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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  January 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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s wlwt, leading the way. this is wlwt news 5 today. lisa: a driver crashes during a police chase and then takes off on foot in sick more township. mark: police are looking for the suspect who jumped out of the car and ran from the scene. police say it started about 4:45 this morning when they got the call about a suspicious person at the red bank walmart. a police chase somehow ignited north than 71 with the driver crashing by the kenwood road exit. the car involved is being taken away now. we are staying on top story for you in bringing the them. lisa: we will continue to check on that story. right now, the forecast. mark: and look at the changes coming our way. randi: in the next two or three hours. it was 50 degrees at midnight. it was nice yesterday afternoon. not the case this afternoon. when you' jacket you' re going to grab,
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looking at the mid-30' s. looking at the 20 for our temperature change, how fun was it we were saying 20 degrees or so was warm? we' re 22 degrees warmer than 24 hours ago, but it is not going to last. right now sitting at 45 degrees at cvg. 50 the easternmost communities. 34 in indy in the 30' s are already creeping in the southeastern indiana. once the rain ends in your town, you have about an hour, maybe off and the 30' you can see were looking at rain showers moving out east of cincinnati. cincinnati and the 275 loop done, the cold front about to drop the temperature for those close to downtown. lingering showers right now through portions of highland county and further south along 62 and portions of brown county. this rain pretty much out of air.
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connors phil currently at 37. our temperatures are going to fall into the 30' s, downtown by 9:00 a.m., in the 30' s and we stay there through the afternoon. 34, noon, 35 and we stay there in the second part of the day with the wind at 10 to 15 miles power, likely feeling like the 20' s and cannot rely on a stray flurry into the evening. we will take a look at how long these cooler temperatures will last a just a couple of minutes. let' s check the roads. it is been a great start on this tuesday. we have the situation along 71 amid a police chase, not blocking any travel lanes. here' s a look at 71 and montgomery road in kenwood and you can see both northbound and southbound moving along just fine. really, the same thing elsewhere, 275 near the airport, hopping out the door for flight, should not have any problems and help look, no delays on this guy either. still ongoing construction in this area, but no lane closures
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really great conditions as you head outside for your morning commute, no problems to slow you down. mark: thank you. happening today a man is , expected in court facing new charges in a sex crimes case . lisa: miriah turner is at the live alert desk with the new developments in dearborn county, miriah? miriah: this investigation started when steven rekowski was accused of molesting a 4-year-old. now more alleged victims have been identified by police. prosecutors say there are now 7 children involved in this case and rekowski was a babysitter for some of them. prosecutors say in one case he drugged a 10-year-old and recorded an attack. he was arrested on new years day after a lawrenceburg mom locked him in a laundry room. she just heard from a friend that rekowski had pictures of her daughter on his phone. >> those actions of those two women were instrumental in bringing this guy to justice. even done with the forensic analysis on his cell phone. meanwhile they also found , laptops and computers in his home which are also being
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mark: do this morning cincinnati , police investigating a robbery this happened around 1:00 this morning near the intersection of gest and depot. police are only saying there was some personal property taken in this area and one person was taken into custody. it' s not clear if that person will face charges. lisa: new details this morning on a crash that shut down ronald reagan highway. aircare was called to the scene police say she hit a pole in the eastbound lanes near galbraith road. we are working to learn her condition. police believe alcohol was a factor in this crash. all lanes are back open this morning. we have an update on breaking news after an overnight chase to the kenwood towne center. mark: dan griffin is leading the way with the latest at the scene. dan: good morning. very much still in active scene along kenwood road, you can see a tow truck picking up a crash ed
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we are told this is what police were chasing down interstate 71 just about 4:45 at a walmart. dispatchers say they got a report of a suspicious person running out of the walmart store, jumping into a black gmc, which we' re now seeing is a black chevy suburban, being chased by at least five departments involved in this this morning. it is still unclear what happened, who the person is, but we' re told police are looking for one suspect at this point and it is not clear what the suspect was doing at the walmart store. we will continue to follow this story. kenwood road is still an area very busy with a lot of flashing to take it slow as you come through here and make sure re a careful as police continue to work. for now we are live here just
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wlwt news 5. lisa: thank you. the ohio state highway patrol is trying to figure out what went wrong in a crash that killed a junior at milford high school. mark: investigators have not ruled on distracted driving. at this point, they do not believe drugs or alcohol were a factor. troopers say lauren wolfe long hidden suv while she was driving on glenford -- goodell milford road. they satiate got off the road and ended up on the wrong side of the road when she overcorrected. >> it really shouldn' t happen like that. and one little mishap of the wheel, it' s just unfortunate to see someone go like that. >> anytime we get behind the wheel of a car, there are a lot of things we need to take into consideration. mark: lauren was 16 years old.
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grief counselors available to students. her visitation will be wednesday evening with her funeral taking place thursday morning at saint andrew church in milford. lisa: a deputy recovering after a scary moment caught on camera. the captain was at the scene of a crash when he was hit by a semi trying to make it over railroad tracks and an oncoming train hit the truck. he could not get out of the way and time when the truck suddenly change direction. he survived. he needed 25 stitches for gashes on his head and suffered a broken left hand. mark: scary stuff. state leaders say preschoolers and kindergartners are expelled at a higher rate than high school students in ohio. lisa: that is corrupted changes to schools across the state. ohio lawmakers are dedicating nearly julian dollars to a new initiative to make mental health experts more available to young at risk kids. dozens of health experts the state. the experts will work with teachers and at risk kids
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nearly 4000 kindergartners were expelled or suspended for fights and disruptive behavior. the department of mental health and addiction services says these disruptive behaviors can be associated with childhood trauma, abuse, and neglect and can present a danger to other children. that is why they want to address these issues early on. mark: norwood police have launched a new program to help fight crime. they' re asking homeowners and businesses to register the surveillance cameras. the idea is that police will have faster access to potential leads if they can quickly determine what chemists may have got video of a crime. police department website. participation is voluntary. lisa: legislation is going to the kentucky senate which would allow more time for parents dealing with newborns. right now parents have up to
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state approved safe places such as a hospital or a police station. the new bill would give parents up to 30 days to make a decision. it has already passed in the house with a unanimous vote. mark: president obama says he is moving to ban solitary confinement for juvenile and low-level offenders and federal prisons. the news came in an op-ed the president and for "the washington post." he wrote solitary confinement diminishes chances for successful relocation. he said his decision followed a justice department review. he wrote solitary confine it should be a last resort used for inmates that pose threats to themselves or staff members. when we continue this morning, finding your real friends. lisa: the new study looking at facebook connections and the people you can trust. mark: wendy' s has found the be. the playful world words on twitter involving another fast food giant. lisa: i think i know it they' re doing.
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randi: good morning. our temperature tumble has begun inside around the 275 loop. take a look on the west side through lawrenceburg, 41, dillsboro, 40. 30' s on the way for most of us by the time we had 9:00 a.m.. for the morning commute, plane on a falling close to 40 degrees as the rain showers develop a much cooler for the second half of the day. we will talk about how long the cold air will last for the temperatures are back up into the 50'
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you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok. (announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok.
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mark: good morning, everyone and welcome back as we take a live look outside, six: 13, 45 degrees. the roads are wet, but
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on your road to work. kyla woods is keeping an eye on it. on 71, but fortunate, that did not tie up traffic. we have had where they had to able to get off the kenwood area. a good start. s get that going. it is a look at 71-75 at the cut-in-the-hill, starting to slow a little bit as you had northbound. this is the time the morning will we start to see that. you can see on our maps, really green conditions and that means all of our speed look great as well. here' s another reminder of this construction. it will start around 8:00 with a single enclosure on northbound 75 at the lateral. 11:00, a doubling closure. you will bump into it -- double
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you will bump into it. they will also close the ramp from 75 northbound to the up to access that until 5:00 tomorrow morning. we will deal with these closures for the week. we will see them off and on and we will keep it covered for you. overnight. s top stories, developing news out of officer turned his weapon on fellow officers killing 10 of them. this happened at a checkpoint in the southern part of the country. the taliban have claimed responsibility for the attack. investigators say the shooter killed the officers while they were sleeping, and then fled the scene after stealing their weapons and ammunition. mark: new video this morning shows a single-engine plane that crashed on a highway in the outskirts of moscow. it happened over the weekend when the pilot tried to make an emergency landing. the pilot was not hurt and there were no other people on board. lisa: in flint, michigan, families concerned about their exposure to lead can get tested
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molina healthcare is hosting the event at a local elementary school. the tests are available for children up to six-years-old. additional lead testing has already been scheduled for the first week of february, also at no charge. mark: an emergency city council meeting is set for this afternoon in atlantic city where city officials will discuss filing for bankruptcy. mayor don guardian says with no help from the state, the atlantic city council has to consider all options. guardian also cited failed legislation that would have provided financial assistance as being the final blow that put bankruptcy on the table. lisa: have you seen this report about former "friends" star matthew perry is opening up about his problems with on his career? perry was recently interviewed on bbc radio and he claimed he does not remember filming three seasons of "friends." perry said his memory gets hazy after season three. the 46-year-old has gone through several rehab stints to deal with alcohol and prescription
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mark: sad. m a big fan of his. chances are you probably have more facebook friends than you can keep up with. a new study from the royal society of open science shows that on average, only four of those facebook friends are considered part of your support clique. or your posse. those are people who would be by your side during times of crisis. the study also says the average person could count just about 13 people as close friends. i have like 6000 close friends. aramco ok, --miriah:, ok, brag about it. mark: trending now a war of words between fast food joints. lisa: some amusing tweets from the official accounts for wendy' s and burger king. miriah: both fast food chains are pushing value menu deals and at wendy' s you can get 4 items for $4. wendy' s sent out this tweet -- the 4 for 4 meal, a trayful of mouth-filling glory. it seemed like burger king
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better than 4." that' s burger king' s new deal . and someone asked wendy' s, "what are you firing back?" wendy' s simply said, "edible food." mark: shots fired. wowzer. stepping it up a notch. lisa: you are a wendy' s fan. miriah: i am a wendy' s fan. i' m a little biased. and i am pregnant, by the way. with my cravings, i was going through my dry throat when he so often, there are getting to know me. -- through my drive through so often, they were getting to know me. i have to say, burger king sounds like they won. mark: i do like flame broiled. lisa: i' m an equal opportunity. then there is the arby' s commercial.
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randi: i will break down the forecast. the weather roller coaster will continue. it was 50 degrees at midnight and many of you were up here at 6:50 in the morning. if you are out and about, that was the warmest part of the day. it will be nowhere near that warm this afternoon. even though it says 45 degrees, plan on mid 30' s. it will drop considerably over the next two hours or so. chilly today and tomorrow in the 20' s and 30' s but a big-time warm up on the way for the weekend. we' re headed well into the 50' s. looking at the radar, the cold front passed us by an greater cincinnati. now moving out of the eastern communities. you can see the last showers wrapping up and heading further east. or our area, the rain for the most part is out of your over the last two hours, he so rain showers rolled through and it looks like mason county, kentucky, and have a few showers left.
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it is coming, 49 at the moment in peebles, 49 downtown. already five downtown, but 36 in connorsville. temperatures downtown could drop 10 degrees or so in the next few hours. it is not a freefall all day. 5:00 this afternoon, everyone still in the mid 30' s. we fall off to 35 and stay there. with the winds at 10 to 15 miles per hour, you will likely feel like the upper 20' s through the day. do not be tricked by the fact it is one right now. it will not be nearly as warm into the afternoon. at noon, cloudy, breezy, 35. 3:00, 28. by 6:00, maybe a stray flurry. you will notice the rain showers rolling out with clouds of sticking around. breezy and cloudy view the afternoon and a chance you could see a plat -- passing flurry this afternoon. that is a possibility. guys clear out tonight.
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first day of the seven have a day forecast because technically, 50 was the high. plan on 30' s. that is where we will be. 36 tomorrow. the temperatures warm back up thursday and friday. heading for the weekend, 56 degree high temperature on saturday. mark: thank you. the same of east coast. out after the weekend snowstorm. lisa: some people have found a way to heat things up. how the blizzard of 2016 has been good news for east coast
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are company should treat you like family... [phone rings] operator: health care customer service caller: hi this is patricia ramirez. operator: oh, patricia! colleague: i love patricia! colleague 2: it's about time, lady! this is the real question: how's that man you're dating? where's the ring? more like this. we can do this together. an appointment with the diabetes specialist, ok? member: thank you. you deserve compassion. you deserve molina healthcare, your extended family. medicaid. medicare. marketplace. for more information,
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tuesday morning. a live look at the no surprise, the northbound side is picking up. kyla: like clockwork. our else. traveling along 471, things look good. 65 miles per hour from the 275 kentucky. date, bellevue, newport, fort minutes to get your to the we'
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volume headed in the northbound direction heading into cincinnati. that is typical for this time of the morning. no problems to report right now. lisa: thank you. people along the east coast are continuing to dig out from this weekend' s historic winter storm. mark: plows have been working around-the-clock to clear the major roads in the nation' s capital. people were also taking part in the clean-up efforts clearing sidewalks and digging out their vehicles so they could return to work. it was a similar scene in brooklyn, new york, which was pummeled with over two feet of snow. lisa: you could call the snow storm a love storm. messaging on dating apps was up 139% over the weekend. new york city got 27 inches of snow, and perhaps people were feeling less picky while hunkered down because likes were up 66% in the big apple. philly, which had 22 inches of the white stuff also saw a surge , in activity.
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mark: hey, what are you doing? lisa: same thing you are. mark: not much, you? brendan cope oh, he yard nearby -- randi: oh, you are nearby? your my ideal mate. the rain is coming to an end and eastern communities and the temperatures are about to fall. if you want to had outside in the mildest part of the day, you have about 90 minutes before the temperatures fall off and the 30' s. i 6:00 this evening, 34 degrees and feel like the 20' s. it will be a cool day for those of you training for the flying pig. thank you for this photo sent in by iris. send me your pictures as you train. those of you putting in miles
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s. lisa: thank you. babysitter accused of abusing children. one mom did to make sure he was caught. andrew: police on the hunt after crash.
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mark: a suspect on the run after a chase early this morning. what investigators are saying about how this all started. lisa: prosecutors file new charges against a man accused of abusing children. the latest allegations as he heads to court. mark: the final pitch in iowa. how democrats made their plea to voters in a town hall. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt , leading the way. this is wlwt news 5 today. mark: good morning, everyone. taking a live look outside. nice -- well, not exactly clear. we have some rain showers coming down pretty lately, not creating to any problems on the roads. we will have an update in a moment. good morning, mark hayes. lisa: and i' m lisa cooney. let' s check in with randi rico for a check on the forecast. it feels good right now, but it is one of those wait five
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always change. randi: over the next half hour or so, these temperatures in the 30' s right now on the state line rolling through harrison will be through our west side towns. but he minutes, downtown will see temperatures tumble. 30' s in indiana, creeping across the straight line -- state line. 48 in peoples. a lacrosse greater cincinnati, we were sitting at 50 degrees at midnight. -- all across greater cincinnati, we were sitting at 50' s at midnight. we will be in the 30' s. temperatures will tumble into the 30' s and stay there. we had a cold front come through over the last hour and a half or so. you can see not much left over as far as rate showers go, maybe a couple of sprinkles. the rain is gone for the rest of us and the cold air is about to move out as well.
6:29 am
toward 40 degrees, many spots in the 30' s. at noon, cloudy, breezy, 35. at 4:00, still at 35, but with the wind, it probably feels like the upper 20' s. it may seem mild right now, but plan ahead. kyla: the rosa been off to a great start. good morning. as you get ready to hop out the door, pretty clear conditions. here' s a look at 71 at martin luther king. you can see northbound and southbound lanes getting heavier and volume is still moving at a pretty decent pace. as you look around greater cincinnati, 75 at glendale milford picking up on the southbound side, very heavy, but no delays. not seeing any brake lights or stole traffic, same on the lower deck of the brent spence bridge northern kentucky in a downtown. traffic rolling right along. we will keep you updated, but it
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lisa: the search is on for a driver who prompted a police chase before crashing in sycamore township. lisa: dan griffin is live with new information. dan: we know police are looking for at least one suspect in this case turn crashed this morning. wherever off kenwood road. he gets see a mangled brick wall where the suv crashed into it a little while ago. this is video we' re showing you moments ago is investigators swarm the crashed tahoe suv plowed into a brick wall. the driver drive -- jumped out and was being chased by at least five police agencies from the red the red bank road. an employee at the walmart in fairfax reported suspicious person just before 5:00 a.m.. i can tell you the mangled suv was taken here 10 to 15 minutes ago. we will continue following this story for you for any new
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mark: thank you. expected in court today, a man in aurora accused of sex crimes against children. lisa: wlwt news 5' s andrew setters in live with more on the man who allegedly committed the crimes while he was babysitting. andrew, bring us up to date. andrew: this is the kind of situation that is so frightening to imagine as a parent. someone trusted to watch after your child accused of sexually abusing them. steven rekowski was caught when someone spotted pictures of one victim on his phone, and that child' s mom locked him in the laundry room until police could arrive. now the aurora man is facing additional charges accused of abusing as many as seven children between four years old and 10 years old. rekowski will go to court in dearborn county this morning. he' s accused of sexually abusing children he was baby sitting, in some instances drugging the children and recording the abuse. the dearborn county prosecutor aaron negangard said his office has only touched the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the evidence in this case. they continue to look into the man' s actions.
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streets since earlier this month. investigators continue going through his phone and computers, looking for information about any other potential victims. reporting live, andrew setters, wlwt news 5. lisa: thank you. new insight on human trafficking in ohio. the state' s top cop is out with a report detailing law enforcement efforts to combat this problem. across the state there were more , than 100 investigations last year and even more arrests. of the more than 200 potential victims, the most common age group targeted 16- and , 17-year-old girls. drug and alcohol addiction were two of the biggest risk factors. the number of human trafficking investigations in ohio were at an all-time high. mark: aurora police need your help identifying two men he' s still in credit card information to buy gift cards on the west side. police say they received a fraud report from main source bank on january 14. they say the suspects used the
6:33 am
at two different stores in western hills the day after christmas. if you recognize iser -- either of these guys, call aurora police. this morning commitment 2016, a week to go before the iowa caucuses. democrats share the stage one night. miriah turner has the round from our live alert desk. miriah: this was a little different than a debate with each candidate getting a chance to speak one-on-one with the voters at a democratic town hall in iowa. bernie sanders, hillary clinton, martin o' malley made their closing remarks before next weeks i will caucus. whole show and connect race between clinton and sanders, while o' malley trails. all three try to distinguish themselves on the issues, which range from the iraq war to health care and income inequality. >> i think it is fair to say i have a 40 year record of going after inequality. >> establishment politics is not
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>> we cannot be this fed up with our gridlocked dysfunctional national politics and think that a resort to old ideologies and holdings is going to move us forward. miriah: republicans will get their chance to square off one last time before the caucus in a debate this thursday night. mark: hillary clinton getting support from her husband in cincinnati. bill clinton will host a fundraiser for heard next month. the fundraiser is set for february 12 downtown and will run from 11:30 until 1:30, the campaign has not announced a specific venue for the event. lisa: one of the most popular newspapers in massachusetts, "the boston globe," has announced its support for ohio governor john kasich for president. the paper has a large audience in southern new hampshire, the first-in-the-nation primary state. the paper' s rival, "the boston herald," has thrown its support behind new jersey governor chris christie. the new hampshire primary will
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you can get the latest on the race for the white house later this morning on "today." they will have a breakdown of the final showdown right after us. mark: a group over the arcing counter has won a legal battle. they will open the largest tumor frame construction in july. he was ruled the first amendment protections were violated. kentucky blocked the sales tax to' s and of which would have been worth $18 million. lisa: new funding aimed at keeping jobs in ohio. the states tax credit authority approved more than 49 billion dollars in funding for projects statewide. the goal is to create 1200 new jobs and retain 1500 other jobs. in westchester, a five-year tax credit was approved for planes moving and storage. 30 two jobs will be created there. in downtown cincinnati, a tax
6:36 am
ark design studio to create 60 new jobs and help the studio expand. mark: brady has your forecast. randi: i want to take a look at our temperatures in and around the 275 loop. you can see the 30' s about to creep into the loop. we have 39 right now in harrison, petersburg of 40. petersburg, on command, dropping down to the 30' s. on the eastern part of the loop, these side, west side battle temperature-wise, upper 40' s on the east side but westside is about to fall off into the 30' s. by 9:00, basically everybody down into the 30' s. your bus stop forecast this morning, showers are over at this point. temperatures right around 40 or so for most kids waiting for the bus. on the way home from school, a bit different, cloudy skies, breezy, wait colder around 35. the colts that does not last long. we will talk about when to
6:37 am
50' s in a few minutes. lisa: a big day on the slopes. the olympians hitting the hills at perfect north. mark: calling the queen city a disgrace. the sportswriter with some harsh words for cincinnati after the reds decided to honor pete rose lisa: a live look through city cam on your tuesday morning. six: 39. stay with us, we will have more headlines for you next on
6:38 am
s wlwt mark: welcome back. the torch is lit in the games are officially underway at perfect north slopes. lisa: kyla woods is here with a look at all of the action in lawrenceburg. a great day. kyla: the action is going down. the competition is fierce. the game started with practice and time trials on monday, and the real competition gets going today. 100 athletes are competing at various ages and abilities, and each athlete is paired with a ski partner. organizers say the winter games help athletes in all aspects of their lives. >> our athletes that participate consistently in special olympics excel in other areas of their life, their schools, they become good employees at work. just really good contributing members of their communities. kyla: and perfect north could just be the start. several athletes are competing to qualify for the world special olympics winter games in 2017 in
6:39 am
happening today, the fifth annual queen city blood drive. the event is hosted by the hoxworth blood center and will take place at the duke energy convention center starting at 10:00 this morning. the cincinnati cyclones hockey team will be there to draw out loyal fans to a good cause. the event usually takes place at the u.s. bank arena, but due to the popularity of the event, hoxworth decided to move it to the convention center this year. donors will receive an assortment of prizes at the blood drive, including free cyclones tickets. mark: super bowl sunday will connections. lisa: they could help panthers on football' stage. stories. he is made incredible bowl 50. another local standout will also make his super bowl debut in northern california. panthers guard andrew norwell has reached the pinnacle in just two seasons. norwell is the first anderson
6:40 am
nfl. last night we caught up with his brother chris norwell, who is also a football coach at thomas more. he tells us andrew is ready to go. >> the first thing that came out of his mouth was, be ready to go to the super bowl? andrew is a quiet guy. he was jacked up. it was nice to see that emotion come out of him. he can' t wait. he is so excited about this opportunity. graco andrew' s parents got to watch their son in person play in the nfc championship game sunday. now they go across the country to be there for super bowl in santa clara. mark: a small trip. these ago lucky enough to know -- lisa: lucky enough to know coach more. he said, let' s make this the quickest banquet on record so i can get home and watch my
6:41 am
it was pretty quick, very very cool. everyone excited. there are couple of big dudes in the family. awesome guys. mark: i can' t wait for the big game. lisa: a new pricing model for a bengals season tickets. preseason will cost less and so will season-ticket packages because there is one less home game next year. the bengals are sacrificing again and the jungle to take on the redskins in london. mark: the news of pete rose going into the hall of fame is not sitting well with some. "pittsburgh slammed the reds for "disgracing possible by wlwt-tv] he also had this to say -- lisa: right. mark: the reds received special permission from rob manfred and changed team roles to induct
6:42 am
you will be honored there this summer during the reds series with the san diego padres. unless that has changed during a series with the pirates. i' m just saying. lisa: that is going to make a lot of people mad, the home of the home of baseball, cincinnati, and we have pete and you' re jealous. consider the source. randi: come on. pirates, steelers, whatever. it is warmer right now in pittsburgh and it is here, but there temperatures will fall as well. mark: oh, good. randi: as you head out the door this morning, temperatures falling quickly in the next hour to 90 minutes. most places in the 40' s will be down in the 30' s. the good news, only on the cool side this afternoon and tomorrow and then 50' s are back on cap by the weekend. temperature wise, down to 39 degrees at cvg. you can see pittsburgh up 46
6:43 am
34 in indianapolis. we will see temperatures fall off to the mid-30' s and hang out there all day. a cold front has passed us by over the last hour or so. the wind at 10 to 15 miles power through the day so it stays breezy and turns cooler. it stays cloudy all day. beside, westside battle, 40 degrees in peebles, 39 downtown, 39 in harrison, 36 in cartersville. when out of the west at 15 miles per hour, feels like 31 degrees. plan on temperatures in the 30' s for most of us by the time we had the next hour or so. 39 at 8:00, to rogers continue to fall. 35 at noon, breezy, mid-30' s to the second half of the day. it feels like right around 28 degrees. could see a stray for this evening. the rain is gone, but the clouds will linger through the day and as we head into the evening, 7:00 to 8:00, maybe a quick
6:44 am
just some quick flurries and then the clouds and slowly start tomorrow, partly cloudy skies but we stay on the cool side. it was 50, 50. do not dress like it is 50. s. temperatures fall and it will be tonight, 25. clear and cold. tomorrow, 36 but we rebound quickly. i thursday, 44. high temperature for the weekend in the 50' s. make some plans for saturday. it will be gorgeous. on sunday, the rain should hold off until late in the day. how are the roads? kyla: not talking about any snow accumulation and we' ve had great condition on the roots so far. take a look across the board at your travel times reflecting the great conditions.
6:45 am
warren county, 71 south down, 17 minutes. 18 minutes on 74. usually, we take up to about 20 minutes from the indiana side to 75. take a look at colerain and beekman, just now getting heavy as you merge with 75. overall, really, really great conditions. nothing should really snag your commute on this tuesday morning. hopefully, that will remain the case. lisa: thank you. a suspect still on the run after a police chase this morning. mark: what sparked this situation in sycamore township. lisa: more charges in a local sex crimes case. what investigators are saying about the suspect and the new allegations. mark: a live look outside. we see the breeze moving our camera around a bit. 6:50 as you get up to get going on this tuesday morning. you' re waking up with cincinnati'
6:46 am
you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... standing by for fun. the sick a are checking your top stories. a local man is expected in court today facing a growing list of sex charges. mark: wlwt news 5' s andrew setters in live with more on the man who allegedly committed the crimes while he was babysitting. andrew: that only the crimes he is charged with, but the violation of trust he'
6:47 am
of is a nightmare scenario for parents. up to seven children allegedly abused by steven rekowski who is facing additional charges now, arrested earlier this month after being locked in a laundry room by the mother of one victim. a friend found photos of a four-year-old being molested, and the child' s mom took action. she held him until police could take them into custody. now investigators have taken action, too. they' ve filed a list of additional charges against rekowski. all seven of the victims who' ve been identified were between the ages of four and 10. he' s accused of recording some of the acts, and drugging some of the victims. he is due to be in court this morning to face additional charges. investigators continue to go through his phone and computers to try to find out more. reporting live, andrew setters, wlwt news 5. mark: thank you. the search continues for a driver who prompted a police chase before crashing in wlwt news 5' s dan griffin is live at the scene with the new inforamation.
6:48 am
dan: good morning. behind it, you can see a little bit of a mangled brick wall just in front of a couple of homes. that is what is left after an suv slammed into it. i started this morning according to hamilton county dispatchers with reports of a suspicious person at the walmart in fairfax. in employee said a man ran from the store, jumping into the black suv. the tahoe was chased i at least five agencies at some point this morning along 75 -- 71 until he got the kenwood road. the jumper ran off. at this point, we know police are still searching for the driver. no word on if that person is considered armed, dangerous, or anything of that nature but we' re continuing to work to get more details for you as we move through the morning. we' re live off kenwood road, dan griffin, wlwt news 5. mark: our third top story, a new program from norwood police to help fight crime. they' re asking homeowners and businesses to register their surveillance cameras.
6:49 am
leads if they can quickly determine what cameras may have caught video of a crime. you can register through the norwood police department website and participation is voluntary. lisa: ohio lawmakers have set aside nearly $2 million in the state' s two-year budget to help 75 counties with access to mental health experts working with teachers and at-risk kids. current rates show pre-schoolers and kindergarteners are expelled more often than high schoolers. officials say the disruptive behavior can often be associated with trauma, abuse and neglect, presenting a danger to other kids. between 2012 and 2013 in ohio, nearly 4000 kindergartners were expelled or suspended for fights and disruptive behavior. mark: the democratic presidential candidates all appeared on the same stage last night at iowa' s drake university for a town-hall style event. hillary clinton, bernie sanders, and martin o' malley appeared separately and were questioned by a moderator and audience
6:50 am
all three have been zig-zagging the state in recent days. they are trying to drum up support before the caucuses on february 1. "today" will have a full recap and a couple of minutes. lisa: a mild start, but he won' t stay that way. randi: changing right now. eastern communities in the upper 40' s. 39 at cvg. 36 in connorsville. everyone, temperatures are falling off through the 40' s. the good news is, it is not a free fall. we will stay in the mid 30' s through the afternoon. upper 20' s thanks to their breeze, dipping down to the mid-20' s tonight. staying cool tomorrow, but temperatures warm back up. how about it 50' s on saturday? mark: nice.
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