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tv   WLWT News 5 at 600  NBC  March 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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sweeps, and the district will begin talking about whether to allow select staff to carry concealed weapo on school property. other changes include a hotline for students to report concerns. the board intends to discuss security measures in executive session. mike: governor john kasich in support from an unlikely place. >> if a voter concludes that voting for john kasich gives us the best chance to stop donald trump, i anticipate that' s what they will do. >> the reaction and comments rubio made today. an interview you will see only on wlwt. mike: another big loop on this
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>> it looks like it is not going to happen. >> john london is live where trump was supposed to campaign. reporter: it was supposed to happen at the duke energy convention center. but that will not be the case now. no rally downtown cincinnati on sunday. it was originally looked at as noon but it will not be happening. no rally in the cincinnati area as far as we know. it appears donald trump will go to illinois instead of coming to the cincinnati area. that is what his campaign schedule that he has just posted indicates. we know that his team had looked and scouted some locations. we understand the clermont
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considered when the convention center fell through. carnoy is also holding a primary on tuesday. this race tightening up here. he' s going to illinois now. and we will have information for you. trump supporters in this area do not plan on a trump rally in this area this weekend. mike: that news in just now. donald trump not coming over the weekend. we will if that changes. marco rubio had a message for ohio voters. sheree:
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to stop trump momentum, vote for kasich. >> if a voter comes to the conclusion john is the only one that can beat him, that is the decision they will make. >> rubio did not talk to kasich about it. kasich said it was crazy to ask is voters to vote for anyone other than him. taping a town hall meeting for msnbc. mike: the only local reporter inside for that big meeting today. he got to speak with the governor. what he saying? reporter: he has plans beyond ohio but he will not need as if he doesn' t win here first. the backdrop for this taping of a town hall meeting with msnbc today. he'
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bring the lumber to the primary. the msnbc crew set up, a company used to making platforms for heavy objects. they were part of a platform for a heavy political discussion all for the taping of a town hall meeting. what does ohio mean for you today? >> it is critical. i' m not talking about what i might do. i' m talking about things of already been able to accomplish. experience matters, record matters, and vision matters. the strings that matter the most are jobs, jobs , and what do you think?
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today shows the moderator finds the town hall better than a debate. >> they get a chance to sit this close and ask him directly questions. >> we asked about infrastructure funding. kasich favors tolls but as president, would he try to see more federal money for projects like this? >> should they be having more bridges? >> we $19 trillion in the hole. it makes perfect sense, conservative sense that you pay for what you use. reporter: we will know on tuesday if the work he' s doing and the home field advantage pays off. mike: also this weekend, former
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at cincinnati. he is expected to attend a get out the vote of event at the national underground railroad freedom center. the event runs from 9:30 a.m. until 10:30 a.m.. sheree: our extended coverage begins when the polls close and you can join us for live coverage at 10:00 and 11:00. mike: the attorney general rejecting a petition to put the marijuana back on the ballot this fall. the group submitted 1000 signatures in support of a proposed amendment to the state' s constitution to legalize medical marijuana. in the last hour, they rejected it citing three defects in the petition summary language. voters rejected to member -- measures.
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left friends shocked and sad. mike: a fairfield township mother shot her adult daughter to death who is developmentally disabled and then killed herself. live on spring crest drive with more on this double shooting. reporter: the butler county coroner confirmed it was a murder suicide that took lace last night. a quiet suburban street interrupted by police lights and sirens. >> this is the first time we had been called their. reporter: the homeowner returned to his house to find his fiancee, barbara boesch -- barbara bush and her daughter, cynthia bush, dead.
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my fiancee and her daughter. there is blood. >> where did this happen? t know. i just got home. >> there is a firearm their? >> on the couch in the basement. >> cynthia was developmentally disabled. >> from the evidence that we from other family members, she was just overwhelmed. >> she was depressed and did not get the help she should have. >> people get to their breaking point and feel there is no other alternative. it is a sad outcome. reporter:
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was home at the time of the shooting. mike: a mother accused of allowing her baby to be beaten. the 10-month-old could not learn to walk. janel is live from the justice center. >> she denied everything. she had nothing to do with her boyfriend beating her baby boy but prosecutors say that she was more concerned about her cell phone that her son. >> it is actually in surgery and she left the hospital to go back to the police department to get her phone because she was more concerned about her phone that her child. the officers indicated that she had no concern for the child' s condition. >> she tried to cover up her part by calling 911. she reported her boyfriend saying that he held her hostage last week.
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>> she is the one that called the police. the boyfriend was arrested. >> the prosecutor says they were trying to teach the 10-month-old how to walk last friday. he stepped on the baby' s feet and beat him when he wouldn' t stand up on his own. he not only didn' t do anything to stop that she joined in the abuse. >> they hit him about the face and the body. to the point where it looks like he had a broken nose and large bruises all over his body. reporter: she denied the charges and is facing felony assault and child endangering charges. mike: gabriel' s father says his son has been released from the hospital and is staying with grandparents.
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>> changing the face of a people to live and work downtown. >> coming together to help a six euro little boy and his fight against leukemia. >> clouds are streaming across the region.
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i will. rin the middle of a time when senior povertyt is increasing. republicans and some democratsp came up with a brilliant idea for cutting cost-of-living we said, "it will be over our dead bodies as president, to extend the solvency of social security and expand benefits for people i'm bernie sanders,
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mike: the downtown development boom keeps going up. sheree: the plan for two condo towers right there at eight in maine. >> this is a parking lot but could become a condo tower. they' re hoping to bring two condo towers to two different corners of eight and maine. this building sits on the other potential development site that could be torn down if developers get the ok from the city. people would be able to walk to the front of their condo and write to the streetcar line. this property sits in between the north and southbound tracks. >> it is very exciting. a lot of people can take that
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>> they have been there for six years and workers have seen the way this area is changing. >> i have lived in cincinnati on my life and this is exciting. reporter: the project could cost $50 million. it is still in predevelopment. sheree: it sits in the mainstream historic district. mike: an atlanta-based developer right now with montgomery in right next to the purple people bridge. a group wants to build a 25 story building.
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it could be closing on monday. township. path. to complete. all the way to columbia road. here in ohio. mike: the seventh the case in ohio involve the butler county woman. sheree: cincinnati police officers lending a hand to one of their own today.
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six-year-old gregory is that' ll in leukemia right now. his medical bills are adding up to the hundreds of thousands of dollars. his grandma says the support is helping them through this tough time. >> we have had a good turnout. it doesn' t look like there' s a long line. there has been a lot of people since 10:00 this morning. >> doctors estimate that he can be cured of the leukemia if his body can tolerate the treatment. kevin: it was a nice break from the rain today. click the of sunshine across the area although we got off to a little bit of a slow start. we do have clouds streaming across the area but these are of
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temperatures which are cool right now will settle back into the 40' s. you might need a light sweater or a windbreaker out there. look at this this evening. we will slowly sink our way to the upper 40' s. it' s a little crest and a little cool out there this evening. a gorgeous look. you can see those clear skies out there right now. we got ourselves a northeasterly wind at this time. the cloud cover is part of this much larger storm system. this is the same system responsible for the flooding. this system is going to take aim
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it is going to be progressive and move through the area. here is a look at futurecast. we will see the high cloud cover come and go. i have been saying this the last couple of days, it doesn' t look bad. most of your saturday during the daytime hours should be on the dry side. as will be increasing and i will not rule out the chance for a stray shower or two. a different story saturday night. a warm front will lift towards the ohio river. expect widespread rain and rumbles of thunder. this will be the opening act for what is probably going to be very wet weather. the first half of the sunday looks wet. then it becomes a little more
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so for tonight, not bad at all. and then tomorrow, mostly cloudy. i would not rule out a few showers late tomorrow afternoon. 47 as you walk out the door. st. patrick' s day parade is tomorrow. this year will be perfectly drive for that. don' t forget we lose an hour of sleep this weekend as we spring forward. likely rain tapering off to scattered hit and miss stuff. likely more showers on monday. primary day, as results come into the night, threats of severe weather before it dries out again in the middle of the week. sheree: there won'
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>> george just walked in. cincinnati fans are asking ourselves, why us? why do these things happen? >>
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and jobs overseas. for businesses that create manufacturing jobs, a new tax credit. and let's invest in clean energy jobs, with 500 million solar panels installed by the end of her first term. we've gotta create new jobs and industries of the future. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. george: you kind of expect things like this to happen. against connecticut. while. kevin johnson with the three. you see is going to win this rolling.
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here comes the heave. off the glass, of course. it goes in and they go to quadruple overtime. down three, uconn winning 104-97. the fate is up to the committee on sunday. indiana facing michigan. tie game. he did it at the buzzer. michigan heading to the semifinals. they had no problem. ohio state about to tip off. kentucky and alabama with xavier
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seton hall at madison square garden. playing for state championship. the term in being played at the bb&t arena. campbell county taking on franklin county this afternoon. on the brink, she gets the lay-up to go. trailing by three just over a minute to go. spots up from the wing, knocks it down. could not close it out. eliminated with the loss. the next game had her meeting up with the second quarter. it is on the break. makes that lay-up by nine. graham goes up strong . it could not grabbed the lead
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59-55. it will be in action tonight at 8:00 against the comments. the inevitable happened in cleveland. the browns waving johnny manziel. he is now a free agent and able to sign elsewhere. and the reds playing some split squad action today. they lose to the athletics 9-4. robert stevens and giving up a couple runs in his start against chicago. mike: only two steps allowed, not four or that one connecticut guy. sheree: he got through that pretty well. you should have been in the newsroom earlier. kevin: it will be a nice night
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a little on breaking news tonight, frantic rescues. families on rooftops clinging to trees. homes suddenly destroyed as historic floods rage for millions, states of emergency getting more dangerous. violence and vulgar ree erupt at another trump rally. tensions boil over. a man dragged away bloody and trump's campaign manager under fire as a reporter charges him of assault. a stunning twist. was a member of


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