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tv   WLWT News 5 at 600  NBC  February 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> you don' t really hear anything because it' s a lot of older people along the stretch. this is always been peaceful. >> not to mention there are children around. members first expressed concern. three bullets hit a home on 8th avenue. >> we need more police officers running back and forth to make me feel more comfortable. concerned. total calls were down from 2014 to 2015. and i' m told the police chief has spent the last year meeting with church groups and other
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>> police telling us still not targeted. mike: the woman accused of hitting an 11-year-old does not the crash. charged with hitting a girl in a crosswalk and taking off. she was found minutes later and cited. for her arrest. be ok. tuesday night. home returned that night to retrieve his belongings with a friend. the homeowners shot the two men after they force their way into the home. the homeowners had the right to defend themselves under the castle doctrine and the case does not meet the standards of
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entering the home with the intent of committing a crime. the disappearance of a northern kentucky mother last seen nearly a week ago. >> investigators look in. she would never leave her kids. reporter: you will see these from independents to film of. what they are looking for seems to know where. >> it is literally killing me. not knowing where she was dropped off at. >> they have been across two counties putting her picture anywhere they will take a flyer. the possibilities of why she
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>> i' m at the point where starting to get scared. they are looking for evidence there today. she hasn' t been in contact with her two children or anyone else. >> it is too close to the family. it is not her nature. we have a lot of family members involved and a lot of them are breaking down. try not to think the worst yet. >> they' re hoping to retrace some of her last known
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>> if you are out there , may god be with you. >> the family wants to canvas that area where she was last reported to be seen. sheree: the sheriff' s office is handling this investigation but cannot handle any details. certainly you know the warning tonight and you know the dangers of heroine. is very available.
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>> when fentanyl is use with heroin, it becomes 30 times for 50 more times -- >> a lot of this is coming from the labs or mexico. they do not know the drugs have been cut with fentanyl which places them at an even greater risk. mike: the university of louisville and announcing a scandal. the team ranked right now the top 10 will not play after the regular season ends. a female escort says she and other dancers were paid by a basketball staff member to strip
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reaction in just a bit in sports. strong words from ohio' s auditor today from the sewer district after he launches . speaking with local media and john london live for us right now. >> the words used about the cloud hanging over the full and fair investigation that will likely take the rest of the year. >> he had his eyes on for a while and doesn' t like what he sees. >> of never seen anything quite like it. it' s like giving your car keys, whiskey, and credit cards to a teenage boy. >> he calls it not a well-designed process.
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fraud, theft, and misappropriation of funds. was there favoritism? >> we will follow the facts where they lead us and we will not be afraid to see what we see. >> the internal audit capacity is left wanting. joost praised the new city administration expressing confidence in manager harry black saying the risk today is not as high. >> everyone is entitled to know the bottom of that. >> they will define where the risk factors are. they estimate the deep dive could take nine months to a year. jobs. .
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nothing significant. >> they determine who should of had oversight over hundreds of millions in spending. in a rube goldberg kind of contract continues that mst is the special audit defines its parameters this month. he agrees with the auditor assessment saying it is time for the county to take the keys. mike: the special audit will have subpoena power and will use it if necessary to determine if there is any criminal culpability in the workings of msd. sheree: a mudslide created a huge headache. falling from the hillside, wrapped up around 4:00 today. the westbound lanes of columbia
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fixing it could face a whole lot of money. >> the right-of-way is right behind the retaining wall here. private property coming out of the public right-of-way. sheree: engineers estimate they moved 1000 tons of soil during this cleanup process. a new push to bring back the loveland farmers market. the group called friends of the loveland farmers market will petition city council next week to find a permanent location for it. they moved the market to a temporary location citing safety concerns. it is not clear if the market will have a place to return to this year. a local golf course for a housing development. mike: and a
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s what we should do. sheree: you may have seen people wearing red in the office today. how the fashion statement could save a life. kevin: temperatures have moderated compared to yesterday trend will continue into the weekend.
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mike: liberty golf course closes for good. sheree: it all goes up for auction tomorrow. they have said that golf has been taught for the last decade but many of the owners we' ve talked to say they feel like golf is alive and well with a bright future ahead for the sport. >> so i think we have a great future. sheree: it' s not why it' s closing down. it was development bought this to verde. zoning
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the site work is scheduled to begin. mike: there were also several for diamond restaurants here in the area. sheree: helping hundreds of people. mike: minor fillings and sealants getting help today. dozens of organizers say it is important to reach out to people in need and unconventional ways. >> we have estimated we are
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>> it was the first year for the free dental clinic. sheree: it is not just the women celebrating healthy hearts today.
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it is the number one killer. >> they will get half this month. the prevention is within reach. >> if you feel like you want to
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>> if there is a target we need to focus on, a medication, procedure, a test. >> go red for women day kicked off. 300 fewer women die from heart disease and stroke every year and that' s why we do it. mike: whether it is someone in your family or the friend of a friend who has gone through something like this. >> and kevin has some sort of cellophane gift.
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kevin: absolutely right. it could be man or woman. very nice by design in the metro area. i will take a bite out of this one here in just a moment. sheree: i will take the sunshine. temperatures were going to climb. and then we will have a nice reminder it' s still the middle of winter out there. kevin: it will be followed by the potential for maybe a little bit of snow and i will talk more about that in just a moment. it' s chilly. be in the 30' s and a light jacket. it will be a lot older.
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temperatures falling too fast. it is 40 in loveland. little down to the mid 30' s. most areas on 25 or 26. a nice south breeze and a slightly warmer start to the morning. temperatures will climb a couple of degrees higher. going to provide us with an absolutely sellable weekend. here is a look at futurecast. mostly clear skies. clear skies this weekend.
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this is well after dark. late sunday evening. the jet stream lets out over the weekend. a huge set of paint colors. temperatures will be dropping below freezing and it gives you an idea of the significance only made worse by the fact that we throw some wind in their.
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here' s a look at the 70 forecast. because it turned significantly colder. mike: sweet lou gets another big job. sheree: no postseason basketball
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george: he left reds fans with many memorable moments. and now loop analysis is back to help the team he wants managed. welcome back. he was hired as a senior advisor to baseball operations and will offer advice and insight for
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he managed the reds from 1990 to 1992. not good for louisville. a self-imposed ban on going to the in say -- ncaa tournament this year. it alleges all kinds of wrongdoing with recruits. they say the team took it very hard as you can imagine. the in c double-a is a chance it could impose further penalties on the cardinals. if the big 12 is considering adding teams, the conferences and saying much. about all that came out of it is they hope to reach a unanimous decision about their future. they are not ruling out or in that the computer -- that the future could include expansion.
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school basketball. week. >> records are meant to be broken but in the case of a kentucky girls all-time record 1996, milestone. >> it means a lot to get the win. >> they surpassed the mark with a 71 point outing tuesday night. now she says it was never about the record when she was playing. it was more about winning games tournament. now she realizes what she did was so much bigger for the game. was. now that i' m a coach and i see
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>> the record lasted 20 years but she says she' s ok with no longer holding the record. >> it is 20 years. i don' t live in my high school. it is what it is. >> i get the sense that she' s fine with her name not being in the spotlight and it' s more about spreading the word and increasing the popularity throughout the state. >> plenty of high school basketball tonight on the blitz. at 11:00. stay late. kevin: expect plenty of sunshine
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