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tv   WLWT News 5 at 1100  NBC  March 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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bingo: they saw the gun and according to investigators never said anything about it. sheree: two 14-year-old students are facing charges connected to the shooting at madison junior, senior high, this week. wlwt news 5' s emily wood is live with the message being sent. emily: the court says it could take weeks before the two teens have to appear before a judge but if found guilty they could face up to six months here at the juvenile detention center or on house arrest. as madison junior senior high school tries to move forward, more charges bring to light the importance of see something, say something. butler county sheriff richard jones says the shooter, austin hancock, showed his gun to two of his classmates monday morning but they never reported it. >> they might feel like it' s like being a snitch. it' s your life and you don' t want to end up having to go to
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emily: the 14-year-old boys are now facing failure to report a crime, a misdemeanor in the 4th degree. defense attorney mark krumbein says they cannot be tried as adults but could face jail time or a variety of other punishments. >> they could be placed on home incarceration, given work details, fines and costs, put on probation, things of that nature so the possible punishments are different than in the adult system. emily: sheriff jones has yet to release a motive but says hancock took the gun from a relative two days before the shooting. parents in the area say if his classmates had reported it, monday may never have happened. >> i mean they are 14 but they know right from wrong. >> you start learning right from wrong when you turn 12, ok, so they know. emily: both the sheriff and defense attorney stressed the
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conversation with your children knowing the laws when it comes as well as knowing the laws when it comes to school safety. reporting live in hamilton, ew, mily woods. sheree: defense attorney mark krumbein says in the state of ohio depending on what the judge decides the teenagers could juveniles could remain on probation until they' re adults. mike: battling for a dream, just days after the nightmare shooting involving his team mates. tonight, only on wlwt, news 5' s zack wells spoke with a wrestler from madison, who' s trying to win a state title in columbus. zack: the lights and wrestling shine brightest in columbus. >> i knew what my goal was. what it has been all season.
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zack: he won his semi-final match. the model appears to be, all business. >> the kids have their eyes on the prize and they came to do what they have done all season. they have to get the focus. it was an outline it for them to keep other things away from affecting them. zack: he moved up from division iii to division ii and could be first mohawk to go back to back. >> it would be a legacy for him. >> we are going to wake up, come here. russell six more minutes. zack: six more minutes to make history. in columbus, zack wells. mike: support continues to roll in for svarda and madison as a whole. today every school from madison'
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banner to the school to show support for the mohawks. -- new at 11:00, a series of break-ins at the work of one man. daniel elam is being held on $50,000. police say elam admitted to breaking into five churches near felicity. investigators say, he also admitted to stealing from the public library. police have recovered and returned about $1500 worth of church property. in middletown new murder charges weeks after a mother was shot to death. a dayton man is now charged in brittany russell' s death. russell was found shot in her car with her baby in the backseat. curtis burdette was previously arrested on a drug charge. he' s now facing several more charges including aggravated
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mike: a search for answers in a deadly crash in cold spring kentucky. people have created a memorial at the site on u.s. 27. 30-year-old desirae hensely of alexandria and her 8-year-old daughter ja-kyra died last night, in a head on collision. police say the other driver, tammy feinauer, crossed the center line. she had to be hospitalized. word of the crash spread through ja-kyra' s elementary school. >> all i know is that i will pray for the family and i will keep them in my thoughts and prayers and ask everyone i know to do the same. rally around the family and hold them tight. mike: police say the investigation is on-going. the police chief says they have not ruled out any possibilities. in elmwood place a father is headed to jail after crashing his car while high on heroin. ryan harding was sentenced to 180 days after admitting to child endangering. police say harding drove over an embankment and passed out in the front seat. they used narcan to revive him . the child has been placed with the mother. mr. carson: there'
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people who love me, they just won' t vote for me. but it' s ok. it' s not a problem. sheree: and then there were 4. ben carson finding some humor this evening while ending his republican bid for the white house. carson suspended his campaign today during a gathering of conservative activists near d.c.. the move was really no supplies especially after he decided not to participate in last night' s debate. and the question, did last night' s debate persuade voters one way or another? tomorrow we' ll find out the impact had in kentucky, anyway. it' s gop caucus day and while turnout is anybody' s guess, wlwt news 5' s todd dykes found voters eager to cast a ballot. >> it' s going to be new to all of us. todd: what' s new in kentucky politics is saturday' s republican presidential caucus. this is going to be our first >> caucus, so we decided to find out where this place was. todd: from 10:00 to 4:00 tomorrow registered republicans will pick their preferred presidential candidate.
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campbell and kenton, will have just one caucus site. the fact the voting hours and number of voting sites are unusual in the bluegrass state doesn' t matter to steve and nancy snyder. >> it' s different, and this is a very unusual election. todd: they' re just glad kentucky republicans will have an actual say in who the party nominates for president as opposed to voting in a may primary after the fact. >> this is a very important election for all americans and all americans need to get out there and vote. todd: phyllis sparks, caucus chair for boone county, appreciates the passion many gop voters have, and she hopes it translates to a big turnout. >> if anyone' s watching the news they' re quite aware of what' s going on around the country and it' s exciting, and we' re relevant. we' re being part of the process. i think we' re going to have a big crowd here tomorrow. i really believe people are tired of what' s going on in our country. i' m going to be here an hour early to say what i got to say on my vote. todd: who do you plan to caucus for tomorrow?
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vote for is mr. trump. sheree: you heard nancy snyder say she supports donald trump. he campaigned in louisville earlier this week. if you' re wondering why kentucky' s gop is holding a caucus tomorrow former candidate rand paul wanted to run for the white house while remaining eligible to run for the senate in the may primary. mike: as for ohio governor john kasich he' s back on the road in holland, michigan. kasich says he' s trying to keep that positive campaign going and says you will not beat donald trump by smearing him. also speaking in maryland today. protection for this summer' s gop convention. cleveland plans to buy 2,000 riot-control suits with prepares to host the july convention. thousands of police officers on hand. the convention is expected to draw at least 50,000 visitors. sheree: dearborn county officials are still looking for
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want to arrest him. prosecutors say craig whitham stole more than $106,000 from the emergency rescue in one year. that' s half the squad' s entire budget. prosecutors telling us whitham admitted to spending the stolen money at casinos before he disappeared. >> on one hand, the emotional spectrum they' re afraid for him, you know where is he? they' re scared for him. and the other hand you want to just grab him and say why' d you do this? sheree: prosecutors say whitham told investigators he had a gambling problem. he was previously convicted of stealing from the post office while he worked there. mike: ohio is getting 50 new officers to patrol state highways. the new patrol graduates will be assigned to various posts across the state. with the new troopers, ohio will have more than 1600 uniformed patrol members. the new troopers were trained on traffic laws, firearms, criminal law and physical fitness.
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tonight in over-the-rhine. the annual bockfest parade kicked off at 6:00 tonight right in front of arnolds cincinnati' s oldest saloon. look at all those characters. a lot of fun. there was a goat there pulling a , keg of bock beer and the sausage queen who led the parade to bockfest hall. tomorrow an indie craft market and bockfest 5-k will take over. a little bit of everything. sheree: i never mind working a friday night, and then i see that and realize the fun we missed. mike: 2 decades after the oj simpson trial, has the murder weapon finally been found? this knife apparently was recovered some 18 years ago. sheree: the bizarre story about who found the knife. and where it was found erik: temperatures falling across the area tonight.
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another system coming. i will to you what that means for the corner. george kentucky schools closing : in on their sweet 16 dreams. look at this. the area' s best basketball programs battling.
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sheree: a small knife, with potentially one huge connection to an infamous double murder. mike: l.a. police are talking about the dramatic developments in the o.j. simpson case. was the murder weapon really buried for all the these years? reporter: it' s been more than twenty years since every twist and turn in the o.j. simpson trial and today another possible clue. a knife that could have been found on o.j. simpson' s former brentwood estate nearly two decades ago is now being tested for forensic evidence. police say someone supposedly gave the knife to a l.a.p.d. police officer working security on a movie set. that officer held onto it. >> he held on to it until just recently when we discovered he had it and we have now recovered it within the last month. reporter: o.j. simpson was tried and acquitted of the 1994 stabbing deaths of his ex-wife, nicole brown simpson and ronald goldman. the supposed murder weapon was
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but the former lead detectiv the case isn' t ready to jump to conclusions. keep this in perspective. this knife apparently was recovered some 18 years ago around the time where several other knives in and around the properties were recovered and turned over by people. reporter: forensic testing could confirm whether this knife is, but even if it is simpson is forever off the hook. the >> we could not charge mr. simpson with the homicides he' s already been charged with cause he' s been acquitted. mike: simpson is currently locked up for armed robbery. he becomes eligible for parole next year. if the knife turns out to be link to him in some way, that fact could be raised at his hearing. >> cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast.
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the past couple of hours. as warm and sunny as it has been, it will not be a bad one. the opportunity for showers, light showers. i don' t think everybody sees rain saturday. sunday, sunshine making a reappearance. if you have been waiting on spring, calendar wise, it does not begin next week but it will feel like it. not so much tonight. skies are clear. winds are calm. temperatures are falling. a big dip in the jet stream which has kept us chilly all week. that is about to change. we are going to get some mild pacific air to spill across the country. sunday, monday, and tuesday of next week,
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the jet stream heads north. there' s always a price when you that will come midweek. the chance for heavy rainfall. as long as skies remain clear. down to 26, 28 in harrison. s. wilmington, hillsboro. we still got some clouds to the east. you see this pocket of clearing across indiana. that is going to be short lived. clouds developing to the west. central indiana, a weather system dropping in our direction for saturday. it is moisture starved and weakening as it moves toward ohio. don' t expect much as it comes through. you can see how the band of showers falls apart. a couple of flurries here and there.
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fall apart. really not a lot going on. nothing terribly heavy. 30 under mostly cloudy skies. look for an afternoon high . tomorrow will be a remarkable day for us. first thing in the morning, there could be a passing flurry but one be of any real consequence. 40' s lunchtime. there may even be a few peaks of the sun but i don' t expect much. sunday looks better. highs climbing into the 50' s and the 60' s. there you go. toward the middle of the week, maybe rain chances on the increase.
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not just quite as warm and nice. sheree: a fund raiser to help the women' s fashion publication cincy chic hosted a date night event at krohn. mike: that is it for us.
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high school m george vogel, along side elise jesse. with the ninth region boys tournament and cooper was up , against a tough one tonight. police: -- it is pretty clear this team has the ability to make a run in the tournament.
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: attack, eric anderson enters it low to mr kentucky candidate ben weyer. you know when the big man gets it that close, there' s nothing you can do. luke moeves blows past his defender on the way to an easy bucket. 16-2, early in the game. float it in. new cath wins 48-34 and will face the winner of friday night' s other quarterfinal game. elise: and that would be dixie heights taking on holy cross. dixie getting things started with tyler schreck' s back to back 3' s to start the game, he was hot early and had 12 points in the first quarter alone but holy cross can shoot the ball pretty well. alex hecker with the first of two threes. a close game all night. tyler bezold decides that' s enough deep balls and he drives it in from left side for the basket. they continued to force it inside and win this one 58-46 and will play newcath sunday at 2:30. time to make the big switch over to some girls high school hoops
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all the excitement going down in kentucky. george: a lot of excitement in the bluegrass. ladies semi finals. derek force was cover the action. dere k: we' ve reached the semi finals of the 10th region girls basketball tournament in kentucky with two viewing area teams in the mix scott on one . side of the bracket, and campbell county on the other side. the camels with the home court advantage taking george rogers clark in lexington. the attempt is no good. clark county brings it up the court and they are going to get it back to number four, jasmine flowers. she will launch the three. that sends the game to overtime. she goes up for two. she puts them up by three. they go to the semi finals with
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the second game of the night has the lady eagles meeting up with mason county. alexis stapleton pops the jumper. later in the quarter, scott on the break, summer secrist with the drive and the layup, and one, lady eagles up 5 more from scott, anna clephane goes up with the left hand, they take an eight point lead as they grab the one point win over mason county, 63-62 was the final. so great competition over at campbell county friday night as both games were decided by only three points combined with one game decided in overtime. that sets up a 10th region girls final between campbell county and scott saturday night at 7pm, :00 p.m..
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started. elise: plus the thomas more women looking to continue their undefeated run. we have the best shots of the night coming your way on the blitz. >> mcdonald' s is proud to present the student athlete of the week. anna is a southern buckeye scholar athlete and a member of the student council. her gpa is 4.5 weighted. brody is the scholar athlete and a member of the national honor society. his gpa is 4.0 weighted. >> if you know so one who deserves to be the next student athlete of the week, let us know. drop us a line.
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george: we are back with more blitz. getting back with our basketball insider. we have tournament action going on. big district championships up in dayton. we have mason taking on wilmington. this should be a good one. >> mason has to control the pace of this game. wilmington averaging 75 points a game. on the flip side, lament and has to push the pace. george: he makes the hurricane go. i have said there are four games. > weighing, undefeated going against lakota east. >> five guys scoring almost double figures. they have to keep this game at a low score.
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george: la salle, dealing with an injury. >> cj fleming has to step up. he is a gamer. springfield. pace. they need to stop the springfield kid. get the ball to trey mcbride. george: it is our last blitz. thank you very much. we will do it again. back to you. eli se: the saints hosting laroche college. we go to the first half. finished with 10 points on the night. they continue to facilitate the offense. the assist to madison temple. you can' t show a highlight
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playing gilford college. and the mount saint joe maddon, playing their first round game. the lions all to hope college, 98-87. george: we have a lot going on saturday. the ohio state wrestling tournament. the final race for season home games. , also action in kentucky. in ohio, mason battling with lakota west. college basketball falling to will highs -- to ohio. in the reds falling to the
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[ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart


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