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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  March 3, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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their first day back after tragedy. >> it is a bizarre situation, but in this day and age, i think times are changing. lisa: a school t hreat leads to another student arrest. this one in mount healthy. how officials say the student was drinking wine moments before he was arrested. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 today. lisa: 5:00 a.m. on your thursday. good morning. i' m lisa cooney. mark: and i' m mark hayes. thanks for joining us. randi rico and kyla woods are in this morning with your weather and traffic. let' s go straight to randi rico for the forecast. march, snow, reservations, concerned. randi: march madness is not just for baseball. there is a mix for us today. you can see more rain or snow. it is march.
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this morning, we might see a quick coating of snow. taking a look at indy, the roads are wet but there is a dusting on the grass. starting to get the first flurries around hamilton county. light snow through butler county and south of the 71, 75 split. possible. untreated surfaces could get a little slick. temperatures are a couple of degrees below freezing. we should climb above freezing into midmorning. right now light snow showers. we' re not seeing them on the city cam. noon, we' re mixing in with rain and snow, 36 degrees. if you see snow falling, it
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pavement. more rain in the next cincinnati and south this afternoon. 8:00, a couple of flurries for everybody. the road should stay plain old wet. kyla: still pretty quiet out there. a lot of pretreatment. hopefully that will eliminate any issues with the snow that is falling. from any of our western communities toward 75, we are keeping a close eye on all of the roads. on the norwood lateral, east and westbound looking good. toward 71 or 75, you should be good to go. on the loop near eastgate, things look good. no problems across greater cincinnati. we will let you know if anything
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mark: the threat of school violence is heightened this week after monday' s shootings at madison schools. lisa: now a 12-year-old boy is accused of using a fake gun to threaten students in mount healthy. wlwt news 5' s andrew setters is live at the juvenile detention center where the child is being held. good morning. andrew: we expect he' ll go to court this morning, where we could learn more about the accusations. this is the gun the boy was found with. it' s a toy, but a realistic-looking one, and we have seen too often lately the kind of results that can have. he is just 12 years old, but facing some disturbing accusations. the student at mount healthy' s alternative school was drinking wine allegedly in class when arrested by police on wednesday. the boy is accused of pointing that gun at two classmated threatening to kill one. armed just with a toy gun in this case.
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s day and age, you have to take every threat as being real, and if we don' t, then the worst could happen, and we can' t wait for that to happen, and we have to act now. andrew: they acted and they arrested him. he' s now facing aggravated menacing charges, along with weapons and alcohol charges. we expect he' ll be in court later this week. andrew setters, wlwt news 5. lisa: another scare at another school, wyoming high school. criminal charges are now filed against a 15-year-old student for making a verbal threat. administrators at wyoming made students and parents aware of the threat, but did not cancel school wednesday. it' s being described as a threat from one student against an individual or a group of individuals. now the freshman student is facing two criminal charges. >> we take all threats seriously. we look at each case and try to figure out what' s best for the
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involved, and we try to investigate everything. : lisa: the 15-year-old charged is being held at a juvenile detention center this morning. mark: returning to a place where a tragedy took place earlier this week. students returned to madison junior/senior high school wednesday, their first day back after 14-year-old austin hancock opened fire in the cafeteria. 90% of students were ready to walk the halls, but not some. officials say three of the four injured students did not return wednesday. students described their first day back to us. >> we' re so close. >> everybody just got straight to class. it was no talking at all. it was really quiet, and that' s not normal for our school. mark: the school says students who still don' t feel comfortable coming back this week will have an excused absence. lisa: this is a tough situation
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in this district are so close with one another and with the accused gunman. we talked with the superintendent about the emotions of it all. >> there' s a lot of mixed emotions there and that' s where i think those counselors are going to come in handy, because that' s a struggle. how do you deal with your emotions? how do you be angry but also compassionate? so that' s where we' re at. lisa: he also indicated he would not have expected violence from 14-year-old austin hancock. mark: a team of thieves is targeting senior citizens and women with physical disabilities. now police need your help finding these criminals. one of the victims is an 83-year-old woman who says she was targeted at the kroger in blue ash. she says a woman approached her and was talking with her when she caught a man stealing her wallet. both women went out to the parking to find him when the young woman disappeared as well. >> after she was gone, it dawned on me that she was probably part of the action, you know. she had kept my attention while
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mark: detectives say a similar theft happened at a walmart in evendale. they are looking for two women and a man. if you can help, call blue ash or evendale police. gov. kasich: he' s a heck of a great guy. and no, i didn' t confirm anything. i don' t push people like that. he' s been out there working hard, and i have a lot of respect for him. lisa: ohio governor john kasich talked to ben carson wednesday after word leaked that carson will be dropping out of the gop presidential race. but he says carson didn' t say if he was in or out of the race. s doesn' t "see a political path forward in light of last evening' s super tuesday primary results." no indication that he was giving up. mr. carson: our nation is in and you know, that' s the point i' ve been trying to get across in these debates.
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each other and tear each other down when we have such important issues to deal with? it' s like talking to a brick wall. lisa:ben carson says he' ll go into more detail tomorrow about the future of his campaign at the conservative political action committee conference in maryland. mark: timeout to check in with kyla. kyla: we have some instruction near hopple, south of the monmouth street bridge. you will see a single lane closure between 8:00 tonight and 2:00 a.m. tomorrow. it will be wrapped up before the morning commute. here is a look at 75 at hopple . you will see a lot of pretreatment out there. hopefully that will eliminate any issues during the morning
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randi: it is the game changer this morning. temperatures are near freezing. here is a look at connersville. you can see the pavement at the colder surfaces, a little bit of snow sticking to the grass. that is what you can' t expect from the first burst this morning. untreated surfaces could be a little slick. that rolled through connersville hitting butler county. expect maybe some accumulation in the grass. dairies to the south, a burst of snow south. the grass the season light snow. we will see rain and snow in the forecast. mark: thank you. high drama at the highest court in the land.
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abortion access now! lisa: how the supreme court is currently hearing one of the most significant abortion cases in two decades. mark: and a unique collaboration between companies brita and amazon. the new product that will take the guess work out of your filtered water. lisa: outside live on your thursday.
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some of you are seeing snow (singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday...
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mark: good morning and welcome back. 5:13. you can barely make out some flurries. there is. your most accurate forecast coming out in just a moment. a probable cause conference is scheduled to be held today for the man accused in the kalamazoo, michigan, mass shooting that left six people dead. the conference is a discussion between attorneys to deterime whether a preliminary examination of evidence will be held next week.
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more about what led up to the deadly shootings. lisa: 25 years ago today, a video camera captured an arrest that shaped u.s. history. march 3, 1991, george holiday recorded this scene from his apartment balcony in los angeles. it shows lapd officers beating a man named rodney king. king was released two days later without being charged. in april, 1992, four white police officers were acquitted of criminal charges in the beating. that led to violent riots around southern california. it' s being called the biggest abortion case in a quarter of a century. the u.s. supreme court heard arguments in a texas case on wednesday. the law requires abortion doctors have to have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles and that the procedure must be done in a surgical center. those requirements have caused half of the state' s 42 abortion clinics to close, and that
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>> this law is cruel and it is advance medical health for women. lisa: while the court' s conservative justices wanted proof the law led to clinic closings, the liberal wing questioned why texas holds abortions to a different and more expensive safety standard than higher-risk procedures like liposuction and colonoscopies. but justice anthony kennedy, the critical swing vote in this case, suggested sending the case back to the texas courts for a a decision isn' t expected until june. mark: a recall has been issued for an item coffee lovers might have received for valentine' s day. the u.s. consumer product safety commission says love today ceramic coffee mugs were mislabeled as being microwave safe. the mugs were sold exclusively at target stores. it turns out that the lettering on the mugs are metallic and can spark when heated in a microwave, which poses a serious fire risk. you can now return them to target for a full refund. amazon and brita have created a
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filters. it' s called the brita infinity smart water pitcher. instead of waiting for the user to notice it needs a new filter, it uses built-in wifi to connect to the amazon dash replenishment system and automatically order s the new filters for you. brita says the $5.99 filters last for two months, or 40 gallons of water. just hope your credit card number to the pitcher. >> cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. randi: do not blame the kids for the texture charge on your credit card bill. let' s take a look at our forecast. we are looking at water falling from the sky in the form of rain and snow. if you' re roads have been pretreated, you might see a coding on the grass -- a c
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temperatures will be in the upper 30' s. that is enough to keep the pavement wet. you will see accumulation on the grass. here is the radar right now. you can see two areas where we are seeing snow showers falling. we had a dusting in connersville. that is in portions of butler county. from hamilton and trenton, maybe a light coating on the grass. south of town, same deal. you will see the snow showers from crittenden. most places, it is only sticking to the grass or your car. we will have these snow showers rolled through this morning. pretreatment is the key.
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slick spot. the rain snow line is moving through louisville. rain will be part of the equation. 5:00, most places around 40. if you' re watching snowfall, it doesn' t stand a chance of sticking to the roads. toward lunchtime, it may be falling and snow north of cincinnati, about 36 degrees and it all melts away. south of cincinnati, a good of rain. north of cincinnati, more snow. into the evening, that' s no will start to move out. substantial accumulations, that would be through portions of clinton and highland counties.
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see some slushy accumulation. south of the river, a good bit of rain to wash it all. away up to an inch of accumulation. tomorrow, 40 degrees and an early flurry. toward next week, high temperatures back in the 60' s and 70' s. we are keeping our eye on the roads. wet roads. kyla: my friends in indy are saying the same thing. you might see it sticking on the grass but the roads are mostly wet. right now, traffic looks good at 275. heading northbound, pretty good speeds. 65 miles per hour up through
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newport, five minute commute over to the daniel carter beard bridge. all lanes are clear as well. we will keep a close eye on it throughout the morning. lisa: turning a negative into a positive. >> i essentially ignored it because, being 16, you think you' re invincible. you think nothing will happen to you. mark: how one local man is helping to raise awareness of kidney disease. lisa: outside live on your
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we have more headlines lisa: good morning and welcome back on this thursday. we are bringing attention to a deadly disease that often has no symptoms at all. mark: and according to the national kidney foundation, one in three americans are at risk of developing it. wlwt news 5' s kyla woods tells us how one local man is helping to raise awareness of kidney disease. kyla: idris gray was only 16 years old when he was diagnosed with diabetes. he admits that he didn' t take the diagnosis too seriously at first. he continued poor eating habits mixed with a sedentary lifestyle. he thought, at such a young age, nothing bad would happen to him. fast-forward to his young adult life just a few years ago.
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education, he would experience kidney failure, leading to the need for dialysis treatment for four years, and even going blind for three months. >> that was an eye opener for me, and now being a teacher, having an inquisitive mind, i wanted other people to know that. it' s a matter of prevention and it' s a matter of treatment once you have it. and ultimately a cure is my ultimate goal. a cure for kidney disease. kyla: now idris wants to encourage everyone, young and old, to know the leading causes of kidney disease and the best ways to prevent it. he will host the first annual march first, march forth health expo at kennedy heights arts center in the lindner annex. idris' efforts have been recognized by the national kidney foundation, naming him the 2014 volunteer of the year. the health expo will take place this saturday, march 5th, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. lisa: thank you. happening today, the circus is in town. and before they have their opening night tonight, they' re performing some good deeds in
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and barnum & bailey will present a donation to cincinnati children' s hospital. on top of that, patients and families will see a special performance, including ringmasters, dancers, contortionists, and jugglers. the circus' first performance is tonight at 7:00 at the u.s. bank arena. this is the last time you will see the elephant acts locally before they retire in may. mark: i' m going to miss the elephants. can i go? randi: bring your own money for popcorn. sorry. yes. we take a look at the radar this morning. we are starting with some snow showers. they are fairly light. if you have been pretreated, the road stay wet. that is a possibility in butler county.
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through the morning, there is the potential for some slick spots. the timeline for today looks like this. pretreated roads stay wet. raised surfaces could be a little slick. by lunchtime rain is mexican south of the river. our temperatures in the upper 30' s wet pavement stays wet. maybe up to one slushy inch today. guys? / mark: thank you. a car flipped on its top early this morning. lisa: what officials are saying about how it happened. dan: after a successful first day for students, they are coming together to support their
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mark: donald trump getting more pressure from his own party. i lisa: guns on campus -- the local district with a new protection plan who can carry a gun at a school legally. mark: a local wrestling team looking to restructure its efforts on something positive. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way.
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mark: good morning, everyone. i' m mark hayes. lisa: i' m lisa cooney. randi rico and kyla woods are here this morning with weather and traffic together. randi: we can' t totally eliminate slick spots, but pretreatment is key. we are watching a quick coating come through in indianapolis. we watched a burst of snow rolled through. most places, the roads are wet, the grass has a coating. that should be the scenario as we head through the morning hours. it will he followed by a transition to rain this afternoon. you can see snow showers in butler county and south of the river. temperatures are currently sitting upper 20' s, low 30' s. most places are a little bit below freezing.
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freezing around 9:00 this morning. i wanted to show you the weather camera in connorsville -- they did see a burst of snow this morning. the pavement is clearly visible. maybe a little accumulation on the grassy areas. the morning commute should look like this unless the snow gets more intense. the snow in connorsville is moving through portions of butler county. west chester has light snow. temperatures right around freezing. expecting the roads tuesday wet. the potential is there for a few slick spots, but not an overwhelming problem this morning. it :00 a.m., light snow. by noon, areas of light rain and snow. 38 for our high. expect some rain and snow, but generally wet roads. kyla: right
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pretty clear road conditions in greater cincinnati. out of butler county, 75 rolling along near union center. still pretty moderate/light volume. we have been problem free so far. 74 at elmore toward the i-75 interchange from one of our western communities, no problems. across the river, same thing, 71/75 is good. still heavier in the southbound lanes. we will see it flip-flopped and northbound will get heavy. we will continue to cover it throughout the morning. lisa: a driver in the hospital after flipping a car after hitting a parked car. this is in westwood about 2:30 this morning at the intersection of glenmore and hannah. no word on the driver' s condition. the events on monday hit hard for madison' s wrestling team. mark: the team is trying to
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lisa: dan griffin live at the school as a team heads to columbia' s for the dan: state department. dan, good morning. good morning . the senior varsity team getting back to what they do best, heading to one of the most important events. the two madison rustlers will take part in the state parliament in columbus. the team is said to leave this morning. this is days after investigators said a student shot a gun in the cafeteria. with students coming back together, everyone is focusing on succeeding together antidumping stronger than before. >> this is an amazing community and i know we will heal together. we will unite. no doubt.
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yesterday a success. that first day back. they said they will continue to have a police presence and counselors will be on hand. they are evaluating their school safety plan after everything that happened. dan griffin, wlwt. mark: thank you. the family of acute shooter austin hancock speaking out on the tragedy for the first time. the family released a statement saying they are devastated by austin' s actions at school on monday. we pray for the immediate recovery of the injured students and for the healing of the entire community. they go on to say our family has , lived in this community our entire lives. and we never expected anyone to experience the event that occurred on monday. and we certainly did not expect that one of our family members would be involved. we are praying for everyone involved, including austin, who we still deeply love." lisa a major step toward healing : in madison township. dozens of teenagers came together last night, for one common cause, a night of hope and prayer. several church events were held in and around middletown two
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inside madison junior/senior high. a larger event is being planned for students in the days ahead. >> we are going to tell them the truth. we are going to give them a place to unwind. still close to home, a break from where the tragedy to lace. lisa: a rally will be held for students and it is open to anyone who wishes to attend. a 12 your student in mt. healthy is under arrest after police say he threatened two students with a fake gun. and was caught drinking wine at school. this is the picture of the gun police found on the student while he was in class in mt. healthy' s achieve program. the program is considered a last chance option for students with behavioral issues. police say the 12-year-old boy threatened two students after school tuesday. he allegedly pointed the gun and said, "i am going to shoot you." the student was arrested wednesday and taken to the hamilton county juvenile
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>> we have to take every situation, even with a toy gun, could be altered to look fake even though they are real. charged with two counts of aggravated menacing, two counts of illegal possession of a fake firearm, and one count of consuming alcohol or he could be in court as soon as today. the tragedy at madison and scare at mount healthy has many reflecting on what can be done to ensure student safety at campuses all across the country. at neighboring edgewood, administrators say they stand willing to meet the threat of violence with any tool necessary, including lethal force. the board unanimously voted in 2013 to allow law enforcement certified school administrators to carry a firearm on campus. administrators must have a concealed carry permit and go through the ohio peace officer training, to be able to carry
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>> parents will forgive you if there are some no or daughter does not pass a desk -- a test. lisa: the principal also stresses that a weapon is only a tool in a larger toolbox including good communication between students and faculty. mark: commitment 2016 -- the first republican debate schedule tonight following an exciting super tuesday. dr. ben carson has already announced he will not be participating hinting that he could drop out of the 2016 racing. the reality of donald trump possibly winning the nomination for the republican party is becoming much more of a reality sweeping seven states on tuesday. that has the republican party erupting in an all out civil war. 2012 nominee mitt romney will deliver a speech in utah where sources tell cnn that he plans to step up his criticism of trump. >> we have good reason to
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bombshell in donald trump' s taxes. mark: the debate will kick off at 9:00 tonight in detroit, michigan. the democrats have their own debate scheduled in flint, michigan. lisa: several papers want chris christie to step down. during the conference, governor christie would not comment. the papers wrote the are fed up with 50' s arrogance, opportunism, and hypocrisy. mark: let' it good morning. headed our way. we have some snow. as this line rolls through central indiana, it topped off a coating on the grass. the roads are staying just went. that is what we are expecting this morning. snow in northern portions of butler
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middletown two springboro. a little batch of snow rolling through southeast indiana south of 74. anywhere basically south of florence, you are looking at light snow falling. a pretreatment was done -- if a pretreatment was done, the roads will be plain old wet. on the way to school, about 28 degrees, cold, with light snow . not ruling out the possibility of slick spots. on the way home from school, 37, both rain and snow, depending on what time -- what town you are in. most places in the upper 30' s. not expecting any issues for the commute, especially this afternoon. kyla woods has her i on what is going on. it can be
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as long as the pavement stays wet, you need pretreatment. kyla: that makes a huge difference. the pretreatment will work in our favor and hopefully it well prevent any issues. here are closures -- site -- i 71 north in southbound on -- for a bridge replacement project. they are putting up concrete barrier walls. you will see different traffic pattern in this area. the closures will be in effect tonight and tomorrow night. beyond that, you will see a new traffic pattern in that area. here is 70 one as social bill foster, traffic moving along just fine in both directions. the closures will happen at 8:00 tonight and 7:00 the following morning. it is weather-dependent.
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if weather does not permit. mark: the new payment methods now available at aldi. lisa: millions of dollars for a new building on campus. mark: taking a live look outside. 5:40 your time.
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randi: good morning, taking a live look at 5:43 a.m. nothing much downtown, but there are some spots seen snow showers some spots. this note will be moving through cincinnati. you can see snow already hitting indiana. in and around hamilton county, a little quick hit there. the bulk of any snow showers along south 74 and southeast indiana. roads should be wet right now, but the grass may are ready be coded. as we head through the day, the roads should stay wet, but you can see accumulation on the
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temperatures right now are below freezing. it will make it to the balmy upper 30' s. we will take a look at the snow/rain transition in a couple of minutes. lisa: thank you, randi. kentucky lawmakers are looking to crack down on suspects. who try to kill first responders? the house unanimously voted to pass a bill that would make sure those convicted of attempted murder on a police officer or firefighter with spend more time behind bars before being eligible for parole. the bill would require those convicted to serve at least 85% of their sentence first. mark: new information about the costs to dismantle kentucky' s health exchange. the governor' s office says it will cost $236,000 to dismantle kynect. but former governor steve beshear says the costs would be in the millions. nearly 100,000 people have purchased private health plans through kynect with the help of a federal subsidy.
5:46 am
to instead use the federal exchange. one of the nation' s fastest growing grocery store is looking to attract more customers by offering another payment option. aldi will now allow you to pay by credit card. the discount grocer used to only accept cash and debit cards. all the is also looking to expand. the company' s goal is nearly two thousand stores in the u.s. by the end of next year. lisa: we are getting started on a multimillion dollar development on u.c. ' s blue ash campus. the price tag for the project is effected to be $6.3 million and will cover 60,000 square feet with more classrooms and office space. they say the new building is needed to keep up with the rising enrollment. mark: the reds are going through a new phase. they are adding a rooftop bar
5:47 am
the bar will be attached above the left field corner. it will hopefully be a lot of fun. tickets will cost $15 and include general admission seating to allow you to move around sections 408 and 410. lisa: the younger fans, what about the older fans? [laughter] kyla: sign me up, absolutely. good morning, everyone. seeing pretty decent conditions as randi has been telling us, snow 80 done rain will move into our area. we have not seen any problems on the roads. 19 minutes on the split from downtown. 60 minutes on 75 if you are heading out of butler county. -- 16 minutes on 75 if you are
5:48 am
randi, we have seen pretty clear conditions so far for the morning commute. case. randi: slick spots are possible, pretreatment happened in your area. s i am expecting light accumulation on the car, the grass, over the next couple of hours, but generally, the roads stay wet. -- pretreated will just stay wet. we will see both areas of rain and snow. the closer you are dayton, ohio, the more snow in the mix. roads should stay predominantly wet with temperatures in the upper 20' s -- 30' s. as we take a look at radar, you will notice the snow showers rolling in toward downtown.
5:49 am
the area of snow that dropped a quick coating through connorsville is dissipating over northern butler county. a little more substantial burst of snow along and south of 74 in southeastern indiana. likely looking at a coating on the grass there. south of the 71/75 split, same deal. that line will hang out around the ohio river. good news, it is mark. i know that 30' s is not that warm, but it is march. we will see temperatures above freezing by about 9:00 or so. rain mixing in at lunchtime today and through the afternoon. let'
5:50 am
the morning, a quick hit of snow and we will dry out for the next couple of hours. lunchtime, a rain/snow makes moving in. this afternoon, area south of the ohio river will see more rain. some spots that may see some accumulation will be clifton and highlands county. you can see snowfall projections. if you are south of the river , could see up to an inch of slushy accumulation. for today, 38 degrees. you will cease no, rain, but pavement the whole time. tomorrow, -- by the weekend, we
5:51 am
mark: of technology to keep using the advances of technology to keep students safe. lisa: the new web-based program in loveland schools and how it will be used in emergency situations. mark: a smile that will make your -- make you smile, or make your teeth hurt.
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kyla: apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. randi: good morning. lisa: a live look outside for your thursday.
5:54 am
forecast in just ahead, but right now, we are looking at story better training. mark: a puppy' s smile gets a new bleach on live with doggie braces. [laughter] wesley is a six month golden retriever who was having trouble eating because his teeth were coming in cricket. he was hooked up with some braces. he will reportedly where the gear for six weeks and he will be ready to share his million dollar smile with the rest of the world. good thing they had dental insurance. [laughter] lisa: a seven-year-old border collie is an internet superstar after a video of him working went viral. you can typically spot of decked out in goggles, air mass, and a safety vest. the puppy does not get an actual paycheck, but he is rewarded with plenty of treats.
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the pentagon is asking for a cyber attack. they are asking hackers to break into its network to test its security abilities. hackers will have limited access to some of the military work. the program kicks off next month. turning to technology to help manage a crisis. school safety is constantly evolving. lisa: wlwt news 5' s kyla woods tells us about one district where smart phones are now being used to keep students safe. kyla: good morning. in the lebanon city school district, security measures are commonplace, but in addition to cameras, loveland leaders are going mobile to improve school safety. loveland schools spent more than $20,000 to launch a web taste full safety response system. emergency response plans are now available on a moments notice on
5:56 am
in addition to making emergency plans -- plan information available, the system includes maps of the building and pictures of each classroom. the superintendent says because school safety is so important, the state of ohio made a grant available to help the district statewide to improve security measures. mark: thank you. still ahead, a 12-year-old arrested at a local school. lisa: the threat that led to his arrest and how alcohol was involved. mark: how madison students try to move forward. randi: we are starting the day with a quick hit of snow. we will see rain and snow this afternoon. but we should see wet roads drop a day as temperatures only head to the upper 30' s. if you want to see some spring-like weather, i have that in the seven day forecast. we are talking about snow today, but 50' s and 60' s in the
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welcome aboard my starship. ahoy, mateys! it's full of things i love... like me brave crew... and my fellow space adventures and free of things i don't. like aliens. just like eye patches. and when it's time to refuel, i eat chex cereal. it's full of stuff we pirates need. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free.
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eat up, me hearties! keep it down! i'm exploring the galaxy. arrrr, that's not even a real spaceship. lisa: a school threat with a 12-year-old arrested. the fake weapon used and what the kid was drinking before he was taken away. mark: another step for for madison students. the action directly connected with the school shooting this week. lisa: the debate tonight and the of taking the stage. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way.
6:00 am
lisa: a live look outside through city cam. you can see snow falling as you head out. 6:00 a.m. on your thursday. good morning, i' m lisa cooney. mark: and i' m mark hayes. randi rico with details. randi: we have snow to start and snow and rain this afternoon. as far as the actual impact on your morning rush, if there was any pretreatment in your town, it won' t be a big deal. snow showers rolling into our area predominate to the areas west of downtown cincinnati. folks in ripley, didn' t want, ohio -- you are looking at wet pavement and snow covered grass. just south of the ohio river in through kentucky, the blue tone


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