the question. as we look at winter desert -- weather advisories, counties in the pink under warning. that includes the entire state of kentucky, claremont, brown, addison in ohio. counties in the purple andre winter weather advisory. areas in the pink, significant accumulation much more likely. i know a lot of people are like, what about hamilton county? i specifically used level and as i live there and i know it goes through three different counties. you can' t count a county -- cut a county in half during a warning. it looks like acadia, south , those are the areas hardest hit by the snow. let' s look at the current radar right now, we are seeing light snow showers falling right along and south of the ohio river. this is not a sign that snow is getting started early. we knew there would be flurries rolling through. these are going to get cut out
5:45 am
it is dry at the moment. these will move from southeast to northwest and back out of our area. heavier snow down toward lexington and especially in southern kentucky, that will move in our direction around lunchtime. this is a whopper of a system. we will see burying amounts of snow from it. 23 degrees downtown. wind chill currently at 11. here is a planner for take her to 8:00 a.m., clouds are rolling in. some places south of town may have some flurries. of the ohio river. 3:00, i' line. cincinnati and due east of cincinnati dealing with tricky road to three clock p.m. by 6:00, snow continues. even the counties that are could have showers by 6:00. 1-3 inches expected for downtown, wilmington, octavia. it is a very steep cut off. you go 16 minutes south of town
5:46 am
five inches and alexandra. that is a huge cut off. the extreme southern communities is where the snowfall totals really ramp up to 10 inches of snow. futurecast breakdown the timeline for you. at lunchtime, areas east and south dealing with decent snow. many areas north and west, nothing at all. for the afternoon commute, kids on the bus, 71 is the divider line at 4:00. by 6:00, that snow hits to the north. lighter, into the evening, snow showers expecting to continue for most of the night and move out tomorrow morning. today, snow is likely for everybody, but it is a lot more likely that you will start off the extreme southeast. over the weekend, snow showers and early tomorrow morning and then sunshine returns. we melt a good bit of that away toward sunday. mark: 5:50 is your time. what started as a social media post to help people in flint michigan who still can' t drink their water has now grown to a
5:47 am
lisa: we will tell you how people in cincinnati are stepping up and asking you to to help. mark: a live look outside for
5:48 am
welcome aboard my starship. ahoy, mateys! it's full of things i love... like me brave crew... and my fellow space adventures and free of things i don't. like aliens. just like eye patches. and when it's time to refuel, i eat chex cereal. it's full of stuff
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no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. excelsior! eat up, me hearties! keep it down! i'm exploring the galaxy. arrrr, that's not even a real spaceship. mark: a group of people from cincinnati are looking to making a difference in flint, michigan. lisa: wlwt news 5'
5:50 am
re using social media to collect donations to help people who are still dealing with that water crisis there. kyla: power of the internet. social media. when things like this happen. post and transformed into a coordinated help effort for flint, michigan. chanel woods is the one that made the post. since then donations and bottled , water have been pouring in. over 700 people have already the group' s facebook page. kroger is donating a truck to transport all the supplies to the american red cross in flint. and a bus company is taking about 80 volunteers to help unpack it all. woods says the issue is important to her. >> i wanted to help flint, my heart was, i was heartbroken to see that there' s a whole entire city that doesn' t have any running water. kyla: the group will be accepting cash and bottled water donations at the hartwell kroger tomorrow from noon to 9:00 p.m, we' ll also have a link to their go-fund-me page.
5:51 am
mark and lisa? lisa: 5: -- 5:54, we are tracking training stores this weekend. mark: while the east coast braces for a blizzard a very isolated storm buried one basketball fan in denver last night. denver nuggets mascot, rocky. having a little silly string fun fan throws a cup of water on the unsuspecting mountain lion. turns out mountain lions can be vindictive. [laughter] check out the deluge of silly string dumped on the fan by rocky and some willing participants in the seats. the victim is rendered faceless in the storm of string not even his nachos and hot dog were safe from rocky' s wrath. lisa: an alabama basketball player made an unlikely shot using his head not his hands. , this happened at tharp-town high school. max nolen. cut to the rim to receive a pass. the ball then tipped off a teammate' s hand and then. off nolen' s head and into the basket.
5:52 am
thanks to his girlfriend, it is caught for humanity on her cell phone. what a shot, max. i will not say that is using your head. miriah: mark: oh. she is here all week. lisa: mark: there are many unique ways to make a living in this world. but one illinois man has come up with something entirely new. jamie keeton has the odd ability to stick cans and other objects to his bald head. canhead keeton says he can make up to $1000 a day and even $8,000 for a weekend by renting out that shiny, magnetic dome. randi: does he have a metal plate in there or something? lisa: our director who is full of it, puns, that is, says his personality is very magnetic. [laughter] i am glad i gave that one to newman. [laughter] i' m speechless.
5:53 am
s just talk about snow. mark: preparing for round two. lisa: road crews are getting to work in school because they are closing or dismissing early. they was on the forecast and what is ahead today. randi: it is a good thing we have snow coming because we have two bald guys on the weather staff. let' s look at the snowfall forecast. 1-3 inches of snow for downtown and areas near northern kentucky. you had 50 miles south, south of alexandria, those totals go up five inches. 4-6 at that point.
5:54 am
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