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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  January 28, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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s wlwt, leading the way. this is "wlwt news 5 today." lisa: a live look outside through city cam on your thursday morning. hope it is a great start for you. it is part of the roller coaster ride. but a lot. -- buckle up. i' m lisa cooney. mark: and i' m mark hayes. i don' t think i make the height requirement. i want to get off. [laughter] randi: there is a big health of the weekend. as we take a look at radar -- you may look and see there is hitting the ground. they are evaporating before they hit at the surface. besides one stray flurry.
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just breezy and cloudy. hamilton. 25 right now in peebles. 20 currently at cvg. for the brief, it feels like the upper teens. everyone in the upper 20' s. yesterday, we stayed cloudy. we stayed in the low 30' s. today, upper 30' s by lunchtime. cloudy and 44 by 4:00. it' s evening, showers role in. -- by the evening, showers roll in. kyla woods, what is going on? kyla: on this thursday morning, we are seeing great conditions. you should be ready to go.
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275 -- thinks a great both north and southbound. if you are hopping on 32, no problems easter westbound. eason westbound on donaldson, things are moving right along. western hills -- you will see not this morning. all lanes on 75 moving along just fine. well lisa: an investigation under way after a metro bus hit two people, killing one of them. mark: dan griffin leading the way with information he has gathered overnight. dan? dan: this is a situation no one would expect. this section of hyde park pretty busy. a father and daughter were here at the ice cream store, spending the day together.
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crosswalk on erie avenue on the they were hit by a metro bus. after he was hit by the bus. his daughter, emily frank, is serious injuries, but it able condition. investigators said they were 51 crosstown bus hit them. there were no passengers on the the hospital with shock. he was not physically hurt. rare. still, the driver is still alcohol impairment. with metro for 10 years. the driver of metro bus west transported. of the people involved. dan: very frightening situation.
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impairment at this point do not crash. we are told there are cameras on the bus. they will likely play a part in the investigation. we are also looking for any eyewitness accounts. anyone with information, pleas contact cincinnati police. lisa: thank you. happening today, a final goodbye for a milford high school teenager who was killed in a week in car crash. lauren wilfong gathered in milford to remember their friend who died sunday in loveland after slamming into an suv. this is video from the visitation last night. it happened sunday night. the exact cause of the accident remains under investigation. mark: we have new information on funeral information from officer holds berger. his funeral is monday at
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he spent his entire career in various roles in butler county, from sheriff to a councilman. and police officer in the city of hamilton. he also ran a convenience store in downtown hamilton. lisa: new developments surrounding the deadly plane crash in greene county, ohio. authorities have now identified the pilot as j-roll lansford. -- joel lansfor d. investigators are working to find out what caused the crash. mark: a local 14-year-old is facing jail time after he was found guilty of raping another teenager at a party. it all started after a springboro high school football game in september. a young girl' s mother was out of town and she decided to throw a party. there was marijuana and alcohol and police say a girl who was too drunk to walk or even stand, was raped. >> every body who was there knew she was extraordinarily
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he decided he was going to engage in sexual contact with her. mark: the 14-year-old will be sentenced this coming wednesday. lisa: a developing story involving the thomas more community this morning. a leader on campus is now facing child pornography charges, and police say, the investigation has been going on for years. wlwt news 5's andrew setters is live in covington this morning with the latest details. andrew, bring us up-to-date. andrew: lisa, it has been to full year since investigators robert marshall' s computer. robert marshall not facing criminal charges in this case. investigators have been working since january of 2014 when they took his home computer. the discovery and recovery of the images that led to these charges were not.
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public safety for thomas more since 2013 -- 2003. investigations were handled by covington police because they say the crimes were limited to his home computer. >> it is shocking to me. it does not scare me. i did not feel on a for anything. >> it blows our minds had actually happened. that is gross and wrong. andrew: marshall is facing a 36 count indictment. t believe he images. he is here at the kenton county detention center on a $25,000 week. lisa: thank you for the update. this morning cincinnati police , are investigating a stabbing in winton terrace. police say someone stabbed a man
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someone in dropped off the victim at mercy health hospital. see medical center. far, no arrests. mark: hamilton have a -- his second person was also injured lisa: a new investigation is s colerain township trustee race. the hamilton county prosecutor has appointed a special prosecutor to investigate alleged improprieties. according to joe deters the state' s election commission received 19 complaints from neighbors saying false distributed on election day. it is now 6:08. bring back a classic. mark: the plan to revive an iconic right from the 80' s.
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bring back maverick for a "top gun" sequel. that was a great movie. mark: great stuff. a light look through city cam as we get up and get going on a thursday morning. 6:08 this morning. randi: colder to start the day and then rain and snow showers this evening. 29 and taylor mills. 27 in loveland. for the morning rush, it will be cloudy, breezy. rain showers on tap for the drive home. we will take a look when those rain showers give way to flurries. mark? mark: ladies and gentlemen, you are looking live -- great american ball park. this is baseball, not football. the reds will hit the road for
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>> you're watching wlwt news 5 today. leading the way. mark: good morning, everyone. 6:12 your time. put the eight degrees. a delighted to get you started. hopefully things on the morning commute won' t be too bad. we saw things get out of in yesterday with a bad accident in bloom county. oakley and smoother commute this morning. kyla: we are starting out on the right foot. really no big problems. certainly not like what we were dealing with yesterday morning. no closures right now. however, in the overnight hours, you will run into some along i 75 north and southbound. on the southbound side of things, you will see rolling roadblocks.
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effect at 8:00. you will do with this tonight and tomorrow. doubling closer starting at 11:00. this is on mitchell and the norwood lateral. plan for that. it is scheduled to lift around 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning of saturday morning. things are rolling right along and looking good both north and southbound at this hour. as you had outside, no problems waiting for you. mark and lisa? mark: thank you. lisa: new developments in the criminal case against accused south carolina church shooter dylan roof. a south carolina state court will draw from a poll of 600 potential jurors. roof faces nine counts of murder in state court. prosecutors said they will seek the death penalty. mark: 30 years ago, one of the great tragedies in american history took place when the space shuttle challenger
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national -- nasa officials will hold a replaying at arlington national cemetery. lisa: the republican presidential candidates face-off one more time before the iowa offices. the eight candidates that are leading been invited to participate in the primetime debate includes ted cruz, marco, john case, and rand paul. donald trump is invited, he says he will not be there citing issues with one of the moderators, megyn kelly. the caucuses take place february 1. mark: more hearings for the eight men arrested in their parts occupying a government building in oregon. they were charged one count each. a local man was one of the men in yesterday. peter lived enough washington and went to oregon to support the occupation. a detention hearing will be held
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a hollywood actor says he would like to move to cincinnati after shooting a movie here. lisa: in an interview at the sundance film festival this week emilio estevez, says he would like to eventually live in over the rhine. estevez shot "johnny longshot," a movie about horse racing, in cincinnati in 2013. estevez, whose father martin sheen is from dayton, ohio, says cincinnati is a magical place. watch the complete interview on mark: trending right now, might be time to call marty mcfly. lisa: a blast on the path of making a comeback. is going back into production thanks to the delorean motor company outside of houston. for years, the company has read -- has refurbished the delorean. now they are ready to manufacture new models and have enough supply to build about 300 cars. the company is not planning to
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, and when they start rolling off the production line, the price tag could be close to $100,000. just change from mark hayes. [laughter] mark: put your preorder in. [laughter] lisa: that is not a family car. mark: i would look like fred flintstone. [laughter] [applause] mark: another trip back to the the wheels are in motion for a 1980' s. "top gun" sequel. producer jerry bruckheimer tweeted out this picture with maverick also known as tom cruise. bruckheimer said he was meeting with cruise to discuss "top gun ii." 30 years! it has been 30 years since the release of the original top gun. hasn' t been that long? lisa: i feel the need for speed. [laughter] mark: the saturn is full.
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randi: a little charivari from the old school age movie. the weather roller coaster is going to continue. we are going up and down over the next couple of days. today, you are going to see showers and flurries moving in. this is an evening issue. most of the day, not too bad. s. way warmer by the weekend, s and maybe 50' s. looking at the radar, i know you are things now, but, the radar is looking up into the atmosphere noticing snow showers up in the clouds. they are evaporating before hitting the surface. besides one little flurry, this looks a lot more serious than it is. anyone degrees in hamilton. 28 at cvg. 32 and connorsville.
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it feels like the upper teens all across greater cincinnati. by 5:00, the clouds are in place. we have a window of opportunity for some sunshine. temperatures for the evening commute will be in the lower 40' s. we will be seeing rain showers. today, this is a major announcement, it is national blueberry pancake day! i had blueberry oatmeal this morning, but that does not count. i have to rectify the situation. lunchtime, 38. dinnertime, rain showers changing over to a couple of flurries. futurecast a showing clouds this morning. you can see a little sunshine going on this afternoon. by 5:00, it is cloudy again. by seven that by 7:00 p.m., that is when rain showers will roll in. as it moves in, we will start out with rain. after 8:00, it gets cold enough to switch over to snow showers.
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there is not a lot of moisture on the backside of the system. tomorrow morning, they will move on out and sunshine returns. since it is a cold front, tomorrow is a little bit on the old site, but right back up into the 50' s by the weekend. today, 44 degrees, a mix of clouds and sun. tonight, 26 degrees . light flurries continue and tomorrow, we will bring back the sunshine in the afternoon, but it will make it only 239. the weekend looks great, both these are good opportunities to get outside. light showers may arrive late sunday evening. tuesday, heavier rain , maybe even a little thunder and lightning as we make it into the 60' s. you see the temperatures crash tuesday into wednesday. lisa: a lawsuit for fitbit. mark: and tracking the money for
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lisa: welcome back. a warm up on the way. let' s talk about the morning commute. kyla woods, are we still looking a-ok?
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our interstate travel off to a really great start. we have had a few things pop-up . in middletown, a water main break at how station at yankee road. it is west by 75. hopefully, that will not snag you as you head toward the interstate. you should be good to go. that water main break in the clearing phases. hopefully it will not link or for too much longer. in clean city, an accident between merton and wickham . there are no closures reported. you may have to wiggle your way around that. interstate travel is often a great start moving right along. it is starting to get have year. that is what we will see throughout the rest of the hour, but we will keep you posted. mark: kyla, thank you. a portion of state route 48 in warren county is going to honor a soldier who died in afghanistan in 2012. the stretch between i-71 and state route 38 will be named the sergeant first class bobby lee estle memorial highway. the lebanon native died in
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was set to come home from the war zone. he served two tours in iraq and two in afghanistan. now an organization dedicated to veterans is coming under fire. lisa: new reports are raising red flags on how the wounded warrior project spends its money. cbs news and the new york times both investigated the organization and the conclusions were similar, the wounded warrior project is using nearly half of its donations for salaries and lavish events. similar charities dedicate more than 90% of their budgets to veterans. wounded warrior ceo steven nardizzi spoke to the new york times and said he is trying to model the organization after companies that get it right by treating employees well. the popular fitness tracker fitbit. class action lawsuit, alleging fraud. the company' s heart rate monitors do not accurately measure your heart rate. but after the lawsuit was filed
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testing and found that fitbits follow fitbit' s directions. lisa: there you go, a lot of fitbit sold. is 6:25. 27 degrees. this is part of the roller coaster situation. we are going up and down. randi: right now, we are on the down points. this morning, our records are in s. we will make it to the 40' s this afternoon. this morning, about 28 degrees. it is on the breezy side. 6:00 this afternoon -- after work, it will be 43. temperature-wise, it is good, but showers will begin to move into the area. your best bet is early afternoon for a run. the rolling trails is a great
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send me your pictures as we train. for those who have decent run plans for the weekend, it is going to be great weather for it. temperatures back up into the 50' s. we will make it to the 60' s early next week. at comes hand-in-hand with a great bit of rain. lisa: a local campus safety director facing dozens of child porn charges. the reaction of thomas more after a familiar face was arrested on campus. dan: and scary moments in high park after a father and daughter were hit by a metro bus.
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(vo) you can check on them. you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok. (announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok.
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take. the deadly crash in hyde park. mark: helping out local communities. the investment expected today and how it will impact our area. mark: the final face-off minus trump. the latest debate drama just days before the iowa caucuses. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way. this is "wlwt news 5 today." mark: good morning, everyone. i' m my case. lisa: and i' m lisa cooney. randi and kyla are in this morning with your weather and traffic. randi: we are looking at temperature starting in the 20' s
6:26 am
a couple of spots are getting the 30 degrees mark. there is a bit of a breeze , so it feels like the upper teens. it may be chilly, but it is thursday, the weekend is within sight. once we hit the weekend, we are in the upper 50' s. radar is trying to paint flurries, but a lot of this not even hitting the ground. just shooting that radar up into the clouds. we are so dry at the surface, hit. chances are good you just have cloudy skies. it will be a different situation as we head into the evening. in :00 a.m. -- cloudy skies and 26. noon, 38. we will make it to 44 this afternoon. clouds will thicken up 4:00 or 5:00 with rain showers on the way. 7:00 p.m.
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opportunity for rain showers. flurries. no big deal. the good news drive -- drive to the right to work. kyla: we are off to a great start. we mentioned a water main break in middletown on its way to be cleared that is near kyle station. here is a look at 74 at colerain and beekman -- getting heavy. you get the brake lights heading toward i 75. no longer having to squeeze to one lane. 70 five coming out of butler county -- heavy both north and southbound. 275 northbound getting heavy which is to be expected this time of the morning of through loveland heading toward montgomery and i 71. no major issues or delays. does our typical heavy volume that comes around this time of the morning.
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minutes. mark and lisa? mark: thank you, kyla. new details this morning on a tragic bus crash near hyde park square. lisa: a woman and her father were struck as they walked across the street. wlwt news 5' s dan griffin is live with what we' ve learned overnight. dan, good morning. dan: good morning to you lisa and mark. scary moment in hyde park. what we understand, a father and daughter were spending the day together at graeter' s. they were leaving across the crosswalk at the edwards intersection when they were hit by a metro bus just before 8:00 last night. police say steven frank who was 73 years old, died after he was hit by the bus. his daughter, emily frank, who is 41 years old, is at uc medical center with serious industries -- injuries, but stable condition. there were no passengers on the bus. the driver was taken to the hospital because he was in shock.
6:29 am
cincinnati police say speak an impairment do not appear to be factors, but all the agencies are working to figure out why this happened. >> it is very rare for an accident of this nature to occur with metro. so, there are some standard things that happened to occur under the commercial drivers license, our driver will be set for drug and alcohol testing. there will be a full investigation. from our perspective, from risk management and police. we will wait at this point to determine exactly what happened. our thoughts and prayers are with those families. dan: metro says the driver has about 10 years of experience. we are also told there are cameras on the bus that will likely be used in the investigation to figure out how this happened. police are asking for any eyewitnesses who may have seen this play out to give them a call to help. we are live in hyde park, dan griffin. mark: thank you. happening today, a final goodbye for a milford high school
6:30 am
lauren wilfong will be laid to rest. her funeral services started 12. it is video from her visitation last night were present family came together to remember lauren. >> great student. general future ahead of her and one brief mistake and it' s gone. mark: police say lauren drove off the side of milford road sunday night and overcorrected and hidden -- and hit an oncoming suv. lisa: the safety director for thomas more college behind bars this morning and i did on 36 counts of possessing child pornography. 52-year-old robert marshall was indicted by a kenton county grand jury wednesday. all 36 counts are linked to material police say was found on his home computer in covington. at this time there is no , evidence marshall had any pornographic material at the school. covington police say this investigation started two years
6:31 am
witness filed a complaint. officials say marshall used a software designed to remove pornographic material, which is why it took so long to find. >> it is very tough. it is very tough. when digital data is deleted, or it even tougher for us. lisa: marshall is currently at the kenton county jail being bond. he is scheduled for arraignment administrative leave. mark: also happening today, a indicted on a felony theft cincinnati' officer joseph simpson was working an off-duty restaurant detail when the alleged theft took place. simpson has been suspended without pay pending the outcome of the criminal investigation. lisa: it is a: 36. tonight, the gop candidates was the iowa caucus is. it will be without donald trump. he is boycotting the event. nikole killion is in washington
6:32 am
nikole: donald trump not only dislikes moderator megyn kelly, but also claims that fox news crossed a line and that is why he is bowing out. he explained his decision to boycott a foxnews debate on the o' reilly factor. he plans to go ahead with his own event the same time at the event. he is raising money for veterans. the drama has drawn criticism from his rivals. fox news say it won' t have an empty lectern onstage of trump does not show up. in washington, nikole killion. mark: happening today, city leaders coming together to announce the latest efforts with cincinnati' s neighborhood enhancement program. the city has selected to neighborhoods where they will jumpstart community revitalization and reinvestment. this is an ongoing effort and has helped 20 local neighborhoods. city leaders will reveal the
6:33 am
lisa: we have 28 degrees right now in january. let' s talk baseball. the reds are hitting the road and kicking off the red . in. the bus is leaving and i :00 this morning. the reds have for nest worse. they had a different directions -- the reads ds have four tours. mark: the team is going to host the r.b.i. world series this season and next. yesterday. underserved communities with the chance to play baseball. the reds youth academy will host the series starting in august and then again in 2017. lisa: it is nice to talk about baseball. kyla woods, what is happening? things are pretty quiet as you get ready to head
6:34 am
interchange with or 71. hour. rate. six minutes from five. as you up over the bridge, there is that heavier volume. once you get there, all of those arteries are very clear as you head into downtown. no problems there. columbia parkway looks good. let' s check in now with meteorologist randi rico. randi: temperature starting up this morning in the upper 20' s across our area. breezy as well. anytime you get that 10 to 15 mile per hour wind, it feels like the teens. current windshield, 18 degrees. a cool start for everyone today. make sure the kids have the thick coats and gloves at the bus stop.
6:35 am
after school, different story. way better than yesterday. tim khufu -- 10 to 15 degrees warmer. the temperatures warm up into the weekend. we have some rain and flurries this evening. mark: randi, thank you. a so-called food desert looking forward to the new grocery options. the exciting new project underway and how much it will cost. lisa: making sure your water is safe -- how city leaders are reacting after the water ice is in flint, michigan. mark: and they live look outside this morning. 6:40. 20 degrees. as we get you up and moving on
6:36 am
mark: good morning and welcome back as we take a live look through our city cam at the fountain square ince ce rink. looking good. nice, hard ince. new details on the fundraising efforts to expand gorilla world. they reach their halfway mark to their $12 million goal. the expansion will double the size of the gorilla exhibit and the zoo hopes the other were complete as early as next year. there is a new plan to bring a grocery store to a part of
6:37 am
lisa: this is a major issue for the city. kyla woods is here now with the plans for over-the-rhine. good news here. kyla: hopefully this will help those options. if the plan is to build a grocery store and retell outlet on central parkway replacing the old cincinnati metropolitan housing authority. the cincinnati metropolitan housing authority is working with developers to make this happen and proposed project is expected to cost $30 million. it will be a press conference tomorrow with more details about the plans for the area. this is just one of the areas known as the food desert in cincinnati. finances are moving forward on a development which will bring a new grocery store to the avondale area. it has been almost a decade since avondale had a neighborhood grocery store. mark: thank you. another concern right now for the city' s water safety. lisa: city leaders are taking a closer look at our system in response to the water crisis in flint, michigan.
6:38 am
the head of cincinnati water works recently got together to make sure the public gets all the facts. an estimated 16,000 lines in homes in the greater are made of lead. cincinnati water works says although current treatment procedures minimize the lead coming from these lines they still pose a risk. councilman chris smitherman wants lines tested and reports done. >> let' s leakage? but there is a risk for it. i still believe those property owners should be advised about that so they are monitoring that, and they can decide whether they want to deal with that or not. lisa: cincinnati law and public safety committee will take up this issue at its meeting on monday. 35 people are on staff to test the water. the test for lead, other metals, and bacteria. before these concerns even came up, we know that waterworks had
6:39 am
has always been in compliance. additionally it' s recommended children be tested for lead between the ages of 1 and 2. the family of any child found to have high levels of lead in their system is then referred to the health department. in 2014, more than 15,000 children in cincinnati were tested for lead. less then 1% of them were found to have elevated lead levels. mark: hawaii has recovered his position at the state with a highest overall well-being. the rankings report presents rankings on physical community, purpose, and financial of being. hawaii has the highest physical love and rank among the top 10 in other categories it alaska came in second in the overall rankings for the seventh year in a road. west virginia had the lowest rankings overall. americans consider their lives
6:40 am
lisa: i get hawaii and alaska. [laughter] kyla: i don' t know what the other option would be. we have pretty clear conditions on the roads. not exactly 100% because we do have a new accident along u.s. 42 at ewing boulevard. a pedestrian was struck in that area. try to avoid that interchange. your travel times look good for interstate travel. 22 minutes on anyone' s last 75 from the split to downtown. 64 miles per hour. you are looking at 18 minutes on 75 coming out of butler county. all of our roadways moving along pretty well. we are seeing dry roads to start the day. let' s check in with meteorologist randi rico. randi: it goes up and down a lower the place. i know it is still a couple of months before the right get
6:41 am
weather roller coaster is nonstop. temperatures climb pretty nicely as we head into the weekend and early next week. right now, on radar, mostly cloudy skies is greater cincinnati. trying to pick up on a couple of flurries along 75 corridor, however, they are likely not hitting the ground. the air is pretty dry. we had a decent breeze. however, later on today, rain showers, flurries, absolutely a possibility once we get to the evening commute. starting up this morning at 28 degrees, when he' s out of the south. it feels like 18. you still need those thick jackets. unlike yesterday, i think we actually see sunshine this afternoon. with those winds out of the south, they will pump up temperatures. it :00 a.m., 26. noon, seeing sunshine. through the afternoon, making it
6:42 am
3:00 and 4:00. by 6:00, we will have light rain showers. decent. a couple of hours of sun. for the evening commute, you can the north. it is a weak cold front. by 8:00, you will see light rain showers rolling through our area. older chasing it from the north. eventually, rain showers will change over to snow. they are fairly light. an occasional flurry possible this time tomorrow morning. because it is a cold front, it is a little cooler for tomorrow, but the warm-up is still on track for saturday and any. today, 44 degrees with a mix of sun and clouds. we get down to 26 tonight. the ahead to tomorrow, flurries end very early. tomorrow'
6:43 am
for this time of year. we start of february and could tuesday. i think that is groundhog day. heavy rain. mark and lisa? one person killed in a crash involving a metro bus. mark: the new information from investigators after a deadly crash in hyde park. lisa: a new poll for the republican race -- how things are looking in new hampshire and for john kasich and and a live look outside through city cam.
6:44 am
lisa: good morning. 6:53. an investigation under way after a metro bus hit two people killing one. mark: dan griffin leading the way with new details. good morning. dan: good morning. we have been following the story. a tragic story. a father and daughter were spending the day together starting here at graeter' s ice cream. they left and started look across the crosswalk on erie and that is when they were hit by a metro bus. cincinnati police say steven frank was 73 years old.
6:45 am
his daughter, emily frank, 41 years old, is that you see medical center with serious injuries, but in stable condition. investigators say there were no passengers on the bus and the driver was taken to the hospital for shock. police say' s be an impairment do not appear to be factors in this deadly crash. metro says the driver has about 10 years of experience. they say they are going to be taking a closer look at the cameras on the bus. they are asking for any eyewitnesses with any information to give them a call. dan griffin, wlwt. lisa: the safety director of thomas more college is the -- behind bars indicted on 36 counts of possessing top pornography. 52-year-old robert marshall was indicted by a kenton county grand jury on wednesday. all 36 counts are linked to materials policing were found on marshall' s home computer in
6:46 am
is no evidence that he had material at the school. they said this investigation started two years ago after a witness filed a complaint. officials say marshall used a software designed to remove pornographic material, which is why it took so long to find. lisa: a funeral mass today for a milford high school teenager killed in a week in car crash. the service for lauren wilfong started can 10:00 a.m. at st. andrew' s church. this is video from her visitation last month. police say she hit an oncoming suv. the exact cause of the accident remains under investigation. lisa: the republican candidates face-off one more time before the iowa caucuses. the eight candidates who are leading in the polls have been invited to participate in this primetime debate. although frontrunner donald trump is invited, he says he will not be there citing issues with one of the moderators, megyn kelly. the i will caucus is february 1. we had a new poll looking ahead
6:47 am
ohio governor john kasich is tied for first place in the state. a poll of likely voters puts kasich at 11% of the vote time with marco rubio. ted cruz is at 12%. donald trump still leading the republican hopefuls with 31%. the new hampshire primary will happen february 9. mark: rounding out the top 5 -- the annual red caravan kicks off today. the buses are moving -- leaving at 9:00 this morning and the caravan will cover more than 3300 miles with stops in five states. there' s will get to meet broadcasters, and players. randi: opening day is only 60 days away. for today, it will be warmer than yesterday. we are looking for mid 40' s. expect a mix of clouds and sun. rain rolls then after it :00 tonight sending flurries after 9:00. futurecast will show today -- sunshine coming around
6:48 am
this weak cold front will be going towards dayton. the colder air on the backside will make the switch over to flurries. we will continue to see light flurries overnight and into tomorrow morning. we should see sunshine return tomorrow afternoon. there is a little said that with our warm-up. 44 today. 39 tomorrow. the weekend, temperatures back into the mid-50' s. could have some rain arriving late saturday night. like showers -- light showers through the day. maybe a little thunder and lightning. all of a sudden, it goes right back down to gain -- again.
6:49 am
lisa: weare company should treat you like family... [phone rings] operator: health care customer service caller: hi this is patricia ramirez. operator: oh, patricia! colleague: i love patricia! colleague 2: when is she getting marr ied? operator: it's about time, lady! this is the real question: how's that man you're dating? where's the ring? ...we mean more like this. operator: we can do this together. i'll schedule an appointment with the diabetes specialist, ok? member: thank you. you deserve compassion. you deserve molina healthcare, your extended family. medicaid. medicare. marketplace. for more information, call (877) 751-6720 [ scanner beeping ] sir, could you step aside? "sir"? come on. you know who i am. progressive insurance?
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did you pack your own bags? oh! right -- the name your price tool. it shows people policy options to help fit their budget. [ scanner warbling ] crazy that a big shot like me would pack his own bags, right? [ chuckles ] so, do i have the right to remain handsome? [ chuckles ]
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