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tv   WLWT News 5 at 500  NBC  March 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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junior, senior high school. police were first alerted to the chaos by a 13-year-old boy named conner. good evening i' m mike dardis. sheree: and i' m sheree paolello. only on wlwt. lisa cooney talks with conner about his run for safety. and quick thinking to call 911. >> i' m at madison, i' m at madison high school. there' s a shooting . sheree: his, is the panicked, breathless voice calling for help. >> he' s got a gun. he started shooting people. reporter: conner hamrick, called 911 . trucks i heard a shot it sounded like a bag popping. really loud. sheree: conner hamrick was as close as you can get to the gunfire without being hit. >> holding the gun like this. i look up and see a kid standing there with a gun held out like i saw smoke and a flash followed by 3 more shots. sheree: conner got down and crawled to the nearest exit the door to the gym. >> i got up and started running
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i told people to run there was someone shooting in the cafeteria. reporter: once they got outside conner and his friends crossed a playground, a ballfield under a fence and a half mile away they stopped here. moisman road. this is where conner called 911 . >> how many people did he shoot? >> i' m not sure. he just pulled out a gun and started shooting. we were in shock. we didn' t know what was going on it' s just a blur. reporter: still. conner had the presence of mind to be able to pinpoint for dispatchers exactly where the shooter was, inside the very large school. after that. mom, i' m ok but there is was a shooting. >> i said excuse me? sheree: jeri lewis' s emotions went from relief to love and pride. >> he got those kids back to the house. they were safe and he prayed with them.
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he prayed with those kids. since conner was a witness, he was brought back to school to be interviewed. he says he' s exhausted and thinking of his classmates as they recover. reporter: in madison township, lisa cooney wlwt news 5. sheree: can you tonight. at 6:00 the school' s cell phone policy. mike: and more from our exclusive interview with conner and his decision to keep his phone with him. now to new details about the teenager accused of shooting classmates. sheree: wlwt news 5' s karin johnson was the first reporter on the scene yesterday. tonight, she continues to lead the way with how the 14-year-old got the gun. karin. reporter: the sheriff tells me hancock had the gun since saturday and took it to school with him monday morning. sheriff jones says he believes the timing of the shooting was planned and hancock waited until the school resource officer left the lunchroom before the teen started firing. james austin hancock made his first appearance before a
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cried in the courtroom. the 14-year-old is accused of shooting two students inside the cafeteria at madison local schools. >> court will enter the denial of the charge . reporter: the teen' s attorney denied the charges that' s the equivalent of pleading not guilty in adult court. hancock' s charges include two counts of attempted murder. sheriff richard jones says hancock confessed. >> we do have a motive coming from the shooter and we' re verifying that as we speak . reporter: jones would not elaborate. the sheriff did confirm the shooting was all caught on camera. he says hancock used a. -- 38 caliber gun. >> it appears he had extra ammunition. he' s had this weapon since, it appears, since saturday. reporter: jones says hancock helped himself to the gun. >> i know where the gun came from but i' m not going to release that at this time. >> do you know how many shots were fired?
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shots. i can tell you how many shots he thought were shot. he thought there were 3 shots. >> but there were more? >> there were more . eighth graders cooper smith and cameron caffrey were both shot. jones says they had been sitting at the table next to hancock' s. >> he pointed the gun at them and shot them. he shot one multiple times. reporter: the sheriff says the school resource officer had just left the cafeteria when hancock opened fire. the sro was back in the lunchroom within 9 seconds the quick timing may have saved lives. by all accounts hancock was a well liked student. classmates have described him as a happy kid. we know he was a wrestler and i confirmed with the courts he has no previous criminal record. live in hamilton, karin johnson, wlwt news 5. sheree: just into the wlwt newsroom the calls for help from inside madison junior, senior high school. mike: the 911 calls illustrate just how terrifying this situation was. wlwt news 5 investigative reporter todd dykes is live now at the butler county sheriff' s office.
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reporter: the sheriff' s office sent us seven 911 calls. five sound like they were from students. the longest is from the school office. the chaos and terror evident from the first moment. >> what' s your emergency? >> i need a uh, emergency vehicle. i' ve got a police. i' ve got a shooting. the building is on lockdown. the building is on lockdown. >> what building? what building? >> madison junior-senior high school. >> somebody brought a gun into the school. >> madison high school. there was a shooting at madison high school. >> we have help on route. are you the school. >> know i ran out. reporter: very chilling to hear
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most of the calls are short indicating that help is on the way. the call from the office -- office was able to give immediate information of the suspect. mike: while students take a day away from school on teacher and staff met to talk about how the situation was handled and how to move forward. a crisis response team met with staff today. counselors will be available for students tomorrow as to get back to school. we' re told the students can expect to see extra staff in the cafeteria. everyone will get a chance to come together tonight. also tonight, the school will be open for a walk-through for families. sheree: doors open tonight at 6:00. this is being done so everyone can feel comfortable when students return tomorrow. wlwt news 5' s emily wood joins us from there, emily.
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madison junior senior high school looks very different just 24 hours later. in an hour students and parents will get the opportunity to walk through the doors for the first time since the shooting, be in the hallways and have that time together to adjust inside the school again. the district says its number one priority is to the students, making them feel confident and comfortable with their family by their side. the cafeteria, where the shooting took place, will also be open. this will no doubt be another emotional day and moment for this community. tonight' s walk-through starts at 6 and runs until 7:30. reporting live in madison township, emily wood, wlwt news 5. sheree: thank you. for the latest developments on the investigation, the charges against the teenager. as well as community events for the victims, students and families. go to, and our wlwt mobile app. mike: now to our developing weather situation.
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wlwt chief meteorologist kevin cincinnati' s most accurate kevin. kevin: here' the rainfall. wishing through the area. on top of us. we' ve had on off downpours. rain. the rain should wrap up pretty surely. -- shortly. blustery winds will be bringing in much colder weather. i' are going to tumble overnight it is super tuesday. sheree: as candidates campaign in the 12 states voting. donald trump is stumping in the buckeye state. donald trump we really want to we' re gonna win ohio. is in columbus, for trump' s rally. sheree: plus. despite being traded to the yankees. former reds closer aroldis t be taking the mound to start the season. how many games he' ll be sitting out for an incident involving
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mike: don' t celebrate too soon. the thrill of victory. immediately followed by the agony of defeat for a high school basketball team, out of rhode island. down by a point, a player from the team in white, steals the ball. they score bucket. they think the all -- the game is over. but not so a player from the other team grabbed it, and called time out. that set up the final play. and a quick tip-in. the team in white losing the -- at the buzzer. you' re watching cincinnati' s
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sheree: it' s super tuesday. the biggest decision day of the presidential campaign so far. sheree: -- mike: seven candidates 12 states and hundreds of delegates up for grabs. u.s. senator bernie sanders. was in his home state of vermont today. -- voting. it' s the one state he' s almost sure to win. hillary clinton is 10 points ahead in the new nbc national poll. today she' s in a state sanders targeted minnesota. texas is the state today with the most delegates at stake, it' s a must-win for republican ted cruz, because it' s his home state, he voted with his family
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ohio governor john kasich is in virginia, where he talked about how to beat trump. -- john kasich all in -- john kasich: we have to be patient, and that somebody who has been a reformer all of their life, and somebody who has been successful in rising, giving an opportunity for everybody in the country to rise, has a moment to be heard in america over the drumbeat of tv ratings and yelling and screaming. i' m waiting for that moment to come. mike: donald trump, is still gaining support now at 40% a new high in the nbc poll. sheree: today he' s stumping in ohio wlwt news 5' s john london is covering his rally in columbus. reporter: like him or loathe him, fear him or smear him, the one thing donald trump won' t let you do is ignore him. and by flying here to columbus today on this super tuesday, he put ohio on notice. with co-star chris christie, the
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the heart of ohio. a full two weeks before ohio' s primary and john kasich' s self-described firewall. donald trump: and did you ever hear of a guy named kasich? reporter: deliberately misprouncing the governor' s name, trump predicted an ohio win as the crowd alternated chants of usa and build that wall. there was momentary interruption for a handful of protestors. donald trump: which is this group here? get ' em outta here, get ' out, out, out. out. is a trump rally the most fun, seriously? reporter: miles from and hours before the event, >> hillary for prison. reporter: salesmanship was living large, and with flags flying, the signs of disgust and discontent were prominent. >> people are fed up. people are fed up with our government. people are fed up with people not liking our country. reporter: into this campaign cauldron walks uc finance
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s more college-age trumpsters than one might think. >> i think a lot of them are just kind of afraid to come out about it. but, from the people i' ve talked to they' re like, oh yeah, i' m definitely voting trump, i' m just kind of keeping it low-key. reporter: trump delivered an array of boasts and political promises, saying he would be the greatest jobs president god ever created. jabbing hard at trade imbalance. he also had guns and god on his mind. donald trump: and we' re going to save our 2nd amendment, it' s being chipped away at it. chip, chip, chip. we' re gonna save it. christianity is being chipped away at, very rapidly chipped away at and we' re gonna save it. reporter: ohio is kasich' s firewall. it is also part of trump' s plan to create a sense of inevitability on this super tuesday. in columbus, john london, wlwt news 5. sheree: before heading for a rally in louisville where he is now trump told supporters part of making america great again is replacing obamacare and common
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mike: former reds closer aroldis chapman, has agreed to a 30 game suspension under major league baseball' s domestic violence policy. the penalty stems from an incident with his girlfriend, at his florida home last october. chapman will lose 30 days of pay and 30 days of major league service, which will allow him to become a free agent after this season. the reds traded chapman to the yankees in december. sheree: this just in. an accident on daily road. in collegeville. two cars ran into one another. right now a tow truck is hauling one of them away. here is video into our newsroom. these are live pictures. these are crew on the scene here. we are hearing that there may be some serious injuries. again this accident is on daily road on north college hill. we' ll get more information as it
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sheree: a mother accused of intentionally making her son sick. has admitted guilt on a lesser charge. jessica valik pleaded guilty to misdemeanor endangering children. she was accused of injecting an unknown substance into her 4-year-old son' s feeding tube while he was at cincinnati children' s hospital. valik will be sentenced this month. mike: in middletown. a home engulfed in flames today. several crews called to the scene on victoria avenue. one woman was home at the time. she was able to get out of the home safely, with help from a neighbor. no word yet on how much damage was done. cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. kevin: well expected we anticipated at the second half of the afternoon would be fairly wet. we start with some sunshine earlier this morning. as of right now i do not think
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it looks like the moisture will get out of here before the cold air arise. most of it is light and spotty outside. even though the skies look a little nasty at times. there are a few light rain showers on the west side of cincinnati. the heavier downpours are moving out of our easternmost community right now. the heaviest rain is pulling out of adams county. down to georgetown, maysville. up to butler county and franklin county. there are some light showers across the region. over the next couple of hours expect some patchy areas of rain. all of it is going to be on the light side. a little ugly looking as we look down the ohio river this evening. probably even a bigger story than the rain we are going to see a big-time temperature drop. the dinnertime hours. it is 50 at the airport. the cold front is coming through because the winds of switching out to the west.
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west, they are going to bring in some much colder air. you can see that on the temperature map tonight it is around 50 here in southwest ohio to below freezing. it is much colder air. probably about a 15-20 degree temperature drop will happen in the next couple of hours. there will be some fairly blustery winds too. i do not expect the win saccades much problems in the area but it will be very windy here. there is a storm system tonight. heading up towards detroit. we of course are on the warm side of that. i expect cloudy skies over the air tonight. high pressure will be in here tomorrow. i am optimistic that tomorrow will bring them a little bit more son than i previously thought. here' s a look at futurecast. here is the rain getting out of your overnight tonight. we will gradually watch skies clear from west to east across the area.
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mostly cloudy skies and have some sunshine for the afternoon. i wednesday looks pretty nice. was a nice -- wednesday night it will cloud backup. it will bring a little bit of snow on thursday morning across the area. do not think it will amount to a whole not. -- a whole lot. it will transition over to a little bit of rain across the area as temperatures climb above freezing on thursday afternoon. we might have to watch thursday morning commute. the cousin of the snow coming in overnight and early in the morning. 20 is a low tonight. evening showers. it will turn breezy and colder over the next couple of hours. we will go into the 30' s. the highs tomorrow will not make out of 30' s. we will have some sunshine out there. thursday will have a higher 38. i do not expect major problems across the area. but thursday morning in the snow could cause a few complications out there. otherwise we warm up heading into the weekend.
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s and by this time next week we may even be flirting with 70 degrees. qwest can you imagine. mike: apple in the fbi facing off on capitol hill. after almost a year in space. scott kelly is coming home, we' ll show you his final moments on the space station. and when you can see him touch
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mike: face-off on capitol hill between the fbi and apple. sheree: fbi director james comey said that apple' s new encryption is so powerful, only the company can hack the iphone. mike: apple says that everyone' s privacy is at stake. >> if the fbi is successful for requiring the fbi to unlock the phone, that will not be the first request. >> of course not.
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sheree: just yesterday a federal magistrate cited with apple in the case in new york. saying that there is no law forcing apple to hack a locked phone. the new york case will not affect the new york ruling. mike: after a record-breaking stint in space, scott kelly is coming home. he said goodbye , he has been in space for 340 days. 5400 earth 1000 sunsets. he is also been the ideal test -- test subject to evaluate the emotional and physical effects. on the ground, scott has a twin brother mark who is also and retired astronaut. kelly would ride home with a cosmonaut. undock. it will land back on earth at
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he will be flown to houston and undergo tests. it is his fourth mission in space. sheree: after more than a million miles of driving, one of its cars has been blamed for an accident. it was driving a lexus suv. it hit a bus. google has placed sandbags on the road. they' re been 16 crashes involving googles of driving cars. those were the result of human drivers rear ending google cars. mike: an incredible survival story emerging from the madison school shooting. sheree: a 14-year-old survivor and how his actions may have saved others. mike: it is the biggest day so
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super tuesday will shape sfx: car driving.
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sfx: car engine. sfx: car speeding away. sfx: car engine. you' re watching cincinnati' s wlwt news 5 leading the way.
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chief meteorologist joining us now with a look at the latest radar. kevin: we are -- the rain is just about out of here. the rain that is going to fall on the evening hours is going to be on the light side. you can see from colerain down towards sheree, on the price side. they are moving out of west union. north of hamilton will have a sprinkler -- brinkley. the cold breezes are going to be ushering in some much colder air. lookout temperatures are really crashing now across southeast indiana. your dropping into the low 40' s. it is still hang around the 50' s here. get ready for temperature drop this evening when the rain comes to an end. i will let you know how cold it turns overnight tonight. sheree: brought in in shackles to face a judge.
5:31 pm
attempted to murder two classmates while injuring two others. while the madison school district figures out how to move forward. 14-year-old austin hancock remains locked up right now at the butler county juvenile detention center. mike: hancock denied charges including attempted murder this morning during a brief court appearance. hancock kept silent with his head down as prosecutors read the complaint against him. the question that remains will he face adult charges? >> i' m asking that the shooter be tried as an adult but i' m just the sheriff and i make my recommendation to the prosecutors office. that will be up to the prosecutors office and from there it' s be up to the courts whether they adjudicate this individual as an adult . mike: as for a motive behind the attack sheriff richard jones told us, hancock gave them one, but investigators are still working to verify it. parents hearts sunk when they heard the shooting was at their
5:32 pm
sheree: the 4 students hurt, are recovering today, wlwt news 5' s brian hamrick is live in middletown with the story of one victim and his selfless reaction to the shooting. brian. reporter: well the victim that was injured is brant murray, he was brought here to the atrium in middletown. he' s recovering, and some are saying what he did, might have kept others from getting hurt. the shooting put every parent in a macabre lottery, 4 injured in a school of 1600, ginger . >> this is nothing you can prepare for. the random odds and shrapnel hit ginger weaver' s son. >> the right side, his thighs and calves have shrapnel in them. pieces he has to see a surgeon about removing them.
5:33 pm
s son, 14-year-old brant murray is still recovering, physically and mentally. >> he was actually sitting at the table with all the boys that were shot. they were eating lunch and they are at round tables and the boy who did the shooting was at the table next to them. reporter: ginger says brant saw the juvenile now charged in the shooting 14-year-old james austin hancock, with the gun, and it all unfolded in seconds. >> he just turned around, pointed the gun and opened fire on their table. reporter: it was a chaotic scene, students ran and the shooter left the building, as word of the shooting spred, -- as word of the shooting spread parents like ginger , headed to the scene, she was almost to the school when her phone rang. >> the principal called me to let me know my son was one of the ones injured. reporter: brant is expected to recover, ginger says she' s hearing accounts by other witnesses of her son trying to save fellow students as the shooting began. >> their children say brant actually knocked them to the ground to get them out of the way when the gunfire started going off.
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from the twisted lottery which has no winners. the family has not yet said if doctors are recommending for that shrapnel to come out surgically. live brian hamrick wlwt news 5. sheree: for the students and parents of madison the healing process will take a major step forward this evening. a walk through at the campus will be held starting at 6 before tomorrow' s return to class. earlier today teachers and staff were invited for a special meeting. the message from the superintendent was let' s get things back to normal. wlwt news 5' s andrew setters talked to him this morning. >> our number one priority is to make our students feel comfortable and safe despite what' s happened. reporter: the superintendent of madison local schools laying out the plan that' s come together since the shooting unfolded. he held a district wide staff
5:35 pm
know help is available thanks to a crisis response team and counselors. the focus is on moving forward. he wants parents and students reassured about safety, and for things to get back to normal. >> our plan is to return to school tomorrow. we believe that getting kids back in the school as quickly as possible, with supports, is the best for them. reporter: there will be a walkthrough here at madison local schools tonight from 6 until 730. -- 7:30. parents can bring their children and walk through the school to check things out. it' children and calm fears before class resumes tomorrow, but everything won' t get back to normal right away. >> we will have a team of crisis counselors available throughout the day tomorrow and moving forward beyond tomorrow, as needed. reporter: students will have extra support in the school, and staff will ride-along on bus there will be extra staff in the cafeteria too where the shooting happened. >> we' re concerned about students returning to the cafeteria, so we' ll have additional supports in there
5:36 pm
with our goal of returning to as much normalcy as we can. reporter: but that may take some time. from madison local schools, andrew setters, wlwt news 5. sheree: the superintendent thanked not only the first responders, but the teachers, staff and students for the way they' ve responded. he said the outpouring of support from the community means -- more than you know for everyone in the district. mike: students will be back to school tomorrow. but for many kids fears and , worries will last. wlwt news 5' s jennifer schack talks with a local psychologist, about how to talk to your children and help keep them safe. reporter: -- >> many of us may feel at a loss for words in understanding the national increase of occurences of school shootings, but words and conversations, with children, are exactly what is needed. reporter: the threat may be over, but for many, new fears are beginning. the unsettling reality that school shootings are not
5:37 pm
are possible anywhere. according to a local psychologist, that means talking to children is even more important . >> talk to them, find out if they are having nightmares about it, trouble sleeping, that can be good indicators. or if they can' t stop thinking about it, especially if they were there and are having images come into their mind. reporter: but it' s not only children who will have worries and concerns. adults may have difficulty too, but that can be a learning opportunity, i think it' s fine to say mom' s scared too, but this is what i do to feel better, yoknow, i ve you an extra hug isn to some music or we' re going to all sit and watch a movie. and just model for them. reporter: according to dr. bremerer, each child will handle these conversations differently, but all children need to understand the importance of
5:38 pm
espcially if they learn about guns, knives or threats at school. i think a lot of times t want to be tattle tale and be a good friend, but i think teach your kids to take it all seriously and let the adults figure out if they mean it or not. reporter: experts remind us that talking about the event is important, but the continued open dialogue going forward is the most important part. at cincinnati children' s hospital jennifer schack wlwt news 5. mike: one cticacomponent the doctor recommends every child ishaevery child has a gd relationship with at least one adult at school someone they can talk to. ahead tonight at 6 yesterday' s shooting was a close call for a father and son. the madison family with two loved ones in the danger zone. the story of the school' s resource officer, and child on the same campus. sheree: a blockbuster day on the presidential primary calendar. voting is well underway in a
5:39 pm
-- 12 states. for some, it could be their last hope of landing their party' nbc' what' s on the line. this is ted cruz' election night headquarters in stafford, texas outside houston. where the texas senator voted today and said what pretty much everybody on the republican side t win your home state you are in serious trouble. cruz says that because the polling here shows texas is the only state where donald trump could be beaten on this super tuesday. crews -- ted cruz is in the lead. spoke to cruz voters today. as lot of them love the texas senator call him the only true conservative. some said they would only vote for crews to make sure they are voting against donald trump. who took a shot today from the top elected republican in america. paul ryan house speaker who slammed trump for refusing to disavow the ku klux klan and that infamous sunday talk show appearance. marco rubio took a shot on the same thing so did hillary clinton, who, like trump, is
5:40 pm
super tuesday. except for vermont -bernie sanders' home state. sheree: as for the democrats clinton will hold an event in miami. sanders will be in vermont. mike: two crimes with one common target. we will tell you who can hold the key to solving it. a local trio is taking advantage of disabled shoppers. what what to watch out for. >> i called my parents and said that i need to go talk to somebody. mike: -- breaking down on the stand.
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you' s wlwt news 5 leading the way. mike: the legal team of sports reporter erin andrews rested their case but not before she spent another emotional case on the stand. this is her civil suit involving
5:44 pm
reporter: erin andrews emotions spilled over on the courtroom as she talks about being videotaped inside her nashville hotel room. >> i think my god. everyone has seen that video. reporter: that video was posted online by michael barrett who spent 30 months in jail after stocking -- he admitted to stalking the popular sportscaster in three cities, altering peepholes in her hotel room doors, and secretly recording her, and now, andrews is seeking 75 million dollars in a civil lawsuit that names barrett, along with the nashville marriott and its management company at the time of the incident - claiming negligence, emotional distress and invasion of privacy. erin andrews / --. >> do you believe you will ever
5:45 pm
>> no. reporter: during a brief cross-examination, the hotel' s lawyers looked to establish that andrews' career hasn' t been irreparably damaged. >> you have done very well since 2009. yes. thriving career since 2009. >> yes. reporter: they also argue, the hotel had nothing to do with barrett' s actions, despite reports staff members told him andrews was staying in there, and agreed to give him the room next door, the trial is expected to wrap-up by the end of the week. mike: jurors will have to determine whether the companies share some of the blame, they also will have to figure out how much andrews suffered emotionally as a result. sheree: an honor today for an indiana principal who died members of the indiana house have passed a resolution in memory of indianapolis elementary principal susan jordan. she was hit and killed by a school bus in january. jordan died while pushing children out of the way of a bus rolling towards them. she had been principal at the school more than two decades. blue ash police need your help
5:46 pm
handicapped victim. the woman had her wallet stolen in a walmart parking lot. last tuesday a man and woman distracted the victim at the evendale walmart. they followed the woman in her motorized cart and asked her for directions. that' s when they stole from her purse. blue ash police say they' ve also had a similar crime. officers believe a second woman may also be helping them. all 3 were seen leaving in a pontiac grand prix. mike: new at 5:30, an historic, cincinnati neighborhood is in for a makeover. today mayor john cranley announced a partnership for lower price hill. the community will be part of cincinnati' s neighborhood enhancement program. the reds and the cincinnati zoo will also be taking part. the makeover will include upgrades at evans field along with a community gardens. the work will be done in july. sheree: tickets are back on sale for one of the area' s premier sporting events. if you want to go to the western & southern open in mason you can now buy tickets.
5:47 pm
packages or single session tickets, to see the best tennis players in the world. this year the tournament runs from august 13 to the 21st. cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. kevin: after a fairly comfortable day temperature was out there. now there are chilly winds blowing. they are going to bring in some much colder air. as a matter of fact look at the area. we go to the upper 40' s in cincinnati. s and southeast indiana we are about a 15 to 20 degrees temperature drop. it is going to turn noticeably colder as we see the brisk winds here' forecast. upper 30'
5:48 pm
by nine into the mid-30' s. by nine down to 31. bring a heavy jacket if you' re going to outdoors. the package is coming through the cincinnati metro as a speed. as a matter fact, look at this writer yellow shading along the little miami. this is the cold front there. we may have a brief wind gusts with that. as a pushes us through, you might notice the cold air moving in. some lingering showers. this is the back engineering -- act edge of the rain. showers continue for the next couple of hours in her easternmost communities from batesville all the way to west union in hillsboro. any additional rain this evening is going to be on the light side. here we have it, it finally a breeze on the flight. the west when a 24 at the
5:49 pm
temperatures dropping, you can see now windchill is down to 40 other. when children be dropping into 20' s here. as a mensa, cold air is coming in on the hill with some brisk winds. it is going to be 15 at the airport. it is going to be a little bit higher, it is going to be a blustery evening. 48 in cincinnati, 33 in and -- indianapolis. this is all part of the storm system tonight. we are on the warm side of that. the storms in is setting up towards the joy. we are on the warm side. it will be plain old rain for us today. high pressure will build in tomorrow, i' m fairly optimistic tomorrow will bring us at least a decent amount of sunshine. here we are over the next hour or two, all the shower activity gets out of here. i do not think we are dealing with much in terms of snowflakes on from the sky.
5:50 pm
as we can into your wednesday morning, the clout start out, we should quickly break out of sunshine. it will be much colder tomorrow. highs will make it out of 30' s. tomorrow night is going to be cold. we' ll start to cloud up late wednesday night. we will probably begin the day thursday with some snow across the area. while i think it generally is going to be like, the timing is an issue particular he -- particularly if we go over to rain. that will be the tricky part of forecast. through lunchtime on thursday, there will be some snow. for the most part it will be a light snowfall, i do think there could be some light accumulation' s and grassy areas before temperatures climbed above freezing and he goes over to rain by the afternoon. we continue to watch thursday. it is not a big storm. it should not be a big deal. the timing could make it a little bit tricky early thursday morning.
5:51 pm
much colder out there. it will continue -- to seem to mergers fall. thomas sunshine returns but we for highs. 38 for an afternoon high. here' s your day planner. 20 at 8 a.m.. , but here' s to 70 forecast, the good news is that beyond the chilly weather tomorrow and thursday considerably. as a matter fact, the whole weather pattern is going to change and transition toward there. into the 50' s. re and 70' s. mike: a princess experience for those who need it the most. sheree: a prom tradition is back locally. how it' s helping create more memories than ever for high school students. to bring you wendy' s north pacific cod sandwich we send guys like this... on boats like these... in weather like this... all the way up here... for wild caught fish like this... that we panko bread like this... for a sandwich that' s light,
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see your ford dealer today. most buns just hope to keep a hamburger together. but the new bun on a dave' s double brings a hamburger together. the perfect ratio of bun, to beef to toppings to...other bun. that' s the key. to the hamburger harmony of a deliciously different dave' s double. mike: from dreams closer to reality this evening for local high schoolers. sheree: kenzie' s closet is back at it this year helping transform students into princesses. we caught up with the non-profit today in o' bryonville.
5:55 pm
provided,, prom attire for young -- from dresses, shoes, jewelry for young ladies. services are provided at no cost to juniors and seniors with financial need. mike: starting today you could own something from opera -- oprah winfrey' s closet. the media mogul is teaming up with e-bay for an online charity auction. the two are auctioning off more than 250 items including shoes, clothing and accessories straight from the oprah winfrey show closet. the designer items were worn on the covers of o magazine as well as her show. money raised will benefit the oprah winfrey leadership academy. sheree: -- mike: a heroic story has emerged from madison junior senior high school. >> i brought my phone and it turns out i was really lucky. sheree: ahead at 6:00 p.m morning anchor lisa cooney sits down with the madison student credited, with helping get emergency help to that campus,
5:56 pm
of it all. mike: plus, returning to the school where the shooting happened. how the madison school district is making it easier for students to return back for the first
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
[captioning made possible by wlwt-tv] from cincinnati' s wlwt news 5 leading the way. this is wlwt news 5 at five -- ethics :00 -- 6:00. >> it sounded like a back popping really loud. i think is the shooting. i believe as law-enforcement, this individual had a motive. >> that this individual had motive. he had more than enough ammunition . sheree: tonight new information that police say shows the shooter could have been planning something much bigger. good evening i' m sheree paolello. mike: i' m mike dardis. a day after a shooting that injured four students. parents and students are going back into their classrooms as we speak. a chance to feel safe before classes start tomorrow.
6:00 pm
ve learned the alleged shooter had extra ammunition with him yesterday. the actions f a school resource officer prevented this shooting from being much worse. we have team coverage tonight. sheree: karin. reporter: by all accounts james austin hancock was well liked. students say he was happy kid, a wrestler at madison junior high. and he had no criminal past. a madison township family consoling one another outside of the courtroom. inside, they were brought to tears as james austin hancock made his first appearance before a magistrate. >> court will enter the denial of the charge. reporter: the 14-year-old' s attorney denied the charges that' s the equivilant of pleading not guilty in adult court. hancock is charged with a handful of felonies including 2 counts of attempted murder. >> we talked to the shooter


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