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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  February 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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of the supreme court. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 today. lisa: leading the way with breaking news, one person is dead after a fire breaks out in mason. this happened along olympia drive overnight, and we have dan griffin at the scene gathering the latest details, we will check in with him in just a few minutes. mark: just in, hamilton county sheriff' s deputy cruiser was struck by vehicle near lunken airport. we know the deputy was not heard. cooney. mark: and i am our case. moment. first, let' s check out the forecast which is all over the map, literally. randi: it depends on where on the map you happen to be. highland county, adams county, dealing with snow on the ground. looking at the radar, the good news is, the snow has come to an we don'
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over the last two hours, you can see the snow has lined up areas east of the route 68 corridor and it is now moving out through central portions of ohio. clouds are lingering this morning. the winter weather advisory sticking around for the eastern communities until 10:00 this morning. reports generally in the interest so range from hillsboro down through west union. take a look closer to downtown, the 275 loop. 71 and 75 corridor and also indiana under a dense fog advisory. as i switch the fog tracker over , you can see a pocket in clinton county with one quarter cvg. here is the planner for today. right now foggy downtown and 32 degrees. watch out for the development of slick spots over the next couple of hours as temperatures dipped below freezing. s and
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cloudy all day long, same thing tomorrow. sunshine and 60 still in the seven have a day forecast. let' s check the roads. two different stories, color, east and close to the downtown. kyla: we will check in and a moment with andrew setters on the eastern county. what you may be waking up to this morning. i want to start off with 275 near kellogg. lanes are clear. this looked good and clear so far this morning. hopefully, that will remain the case for those heading out right now. no delays to report. no closures with that accident near beech mont and lunken airport, you should still be able to make your way that way toward kluber parkway from some of the eastern neighborhoods, mount washington. 75 at mitchell looks good, starting to pick up in volume.
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of the city, many neighborhoods are waking up with another layer of snow. andrew setters is checking out the roads in adams county. how are things looking? andrew: we have been rolling through adams county and brown county, both areas under level to snow emergencies. you can see exactly why they' re under a level two snow emergency. maybe a little difficult to make out on this stream, but this is a semi that has gone off -- into the median on 32. this is westbound in the adams county area. troopers are on the scene as well as a wrecker trying to get this sent my out of the median. slippery conditions for people this morning here in the adams county and brown county areas. oh. has really attacked that and try to get it in pretty good shape.
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the main roads on the side streets, things are very slick. that is why you have a level two snow emergency. people need to think twice about whether or not they need to be out on the roads this morning in this area. reporting live, andrew setters, wlwt. lisa: we have news of a deadly fire in mason. mark: dan griffin is live at the scene with the latest on the investigation. dan: good morning to you, mark and lisa. a sad morning. we know at least one person is dead in his home on olympia drive in mason. i present been here for about four hours or so, maybe -- fire crews have been here for about four hours or so. flames were shooting through the roof. this is video from what we saw overnight. the mason fire chief telling us crews were dispatched just before 2:00 this morning with reports of fire through the
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crews fought the flames, finding what person dead inside a back andrew in a bed. -- back bedroom in a bed. we saw crews remove the body a few minutes ago. you can see the damage, quite significant on the front and left side of the house. no other homes were impacted. it is i' m clear -- it is unclear if there were working smoke detectors. we are also told the state fire marshal' s office has been notified and county crews are expected to be here at least another hour. the coroner is also on the scene this morning. there is still a lot of work ahead to try to determine exactly what caused this fire in the first place. we are told crews are expected to be here for quite some time this morning. it looks like there is still a lot of work ahead. live in mason, dan griffin, news 5. mark: still waiting on the deadly cause of a firefighter in
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firefighters found a man near the kitchen. we' re told the fire may have started it a closed patio. the homeowner kept had there was a theaters running. neighbors tell us the man was a quarter. lisa: we are learning more about a deadly crash in pendleton county and the efforts to save a man' s life. 28-year-old david erskine was killed last week driving on kentucky 17. he hit a semi truck and flames engulfed his truck. another driver says he was driving to work when he passed the wreckage and turned around to help. >> we pulled him out to right to write about their i couldn' t , see what was holding him, i don' t know if seat belt had him across the lap or the dash had him pinned. i don' t know what happened. lisa: erskine did not survive. the 28-year-old was a volunteer at seven hills church. they tell us erskine and his wife worked with the small groups ministry and had become active members about a year ago. mark: there is hearing today for a lawsuit involving a student' s suspension at saint gabriel
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s parents are suing the school after he was punished for staring at a female student. the parents say it was a staring contest, but the school says the girl was cornered. at today' s hearing, both sides will get to speak before a three-judge panel. lisa: the latest in the ongoing conversation about the supreme court. president obama could announce his pick to replace justice antonin scalia as soon as next week. miriah turner has the latest from the live alert desk. miriah: president obama and his advisers are navigating a variety of factors as he decides who to nominate for the supreme court. one of the main issues, republican senators are calling for the next president to make the pick. democrats say you should be up to the current president. the president has said he would make the selection in due time. some names that have imploded around them attorney general loretta lynch and homeland security chief jeh johnson as well as several federal judges. lisa: happening today, the women'
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discussion on the black lives matter movement. mark: it was part of the city conversation series. at the event, christina brown, a local social justice activist and community educator, will share her experiences with the black lives matter movement in cincinnati. the event begins at 7:00 tonight at the first unitarian church on linton street. lisa: miami university may be ready to name a new president. gregory crawford is a top candidate for the job, coming to oxford from south bend. right now he is the vice president and associate provost at notre dame. the university' s board of trustees is expected to vote on crawford' s appointment on friday. if confirmed, he would be the university' s 22nd president to my taking over for outgoing president david hodge. music' s biggest night did not disappoint. mark: the big winners and the moments everyone is talking about after the grammy awards. lisa: prepared for takeoff. the historic and in today and what it means for tourism in cuba.
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you can see the fog and other places the snow. the buildings downtown. when i got here at 2:30 in the morning, you could not. the fog is slowly lifting and the snow has moved out. slushy roads east of the 60th corridor. level two snow emergencies for brown and adams county. issue. temperatures close to freezing. watch for the potential spots. lunchtime, 33. for the drive home, gloomy and 37. about 48 more hours of gloomy before sunshine and warmer weather arrives just in time. we will take a look at the better second half of the
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mark: good morning. 6:12. we see the fog this morning. you just have to be careful and take a good hard look at your zip code, because it all depends on what part of town you are in as to how much fog or snow you might be seeing and how bad the roads are going to be. color was his ear for the commute. kyla: we got the update from andrew. he rolled up on an them. much different conditions and adams county or brown county than here inside of the 275 loop. we want to take a look at that accident as it has shut down the westbound lanes. this is in adams county, state route 32. they are closely westbound portion at lost road. waking up in that area and getting ready to hop out the door, you will want to avoid using those westbound lanes. 32 is a big thoroughfare through adams county, brown county, clermont county, so you want to be mount for -- mindful of that. we will let you know once the
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275 at 32, bigger picture, further west, still seeing snow on the ground, maybe some icy spots as well. traffic looks to be flowing along well northbound and southbound in this area. we are still seeing lane closures westbound on route 32 in adams county at luach. lisa: thank you. we want to show you live pictures as we update breaking news for you. firefighters say one person has died after crews responded to a house fire in mason overnight. it broke out just before 2:00 this morning on olympia drive. firefighters believe there was only one person in the house and that person was found in a bedroom. it' s not clear what sparked the fire. mark: also making headlines today, activist and cattle rancher cliven bundy is scheduled to appear in court today. bundy is facing charges following an armed confrontation in 2014 that forced federal officials to release cattle rounded up near his ranch in nevada. bundy' s son, ammon bundy, led the occupation of the wildlife
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more than a month. lisa: top u.s. officials will travel to havana today to sign an aviation pact restoring airline service between the u.s. and cuba for the first time in more than 50 years. u.s. airlines still have to apply for permission from u.s. regulators to fly specific routes before they sell tickets to cuba. filming has started in london on the newest "star wars" movie. mark: episode eight is expected to hit theaters in december 2017, and it will feature new cast members -- laura dern of "jurassic park," benicio del toro from "traffic," and newcomer kelly marie tran. also stars harrison ford mark hamill and carrie fisher are supposed to reprise their roles as well. the music industry celebrated its biggest under the grammy awards. lisa: many earlier faces received awards and were plenty of memorable moments. rack up and a number of tributes.
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lady gaga performed some of his greatest hits. there were other performances celebrating the careers of blues legend bb king and eagles member glenn frey. all three died within the last year. robert kendrick lamar a lot of attention last night, he got a standing ovation after his performance of the black of a very. he walked out as part of a chain game. he ended his performance. there was also some drama surrounding the album of the year, which went to taylor swift for "1989." many felt she was referencing kanye west when she accepted the award. >> we' re going to be people -- they' re going to be people along the way who will try to undercut your success or take credit for your congressman' s or your fame -- accomplishments or your fame. if you just focus on the work and you don' t let those people sidetrack you, someday when you
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look around and you will know it was you and the people who love you who put you there. and that will be the greatest feeling in the world. miriah: kanye west claim to one of his songs, however, that he made swift famous. mark: she went there. or i go ed sheeran brought home his first ever grammy with his song "thinking out loud." some sad moments, adele and carrie underwood really were not getting that great of reviews for the performances. lisa: blaming a lot on the acoustics. miriah: adele, the microphone for the piano fell onto the strings and made the song sound completely out of tune. she is just up there. so what, she went to water burger afterward?
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mark: they are great burgers. let' s check in with randi rico. randi: as we take a look at the forecast for today, snow covered roads still in east of route 68. that extends into greene county. report of a half-inch of snow. upwards of two inches through portions of adams county. we have snow covered roads to the east. thick fog in some spots early. it will stay cloudy all day. don' t worry, still keeping an eye on the prize for friday and saturday with temperatures here 60. letter snow showers have moved out. all of the snow is done another cleanup will continue through portions of highland, brown, and adams county where we are seeing the heavier snowfall totals from overnight. winter weather advisory for highland, brown, mason until 10:00 a.m. and dense fog advisory for hamilton, butler,
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northern kentucky and four. we have been checking the cameras around town and it looks like we are starting to see less and less dense fog. our fog tracker showing little area of higher fog and lower visibility, about half mile in cvg. visibility. chapters close to freezing across the area. most places between 32 and 34 degrees. later on this afternoon, we only make it to about 37 for the high. some places may be pushing 40 to the south, but it will be cloudy all day long. once the fog clears, it still stays gloomy. futurecast shows not just in his you today, but cloudy skies through tomorrow. wednesday late afternoon and evening, you may see a passing sprinkle or quick flurry. no big deal, but that is a
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clouds should be clearing as we roll into thursday morning. today, 38 degrees, a foggy morning but cloudy all day. tonight, 28. tomorrow, a passing sprinkle or flurry late in the day. sunshine at last on thursday and then we get into the weekend, friday, saturday, sunday, breezy and near 60, maybe a couple of rain showers late. lisa: trapped after a tornado. how a storm victim was found when she was buried by debris. mark: moving forward in rabbit hash. the latest on the rebuilding process at the historic general store now that the smoke has cleared. kyla: keep an eye on the roads outside in all parts of greater cincinnati, here' s a look to the downtown area where you can see all things are moving at a pretty decent pace, but for those of you waking up in eastern counties, adams, heading into clermont county as well, you may still see some different conditions. we' re going to check for you
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mark: good morning and welcome back. as we take a live look this morning, foggy conditions. it might hamper your commute a little bit depending on where you are as it relates to the weather that is happening. we have snow, fog, a little of this and a little of that. kyla: fortunately, we'
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we did have the incident pop up where andrew setters is in adams county along route 32. they' re shut down those westbound lanes and we' re continuing to keep an eye on that and we will give you an update coming up in the next report. here' s a look at 471 northbound from 275, about 64 miles per hour. still great conditions northbound and southbound in that area of northern kentucky. six minutes to get you could -- to the daniel carter beard bridge. look at the volume from northern kentucky, getting very heavy. not a great amount of delay. you will need -- you' ll continue to need the extra time over the next 30 minutes or so. lisa: new video shows first responders and volunteers in florida pulling a woman from the debris of her damaged home. this area was hit by a tornado on monday and the woman was trapped. at least 10 homes were damaged by a tornado and severe weather
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survive. mark: happening today, the united states coast guard is conducting a hearing on the tragic sinking of the el faro. this is the first of two sessions the coast guard will conduct. they are expected to focus on the events that led up to the sinking of the ship. el faro sank last fall and took the lives of all 33 people onboard. lisa: closer to home, starting to pick up the pieces in rabbit hash after a weekend fire destroyed the historic general store. inspectors were on the scene monday, and now the historical society is waiting to see what they can salvage from the 185-year-old building. the historical society owns the store and estimates they will need at least $150,00 to there' s a gofundme page for the general store and so far, more than $42,000 has been pledged. mark: randi is here with a look at what is happening outside. stuff is happening. randi: and there is a good bit of stuff. checking out the snow totals,
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union puts you guys at about two inches in adams county, georgetown at 1.3 inches, just got a check in from new vienna at one inch. it looks like hillsboro, in inch. patronage further up 68 -- half an inch in the near. 68 kind of the divider between areas that don' t have anything in places in our dealing with the snow. the good news is, all of the snow is gone. it is not falling anymore. cleanup will begin three eastern counties. fog continues for many of us this morning. 38 degrees. tomorrow, 37 with a chance for a passing sprinkle or flurry late. several seasons headed our way this week, looks like winter yesterday, maybe spring on thursday, then friday and saturday, all the way up to almost 60. lisa: fog around the city and more snow to the east. this is live drive 5 checking out adams county checking other fresh know. we will have the latest on the
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dan: live in mason, we are following up on a deadly house
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we will have the latest mark: breaking news this morning, a house fire turns deadly in mason. what we have learned about what happened at this house overnight. lisa: another clash on the
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how the republican frontrunners are stepping up their attacks mark: snow emergencies in some areas this morning. we are keeping an eye on the morning drive and the spots that could be trouble. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 today. mark: good morning closer to the , city, you could see some fog out there this morning. and right now, the eastern part of our viewing area is seeing a good bit of snow. in fact, brown and adams county are both under a level two snow emergency, which means roads are hazardous and only those who feel it necessary should drive. as a result, there are around 30 -- there are several school closures and delays scrolling at the bottom of your screen. good morning, i' m mark hayes lisa: and i' m lisa cooney. kyla woods, randi rico are here with details, traffic and weather together. fog in some parts of the area. enough snow to cause some emergencies, too. randi: a really depends on where you are. yesterday, we were saying 60 it
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who are not. as you look at the radar, all of the snow is gone. it is no longer falling. it has cleared out and rolling through central and eastern portions of ohio. over the last two hours, we saw letters no showers head out to the ease. the clouds remain, the fog remains, and the winter weather advisory mays in effect for the eastern counties until we hit 10:00 this morning. we have snow covered roads. andrew setters is driving live and you will see a couple of looks at that area and a couple of minutes. brown county and adams county under the level to still emergency. other places, fog is the main concern. if you' re in and around the 275 loop or anywhere on the major highways, we are seeing pockets of fog. we had about a half-mile visibility at wellington. -- wilmington. at times, visibility was down to 1/10 of a mile. it was very foggy a couple of hours ago.
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temperatures will be climbing through the afternoon. 38 is where we are headed. 37 tomorrow with a chance for a passing sprinkle late in the day. kyla: we have seen very different conditions depending on what part of town you' re heading out in this morning. inside the 275 loop, things have been clear. not a lot of issues. here' s 71-75 at richwood through northern kentucky toward the 275 loop. things look good and clear northbound and southbound. we were seeing hazy conditions with the fog but it looks like it is improving across most of the 275 loop and beyond. the viaduct getting heavy in volume. you will need it here. this is northbound toward loveland madeira and further north toward the 71 interchange. things are getting heavy. really not seeing terrible conditions but you still may see
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s check in with mark and lisa. mark: a deadly house fire under investigation in mason. lisa: wlwt news 5' we' ve learned about the investigation. dan: a very active seen here starting to wind down this morning along olympia drive in mason. very sad. i will step out of the way sleeping at a glance as to what is left of this home. you can see the frame standing after the fire. the mason fire chief telling his crews were dispatched just before 2:00 with reports of fire through the roof. crews fought the flames, finding one person dead inside a back bedroom. it is unclear if it is a man or woman, but we saw crews remove that body a few minutes ago. you can see the significant side of the house. homes were impacted. it is unclear if there were working spoke to doctors. the fire chief telling us that
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-- it is unclear if there were working smoke detectors. the fire chief telling us that is still under investigation. the coroner was here on the scene this morning. there' s also a lot of work to come in all of this. we' re not sure what caused the fire. we will continue working to track and the latest information as we move through the morning. dan griffin, wlwt news 5. lisa: and sprinkle township, firefighters cannot save a man inside a home. -- and springfield township, firefighters could not save a man inside a home. the fire may have started in an enclosed patio area. we' re told the homeowner kept pets in cages there with space heaters running. >> when he' s found in the kitchen, who knows? he may have been attempting to exit. he may have been attempting to put out a fire maybe in the kitchen. we don' t know.
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trying to pinpoint the cause of the fire. they haven' t released the victim' s name. mark: check out these pictures just into the newsroom. it appears the debit he was conducting a traffic stop when the vehicle struck his cruiser. this is their lunken airport. the drivers door of the cruiser must have been open at the time because it is damaged on that part of the car. we' re working to get you more information. there is now a person of interest connected to the death of a middletown mother. a 37-year-old man was arrested on unrelated charges and so far he is not been charged in brittany russell' s death. she was found shot to death in her car last week in dayton with her six-month-old baby in the back seat, unharmed. investigators are not saying much about the possible connection with this person of interest. >> we' re glad that he' s behind bars and we' re hoping that they go forward with more charges and we' re hoping they go for the
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mark: wlwt is not naming the person of interest since he has not been charged in russell' s death. the 37-year-old will be arraigned on drug charges later today. mark: turning to commitment 2016, donald trump is threatening a lawsuit and continues his attacks at rival candidate ted cruz. miriah turner is at the live alert desk with a look at the latest feud involving the republican frontrunner. miriah? miriah: donald trump is campaigning in south carolina and he is demanding an apology from ted cruz. trump called cruz a liar a number of times during his campaign events on monday. he claims the cruz campaign is making commercials that are misleading and if cruz does not apologize, he' ll sue. trump says since cruz was born in canada, he' s not eligible to run for president. >> i think he' s a very unstable guy and i must tell you one thing about ted cruz that i can say only to a minor extent by comparison for the other politicians, i haven' t been doing this long. i'
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but i will tell you, i have never, ever met a person that lies more than ted cruz. >> truth matters. and we' re not in grade school where you just get to say liar, liar pants on fire and not respond to the substance. miriah: south carolina voters will head to the polls on saturday for the republican primary. from the live alert desk, i' m miriah turner. mark: ohio governor john kasich is joining the mix in south carolina, heading south today after campaign stops in michigan. >> i' m going to do the best i can to help raise this country and i am doing this basically, because i figured out this is what i' m supposed to do. mark: the michigan primary is three weeks away. lisa: the democratic caucus is saturday. the clinton made several stops try to pull ahead of bernie sanders who took his campaign in
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according to a survey by the washington free beacon, clinton is even with sanders in nevada with just five days to go. our commitment 2016 coverage continues online. check out the wlwt mobile app for the latest headlines from the campaign trail. mark: this morning, winter weather concern once again. there' s another layer of snow used of the city. andrew setters and line drive 5 getting a look at the conditions. andrew: we are tooling around this morning in the town of west union. a lot of the side streets are fairly snow covered. it is a little difficult to get around. adams county and brown county under level two snow emergency. we were out earlier on 32 were a semi slid off of the road and into the median. 32 is in pretty good shape. it looked like the truck had been there at least for a little while while crews were working to pull it out of there.
6:39 am
you probably should not be on the stimulus you feel you have to be. the side streets and west union have been treated. looks like crews have tried to make at least one route. some of the other streets don' t look like they have been touched since the snow has fallen. if you' re waking up in hamilton county, butler county, you' re probably wondering where the snow is for you. well, it just moved to the east overnight and you' re not going to have to deal with these road conditions. you could still have problems on the road, so i will send it back to kyla woods with a look at the rest of the traffic. kyla: you will see a different picture outside depending on where you are this morning. thank you for that look in parts of adams county and brown county. parts of hamilton county, closer to the 275 loop, things have been clear this morning. we were dealing with hazy conditions, little flock, but that is starting to improve as well. along 71 or 275, taking a closer look in those areas, maps still
6:40 am
71 from the norwood lateral to 75, eight minute commute heading into downtown. your speeds look great as well. 62 miles per hour on 200 75 near route 4 toward the 75 interchange. a much different picture here on the traffic cameras and things are moving along pretty well right now. let' s check in with randi rico. certainly a different picture than what most of us i think are seeing. randi: anywhere brown in adams county, you' re chilling with a very snow-covered roadway. one and two inch snowfall fell overnight. you can see all of the snow has moved off. the cleanup phase is in full effect. on the went to the bus stop, for those headed to school, 29 degrees, foggy spots to continue with an snow-covered east of 68.
6:41 am
expected to be cloudy, gloomy, but those two pitchers get cranked up in about two days. mark: thank you. another trip to the lost and found for andy dalton. his latest trouble trying to enjoy the off-season. lisa: a kentucky lawmaker protesting antiabortion laws.
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harder life as spokesbox is great. people love me for saving them over half a grand when they switch to progressive. so i'm dabbling in new ventures. it was board-game night with the dalai lama. great guy. terrible player. go paperless don't stress, girl i got the discounts that you need it's a balancing act, but i got to give the people what they want -- more box. any words for the critics? what can i say? critties gonna neg. [ applause ] the what?!
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lisa: welcome back. happening now, we are staying on top of breaking news, a deadly house fire in mason. scene. this is olympia drive. firefighters found a person inside a bedroom around 2:00 investigators have not identified the victim or a possible cause for this fire. wlwt will bring you updates as they come into the newsroom. mark: dozens of school closings and delays to the eastern part of the viewing area. about one to two inches of snow fell overnight. both brown and adams county under a level two snow emergency. randi rico will have another update on your forecast just ahead. first, it' s tax season, which means big refunds are on the minds of not only you, but also identity thieves. lisa: wlwt news 5' s sheree paolello joins us with an example of how the crime is so widespread, it can happen to anyone.
6:45 am
people will be victims of stolen identity tax refund fraud this year. investigators say thieves use stolen personal information and file bogus tax returns. in many cases, people don' t realize they' ve been victimized until their legitimate returns are rejected. >> identity theft cases can be among the most challenging types of tax fraud for us to handle, and we understand it is very frustrating for the individual. >> think it can' t happen to you? think again. one of the victims is our very own investigative reporter todd dykes. tonight at 6:00, he' ll share what happened to him. plus see what it takes to fight , back and make sure you get the money you are entitled to. that' s tonight on wlwt news 5 at 6:00. lisa: before you go out and get viagra, you may want to bring a note from your wife. mark: kyla woods is here to tell us what is behind her
6:46 am
kyla: house bill 396 has quickly been nicknamed the viagra bill. if house representative mary lou marzian gets her way, a man looking to get the little blue pill would require two doctors visits and a note from his wife. marzian says the bill is a direct response to governor bevin signing a new law updating informed consent laws. the bill requires a woman seeking an abortion to consult with a doctor at least 24 hours before the procedure. she says her bill highlights what she sees as a contradiction. >> we do not want government involved in personal, private, medical matters. kyla: marzian admits the bill has no chance of passing, but she hopes people see the point she' s trying to make. kentucky governor matt bevin has not commented on the viagra bill. lisa: thank you. u.s. senator sherrod brown from ohio is now working on legislation to address lead concerns in water, sooner. mark: the announcement follows ohio' s epa calling for a federal overhaul. senator brown says he wants to
6:47 am
take. current u.s. standards require you to be notified within 60 days of high lead readings. ohio' s epa director wants more thorough lead testing and faster notification. andy dalton might want to throw a gps tracker in his luggage the next time he wants to get away. lisa: the bengals quarterback is having more trouble trying to relax in the offseason. miriah: last week dalton created the twitter #bagsearch2016 after his luggage fell off the bed of his truck. the twitter-verse was listening and he got his bags back. dalton posted this picture, saying the power of social media is real. but it turns out, he only got to enjoy those bags for a few days. dalton tweeted this out last night -- "i can' t make this up. bagsearch2016 is back on. american airlines it' s your turn , to find the luggage now. unbelievable." so this time he lost his bags on a flight, and so far, they have not turned up. good luck with that.
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lisa: they fell out of a truck first. i don' t know how that happened. reiko it is so -- reiko it is so interesting how twitter has become the place to find your wallet. lost your phone. somebody comes up with it. american airlines is opening -- hoping they find the bags. mark: that would be nice. lisa: let' s check the forecast. brady go you can expect to see andy dalton boarding with every piece of clothing he owns. the snowy start east of route 68. we said that would be the divider line and is set up overnight. the near, about half an edge. just a little east of that line, looking at one to two inches of the snow. the snow has stopped falling, but the skies will stay gloomy all day long. the good news is, sunshine returns thursday and big-time warm-up on tap for friday and saturday.
6:49 am
the radar. we had rain transitioning to snow in the snow helped these activities further east. having county, brown, adams, still under that winter weather advisory. it looks like the dense fog advisory has been dropped for greater cincinnati. it is only existing south of the 71-75 split. the fog tracker will confirm area south of walton are where the fog is a little thicker. right now, the fog is far less of an issue that it was at any point during the overnight hours. in fact, you can see all the way across the river on the city can. that was not possible a couple of hours ago. 32 degrees currently. it :00 a.m., 29. at noon, 33 after the afternoon, gloomy and gray. we will see highs in the upper 30' s. futurecast shows all of the rain and snow we had overnight.
6:50 am
pennsylvania. cloudy all day today. the good news is, the next system headed our way will be scooting to the south. this evening, that shot of snow and rain stay south of louisville and lexington, so we will be dry. tomorrow, i expect to stay cloudy today, a small chance afternoon and evening hours, maybe a quick flurry or sprinkle. that would be about it. then we bring on clear skies for the end of the week. today, 38 degrees. foggy this morning, continuing to be cloudy all day. 28 tonight, tomorrow is 37. maybe a quick flurry or sprinkle wednesday evening. thursday morning, we wake up with clouds but they clear through the day, 44. friday and saturday, a little breezy, but sunshine returns and highs near 60. lisa: firefighters respond to a house fire and find a body inside. mark: we are live in mesa with breaking details on the early morning house fire.
6:51 am
roads in adams and brown
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new customers can save an average of $500 just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at lisa: good morning and welcome back. this is a live look off eastern avenue, one of the areas looking toward downtown where we have seen the fog this morning.
6:54 am
city, but out east, more snow overnight. we will check in with andrew coming up in just a moment. we start out taking our top five stories, a deadly house fire in mason. mark: wlwt news 5' s dan griffin is live at the scene with the investigation. dan: good morning. the scene is much quieter here on libya drive. there still a somber tone. i will step out of the camera so you can see the leftovers of this home here. we know at least one person is dead. mason fire crews were dispatched just before 2:00 with reports of fire through the roof. they found one person dead inside a back and repost of the victim' s identity is unclear. the damage is quite significant on the front and side of the home. no other homes were impacted. fire crews tell us it is unclear if smoke detectors were in the home. at this point, investigators are saying the cause of the fire is unclear. we will continue to follow this story through the day.
6:55 am
lisa: thank you. a fresh layer of snow for some parts of greater cincinnati. andrew setters is in live drive 5 checking out the areas with plenty of slick spots this morning. andrew: good morning, lisa. there are plenty of slick spots. we are in adams county on 125 making our way back toward the city. 125 is in pretty good shape. this is one of the roads that odot gets out and treats and then done a pretty good job. if you get off 125 or maybe 32 in this area, you will run into very slick roads. we talked about it all a time, how adams county, brown county, more rural areas seem to have a lot of snow closings, even with a little bit of snow. there is a lot of road to cover out here to get people around. those rows are not treated yet. at least, not so far this morning. you' re going to have a tough time getting around. that is why there' s a level two
6:56 am
mark: your third top story, a driver strikes a deputy' s cruiser, but luckily, the hamilton county deputy walked away unharmed. check out these pictures just in to the newsroom. it appears the deputy was conducting a traffic stop when a vehicle struck his cruiser in the 4400 block of beechmont avenue. this is near lunken aiport. the driver' s side door of the cruiser must have been open at the time of the crash, because it' s damaged and bent. we' re working to get more information. lisa: our fourth top story, there is a hearing today for a lawsuit involving a student' s suspension at st. gabriel school in glendale. the student' s parents are suing the school after he was punished for staring at a female student. the parents say it was a staring contest, but the school says the girl was cornered. mark: burfict and final top story, -- your fifth and final top story miami university may , be ready to name a new president. gregory crawford is the top
6:57 am
right now crawford is a vice president and associate provost at notre dame. the university' s board of trustees is expected to vote on crawford' s appointment on friday. lisa: winter weather advisory for some, dense fog advisory for others. randi: the dense fog advisory is dropped for many. winter weather advisory until 10:00 a.m. for the eastern towns east of 68 or young the potential for two inches of snow on the ground. what to expect, the fog is clearing out, which is good. the clouds and not going anywhere. gloomy through the day and cool with a high of only 38 degrees. tomorrow, pretty much the same, cloudy all day, maybe a quick sprinkle or flurry late in the day on wednesday. thursday morning, waking up to clouds but improvement through the day.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. winter wallop. nearly 50 million americans waking up to a sloppy commute. a massive storm sweeping across at least 17 states, from north carolina to new england. a tornado outbreak across the south. a 94-year-old woman trapped inside her home. >> hallelujah! >> first responders and volunteers form a human chain to pull the woman from the debris. ultimatum. donald trump now threatening to


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