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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  March 3, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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lisa: a live look outside through city cam. you can see snow falling as you head out. 6:00 a.m. on your thursday. good morning, i' m lisa cooney. mark: and i' m mark hayes. randi rico with details. randi: we have snow to start and snow and rain this afternoon. as far as the actual impact on your morning rush, if there was any pretreatment in your town, it won' t be a big deal. snow showers rolling into our area predominate to the areas west of downtown cincinnati. folks in ripley, didn' t want, ohio -- you are looking at wet pavement and snow covered grass. just south of the ohio river in through kentucky, the blue tone
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-- indicating snow. it dropped a coating on the grass. if you parked outside, you will be dealing with snow on the car this morning. down toward paducah and louisville, there is a rain snow changeover. our temperature right now sitting at 32 degrees. our winds out of the south so temperatures will continue to climb. we should be above freezing by 8:00 a.m. or 9:00 a.m. once we get past that point, it will be nolting away as it hits the ground. right now, we are doing with flurries and snow showers, a little heavier on the west side of town. you might see a coating on the grass, but the roads are just wet. by lunchtime, it is a rain/snow mix. our temperatures will be in the upper 30' s.
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roads wet this afternoon. does not mean you will not see any accumulation, especially north of the river. there is potential for accumulation and slushy in some spots. let' s check the roads. what is going on, kyla? kyla: we have seen a great start our commute. hopefully that will remain. here is a look at northern kentucky, 71/75 at kyle' s lane, the southbound holding steady. northbound playing catch-up, picking up through kyle' and for the north. across the river, 71 through kenwood at montgomery road, southbound picking up heading through that corridor. i-71 going to continue to build southbound inside of the 275 loop. same thing on i 75, but we are clifton. heading, we are still
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we will talk about construction that may happen in the overnight hours. mark: kyla, thank you. the threat of school violence is heightened this week after monday' s school shootings at about some local schools. lisa and now a 12-year-old boy : is accused of using a fake gun to threaten students in mt. healthy. wlwt news 5' s andrew setters is live at the juvenile detention center where the child is being held. good morning. andrew: good morning, lisa. this is a tough one to wrap your head around. a 12-year-old allegedly carrying a realistic looking toy gun and tricking wind in class, is being held in mount auburn awaiting a court hearing. the gun looked real even though it was a toy. real enough to confuse someone. the boy was caught at it yesterday at an alternative school in mt. healthy. what they found is that it will-year-old was drinking wine from a cup while sitting in class.
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been mistaken for the real thing. >> in today' s day and age, you have to take every threat as being real. if we don' t, then the worse can happen, and we can' t wait for that to happen. we have to act now. andrew: that what could go to court as soon as this morning here at the juvenile detention center. he has had previous contact with the law. lisa: thank you. another scare, this time at wyoming high school and now a 15-year-old student is facing charges for making a verbal threat. administrators at wyoming alerted students and parents but did not cancel school wednesday. it is being described as a threat from one student, against an individual, or a group of individuals. now the freshman student is facing two criminal charges. >> we take all threat seriously. s and try to figure out what is best for them -- we look at each case and try
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lisa: the teenager charges being held at a juvenile detention center. mark: in butler county students , are trying to finish out a difficult week. wednesday was their first day back after 14-year-old justin -- austin hancock opened fire in the cafeteria. 90% of students returned for class and officials say three of the four injured students did not make it back. school leaders say students who do not feel comfortable coming back this week will have excused absences. the events on monday were s wrestling team. lisa: the suspected shooter was a wrestler and he shot one of his teammates. now the team is trying to focus on the biggest matches of the season. mark: wlwt news 5' s dan griffin is live at the school as the team heads to columbus for the state tournament. dan, good morning. dan: good morning, the team supporting each other. the senior varsity team heading to columbia'
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two wrestlers are putting their athletic skills to the test. the athletic director says it is something uplifting for the team and the school. they said senior wrestler austin hancock fired shots in the cafeteria this week hitting one student. the shooting raises awareness about the support others may need. >> this is a wake-up call. it shows us there is still some kids who could be in trouble, or going through things, and i think it will pull the whole school together. dan: the athletic director telling us that team is set to leave this morning. meanwhile, the school is going to have an increased police presence and taking a closer look at the safety plan and the also say, they will have counselors on hand to talk to anyone who needs to talk about everything that has happened. live in madison township, dan griffin. lisa: thank you.
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mohawk strong. madison high school should these pictures on their facebook page thanking the community for its support. the district says it is planning to make a slideshow with all of the positive images. mark: a woman taken to the hospital after a crash in westwood overnight. this is what officer saw after the call came in at 2:30 this morning. he said a woman was driving near the intersection of glenmore and hannah. we are working to get more information on her condition. the intersection was closed overnight, but is now back lisa: sounds like ben carson is making plans to drop out of the race for the republican nomination. carson is not attending tonight' s detroit. he also says he does not see a political path forward after super tuesday. carson says he will go into more detail tomorrow at the conservative political action committee conference. mark: tonight, there will be
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stage, john cassidy -- that may be the end of the road for carson' s campaign, but governor john kasich is moving forward. >> we exceeded expectations. we were net end -- you can now with donald trump. picked of delegates their and in virginia. now we are heading up north and in the state of ohio. it will be exciting to see what happens over the next couple of weeks. mark: fox news will host tonight' . lisa: the democrats are staying busy on the campaign trail. this weekend, or are several states up for grabs. right now, hillary clinton is about 1300 delegates shy of clinching the nomination. bernie sanders nneka most 2000
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the new face of the food fighters. mark: the familiar face who spoke up. lisa: a young golfer not bothered at all by the pressure. >> i like it. mark: 6:08 is your time, 38 degrees -- 30 degrees. but i lies is popular right now. -- vanilla ice is popular right now. randi: snow coming down a connorsville, but you can still see the pavement is just plain old wet. as snow rolled through, indiana and much of kentucky dealing with snow showers right now. payment is wet, the grass is getting a bit of a coating, and that will be the case this morning. our temperatures hover above
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snow showers of the morning rush and rain and snow this afternoon. thanks for waking up with
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s wlwt >> you're watching wlwt news 5 leading the way. 6:12 your time, 32 degrees. we have some snow flurries out there. so far, so good. kyla woods with a check on the morning commute. as soon as you say it is all good, that is when -- [laughter] kyla: we will cross our fingers. seeing clear conditions so far. we have been talking about construction that will happen in the overnight hours as long as the weather allows it to. you can see green conditions across greater cincinnati.
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probably will see them in stairway in an 30 minutes. the construction is south over the more mount street bridge. keep that in mind. you will see single enclosures on the southbound side as a work on the bridge. 55 miles per hour . between i-71 and i-75 interchanges, this is eased moss that letter, still accident-free. mark: checking your headlines, a probable cause conference is scheduled to the held for the man accused of the kalamazoo, michigan mass shooting. it is a discussion to see if a preliminary evidence will be held. lisa: the department of transportation has issued the
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of electronic cigarettes within the united states. you are still allowed to carry them on planes. the national football league' s deflategate is beginning. mark: this comes back to the ruling that overturned the suspension of new england patriots tom brady in his allegedly old. tom brady won his case. lisa: the reds going through a rebuilding phase. the reds are adding a rooftop bar. they hope to attract younger fans by giving them a place to hang out and be social. the bar will be attached to the back of the seating bowl, above the left field corner. tickets will cost $15, and include general admission seating allowing you to also move around within sections 408 to 410. each ticket includes your first drink. mark: check this out, in the golf world tiger woods is , staying busy while recovers from an injury. he recently designed a par-three
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shots for the grand opening. >> please welcome to the number one mr. taylor crozier. a man with a perfect attendance record until today. [laughter] mark: 11-year-old taylor took advantage of his day off. check it out he aced it from 81 yards out on the very first hole of the day. wow! very happy for that kid. mark: very nice, taylor. now get back to school. [laughter] breakup rumors for one of the biggest bands in rock & roll. lisa: turns out the foo fighters are not going anywhere but they had a little fun with fans. they hyped an official band announcement and the band tried
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>> i got here as fast as i could -- and i wonder if everything [laughter] lisa: he nailed his audition, but the food fighters are sticking with their lineup. mark: hard to replace an original, even if you are new cliche -- nick lachey. lisa: that is randi' s favorite band. fyi. randi: you were worried, too. no one is going solo. it is all good. now i can focus on other
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let' s talk about today' s no and rain. we are starting off with light snow to start the day. pretty intense at times, but the good news is the roads are just plain old wet. our temperatures are marginal, 32 degrees. mostly wet roads. there could be slick spots. the snow is sticking to the grass this morning. as we head to the day, rain mix end, but some spots day predominantly smelly. you may see an end to accumulation -- you may see an inch of accumulation. the tones of blue indicating snow showers. the impact on the roads right now has been pretty minor. over the last two hours, we have watched the snow showers
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showers falling from hamilton to middletown. heading south of the river, snow showers falling from cvg all the way down to the 71/75 split. in southeastern indiana, same deal, like snow reported. as we check out traffic cameras, it all shows the same thing -- snow on the grass, but generally wet pavement. that snowfall line is working towards louisville. right now, 32 degrees . areas to the south, a little cooler, but temperatures are climbing. by 5:00, we may have rain indigo snow -- rain and snow falling. after this initial burst of snow, we head toward late morning, and you will notice no
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everybody through the afternoon, we are in the upper 30' s. throws will stay warm enough that they should remain plain old wet. his evening commute, same thing. some slushy snow accumulating to the north, but mainly on the grass and colder surfaces. it is a rain/snow mix, but we should see the pavement. that is a good thing. our snowfall totals, some spots may push an inch. from most of us, far less than that thanks to the warmer pavement. 38 degrees -- that is not warm, but just enough for us today. with sunshine. for the weekend, you may see a passing, light rain shower, but a decent weekend. even better next week. bad, 60' s and
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lisa: the rare find by a family cleaning out a loved one' s home.
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gr lisa: good morning and welcome back on your thursday. you can see some flurries flying around. we will check in with randi just ahead. let' s check the morning commute
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kyla: this is 471 near u.s. 27. you can see the flurries flying around. we have been mentioning this morning a lot of pretreatment which will hopefully eliminate any major issues. we will continue to have it covered for you. if you are hopping on 471 from the 275 interchange, the speed are right where they should be between 63 and 65 miles per hour. on the daniel carter beard bridge, seeing heavier volumes on the northbound side. that is to be expected this time of the morning. you may see a few more flurries flying around. we will continue to keep you updated. mark: hello, thank you. the reds are about a month away from kicking off a new season and you can join them at great american ball park. sports service is hiring. the jobs open include vendors, cooks, runners, and stand attendants. you have to be 16 or older to apply. we have a link on our website if you' re interested. lisa: the reds are also looking
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high school baseball and softball teams are taking part in the reds futures showcase. this afternoon the reds will announce the matchups for those prep squads. the games will be played from april 2 to april 30. while we' re talking baseball, a los angeles family has stumbled upon a collector' s dream. mark: this is amazing! they were recently going through the home of a deceased relative, and found seven rare baseball cards worth more than a $1 million. the seven cards are identical featuring hall of fame outfielder ty cobb. family members say they found the cards in a crumpled paper bag. [laughter] sports memorabilia experts say the cards are in pretty good shape considering they were printed nearly a century ago. lisa: who found them? mark: who do they belong to and who gets the money? lisa: there is a lawsuit in the future.
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randi: there are seven of them, you can spread the wealth on those. my goodness. mark: back in measure family up every time. [laughter] randi: let' s take a look, we are starting off with snow showers. the actual impact on the roads is still pretty minor. most places , the pavement is totally visible. we are seeing a quick dusting pop-up on some of the grassy areas and cars parked outside. snow showers rolling through as you hit the door this morning. let' s take a look at the breakdown -- the timeline shows with the morning rush, pretreated roads will stay plain old wet with our temperatures climbing to the 30' s. by lunchtime, rain is mixing in south of the river. this afternoon, we will have periods of rain and snow, predominately wet pavement.
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you may see a slushy inch on the ground. lisa: thank you, randi. can the gop stop the trump train? we will tell you who is making an attempt, coming up. andrew: threats of violence, a cup of wine, and he is only 12 years old. details on a
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you can worry about them. you can even choose a car for them. (mom) honey, are you ok? (child) i'm ok. (announcer vo) love. (mom) we're ok.
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mark: heading to columbia' s without back in madison. the athletes on the big stage at the two -- the athletes on the big stage after the shooting this week. and snow back in the forecast. but we can expect today. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way. this is "wlwt news 5 today." watching first now as we get started on this thursday morning. a live look at the suspension bridge. we are waking up to chilly flying. m mark hayes. and i' m lisa cooney. the forecast. the top, good morning to you. randi: you saw some light falling this morning. you can see another spots, the
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we have deep, blue tones on the radar indicating snow. no matter where you are, you should be seeing the pavement as plain, old wet. morning. looks like temperatures will be warming up this afternoon. pavement. you can see the snow showers coming down pretty hard. south of 71, seeing pretty decent snow showers there. northern kentucky, you got steady showers. same thing in southeastern indiana along south of 74. in little bit heavier currently in the northern kentucky and southeastern indiana. approaching the label is the rain snow line that will make it to cincinnati before lunchtime. notice are temperatures, we are sitting at 32 degrees. the winds are out of the south. we are pulling in the warmer air.
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some will be seen rain, some will be seeing snow. pavement. 8:00 a.m., light snow showers. any pretreated surfaces are you may see a quick coating on the grass. at 8:00 a.m. noon, areas of rain and snow. at 4:00, 38. no, 38 is not warm, but in march, it will help us out. we will see some rain and some snow this afternoon, but none of which will be a problem. kyla woods, what is going on? kyla: fortunately, no problems on the roads. we are dealing with the heavier volume that tends to happen around this time of the morning. nothing out of the ordinary. undo hundred 75, here is a look at the northwest -- on 270 five, here is a look at northwest hamilton.
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we have a couple of different projects to cover for you. pete rowe' s way will see daytime closures between 9:00 p.m. between central and rose street. keep that in mind between 9:00 and 3:00. 75 near the brent spence bridge southbound, things are starting to pick up. a pretty good start as you head outside. we will continue to keep you updated. mark: the school shooting this week is especially hard for madison' s wrestling team. lisa: the suspected shooter was a wrestler and shot one of his teammates. now the team' s time to focus on the biggest match of the season. mark: dan griffin live at the scene as a team heads out to the championship. dan: this is something positive in the midst of a very tough
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madison senior/junior high. the wrestling team headed up to columbus for the state tournament. the athletic director says that two wrestlers will compete in the match. investigators say that austin hancock fired shots in the school cafeteria monday. cooper caffrey was one of the student shot. the everyone on cap has been sticking together. >> this is an amazing, amazing community and i know we will get through this and heal together and night. no doubt. dan: the school' s focus has been safety. there will be a continued police presence on the campus. they will also be keeping counselors on hand or anyone who needs to talk about what has happened. they will be reviewing this school' s safety plan to make sure they have everything in check they need.
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lisa: thank you. dozens came together last night for a night of hope and prayer. several church events were held in and around middletown and we are told a larger event is being planned for students in the days ahead. the family of the accused shooter, austin hancock speaking , on the tragedy for the first time. the family released this statement saying, " we are devastated by austin' s actions at school on monday. we pray for the immediate recovery of the injured students and for the healing of the entire community. they go on to say, our family has lived in this community our entire lives. and we never expected anyone to experience the event that occurred on monday. and we certainly did not expect that one of our family members would be involved. we are praying for everyone involved including austin. whom we still deeply love. mark: mount healthy police investigating the case of a 12-year-old threatening kids at school. the gun turned out to be fake.
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andrew setters is at the juvenile detention center with details now. andrew: that boy is being held on aggravated menacing charges along with other charges. we expect he will be in court this morning where we could learn more about the accusations. this is the weapon here that the boy was found with, a toy, but a realistic looking one. we have seen lately the kind of result this can have. the student at the school was allegedly drinking wine in class when arrested by police on wednesday. they were there to talk to him about threats he made the day before. he pointed the gun at two students threatening to kill one of them. >> we have to take every situation that the incident could be a threat, even with a 20 gun. they may look fake, but they can be altered to look fake even though they are real. andrew: they took action and arrested him. now he is facing a weapons
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that cup of wine. reporting live, andrew setters. mark: thank you. a 65-year-old middleton man tied up with cords from his oxygen tank and robbed. lisa: it' s a story you saw first on wlwt. an now three women and a man charged with the crime will head to court today. david caldwell says he was recovering from surgery when the forced their way into his four apartment tying him up and stealing his pain meds. he says one of the women put a gun to his forehead. at that moment, he thought he was going to die. >> one person got a hold of me. took my breathing tube off. i am trying to breathe. the other one tied me up with my breathing thing. the others took my tv, my wallet , my whatever. it is gone. lisa: he says he began to pray
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this morning, they will be arraigned on charges of robbery and kidnapping. mark: stopping trump -- that is expected to be the aim of mitt romney. this as republican teddy -- this as republican head back to the debate stage. latest. nikole: they said that mitt romney is not expected to endorse a particular candidate, but rather focus on the race. the two had gone tit-for-tat with mitt romney calling trump out on his tax returns. trump blasted mr. romney' s speech as another desperate move. republicans debate again tonight in michigan.
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it is approaching the fourth quarter, down by a lot. nikole: dr. ben carson says he is not attending, noting he does not see a political fast-forward and will address the future of his campaign. lisa: while the republicans prepare for tonight debate the , democrats are working the campaign trail. the candidates are fighting for several states up for grabs this weekend. though states include kansas, louisiana, nebraska and maine. , right now hillary clinton is about 1300's delegates shy of clinching the nomination bernie sanders needs almost 2000 delegates to get ahead of clinton. mark: see what' s happening on the roads. kyla: good morning. if you' re getting ready to head out, you might see flurries flying around, but they have not caused any issues on the road. we do have
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at socialville foster, these closures are scheduled to go into affect tonight and last until 7:00 tomorrow. they are installing temporary barrier walls. you will also deal with a new traffic pattern in that area for the remainder of the year. you will get -- you will need to get used to that. closer to the 275 loop, mason montgomery, rolling right along north and southbound. randi, we have been saying the pretreatment will help us out to avoid any major issues. randi: pretreatment is helpful, temperatures are helpful. this is a picture from connorsville showing us what is happening. there is no falling, but the road is just plain old wet. we are starting to see a little accumulation on the colder surfaces. that is what we are going to be
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on radar, looks like it is snowing pretty good, but minimal impact on the roads. it is a really good thing for us. you can see a slightly heavier batch on the south earn -- southern portion of the 275 loop. a couple of sidewalks could get a coating. the temperatures are near 30. after school, both rain and snow in play for us. the roads still should stay just wet. i will have the complete breakdown coming up in a couple of minutes. mark: randi, thank you. why the queen city is getting the highest marks. lisa: an arrest made this morning after a car slammed into a house. mark: a live look outside this morning. wow! we have some flurries in mount auburn. we will continue to update your most accurate forecast and get the timeline on this latest snow event coming your way, when we
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you are watching look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from
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mark: a home will -- a home owner is thankful everything is ok after a car crash through her house. the homeowner says police culture a few minutes later to tell her what happened, but she
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much more serious than expected. she found the car actually in the house. two people were taken into custody. she says her. was inside the home, but not heard. bringing attention to a deadly disease that often has no symptoms at all. lisa: according to the national kidney foundation, one in three americans are at risk of developing it. kyla is here with a local man helping to raise awareness of kidney disease. kyla: he was only 16 years old when he was diagnosed with diabetes. he admits that he did not take the diagnosis to seriously at first. he continued for eating habits mixed with a sedentary lifestyle . fast-forward to his general. life, while pursuing a career in education, he would experience kidney failure leading to the need of dialysis treatment for four years and even going blind for three months.
6:46 am
i want other people to know that it is a matter of prevention and a matter of treatment once you have it. kyla: he wants to encourage everyone to know the leading causes of kidney disease and the best ways to prevent it. he will host a health expo at kennedy high art center. his efforts have been recognized by the national kidney foundation naming him 2014 volunteer of the year. the health expo event will take place this saturday, mark said, from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. lisa: from date into disney, two high school students are spending time at disney world this week for a unique educational experience. alanna wall attends stivers school for the arts in dayton and annie eliza blake is a junior at springboro high school. they are both in orlando for the disney dreamers academy. there were only about 100 students chosen from around the country. these students get a behind-the-scenes look at the
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workshops, ranging from animation to zoology. alanna and annie will spend the next four days at disney world. the quaint city is getting more love is one of the best places to call home. mark: they just released the best ranking on the best places to live. we were 37. the queen city was the highest ranked season in ohio. the top city in the country, denver, colorado. lisa: we see the snow was coming down. one of our camera showing it right now looking live over the city. kyla woods if you' re checking the morning commute. how do we look from your point of view? kyla: we have been off to a decent start. you can see the snow falling out there. fortunately, it is not causing major issues on the roads. it is melting on impact on the
6:48 am
you may see it on the grassy surfaces. your travel times are often a great start. 17 minutes on 75 from butler county. 275 on the northeast quarter, 15 minutes. this is where we start to see the slower traffic. you can see some of the flurries flying around outside. a lot of pretreatment on the roadways. hopefully that will eliminate most of our slick spots. you may still see a few as you head outside. let' s check in now with meteorologist randi rico. randi: it is a mix of rain and snow. we are dealing with a light snow early, light accumulation on the rooftops and the grass. but the roads remaining predominantly wet. the temperatures are climbing. late morning, we will see areas
6:49 am
cincinnati south, predominantly rain. from the north, rain mixes in at times. it is warm enough for us. places to the far north, you could see up to an inch of slushy accumulation on the grass, but again, you will see rain, snow, but you will always see the pavement. you can season from showers rolling through greater cincinnati. snow showers rolled in. butler and warren counties, light snow showers there. as you head over to the 275 loop , coming down a little heavier. same thing through northern kentucky. further south in kentucky, there is a batch on the heavier side. just plain old wet.
6:50 am
it lightens up back toward central indiana. there is a break. things lighten up to the middle of the morning. the snow line rapidly approaching louisville. looking outside, you can see the light coating of the rooftop of the station. 32 degrees. temperatures into the upper 30' s this afternoon and a mix of rain and snow. early burst of snow moving out by :00 a.m. then eight rain/snow mix arrives before lunchtime. if you are along the river, it is just rain. south of there, snow maybe mixing in. tonight, it may end as a couple of flurries. anything that sticks to the grass make it washed away by the rain this afternoon.
6:51 am
tomorrow, a flurry early, sunshine late. a passing shower possible on saturday. next week, bring on spring break. we have temperatures in the 60' s and 70' s. lisa: a 12-year-old arrested at a local school. mark: how alcohol was involved. lisa: say goodbye to the elephants. the circus is in town meaning this could be your last chance to see one of the most popular acts. when you can check out the
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giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look.
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whatever. mark: mark: a 12-year-old boy is accused of threatening students with a fake gun. lisa: andrew setters is live at the detention center with the child is being held. andrew: you have a 12-year-old boy allegedly drinking wine in class and threatening students with a gun. we expect to learn more when he makes a court appearance possibly early this morning. the gun was -- the gun looked real, even though it was a toy. police went to the school to talk to him about allegedly
6:55 am
when they got there, he was drinking wine while sitting in class. the gun could be mistaken for a real gun. he is facing a list of charges including aggravated menacing. reporting live, andrew setters. lisa: 6, 54 -- 6:54. madison wrestlers head to a tournament with the week cost school shooting still undermines. dan griffin is live. good morning to you. dan: this is one of the biggest events of the season for the varsity wrestling team. they are headed up to columbia' s -- headed up to columbus. the athletic director calls the event uplifting after a very difficult week for the team and the school. investigators say austin hancock fired several shots in the cafeteria, injuring several people, including an another roesler, cooper caffrey. the school called yesterday a
6:56 am
they said they will continue to have a police presence on campus and taking a closer look at the school safety plan to make sure they have everything covered and also have counselors on hand for anyone needing to talk about what has happened. we are live in madison township, dan griffin. mark: dan, thank you. the search continues for a team of these targeting senior citizens and women with physical disabilities. one of them wasn' t an 83-year-old women -- one of them was an 83-year-old woman. wallet. about these crimes. lisa: republican candidates go head to head in their first debate since super tuesday. dr. ben carson will not be attending tonight' s debate, hinting that he could potentially drop out soon. the other four candidates are
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greatest show on earth. the ringling brothers barnum & the last local performances featuring elephants. the decision was made in part anti-elephant ordinances. you. randi: in most places, the pavement is wet. we are seeing the snow stick a little too overpasses. , then rain and snow this afternoon. right now, starting with snow showers, but already starting to 38 today. don' the way of accumulation. tomorrow, 40.
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lisa: a phony, a fraud. just out what amitt romney is claiming to say about donald trump today as republican leaders openly consider finding a third party candidate to take on trump. with another big debate tonight donald trump will join us live to respond. welcome home. scott kelly arrived from texas overnight and reunites with his


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