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tv   WLWT News 5 at 1100  NBC  February 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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she has been cheated out of life. >> her daughter died in a d.u.i. wreck. tonight the national push to lower the legal blood alcohol limit. >> offering cash to capture heroin dealers. >> what we're learning about the tragedy. >> plus i like tongue of myself as a playmaker. the quarterback of a local football team. >> the local soccer player who could soon be shining on an international stage. >> a national push to lower the blood alcohol legal limit. good evening. >> the ntsb wants to now lower the limit from 0.08 to 0.05, saying it will dramatically reduce d.u.i. related deaths. emily wood is live downtown with reaction from both sides that might surprise you. >> this one recommendation could totally restart the
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ntsb says lowering the limits to 0.05 is one step to stop drunk drivers and tonight is a debate we're hearing already has mixed reviews. grabbing a drink or two after work is common for some, but recent ntsb recommendations to lower the legal limit could change the amount of alcohol people drink before getting behind the wheel. >> i don't see any real benefit there. i don't believe it is going to make much difference going from 0.08 to 0.05. >> for social drinkers like james and john, they say it's easy to grab an uber or designated driver. >> one or two beers shouldn't be an issue. it should be left to the doctors and not the transportation board. >> for the family of lisa hastings the debate is a personal story. hastings was 22 years old when she was killed by a drunk driver on route 128 while on
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her mother, karen, says she supports lowering the limit because every little step can help. >> something has to be done. it happens every day. and when it hits home, it's bad. these are people's lives. they lose their lives because somebody else was stupid. >> in a statement tonight the group mothers against drunk driving says m.a.d.d. currently supports the national standard of 0.08 b.a.c. while continuing to strongly recommend that those who drink alcohol not drive. reporting live downtown emily wood, wlwt, news 5. >> thank you. according to the c.d.c. more than 10,000 people are killed every year in drunk driving accidents. of course there are a multitude of factors that affect blood alcohol levels.
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being held on a $10,000 bond accused of overdosing in a kroger parking lot with her daughter in the call. police found crystal hall with a syringe she used to shoot heroin. hall will not be allowed contact with her daughter. a grand jury will hear the case february 16. word of the arrest comes as warren county is taking a very visible approach to fighting the heroin epidemic. a new billboard is offering cold, hard cash in the name of catching heroin trafficers. this is the sign creating more than a few conversations in union township. a billboard along state route 48 encouraging tips and text messages to combat a still growing epidemic. the added incentive, cash to report drug abuse. the project is privately funded and anonymous, but the message is anything but. warren county experienced a 42% increase in heroin related overdose deaths from 2014 to 2015. another sobering reality?
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leading cause of accidental deaths all across the state of ohio. no community is immune. urban centers or suburban subdivisions, a lesson the warren county drug task force hopes will continue to spread. >> the state of ohio also focusing on getting families to understand the issue. the department of health identifies these groups as those with the highest heroin risk. men and women who are 25 to 34 years of age, the problem is big everywhere, but especially here in southern ohio as well as the cleveland area. the state also found high heroin risk in both urban and suburban settings. >> a bill working its way through the indiana state house would limit a woman's ability to get an abortion. senate bill 313 would ban abortions at any stage of pregnancy when the abortion is based on the fetus's gender, race, or potential disability. one of the lawmakers voting against the bill says it would force families who couldn't
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seek an illegal aborgs. >> to go home and say we don't want to take that chance that we would have a child born with downes syndrome or some other disability, you couldn't do that. >> the bill also restricts the use of fetal tissue. supporters say the bill would encourage women to seek other options instead of aborting a baby because of a disability. >> right now the coast guard is out searching the pacific ocean after it says two small planes angeles. the mid air collision happened this afternoon. divers have found a plane tail number and a partial number from a second plane in the water. not clear how many people were onboard those two planes. >> now, rescuers in taiwan have pulled more than 160 people out of a high rise building. the building fell after a 6.4 magnitude earthquake today. it hit southern taiwan.
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more than 150 people are being treated right now at a hospital. the quake is also causing a massive power outage there. >> happening tomorrow local cycling groups will host a memorial for the cyclist killed in the hit-and-run crash in anderson township last weekend. the ghost ride will take off at 2:00 from the airport. he worked at r.e.i. employees from the columbus store will man the norwood store so his co-workers can take part in the ride. >> it's tearing me down. it's literally killing me. >> we're lost for words. we don't know what to do. >> the search continues tonight for a pendleton county mother who was last seen almost a week ago. the family of tara turner says sunday. that friend claims to have dropped tara off near the california market place along the aa highway. tara's father says she has not been in contact with her two children and that's not like her. >> we got a lot of family
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lot of them are breaking down thinking the worst. i just tell them, try to not think the worst yet. >> so the family will be searching the area around the california market place tomorrow morning, 10:00 in the morning. pendleton county sheriff's office is asking anyone right now with information on the whereabouts of tara to give them a call. >> commitment 2016 now. governor john kasich of ohio had fun in the campaign trail in new hampshire. kasich recently picked up celebrity endorsements from arnold schwarzenegger and montel williams but today in between a couple town halls the governor took on the media in a snowball fight. new hampshire's primary is tuesday and just a reminder to you, of course, new hampshire is going to be crucial for the case -- kasich campaign moving forward. watch me in new hampshire monday and tuesday right here on wlwt news 5 with live reports.
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and a u.s. soccer team hopeful. >> this whole week has just been a great week. >> this week has been an exciting one for her for sure. meet the local teenager succeeding on the soccer field and in the classroom. >> it's a chilly night outside but temperatures haven't fallen too much this evening across the area. any time you're hovering near freezing in early february it's a bargain. i'll talk about the weekend warmup and then the wall will hit early next week. we'll have a full look at the
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you're back-to-back accolades. maria berkeley earned player of the year for the second straight year. >> she is pretty good. wlwt explains her plans and motivations for the future. >> thanks, guys. there's really only one way to describe malia berkeley. she is simply a baller. not just on the pitch but off the pitch as well. all of her success started from within. >> probably the best word to describe malia is driven. she is driven inwardly, by herself, and what she hopes to accomplish. >> there is just something inside every elite athlete that pushes them to become greater than they could ever have expected. for senior soccer player malia berkeley the passion is sparked from those around her. >> i owe a lot of it to my
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like, i would not be anywhere near this point in my life without them. so i'm very grateful for them pushing me to this point. i guess a lot of it is like at home the stuff i do at home but, i mean, without the basics of everything that they taught me i wouldn't be here. >> she has expressed that many times over that it's the family portion of it. it's just that appreciation for coaches that have given so much to her over time. she really appreciates that fact. she's just motivated. she is so passionate about what she does. >> she's been on one incredible ride. 66 goals. 33 assists her senior season. and this week alone she not only was named gatorade player of the year in soccer for ohio for the second straight season but signed to play for florida state after committing her sophomore year. >> i was really nervous my signing day because i honestly thought i was going to forget how to spell my name but i was
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wait to go play for florida state and the next day getting the gatorade player of the year for ohio, like that's such an honor. i was really surprised and happy about that. >> we talked about how much of a baller she is on the pitch but off the pitch she's just as impressive. she has a weighted 4.12 g.p.a. and tells me she wants to major in chemistry engineering because of her love of math and chemistry. wlwt, news 5 sports. >> she is an all-around kid for sure and not nervous at all being on camera. just a regular young lady. malia's dedication earned her an appearance in "sports illustrate'd's" faces in the crowd in 2014. >> cincinnati's certified most accurate forecast. >> can't really complain too much about temperatures hovering near freezing this time of the night. you know it is early february, right? we're still in the dead of winter so we could be a whole lot colder out there for many of us.
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our way. enjoy it because we have a nice, nasty reminder that february is still the middle of winter coming up next week and, yes, that includes the potential for even a little bit of snow. there's a live look outside tonight. not a bad night once again. you know, compared to 24 hours ago, while it is not a big jump in temperatures, they are about five to 10 degrees warmer for many of us so we continue to move in the right direction heading into the weekend. here we are outside tonight. 32 degrees right now at the airport. we do have ourselves a north breeze at 10. most areas are generally hovering around the freezing mark. give or take a couple degrees there depending upon your location. 32 in mason. 31 hamilton. 28 in harrison right now. same story down there around bebe. 29 in maceville and 30 around peebles. temperatures are only going to fall another 5 to 8 degrees tonight. most areas will end up between 25 and 30 for overnight lows thanks to some clouds and a little bit of a breeze overnight tonight. then what a nice looking saturday.
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mid 40's and lots of sunshine here in early february. remember, it could be a whole lot worse and not to mention the highs in the 40's by this time next week will be about 20 degrees colder. so enjoy again the weekend. high pressure, weather good guy passing over the ohio and tennessee valleys. a little in the way of cloud cover. that will come and go over the weekend but all in all it is going to be very quiet and very nice this time of the year. a look at future cast. not much to show you for your saturday other than plenty of sunshine. even sunday looks nice though clouds will increase late sunday afternoon. there will be some rain that arrives late sunday night so as you come home from the super bowl parties sunday night, there may be some showers out there but this will basically signal the arrival of much colder air for early next week. so we may start with some showers on monday but as colder air continues to fill into the ohio valley that will probably go over to some flurry and snow shower activityy and will likely continue through at least the middle of the week.
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storms in the forecast, i can't rule out some light accumulation next week of snow across the area. so over the weekend, a little bit of a reprieve from the cold. the jet stream lifts up out of here. we get milder air in here. we're likely to make it into the low 50's on sunday and then a big dip in the jet develops early next week. as a matter of fact, it goes all the way down into the gulf of mexico with temperatures hitting near freezing all the way down into parts of florida. so you know it is going to be pretty cold around here if they're talking that type of weather in the deep south. 26 for a low tonight underneath just a few clouds. then tomorrow mostly sunny. nice and mild. 46 for an afternoon high. here's your day planner. 28 at 8:00 a.m. 40 by lunch time. low to mid 40's by afternoon. here's a look at your seven-day forecast. sunday is the warmest day as we peak out at 41. then temperatures tumble heading into next week. overnight lows by wednesday night, thursday morning, 12.
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winter is not over yet. >> all right, kevin. thank you. that's it for us here. the basketball blitz is up next. indian hill trying for its 17th win in a row. >> in the gcl we are dishing up elder and moeller. to the rack, all the sports and highlights in just a few. that matched up nice didn't it? february is huge for us. all our handcrafted classic footlongs are just $6 each. the media is going a little crazy. "sub-mageddon" with an incredible amount of accumulation inside... that now seems... enjoy all our classic footlongs
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>> welcome into the blitz. big news coming out of the greater miami conference tonight. >> yeah. mason's basketball program hit the 14-0 conference mark with a 67-50 win over princeton. the comets win their first outright title. >> congrats. meanwhile indian hill took a short drive to madeira the braves looking for the 17th straight win after losing the opening game of the year. cameron doing all he can to keep his team in it. the indian hills sophomore marco penetrates, kicks it out. the three ball. this time he takes the pass and scores. the braves leading most of the night by double digits. and, yes, 17 straight wins. 54-45 indian hills. >> facing kings in the eastern
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tyler mitchell, kings junior guard, his first three of three in the game and finished with a career high of five from beyond points for the night. it seemed he wasn't going to miss at all but when he did eventually miss he has teammates who were there to clean it up. the kings get the home win over loveland, 69-50. >> now those aching falcons leaving the cincinnati metro athletic conference going into tonight's game with hughes. >> yes. another surprising record when you factor in jones at 5'11" not the tallest guy on the court but definitely one of the smartest. high basketball i.q. and averages 22 points a game. >> we go to aiken where the contest. first the griffins. israel and somante griffin. third quarter hughes goes to the bread and butter. the big man. dominic high off the glass.
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talent bike jones. the lay-up. i.q. jones gets it to ferry for three. aiken rolling to the win 75-49. >> elder and moeller in the middle of the gcl pack. planning on letting that happen again. >> frankie hoff meyer on fire tonight. he wasn't going down without a fight. it ended up being a pretty good night for him. >> frankie hoffmeyer channeled his inner jimmy chitwood from the movie "hoosiers" on his 18th birthday. what an emotional night it was at the pit on both ends of the spectrum. hoffmeyer's marksmanship and the prospect of a moeller senior missing considerable time with a knee injury. eating contests are a contact sport on the west side.
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shot like this one from mosley to come back from a seven-point halftime deficit. mo led down the stretch. look at the gift wrap -- 44 points and 13 boards. gave out on a fast break and he wore a brace and needed crutches to get around in the second half. the birthday boy, all seven of his field goals were three-pointers and a 48-43 home win to make that chile taste even that much better after a win from purple nation. >> felt awesome when the crowd is crazy. 19 in a row now at home. it was an awesome atmosphere and a great game. >> i don't know that there is a kid in the city that desoives more to finish his senior year playing basketball than nate. he is a great leader. he loves the game. he is every day, everything he's got to be a great player.
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about georgeton's knee injury the coach said we'll know more tomorrow but it doesn't look good. this is moeller's floor leader. a senior and practically a coach on his own right on the basketball court. >> thank you. newport inducting their latest hall of fame class tonight. the camels get it down low. matt wilson, 6'9" senior, throwing it down. newport's davis getting in the paint. 360 spin leads to a basket. >> keaton was a primetime performer earlier this season. it's not over just yet. coming up we give you our wild card game of the week. >> plus we check in with our basketball insider on which teams will be headed to the tourney in a few weeks. you're watching "the blitz" on
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>> welcome back. we open up the second half of the blitz with what else? our wild card game of the week. >> this game seemed to be pretty important too. over 28,000 people voted to get these highlights on the air. cincinnati christian taking on st. bernard. in the fourth quarter the cougars swinging it around. marco carter the open three. nothing but net.
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back with a bucket. ringer is the guy to do just that. is that a euro step? i think it was. the deuce is good. this time ringer decides to go inside to his big man christian reese. got hacked on the play. gets the foul shot. cincinnati christian wins it, 66-38. it's up to you where we go next. log in to you see the slate of games there you decide for our wild card game of the week. >> oh, it's that time for our blitz basketball insider. he is alex. >> we're back, baby. >> fist bump. >> yes, the world famous fist bump now. >> that's right. >> we're talking tournaments coming up, the drawing coming up sunday and a lot of people would like to know who the top seeds are going to be. it is fairly important to get a top seed in this thing with all the talent we have in this city. you have been checking this stuff out.
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to everybody's mind as someone in division i we would have to look out for. >> and i've really slept on lasalle. they play so hard. i why know they would do that well this year. i think they've won 10 games in a row or something like that. they are deserving of a number one seed in the tournament. >> off that win earlier in the week and a win tonight. let's look at who else has a shot. you have moeller, mason, lasalle in division i vying for the number one seed. now no one can sleep on mason with what the comets have done. >> they've lost one game outside the city, undefeated in the city, undefeated in g.m.c. division two. tas is a team to look out for. who else? >> indian hill. aiken played very well consistently with jones, somebody we mentioned earlier. he has been consistently been one of the best players in the city. >> you got a favorite in division iii and division four? >> got to go with the team, hail mary and the cavs. coach kerr has them playing well.
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talent on the floor. >> division four? >> nbca led by jamey carson. he is playing very well. i think they are the number one seed. >> alex as usual our basketball insider. good job. >> thanks, guys. a shout out tonight to cincinnati christian, the senior point guard getting to the rim. the 28-point win over st. bernard was pretty sweet today. here are some of the top performances of the night. you can vote on our website for the primetime performer. mcclendon at home dropped 26 points in a win. jamal howard has now the record for most rebounds in his career with 588 at this point. he fin wished 16 points and seven rebounds. c.j. fleming finished with 24 points for a rebound and
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frankie hoffmeyer 24 points, two rebounds, two assists on his birthday of all days. >> and a former grad from the marion high school sneaked in there and put the marion before purcell. >> yes. >> it is actually purcell marion as we all know. >> exactly. >> things got flipped. you know what? marion grads they're proud of that school from the good old days. hey. purcell grads are just as proud. and they have every reason to be proud. 74 years old today. the quarterback. the heisman trophy winner out of purcell. that would be roger staubach. how about that fun fact? >> that is a good fun fact. you're full of them tonight. >> yes. before we go we should say lou piniella a senior adviser with the cincinnati reds now. all right. you'll have fun this weekend. >> yep.
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