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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  March 11, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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m kyla woods. lisa cooney has the day off. mark: and i' m mark hayes. thank you for joining us we' ll get on your headlines in just a moment, but first a check on weather with meteorologist jennifer schack. finally the rain has stopped. jennifer: it was a little deceiving with this graphic. i want to highlight the rain total. .83 of an inch for cincinnati . today is a reprieve before more rain returns for the weekend. andy late evening showers move out but the clouds stick around. we may have a couple of spots with fog.dry dry conditions on the radar. visibility is coming in high with the exception of wilmington. we do have a little bit of a
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our temperatures are varying quite a bit. cooler in the northwest counties. we will continue with a cooler but dry start this morning. temperatures today top out in the mid 60' s with more sunshine. into the weekend, we are limited for sunshine as rain returns and a chance for some thunderstorms return. kyla? kyla: good morning, everyone. this is what you will see. pretty dry and clear roads. east or westbound, no issues. there were ago. usually if i give a pause i get one car. no issues there.
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along2, north and southbound. we will start to pick up over the next hour or so. 75 at mitchell is looking good. right now. mark: thank you. butler county with a mother and her daughter found dead. dan griffin is live in fairfield township with investigators calling this a murder-suicide. good morning. dan: good morning to you. the details in this case police -- are still developing. a mother and her adult daughter are dead. investigators say the mother, in her 50' s, shot and killed her daughter, who was in her 20' s. then she turned the gun on herself. this happened on springcrest drive here in fairfield township at about 9:00 last night. neighbors reported hearing the gunshots. the police chief calling it a terrible tragedy. it'
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happened. investigators tell us they are working to notify family members. we will continue to get new information as we move through the morning. dan griffin, wlwt news 5. kyla: happening today, the man accused of running over his wife with a semi is set to be arraigned on a drunk-driving charge. this happened back in february on verity parkway and yankee road in middletown. andrew frost says he and his wife, angela, were driving and having an argument. after threats to jump out, frost says angela opened the door and jumped. the trailer they were hauling ran her over. she did survive the accident. also today, the arraignment for a suspect accused of selling a batch of deadly heroin. 25-year-old vance morgan is facing involuntary manslaugher and five more drug charges. he is accused of selling casey fewell heroin mixed with a powerful synthetic opiate called fentanyl. he died of an overdose in october. the hamilton county heroin task
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investigations into deadly heroin cases and arrests such as this one will make heroin dealers think twice. mark: things were surprisingly civil at last night' s gop debate. instead of the normal mudslinging, innappropriate innuendo, and shouting, the debate had calm and collected discourse. immigration was a major part of the discussion, as it' s a key issue in the state of florida. one hot topic, a visa program called h-1b encouraging legal immigration for highly skilled workers. and donald trump faced questions about his recent comments on muslims. >> you told cnn, islam hates us. did you mean all 1.6 billion muslims? mr. trump: i mean a lot of them. i mean a lot of them. mark: the debate was a make-it-or-break-it moment for florida senator marco rubio, and trump sent a message to his party that if he gets the votes, he should be the republican nominee. with trump feeling confident about florida, he is focusing on
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kyla: he will be visiting this weekend, and he is not the only candidate courting ohio voters. andrew setters is live with a look at the battle for ohio before the primary on tuesday. andrew: it is shaping up to be a battle. with polls bouncing back and forth between donald trump and john kasich, ohio will be the primary to watch on tuesday night. both candidates are trying to rally support. today governor kasich will be in lima, hosting a town hall. and he' s coming to the sharonville convention center on saturday. sunday, donald trump will bring his message to a crowd at the he' ll be hosting his first big event in our area that should bring out a crowd. while the hamilton county republican party chair thinks kasich will ultimately win in ohio, he is encouraging trump to show people he can be a reganesque it is demeanor. everyone who attends to be and for respectful. >> we don' t condone protesting or disrupting or these negative messages. this doesn'
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people at the end of the day. andrew: our area is always a candidates, and this election cycle is no different. a big a big weekend of political visits starting today. we' ll have it all covered for you. kyla: unusually heavy and relentless rain is blamed for three deaths and evacuations in northern louisiana. rain over the past two days has flooded homes, cut off roads, and left residents and animals trapped. forecasters warn that despite clear skies, another weather system will bring even more rain. escaped a major rain situation over the last few days. you say it will clear out today. jennifer: yesterday' s rain has cleared out. we do have the cloud cover still in place. more sunshine later this afternoon. it is a dry sweep on the radar
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visibility is high downtown, around six or seven miles. some patchy fog out there for the morning. late morning sticking ground and then this afternoon temperatures climbed nicely with a high around 63 with plenty of afternoon sunshine. we are only a couple of days away from spraying, starting on march 20, about nine days away. officially starting in just over a week. what about traffic? india: we are very clear. we had an earlier accident. that' s accident has cleared on westward northern boulevard in hopple. we have some construction to talk about on pete rose way.
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until 3:00 p.m. this is 71 at the light of tunnel. you can see light traffic -- lideel tunnel. mark: former first lady nancy reagan laid to rest today. kyla: the details on today' s private service and the expected attendees saying goodbye to an american leader. mark: and experts are investigating what looks like a massive leak in isis information. how officials got the documents, and why experts believe they are in fact legitimate. kyla: a beautiful shot on both sides of the river. it looks like a postcard. it is friday. we thank you so much for
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mark: good morning and welcome
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checking today' s headlines, former first lady nancy reagan will be laid to rest today in a private funeral. her body has been lying in repose for the past two days for the public to say their goodbyes. mourners at today' s memorial service will include first lady michelle obama, former president george w. bush, and former first ladies laura bush, hillary clinton, and rosalynn carter. kyla: the victims of the 2009 fort hood terrorist attack will be awarded purple heart medals. texas governor greg abbott will present the medals at a ceremony in kileen. in november, 2009, major nidal hasan opened fire at fort hood, killing 13 people and injuring more than 30 others. the army will also award the civilian equivalent of the purple heart, the defense of freedom medal to non-military victims. mark: japan is marking five years since a powerful earthquake triggered a tsunami that killed more than 18,000 people. a gathering in tokyo this morning observed a moment of
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struck offshore. some teared up as they held hands or bowed their heads in prayer and sirens sounded. some 180,000 people are still displaced because of the disaster. kyla: there was a massive warehouse fire on thursday night. the smoke could be seen in the san fernando area from downtown. no reported injuries of the fire remains under investigation. two employees of an indiana factory are dead after a workplace shooting. it happened thursday morning at the cummins engine plant in seymour. police say a manager and an employee of the plant were killed in what investigators are calling an apparent murder-suicide. police found the men in a conference room on the second floor of the building. their identities have not been released. cummins makes diesel engines and is headquartered out of columbus, indiana. mark: mourning in a pittsburgh-area town after a
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police say wednesday night' s shooting was planned and calculated. two shooters opened fire killing six and critically injuring two others. one of the women killed was pregnant. the mother of two of the women killed was at the barbeque before the gunmen ambushed her family. >> right now i have no choice but to be strong because i have grandchildren who lost their parents who i have to be strong for. mark: the district attorney says one of the shooters used a handgun to steer the victims towards the home' s porch, where a second gunman picked them off police are still searching for at least two suspects. a massive leak of secret files has apparently revealed detailed information on isis fighters. kyla: this apparent leak may be a sign that isis is starting to lose control. the german federal police has already said that the documents appear genuine, but experts are sifting through them.
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which carry the isis seal and list detailed information about isis recruits. in a preliminary review of the documents, six named americans. >> who vouched for these people. who the recruiters were. so for me, that seems the be the single most important and signifigant thing in these files. : kyla: a syrian man smuggled all of the information that he says he stole from a senior isis commander out of syria. >> cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. jennifer: no ongoing rain. showers from last evening and so sprinkle still trying to move out. i do think we will deal with these clouds for a while. it will take until midday to break them up some. the could be some patches of fog, especially the east side of town. humidity is fairly high. a little bit of patchy fog.
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more sunshine late afternoon. temperatures climbed pretty quickly. we end this afternoon around 63 degrees. high pressure across the great lakes and the clockwise winds drawing in some drier air, blocking the clouds and showers today. after a wet couple of days, we dry out today. a better chance for sun are the northern communities. the floodgates open tomorrow for more moisture to return. an increase in clouds and some isolated thunderstorms on saturday. it is not a washout when i think we will be limited for sunshine. showers and thunderstorms, although temperatures will stay
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we keep the high temperatures in the 60' s. we are expecting dry conditions today. we start tonight with the quiet conditions. overnight clouds will return and a shower possible into the mid day. there could be a thunderstorm or two mixed in. today is dry, 63 with late day sunshine. 47 tonight and there could be an overnight shower. high temperature of 67. increased coverage of showers on sunday and we will struggle to see any sunshine. 65 degrees and we increase the intensity each day through monday. tuesday is dry with the exception of some overnight rain. we keep those temperatures in
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s for hig hs. pretty good temperatures heading toward spring. kyla: some of the roads are still pretty damp. we lose the hour of sleep on saturday. into the weekend, you have to get ready for that. if you' re getting ready, here is a look outside at 471. there we go, north and southbound moving along. we' re still seeing green conditions, 65 miles per hour northbound on 471 from the 275 interchange. five minutes to get over to the daniel carter beard bridge. we will continue to keep it updated. it is still problem free. mark: a recall that may have you emptying your freezer.
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warning to consumers about some of their products and the food brands affected. kyla: and a big event this weekend for marathon fans. what you need to know before the heart mini takes off in cincinnati. mark: taking a live look outside this morning. nice then and dry. you' re waking up to cincinnati' s
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kyla: welcome back on this friday. getting started with a dry start. we will see the sunshine again this afternoon. a recall to warn you about this morning. you might want to take a close look in your freezer. nestle usa is voluntarily recalling a number of its frozen meal products. they include digiorno thin and crusty spinach and garlic pizza and stouffer' s chicken lasagna, as well as several varieties of lean cuisine frozen meals. there may be small pieces of officials say glass inside these foods. have been reported. no injuries happening today the cincinnati-hamilton county community action agency is hosting its annual cookoff. the men who work at caa prepare lunch for the female employees,
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they compete for the best dish. the cincinnati-hamilton county caa helps low-income kids and families throughout hamilton county. that cook-off begins at noon. mark: no soup for you. larry thomas, better known as the soup nazi from the 1990' s sitcom "seinfeld," will be in cincinnati today. the soup' s on event will be held at the kroger store on marburg avenue in oakley. thomas is helping to launch a new line of soup in conjunction with kroger. there will be soup samplings from 11:00 to 5:00, and the soup man will be there from noon to 3:00. if you' ve ever wondered what it' s like to be behind the meat counter, an event in florence, kentucky, last night showed people how to butcher their own meat. kyla: butcher betties hosted a cooking and butchery demonstration featuring food network celebrity chef loreal gavin. gavin and owner allison hines hope to change the way butchery is viewed by getting more women behind the counter. >> one of the things that her
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is inspiring other women to feel confident enough to want to pursue butchery. >> get some awesome meat, let your mind fill with a ton of knowledge. i mean, when' s the last time you saw a babe cut up something in high heels? you haven' t. so, come on down, seriously. kyla: both women and men were invited to last night' s event. gavin showed people how to break down a lamb, and shared some homemade recipes, from her grandmother' s wax paper caramels to bacon-apple dumplings. mark: now i am hungry. another big event this weekend, the heart mini marathon. the race organizers say they' re working with police and transportation officials to make sure sunday' s race goes off without a hitch despite the . despite the extra traffic and crowds downtown for trump' s event, the heart mini is expecting record crowds sunday morning. organizers say they' ll keep race participants updated on their plans on their website and on social media. kyla: so far so good for xavier
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this was there tournament opener and they were rolling against marquette. it was never in doubt. the muskies took this one. now xavier has a tougher one ahead of them. the rematch comes tonight and the tip-off is set for 9:00 at madison square garden. mark: uc will face uconn in orlando. kyla: let' s check in with jennifer schack. that yellow reminds me the sunshine is coming back today. jennifer: we do not have any rain expected today. we do have the cloud cover still in place. cloudy skies this morning. later this afternoon we have sunshine returning. mild temperatures on the east
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for the day planner, cloudy skies this morning. sunshine for the noon hour. later today becoming partly cloudy. we top off tonight around 63. finally a dry day today. mark: thank you. some political heavy weights in ohio this weekend. kyla: the messages republican candidates donald trump and ohio governor john kasich had for voters in last night'
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republican debate. (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound)
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(elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan. when you're living with diabetes, steady is exciting. only glucerna has carbsteady, clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes.
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mark: the republican off once again on stage in a florida debate. how the queen city is preparing for the front runner to come to town this weekend. kyla: new insight into an officer-involved shooting death in december. what newly released body-cam video shows that you' ll see only on wlwt. mark: two women are dead in an apparent murder-suicide. how officials are saying the two women were related. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 today. mark: good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. i' m mark hayes. kyla: and i' m kyla woods, in for lisa cooney. jennifer schack is here on this friday morning with the forecast. it will not be as rainy as yesterday.
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it is cloudy and a little damp right now from the late evening showers last night. they run this afternoon, some sunshine starts to break through. take a look, here is the radar. it is finally dry. most of us about three quarters to one inch of rain yesterday, a couple of spots more than that. it was a soggy thursday. not a lot by way of fog. we have a moisture, but there is a nice breeze. in spots, maybe some valleys especially, a little patchy fog for the morning. it should not be too dense. visibility downtown is high at seven miles. wilmington, three miles. everyone on the mild side. chapter' s upper 40' s to low 50' s, considering it is a morning in early march, not bad. some of us are holding onto around 50 degrees. sideline and radar -- satellite and radar, quite a bit of cloud cover streaming from the south. we will struggle to get rid of
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we try to bring back some sunshine later this afternoon. early clouds, peaks of son for afternoon. still mild. we' mid-60' s. it will also be a dry day re talking back to showers and rain and even thunderstorms mixed in. temperatures, coming up. kyla: off to a pretty good start on the roads. we are drying out. you might still see some of those roads a little damp from the rain yesterday. overall, great conditions to get started on your morning commute. 71-75 in northern kentucky, looking good and picking up on the north outside already. heavier traffic eastbound and westbound on the lateral. we may start suv heavier volume early in the morning -- we may start to see the have your volume early in the morning this
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i think folks are getting out the door early so they can get out the door later this afternoon maybe a little bit early as well. 275 on the northwest corner, things are picking up on the 75 interchange. no big delays yet. we do not have any accidents to report so far this morning. mark: thank you. new this morning, drivers were detoured after an accident shut down westwood northern boulevard in north fairmont. police say a female driver was taken to the hospital with minor injuries after she flipped her car. the crash caused some downed power lines, but the road is now back open. police say alcohol was a factor in this accident. the shooting in butler county late last night, how officials are investigating it as a wlwt news 5' fairfield township where we are learning it involves two family members. dan, good morning. dan: certainly, a sad and shocking scene for neighbors who live along that street. from what we understand,
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it involved a mother and heard the old daughter. fairfield police say the mother, in her 50' daughter, who was in her 20' then she turned the gun on herself. this happened about 9:00 last neighbors reported hearing the the police chief calling it a it' s not clear what led up to this shooting. investigators are still working to notify family members of the we will continue to keep working on the story through the morning for any information. griffin, wlwt news 5. kyla: an officer down and a suspect shot and killed. newly released body camera shows the tense moments and the confrontation that lead up to an officer-involved shooting in >> i' weapons, i' m allowed to do a pat down for weapons. stop it with your hands. stop it. kyla: we' ve stopped the video in the moments before the shots are fired. that exchanged happened after officer sam hodge stopped
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violation. reynolds is heard not complying with officer hodge' s commands and pulled a gun, shooting the ludlow officer once in the right arm. hodge also fired, shooting and killing reynolds. last night, ludlow police honored the good samaritan who rushed to the officer' s aid, even creating a tourniquet to stop the bleeding. >> he has both my thanks for assisting me and my admiration for somebody who would put aside his personal safety to rush in and help somebody else. >> that' s just the way i grew up. i mean, you have to take care of business and that' s what i did. i didn' t even think about it. kyla: kenton county prosecutor rob sanders cleared officer hodge of any charges last week. officer hodge has been with ludlow police for one year but has been an officer for 24. mark: happening today, a mother will be arraigned in the beating of her 10-month-old baby boy. aimee correll has been indicted with six counts of child endangering and two on assault. the charges stem from a swat standoff in reading last friday. gabriel was found injured after the mother' s boyfriend, neal
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apartment. royal has been charged with kidnapping and felony assault. the baby has since been released from the hospital. the republican presidential candidates are playing nice. kyla: good to hear. instead of mudslinging, inappropriate innuendoes, and shouting, the gop debate had calm and collected discourse. during the republican debate in coral gables, florida, the final four republicans running for president were for the most part respectful as they discussed policy. one hot topic being the visa program called h-1b encouraging legal immigration for highly skilled workers. governor john kasich maintained his efforts to run a positive campaign, and donald trump sent a message to his party. if he gets the votes, he should be the republican nominee. >> you know, sometimes being positive isn' t all that interesting, but it' s very interesting to my family, our children, and so many supporters that i meet all across the country. i will continue to run a
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>> the republican establishment, or whatever you want to call it, should embrace what' s happening. kyla: happening today, donald trump may be getting an endorsement from another former rival in the republican presidential race. multiple sources tell cnn retired neurosurgeon ben carson will endorse trump later today. trump has a news conference scheduled in palm beach, florida, this morning. and from the sunshine state to the buckeye state this weekend, the republican frontrunner will be right here in cincinnati, holding a rally at the duke energy convention center. mark: cincinnati officials tell us there will be a higher level of security with trump in town. wlwt news 5' s andrews setters is live with more on the weekend preps, and how governor kasich will also be nearby today. andrew, good morning. andrew: if the governor can win his home state it will be his , first primary victory. john kasich is making a couple of stops in our area of the next few days. he will be in lima today hosting a town hall. and coming up on saturday he' ll
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breakfast in sharonville. donald trump is looking to support -- looking for support, hosting a big event at the duke energy convention center on sunday. there have been protests at other events including run-in with protesters. cincinnati police will be ready with security for the republican front runner to make sure things go smoothly. >> plenty of plain-clothed officers, uniformed-support officers ready to handle any issues that might pop on the inside, but also then, anything that might pop up on the outside. news five at not tuesday not for complete reporting live, andrew setters, wlwt news 5. mark: stay with wlwt as andrew mentioned for our special coverage of the primaries as ohio votes. we' ll have live coverage beginning at 7:30 p.m. when the polls close. then join us for a special
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and 11:00. time now for a check on your forecast. jennifer schack as a look at what is happening outside. jennifer: the radar is dry overhead. we had quite a few showers wednesday evening. widespread rain at times yesterday. this morning, any overnight showers have moved out. finally, a dry day. a reprieve from the rain. visibility downtown five miles to seven miles. we have cloud cover, and i don' t think we see any morning sunshine. clouds persist through late morning. by midday, trying to get some sunshine working its way in. temperatures climb nicely as we give way to partly cloudy skies late afternoon with a high around 63. even with the clouds lingering for a good portion of the day, temperatures are comfortably above average. satellite and radar showing the cloudy skies extending all the way to the great lakes. we are watching for clearing from north to south through the
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better chance of sunshine earlier. i do not think we will see a whole lot of it today. 63 degrees for the high. the average high is 51. a dry, but mild friday. the weekend forecast. we will have that coming up. re heading outside is good. here' s a look at 75 at union center. wings of butler county are moving along -- things in butler county are moving along. the speeds are looking good. 65 miles per hour. heading northbound on 75. on the lateral, 55 miles per hour. slowing down a bit. but we are still at three minutes from 75 over to 71. 50 miles per hour on 71-75. take a look in cummington. things are moving along very light. we will start to see the northbound side picking up shortly. kyla: saying goodbye to a
5:40 am
history. mark: the mourners attending the private ceremony today for former first lady nancy reagan and the important person, who will not be attending. kyla: and kentucky confirming its first case of the zika virus, the case reported, and where the man had traveled before. mark: taking a live look outside, 48 degrees on a friday morning. get up and get your morning started. you' re watching cincinnati' s
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jennifer: welcome back. a beautiful shot of the ohio river in the cloudy skies this morning. rain. visibility is pretty high downtown. cloud cover in place through the morning hours. the afternoon. upper 40' we will stay there through sunrise when we have the cloud cover around. midday, we try to break up the clouds, temperatures climb pretty quickly with highs in the s. the coming partly cloudy in time. a variation in temperatures right now, slightly mild to the southeast counties. everyone tops out this afternoon s. thunderstorms this week and in the forecast. we will talk about the timing going, coming up. kyla: thank you. former first lady nancy reagan will be laid to rest in southern
5:44 am
mark: funeral services will take place at the ronald reagan library in simi valley. nancy' s two children, patti davis and ronald prescott reagan, are expected to speak at their mother' s funeral. james a. baker, who served in president reagan' s administration, and former nbc news anchor tom brokaw will also give remarks. the funeral will be a private ceremony, but officials say more than 3000 people passed the casket during public viewing. one notable person who will not be attending today' s service, president barack obama, who' s opting to speak at the south-by-southwest music festival in austin, texas. the president is the festival' s keynote speaker, and first lady michelle obama is expected to speak on march 16. officials say they will deliver a conversation about civic engagement in the 21st century before an audience of creators and entrepreneurs. officials say this is the first time in the festival' s 30-year history that a sitting president and first lady have participated. the white house is launching a new initiative to make diapers more affordable for low-income families.
5:45 am
families access to diapers up to 25% cheaper than what is currently available. the white houses say about one in three families has trouble affording diapers for their babies. the program launches at the end of next month. kentucky is confirming its first case of the zika virus. the cdc says test results on a man who recently returned to the louisville area after traveling to central america came back positive. he is expected to make a full recovery. so far, the virus also has been reported in at least 31 other states, including ohio and indiana. kyla: reducing the time it takes to process rape kits and close cold cases in kentucky. right now, lawmakers say it takes eight months for a rape kit to be tested in the state, but two new bills in the state senate would shorten that process to 90 days. but to make it happen, it would need additional funding. the bills have made it out of committee and are now before the state senate. over 300 jobs are being cut in boone county.
5:46 am
center, the innotrac l.p. facility along litton lane in hebron is shutting down in july. the first group of terminations will begin in the middle of may. innotrac corporation is a fulfillment company. the hebron facility is an e-commerce shipment center. mark: celebrating diversity within greater cincinnati. the reelabilities festival hosted an author last night who was diagnosed with asperger' s in her mid 30' s. liane holliday-willey spoke about how the diagnosis changed her life and the obstacles she , faces. open dialogue can only benefit >> i think it' s very important that communities start to embrace everyone with differences, not just the visible differences, but all differences -- challenges, or disabilities or whatever you will, but the point is, this is a very unique thing. all year long. their next is the opening of a photo exhibition in april.
5:47 am
jennifer, the sunshine will come back today. jennifer: some sunshine later today. a cloudy and dreary start from last evening' s reign. it is pushed out, but we still have dan conditions. satellite and radar showing no ongoing rain, but cloudy skies, damp conditions, dry on the radar. it will take a break today. we are not anticipating any rain to return. visibility downtown between five miles and seven miles. a couple of spots in the eastern community may see some fog. right now the wind is combating any fog development. as we head into the afternoon, high-pressure across the great lakes will think a little more south. it will strengthen some and try to work against that cloud cover, moving it from north to south out of the region. the farther north you live in the tri-state, the better chance for sunshine and a little bit earlier sunshine this afternoon.
5:48 am
slightly drier air to work against the cloud cover, keeping the showers at a today. it will be short-lived. it is headed for the mid-atlantic as soon as tomorrow. more moisture from the gulf of mexico. it is not a washout for the weekend, but we get right back at mostly cloudy skies tomorrow,. showers, most of the models what to agree with the midday banned from north to south, sweeping and that was to returning for saturday. we will stay with mostly cloudy skies and periods of showers. s a lot of moisture still as well. we get back into a couple of days of weather weather pattern. dry during the day today. we will see overcast as the clouds return into tomorrow morning. tomorrow, here comes that band end of the midday. good slightly heavier band of thunderstorms mixed in. mostly cloudy on saturday. limited, if any, sunshine. mixed and isolated
5:49 am
for sunday' s forecast. 63 for the high today, mourning cloud cover. eventually, we have some sunshine this afternoon. 47 tonight, clouds and late overnight showers return. periods of showers on saturday. 67. do not think we have much hope for sunshine sunday and monday. the coverage and intensity of rain increases each day. could be heavier rain monday. temperatures in the 60' s through the weekend and next week. tuesday, 74. that rate chest looks like it holds off until the overnight. above average to voters all the way through next -- above average temperatures all the way through next thursday. kyla: pretty decent conditions on the roads as well. greek conditions across the board. all of ours beats look good. that is refunded on the travel times. no major incidents to report.
5:50 am
washington or near fairmont that has cleared out of the way. you are good to go with that area. interstate, 16 minutes on 75 out of butler county from 129 to the lateral. 19 minutes across the river on 71-75. 13 minutes on 275 on the northeast corner headed toward loveland madeira, already starting to see heavier volume in that direction. south sound is still very light. mark: thank you. and we continue a prank goes a , little too far for one virginia man. how he says he' s gotten dozens of calls from star wars fans and he' s never even seen the movies. a former felon hitting the runway? this convict back in the news. what is plans are for life after incarceration. taking a live look outside , 48 degrees. the rain has finally come to an end. we' ll update your most accurate forecast would we continue.
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cincinnati from the crash. we need jobs that provide new penalties to stop companies from moving profits and jobs overseas. for businesses that create manufacturing jobs, and let's invest in clean energy jobs, with 500 million solar panels installed by the end of her first term. we've gotta create new jobs and industries of the future. i'm hillary clinton and i
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like a welcome back. a beautiful shot of the suspension bridge. we are getting this shot from jim chestnut. around christmas, we call him timmy. today we will just call him tim. things are looking good on both sides of the river so far this morning. it is time to get a check on some stories trending this morning. mark: a virginia man'
5:54 am
t stop ringing and he has an online prank to thank for that. >> most of the time they would just go, hey, is this the guy from craigslist? and i was, like, what? and then they' d be, like -- [imitates chewbacca] mark: he has a great chewbacca. a recent craigslist ad asked readers to call blake webb and deliver their best impression of chewbacca from "star wars." the ad promises the caller with the best impression will win trouble is, blake webb never $50. posted the ad. he' s never even seen "star wars." turns out webb' s friends posted the craigslist ad as a prank. s received dozens of calls since the ad went up last week. kyla: how could you not remember this guy? hot felon. he' s out of prison now and preparing for his modeling career. jeremy meeks' mug shot went viral in 2014 after his arrest on a weapons violation. meeks was released this week, and we' re told he already has a manager and is considering a multitude of offers.
5:55 am
special gift on her 93rd birthday, a high school diploma. dorothy huston was emotional as the akron public schools superintendent awarded her the long overdue diploma. she was expelled in 1942 after revealing to her gym teacher she was married. now, 74 years laters, huston finally got to celebrate, as she tossed her graduation cap in front of family and friends. daylight saving time begins this weekend. and as we spring forward, losing in our of sleep, it will certainly lead to a lot of crumbs the folks. kyla: however, chronic sleep deprivation can raise the risk for much more dangerous side affects like infections heart , disease, even cancer. a new survey from accountemps shows nearly 75% of employees say they yawn their way through the work day, often blaming big mistakes on sleep deprivation. sleep experts say when the body doesn' t get enough sleep, the immune system suffers.
5:56 am
evolved over these millennia is very complicated, and so we need to sort of appreciate it, step back a little bit, and let' s pay attention to our bodies and make sure sleep is a big part of our health. kyla: most sleep experts recommend adults get 7 to 9 hours of good, quality shut-eye each night. even though the alarm will go off an hour earlier next week, experts say this should be a wake-up call for americans to make sleep a bigger priority. still ahead at 6:00 am a mother and daughter found dead in butler county. mark: this is now being called a the latest from investigators. kyla: the republicans kept it clean on the debate stage before tuesday. jennifer: it is a dry start, s. it is cloudy this morning. we hope by midday to have a few peaks of sunshine. quite a bit of cloud cover for the morning post up a dry friday, but rain and
5:57 am
mark: taking a live look outside, 5:56, 48 degrees. we will continue to update your morning forecast as will commute when we continue. you' re watchin it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you.
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about,
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your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait. cccccccccccccccccccccccccccc@ mark: a murder and suicide in butler county. the investigation after a mother and daughter were found shot to death. kyla: a politically-packed weekend here in ohio. the candidates coming to the buckeye state and how cincinnati
6:00 am
visit. the right time the impressive s ahead for the musketeers. >> from cincinnati' , leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 today. mark: good morning, everyone, as we look live outside just before 6:00 this morning, 48 wild degrees. they could for joining us i' m , mark hayes. kyla: and i' m kyla woods in for lisa cooney. we' ll get to more of your headlines and traffic just ahead, but first, a check on the forecast with meteorologist jennifer schack. she has yellow on, representing the sunshine we will see later today. jennifer: cloudy this morning, still kind of dreary from the showers they came through last evening but there is some sunshine later this afternoon expected. the rain totals from wednesday evening after the day yesterday, a couple of spots all over an inch of rain. we'


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