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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  January 29, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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lisa: new video released showing the moments a oregon protestor was killed during a traffic stop. what officials are saying about the video. mark: a car found in warren county buried under a pile of dirt. whether police have found any evidence of a crime. lisa: 30 families displaced by a major accident at an apartment complex in avondale. the hearing scheduled today in the case. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way. this is wlwt news 5 today. lisa: 5:00 a.m. on your friday, good morning to you, i' m lisa cooney. mark: and i mark hayes. randi rico and kyla woods are in this morning with your weather and traffic. the ladies looking their friday best this morning. i' m just here so i don' t get fined. [laughter] i' m just playing. it is a payday?
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lisa: still friday, though. randi: still friday, and i' m wearing my floral debt -- stressed because i' m waiting for the women temperatures. this morning, it doesn' t look warmer on the radar. it is not all snow. it is a couple of flurries mixed in with predominantly sleet falling. coming down good at the moment. it doesn' t last long, moving quickly to the south. wrightsville, manchester, you 20 minutes. and ripley, you are also dealing and sleet in this morning. over the last hour or so, it rolled quickly through the the eastern suburbs. the south. in the 30' s. unfortunately, that is where we will stay drug today. 34 in hamilton, 33 downtown.
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your breakdown at the moment, i am calling it sleet even though it looks like snow on the radar. 33 degrees. by noon, the sun ekes out -- peaks out at 35. precipitation we have coming down, we have wet roadways but it is not causing a tie up on the interstates. 275 around for as you travel all on the northern edge of the loop, things a good on the ohio side. northern kentucky, things a good on to 75. 74 at elmore toward the i-75 interchange, still pretty light in the eastern direction. no problems outside. same thing on i-71. we will continue to keep you updated throughout the morning and hopefully, we remain problem free on this friday. mark: it' s a story you saw first on wlwt. dozens of families pushed out of their homes after a roof collapse and other major damages.
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, learn who will be responsible for making repairs. wlwt news 5' s andrew setters is leading the way downtown with today' s hearing. andrew? andrew: this hearing at the hamilton county courthouse will be a big step forward for the hundreds of people affected by this, but it won' t be the end of the road for those families. the decision expected to be made today is who is responsible for repairs at five apartment buildings. those buildings are owned by puretz properties out of new york, and at one of those buildings, the ceiling collapsed in november. the city has been involved in litigation with the property owner on behalf of about 600 families, because of sub-standard living conditions. the buldings were declared public nusiances last month. >> there are a lot of complaints everybody still wants answers ,. the sooner we get a receiver appointed to the building the better. >> cincinnati tenants are entitled to safe sanitary and quality housing and today really represents a victory for the residents and the first step in this landlord being held accountable.
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: placing the properties in receivership and laying out a plan for repairs. it could be a big step forward for the hundreds of families living in these buildings. reporting live andrew setters, , wlwt news 5. lisa: 5:03 right now, the efforts continue to help the family of a local firefighter who lost his life in the line of duty. last night in blue ash a boot was passed around to raise money for patrick wolterman' s family. the old fire house brewery and the fire house grill worked together for the fundraiser. they also have a beer named after wolterman and the profits from that go to his family. an afternoon of digging for warren county investigators, leads to the discovery of a 1960' s car. sheriff' s deputies spent five hours in franklin township, along dixie highway. they dug up a mercury convertible that was buried 10 feet underground. deputies say they uncovered no evidence of any crime. investigators say a tip led them
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mark: for the first time we are getting a look at the shootout that killed one of the protesters who seized a federal wildlife refuge in oregon. the fbi released this video showing the violent confrontation from tuesday night. the video was shot from a helicopter. the deadly confrontation occurred on a desolate stretch of highway in oregon. lavoy finicum was killed during the incident, while protest leader ammon bundy and others were arrested. finicum was one of the more vocal protesters who took over the wildlife refuge earlier this month. a law enforcement official says officers opened fire when finicum reached toward his waistband where he had a gun. lisa: senator rob portman led a senate hearing looking at how nearly a dozen migrants were placed with a human trafficking ring here in ohio. portman says the victims were lured to the states by promises of an education and a better life. but he says once they arrived they were forced to work 12 hour days and live in a dilapidated trailer. senator portman says a congressional probe found that department didn' t conduct proper
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to make sure the children were put in safe homes. >> but whatever your views on immigration policy, everyone should be able to agree the administration has a responsibility to ensure the safety of the migrant kids that have entered government custody until their immigration court date. lisa: senator portman says he' s also concerned that there may be other children right now who were placed with human traffickers. four of the 5 people involved in the marion trafficking case have plead guilty. mark: 5:06 is your time g.e. , aviation now making cuts. more than 300 engineers across the u.s. will lose their jobs. the majority of those being right here at their evendale facility. the others are in massachusetts, g.e. says it has offered voluntary early retirement to evendale' s mayor says the lay offs are devastating to families. but they will not impact the village' s budget. >> i don' t think it will have a big impact on the village right
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now if they continue to lay off then it will be disastrous for , us in the long run. mark: according to company officials the cuts account for , 7% of the company' s engineering unit. lisa: the ohio task force charged with taking a closer look at legalizing marijuana in ohio. has officially gotten to work. the panel is made up of ohio house members, business representatives, law enforcement agencies and medical associations. the task force is looking at the possibilities of legalizing medical marijuana. one of the supporter of responsible ohio is also on the panel. mark: cincinnati is getting ready to be the center of attention for the national naacp conference this summer. it' s all the buzz for the local chapter. they had a general membership meeting last night. the branch president believes it' s a winning situation for the organization and the city. >> cincinnati was a such a good host in 2008. i believe they wanted to come back to cincinnati as much as cincinnati as much cincinnati
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cincinnati. and we are looking forward to a very successful convention. mark: the 2008 convention was also held during an election year and then u.s. senator barak obama, was one of the keynote speakers, so there' s a good chance this year' s presidential candidates will make a stop in cincinnati during that week. the 107th convention is july 16 through the 20th. lisa: checking traffic, kyla woods, bring us up to date. kyla: construction taking place on i 75. good morning to those of you going out right now, but we will see a going to affect in the overnight hours. 75 north and southbound, closures between mitchell and the norwood lateral. it will be in both directions. single lane closures, doubling closures, and a rolling roadblock on the southbound side. if you are heading out right now, no problems.
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directions moving at or above posted speed. things the good to get started on this friday. let' s check with randi rico. its construction crews are looking for wet weather, they probably wish they could push this back to next week. randi: temperatures in the 50' s and 60' s to start next week. it is a roller coaster and many roller coasters have multiple hills. even a we are talking about 50' s and 60' s monday and tuesday, by wednesday and thursday, temperatures dip again. that is next week. let' s take a look at what we are expecting. this morning, all on the ohio river, east of downtown cincinnati, a makes of snow and sleet moving off to the south. temperature wise, back behind that line, most places are close to but a couple degrees above freezing. 33 downtown, 34 in westchester. for the morning rush, that light snow and sleet line is pushing to the south. by lunchtime, sunshine returns, 35. for the drive home as you kickstart the weekend, 39. against way warmer starting
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we will look at a forecast in a couple of minutes. mark: president obama starting a national war against a deadly disease. lisa: how he hopes to take on cancer in america. mark: the zika virus becoming what health experts are calling explosive. how medical professionals here in greater cincinnati, are preparing for a potential local outbreak.
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friday, it is 5:10 look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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mark: randi: -- mark: happy friday to you, 5:13 , 33 degrees out there. we will check your forecast in just a moment. checking today' s headlines. a court hearing is scheduled today for a chicago police officer charged with murder. a status hearing will be held today for jason van dyke, the chicago officer accused of fatally shooting a black teenager 16 times. van dyke is charged with first-degree murder. for the death of 17-year-old
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lisa: the so-called affluenza teen is back on u.s. soil and in a north texas juvenile detention facility. the now 18-year-old ethan couch arrived at dallas-fort worth international airport thursday in handcuffs with a police escort. the teen and his mother tonya were subjects of an international manhunt after he missed a mandatory probation meeting. couch was put on probation after killing four people in a drunk driving accident in 2013. mark: authorities say at least 145 students and staff members at a southeast texas middle school received hospital treatment after an apparent carbon monoxide leak on thursday. beaumont fire-rescue officials say paramedics were called to marshall middle school after a student lost consciousness. numerous students and faculty reported symptoms including nausea and headaches. lisa: new information about the zika virus spreadnig around the globe. the world health organization has announced an emergency meeting monday calling the spread of this disease explosive. the world health organization estimates there could be 3 to 4
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americas over the next year. the disease is now in 23 countries but was first detected in uganda in 1947. according to dr. odell owens medical director at the , cincinnati health department the disease is mostly spread by , a tropical mosquito. if you get infected while traveling when you come home , mosquitoes here can still , transmit the disease from one person to another. only one in five people who gets the virus will show symptoms, such as fever, rash, and joint pain. health experts say the virus is hard to track and has the most devastating impact on fetuses. >> the biggest thing for me, if pregnant don' t go. in fact you have a country like don' next couple years, don' t take that risk. lisa: some u.s. airlines like american and united are giving s note. norwegian and carnival cruise
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women to reschedule travel. mark: hospitals across the state to improve the delivery of healthcare statewide. now a statewide alliance between 10 hospitals and medical centers has been unveiled in frankfort. among those is saint elizebeth healthcare in edgewood. as a part of their new agreement these 10 health systems will , share best practices in order statewide. the other participants are in owensboro, bowling green, and danville. lisa: the president has created a white house task force that will help tackle finding a cure for cancer. president obama pledged in his final state of the union address to initiate more efforts to cure cancer. vice president joe biden, who lost his son beau to cancer, will lead the panel. joe biden my goal is that we : find absolute cures, but for some cancers, we get to the point where we can manage them enough to become chronic diseases. lisa: the panel is expected to
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monday. randi: we have been calling our winter weather a weather roller coaster which is typical in cincinnati. if that is the case right now, we are at the bottom spot of a hill and about to climb into the weekend. we started this morning with a light snow, sleet, or rain mix. for most of us, this is not an issue. a thin line south of the ohio river. one or for the weekend. mid-50' s even 60' s on week. perhaps record-breaking heat before a couple of storms rolled through. as we look at the line nine time you about, this is not an impressive looking line of snow and sleet. it is there. moving to dry ridge, it some sleet and slurry action. further to the east along the ohio river between ripley and more member and manchester, that is where we see some of the sleet and flurry activity
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it is moving quickly. you can see in the last two hours, heavy sleet at times downtown when it moves there be are moving through seven communities by the time we get to 6:00, 7:00, that line is gone. morning commute. temperatures of most places is near freezing. 32 in mason, 32 in florence, 33 at cvg. we stay in the 30' s all day. it is a week cold front yard we are stuck at 39 degrees by 5:00 this afternoon. it is nearly the weekend. maybe you have big plans. at lunchtime today, expect to be around 35 degrees. it stays chilly through the afternoon. 39 at 4:00. 8:00, 30 six. the futurecast shows flurries and areas of sleet this morning gone completely by 8:00 a.m.
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tomorrow, 53, sunday, 50 five. sunset. you' re good to go peerman monday, spotty showers, more frequently in the morning. t talking about the chance for thunderstorms. as of right now, those are here. you may be able to get outside and enjoy 65 degree temperatures before storms roll in tuesday that is a cold front. it gets cold again and the weather coaster continues. 65 on tuesday. i don' t want to discount the weekend because i never liked fast forwarding through the, but all in all, once we get through the day, it is not looking bad for the next few. kyla: there are probably some people at home laying out shorts and tank tops for the next three days. some good three days to where these outfits and. randi: my husband is one of them. kyla: we will enjoy it while it last. on this friday, great conditions. 471 at 275
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s take a closer look along the stretch of 471. great speeds in the northbound direction. you are not slowing down southbound, either. a quick five minute commute to get you to the daniel carter beard bridge where we are still seeing my traffic north and southbound. all of those lanes are wide open as far as the rams heading into downtown, as well. a really good start. hopefully, that remains the case throughout the morning. lisa: facebook not only looking to track the places you go. mark: how they are looking to start a ridesharing service to get you there. lisa: an iconic doll maker who has received a lot of criticism over the years showing consumers he is listening. the changes to the barbie doll. mark: you' re watching cincinnati'
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, 5:20 is you lisa: we hope it is a great start for you on your friday. 33 degrees per ad we have more headlines and a check in the forecast just ahead. celebrating the diversity we first, find out in the real world. mark: girls and women don' t come in one shape and now barbie won' t either. lisa: the famous little lady is getting a makeover. the iconic doll made by mattel will now come in four body types and the doll maker isn' t stopping there. the new and improved barbies will now come in seven skin
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hairstyles. the company announced the new line of barbie dolls on its website just yesterday. online sales are already available and they hit stores on with a total of 33 new dolls march 1. being rolled out by the end of the year. mattel says the changes are the most dramatic ever made to barbie since she hit store shelves in 1959. the revamped barbie line comes after years of criticism over barbie' s unrealistic proportions and standard of beauty for girls to try to meet. i think we can all embrace these changes. it is about time. lisa: somebody will complain about it, i' m sure. mark: i want to know if we can remake the g.i. joe, that is unrealistic. [laughter] the eighth pack abs . we need a g.i. joe with a dad
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lisa: right now. mark: facebook may be looking into taking on uber and lyft. a patent application reveals the social media giant may get into ride-sharing. the idea is an expansion of facebook' s event feature. the feature would help users share vehicles or find a travel buddy to get to events. it could also connect with someone you can travel with on public transit, like the subway. s patent has yet to be lisa: caitlyn jenner has settled a civil lawsuit connected to a deadly multi-vehicle crash last year. s attorney says a wrongful death suit filed by william howard and dana redmond has been dismissed. s stepmother kim howe was traveling on s pacific coast highway last february when it was rear-ended by a vehicle driven by jenner. howe' s car was pushed into oncoming traffic, where it was slammed by a third vehicle, killing her. s car then struck a fourth vehicle.
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crash. mark: 5:25 is your time. let' s check in with randi and see what is coming your way this morning. randi: for most of us, i cloudy start today. we are still looking at a final line of sleet and snow. if you are heading out the door to get ready on your pig training, 6:00 a.m., 34 degrees. at 6:00 this evening, 38". nice crisp and clear temperatures to start your evening with a run. training for the pig in winton woods, it looks like he is training for the relay with his fraternity brothers. that is always a good race. a lot of weight to participate in the day and however your training, get out there, snap a photo, send it to me, randi rico, at wlwt. create running weather this weekend. mark: 5:26 is your time a school
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lisa: how the person who turned him in is one of his own family members. >> students, police, and teachers coming together at the norwood community rallies for water donation for flint. i am dan griffin aha! oof! weee! slurp. mmmmmm. cinnamon. milk. cinna-milk. cinnamon toast crunch. crunch! crave those crazy squares.
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mark: the top gop candidates going head-to-head again last night without the party' s top contender. whether the elephant in the room was brought up last night. lisa: former u.c. officer ray tensing moving forward in his
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happening today. mark: norwodd police teaming up with norwood middle school for a how they plan to help flint, michigan, during the city' s water crisis. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt leading the way, this is wlwt good morning, i' m mark hayes. lisa: and i' m lisa cooney. randi rico and kyla woods are in this morning with your weather and traffic. i was just complaining i' m a little hungry right now. randi said there are some trees in the kitchenette because we are having a bittersweet moment. one of our favorite engineers is retiring. the food is in there, jim. randi: the cameras up start going like this. lisa: i have worked many mornings with jim strickler. 88 years. -- 38 years. he is leaving his post and
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no, we will be talking about jim all morning. great guy. randi: he can kick up his feet and relax. lisa: he will probably do it. randi: as soon as it hits 40 degrees he is on the golf course. low 30' s, will probably make it up to almost 40. we are in the mid-50' s this weekend. cloudy skies right now all across greater cincinnati and you can see some very light snow showers on the radar right around maysville and the ohio river and moving toward vicksburg. the radar shows it as snow, however, it is reading -- reaching the ground as a good event of sleep. -- good bit of sleet. 33 and loveland. 33 and harrison. 32 in florence. by 8:00 a.m., really by about
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sleet will be gone, cloudy skies hovering near 30. at noon, sunday, 35 and it 4:00, a chilly day, 39. promising the warm up with the weekend and it will last into early next week, heading toward groundhog day. a lot of 50' s and 60' s. kyla: off to a really great start on this friday morning. i hope you are as well. here' s a look in butler county, 75 near 129, you can see light traffic heading in the southbound direction. it picks up a little bit once you get to the 275 loop, but still no delays just yet. 275 near the airport, traffic looks good if you' re headed out for a flight. hopefully, no delays in the air. certainly, not on the ground. on the lower deck them a looks good into downtown cincinnati. we will keep it covered for you throughout the morning. lisa: thank you. the lead-tainted water supply in flint, michigan, has people from across the country helping out, including right here in
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mark: today, the norwood police department is teaming up with students to collect water s dan griffin is leading the way with how you can join the effort. dan: good morning to you. the goal here they say is to make sure these families in they say you can only imagine what it must be like to go to the tap and see this water to clean water. have been reaching out and trying to rally to collect water, and this is just another effort to make a difference to our neighbors to the north. norwood police and norwood schools will be collecting water during pickup and drop-off times throughout the morning and the afternoon today. it hasn' t started just yet, i think it is a little too early. they will be picking up water here at norwood middle were we are and also norwood high in the local schools working with local police. they say in all of this, comes down to two communities that
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when gm pulled out of flint, they faced hard times. people here norwood facing difficult times after that. they say this is really just neighbors helping neighbors in a sense. they will also be having a drive to collect water at the norwood kroger tomorrow from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., hoping for some big results a big turnout. they say anybody can drop by and drop off some donations. live in norwood, dan griffin, wlwt news 5. mark: thank you. the water concerns in northern ohio has the state' s environmental protective agency warning parents and students at one elementary school not to drink the water. they say there' s a possible lead contamination. now in chagrin falls, the district shut down the drinking fountains and sinks at gurney elementary school as a safety precaution. school officials say they' ve received contradicting messages from the epa. back in november, the epa said the school' s drinking water was safe to consume, so officials were surprised when this new warning was issued. the school is providing bottled water to their students and staff in the meantime. ohio'
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reports of lead in water in the village of sebring which is chagrin falls. lisa: knew this morning, we have s was shot in the side about 3:00 this re told up a little when all the way through his body. the victim says he was shot and then ran to a nearby apartments on kings run court for help. please are unclear where the actual shooting took place. -- police are unclear where the actual shooting took place. happening today, all the evidence in former u.c. officer ray tensing' s case is scheduled to be turned over. tensing is charged with murder for the murder shooting that of sam dubose during a traffic stop just off campus. another pre-trial hearing has been scheduled for february 11. with discovery turned over by then, a trial date could be scheduled, but the defense wants the case moved out of hamilton county. that has yet to be decided. mark: hamilton police are investigating a rape at a cemetery in broad daylight. we spoke to a witness who said he came to the aid of middle-aged woman along the fence of greenwood cemetery.
5:32 am
having any pants, shoes, or socks on, so he gave her his hooded sweatshirt to keep her warm and neighbors across the street gave her some clothes to wear. he says the woman was crying , claiming a man put a knife to her neck. >> she was definitely hysterical, i would say. i would feel scared, too, if someone had just attempted anything on me. she was crying. she was gasping for air. it was kind of like -- it was almost kind of like a panic attack kind of. mark: hamilton police have not released any information about the victim or a description of the suspect. detectives are working this case and said more details should be released sometime this morning. lisa: thomas more' s safety director is out of a job, still behind bars on child pornography charges. robert marshall' s son is the one that called police on his father after discovering disturbing images on marshall' s home computer. >> we are father and son. were not always going to agree eye-to-eye on everything, but
5:33 am
lisa: police say marshall used software to delete the pictures, and it took two years to recover the images. investigators believe marshall did not produce the pictures. instead, they are part of known child porn images circulating on the internet. family members say robert marshall is scheduled to be in court on monday. mark: just days before the caucuses, republicans took the stage in iowa to convince voters they are the right choice for president. two republican presidential candidates who won past iowa caucuses were in attendance, senator rick santorum. the elephant not in the room, donald trump, who held his own event. in trump' s absence from the main debate, the spotlight fell on senator ted cruz, the candidate saying he was being targeted with mean questions. even though the republican t participate, he still dominated part of the debate. >> i' m a maniac and everyone on this stage is stupid, fat, and ugly. and, ben, you are a terrible now that we'
5:34 am
trump portion out of the way -- [laughter] >> it' s not about donald trump. he' s an entertaining guy. he' s the greatest show on earth. >> i kind of miss donald trump. he was a little teddy bear to me. mark: donald trump was just a few miles down the road from last night' s debate. he held an event at des moines' drake university, which he said would benefit veterans' organizations. trump told the crowd they raised $6 million in one day. lisa: president obama now making a prediction as to who will win this year' s presidential election. >> i have an announcement to make about the presidential race. democrats will win in november and we will have a democratic president succeeding me. lisa: that was president obama speaking at the democratic caucus retreat last night in baltimore. the president was presented a gift by the house democrats -- a hand-crafted, hand-painted bowl with the words "we have your back" engraved on it. the president also addressed the progress the country has made under his leadership the last seven years.
5:35 am
s check in with randi to see what your forecast looks like for friday. randi: it is friday, which means any forecast i give you for the weekend is a good one. this one just so happens to be awesome for late january, temperatures in the mid-50' s. this morning on the radar, a little bit of what looks like snow moving toward maysville and there is a good amount of sleet as well. bundle up the kids, to pitchers on the cool side, hovering right around freezing -- temperatures on the cool side, hovering right around freezing. by the time muskets get to the bus stop, the flurries will be cool. on the way home from school, sunny and about 38. temperature wise, not where we cool side, but saturday and sunday, looking nice, even the early part of next week, temperatures groundhog day. we will take a look at the mid-60' s coming up in a couple of minutes.
5:36 am
aloha. mark: headed to the pro bowl this weekend. lisa: have a cincinnati cyclones are hosting a weekend event to raise money for breast cancer. mark: taking a live look outside, as we get going on a friday, 33 degrees at five: 39. we have your most accurate
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your dreams evolve, and with committed support, they thrive. american family insurance. this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first
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randi: good morning, 5:42. the lights are looking good with lady liquid on fountain square. the ice looks great, temperatures this weekend are pretty comfortable for doing double, triple accommodations. i have heard the words over watching the olympics. i don' t know. let' s take a look at what we are expecting. on the radar, cloudy skies all across the area but you will notice to the south, few areas of light snow is what the radar is painting. when it hits the ground, melting, little sleet mixed in. right now south of maysville, moving down south. for most of us, this is not a huge issue. if you' re headed out the door right now, this is what you need to know. a light makes early this one, right now and by the time 6:30, it is gone. into the 50' s all weekend long
5:39 am
week with storms rolling in late on tuesday, which is groundhog day. we will take a look at the complete forecast in a few minutes. mark: this weekend you can cheer on the cyclones or even participate in a run, all while supporting breast cancer awareness. lisa: wlwt news 5' s kyla woods is here with a preview. kyla: when the cyclones hit the ice tomorrow night, expect it to look at little different at u.s. bank arena. you' ll see a lot of pink for the team' s breast cancer awareness game. the "pink the rink" event includes pink ice, pink jerseys, and even a post game party with coaches and players at santo graal at the banks. but before the game, the 2nd annual frozen 5k run and walk takes place. the 3.1 mile course starts at 9:00 and goes along the ohio river through cincinnati' s transit center underneath 2nd street. thousands are expected to participate, with proceeds benefiting the pink ribbon girls. run participants will get a long-sleeved shirt, hot tickets to the "pink the rink" game. to register for the race, we
5:40 am
as for the actual hockey game, the puck drops at 7:30 tomorrow night at u.s. bank arena. mark and lisa? lisa: thank you. we have a fundraiser to tell you about to fight dipg this weekend. dipg is the brain cancer that lauren hill battled. this weekend, the operation grace white foundation will host the event. grace is a 7-year-old from fort wright who is fighting dipg and has faced some recent setbacks. the fundraiser for dipg and families fighting the disease starts at 6:30 at the fort thomas armory. still have about six months until the best tennis players in the world come to cincinnati, but today is a big day for the western & southern open. this afternoon, tournament organizers are going to announce major gifts to three local charities. this is going to benefit children' s hospital, u.c. barrett cancer center, and tennis for city youth. mark: never too early to think about summer, and kings island is ready to hit the water. check out the progress on the
5:41 am
this will be tropical plunge, a seven-story tall complex with half-a-dozen different water slides. tropical plunge will be ready when soak city waterpark opens may 28. lisa: this sunday you have one more chance to see the bengals in action. the pro bowl kicks off sunday night at 8:00. -- eight bengals are making the trip to hawaii. that' s the second-most in franchise history behind the 1988 season when the bengals had nine players in the pro bowl. the format has changed, so the players are split up between team irvine and team rise. you can catch the game sunday. kickoff is set for 7:00. mark: day two of the reds caravan, and there are four stops today for the redlegs. the different tours will be hitting lima, nashville, charleston, west virginia, and evansville, indiana. it may be january, but the players seem ready to take the field. >> after reds fest, people says it' s baseball season time. but spring training is really when you get antsy about everything. you know, it' s about to start.
5:42 am
it' s time to compete and it' s time to get everything going. most of all, you get out of this cold weather. mark: the tours end tomorrow, and then the reds caravan will have a finale event at the florence mall on sunday. lisa: it sounds like billy hamilton is ready for summer. kyla: i think we can all join in on that sentiment. looking warmer temperatures and we will see some in a moment with randy. green still covering our maps, so we' re off to a great start on this friday. hours beats look good and travel times are reflecting that as well. 16 minutes, a very low timeout a butler county on 75 southbound from 129 to the lateral. across the river, 18 minutes. 13 minutes on 275, the northeast corner from you state to 71. near state route 32, you can see all lanes moving along just fine. let' s check in with randi rico
5:43 am
randi: take a look. our weather is always a roller coaster ride during winter and we are on one of the los' s today, only topping out at 39, 40 degrees. temperatures roll up into the weekend. i tuesday, potentially record-breaking highs for groundhog day, it into the mid-60' s. we' re on the warmer side of the help. by the end of the seven of the day, it crashes again. we will wait on that. looking at the radar, we have cloudy skies to start out the day. one fine area of flurries and areas of sleet sliding south through mason county, kentucky. it is moving through rector villa moving south. on a wide view, couple of flurries maybe in southern portions of pendleton county. most of the snow at this point is rolling through portions of eastern ohio and west virginia and pennsylvania. we are patiently waiting for the clouds to clear out. 34 degrees, wind out of the northwest at 13. it makes it feel like
5:44 am
a little over the next few hours as the one clears to the south. 8:00 a.m., cloudy, 30. 35. s, which is likely pretty typical for this re going to be seeing over the next couple of days, not your average late january or early february forecast at all. today, clouds clearing out by lunchtime, getting into the evening hours of you have big plans for friday night, plan on it being in the mid to upper 30' s. early tomorrow morning for those participating in a frozen 5k, expect maybe a couple of degrees above freezing. all in all, gorgeous weather for your saturday and into sunday. today, 39. tonight, 29. tomorrow, 53 and sunday. sunday, 55. the rate should hold off until late sunday evening overnight into monday. spotty showers early in the day,
5:45 am
yes, we will hit 65 degrees on tuesday. it was looking like a prolonged rain event all day. as of right now, rain showers and thunderstorms holding off until late afternoon and evening. you may be able to get out and enjoy tuesday' s warm weather. temperatures take another tumbled for the middle of next week. mark: thank you. a toddler learning his abcs . lisa: this is the face that has been viewed by millions on the internet. mark: adorable. could a famous serial i can' t be replaced by the real thing? who this little guy is and how many bunnies he had to hop over for his brand-new role. lisa: trix are for kids. that' s all i have to say about that. 33 degrees on your friday.
5:46 am
look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from
5:47 am
kyla: welcome back on this friday. we will check in with randi rico with a warm-up on the way. time to honor our teacher of the week. this week' s teacher is mr. ken zinnecker of loveland high school. the parent who nominated him said he brings creativity and a different way of thinking, and he also helps students to feel better about themselves. mr. zinnecker was overwhelmed by the award, and said he hopes it encourages other teachers who might be new to the career.
5:48 am
down upon in our society today, and it takes a dedication to these kids because this is the future of our country. kyla: mr. zinnecker walked away with a swag bag full of goodies from our friends bob and marianne at warm 98 and the team at modern office methods. best of all, the class was treated to a pizza party by westshore pizza. very, very good. if you have a teacher you think go to look under the contests tab for details on how to nominate your favorite teacher. mark and lisa? lisa: i know you enjoyed it. we are checking some stories training this morning. mark: check this out. this would be a two-headed turtle. the super cool/freaky animal showed up at a miami animal hospital where it got a clean bill of health, which is rare for similarly unique turtles. the little guy is headed to a new life at a zoo in the philippines. lisa: cereal lovers stepped up to pet the rabbit who will be
5:49 am
houston-based bunny named cinnabun will appear on the new release of trix cereal boxes. the tiny ball of fur beat out 7500 other rabbits in the company' s nationwide search for a new mascot. this is the first time ever the trix rabbit has shared his cereal box with anyone. >> w? w? w? >> w. >> good job. mark: that is awesome video of a 2-year-old boy practicing his abc' s with his grandmother has gone viral. and for a good cause. it' s about the cutest thing ever. little john david, who has down syndrome, gets increasingly excited as he recites his letters. and we get excited by watching. the video has received tons of positive feedback on facebook and over 14 million views. lisa: if that doesn' t make you smile -- mark: nothing will.
5:50 am
lisa: a cameo. selling out in seconds. the problems uncovered with ticket sales for the hottest events around the country. brendan cope speaking of hot, our temperatures -- randi: speak in hot, our chapters will be on the way up. today is the cool spot. at noon, 35. 39 at 4:00. we warm things up and they come crashing down again in the seven-day forecast. timing of the rain for early in february when we come back. lisa: 33 degrees, 5:56, your
5:51 am
6: again! r again! again! again! again? again! again! general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors
5:52 am
so you can love cereal... again! lisa: local families looking for a place to call home. the important decision expected today after serious damage to local apartments. mark: a thomas more official fired. the latest on the child pornography case and the family member who went to investigators. lisa: from norwood to flint, the ongoing effort to help the michigan city dealing with a water crisis. >> from cincinnati' , leading the way. this is wlwt news 5 today. mark: good morning, i' m mark hayes. looking live over the city, you see old glory blowing in the breeze just before 6:00 a.m., 33 degrees.
5:53 am
we' ll get to more of your
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