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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  January 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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lisa: another dose of winter weather. the preparations around greater cincinnati before the snow hits our area. mark: the threat of snow is plenty for local school districts. the latest closings and how school officials make the call before the snow falls. lisa cheering on the winter : weather. the local companies turning a profit from the snow. no snow falling but it' s a snow day for many kids around greater cincinnati. >> wlwt news 5. lisa: that includes cincinnati public schools which decided this morning to close for the day. good morning, i' m lisa cooney.
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thank you for joining us. the problem will be getting home. kyla: it is not for everybody. img am getting tweets from westchester in middletown. no big issues. it will be a full day. it will be cincinnati south and air is due east that are doing with the snow showers. the bus time this afternoon is 2:00 3:00 and 4:00. it will not be even snowfall. i was checking my twitter account and facebook to see how much. if you do not give me specifics, this is what i will give you. nothing tentative. that will be the spread, depending on where you are. the zero to the northwest and the 10 will be in the extreme southeast. most of us will fall somewhere in there. it will be a sharp cut off line somewhere at 20 most south of downtown cincinnati. you go through totals of maybe
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easy five or six inches possible south of alexandria. we have a big-time ramp up just south of downtown. for that reason we do have a winter storm warning in effect. that is the entire state of kentucky. do not plan on traveling south. also in portions of claremont, brown, tiling county. the community in the purple. winter weather advisory. we are expecting some snow. it should not be very significant. there could be issues from time to time. let' s break down snowfall totals. to the north and west, connors ville, oxford, brooksville indiana do not have a lot going on. they will get some flurries. snowfall will ramp up closer to the 275. that is up by cincinnati. it will really ramp up quickly. you' line through alexandria where
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we will have a steep gradient into northern kentucky. it is still the bull' s-eye for the heaviest snowfall. southern portions of a once and brenda king county. that is where we are expecting highest snowfall totals. in order for the snow to be less of a big deal, we have a lot of pretreatment on the roads. lisa: the roads are looking very white. you see a lot of salt. that is what you want to see ahead of this system coming in. as randy has been mentioning, he has been taught us all week long that we do not have much to worry for the morning commute. as you can see, it is the case outside. right now, as we go inside the 6:00 hour things are clear. your evening commute will be very different through northern kentucky. here is a look at 71. you can see light traffic periods be looks good as well.
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75 out of butler county 75 things look good. so, and a lot of pretreatment out there. road crews and kentucky are starting their shift to prepare for the snow. cincinnati crews have been working through the night. andrew is live giving us a look at their efforts. good morning. andrew: good morning. i feel i can assault truck driver, considering we are out on the road ahead of the storm. pretreating and getting ready for the storms on the way. crews are working 12 hour since earlier this week. we had ground snow coming on wednesday. we have this snow event. then, in northern kentucky, 6:00
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later. we will stay on top of it through the day today. again, crews are out pretreating and doing what they can to get ahead of the storm that they are expecting later on today. we will all watch and see and see how much it accumulates. reporting live, andrew setters, wlwt. lisa: breaking now. road crews in northern kentucky are starting shifts right now to -- fire crews are battling flames at a home in lockland, this is on locust street. we' ve learned the home is fully engulfed and everyone made it out safety. with the snow coming while students are in school. local districts have to make some tough decisions. mark do they keep students in : class throughout the day, cancel school or have an early dismissal? wlwt news 5' s dan griffin is live with how this is affecting parents.
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good morning. it is difficult. it is coming down to safety. it comes down to whether kids will be in school. the public schools have closed. that is the case in many northern kentucky counties. including kenton, campbell, and big counties. school districts say that the tension is different. it comes down to safety. they are deciding not to go to life event. school. they' re traveling back to northern kentucky because the storm. still, once school is closed, the concern for parents comes down to who is going to be able to help them care for their kids. >> it is almost easier if they would just cancel. you do not need to waste a snow day.
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dan: some school districts have not called off class this morning. including coming to a catholic and notre dame. that could change through the storm makes its way north. there is a lot of degrees of decision-making that will come as we move through the morning. covington. lisa: thank you. on potential snow days many schools look to cincinnati public schools when making a decision. the district' s superintendent says there is a process on days like today. >> we do try to get the best information when the snow might be 5 or 6 hours away. : today. mark beyond northern kentucky : the entire commonwealth is expecting a full dose of winter weather. miriah turner is at the live alert desk with the statewide
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maria kentucky governor matt : bevin decided to follow the forecast. and close all state offices today. the state legislature also canceled its session today in frankfort after the national weather service issued a winter storm warning for kentucky. the governor says the only exception will be essential employees designated for mandatory operations, that includes road crews law enforcement and emergency management personnel. governor bevin wants this to go beyond the government he is asking all kentucky residents to avoid travel if possible from the live alert desk, i' m miriah turner. mark: other parts of the country are expecting to get hammered by snow today. this is a live look from washington, d.c which could get the worst of it. up to 30 inches could fall in the nation' s capital starting this afternoon and going into saturday night. lisa: it looks like the white house will have everything shoveled and looking good. let' s go after that one. back here at home.
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ve been seeing this week. mark you need snow in the snow : removal business so right now business is good. after the snow on wednesday contractors have been watching the forecast, hoping to stay busy this weekend. >> from the time we get up in the morning, we turn on channel 5 and we watch you guys all day, and then we' re on the weather apps, and we' re constantly watching how the storms evolve. mark even though we haven' t had : much snow this winter pat says his company has already used two hundred tons of salt. lisa remember to download our : wlwt app, you can watch the updated forecast and see the list of closings. and follow us on twitter. we will be updating you throughout the day today and that includes a special, hour-long newscast at noon today. mark: i hope twitter does not break. lisa: more fallout from the flint water crisis. mark the official stepping down : and what' s being done to
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different weather issues in the deep south. outside. 24 degrees. today. changes. amateur wise, change much. right now, we are seeing a very 71-75 split. do not worry. this will pass off to the north and west. it will get going again as we approach 12:00 today. for the morning rush, may be a few slick spots that will freeze overnight. snow starts to get going south and east of cincinnati. we have the drive home.
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we will take a l you are watching wlwt news 5. mark: welcome back. 24 degrees outside. all clear. the calm before the storm. the heavy stuff will fall anywhere between 1-2 feet. that just depends on where you are. randi: that is why it is tough for meteorologist. lisa: it is such a wide area. you try to nail it down for everybody. north is good, south is bad. i do not know. here is a look right now. randi: clear conditions across cincinnati. green conditions. speeds are off to a good start. 471 is at 64 miles per hour.
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another friendly reminder that if you' re going through the overpass, any areas that were melted away have the potential for re-freezing. more on the elevated surfaces. good conditions so far. hopefully, that will stated case. the evening commute could get tricky. mark: thank you. checking today' s top stories. regional director at the environmental protection agency is stepping down because of the response to the water crisis in flint, michigan. susan hedman is resigning and now the epa is planning to supervision program she was leading. water tests in flint to check on lead levels. lisa: the same system bringing snow to several states brought tornado like conditions to parts of mississippi thursday night. was reported across the southern portion of the state.
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coast. lisa jennifer schack joins us : now as residents brace for a potentially historic blast of winter weather. jennifer: we will be on the we will get some snowfall. locations in the path of the storm have been getting ready for days. likely dump more than two feet of snow in some parts of the mid-atlantic. road crews have been working around the clock to get a jump on the storm. several states are in a state of emergency. but in 1000 flights have already been canceled. millions of people are planning to be stuck inside. stores have had a shortage on supplies. a walmart in washington dc sold out of bread on wednesday. it starts for us later today. at this point, how' s the weather looking?
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our bread stocks are good. it depends on what part of the town you' re in. where the need to make that run or not before the snow gets going. our storm totals are going to be in a very wide range. the snow will be from zero to 10 inches across our area. no, we are just mailing in the forecast. we will literally have totals in that range across the area. it gets going in earnest around noon. that is south along the ohio river. the evening drive is a possibility anywhere with some light snow falling. you' re more likely to encounter problems south and east of cincinnati. snowfall totals to the north, a whole lot to the south and east. the national weather service has posted a winter storm warning for area southeast of cincinnati. in fact, the entire state of kentucky is under a winter storm warning. while we are on the northern edge, lexington is in the heart of it.
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could get eight to 10 inches of snow. it will be a huge deal. for us, whether or not is a big deal depends on where you are. winter weather advisory. you will get some accumulation. it will not be as significant. then, you end up with a town significant with kids from preschool. storm warning. we had the storm warning for hamilton. warren, claremont, and hamilton. however, the national weather service does not cut counties in half. even if you are in a winter storm warning. the heaviest storm will be in mount or a and south. we could get ramped up snowfall totals. looking at the radar, we have some sensitivity. flurries possible into northern kentucky.
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south of the split those will roll out to our north and west. the steady snow will arrive late in the morning. seven most communities at 10:00 and 11:00. this is what we are expecting. a swath of 1-3 across downtown cincinnati. watch what happens. if downtown cincinnati gets one inch of snow, 15 mile south is downtown alexandria. we' ll have a very sharp cut off. we are probably just south of the downtown area. extreme southern communities could get 6-10 inches of snow. right now, low to mid 20' s. later on, when the snow gets going, upper 20' s. the stalled is affected. but lots of people and heavy snowfall could cause a messy drive. we have the steady snow south of the river. by the lunchtime it will create an further north.
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call a southeast of 71 dealing evening. by the end of the evening commute, at least everybody seeing some snow showers. midnight. then it will finally move out. so, not a big deal in oxford. bill. north or south. today, snow is likely. it will stay south and east. flurries and in the morning. travel will be nearly impossible. that is something to keep in mind. sunshine will melt away. next week, temperatures make it back into the 40' s. lisa: thank you. we have a message now from highlands middle school. >> hi channel 5. we' re the kids from highlands middle school, and our teacher is the warm 98 teacher of the week.
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mark: me too. coming up we' ll here about more from these students about who they nominated to be our teacher of the week. lisa a blast from the past gets : new life. the grand opening tonight bringing back a west side hot spot.
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lisa: welcome back. this week' s teacher is mr. rick rafferty of highlands middle school in fort thomas. the student who nominated him tricks them into learning something. for life in high school and beyond. mr. rafferty credits his upbringing and his willingness to be transparent and relatable. rick: a few years ago, i allowed myself to open my heart, and to be who i am. and to talk about things that i alot of people don' t talk about. lisa: a lot of love for mr. rafferty. he walked away with a swag bag full of goodies from our friends bob and marianne from warm 98 and the team at modern office methods. best of all, the class was treated to a pizza party by westshore pizza. if you have a teacher you think should be teacher of the week go to look under the contests tab for details on how to nominate your favorite teacher. mark: thank you. the roger bacon community steps up for a fallen hero. patrick wolterman was a 2005
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the spartans. the hamilton firefighter died in the line of duty last month and last night was roger bacon' s sports stag. organizers passed his firefighter' s boot to raise money for his family. you can help out wolterman' s family tomorrow night. there' s a fundraiser at the pub in rookwood from 5 until eleven. -- 5:00 until 11:00. part of the sales will be donated to the patrick wolterman fund which benefits the firefighter' s family. lisa: the blue note is making a comeback in harrison. the hot spot in west price hill closed several years ago but this weekend the new harrison location will celebrate its grand opening. it features three stages and a formal event space called harrison event center. the blue note is on dry fork road and it will be open tonight. mark: let' s check in on the snow. randi: i think everybody gets some snow. it just depends on where you are
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let' s look at where the impact will have. i know. it does not come through with the ending. that is why you have to watch. so, we are looking at the snow impacts for today. by lunchtime, think it' s going along south of the ohio river. all morning long we could see some flurries. we' re watching the snow line work its way into kentucky. it is downtown around lunchtime. this evening time we have messy rose it will be possible. a little bit of snow could cause big problems. even northern communities are not really under any major watch or warning. we could have some slick spots. your best bet will be in cincinnati and areas due east. for any friday night plans. plan on it being snowy. if you' re heading south, you will have problems anywhere into kentucky. that is are likely for the weekend.
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we will be able to shovel out the snow for towns that do get hit hard. back t p mark: -- lisa: thank you. blizzard watch on the east coast. the impact of the massive storm hitting later today. >> close to school others have
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mark: road crews get to work with more snow on the way. what you can expect where you live. lisa a potentially historic : weekend ahead for the east coast. a live report from washington, d.c..before the snow starts to pile-up. mark better safe than sorry. : how local schools are making the call to close before the snow arrives. >> from wlwt. leading the way. this is wlwt news five. mark waiting on the snow this : morning and dozens of schools are closed this morning including all cincinnati public schools. and we have team coverage this morning as this system approaches our area. lisa: let' s get started with a check on the forecast with randi rico. randi, what' s the latest? randi: right now we are looking at the amounts going down a little bit from what was projected yesterday or the day before. the track has shifted to the south. that brings down snowfall
6:25 am
that goes through the 275 loop. the timeline remains the same. river by lunchtime. and, a messy evening commute is a possibility. especially downtown south in areas due east. be heavier. here is the deal. anywhere from zero to 10 inches. it is not just us. we literally will have towns that have nothing and towns that get 10 inches. zero inches total northwest. those totals are only far southeast. it will be a sharp cutoff south of cincinnati. it is not beyond the realm of possibility that downtown gets an inch. south alexandra could get that much. it will be that with snowfall totals coming off south of town.
6:26 am
sent most of the area under a winter storm warning. that includes the entire state of kentucky. claremont, browse, and highly counties. and areas in the purple under winter weather advisory. the difference significant accumulation is far more likely. communities in the pink will get some travel problems in the evening commute. for those of you at union, franklin and butler counties, you will get some snow. it is not very much. let' s take a look at what we are expecting. up toward springboro. maybe a dusting. 1-3 inches for mason to loveland to downtown into the west side. alexandria. little bit. it is not exact. possible. from southern portions of owns county.
6:27 am
10 inches of snow. this will be a major system. it will be tricky. travel. different systems in the area. kyla: if you are planning to travel south, we will get the six to 10 inches. -- 6-10 inches. it will get dangerous. right now, 75 southbound heading towards fort washington. we have a partial lane blockage. maybe that full far right lane because of an overturned vehicle. we were able to move it. so, we are seeing improvements. traffic moving past. 275 starting to pick up as you head towards the bridge. here is a look right now in northern kentucky. 71-75 picking up.
6:28 am
just a partial lane blockage near six street. back to you. lisa: thank you. this morning, folks up and down the east coast are bracing for what could be a storm for the record books. mark: heavy snow and ice are expected to impact more than 50 million people this weekend. nikole killion is in washington which is right in the bullseye. nikole, this is the calm before the storm? nikole: absolutely. very quiet. in a few hours it will go don' t know -- downhill. the nations' capital officially under a blizzard warning. after an inch of snow crippled the commute. now, we are bracing for up to two feet. everything is shutting down from mass transit to the federal government. the national weather service says more than 50 million people will be affected not only by significant snow along the east rain that'
6:29 am
>> the cold temperatures and strong winds and we expect the winds to be very strong with this storm especially along the i95 corridor will add to the impacts. nikole: and the storm is expected to take a toll financially the national weather service predicts the damage could top $1 billion or more. back to you. mark: serious issue. we heard about all the names for the blizzard. is there anything clever? nikole: my favorite is ' snownino' the one that seems to be sticking across most weather reports is ' winter storm jonas' and of course with the name came a ton of memes on twitter. most people referring to it as the ' ugly jonas brother' from
6:30 am
i did not know there was one. ugly. they are taking aim at him and the group. twitter. we will see you if you come up with anything else. from crying sometimes. lisa: that is right. mark: take care. i know a certain reporter who has names for it. just started shifts to prepare for the snow later today. and crews here in cincinnati started late last night. andrew setters is in live drive five giving us a look at their efforts this morning. andrew? andrew: we are out on the road. this is what road crews are doing now. driving around on roads that are pretty good shape. things are looking good because, they have attacked the snow that rolled in on wednesday. we do not have any more coming in later. a lot of crews got some breaks early.
6:31 am
up. pretreating the main streets to get everything ahead of the storm. the road crews and the transportation cabinet were here at 6:00 heard they will be hitting up the areas like the ll try to preach it treat that. they may get quite a bit of work on their hands. including where the trucks in the district here in the tri-state area, action of herself they need to go and how far south they get. it could be a big job and a heavy weekend. it will be busy all through the northern kentucky area as they watch for the storm. and then they try to get us all the got. reporting live, andrew setters wlwt news 5. lisa: as we know the weather , system is expected to hit the southern part of our area the hardest. mark: many northern kentucky school districts like boone, kenton and campbell counties,
6:32 am
covington with the tough decisions that are impacting parents and teachers alike. dan, good morning. dan: they say this comes down to safety. everybody safety. hymie, in covington let in school. according to the facebook page, a short while ago they will dismiss your 12:40 five, because of the storm coming this way. there are joining boone and kenton county. the school is also bringing students back here from a trip to washington. they were heading therefore in march for life event. covington cathing is set for that event. they are also not going to because of the storm. the big deal for parents , wondering what will happen if they have to go to work. who will help them care for their kids. it is a big concern. >> it can be challenging, i do work full-time and i' m a single parent actually so if i don' t have somewhere for my daughter to go that would keep me from
6:33 am
>> we have an extra 15-20 kids always on a snow day just because there' s all that need for parents to have some place to take their kids. dan: no doubt. any daycare open today may be busier than normal with the snow coming through. we are expecting it through northern kentucky. we could expect more snow clothing -- closings in northern kentucky. that is in notre dame academy. through the morning. we will see exactly where the storm is going to go. live in covington, dan griffin. lisa: as the snow approaches greater cincinnati, we will keep you updated. that includes a special newscast at noon. mark: pictures just in of a house fire -- house fire in lockland. it was completely engulfed in flames when fire started. the homeowner said he saw the
6:34 am
possibly with an electrical issue. fortunately, nobody was hurt. lisa: new details this morning on a deadly shooting. police have identified the victim as 22-year-old markel combs. police say he was found dead at the scene from a gun shot wound. this happened around 11 last night in the 200 block of craft street. if you know anything about this shooting, you' re encouraged to call crime stoppers at 513 . 352-3040. mark: let' s check in with randy and get more on the timeline. it will be critical. randi: i lot administrators are watching this closely. it is just cold. clouds are building in. temperatures are in the low 20' s. i want to get a screen grab of the forecast. this is a time when some buses are out. you will notice the wider line almost looks to be the 71 cori door. leading up to the timeframe, the heaviest will be there areas due
6:35 am
these are spots where the travel home may be a little more tricky or treacherous. to the north to northwest, the snow has not even hit yet. let' s take a look at the bus stop forecast. about 28 degrees. more snow will be around various southeast of cincinnati. we will look at the timeline in a few minutes. mark: thank you. snow days and sports. what local athletic directors are facing today as the snow approaches our area. lisa and air travelers grounded. : how airlines are reacting with several states expecting winter weather. mark: i live look outside as we see traffic moving along. i sense news. things will change during the we will keep it right here
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giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. "name your price tool" phase. whatever. lisa: welcome back. a live look through citycam right now. the snow is coming later so many school districts are making the call based on what is expected to come later today. that includes the area' s largest school district cincinnati public schools. mark it is closed today and wlwt : news 5' s miriah turner is at the live alert desk with how they made the decision. maria: some schools made the call yesterday not wanting to chance it. but that'
6:38 am
schools in the greater cincinnati area including cincinnati public schools. early this morning the district decided to close down. calamity days are limited and district leaders wanted to see the forecast this morning to see when the weather could create problems. we spoke to the cps supertintendent prior to her decision to close. >> we can get the children to school but if you can' t get children home and we did live through a situation where it was 9:00 at night, children trapped on buses without food or facilities and children sleeping on gym floors so we just cannot allow that to happen. maria: cps transports 20,000 students, has 350 buses on the roads, and 1300 routes. today they can hop on sleds instead of the bus from the live alert desk i' m miriah turner. mark: thank you. local athletic directors are also keeping an eye on the weather to make a decision on high school games. decisions are expected to come later today depending on the school.
6:39 am
even if school is cancelled. other parts of the country could get 30 inches of snow. lisa wlwt news 5' s jennifer : schack tells us forecast predictions have caused a massive amount of flight cancellations, jennifer. jennifer: already some issued. to the weekend it could be a problem. about 75 million people are in the storm' s path nearly 30 million of those could see blizzard conditions. airlines have started to cancel flights ahead of the storm taking aim at a good portion of the east coast. online flight tracker flight-aware. com says more than 4,000 flights today and saturday have already been scrapped. american airlines said it was canceling all flights today in charlotte. the carrier said it would cancel operations in washington and baltimore saturday. american also canceled flights saturday in philadelphia. united airlines said it would suspend flights at its washington dulles hub and other mid-atlantic airports starting this afternoon. air travelers are not alone.
6:40 am
northeast train schedule and the washington metrorail system will be closed for the weekend. so, a big deal already. mark: the problem with washington is that there is no place to put anything. cars are everywhere. there is so much traffic and congestion, it is hard to move the snow. lisa: a lot of places have the walk down apartments. it is hard to dig out. we have friends in d.c. in dayton. it is an inch to two feet. i have to nail down the specifics for cincinnati. here is what we are looking at. randi: we will have a sharp cut off. not too far south. from spots that have one inch to more.
6:41 am
cincinnati. it could be a steep cut off if we see the snowfall totals come in. it could go from a whole lot of nothing all the way up to 10 inches of snow. central kentucky will get hit much harder. in fact, the entire state of kentucky is under a winter storm warning. the winter storm warning in a higher includes clairmont, browns, and highly county. we have a winter weather advisory. we also have more insulted 64. that means union and franklin county, you are the least likely to see snowfall. let' s take a look at what we are expecting. right now, we are tracking light flurries south of the 71-71 split. that is down towards the town. it is a leading edge with dry areas in place that will cut
6:42 am
we have high pressure that brought sunshine. that will work in and undercut this first band of the heavy stuff south of lexington. it is still on target to move towards greater cincinnati as we approach lunchtime. southern communities, southern, grant, pendleton, owens county. you guys will pick up towards 10:00. it is 24 degrees with northeasterly winds. they are drying things out. the windchill is at 12 degrees. at 8:00 a.m. most places are watching clouds rolling. by noon it is slowing south and east of cincinnati. getting into 3:00, will call 71 the dividing line. by 6:00, snow continues. no matter where you are, you could get snowfall by 6:00 p.m.. here at the snowfall totals for the system.
6:43 am
out of it. 1-3 inches of snow. we are calling that for cincinnati. mason, even on the dividing line. now, what i want you to watch is the -- we' re using that as an example of summer between 15-20 miles per hour. snowfall totals will ramp up here and we could get an inch of snow downtown into southbound' s andrea. that is not a big deal. it is a 15 minute drive. have a sharp cut off somewhere. we will see the steep totals. futurecast is showing up by the time we get to lunchtime in the early afternoon, snow showers are overtaking the ohio river. that is generally to area southeast of 71. north and west is not an issue.
6:44 am
could get snow covered roadways. we have snow shower lines continue to work their way. we have snow showers starting to moving through midnight. that will be done through 8:00 this morning. that is the timeline for the snow. it is a much bigger deal along southeast 71. that is in the south of the ohio river. today, 29 degrees for the high. snow is likely for everybody. we will hold on south and east. snow showers moved out early tomorrow morning. by the time we get into sunday at 38 degrees, next week, backup and data 40' s. we have a mixture of rain and snow. let' s get through this system first. kyla: the morning commute has been moving along well. we showed to a few moments ago the backup on 75 southbound near 2nd street.
6:45 am
we do know they block to ramp on 75 southbound. you have to hop off on a exit heading north of there. 16 minutes in 75 out of butler county. down to the lateral from 129. 19 minutes on 71-75 where we have the report of a next and between kyle lane and 12 street. not able to see it on the cameras. we have heavy volume heading both north and southbound. mark: thank you.
6:46 am
lisa: road crews gett mark: north korean officials say they have arrested an american student from cincinnati. lisa: he is a student from the university of virginia. he' s been arrested for a hostile act. they said he entered the north as a forest and then allegedly plotted to undermine the system. the announcement comes amid a diplomatic push by the united states and south korea to hit the north with sanctions for a recent nuclear test. we will follow that one.
6:47 am
northern kentucky started shifts to prepare for snow. mark: crews have been working through the night. we are taking a live look outside. the roads are looking good for now. that is expected to change as we go through the day. now, because of that, local districts are making tough decisions before the snow starts to fall. lisa: dan griffin is live with how it is impacting local school districts. good morning. and: good morning. this comes down to keeping students, teachers, parents everybody safe as the storm moves in. coming through school behind me, they announced they will be dismissing classes at 12:45 this afternoon. we also know boone and kenton county' s have called off today. now, this is not the first round of closing. other schools are debating whether or not they will call of
6:48 am
we will track those closures for you and have them on our website. we will keep them on wlwt news 5. dan griffin, wlwt news 5. mark: thank you. we will check in with randy. randi: the morning commute has no problems. lunchtime has snow going south of the ohio river. we have snow moving along and south east i: 71. -- i -- 71. by the evening commute, your best bet for messy roads will be area south and east. we could get light snow up through butler county. you guys know that even light snow can cause some issues. then, tonight, rough roads at times. snow will continue. do not travel south. the entire state of kentucky entree winter storm warning.
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that does it all: milk! milk! milk! milk! milk! okay! fun's over. aw. aw.
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it would make me cool. to me. guess not. you got to stick up for yourself, like with the name your price tool. people tell us their budget, not the other way around. aren't you lactose intolerant?
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