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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  January 27, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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deadly. lisa: a deadly overnight shooting in westwood. the latest on what we know a bout the victim this morning and whether police have a suspect in custody. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 today. lisa: 5:00 a.m. on your wednesday. good morning to you. i' m lisa cooney. mark: and i' m mark hayes. thanks for joining us. randi rico and kyla woods are in this morning with your weather and traffic. let' s go straight to randi rico for the forecast. we want to fast forward to those 60' s. randi: 60' s are like monday and tuesday next week. lisa: nobody wants to fast forward through the weekend. randi: we are starting out this morning in the 20' s. we will make it to the 30' s. it is warmer for the rest of the week.
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s, and we go up from here. 27 in mason. 28, harrison. most places close to 30. with the wind, it feels cooler. we have cloudy skies at the moment, but they will not last. breezy and 29 currently. we will make it up to about 35 at 4:00. tonight back down to the 20' s. let' s check traffic. kyla: it is going pretty well so far on this wednesday. 75 southbound year union center. not able to nail down that action on our traffic cameras.
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the moving just fine. it is probably off to the shoulder. 71 looks good at mlk. along 71 and cut in the hill off to a great start. we will enjoy the smooth start. lisa and mark. lisa: thank you. classes are cancelled in newcomerstown, ohio, this morning after a house explodes in the area late last night. the sheriff' s department says in happened around 9:00 last night. people claiming to be family say they believe a man was inside the home at the time of the explosion. you see the flames. officials are still investigating the cause of the explosion and whether anyone else was inside the home. mark: new information on a deadly shooting in westwood. wlwt news 5' s dan griffin is live at the scene with what we know about the investigation. dan?
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the motive for the shooting still a mystery this morning. what we do know -- a man was shot and killed in the parking lot here. police say the shooting happened just after 10:00 last night here at the western hills apartment complex in westwood. the victim was 27 years old and was found in the parking lot here in the 2600 block of montana avenue. there was quite a police response, including the homicide unit. when police arrived, they tell us they found the man dead. we are working to get more information about the shooting, including the suspect and the motives. we are live in westwood, dan griffin, wlwt news 5. lisa: we will be checking back. funeral arrangements scheduled for tonight for the milford high student killed in a car crash. police say 16-year-old lauren wilfong drove off the side of glendale milford road in loveland sunday night.
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oncoming vehicle. the other driver was not hurt. 5:00 until 8:00 tonight at evans funeral home in milford. morning at 10:00 at st. andrew church. mark: oregon authorities say shots were fired when they arrested members of an armed group that has occupied a national wildlife refuge in oregon for more than three wlwt news 5' s miriah turner is at the live alert desk with new details on the man that died in the shootout. miriah: according to the fbi, ammon bundy, the leader of the armed occupation of a federal wildlife refuge in oregon, has been arrested along with four others in a traffic stop. during the arrest, the fbi says shots were fired, and one person was killed. that man is now being identified as oregon protester lavoy finicum. officials say finicum and the brother of the group' s leader, ryan bundy, refused to surrender during the traffic stop. ryan bundy was also injured in the stand-off. as for the arrests, along with leader ammon bundy, brian
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brother ryan are all in custody now. they are all part of the armed group that took over a federal oregon wildlife refuge this month to protest federal land policies. officials took two other people into custody in a separate from the live alert desk, i' miriah turner. police need your help finding the man who held up a hyde park bank. the robbery took place monday afternoon at the stockyard bank on paxton avenue. pictures of the man they say from a teller. if you recognize the suspect or contact crime stoppers at 513-352-3040. officers are now fired three
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at two unarmed people, killing them both. cleveland' s police union filed a grievance yesterday after the city fired the six officers. they were involved in the november, 2012, incident that left a man and woman dead. the two had been involved in a high-speed chase before the shooting. the union called the firings politically motivated. new efforts for consistent police standards across the state of ohio. the state' s law enforcement relations board agreed to develop statewide standards for police dispatching. the change comes in the wake of the 2014 shooting of a 12-year-old boy outside a cleveland rec center. the board is also working on new statewide policies on body cameras and avoiding bias in the field. lisa: understanding homelessness in our own cities. happening today, groups in northern kentucky will conduct a count of the men and women wlwt news 5' live in covington this morning to tell us why this is such an good morning. riding along for this homeless count and getting a chance to show you the work
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getting ready to climb underneath the 12th street bridge and tried to encounter any homeless they come upon and talk to other men underneath the bridge and somebody else over the floodwall. it is so important they encounter people that do not get services at soup kitchens were homeless shelters so they can have an accurate head count of people in need of assistance and to set the state and federal funding for the different agencies that help service the homeless, find out what kind of things they might need to coordinate services throughout the region. they will be going all over northern kentucky and we will be going with them to find out more
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andrew setters, wlwt news 5. mark: thank you. let' s check in with kyla. kyla: we have some construction to talk about now. we have talked about the overnight closures north and southbound. tonight we will have various rolling roadblocks. they will block off all of those lanes and at times it will be northbound and at times it will be southbound, and it should be short between 11:00 tonight and 5:00 this morning. a lot going on along 75 between mitchell and the norwood lateral. date time travel should be just fine in this area.
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hopple with a new ramp and a new bridge. let' s check in with randi rico. 50' s, 60' s? you are just getting crazy. randi: we had temperatures in the 20' s and 30' s this afternoon and then several rounds of 40' s. 50' s by the weekend. a little bit of something for everyone. 29 downtown. lawrenceburg, 28 degrees. most places, upper 20' s. cloudy and surely -- chill this morningy. for the drive home, expect temperatures in the mid 30' s. mark: thank you. hate skimming the grocery aisles for the exact food item you
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you. their new service spreading to area stores. mark: inspiring those with disabilities and without. what the red' s bat boy had to say to a crowd at nku last night. lisa: outside live on your wednesday, a live look downtown. 29 degrees. stay with us. again! r again!
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again! again? general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal...
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mark: good morning and welcome back. checking today' s headlines, the death toll related to the major snowstorm in the east has risen to at least 48. about 1/4 of the deaths were people who had been shoveling snow, which in some locations was more than two feet deep. a major cleanup continues in washington, d.c., where federal workers were told not to report. area schools are also closed. lisa: police in seattle say two
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and three others wounded by gunfire at a homeless encampment south of downtown. a search for at least one person is under way. mayor ed murray called the shooting an active crime scene and urged people to stay away from the area. mark: democratic presidential candidate senator bernie sanders will meet with president obama at the white house today. according to white house press secretary josh earnest, obama and sanders will meet privately in the oval office with no formal agenda planned. apparently, the president and presidential hopeful first discussed a potential meeting back in december at the congressional holiday ball. no more checkout lines, impulse buys, or lost time searching kroger' s online grocery shopping is expanding in cincinnati. lisa: wlwt news 5' s miriah tells us how the program works and where the stores are. good morning. miriah: kroger calls it clicklist.
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account and then instead of browsing store aisles, you scroll down the screen to do your grocery shopping. kroger launched the clicklist program in a handful of cincinnati stores last year. you order your groceries online, and the employees do the actual shopping. then you simply pick a time and date to pick the groceries up. when you check in at the call box in the parking lot, they load it in your vehicle in minutes. at this point, clicklist is available at nine greater cincinnati kroger stores, but the chain hopes to more than double that by the end of the year. in addition to the nine stores in greater cincinnati that already have clicklist, it will be launching in hebron today and harrison, ohio, next week. if you want to see if your store offers clicklist, go to sheree: he' s the bat boy with the big personality and even bigger heart. and the reds lucky charm spoke at nku. in case you missed it, that was one of our top stories last night at 11:00. teddy kremer hosted a think tank about what people with disabilities can achieve. he has down syndrome.
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delivered a keynote speech about how the community can better support people with disabilities. teddy had simple advice for the families who came to see him. teddy: they can do anything they can do. and also, work hard and be successful. sheree: so later today, the kremers will take part in a workshop about challenges and opportunities that people with different abilities face. the discussion runs from 8:30 to 1:00 in nku' s student union ballroom. i will see you back here for wlwt news 5 starting at 5:00 >> cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. randi: welcome to winter in cincinnati. we go from 20' s and 30' s all the way into the 60' s for the next seven days. this afternoon will feel like it
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way warmer by the weekend. 60' s and thunderstorms early next week. this morning we are starting out cloudy but dry. cloudy skies across greater cincinnati and a breeze going as well. 29 at cvg. a couple of 30' s out there. the cold spot, springboro, 25. the breeze makes it feel like 22, 23. 5:00, a mix of clouds and sun. temperatures pretty close to 35. into the afternoon, the coldest day of the coming week, and it big-time payoff into the weekend. 33 at noon. 6:00, 34.
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of clouds and sun at times throughout the day. tonight back down into the 20' s for lows. temperatures tomorrow into the mid 40' s. by the evening, there could be a shot of flurries or light snow flurries. thursday night and into friday morning. most places it is just flurries or a stray dusting. 36 degrees today and staying on the cool side. 26 tonight. 44 tomorrow. 40' s on friday. 50' s by the weekend. 55 on sunday. we make a run at 60 degrees next week with showers and 50'
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s into february. bring it on. kyla: rain instead of snow? yes. clear roadways. interchange. point and not through northern kentucky, 65 miles per hour and five minutes to get to the daniel carter beard bridge. traffic is a little bit heavier northbound. that is usually what we see what we take a look at the camera. on to columbia parkway, east or west bound, things are clear. things are off to a great start. lisa: thank you. a new opportunity to get farm fresh foods in newport today. mark: the new store opening this morning and what deals the first set of customers could get this morning. lisa: a special announcement
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center this morning. how they' re looking to encourage more people to visit. mark: taking a live look this morning.
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lisa: good morning and welcome
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we have more headlines just ahead. right now we are talking about exciting news today out of the contemporary arts center. mark: the cincinnati staple is partnering with a newly formed group of art advocates to provide even more access to the region and the world. kyla has more on this groundbreaking story. kyla: the contemporary arts center is known for being transformative when it comes to art, but they took it to another level with the annoucement that, starting next month, admission will be free to everyone for the next three years. a group of patrons called the 50 combined with ongoing contributions from the johnson foundation brought this gift of love to life. >> we came up with the idea that a group of younger people between 25 and 45 that are already art advocates and people who are very committed to the city of cincinnati, would help us make free admission happen. kyla: the center has been working on this concept since last spring and wants to continue the open concept
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cincinnati have come to embrace. it started with the lobby renovation and continues with the eye-opening exhibits and now, unlimited access for everyone. the cac will grant free admission beginning february 13th. mark? mark: thank you. by heading to a chick-fil-a in ohio or northern kentucky today, you can do something sweet while eating something sweet. happening today, the restaurant is looking to take a bite out of hunger by raising money for their cookies for orphans benefit today. all proceeds from the sale of chocolate chunk cookies today will be donated to the cincinnati-based organization a child' s hope international. that money will go towards providing high-protein meals and clean water to children in need. lisa: also happening today, a new fresh thyme farmer' s market is opening in newport. the new location will open at 7:00 this morning on carothers road. fresh thyme is a rapidly growing midwest specialty retailer focused on healthy and organic products and groceries.
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get 20% off their entire purchase, and every customer will receive a free reusable shopping bag to fill with groceries. the 100th shopper at checkout will also get their entire purchase free. that is timing. you have to count people in line. pushing and shoving. mark: how many registers are open. randi: all right. there are a lot of people training for the flying pig, and that includes peyton and amy. there was a tw 0-mile fun run over the weekend. a little more sunshine than yesterday. send me your pictures via facebook or twitter. we will share in will be a nice
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we are going to see temperatures into the mid 50' s. guys? mark: thank you. a horrific scene outside of an indianapolis elementary school. >> we will endure. there will be tomorrow, as sad as this evening has been. lisa: how a community is mourning today after a bus hits a school' s principal and critically injures two students. >> a man shot and killed overnight.
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investigation still ahead mark: a new way to buy and sell sometimes giving you more than you bargained for. a now safe spot in butler county for your craig' s list handoffs. lisa: one person dies after a small plane crashes down northeast of cincinnati. what we' re learning about the accident. mark: what we now know about the victim killed in westwood late last night. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way. this is wlwt news 5 today. mark: good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. i' m mark hayes. lisa: i' m lisa cooney. randi rico and kyla woods are here with the weather and traffic. we are trying to not look asked the week and into next week. that means we are overlooking the weekend. kyla: that is not ok.
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s in sunshine or low 60' s and rain, i will take mid-50' s and sunshine am especially on the saturday and sunday. if we can make it through one more cold day, the warm-up starts for us. as we look at the radar, we have cloudy skies to start the morning but it will be a day what makes a sun and clouds. taking a look at the temperatures, kind of back where we were on monday morning. we did not rewind back to monday, but temperature wise, upper 20' s. not too bad. most places 28, 29 degrees. 28 in harrison. only bebe as we had to the start of february, the temperature start to ramp up for a few days. 8:00 a.m., cloudy, cold, 26. noon, 33. 4:00, 35. temperature wise, feeling like
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sunshine in the mix. it is only wednesday. we have been talking so much i hope your hopping off on a for your morning commute. 71 in mesa montgomery, anyone near warren county travel is off to a really great start. 275 near 237, we have an accident reported that 237 and wright boulevard, some not travel. but duty that in mind if you' re using any of those -- do keep re using you the side streets. looking good northbound and bit of an increase inside the 275 luke. great hopefully, that will remain the case. mark: thank you. into a crime scene overnight. lisa: police found a man shot to they' re trying to find the wlwt news 5'
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leading the way with the new information we' ve just learned bring us up to date. dan: this shooting compounds growing frustration in westwood. community members have been the midst of other shootings and crimes here in the area. this latest shooting happened last night just after 10:00. cincinnati police telling us here at the apartments off montana avenue, the victim was found dead. police say he was 27 years old, gunned down in the light. the coroner and police were on see much of last night. investigators are not elaborating on any suspects in the case were motive. for community members, this is truly a sign of changes that need to be made. we' re hoping the air more about why this happened and we will keep following this story for you as we move for the morning. live in westwood, dan griffin, wlwt news 5. lisa: thank you. a deadly plane crash just north of cincinnati.
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runway around 6:00 last night. the ohio state highway patrol is at the scene of the wreckage s coroner. at least one person has died. it was the pilot and he was the only person on board. a witness who' s lived near the greene county airport for decades describes seeing the final few seconds of the flight. >> it just looked like it just went nose first from my vantage point into the trees. but when i got here and the emergency vehicles got here, they found the plane on the end of the runway. lisa: the national transportation safety board says it will continue the investigation when the sun comes up. mark: an indiana principal is being remembered this morning. susan jordan died yesterday after being hit by a school bus outside of an indianapolis-area elementary school. two 10-year-olds were also critically hurt when the bus jumped a curb. 25 students were on that bus at the time. the superintendent says susan jordan was a beloved educator on the job for 22 years.
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and a representative of the entire school community, we lost a great educator today. mark: the cause of the crash remains under investigation. lisa: happening today, volunteers hitting the streets in northern kentucky to learn more about the local homeless population. andrew setters is live in covington with more on the effort that is open to provide some help down the line. bring us up to date. andrew: education about the work that goes into conducting the we' re in newport and we just take off and go underneath the veterans memorial bridge, hopped the wall and climbed down and say it folks are staying underneath the bridge. a chance to talk to them about here northern kentucky for people who need it. and kind of get a headcount as they find people who do not come into shelters, do not come into
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nature, and talk to them and get a count of the number of people who are homeless here in boone and kendall counties so they can be sure -- campbell county so they can set aside the funding and resources needed to take care of those folks. last two they counted over 300 people on the streets here in northern kentucky. they will be doing the count of homeless shelters and the soup kitchens and things like that. re working to in for services. andrew setters, wlwt is five and. mark: there will be hearing today on the heroin and prescription drug abuse epidemic that has taken hold in many communities around the country. in attendance will be ohio' s own senator rob portman and new hampshire senator kelly ayotte, who will both speak about the crises in their home states. the centers for disease control reported earlier this month that the rate of deaths from drug
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relievers and heroin increased 200% between 2000 and 2014. lawmakers are hoping today' s hearing will lead to action from congress. a local group working to combat the heroin epidemic says it has ran out of a drug to revive people who have overdosed. the cincinnati exchange project says it gave out its last narcan kit this week, and they have no funding to purchase more. no word yet on what they plan to do to get more narcan kits into the community. lisa: trying to stop crimes on craigslist. the butler county sheriff now has a safe place for you to go if you' re looking to sell something on craigslist or ebay. wlwt news 5' s miriah turner tells us about the new location to make the swap. miriah: people have been robbed, beaten up, even murdered from some craiglist transactions. now the sheriff' s office is opening their doors to let people meet up in a safe place. starting february 1, people can make online exchanges at the lobby of the butler county sheriff'
5:33 am
s already been plenty of local examples of the dangers. last may, a teen thought he was meeting someone from craigslist to buy video games in liberty township. but when he showed up, three other teenagers beat him up. then in august, a hamilton man met a man from craigslist to buy an ipad at a loveland s. never came with the ipad. once this initiative gets started on february 1, people can do exchanges from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. seven days a week. the sheriff is also considering designated parking spots and signs for people to do transactions. from the live alert desk, i' m miriah turner. mark: thank you. it' s official, donald trump will not be participating in tomorrow' s gop debate. >> i see they picked me as number one, not only number one, number one by far. but probably i won' t be doing the debate. mark: his campaign manager says he will definitely skip the debate that will air on fox news because of his fight with the cable network. trump was set to take the center podium for the debate before iowa'
5:34 am
in the latest quinnipiac poll, trump leads in iowa by 2%, just ahead of ted cruz. ohio governor john kasich and u.s. senator rand paul from kentucky also made tomorrow' s primetime debate. lisa: the race for rand paul' s seat in the u.s. senate is heating up. lexington' s mayor has now joined the race. jim gray has now filed papers to run as a democrat in the u.s. senate race. gray is one of five democrats running. voters will decide on a candidate in may. on the republican side, senator paul is running for re-election against two others. mark: let' s see what is coming our way today in your forecast. randi: starting out with temperatures in the 20' s, upper 20' s for most of us. cvg, 29. at our studios, same thing. wilmington, 27. there' s a little bit of a breeze . when temperatures are in the 20' s, it does not take much to send that feels like temperature
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feeling like 20 from cincinnati up to 20. as the kids had out to the bus stop, they still need the winter coat, hats, loves, all that stuff. 26, cloudy and cool. after school, one must really cool afternoon walk home -- one really cool afternoon walk home. 36 today and a big warm up on the way. i' m excited. maybe even hit the zoo with the kids. kyla: get all of the outdoor activities in when we have the warm weather. good morning. as you get ready to head outside, i want to update you on the accident on 237 at wright boulevard. this sits just north of the toyota plant. we know that shut down a portion of 237. aircare has been called.
5:36 am
involved, a firearm one of the vehicles. a lot going on in that area. wright boulevard at 237, and then shut it down. you will want to use language or cougar pass, which is one row depending on what side of 237 around the incident. if you' re heading out the door for an early flight, should not have any issues getting there. we will update you on that know once the road reopens. lisa: another legal battle brewing. mark: the latest on the new religious park in williamstown involving the massive ark. lisa: concerns over security measures at cincinnati city hall. why harry black says it is time for change. mark: 5:40 as we take a live look outside this morning and you get up and get going on your wednesday. it is wednesday already, folks. 29 degrees waiting for you.
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re having a gre look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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randi: good morning. taking a live look outside and it looks like a cool but, you know, january-like start to the day. clouds around, dry all day. if you don' t like the 30' s, if the cool air bums you out, don' t worry, it looks like it will get much warmer over the next several days. heading out the door right now, one more chilly day to make it through. upper 20'
5:39 am
we have 30' s, 40' s, 50' s, even 60' s for highs in the coming week. if you have a friend coming to town, trying to pack for the weather, they will haven' t issue. otherwise, no big deal as the warm-up coincides with the weekend. maybe some thunderstorms next tuesday. i will break it down in a couple of minutes. lisa: thank you. happening today, mayor john cranley will launch a new effort to help military veterans in cincinnati. the veterans economic communities initiative is already operating in 53 u.s. cities. the chamber, united way, and mt. saint joe will help launch cincinnati' s chapter at 11:00 this morning. the goal is to increase education and employment choices for veterans. 5:44, restricting your access to cincinnati leaders security is getting tighter at city hall. mark: now you need an i.d., and metal detectors could come next. wlwt news 5' s miriah turner gives us a closer look now at the changes in city hall. maria --
5:40 am
says he' s not going to wait until something terrible happens hall. black says his office recently started to review security measures at the request of city council. tighter security is already in place at the county commissioners building. hamilton county commissioners voted to install metal detectors at the main entrance. the sheriff' s office says since the metal detectors went in four months ago, deputies have found guns, knives, and other weapons. black tells us his team will continue to review possible security upgrades over the next two weeks. the city manager also says the recommendations will be presented to the law and public safety committee for consideration. mark? mark: thank you. progress on a proposal to connect all four of cincinnati' s major trails. the group supporting the move unveiled two maps, showing how the trails could be connected and the cost to do it. right now the price tag stands at $21 million. the loop would connect the mill cree, ohio river, oasis, and wasson way trails. the plan recommends six
5:41 am
incorporates existing trails to create an urban loop. for a closer look at the plans, head over to lisa: another update in the legal battle between the owners of the ark encounter and the state of kentucky. kentucky officials say they will not fight a federal court ruling that supports a tax incentive for the religious theme park. on monday, a federal judge ruled state officials violated the ark builders' first amendment protections by blocking a sales tax tourism incentive worth $18 million. country' s largest timber-frame structure in july. mark: let' s get a check on the morning commute. how are things looking? kyla: we have this big closure in hebron, this accident along to 37 just north of the toyota plant at wright boulevard, so they have closed that intersection and probably some of the side streets as well because they will have aircare arriving, if they have not had
5:42 am
road or langley and circle that is right boulevard at kentucky 237. that is closed. travel times look pretty good, 25 minutes on 275 from the ronald reagan to cvg. 19 minutes on 71-75 and 17 minutes out of warren county. it is a look at 71 and red bank, still pretty light northbound and southbound. let' s check in with randi rico. a pretty nice forecast, even for today, before the warm-up. randi: one day of cold temperatures. you can kind of deal with it. we are dealing with warmer air starting tomorrow. today, a mix of sun and clouds, only making it to the upper 30' s. this is the last chilly day of the next 7. as you look at the wlwt radar, snow showers rolling toward detroit, a few over cleveland. moreover milwaukee. here at home, cloudy skies and cool temperatures.
5:43 am
right now to thin through the morning, a mix of sun and clouds through the afternoon. currently, 29 at cvg and most places are within a few degrees of that thanks to the thick blanket of clouds across era. when out of the northwest so it feels like 20. for january, this isn' t so bad. the warm-up starts tomorrow. the breakdown today, cloudy skies, 26 at 8:00 a.m. lunchtime, peaks of sunshine, 33. through the afternoon, a mix of sun and clouds hanging out in the mid 30' s. futurecast shows sun and clouds through the day but totally dry. tonight, we will dip into the mid-20' s. thursday, thanks to some warm southerly winds, temperatures in the mid 40' s. you will notice some clouds around the second half of the day thursday. after about 7:00 or so, flurries and light snow showers rolling in from the north.
5:44 am
mid 40' s in the afternoon and i t see any rooftops, could get a little dusting to thursday night into very early on friday morning. the we call from hampers our warm-up for one day per attempt the weekend. tomorrow, 44. into friday morning. we are a couple of degrees sunny. sunday, mid-50' s. next week, yes, 62 degrees on tuesday. it does come with heavy rain and maybe some thunderstorms. mark: thank you. putting aside the rivalry. lisa: two big local schools with one common opponent how they' re helping a family fight cancer. mark: ever look at a rubik' s cube and wanted to give up before you even tried to solve it? lisa: every single time. mark: well now a machine can do , it for you. just how fast this new invention
5:45 am
lisa: that made my head hurt. hope you' re having a great start, 5:40 9, 20 nine degrees. cincinnati' again! r again!
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again! again? again! again! general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal...
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mark: we have breaking news we are following, aircare heading out to a serious question fire in hebron, involving at least two to three vehicles and
5:48 am
down at right boulevard after reports of a vehicle going the wrong way and hitting someone head on. other vehicles crashed into the debris. 237 shut down as a result. at least one person was inside the car that caught fire them up with a desperate they got the other person out. we have a crew headed to the scene and we will update you throughout the morning. setting aside rivalry to help fight cancer. the mason comets took on the sycamore aviators last night during the boys varsity basketball game. lisa: kyla woods tells us more now about the final event of the weeklong hoops for hope fundraiser. it was really nice. kyla: phenomenal event and for a great cause. this year was perhaps the most personal of the three they' ve done hoops for hope. 21-year-old liz lothrop is a 2013 graduate of mason high school. her dad has been a math teacher at sycamore high school for 29 years. liz was diagnosed with leukemia in 2008. last summer, her doctors found a brain tumor. at last night'
5:49 am
schools sold t-shirts, auction items and baked goods to raise , money for brain cancer research in honor of liz. >> the reason i fight, it' s not even for myself, it' s for the people i love and who surround me and support me. and i want to give hope to other people that, i mean, life can throw you curveballs, but it' s not going to change who you are and you have to make the best version of yourself. kyla: absolutely right. the lothrop family took center court at the game to thank both the mason and sycamore communities for coming out. together, the schools presented a check for $9000 to the duke clinical research institute where liz is treated. mark and lisa? is a co-thank you. 5:54, checking on stories training this morning. mark: you might expect a 9-year-old to have a meltdown over a boy band or a movie star but tears of joy over a , presidential candidate? >> guess what we' re gonna do monday? >> what? >> see donald trump in person in new hampshire.
5:50 am
>> yeah. >> oh, my word! mark: the prospect of seeing the donald left 9-year-old ava lovely in tears. ava dragged her parents to the rally not the other way around. , mom and dad hadn' t even settled on a candidate. ava says she likes how outspoken trump is. along with his hair. lisa: blink and you' ll miss it. a robot can solve a rubik' s cube in less than 1.2 seconds. this video has been viewed over a million times on youtube. the creators have applied for this to be certified as a world record. the human record is 4.9 seconds by a 14-year-old boy from kentucky. mark: a sloth in ecuador had to be rescued after it was found stranded in the middle of a highway.
5:51 am
shared these photos on facebook. the adorable sloth apparently became frightened while trying to cross the highway and ended up clinging to a roadside barrier. poor fellow. the sloth was examined by a vet before being released back into the wild. i' m surprised nobody wanted to take him home. adorable. i' m not sure what they eat, but he' s adorable -- and his own kind of way. lisa: you know i am not a pet person. mark: at all. still ahead, another trumped story making headlines this morning. lisa: what he is saying about skipping the next gop debate right before the iowa caucuses. mark: a busy morning for bollinger' s in northern kentucky, why they' re hitting the streets to check on the homeless. randi: why did the sloth across the road? he was checking on the chicken,
5:52 am
on the cool side, but it is january. at noon, 33, 35 at 4:00. tomorrow, the warm-up begins. if you like 30' s, today' s your day. 40' s thursday and friday. 50' s for the weekend. we have 60' s on tap for next
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eggs for w lisa: a gunman on the run after a deadly shooting in westwood. what police are revealing about the victim. mark: a deadly clash involving the protesters in oregon. what triggered a gun battle and
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