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tv   WLWT News 5 Today Weekend  NBC  March 5, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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they may just cloud cover, so nothing to have been the forecast today. jonathan: temperatures not bad for running. jennifer: 35-ish right now, some not too bad. we do have scattered rain showers made day and afternoon. i don' t think it will dampen your plans in the sense, but nothing had be expected. it should not be ongoing. temperatures in the mid to upper 30' s right now and climbing. everybody comfortably back to the freezing mark and heading to the 40' s this afternoon. all of the ohio counties and indiana -- showers sliding east in our direction, said they will be over spreading our kentucky counties. they have been developing for the last hour or two. we will see the trend continue and more showers develop into the mid day and afternoon. a wet and improvement tomorrow.
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jonathan: thank you. another cincinnati community has been hit by gun violence overnight, leaving one person dead. wlwt news 5' s richard chiles is live in the west end with the latest on this shoting -- shooting investigation. good morning. richard: good morning. the cincinnati police remaining here in the 700 block of derek turnbow. shots rang out just before 2:30 a.m. district one officers found one man dead inside of his home. alterable shots were fired on the scene. this is capping off a pilot night. -- violent night. they also respond to a shooting around 11:30 last night and one person was transported to the medical center. that person has not life-threatening injuries. again, a more tragic ending with one man dead in cincinnati
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at this time, anyone with information regarding the homicide should contact crime stoppers at 513-152-3040. richard chiles wlwt. jonathan: thank you. they saw the gun and according to investigators, never said anything about it. this morning, two 14-year-old students are facing charges connected to the shooting at madison junior-senior high this week. monday morning, austin hancock shot two of his classmates and injured two more in the cafeteria. this after show allegedly showing the two students the gun. hancock is currently facing attempted murder and felony assault charges. it is also against the law to not report a weapon. we spoke with a local defense attorney who says the teens cannot be tried as adults but could face a variety of penalties. >> they could be placed on home incarceration, given work details, fines and costs, put on probation, things of that nature, so the possible
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in the adult system. jonathan: defense attorney mark krumbein says in the state of ohio, depending on what the judge decides, the teenagers could remain on probation until they' re adults. happening today, the family of a northern kentucky woman, found dead after being missing for a month, will say their final goodbyes. the funeral for tara turner will begin at 11:00 at the people' s funeral home in falmouth. turner' s body was found in a creek by some people fishing last sunday. tara is the mother of three children. investigators still have not said how she died. she will be buried at terrell cemetery in corbin, kentucky tomorrow. , in commitment 2016, today is the caucus for the gop in the bluegrass state and the polls are now open. kentucky is among the five states weighing-in on the 2016 race for the white house. hillary clinton and donald trump look to add to their recent super tuesday wins, while their rivals hope to bolster their delegate counts. >> it' s not a big enough collection of delegates to be a game-changer, but it'
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keeping an eye on it for no other reason than just to make sure the donald trump trajectory towards that nomination hasn' t been altered in any way. jonathan: the trend will be the story either way in the republican race or share. there are 46 delegates up for grabs today in kentucky. voting goes from 10:00 until 4:00. voters must be registered as republicans to vote. they are off this morning, , hundreds of runners have kicked the beer bash into high gear. the fourth annual bockfest 5-k is now underway. runners will pass several historic brewery sites in over the rhine and finish with a cold beer at bockfest hall. today, there will also be an indie craft market. i think ahead heard 2500 runners and it was sold out. that they are in full force. proceeds support the brewery district and the cincinnati
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no word yet under the queen kobe for next year. we will report on that tomorrow. -- no word yet on who the queen will be for next year. we will report on that tomorrow. and two local entrepreneurs are their brewery. stoeber and eric tanner are the co-owners of brewers buddy. the two would brew batches of garage, and they say they' re ready to take their business to the next level. they will unveil their new plan with a launch party at braxton brewing company in covington at 1:00 p.m. a suspect is now in custody after a deadly shooting in columbus. conditions and the charges the suspect is facing. we will find those runners out there on the road in the brewing district. hopefully, staying fairly dry
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stay with us jonathan: welcome back. one man is in custody in columbus, after a shooting that left one child dead. police say 18-year-old marctarius grace was arrested on a murder charge in the death of 7-year-old deonte m. fisher. the shooting happened at a convenience store on friday. police say a 5-year-old boy and 19-year-old rayquan holloway were hospitalized and are in stable condition. investigators believe that holloway and the children were in a car that was sprayed with bullets. it' s been more than twenty years
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now, a possible clue. it actually got started 21 years ago. a knife possibly found on o.j. simpson' s former brentwood estate nearly two decades ago is now being tested for forensic evidence. that testing could confirm whether this knife is, or is not, connected to the case. we are saying it could be the knife used in the murder. police say someone supposedly gave the knife to an l.a.p.d. police officer working security on a movie set years ago. >> he held on to it until just recently, when we discovered he had it and we have now recovered it within the last month. jonathan: o.j. simpson was tried and acquitted of the 1994 stabbing deaths of his ex-wife, nicole brown simpson, and ronald goldman. trial. even if the knife is proved to have been involved, mr. simpson could not be charged with the homicides again. tournament play. we have the latest from the women and men'
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in your morning sports. jennifer: some rain showers this morning for our southern counties. most of us have been dry so far, the we will see more showers this afternoon. we will talk about where the
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s most certified, accurate forecast. jennifer: welcome back. a dry step for most of us but we do have brain building in the seven counties. nothing on the radar, but across indiana, some rain showers and a moving into carol, gallatin the wind county. moderate to heavy intense rain that is spreading to the east and it will continue into midday and we will see scattered showers today to midday and afternoon hours. at one point, not all of us getting wet, but we will see something today. the rain will be getting heavier in grant county in the near future. if you are running for the bockfest 5k, it is dry and cool out there. temperatures bottom out in the low 30' s this morning and climbing out to the mid 30' s.
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eight miles an hour. visibility at five miles with thick cloud cover. we will keep the clouds around today and they will bring this showers from time to time. not a washout forecast, but showers for all of us at some point during the day. temperatures climbing to the mid to upper 40' s. it will be liquid precipitation with mild temperatures today. satellite radar showing showers redeveloping this morning with early-morning snowflakes coming through between about 4:00 and 6:00 a.m. and they have pushed out and subsided. rain shower returns to cloud cover and rain around today. it' s lights out for this evening and high-pressure places it on sunday, and that will help clear the skies were tomorrow with sunshine for sunday and temperatures in the low 50' s. we will salvage the second half of our weekend. couple of degrees above average tomorrow, but the general trend behind the high-pressure have a nice flow to help temperatures
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we are on the cooler side tomorrow in the low 50' s, but we jumped to the mid-to-upper 60' s come monday and tuesday. with the warm return, the warm flow from the southwest will grab enough moisture and bring brack a rainy -- bring back the rain the side that. -- the rain he said that carried locally heavier, especially this morning in northern kentucky. we dropped off to 33. for sunday, more sunshine, 52 degrees, light and variable wind tomorrow and the wind has south wind for monday and tuesday to help with the temperatures in the mid to upper 60' s. partly cloudy and a dry start to the work week. we start the chance for the rain to set up and it looks a heaviest stays to the west for the second half of next week, but we will have periods of heavy rain as well. looks like that will be on thursday. temperatures all above average next week. jonathan: i like that wind music you had in there.
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high school basketball teams tournament. the news 5 sports crew has all the details in your morning sports. >> welcome to the blitz on saturday. i am george. george: cooper up against a tough one must met. jessica: in the last two months, it was pretty clear the team would have a deep run. george: the jaguars getting pumped up for this quarterfinal. derek anderson enters of below and then been wire -- ben wire and he gets it that close. luke blows past his offender on the way to a bucket, 16-2, early. sean mchugh getting the pass in
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the winner will be based on friday nights other finalist game. >> that would be dixie heights taking on holy cross last night. dixie getting things started with back-to-back threes to start off the game. he was caught early with 12 points in the first quarter alone, but holy cross, do not underestimate them, they can shoot the ball, too. the first of two straight threes and it was a close game on that long. tyler decided that was enough, and they drive didn' t on the website. they continue to force it inside and they win this 158-46 and they play newcastle on sunday at 2:30. time to make the switch to girls high school hoops. all the excitement in kentucky last night. george: it is the 10th region ladies semi finals with derek forrest cap -- covering the action. derek: thank you. we reach the semi finals for the girls tournament in kentucky with two viewing area teams
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scott on one side of the bracket , campbell county on the other. campbell with a home-court advantage in taking on george, fourth quarter we go, campbell county of three at the line. the intent is no good and clark county brings it up to court and they get it back. jasmine flowers will launch the deep ball and nails it, sending the game to overtime. in the overtime session, they are working around and up for two, and she puts them up by three. campbell county gets to the semifinals with a 73-71 win over clark county and overtime. [cheering] to eric: the second game of the night has the lady eagles leading up with mason county we picked this up in the first quarter. alexis stapleton stops and the jumper with a one-point lead. later in the quarter, scott on
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and the lady eagles up five. more from scott. goes up with the left hand, takes an eight point lead as the grab the one point lead over mason county, 63-62, final. great competition that campbell county is both teams were decided or both games were decided by three points combined with one game decided in overtime, so that sets up a 10th region girls final between campbell county and scott later tonight at 7:00 p.m. >> mcdonald' s a greater cincinnati is proud to present the mcdonald' s blitz five student athlete of the week. elise: tyler is a senior at holy cross high school and plays on the basketball team, a member of the 1000 point club. for the past few years, tyler has participated in a pickup game of wheelchair basketball. his gpa is 3.2. morgan gabbert is also a senior
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morgan has won the most prestigious award and is a member of the national honor society with a gpa of 4.03. >> if you know someone who deserves to be the next student mcdonald' s athlete of the week, drop us a line and let us know or e-mail us at jonathan: a local hotel showing it cares about our four-legged friends. coming up, the rescues coming together for a pet adoption. your live look outside to the cam with some of those walkers tried to make their way through the course.
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jennifer: welcome back. it is three local rescue groups 10:23. are coming together with a hotel to help some cute dogs find a forever home. joining me this morning is jessica button from courtyard marriott, as well as china clare -- kelly from tales of hope and kathy. thank you for coming in. tell us about your event.
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>> we are having our second annual dog adoption of the courtyard and we have three rescue groups together. we will have a family-friendly day with crafts, food, and fun. jennifer: and this will get together with three different groups. >> kelly and i have always been into dogs and we love to help dogs. we both rescue their own dogs and laura works in the capital growth and involved with rescues, so he came together. jennifer: you guys bring more dogs and you help organize? how does this work out? >> we will have about 40 dogs of various ages and sizes. we brought a variation this morning. jennifer: who did you bring? >> we have had the end duke. jennifer: what kind of dogs? >> doberman pinscher' s. jennifer: how many roughly? >> we just do doberman rescue.
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and they are a bonded pair, so we are trying to get them to be adopted together. jennifer: how old are they? >> seven years old. jennifer: where are you getting docs from? >> these are litter puppies that we have, two of four. they are labrador and shepherd neck' s is. they are siblings. both of them are black. we have about 20 and a lot of puppies, so they are a pack of two of four. jennifer: for the family-friendly activities, that is going on as well? >> yes, we have painting, a craft booth, and it is a great success. jennifer: how many did you rescue last year? >> almost 30. most of the dogs were adopted. jennifer: good luck this year. that is plenty of dogs. go out to get your puppy or your older dog to take him.
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drive will be next weekend, sunday, march 13 at the courtyard cincinnati rookwood. just head there from noon until 3:00. thank you for coming in. jonathan: meet your dog at the hotel and it will take away all your reservations. there' s still a lot more ahead on wlwt news 5 today, including kentucky republicans get a chance to weigh in on the presidential race. how polling sites are preparing for this weekend' s caucuses. you live look outside to the cam 5. bockfest 5k underway.
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jonathan: now on news 5 today, a break in the case of the murder of a middletown mom, who police are now accusing of shooting brittany russell while her 6-month-old daughter was in the backseat. richard: police actively looking for man' s killer. we will bring you the latest from the west and. jonathan: and clouds bringing wet weather and cooler temperatures, although, it is cold enough for now. jennifer schack will tell us when we will see showers. it' s saturday, march 5, 2016 and this is wlwt news 5 today. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way this is news 5 , today. jonathan: good morning and welcome. thank you for joining us.
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people were jumping over her at the circus yesterday. jennifer: they told me it was safe and it was, some bikers jumping over me. they were surprised i did that. i was like, i thought you said everybody. jonathan: it was safe. today, you could get a little wet. jennifer: we have showers building in, depending on where you are at. heavier in northern kentucky, but downtown is dry with a couple flurries earlier and they have moved out with mainly cloud cover. temperatures are climbing, but take a look at the wlwt radar with northern kentucky, not the same story. this is a robust area of heavier with yellow and red popping up for moderate to slightly heavier intensity. rain is exciting off to the east . expect rain coverage to upper spread. we have more of these showers building. it will not be a washout forecast and we will not all get
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time the day is done, we will all likely see showers if not heavier bands come through. clouds of around today and rain showers for the afternoon. cool and cloudy today and it looks like tomorrow is when the sun will return. temperatures will climb. we have several enjoyable days and washout wet ones. we will go through the seven jonathan: thank you. cincinnati police spend the night gathering clues after a shooting leaves a man dead. wlwt' s richard chiles is live in the west end, where police are searching for a suspect. richard? richard: good morning. an active investigation continuing in the 700 block of derrick turnbow avenue just -- avenue. just before 2:30 a.m. police arrived to find a male , shot. officers also responded to another scene about 11:30 last night, district one officers are
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they continue the investigation at this time. officers continue to search through clues and the crime scene investigation units i work at the multiple showcasing' s reporting multiple shots fired inside of this 700 block of derrick turnbow. when officers arrived, they found one man dead. they are asking one with anyone or information to call crimestoppers. reporting live from the west end, richard chiles. jonathan: thank you. new details into a deadly overnight shooting in the west and, and it happened in the 700 block of derrick turnbow avenue just before 2:30 a.m. police arrived to find a male shot. he died at the scene. this is the story we just brought you live with richard. let me go to the next one in middletown. new murder charges weeks after a mother was shot to death. a dayton man is now charged in brittany russell' s death. russell was found shot in her
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curtis burdette was previously arrested on a drug charge. he' s now facing several more charges, including aggravated murder, felony assault and child endangerment. the prosecutor has not released a motive. a series of break-ins at clermont county churches may be the work of one man. daniel elam is being held on $50,000 bond. police say elam admitted to breaking into five churches near felicity ohio. -- felicity, ohio. investigators say he also admitted to stealing from the public library. police have recovered and returned about $1500 worth of church property. >> here' s a lot of people who they just won' but it' s ok. [laughter] it' s not a problem. of humor. and then there were four. ben carson finding some humor republican bid for the white carson suspended his campaign during a gathering of conservative activists near d.c. the move was no surprise, especially after he decided not night'
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today, we' ll find out if thursday' s debate had an impact in kentucky. it' s gop caucus day. from 10:00 to 4:00, registered republicans will pick their preferred presidential candidate. most counties, including boone, campbell and kenton, will have just one caucus site. many voters we talked to are glad kentucky republicans will have an actual say in who the party nominates for president as opposed to voting in a may primary after the fact. >> this is a very important election for all americans and all americans need to get out there and vote. >> if anyone' s watching the news, they' re quite aware of what' s going on across the country, and it' s exciting, and we' re relevant. we' re being part of the process. jonathan: if you' re wondering why kentucky' s gop is holding a caucus today, it is that man. former candidate rand paul wanted to run for the white to run for the senate in the may primary. as for ohio governor john kasich, he' s back on the road in holland, michigan. kasich says he'
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his positive campaign going and says you will not beat donald trump by smearing him. in addition to michigan, kasich also spoke in maryland. an event happening today that will make a difference for our youth. today cincinnati mayor john , cranley' s annual youth career path expo takes place. young people, between 14 and 18, will be able to get information about summer jobs, internships and apprenticeships. there will also be workshops and information about higher education. the event will be at the community action agency in bond hill until noon. the greatest show on your has returned to the u.s. bank arena. the ringling brothers and barnum and bailey circus has five more performances of circus xtreme. they sent this video of the show. it includes acrobats strong men -- acrobats, strongmen clowns , and for the final year, circus elephants. look sick they had camels, too. today'
10:36 am
, 3:00 p.m., and 7:00 p.m. ringling brothers isn' t the only ones putting on a show. the short drive that will get you into the circus for free . looks like fun. we will talk to them, coming up. i think 2500 folks took part in
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we will be back at news a jonathan: welcome back. rising star casino is bringing the big top to indiana. this month, circus mojo will be at the casino to show off its best acts. joining us this morning from circus mojo is paul miller as as well as men well -- manuel. how did to get the partnership going? >> it was pretty great. i was a clown and i worked with then. we decided to bring something really needs to the circus. it is rising star casino with shows there friday, saturday night. jonathan: what do you call this? >> that is the monowheel. jonathan: he got sideways on that. is that centers focal -- centrifugal force or something like that?
10:40 am
jonathan: that is amazing. >> it is a circus and you have to work hard and we tried to get it going. jonathan: don' t tell me you have not crushed a finger at some point. incredible. >> you really are paying attention. jonathan: there are some consequences for how about juggling? >> there are four of them going. very nice. >> want to see fire? jonathan: wow. that is incredible. very good. i can do three but that is it. i could never do for. >> you just take a step forward, got it, ready -- look at this. you might be running away with us. jonathan: people of the circus. circus mojo is a little bit more friendly, a good field. >> we teach circus skills to the kids at the circus hospital and
10:41 am
you have been on the unicycle, now juggling, one a try the wheel. jonathan: bring on the wheel. this is going to be dangerous. nothing fancy, but you gave me one quick course. somebody call hr. my problem is i and not keeping the ring in front of me. [laughter] jonathan: i made it almost all the way around. thank you very much. >> check us out. sunday. jonathan: this is my part. >> you can do my. jonathan: check it out at the rising star casino' s pavilion at the top of the hour, fridays and saturdays, starting at 6:00 and sundays starting at 2:00. go out and enjoy yourself.
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coming up, the excitement you will see from last night. a preview of today' coming up your morning sports. how about the weather? jennifer: weather looks cloudy and showers arriving. 40' s. temperatures into our work week. sunshine on the horizon. nothing fancy, but you gave me one quick course.
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>> cincinnati' s most certified, accurate forecast. jennifer: welcome back, cloudy start. we have cloud cover. visibility was down rather low and it is improving, but clouds hanging tight. they will stick around all afternoon. at times, showers with the clouds. rain showers developing early in indiana and spreading across northern kentucky communities and pushing to the east. nothing too widespread, but we do have about of showers that will develop into the afternoon and evening hours with lingering light showers. heavy through a win in grant county right now. expect the rain band to increase in robertson county in the next half-hour. some of it heavy in spots and most is fairly light and staying south to the 275 loop.
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counties but we will develop additional showers for the entire region before the day is over and we will all likely see showers at some point. 36 the current temperature. all liquid precipitation and above freezing. south wind at eight miles an hour and visibility climbing. upper 30' s and rain showers around now and more for the afternoon. temperatures keep climbing to the mid 40' s for afternoon highs. satellite radar showing activity that moved through this morning with the band of snow showers between about 4:00 and 7:00 a.m. morning. rest will all be liquid. the chance of the morning flurry has come to an end. afternoon rain showers scattered for the area and it will push out late evening. high pressure will move our way overnight and it will break up the clouds and that means lighter wind and a lot more sunshine.
10:47 am
and fairly mild to cool side, the 50' s. when you compare it to the 60' s and 70' s for next week, it will seem a little cold. that warm air will surge in sunday night into monday when the wind picks up. monday' s temperatures will drop about 10 degrees or 12 degrees with highs back to the 60' s. as we get rid of the cool air mass that has been in place for a couple of days, a stretch of highs only in the 30' s. we come out of it today in the 40' s but mild air starting to build in late weekend and into next week. it will be mild and dry to start the week and mild and elected and the week -- mild then wet to end the week very kind of dance throughout the day today. some drizzle possible at times. 33 for a low tonight and 52 on sunday. pretty seasonable and above-average all next week. 64 and monday, 69 on tuesday and partly cloudy and dry to start
10:48 am
the wettest they will be thursday and showers lingering to friday. here is your saturday morning sports. george: welcome back to the blitz on a saturday morning. look-alike got out of bed early. this is not early for you. our blitz basketball insider alex. good to have you back. alex: derek about broke me. george: i am not on derek' s workout plan, obviously. alex: he is impressive building. george: a lot going on in dayton today. before big division i district championships in the southwest region in ohio. mason in wilmington go added in the first game at 1:00. what he is see question mark alex: nason has -- what do you see?
10:49 am
you need to keep them under 15. wilmington needs to push the pace the game, get the ball to jan cumberland. george: that is game number one and game number two tips off a 3:00 with east and undefeated lane, a talented bunch. alex: that is five kids averaging about double figures, said that will be a tough match and they will have to limit the turnovers and makes shots. they need to do the same thing from last game to be successful. george: evening game at 7:00, what you think about the lancer chances? alex: tj fleming has a step up. he has been -- they need to control the pace of the game and it in the 50' s. george: and we have karl cramer calling the shots taking on springfield at 9:00.
10:50 am
they had for dinner. they need to control that and they will be playing on the big court. they will spread it and get to the bucket and i think they will be fine. george: you know, it will be 9:00 and karl will be sneaking around for that team dinner. [laughter] this is it for the blitz. alex: will i be back? i had a great time. george: thank you. police, back to you. elise: thank you. the saints were hosting in the opening round of the division iii opening tournament. first half, sydney mosque whipped it. inside to nikki and they close the finish with 10 points on the night. kiernan continues to assist. she had eight points. cannot do this highlight with sydney moss. she led the win and they will play guilford college tonight at
10:51 am
the mount saint joe men in their first trip to the division iii, playing their first round. yesterday, the lions fall to help college, 98-87, final. george: plenty to do on saturday. the ohio state wrestling tournament continues in columbus. xavier will be in action. it is senior day and the musketeers posting at 2:30. we have action from the girls in kentucky. and we have holmes versus connor in ohio. mason will be battling with the west. jonathan: madison high school wrestler staying focused. svarda is in columbus competing for the state title just days after the tragic shooting that rocked his school, and involved his teammates. svarda won his semi-final match at 220 pounds and will compete in today' s final. >> i knew what my goal was. i was ready to go when i got
10:52 am
that is what i have stayed focus on. jonathan: good for you. svarda was moved up from division three to two for this year and could become the first madison mohawk ever to win back-back state titles. after the break, a final check of the top stories of the morning and the tri-state' s most accurate forecast. our fears safety, a little great
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he jonathan: welcome back. let' s get an update on the morning stories. overnight, and now, we' ve leared the victim has died. it happed in the 700 block of derrick turnbow avenue just before 2:30 a.m. police arrived to find a male shot. he died at the scene. his identity has not been released and no arrests have been made. two 14-year-old students are facing charges connected to the shooting at madison junior-senior high. police say austin hancock shot two of his classmates and
10:57 am
cafeteria on monday. he did this after allegedly showing the two students the gun. if found guilty, they could face up to six months at the juvenile detention center or home incarceration. hancock is currently facing attempted murder and felony assault charges. it' s gop caucus day in kentucky. there are 46 delegates up for grabs. registered republicans will pick their preferred presidential candidate. most counties, including boone, campbell and kenton will have just one caucus site. p.m. we are getting tweets that the lines are long. jennifer: if you are waiting outside, have the jacket . it is in the 30' s and we end up in the 40' s for highs today. rain moving in depending where you are, so have been umbrella. we have go in and grant county down the pendleton county where threatening downtown and the 275
10:58 am
we will seek additional showers building in into the afternoon. before the day is over, most of us get wed at some point. nothing too heavy or prolonged, but we will see afternoon scattered showers. 47 today, all liquid and above freezing now. we stayed there in the 40' s for the afternoon. a couple of days of sunshine and warming temperatures. at the end of the stretch, tuesday at 69 with sunshine, and after that, we will get the walked back with moisture for week. jonathan: not the 40 after today. jennifer: which is where we should be for averages. doing really well the second week of march. the replay.
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