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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  February 25, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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the water main break its resolve. if we do get any school delays, we will let you know. you can check them on it is 6:00 a.m. on your thursday. i' m lisa cooney. mark: and i' m mark hayes. randi: we are going to deal with the snow all day long. the impact on the roads is minimal thanks to warm air we have had. on the radar, some spots are totally dry, but intense snowfall through portions of warren and clinton counties. we could easily pick up an inch to a half an inch on the grass, deck, rooftops, on the car. the colder surfaces are the ones that will be collecting the snow. over the last few days, we said an inter-two is possible. you will see that on the colder surfaces. but on the roads, just plain old wet.
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split in through kentucky. the deeper blue indicating snappier whole fall -- snowfall . the ground still plain old wet. let' s take a live look from the national bank building in downtown lebanon. there is the sidewalk, roads, nicely visible. the snowflakes are melting when they hit the ground. the roads looking good still. temperature-wise, most places at or a degree or two above freezing. the ground still holding onto the heat from the warm days. even though temperatures will be near freezing, i don' t think the will see too many issues. light snow and 33 degrees.
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when he' s about 23 miles per hour and gusts 230. temperatures will top out around 33 degrees. we have not been seeing problems on the road. kyla: for those of you getting ready to head outside, good morning to you. you will see what conditions, but we have not seen anything that will hinder your commute. that is good news for you. maybe a few extra minutes will . 71/75 at kyle' s lane, starting to pick up in the northbound time a morning. on i things are clear as well. the matter where you are traveling out this morning, you might want to watch for slick spots. we do have the snow falling in parts of your commute. using
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act allen, we are getting heavy on both sides of the interstate there. no accidents to report. we will keep a close eye on it. lisa: we have team coverage checking on the roads in greater cincinnati. mark: andrew setters is live. what are you seeing right now? andrew: we are seeing -- we are in the monroe area. there is a difference in quite a bit of the miles we have traveled. very little falling, just a few raindrops falling. in lebanon, there were some large snowflakes falling just a little bit ago. one of the things we have been seeing, they had some snow in the monroe area. we are on 63 this morning. you can see the same speculation in on cars. people will have to do it that this morning.
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if the temperatures were much colder, 26, 28 degrees over the last 24 hours, this would be sticking to the ground. road crews would be working a lot harder during the overnight hours to keep roads in good shape, but for right now, we are in really good shape everywhere we have been this morning. i think you will continue to see that as a morning goes on. reporting live, andrew setters. lisa: thank you. so far, so good. with another check on conditions. mark: dan griffin live in milford. miriah: good morning. breezy. the roads are just wet. you can hear the water picking up as karzai five. what you will notice when you head outside of the wind. i want to give you an example of what you might run into. let' s say your cars parked outside on the street, this is
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it is no big deal, really. it will brushoff actually [laughter] . [laughter] oh this is what i did not check real quick. just be prepared for that as you head out the door. for now, we are live, dan griffin. [laughter] lisa: dan, we love it. that is what happens on live tv. before the snow came the rain. it created problems on columbia parkway. once again there was a mudslide near william howard taft road. as a precaution one westbound lane was closed so crews could clean up the mess all lanes are back open this morning. a similar situation closed columbia parkway earlier this month. mark: another problem on the roads this morning, standing water. this is video from anderson township where a sinkhole is adding to the street flooding issues on new england club drive. officials say the nearby sinkhole was caused by failed piping and crews are working to fix the issue. the high water has cleared out in the area. looking at the big picture other
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dealing with serious weather issues. lisa: miriah turner is at the live alert desk with the latest on the wild weather. miriah: this wave of whether fidelity batch of storms. in the seven people have died because of the storms on wednesday. this came from a strong system that brought deadly tornadoes to mississippi and louisiana. this is video from waverley, virginia -- looking north, the snow is creating problems in many cases. this is video just west of kalamazoo. there were several problems of drivers and schools. the let out early on wednesday roads covered. earlier this week, the storms in the deep south let the people dead and dozens injured. lisa: thank you. as our weather changes you can stay up to date with the latest forecast. , on our wlwt news 5 mobile app. local parents have a chance to stay in the loop with cincinnati public schools.
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townhall where they will focus on three topics -- the magnet school lottery process, the neighborhood schools program, and future of the district. if you would like to join the discussion, it is started at 6:00 at the price fill recreation center. mark: xavier fans are still celebrating. the musketeers got it done against the first link team in the country. the x-men were ready. they cap event after a blowout loss to the wildcats in december. the musketeers ended up winning 90-83. just two games remain before march madness arise. up next, a visit to seton hall that gave the sunday tip-off said for 12:30 sharp. president obama looking to the right. lisa: the new reports about a possible replacement for the supreme court. mark: facebook like button gets an overhaul. lisa: outside lebanon thursday
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the flicks are flying, not sticking, that is the good news. randi: if you are measuring on the sidewalk, you will make that zero. if you are measuring on the back that especially to areas of the north of the 275 loop, you may be seeing a half inch or so of accumulation already this morning. expect to see the heavier snow bands to the northeast of the 275 loop. out the door this morning, the key of course, the roads are still plain old wet. wind and light snow through the morning. last time, same deal, gusty winds and light snow. we stay windy and cold. we will talk about how much snow
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leading the way. mark: good morning and welcome back. 6:11 your time. still still flying. randi says it will happen for most of the day. so far, so good. kyla: i got up this morning and looked out the window, randi says the snow will melt before it hits the ground. that is accurate. [laughter] things in good on the roads. 471 as you had northbound at u.s. 27, you can see things getting heavier long-wise, but not a great extension of your travel times if you are heading in the northbound direction. southbound is a little slow as you can see on the map indicated by the yellow. 55 miles an hour if you are heading in the northbound direction. still a very quick five minute
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daniel carter beard bridge and into downtown cincinnati. just learning to build in the northbound lanes as you head over the bridge. all of those overpasses are good to go. another reminder, those are the areas you may see a greater potential for slick spots. mark: thank you. republican presidential hopefuls set to face off in houston, texas tonight. this is the 10th debate for gop candidates. donald trump hope to build on his momentum as super tuesday approaches. tonight' debate is scheduled to kick off at 6:30 tonight. president obama may be looking at a republican to replace antonin scalia. sandoval is considered a moderate republican. lisa: the u.s. department of labor is set to release its weekly job claims. last week' s number saw with the applications for unemployment assistance all, marking the
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jobless benefits since november. recent reports have shown a growth in consumer spending and manufacturing indicating a growing economy. mark: the academy awards is expected to start sunday on dolby theater. facebook just that a lot more expressive. lisa: they make changes to the "like" button. [laughter] kyla: we have to talk about it. miriah: if you hover your mouse over the "like" button, you can choose from like, love, wow, sad, or angry. facebook says it tested the reactions in a few markets last year and received good reviews. there is no "dislike" button. this is been in talks for a wild. -- this has been in talks for a
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a lot of people using the "love" buttons now. mark: lots of love on facebook. [laughter] lisa: i like the angry phase. i think that will get a lot of traction. mark: you should put the little girl who may be angry face, you should put her as one of the expressions. remember that? [laughter] [applause] miriah: that is kind of like when they change twitter from the stars. i am still not over it. lisa: one guy who knows emotions. look pinellas is back in a reds uniform. he is payments for leading the reds to a world series title back in 1990 and some epic tantrums when things did not go his way.
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i had not done those things. embarrassing as i have gotten older. [laughter] but, if i see it and i see it station. i don' t want to watch it. [laughter] mark: he spent three years as the reds manager before heading off to seattle. but sometimes you have to let people know how you feel. randi: you are already ejected, get your money' s work. right? [laughter] that is not how i played back in my playing days. looking at the snow this morning, you will notice those deeper blues to the northeast of the 275 loop. that is where we are picking up substantial accumulation on the colder surfaces. the ring kind of froze up into a
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then the snow has accumulated on the top of that. as dan griffin has shown us, not that easy to brush off. but the end the year -- the heavier snow is in the northeastern communities. springs borough to waynesboro -- william chester, all dealing with snow showers accumulating on your debt, car, roof. on the grass, some spots have an inch. posted to the ohio river, snow showers continue. closer to downtown, it is more of light flurry activity, not sticking to anything there. on a wider view, this system is moving off to the north and east. on the backside, we will deal with no showers off and on , fading away tonight. something to notice here, any
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with purple, a winter storm warning north of fort wayne. the winds are with us today. high as 30. sitting at 34 degrees. yes, i brought my water with me fit. by 5:00, 35. 37, hamilton. winter is back. it felt like winter during the week. today, temperature stuck in the 30' s and gusty winds expected. take a look at futurecast while i take a sip of water here. still showers continuing off and on during the day. the snow showers will lighten up. mid afternoon, we will be in the upper 30' s. southern communities will see elaine mixing in. you are not looking at a ton of
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one to two inches. some of those northeastern communities may get an inch at a half on the back deck, but not really on the road at all. our snowfall potential in most places are negligible. for today, 36 degrees, strong continue. tonight, 25. to the weekend, that is going to 50' s and 60' s saturday and sunday. mark: thank you. it is 6:19. a u.c. student targeted on campus. the investigation after the report of a sexual offense. lisa: fraternities under fire -- the impact of new allegation that miami university. kyla: if you are waking up wondering what your commute will look like, we had a few flurries flying around, but it has not had a great impact on our road conditions.
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mark: 6:22 your time. as we take a live look at line drive, andrew setters has been giving us a birds eye view of road conditions. let' s get the big picture with randy woods -- kyla woods.
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you can see green conditions. not getting any areas of yellow or red. you will have a smooth commute. not a great amount of body him we have construction scheduled to take place in the overnight hours. this will be the final night for us. they are doing bridgework and it will lead to lane restrictions and ramp closures. interstate travel -- 75 at newman way thomas southbound getting heavy. that is what you typically see this time of mourning. nothing out of the ordinary. we are accident-free. you may see flurries, but it is not impact packing our road conditions. we will keep you updated. mark: hitting a pothole can cost you a lot of money, unless you can prove the hole in the road should have been fixed. a news 5 investigation shows nearly 400 people asked cincinnati to help pay to repair their cars last year. the city only approved nine claims. chase rickey is among those who
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thought he followed all the necessary steps. >> i even sent a screenshot of the area where it happened. denied letter. mark: todd the steps you need to take if pothole. how you can get cash back if a that is tonight at 6:00. lisa: you see -- u.c. police investigating a sexual offense. officials are limiting specifics about the attacks. students got a e-mail saying attacks hacking -- attacks happened inside a building. the of working to determine if this is an ongoing threat on campus. mark: disturbing heaving allegations involving a dozen local fraternities. miami university confirmed those
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the university has not given out specifics, but there are 21 allegations in all. a spokesperson says the office of ethics is handling the investigation and rush ended early as a result. lisa: back to your forecast. the flakes are flying, the wind is really intense, it is really driving our snowfall, randi. randi: the pavement is just plain old wet, but it can reduce visibility at times. near clinton, some strong winds, 25 miles per hour. the wind-driven snow could create visibility issues. we have seen flurries and light accumulation of near downtown. river, it is running high. 44.36
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right now, the latest projections will put it at 45 15 meters saturday afternoon. -- 45.5 meters saturday afternoon. expects no and -- expect snow and wind all throughout the day. you could come -- you could accumulate an end on the back deck. by the weekend, here comes your warm up. lisa: tracy hunter going after the prosecutor' s office. the new accusations and what is expected to happen later today. mark: a live look outside. the snow continues to fall. six going 26 your time. 36 degrees. stay with us. to bring you wendy' s north pacific cod sandwich we send guys like this... on boats like these... in weather like this... all the way up here... for wild caught fish like this...
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today where' s the beef? means something different. some use beef frozen from far away. but wendy' s believes the juiciest hamburgers are made from fresh beef raised... right here. land of the beef, home of the deliciously different dave' s double. mark: waking up to more snow. what you can expect through the day. lisa: this is live drive 5, we are taking on conditions through cincinnati. mark: xavier takes down the top team in the nation with march madness around the corner. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way. this is "wlwt news 5 today."
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i mark hayes. lisa: and i' m lisa cooney. the morning commute is going just fine. it is not sticking. kyla: that is really helping us out this morning. lisa: that is the kind of snow i like. [laughter] randi: the cooler surfaces have a dusting, maybe approaching an inch of snow. but, the road doesn' t. that is the key. . our temperatures are at freezing. it was in the 60' weekend. we had a warm air. yesterday, we had warm air and rain, which is making the ground itself very warm and melting away the snow as it hits. on radar, you can see air is to the north and east of the 275
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over the last two hours, the deeper blues have been neutralized over brown, clinton, and howard counties. wilmington right along 61, hillsborough, all dealing with the snow. these are spots that may be pushing an inch of snow to scrape off your car, or get off the back deck. here is a live look in through portions of warned county. downtown lebanon, you can see all the lanes on the road are nice and visible. it is just plain old wet. the cars -- you can see there is a dusting. sticking to the cars, but melting on the roads. 33 in springboro. 31 right now in wilmington. light snow and strong winds will be with us through most of the day. , 35. 4:00, 36.
6:32 am
toward sunset here it the winds will stick around. let' s get you out the door. kyla, what is going on? kyla: we are going to take a look at the 275 lou. it has been clear on both sides of the river. we are seeing a lot more cars out there than we saw over the last hour or so. 275 near the springdale exit. 74 at the 275 enters -- interchange. the intern -- new the indiana state line, things looking good. you will start to see some delays working through the area. you' ll need a next her time -- you may need extra time. we have team coverage with andrew setters on live drive 5.
6:33 am
andrew: we are headed northbound into the basin area on mason montgomery road. we were through here in our ago. even with this constant snow falling over the basin area, there is a little bit of snow on the grass. not really snow looking lady on the street. this is what you are going to deal with. there is some concern that road crews are taking. the are throwing a little salt, especially on bridges and overpasses. we saw old. making the rounds this morning -- we saw a sparko odot making the rounds this morning. it will be an easy drive this morning.
6:34 am
mark: dan griffin is lies along beachfront avenue. good morning. dan: i can tell you, the road conditions as andrew has been saying, just wet. that is all we have been seeing. we are not seeing major issues at all. we have seen a lot of rain in the past few days, and that is basically what we are dealing with today. take it slow. don' t speed. don' t take turns to quickly. it has been a pretty easy commute. in anderson township, we are not being snow pile up on the grass. it is just soggy, wet, and muggy . your car may have a little bit of snow and ice. you may have to scrape a little bit. it is nothing too intense.
6:35 am
buses out, so sorry kids, school today. mark: you can stay up-to-date on our wlwt mobile app. also check our website at lisa: a major break in the case with her baby in the backseat. 34-year-old brandon carr was arrested new downtown dayton charged with one count of murder in the shooting death of the russell who lived in middletown. russell was found shot to death in her car to weeks ago in dayton. friend and family had been waiting or an arrest ever sense. >> we are truly blessed that it is coming up -- coming out. we have even -- we hae ave haven.
6:36 am
mark: tracy hunter is making an announcement requesting an investigation from the department of justice. hunter is claiming evidence was destroyed by the hamilton county prosecutor's office before she was indicted. according to hunter, it was critical computer evidence wiped off a hard drive. she is expected to provide more details at a press conference that' s set for 10:30 this morning. lisa: you know it is a big game when film remakes it to the syntax center. luke murray is an assistant coach at xavier. with the latest on the big win, let' s go to miriah turner. miriah: coach murray did something right. fans were celebrating last night and still celebrating this morning. xavier was on fire last night and villanova coul d not keep up. the upset them 90-83. here is what coach mack had to say. >> 20 years from now, -- we have
6:37 am
around with a 14-14 record. we had a group that if they continue to get better, the sky' s the limit. miriah: here is what is next for xavier. they are going to seton hall on sunday, then they will wrap up their regular season with creighton for march 5. after that, selection sunday. after the win over villanova, xavier could win a number one seed. we will have reactions later today. mark: take you. thank you with pilot to see what is happening on the roads. kyla: we had a couple of accidents pop-up. the first one, winton road at north benton. try to avoid that for a little while until they get that cleared up. in moscow, highway 232 at state route 756. we have had a mostly
6:38 am
interstate travel off a pretty great start. northern kentucky university lit from walton to the 275 loop , things are looking good for that entire stretch. just starting to get heavy enough northbound direction. the fact that the snow melted on impact, randi, that has worked on -- in our favor. randi: it will continue to do so. we are getting snowfall reports from areas that are colder. the national weather service had a half an inch of snow an hour ago. kenton county has 1.5 inches. that is measured on colder surfaces -- car, grass, rooftops. the last couple of hours, warren, clinton, howard counties -- we are seeing heavier snowfall bands. detainees to be the case along 68 south out of wilmington
6:39 am
these are the spots for you cannot see the grass anymore. bastad forecast for the morning, sorry, everybody -- bus stop forecast for the morning, sorry everybody. no delays. temperatures hovering around freezing. this afternoon, the winds are not letting out. it will be a gusty afternoon. light snow around as well. we should be hanging out at 36. snow will taper off tonight, but the cold air sticks around one more day. we will take a look at a very quick warm-up in a few minutes. lisa: thank you. getting ready to rock. the big news expected today for local music fans. mark: new plans to develop covington river. the changes coming to northern kentucky.
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randi: 6:42, just in time for the turn of the weather. it is national chili day. many local chilly spots have special promotions to celebrate. mark: a live look from live
6:43 am
we will check on the big picture in just a moment. making a difference for our youth -- a special tutoring program between cincinnati police officers and cps students has broken down many barriers. lisa: and those barriers have been replaced with trust and improved reading skills. kyla woods joins us with this inspiring program. good morning. kyla: it is a great program. it is called right to read created by officer donald jordan and operates out of youth section services. he wanted to bridge the gap of kids who saw police in a bad light. >> let' s work with these kids now so we will have to work with them later. they come out of the criminal justice program with some and empathy and and compassion.
6:44 am
able to do this successfully for the past two years. lisa martin, a second great teacher, can see the impact the program has had on her students. >> they know that other people care and they are working to attain goals that the policeman said for them along with the goals we have for them in the classroom. kyla: the program runs daily in five different schools. some teachers have seen as much as much of a 30 point jump in test scores. let' s check in with meteorologist randi rico. randi: as we take a look right now at the radar. lisa: an announcement from music fans. mark: they are going to reveal the full lineup for the annual music fest. it says a lineup will be announced today and earlybird pricing is coming to an end. it is slated for the first weekend of june.
6:45 am
the oasis rail project. the ohio department of transportation is hosting its final open house today after studying the plans. the 17 mile commuter rail line would connect downtown to clermont county. you can discuss the project at milford high school the open house gets started at 5:30. lisa: covington is making more plans to breathe new life into the city' s riverfront. wlwt news 5' s miriah turner is here now with a look at the vision in northern kentucky. miriah: everything from grants to private donors, covington leaders said the goal is clear. economic development and community bringing parks and other recreation. it will be rolled out in phases. the first phase has a price tag of $2 million. much of that is already in the bank. the long-range project -- expect to see signs of progress with bike and walking trails.
6:46 am
s get a check on the roadways with kyla woods. kyla: good morning, everyone. we are starting to see some of the slow spots worked their way into our big map. some areas of yellow -- a lot of this is our typical morning volume. northern kentucky, 71/75, you are slowing. 18 minutes out of butler county. we are not see a great uptake in your travel time. 275 from the ronald reagan to cvg, 25 minutes. here is a look at covington, where you can see things are getting heavy on both sides up toward the brent spence bridge. a few extra minutes will come in handy. mostly clear conditions on the roads. randi, we have had most of that snow melt. randi: your back deck may look
6:47 am
shovel, but you will not need to shovel your driveway at all. that is the best kind of snow to have. we have snow showers in downtown cincinnati and northern kentucky. it does get more intense in clinton county, northern highland county. this has been the case for a wild. the focus on the heavier snow bands had been set up in this area. we have received reports in clinton county up toward a one inch of accumulation. sound for the ohio river, you can see light snow showers. using the ohio river as a divider line. much of the 275 loop not looking at much more than flurries. we are going to be seeing off and on snow showers. we are on the backside of the storm system.
6:48 am
wraparound snow going off and on. on the backside, some very gusty winds. our steady winds are around 20 miles an hour. we are sitting at 34 degrees. our winds out of the west are 21 miles an hour. the windchill right now, 22. not much changes with our forecast of the day. the temperature kinds of wiggles a few degrees above freezing. expect the chance for light, wind-driven snow. futurecast online with a little break late morning through lunchtime. snow
6:49 am
some of our southern communities may see plain old rain. 8:00 tonight, snow showers come to an end. the wind will slowly die off through the overnight hours. friday remains on the cold side. i wouldn' t be surprised if you saw a flurry tomorrow, but not much than that. here is our snowfall potential, not a whole lot. we are looking at pushing an inch of snow in portions of highland and clinton county. tonight, the winds die down. tomorrow, 35. we will call it slightly breezy, but nothing like today i' maybe a stray flurry. we jumped really quickly back to s on sunday. old rain. elsewhere, another round : the latest in the devastation lisa:. lisa:
6:50 am
fans waking up with smiles this morning. randi: taking a live look outside. 33 degrees. 6:49. stay with us.
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it is 6:50 2, 33 degrees on your thursday morning. we are taking weather and traffic together. we are staying on top of the latest wave of winter weather. mark: dan griffin live in anderson township. good morning. dan: good morning. we are off of beachfront avenue n anderson township. the roads are soggy and wet. there are snow flurries blowing around. the wind has been blustery. you will feel bad. but the roads, they are looking pretty good. you will need your windchill wipers because it is just wet. you can see the flurries in the air. just be prepared for that and know that some of the grassy areas will be snow covered, or muddy. take a little extra time and be careful, and have a great thursday. mark: thank you.
6:54 am
taking on the road on live drive 5. what are you seeing? andrew: we are seeing a lot of the same, a lot of wet roads. if you have been with us since we went on the air at 4:00 this morning, we are back. go in loveland were restarted. i have noticed more chelation on the grass and some of the cars parked on the side of the road. the roads are in really good shape. we are running into a little bit of traffic. for the most part, things are going really well. the roads are wet, but. easy to drive around this morning. i don' t think you will have many problems. reporting live, andrew setters. lisa: 6:54 on your thursday. deadly storms on the east coast. seven people have died because of storms wednesday. this is video from the town of waverly, virginia.
6:55 am
system that brought deadly tornadoes to mississippi and the louisiana. though storms left three dead and dozens injured. mark: tracie hunter making an announcement requesting an investigation for the department of justice. hunter is claiming evidence was destroyed by the hamilton county prosecutor' s office. according to hunter, it was the critical computer evidence wiped from a hard drive. she is expected to provide more details at a press conference at 10:30 this morning. lisa: xavier is making a case for a number one seed in the ncaa tournament. the musketeers took on villanova an d x got the best of the number one team in the country. a be villanova 90-83. -- they beat villanova 90-83. mark: randi, good morning.
6:56 am
you can expect light snow showers. as far as the roads go, plain old wet. the snow bands are coupled with strong winds. watch out for a very blustery day. gusts up to the 35 mile an hour range. radar, all of the significant snow is north of the ohio river. starting to see the snow lightning up in through portions of warren county. today, off and on band of snow with gusty winds. in most places, not a whole lot of accumulation. northeast, you may see an inch possible. won' t be seen quite as much as miriah turner coming up.
6:57 am
miriah: i am going to take some time off and work on being a mom. this little one is coming in may, so that is my new full-time job. [applause] kyla: she' s a lot bigger now. miriah: it has been amazing working with you guys. i am so blessed that god brought me here when he did. it is a family here. it has been wonderful. this is goodbye to morning show. i will be appearing on the may. but thank you guys for everything. lisa: we will miss you. miriah: i am going to cry. i don'
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lisa: good morning. breaking overnight, fierce storms move up the east coast after slamming the south. >> took my truck up in the air and glass is coming in. >> a new round of tornadoes killing at least four people in virginia. heavy rain and high winds knock out power across the northeast and in the midwest a crippling blizzard. mitt romney jumps into the presidential fray taking on donald trump. >> i think we have good reason to believe that there is a


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