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tv   WLWT News 5 Today Weekend  NBC  March 6, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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fog this morning. sunshine. late and variable winds today. scattered clouds tonight and south winds. we drom p off to 39. we jump tomorrow into the low 60s. temperatures warm for monday. tuesday, near 70. we'll likely start to see more high clouds arrive tuesday. then we get into the chance for showers and periods of rain starting for wednesday. we maybe see some thunderstorms mixed in. showers and rain chances into friday and saturday as well. with the moise ture moisture, we have warm air so highs stay in the 60s. jonathan: in commitment 2016, it was a super saturday at the polls in the bluegrass state,
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he won the kentucky caucus. ted cruz finished second, 32%. rubio, 16%. john kasich had 14% in fourth place. northern kentucky polling sites were busy throughout the day with voters ready to let their voices be heard. todd dykes has what local voters are saying about their choice for president. >> just keep following this line. you'll be in the next room where the voting is. reporter: moments after casting her ballot in kentucky's first caucus. linda made it clear she voted for trump. >> i think he's the man who will help our country. reporter: she was among a huge crowd of gop voters who endured long lines and traffic. >> unbelievable. i'm so happy. trump did this. he woke everybody up. he did it. thank you, trump.
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worried turnout would be low because the vote fell on a saturday. those fears appear unfounded. >> i am amazed and in wonder at what i see today, laying my eyes upon this democracy in action. >> we've got the board of elections here today. we've had dozens of people switch their party registration. life long democrats are coming on board with the republican brand. reporter: while some may say it's the trump effect, kenneth webster isn't so sure. >> voted for ted cruz. >> webster is impressed so many took part. >> nobody dreamed it would be like this. at least i didn't. love seeing all the people out here to vote. >> i just think it's great. i think it's a wonderful thing we're doing, and i think the people need to have a say. this is one way of doing it. jonathan: nationally, this was not the dominating performance that donald trump might have been hoping for. three gop hopefuls are doing all
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nbc's chris poll loan has more. reporter: on super saturday, texas senator ted cruz visited the winner's circle first, picking up at least 17 delegates, winning the kansas maine. >> the combination of super tuesday election results, the last two debates together has been more and more unifying republicans behind our campaign and that is a very, very encouraging sign. reporter: cruz picking up a symbolic win too in the straw poll at cpac, the annual gathering of conservatives in washington. florida senator marco rubio got a warm welcome at cpac as well and used his appearance to slam frontrunner donald trump. >> being a conservative cannot simply be about how long you're willing to scream, how angry you're willing to be or how many names you're willing to call people. reporter: cpac is usually a key stop for republicans hoping to win the nomination. donald trump is playing by his own rules. he skipped the conference to campaign in florida, where a big
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grabs in ten days. >> if we win florida, it's over. reporter: democrat bernie sanders was hoping to pick up momentum on super saturday, entering the day with half the delegates of clinton. he won nebraska and kansas but clinton won louisiana and has her sights set on michigan. >> we have to win this election. we all know the stakes keep getting higher and the rhetoric we're hearing from the other side keeps sinking lower. reporter: sunday, more delegates on the line. republicans have a primary in puerto rico. democrats caucus in maine with contests in hawaii, idaho, mississippi and michigan following on tuesday. chris pollone, nbc news, new york. jonathan: saturday, john kasich release the his tax returns.
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million in total income and have paid roughly 31% of that in federal taxes. senators marco rubio and ted cruz have repleased their personal financial records. gop frontrunner donald trump has not, citing an ongoing irs audit as the reason. wlwt is leading the way with your political news, coverage and results. get the latest up to date information from the campaign trail on and wlwt mobile app. in developing news, neighbors in the west end issued a renewed call to step up and speak out against gun violence after a deadly shooting there. police have identified the victim as 46-year-old charles weathers. they say he was shot multiple times inside his house on derrick tun rnbow avenue. this happened saturday morning. folks from cincinnati works have seen too many shootings and are trying to get neighbors to come forward with information. >> we've got to save our community. if you've got a cancer in your
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something to get rid of the cancer. we have the community information envelopes we pass out. when you see something, say something. write on the envelope and send it in. we'll take care of that. jonathan: police say if you know anything, please call crimestoppers. you can remain anonymous and get cash for your tips. a reading man is accused of holding his girlfriend at gunpoint and hurting her 10-month-old son. s.w.a.t. responded to the apartment complex on maple drive friday night. 35-year-old neal royal is being held on $350,000 bond, charged with assault and kidnapping. his girlfriend says royal stepped on her son and hit him in the face inside her apartment. she says he then pointed a gun at her and told her not to leave. the landlord says the girlfriend called police when royal went back to his own apartment in the same complex and barricaded himself inside. a fashion show is going to take place tonight to try to make a difference for our youth.
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be held at the downtown macy's from 5:00 until 8:00. local models will take off down the runway, modelling the latest fashions from macy's. proceeds will help hearts and minds provide scholarships to african-american boys who have gone through their program. there is one more day to experience bockfest 2016. hundreds have already gone down to over-the-rhine for a beer run. and they're off! 5k. racers wound their way through historic brewery sites before crossing the finish line. everyone got a bockfest medal, which also served as a bottle opener they could use that new hardware inside bockfest hall after. they could use that new hardware inside bockfest hall after the run. >> we see so many familiar faces
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they can celebrate with a cheese tone coney and a beer. jonathan: the bockfest 5k is the first leg of the flying pig marathon beer series. brew hogs can run the little kings mile in may and the hudi 14k during oktoberfest. congratulations are in order for the bockfest queen, there she is. rachel appenfelder took the title saturday on her third time in the competition. bockfest posted this photo of rachel on their facebook page. she was representing milton's the prospect hill tavern. way to go. new details in a shooting in columbus, which killed a 7-year-old boy and hospitalized two other people. now a fourth victim has emerged. coming up, we'll talk about why police say they didn't know about her before. plus, big gains for all our local college basketball teams. highlights from saturday and a preview of the ga ims to come in morning sports.
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what have you got for us? carew tower. its amber blow at the top tier and old glory waving on top. pretty old skyscraper. started just after the crash of the stock market in 1929.
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. jonathan: welcome back. new details after a shooting in a convenience store in columbus left a young boy dead.
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girl. the 7-year-old boy died after police say an 18-year-old man fired shots into a car, also injuring a 5-year-old boy and a 19-year-old man. the 4-year-old girl was in the car, but the family didn't realize she was hurt until they were at the hospital. the girl's injuries are said to be nonlife-threatening. neighbors say this area is getting more and more dangerous. >> just seeing ing ing blooding kids and a woman screaming. it's just something you. don't expect or want to see. jonathan: police say the suspect jumped into a waiting car and took off after the shooting. they later took two people of interest into custody. police in baltimore, maryland, say a public works employee accused of fatally shooting a coworker at a city maintenance depot is in custody. the 47-year-old suspect turned himself in saturday after police say he shot and killed his 34-year-old coworker at a city building after the two had an
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police say the suspect is facing several charges, including both first and second degree murder. one person was jird saturday after an explosion at a texas refinery. police say the explosion happened inside the pasadena refining system when a compressor flashed and released diesel fuel. plant officials told authorities there was no danger to the public and no chemicals were released. police say an investigation to determine a more exact cause will be conducted once the equipment is deemed safe. no word yet on the victim's condition. all right. let's talk about weather. jennifer: i called the radisson folks. jonathan: we'll get that changed? jennifer: the reveal is coming up. jonathan: it's a tease. i like your pink top. jennifer: thank you. i have a lot of pink in the wardrobe. spring when is i like to bring it out. good stuff.
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temps. i'm not sneezing at 52, but it gets higher and stays. jennifer: march 1 starts meteorological spring in terms of assessing and categorizing the weather. jonathan: when you're in march, you're in spring, even if it snows, because it never sticks long. jennifer: this time of year, it's wet, brief snowfalls. and there's none in this forecast. temperatures, we have quite a few, a stretch of overnights in the 50s. jonathan: i can put my basil plant outside. i started it already. it's been laboring on the kitchen table, trying to take on the rays through the glass. jennifer: put it out today, leave it out through tuesday. here's wlwt radar. we'll keep it dry today. it gets active into the work week. in terms of today, the main concern will be cloud cover and fog this morning. not anticipating any precipitation.
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some of the low cloud cover still in place this morning. not quite moving off to the east yet. so probably limit some of our early morning sunshine. then we have more to midday and afternoon. citycam visibility is down just a bit because of some clouds and fog coming in at 5:00 five, six, seven miles. we'll have valleys develop more in the way of thicker fog. not a lot downtown right now, though. 36 degrees currently. north wind at three miles an hour. humidity near 90%. with the light winds and moisture, we may see the fog developing this morning. satellite and radar with the cloud cover in place right now. but high pressure is trying to build in for midday. should help erode the clouds and push them off to the east, bring back midday and afternoon sun today. in time, we'll call it mostly sunny for the afternoon. a light wind today. we're basically underneath the high pressure. sinking air overhead will mean light and variable winds. later today, as we head into the
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more of a south wind. it will befin gin to pick up tonight. temperatures mild for overnight lows tonight. we jump the high temperatures tomorrow, get into the southwest and southerly flow. temperatures jump about ten degrees from today to tomorrow for afternoon highs. we're talking temperatures in the low 60s for monday. scattered clouds. this model wants to squeeze out a couple of sprinkles. it's the exception. i don't think we'll see precipitation out this yet. in time, this weather pattern, when you get a nice southern flow, will get moisture off the gulf of mexico. we bring back rain. it looks like it will take until the second half of the work week. monday and tuesday, rain will be off to our west. take a look at futurecast. we'll project the chance for rain as we head through the second half of the work week. we talked yesterday about it being focused to the west. here's the computer models showing rainfall for tuesday and wednesday.
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the southern plains and portions of the mississippi river valley. we tap into the showers and periods of rain starting wednesday and lasting all the way into early next weekend. we'll go back and forth, kind of being in the bulls eye for the rain chances. most will be falling to the west the first half of the work week. 52 for the high temperature today. early fog, then plenty of afternoon sun. with scattered clouds, we drop to 39. tomorrow afternoon, a jump to 62 on monday. monday and tuesday look spectacular for early to mid march. we're talking temperatures above average, dry conditions and sunshine. we're talking showers and rain the second half of the forecast, but warm temperatures continue. jonathan. jonathan: thanks, jennifer. a big day for xavier as they clinched the second seed in the tournament as well as a bye. elise jesse and derek forest have more in morning sports. elise: good morning. this afternoon, a senior day
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as they take the court for the last game in front of the home crowd. number 24, smu, is in town. the bearcats need the win to fortify their ncaa tournament resume. yesterday was senior day for james farr, remy abel and kevin kocher at the cintas center. it was a chilly start. creighton leading by as many as nine points. xavier had to dig their way out of a deep hole. james farr, the senior, giving the muskies the lead. he finished with 16 points. xu led at half, 44-41. the guys in white coming out hot in the second half. myles davis here, going to drive, get the floater, led all scorers with 24 points and seven assists. muskies wrapping up the regular season with a 98-93 win and take the two seed in the big east tourney next weekend, derek. derek: it was closer than expected here at the cintas center as the xavier musketeers come away with a win versus creighton. chris mack says the final five
5:19 am
factor. >> the bigger concern was up 18 and it whittles down to a one-possession game. that shouldn't happen. again, there are two teams on the floor, creighton didn't quit. give them credit. they hit a lot of threes. they raftled us with the press. it just can't happen. derek: it was senior night with several seniors contributing to the win. james farr had 16 points and five rebound off the bench and remy abel had 15. >> you get the win while james and remy and kevin and the seniors could celebrate. everything was meant for them. everything was for them. derek: moving forward, next week it's all about the big east conference tournament for the muskies. they will have a bye, being the number two seed, and will take on the winner of the st. john's marquette game thursday night. reporting from the cintas center, i'm derek forrest, wlwt news 5 sports. elise: a rare senior day at rupp arena. alex poythress a four-year
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play. tyler ulis sets the table up for the slam as kentucky routs lsu, 94-77. dayton getting a big win yesterday, beating vcu 68-67. jonathan, we'll send it back to you. jonathan: fans in fayetteville, arkansas, witnessed an inanimate childhood toy in human form saturday. the halftime show of the south carolina/arkansas basketball game featured a rainbow colored human slinky. video of the slinky squirming on the razorbacks court quickly went viral. according to the website, the illusion. keep it away from the stairs. caught on camera. apart. the video gone viral after a hero returns home. these are always fun. and your live look outside. citycam 5. lady liquid and a bunch of
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we've got purple, bleeding off the facade of the building next to the fifth third bank building and lady's in her red at the moment. she's thinking yellow might be good too. want a different way to cleanse? from garnier. like a magnet. to 1. remove makeup 2. cleanse and 3. soothe. no harsh rubbing, no rinsing.
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jonathan: after two years, a soldier from wisconsin is back home with his family. the touching reunion between a
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and his 6-year-old daughter was caught on camera. >> daddy! jonathan: we didn't get the right kind of clip. oh, that's great, though. she's crying. joshua withers spent the last two years stationed in germany. on friday, he arrive the home a day early to surprise his daughter, bianca. i love the leap. get up in the air. they shot she was attending the elementary school's monthly assembly. instead, got to see dad. >> you can't beat it. i love her to death. we're both very emotional creatures. we're not afraid to show it. so for us, it was a great moment. >> i missed him for a long, long time, for two years. >> and now? >> and now i don't have to because he's here with me now. >> yes, he is, young lady. after the assembly joshua talked with students about his 12 years
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he's scheduled to remain in central wisconsin for the next three years working at an army recruiting center and spending time with his family. oscar winning actor tom hanks will visit ohio next month, helping dedicate wright state's newly renovated motion picture center. he'll appear at several private events before the dedication and gala april 19. the gala will raise money for the tom hanks scholarship and visiting artist program. in case you're wondering, hanks performed at wright state back in the '70s. the party source in bellevue, kentucky, hosting a special guest today. there he is, grammy winning artist 50 current ent will be at the store promoting effen brand vodka. if fans buy a bottle, they can get their picture taken with 50 cent.
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lines will begin at 11:00. he'll sign and do pictures from noon until 1:30. rupert murdoch and informed model jerry hall held a second wedding ceremony in london saturday. there's the lucky couple. the newlyweds posed for photographs after the ceremony. the couple officially married on friday at an old hall built by princess diana's family. he's 84, she's 59. several music and movie stars attended the ceremony including bob geldof as well as bill wyman, former member of the stones. it's murdoch's fourth marriage. he has six kids with his first three wives. first marriage, though, for hall. today's your last chance to get in on the extreme adventure. the greatest show on earth at the u.s. bank arena.
5:27 am
um and bailey circus has two more performances of circus extreme. jennifer attended with her family yesterday, said it was terrific. they sent us this video of the show. it includes acrobats, strong men, clowns, camels and for the final year, circus elephants. today's shows are at 1:00 and 5:00. also happening today, the eighth annual scale model expo, featuring some of the world's greatest model craftsmen. see functioning miniature steam engines, internal combustion engines, ships, boats, airplanes, action figures and more. nearly 80 scale model hobbyists will be on hand to display their miniatures and answer questions. the event is at entertrainment junction in west chester and will run from noon to 4:00. the event is free with admission. still a lot more ahead on news 5 today, including donald trump could be headed to the witness stand. how his comments could affect an army sergeant's right to a fair trial.
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citycam 5. there's your circus spot. u.s. bank arena. apparently, young weston wanted one of the light toys you can buy there, and gwen was just overtaken by all the energy.
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jonathan: now on news 5 today, the first gop presidential caucus in kentucky is in the books. it didn't come without challenges. we'll tell you how poll officials handled the larger than expected crowds. plus, ohio's taking steps to win the battle against heroin. how the attorney general is trying to make it easier to purchase the life saving drug, narcan. and a bright note to end the weekend. meteorologist jennifer schack will have what the clearing clouds will mean for temperatures. it's sunday, march 6, 2016. this is news 5 today. >> morning. welcome to news 5 today. i'm jonathan hawgood. this is meteorologist jennifer schack. high definition nirvana. you're at the carew tower looking down on fort washington
5:32 am
not to mention the red light beaming, reflecting off the ohio river from the newport sign. a little color for you. pretty shot. jonathan: we've got a gorgeous forecast for the next seven days. jennifer: mild to warm temperatures. dry conditions for a stretch and rainy conditions for a stretch. overall, the temperatures are something to be excited about. running six, seven weeks for most of them. quite a few in the 60s for the forecast high this week. a good stretch. we have clouds this morning around. within that, i think we're talking fog as well. want to start off with the radar to show the dry conditions at this point. i do not think we have much need for the radar today. but as we head through the rest of the forecast the second half of the work week, we'll get a lot more active. so here's a look at the dry conditions and the temperatures this morning in the upper 30s for most of us. current temperatures, mid to upper 30s. we have dropped back to 36 in cincinnati.
5:33 am
34 and 33 degrees mixed in. so there are some spots, our western counties will have the cooler spots this morning. the skies are clearing a little bit earlier. note that there in batesville at 26, compared to mid 30s in the eastern counties. visibilities are around four and five miles because of low clouds and the possibility of some fog developing this morning. the winds are light and we may see some fog cause some early morning problems. satellite and radar combined showing the cloud cover still in place. for the morning, clouds. sunshine this afternoon. we'll talk about how high temperatures go and when the rain returns, coming up. jonathan: the votes are in and the gop presidential candidate, donald trump, took kentucky. the state's first republican presidential caucus was marked bay by long waits inside and outside. jenell walton has unexpected voter turnout and the problems it caused. >> i was the next to last car to
5:34 am
i was like okay. reporter: carol walsh says she almost missed her chance to vote in the republican caucus before the polls closed. she went to the church on zion road earlier in the day and decided to leave and return in hopes of missing the crowd and long lines. the kasich supporter says she closed. >> my strategy was to go to the grocery store and come back. then the lines exiting here and the lines exiting, you know, on i-75 were totally backed up all day. really bad. reporter: there were lots of reasons voters said it was worth waiting in long lines in the parking lot to vote. some wanted to stop donald trump in his tracks. >> surprised me they put only one place to vote in each county unless they expected a very low turnout. which we obviously had a huge turnout. and i'm hoping that that's to stop trump. reporter: trump and marco rubio had their supporters too.
5:35 am
i did. i'd like to see a change. you can't buy him off. he didn't owe anybody anything, right? we need a change in washington. >> we wound up doing a pitch in being able to talk about senator rubio with those folks that were ben carson supporters and a lot of them flipped towards rubio. we were happy about our efforts today. a lot of excitement in boone county. jonathan: donald trump was the winner with 36% of the vote. ted cruz came in second with 32%. marco rubio in third with 16 and ohio governor john kasich was in fourth with 14. the attorney for army sergeant bowe bergdahl is kwg a meeting with frontrunner donald trump. on the campaign trail, trump has been calling bergdahl a traitor. you may remember he was held captive for five years before his 2014 release. he's facing desertion charges for leaving his unit. his attorney says he'd like to
5:36 am
comments he's made. no word if the trump campaign has responded. on the democratic side, senator bernie sanders made a stop in ohio on saturday. he held a press conference at his field office in cleveland. then he spoke at a baptist church in the area. next weekend, both hillary clinton and bernie sanders will attend the democrat's legacy dinner in columbus. ohio ans head to the polls on march 15. and another endorsement for hillary clinton. hip-hop mogul russell simmons says he's voting with plis clinton. in an interview with cnn, he said she's realistic about what she can get done. he added the secretary of state can beat the republican candidate. mitt romney is going to join chuck todd live on meet the press, following his speech thursday that attacked gop frontrunner donald trump. you can catch the interview this morning after wlwt news 5 at 10:00. public agencies in ohio will
5:37 am
anti-overdose drug at a discount. mike dewine negotiated a year-long extension with the maker of narcan. syringe. nearly 60 agencies have applied for more than $150,000 in narcan rebates. youth. this weekend, mayor john cranley hosted a career and jobs fair for cincinnati's young people. saturday, the community action agency welcomed teenagers in bond hill. older kids could learn about summer jobs and apprenticeships, while younger teens could find internships and volunteer tubts as opportunities as well as learn about higher education. >> the fact that so many got up this morning on a saturday morning to come out and learn about what opportunities exist for them, i think our youth should be commended for that. >> the mayor and state representative, alicia reece, were on hand.
5:38 am
from opportunities as police cadets to community jobs at frisch's and kings island. cincinnati's youngest and most talented poets were at u.c. this weekend. the louder than a bomb poetry slam took place at daap. dhani jones and malcolm london will be the emcees for the slam finals at scpa next month. four people are dead after a ferry capsizes in indonesia. what officials know so far about the accident and how many they were able to rescue. plus district finals for high school basketball are under way with winners moving on to the sweet 16. the latest on that in morning sports. your live look outside. citycam 5. hey there, newport, looking lovely on this calm sunday morning. hope that's just the way everyone out there is feeling
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to this week' >> hello, i'm richard dyer, president and general manager of wlwt. welcome to this week's inbox five. as cincinnati's first television station, wlwt has not only served cincinnati for 68 years, ruth lyons children's fund in its record saiding 77th year.
5:42 am
mission to provide a toy to every hospitalized child in cincinnati, we're humbled by the generations of supporters. this week, we donated $150,000 to cincinnati children's hospital, the major fund recipient with donations totaling more than $20 million during the fund's existence. we're pleased to continue this level of support and have you to thank. that's it for this week. if you have feedback, please e-mail me at thanks for watching wlwt. jonathan: well done, ruth lyons supporters. a ferry capsized in indonesia, killing four people in the waters between bally and java. video shows passengers jumping into the sea as the boat went down in calm water. 71 people were rescued. search teams recovered four bodies also. the cause of the disaster is under investigation.
5:43 am
unusual theft. the men, one of them 66, the other 19, are accused of breaking into a fire station, stealing a fire truck and taking it on a joy ride with lights and i rens sirens blaring. they crashed into several cars and buildings. one of the men was treated for minor injuries. no one else was set. burial is set for a northern kentucky mother found dead a month after she went missing. fishermen found tera turner's body last week. her funeral took place in falmouth saturday. investigators have not said how turner died. a team of thieves is targeting senior citizens and women with physical disabilities. police are asking for your help in catching them.
5:44 am
victim who has a warning for others. others. reporter: the 84-year-old woman was shopping in blue ash. she turned her back to her cart when a woman asked for help. she became an easy target. i said oh, that man took my wallet. reporter: we weren't showing her face, but this woman wanted to make sure you heard her story. when she shopped at kroger on hunt road, a woman approached her. >> she talked on and on, held my attention so much, i didn't notice a person come up on the other side of my grocery cart. reporter: he grabbed her wallet from her purse. the woman she had been talking to offered to help, but quickly took off herself. >> after she was gone, it dawned on me that she was probably part of the action, you know. she had kept my attention while
5:45 am
>> surveillance cameras caught the same woman at a nearby target, charging $800 to the victim's credit card and she's not alone. a similar crime was reported in evendale. police say a woman with a disability was targeted at wal-mart. police say both crimes involve a man and two women in dark green pontiac grand prix. as police investigate, this victim has advice for others. >> just remember you have to keep your purse in your hands, i guess, not in your grocery cart. and be very much aware of what's going on around you. >> police in both blue ash and evendale are hoping someone can recognize these thieves and are asking anyone with information to come forward. in blue ash, natalie clark, wlwt news 5.
5:46 am
thing happened to my mother. today a local church will open doors on its new location in williams town, kentucky. it comes after rapid growth. the new property on ibec lane has room for up to 1,100 people. the community is invited to attend the first service at 9:30 a.m. let's talk local weather with jennifer. jennifer: yesterday morning at this time, flurries flying. wlwt radar, nothing for the morning. it's a clean sweep. i don't think we have precipitation to contend with, but quite a bit in the way of low clouds and early morning fog. on the satellite and radar combined, the skies are trying to clear out from the southwest. that trend should continue through the morning. but as we linger some clouds, we may see some fog as well at the surface. so light winds and high er
5:47 am
so far, visibilities have been coming in around four and five miles. a couple spots increasing six miles at lunken, seven in wilmington. no obvious winds. satellite and radar combined showing quite a bit in the way of clouds lingering for the high river valley from cincinnati to the east. a break in the clouds in western ks. we should bring back midday sunshine and have sunny skies through the afternoon. temperatures today, a nice improvement. we struggled yesterday with the cloud cover and rain showers. highs in the mid 40s. today, a nice jump with sunshine. temperatures into the low 50s. sunshine helps remove quite a bit as well. we'll have plenty starting for midday, lasting through the afternoon. underneath high pressure, sinking air com bats the clouds and allows the winds to be light
5:48 am
notice the iso bars, white lines getting closer we'll have warmth with temperatures jumping, highs in the low 60s tomorrow. that's when we notice the jump into above average temperatures. monday, scattered clouds. this model wants to squeeze out a sprinkle or two. maybe a light passing shower. for monday's forecast, scattered clouds, warm conditions will be the main focus. we'll get into a wetter weather pattern into midday. notice monday evening, rain building to the west. we don't get into it until the second half of the work week. wanted to jump ahead to give you an idea of the heavy rain expected across the mississippi river valley misery, arkansas
5:49 am
and tuesday. wednesday, showers possible. computer model, a better chance for periods of rain the second half of the work week and lingering into the weekend. though we're not the focus of the rain, we'll take part in it the second half of the week. looks like periods of rain could cause some -- i wouldn't be concerned about 1.24 inches projected, but we could see rain causing problems the second half of the week. 52 for the high. we have early fog possible, then more afternoon sunshine. tonight, scattered clouds at 39. for tomorrow, that jump in temperatures will take us to 62. we stay warm for the entire week. warm with moisture returning. on tuesday, 69 and scattered clouds. showers and rain periods starting wednesday, lasting into our weekend and those temperatures staying on the warm side with highs in the 60s lasting through saturday. now here's your sunday morning sports. elise: good morning. in high school hoops, the
5:50 am
wright state, the winning teams advancing to the sweet 16. fourth straight year the hurricane made its way to the district championship game. last night, wilmington really led from the start. mason trying to chomp away at the lead. matt king's bucket got mason within one point. then jaren cumberland happened. the cincinnati commit took over the game, finishing with 35 points as wilmington brings home the district championship, 63-38. the second game had lakota east facing wayne, a nationally ranked, undefeated team. east trailed by 14 in the first happen. made a run in the second. coleman's bucket put them up, 52-51. the teams trading back and forth in the last couple minutes. up by one with one minute left, lakota east hitting free throws and upsetting the number one team in ohio, 60-57. lakota west beast mays
5:51 am
the regular season. mariah campbell down low. automatic in the paint. abbey spotting up in the corner for the three ball. the triple is good. mason pushed their way to a 49-30 victory as their first regional title since 20 o 0 2000. u.c. hosting smu at noon toot. jonathan, back to you. jonathan: one local high schooler changing lives. this student's personal journey and how he says his school assignment is more than just a project. it's personal. your radisson lights are green. our meteorologist has stepped out of the room, but i don't need to ask her because she called them earlier this morning and they changed them to the right color. that means good weather ahead,
5:52 am
5:53 am
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jonathan: welcome back. a sophomore from the seven hills school has started a project that will changing lives using his illness to help others and process. wlwt news 5's erik zarnitz has the story. reporter: this is tracker. he's just a puppy now, but he's going through plenty of training to become a diabetic alert dog.
5:55 am
helping the disabled turn off lights, take off jackets, and retrieve objects. but this puppy will also have another skill. >> i am launching the beginning my challenge project. my challenge project is i'm raising awareness fo type one diabetes. then i'm also trying to provide diabetic alert dogs to teenagers or kids. >> reporter: matthew's personal challenge project is a requirement for graduation from the seven hills school. his effort is about something much more personal. >> when i got diagnosed as a type one diabetic, i was helped out a lot just with friends, family and doctors. so i decided to -- i wanted to give back. >> i don't think matt is shy about it. i think he's learned to live with it and manage it himself in every way. and i think he's genuinely interested in making the student body more aware of what diabetes is and the challenges that goes
5:56 am
reporter: the organization krein es is working with is circle tail, the nonprofit trained service hearing and diabetic alert dogs. >> that can be life saving, that they can give person information prior to the onset of low glucose that they can go get a drink, orange juice, whatever they need to get their blood sugar back up. reporter: with their vests off, tracker and river can play. when the vest is on, they've got plenty of work to do. reporting from seven hills, erik zarnitz, wlwt news 5. jonathan: that's a liedown standup there. once the dog is trained and knows his owner, a gentle nudge or paw will alert the diabetic up to 15 minutes before the low blood sugar. the world's best known dog sled race began in alaska.
5:57 am
there are 85 mushers this year. average. the goal is to complete a course that runs almost 1,000 miles across the state. organizers had a problem this year as they have recently in several years past, because race. they ended up having to haul it in from further north. still a lot more ahead on news 5 today, including a father and daughter walking away after a crash landing in new york. what they credit with saving their lives. and your live look outside. citycam 5. oh, the peaceful old church with one of its sides lit up in an amber glow on this sunday
5:58 am
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jonathan: now on news 5 today, a weekend shooting leaves a man dead. the gunman on the run. the play from ea from community leaders for witnesses to come forward. >> plus -- >> trump did this. he woke everybody up. jonathan: a record turnout for kentucky's first gop caucus. the candidates making voters change their weekend plans and who is closer to becoming the republican nominee. also, we just might be done with winter weather. be true. meteorologist jennifer schack will tell us about the spring-like forecast in the days ahead. it's sunday, march 6, 2016. this is news 5 today.


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