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tv   WLWT News 5 at Noon  NBC  March 2, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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[captioning made possible by wlwt-tv] >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, news 5 at noon. normal. madison high school two days after a classmate opened fire. m. mark: a student escapes after he his story. lisa: students return to class two days after student opened
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mark: i am mark hayes. the district is providing some work. wlwt is leading the way with team coverage. andrew setters and dan griffin are at the school. andrew has more on their first day back. good afternoon. andrew: it looks like the first schools. welcoming students to the building, getting students back to class, the first step to when the buses rolled in, they had more than students on board. reassurance and support. moving forward together is something we have heard again during this process. they have counselors and therapy dogs . it can be stressful, which is why the district held an open house for families last night. >> i think last night' s community walk-through really
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and pretty normal morning. there were a lot of parents hugging their kids. andrew: a good turnout from students. that is how the superintendent describes it. he says pattison will not be the same, but it will continue to be great. that students are through complex emotions involving the shooter. a lot of anger and compassion. andrew setters, wlwt news 5. mark: it is not clear how long counselors will remain at the school or the other support systems will stay. the district will keep them in place as needed. lisa: the first a back has been filled with nerves, but also reassurance. then griffin is live at madison
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dan: the last few days have been challenging for parents and students as they have been working through this. some of them are saying they feel safe and secure. that is great news as they come back. there was a clear law enforcement presence today. butler county sheriff' cruiser' s new the entrances, and extra staff on hand and on the buses to make parents and students feel more welcome. they are getting over the shock of the situation, and others are proud of how the school is re how did you feel? >> kind of nervous, hoping nothing like this happens again. school, that they are taking precautions. >> there are several that walked by, there were officers at every corner greeting the students, letting them know, we are here. dan:
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informed dan in the know, which is something they -- felt informed and in the know, which is something they appreciated. we are live in madison township, dan griffin, wlwt news 5. lisa: in addition to counselors, they will have extra staff in the cafeteria with students. mark: one of the students injured in the shooting gave us a detailed account of what he talked to tammy mustapha. >> the kid showed up and started shooting at our table, hitting we didn' t know what was and saw that he had a gun. you know, i saw it so i jumped friend. mark: this week he will be consulting with a surgeon to see if he needs surgery. he is thankful his friends are
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concerns are high in a school district. lisa: wyoming schools put out an alert after student made a threat yesterday. everyone involved has been identified. an administrator decided it was safe to be in school today. brian hamrick has more on the story. we will have more. there is heightened awareness that comes with the threat, especially after the week that we' ve had. administrators did not cancel classes at wyoming. they are confident it is safe for students to be there today. it is described as a verbal threat from one student against an individual or group of individuals. investigators are sorting out the details. it was enough to get the police involved. they have everyone connected identified.
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their families. the student who made the threat has been questioned. t saying if weapons. is not on campus today. serious disciplinary measures have been taken by the school. pending action. lisa: they' determine if there will be charges. the student that made the threat was a freshman at the high school. we have complete coverage of the madison jr/sr high school shooting. s arraignment on or the wlwt mobile up. app. changes in the forecast. check on cincinnati' accurate forecast. randi: it looks lovely, but it doesn' t feel so great. we started the morning with a strong breeze, that is
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the breeze has swiped off, the flurries are gone, but the cold air remains. we have the rest of today and all of tomorrow to deal with a winter-like chill and winter-like weather before there is a payoff. temperatures right now are hovering close to freezing. there is still a breeze, putting the feels like temperature in the lower to middle 20' s. we will stay with that temperature in the 20' s through the afternoon. 35 by 2:00. 37 by 5:00. the clouds will rollback in this evening, because we have rain tomorrow. the timeline, coming up. mark: in harrison, the road temporarily shut down after a serious crash. this was the scene this morning on campbell road. investigators think the driver of the black durango went left
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the crash is under investigation. lisa: we know the name of a man found in a burning car over the weekend. 21-year-old donte whitehead was found in a wrecked car on his death has been ruled a homicide. he was shot. stoppers. mark: family members saying goodbye to a northern kentucky woman missing since january. tara turner' s body was found in a creek. she will be buried at jarell cemetery in corbin, kentucky. investigators have not said how she died. lisa: two men facing charges after a drug bust that was a result of hamilton and butler county agencies. samuel acosta and carl claxton
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fairfield storage unit. $62,000, three guns, and more marijuana were found in 2 homes. both men are out on bond. mark: a woman had by gunfire and west price hill. a 25-year-old woman was shot in the leg outside the is a apartments on sunset lane before midnight. there were 15 to 20 shots fired. it isn' t clear if she was the intended target. she is not operating with police. no arrests have been made. road rage against a kenton county jailer. lisa: ashcraft was taken into custody after a road rage incident. he had a weapon and attacked someone. if convicted, he faces up to 10 years in prison. now to "commitment 2016" news. a big night for republican
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mark: what is next for ohio what he is promising. lisa: cleanup in the south, the storm damage left behind. where residents are forced to pick up the pieces. randi: 17 days until spring. if you want a warm-up, there is warmer weather in the seven-dave or cast. with rain and snow.
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>> i just hope and pray that the american people have more sense than to elect donald trump. the whole world would be affected. lisa: reaction from across seas, in belgium, to america's presidential race. mark: the two presidential frontrunners have decided to ignore all others. their victories on super tuesday, so convincing they've now begun running against only each other for the u.s. presidency. more from nbc's chris clackum. chris: although, technically, there's four more months left in primary season -- donald trump basically declared it's over
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states in super tuesday voting yesterday. this finished, i' m going to go after one person -- and that is mrs. clinton: i' m so delighted to be here with you in florida. chris: hillary clinton has also moved on to only concentrating on trump -- after she, too, picked up seven more states tuesday. building walls, we' re going to break down barriers. chris: both clinton and trump move on to another set of big primaries on the 15th that include florida. that may be the last stand for marco rubio, who finally won a state on tuesday, but only one, minnesota. like other republican hopefuls, he is being asked by ted cruz, who won 3 states tuesday, to consider bowing out and backing him. sen. cruz: that is the only way to beat donald trump. mr. trump: nobody is going to beat us. chris: a feat that no one's quite figured out how to do so
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chris clackum, nbc news. lisa: kentucky voters could hear from the john kasich campaign, despite a disappointing super tuesday. supporters he can overcome the odds. >> i' m going to tell will beat donald trump in the state of ohio. lisa: the ohio primary is march 15. according to a recent quinnipiac favored to win. mark: our " commitment 2016" coverage is also online. go to or our mobile app. we have the latest news from the campaign trail. lisa: new developments in the 75 ilya and other civil trial involving sports reporter erin anders. she is suing the national marriott where she was videotaped while getting dressed. she was targeted i a stalker who
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hers. she gave an emotional testimony. the defense is claiming the hotel should not pay for a video that wasn' t their fault, and did not damage her career. mark: congress is hearing both sides between apple and the fbi. the house judiciary committee heard testimony from james comey the apple general counsel. claim that only apple can of sayed farook. for now. a san bernardino court hearing is three weeks from now. lisa: the university of cincinnati is hosting its second community forums wallowing the uc officer shooting death of sam dubose. they will introduce a new consulting team that will perform a comprehensive review
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the new team will also hear the community' s thoughts and perspectives involving the use epd -- the ucpd. mark: streetcar 4 is expected in now. there will be a couple of street closures in over-the-rhine. streetcar to be unloaded onto the tracks. the next delivery is expected before the end of the month. track testing for one car is thursday and friday afternoon along main street. lisa: not too many delays on columbia parkway as mud and camper lane. -- kemper lane.
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mark: parts of alabama reporting damage after powerful storms cross through the middle of the state. lisa: the hardest hit areas are in jefferson county, where a confirmed tornado did touchdown. the town with the most severe damage including trees down, cars damaged, and homes leveled. parts of kentucky and cleaning up after a strong round of storms newmont in. homes during the afternoon storms. one woman was taken to the hospital, but should be ok. >> cincinnati' accurate forecast. randi: i' the wind yesterday evening and overnight. by. step back as a reminder it is still winter. we are still going to deal with possibility.
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and tomorrow rain and snow are in the forecast for greater cincinnati. for those of you that are ready for spring-like weather, expect warmer weather by the weekend and into next week. you could be feeling a hint of spring. looking at the radar, snow showers in northeast ohio. we have been dry for hours and the skies are clearing nicely. the sun is out, but the cold air is in place. we have temperatures generally it right at or a couple of degrees below freezing. 31 at cvg. springboro to mason at 29. it feels like the mid 20' s. into the afternoon, we will make it into the upper 30' s. a high temperature range between 35 and 39. it will be sunny and the wind will be later, but there is a chill in the air.
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3:00, 36, feeling like 32. tonight, feeling like 30 degrees or so. tomorrow is a clipper system that will bring us rain and snow, depending know what part of town you live in. this evening, the clouds thicken up. i do not expect widespread impact, some snow, but not a lot. it could cost down a quick coating, so there is the possibility of a few spots having slick roadways. toward lunchtime is when we will with temperatures warming up. can see snow showers across much of ohio and rain showers across much of indiana. into the afternoon, that is working its way north.
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wilmington, the temperatures and the ground should be warm enough that a lot of it will melt when it hits the pavement. we could see accumulation on the grass or cars parked outside, but a minor impact on the roads through the afternoon. that will slowly work its way north. we could see flurries on thursday night, but not a big time snowfall. with the ground relatively warm, we are looking at not a lot of accumulation. maybe a dusting to a half-inch downtown. i have the potential , but a lot of it will melt away when it hits the pavement. this is in the mountains of the western u.s., so things could change. as of now, plan on rain and snow, but not a huge snow-maker. tonight, down to 27 with snow
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write a, on the cool side, in the 30' s. -- friday, on the cool side, in the 30' s. mark: making prom a reality for local high school girls. lisa: the organization making
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mark: a trip of a lifetime for local boy scout. it is the first time a kentucky boy scout has been picked in half a century. sean is also raising money for other children with the same rare neuro-immune disorder he is battling. lisa: prom dreams are closer to reality or local high school' s. can see his closet is back at it. -- kenzie' s closet is back at it. they have provided prom dresses, shoes, and jewelry to girls that would not be able to afford it otherwise to juniors and seniors
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>> for some of these girls, if we didn' t exist, they wouldn' t go to the prom. we want them to be with their classmates, celebrate. there worked hard to be a junior or senior. we are part of the process of celebrating their achievements. lisa: personal shoppers help the girls selected outfits from head to tail. mark: the parade is not until friday, but arnold' s is hosting the bock beer preview. there will be live music at 8:00. ccccccccccccc@ bockfest will be throughout the weekend in over-the-rhin e @cc . lisa: cccccccccccccccc the reds went up against the indians on tuesday. @cccccccccccc the reds came out on top, 6-5. baseball weather. randi: that is a little much to
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degree day next week. we do have nice sunshine, just not warm air. we are at 31, feeling like 24. expect it to be in the upper 30' s this afternoon. tomorrow, rain and snow. a couple of towns will see snow in the morning around lunchtime tomorrow. the good news is temperatures above freezing, not much will stick. tracking those changes into the evening. tomorrow, rain, snow, and warm
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mark: looking forward to it only takes a second for an everyday item to become dangerous always keep laundry pacs away from children. keep them closed. keep them up. keep them safe.
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lights, camera, access. >> i thinke would have loved the girl more. that was there before this happened. >> the devastating psychological impact of the peeping tom video. i'm billy bush. now erin andrews reveals it goes well beyond her personal relationships. >> i think the thing that's really hit home for me and hurts me the worst -- >> i was very nervous, but - >> gosh. it's so hard. >> what they forgot to say.


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