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tv   WLWT News 5 at 1100  NBC  March 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:29pm EST

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courtis: a record turnout in the bluegrass state. >> this was a very unique experience. courtis: voters coming out in droves for the first gop presidential caucus in kentucky. making sure their preferred candidate makes it to the top. >> and trump did this. he woke everbody up, he did it. courtis: how caucus officials handled the big crowds. and who' s even closer to becoming the republican' s nominee for president. courtis: us. the associated press, nbc, and republican party calling the race for donald trump. winning the kentucky caucus with 35%.
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marco rubio insert -- in third. donald trump is speaking right now in west palm beach, florida. let' s listen in. donald trump: i' m having a lot of fun. ted cruz, i was watching him -- and congratulations. he was saying that donald trump as a sealing the 40%. cnn just came out with opponents said i have 49% compared to his 15%. i have a 49% number. some of the polling shows over 50%. i don' t even think they are accurate. i have one many polls against hillary clinton directly. i' m the only one that will be there if she is allowed to run. i'
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and the only 1 -- or member that -- and i am the one person -- the one person -- trust me -- that she does not want to run against. we only had one skirmish four weeks ago and that was not pleasant for her and bill but i' m the one person -- and, you know, i' m ashamed to the press because they got it wrong. engaged in a credit when she went like this -- a couple weeks ago, all of a sudden, bernie was even great. did you know ayako because of my skirmish -- and i don' t -- please give me some credit for that ok. [laughter] [applause] i look forward to the race . i haven' t and anything with hillary. we have been started on hillary except for that moment that i think we' re going to have something great.
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watched her statement tonight and her statement is, make america whole. that is a terrible statement. make america whole. i think she means we are in a deep hole and we are trying to did a way out -- we own $19 trillion and if that is the kind of promotional ability we have on the other side our country is -- no. make america great again. make america great again, ok? courtis: that was frontrunner donald trump speaking from florida. he won the kentucky caucus and we will have more on that throughout the show. we have life team coverage tonight. jenell walton is covering the long lines, and long waits, at the polls. but first, wlwt news 5' s todd dykes is live in independence, with what voters are saying, about their choice for
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todd. reporter: voters i talked to are happy so many people showed up at this school in kenton county to make their voices heard, and some voters weren' t bashful when i asked who they want to see in the white house. reporter: moments after casting her ballot in kentucky' s first caucus in three decades linda clark made it clear she supports donald trump. >> who' d you caucus for? >> the one that i voted for? >> yes. >> how come? >> i just feel like he' s the man that' s going to help our country. reporter: linda was among a huge crowd of gop voters who endured in independence kenton county' s >> it' s unbelievable. i' and trump did this. he did it. thank you, trump. reporter: some republican strategist in northern kentucky worried turnout would be low because the vote fell on a saturday.
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>> i am amazed and in wonder at what i see today. laying my eyes upon this >> we' ve got the board of ve had dozens of people today switch their party registration today. people, lifelong democrats, are they' re switching, coming on board with the republican brand. reporter: while some may say that' s the trump effect, kenneth webster isn' t so sure. >> voted for ted cruz. reporter: whatever the outcome webster is impressed so many took part in the caucus process. >> nobody even dreamed it would be like this, at least i didn' t. love seeing all the people out here to vote. >> i just think it' s great. i think it' s a wonderful thing that we' re doing. and i think the people need to have a say. and this is one way of doing it. reporter: today' s caucus was paid for by former candidate rand paul because he wanted to run for the white house while still having a chance to keep his u.s. senate seat. whether or not there will be a caucus during the next presidential race is now in the
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party. todd dykes, wlwt news 5. courtis: for the voters todd was talking with casting their caucus vote, was no easy task. many waited for more than an s jenell walton is live in boone county with that part of our team coverage. jenell. reporter: the lines were unbelievable. actually waiting to vote before the polls even opened. >> actually i was the next to last car to get in here and i was like ok. reporter: carol walsh says she in the republican caucus before she says she went to the florence baptist church and zion road earlier in the day, but decided to leave and return in hopes of missing the crowd and long lines. the kasich supporter says she made it seconds before the polls
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>> my strategy was to go to the grocery store and come back and then the lines exiting here and the lines exiting north and south i 75 which is totally backed up all day just really bad. reporter: there were lots of reasons voters said it was worth waiting in long lines in the parking lot to vote some wanted to stop donald tromp it is tracks. >> it surprised me they put only one place to vote in each county, unless they expected a very low turnout, which we obviously had a huge turnout. i' m hoping that' s to stop trump. reporter: however, trump and marco rubio had their supporters too. >> i vote for trump. i did i' d like to see a change. you can' t buy him off. he doesn' t owe anybody anything, right. we need a change in washington. >> we wound up doing a pitch and being able to talk about senator rubio with those folks that were ben carson supporters and a lot of them flipped toward rubio, so
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efforts today. a lot of excitement here in boone county. reporter: officials say they hope the momentum continues until november during the election. courtis: nationally, this was not the dominating performance donald trump was hoping for. he is still the front-runner. but ted cruz made strides today, and marco rubio fell further away from the top tier. chris pollone has more, on this super saturday of voting. reporter: on super saturday, texas senator ted cruz visited the winner' s circle first, picking up at least 17 delegates winning the kansas caucus and 12 more by winning maine. >> i think the combination of super tuesday election results, the last 2 debates together has been more and more unifying
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and that is a very, very encouraging sign. reporter: cruz picking up a symbolic win, too in the straw poll at cpac, the annual gathering of conservatives in washington, florida senator marco rubio got a warm welcome at cpac as well, and used his appearance to slam frontrunner donald trump. >> being a conservative cannot simply be about how long you' re willing to scream, how angry you' re willing to be, or how many names you' re willing to call people. reporter: cpac is usually a key stop for republicans hoping to win the nomination, but donald trump is playing by his own rules. trump skipped the conference to campaign in florida, where a big bounty of delegates is up for grabs in just 10 days. >> if we win florida, it' s over. reporter: democrat bernie sanders was hoping to pick up some momentum on super saturday, entering the day with half the delegates of hillary clinton, he won the kansas and nebraska caucuses. but clinton countered with a resounding win in louisiana. and already has her sights set on michigan.
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and we all know the stakes keep getting higher and the rhetoric we' re hearing from the other side keep sinking lower. reporter: sunday more delegates on the line republicans have a primary in puerto rico, and democrats caucus in maine. with contests in hawaii, idaho, mississippi and michigan following on tuesday. chris pollone, nbc news, new york. courtis: wlwt is leading the way with all your political news coverage and results, get the latest up to date information from the campaign trail on and wlwt mobile app. neighbors issue a renewed call tonight to step up and speak out against gun violence. after a man dies in the west end. tonight police identified the victim as 46-year-old charles weathers. they say he was shot multiple times inside his house on derrick turnbow avenue just
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folks from the organization cincinnati works say they have seen too many shootings. they want people to come forward with information. >> we got to save our community. so if you have a cancer in your community, then we have to do something to get rid of that cancer. we got these community action envelopes that we pass out, you can remain anonymous, just put down you saw something, say something. write on the envelope and send it in and we' ll take of that. courtis: police say if you know anything you can call crime stoppers anonymously. the number is 513-352-3040. a reading man is now accused of holding his girlfriend at gunpoint and hurting her 10-month-old son. swat responded to the apartment complex on maple drive last night. 35-year-old neal royal is being held on a 350,000 dollar bond charged with assault and kidnapping. his girlfriend says royal stepped on her son and hit him
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apartment. she says he then pointed a gun at her and told her not to leave. the landlord says the girlfriend called police when royal went back to his own apartment in the same complex. and barricaded himself inside. we are continuing our commitment coverage tonight. another election roundup -- who cannot on top? plus, a favorite in full swing, the festival that celebrates
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s courtis: a crazy day at the polls, as thousands of voters headed to caucus sites across the bluegrass state. the first ever gop presidential caucus was marked by long waits. lines of cars snaked along roads in northern kentucky. and once voters got into the caucus locations they had another wait ahead of them. no official announcement of how many people turned out today, but it is safe to say, turnout was much higher than initial projections. another look at the numbers.
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donald trump projected as the winner. ted cruz in second place, followed by marco rubio and john kasich. marco rubio has a two point lead over john kasich. runners and beer-lovers braved the morning cold for the annual bockfest 5-k. [airhorn] courtis: racers wound their way through historic brewery sites in over-the-rhine. before crossing the finish line. everyone got a bock-fest medal, which also serves as a bottle opener. they could use the new hardware inside bockfest hall after the run. >> today wasn' t the prettiest
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morning showers and temps in the forties. we are seeing improvement. most rain has moved out. some drizzle here and there but nothing concrete to track. moved to the east. overall, should not be a big deal tonight. humidity at 79%. wind bringing in drier air. temps meandering into the thirties tomorrow morning. 34 in dry ridge. 36 in wilmington.
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these clouds are stubborn and do not move quickly. this goes all the way to illinois. tomorrow afternoon, we will burn through those clouds. afternoon, 52. cooler in the morning. thingsd are looking pretty nice. jetstream to our south. this cold air will get shoved into the atlantic and mild weather will build in. it will up temps and bring moisture. end of the week, chance for rain .
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minor flooding possible. cloud cover around tonight. clouds will stick with us. as you head to church, it will be cloudy. afternoon, things looking nice. overall, a quiet sunday. monday, clouds. tuesday, more sunshine, sixties. tonight, 33 degrees. on the chilly side. by the afternoon, 52 for a high. 62 on monday with sun and clouds. 70 on wednesday.
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thursday and saturday. elise: dayton beat vcu. mason battling for a spot in the final four.
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elise: welcome back, im elise jesse on sunday afternoon. a senior day buzz will fill fifth third arena as octavius ellis, cory deberry, farad cobb, and shaq thomas take the court for the last game in front of their home crowd number 24 smu is in town and the bearcats need this win to fortify their ncaa tournament resume. senior day for james farr, remy abell, and kevin coker this afternoon. it was a chilly start for xavier. creighton leading by as many as nine points. and xavier had to dig themselves out of a deep hole. clawing their way back towards the end of the half. james farr gives the muskies the lead he finished with 16 points. xu lead at the half 44-41.
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fire in the second half. myles davis the floater he lead all scorers with 24 points 7 assists. muskies wrapping up the regular season with a 98-93 win. and they take the two seed in the big east tourney next weekend. a rare senior day at rupp arena. its alex poythres day in lexington. and this was a great play. tyler ulis sets the table up for marcus lee' s slam. as uk routes lsu 94-77. on the high school front, the district finals taking place at wright state the winning teams advancing to the sweet sixteen. made it' s way to the district championship game. wilmington led from start. mason trying to chomp away at the lead. matt king' s bucket got mason to within one. and then jarron cumberland happened. the cincinnati committ took the over the game, finishing with 35
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district championship 63-38. the second game had lakota east facing wayne, a nationally ranked, undefeated team. east trailed by 14 in the first half but made a run in the second evan kuhlman' s bucket put them up 52-51. both teams traded baskets for the final couple of minutes mark isom had a great look here. to ryan middendorf that put them up by 1 with a minute left, he had 17. lakota east hitting free throws and upsetting the number one team in ohio. 60-57. before we take a final look at maria campell pumps it. she is automatic. next, spotting in the corner for the triple. mason, 49-30. their first regional title since
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courtis: before we take a final look at weather a quick update on super-saturday election results. donald trump projected as the winner of the kentucky republican presidential caucus. still some votes to be counted. but with 88% already tallied, trump the winner over senator ted cruz. cruz won in maine and kansas today. senator marco rubio a distant third with 17% of the vote. and ohio governor john kasich in fourth with 15%. we' ll have updated results throughout the night on >> things are cloudy tonight and on the chilly side. s. tomorrow, cloud cover. by the afternoon, sunshine. temperatures in the 50' s. 70 on tuesday. [captioning performed by the which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy.
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