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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  March 14, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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lisa: a deadly shooting in what we' re now learning about the victim as police continue to search for a suspect. democrats make their case at a dinner in columbus last night. their last-minute speeches before ohio votes tomorrow. and republican candidate donald trump stumps in west chester on sunday. where he stands among his opponents in the latest polls. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 today. lisa: 5:00 a.m. on your monday. good morning. i' m lisa cooney. mark hayes is out this morning. randi rico and kyla woods are in this morning with your weather and traffic. good morning to you. we start with randi.
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you may run into that in a few spots. temperature-wise, this is pretty awesome. temperatures way above our normal highs for this time of year. 55 in springboro. 57 in walton. a nice start to the day. it is going to be dry for getting out to work and school this morning. right now you will notice some thin clouds in place. rain up towards indy. down there the duca, rain showers working in our direction -- could do go. closer to downtown by noon. a little bit of fog right now and through the early morning.
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maybe a stray storms in the mix and that chance lingers until midnight tonight. i have a great forecast for tomorrow. that is in a couple of minutes. let' s check the roads. kyla: good morning. this is pretty much what you will see. we are not seeing any issues on the interstate. 275 near 32 into parts of clermont county, you should be good to go. mason montgomery near warren county you should be good to go. along 75 inside of the 275 loop. you can see, north and southbound at clifton moving right along with volume pretty light.
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lisa: thank you. down to the wire, ohio residents are seeing more political ads and visits from presidential candidates, all hoping to secure votes for tomorrow. wlwt news 5' s andrew setters is leading the way with the latest right now on commitment 2016. good morning. andrew: good morning. no matter who the candidate is and what they say, you get to have your say tomorrow. tomorrow is primary day and it and it is a very important day in the presidential race. we have seen john kasich and donald trump in our area, and hillary clinton and bernie sanders trying to win over local voters, too. ohio is critical in the presidential race. polls show it very tight on the republican side, with john kasich hoping his home state can deliver his first primary win and change his fortunes in the republican presidential race. ohio voters are already casting ballots. early voting has proven to be a popular option, and a lot of
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people have been casting their ballots. a lot of people taking advantage of that. make your plans today for election day tomorrow. polls are open from 6:30 in the morning until 7:30 p.m. early voting in person from 8:00 until 2:00 today. andrew setters, wlwt news 5. lisa: both democrats met in ohio' s capital last night for some last-minute campaigning. both candidates spoke during a dinner last night in columbus, trying to sway the undecided. both hillary clinton and senator sanders took shots at republican opponent doland trump, as well as touting their own records in politics. from columbus to west chester, presidential candidates have been all over ohio this primary season, and sunday, donald trump held a rally in butler county. unlike some of his recent rallies, he only had one lone disruption during his speech. with trump being in candidate john kasich' s home state, he made sure to take a couple shots at ohio' s governor. mr. trump: he' s not going to do
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the job, ok. not going to do the job. we have so many problems with this country. lisa: also appealing to ohio voters, trump vowed at the rally to kill common core if elected and called for pete rose to be put in the hall of fame. trump' s local presence brought a clashing of opinions from voters. >> it' s very offensive. that' s not what our american values are about. it' s not what america was founded on. >> what i like about it. he' s back he' s working on his own merit and own finances and can' t be bought off. lisa: two groups of people with two different visions. trump supporters set off their car alarms to try and drown out the protesters who were kept in a taped-off area. happening today, a "get to know your candidate" event will take place on the uc clermont campus this afternoon. both the young democrats and young republicans will host the event. the student groups will relay facts about each candidate on
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panel discussion. this event will kick off at 3:00 today in the snyder building. for all of your commitment 2016 coverage, stay up to date on the wlwt mobile app and online at new details this morning about a man shot and killed in avondale last night. we now know the identity of the victim. wlwt news 5' s dan griffin is live in our newsroom with the latest on the investigation. dan: police say the man was found shot to death at a gas station in avondale. this was on burnet avenue just before 6:00 last night. investigators say his name, trazone mahaffey. he was 21 years old. cincinnati police say he was inside of a car parked at a gas pump. he was shot several times according to police and pronounced dead on scene. at this point, cincinnati police say there are no suspects. but we' re told the homicide unit is still working the case.
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lisa: thank you. a maryland police officer is shot and killed outside the police department building in what officials are calling an unwarranted attack. officials say prince george' s county police officer jacai colson was killed when two suspects opened fire outside the police department' s landover station. police say one of the suspects was also injured in the exchange of gunfire and is listed in stable condition. a second suspect was later arrested after fleeing the scene on foot. >> this crime is not just a crime against jacai. it should be known that murder is a crime against our entire community and not only that, but murder is the highest crime against humanity and that' s how we will treat it. lisa: there' s no word yet on a motive behind the shooting. police also say officer colson was a four-year veteran on the force and acted as an undercover narcotics officer. a scary situation in clifton as part of a building comes crashing down.
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building at ludlow and middleton. police say part of the roof gave way sunday afternoon, and everything under it collapsed. we spoke with a couple who was sitting on their front porch at the time. they say they heard creaking and cracking and saw sawdust fall before the sudden collapse. >> i basically just made sure happen. and i got up and said, "lori, we got to get out of here." and i kind of made sure she was ok. and we got off the porch. lisa: the couple tells us they didn' t notice any problems with the building before the roof collapsed. no one hurt in the incident. very scary. checking the morning commute. kyla: we are checking the roads for you and we are seeing pretty clear conditions. constructions along 75 along the 275 interchange at crescent ville.
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and again tonight. you will see some short closures between 11:00 p.m. and the following morning. it will not linger into the rest of the week. 75 that union center very light. no closures to slow you down. sounds like a wet day today. randi: by lunchtime today the rain moves in. we are dealing with some fog but not a whole lot. yesterday evening the fog was far more widespread and thicker. about one quarter mile visibility at lunken airport and the northern portions of butler county. temperatures right now are starting out in the upper 50' s.
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this morning, a little bit of fog and mild air. minus -- lunchtime the showers are arriving, maybe a rumble of under. a better chance of stronger storms tomorrow night. lisa? lisa: some extra money could be waiting for you. the billions of dollars up for grabs and what you need to do to get some of that cash. march' s air travel report released today. the airline topping the travel list.
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57 degrees. spokesbox: go paperless, don't stress, girl i got the discounts that you need safe driver accident-free everybody put your flaps in the air for me lisa: good morning and welcome
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stay with this for a check of the weather and traffic straight ahead. checking today' s headlines. the body of a second tugboat crew member who went missing after the boat crashed into a barge on the hudson river has been recovered. officials say the 90-foot tugboat hit a construction barge early saturday morning near the new tappan zee bridge. they say the tugboat sank and spilled about 5,000 gallons of fuel into the water. one crew member' s body has already been recovered and the coast guard says it will resume its search for a third member of the tugboat. investigators are still working to determine what caused the accident. the u.s. department of transportation will release the march air travel report card today. the report will include january flight delays, tarmac times, mishandled bags, and consumer complaints. american airlines and delta topped the five major u.s. carriers at the end of 2015, with "a" performances.
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a car bomb in turkey killed at least 34 people sunday in ankara, the country' s capital. turkish officials have described it as a massive car bomb. it was heard all across the city and it happened right in the center of the city at a transportation hub. >> the car came near to us. 10 seconds later the seats in the bus flew following explosions. a piece of metal crashed into me. lisa: it' s the latest in a series of deadly attacks on civilians in turkey in the last few months. officials are looking at two main groups, the kurdish militants who' ve been fighting against the turkish government in the south and in the east, or isis, which has been using turkey as its main transit hub into syria for the last several years. armed men attacked an ivory coast beach resort sunday, killing at least 16 people and sending tourists fleeing through the historic town of grand-bassam. a group that monitors jihadist
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websites says an african affiliate of al qaeda, claimed responsibility for the attack. workers collected bodies from the beach, covering them in white sheets and carying them away on stretchers. ivory coast' s president said that 14 civilians and two special forces personnel were killed when the gunmen stormed the beach. the president said six assailants were also killed. time' s running out for you to claim your 2012 tax refunds. the irs says nearly a billion dollars remains unclaimed. the irs says an estimated one million-plus taxpayers risk losing their share of money owed to them in 2012, because the have yet to file the tax returns originally due nearly three years ago. you have until this year' s april 18 federal filing date to submit your 2012 tax returns. about a million americans haven' t done that yet. if you don' t file in time, the billion dollars will head to the treasury. >> cincinnati' s certified most
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randi: good morning. maybe a little bit more tired than usual. today no worries as you head out the door. showers on the way by lunchtime. perfect weather expected for primary day in ohio. this morning, there is a little bit of a light shower outside of indy that is heading north to dayton. moving toward evansville. that will be in louisville by 9:00, 10:00 this morning, and approaching cincinnati by lunchtime. into the early afternoon, a rumble of thunder cannot be ruled out. little bit of fog. it was all over the place
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right now temperatures in the mid-and upper 50' s. 54 in hamilton. toward the midafternoon, temperatures up into the 60' s. 65 degrees downtown and maybe pushing 70 south and west. through the day it is pi day. look at the numbers, 2.14. -- 3.14. this is the pi symbol. people are going to wake up and take a picture of that. i blame the time change. 6:00, 64 degrees. we are dry up until lunchtime. that is one the first round of rain is going to move in.
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moving out toward midnight tonight. i would expect the chance for some rain tomorrow night, late tomorrow night. no worries as the polls close. 10:00, 11:00, midnight is when the rain rolls through. the storm should be weakening as they move through. tonight, expect some storms tomorrow night. by the end of the week, temperatures take a slide. that is when you head into your basketball longer anyway. 50' s into the weekend. kyla: 60' s for st. patrick' s day? lots of green beer floating around. you will not hear any complaints for the morning commute so far.
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you can see the volume is taking up along this portion of the commute. 65 miles per hour northbound from the 275 interchange. north and southbound and five minutes over to the daniel carter beard bridge. we' re seeing clear conditions there, as well. a lot more headlights across the bridge. we will continue to keep you updated. lisa: thank you. black friday is not the only time of year to get a good deal. outside live on your monday.
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lisa: good morning and welcome back. 5:23 on your monday. today is national pi day, the day that mimics the first three digits of the mathematical constant pi. if you want to win 3.14 years of free pizza pie from pizza hut, all you' ll need to do is answer one of three math questions. the questions could be pretty tough. they'
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john h. conway, and range in difficulty from high school to phd level. pizza hut will distribute the questions online today at 8:00 a.m. eastern and award three winners, one for each question. kyla: ready just bookmarked that on the computer. lisa: many of us normally associate the month of march with the madness of college basketball. kyla: but consumer experts say there' s another type of madness going on that should interest all of us. in between bounces in the mad dash to the final four, you might want to consider the madness going on in retail during the month of march. "consumer reports" writes that stocking up on clothing you' ll need for winter. march is also the best time to a buy a new digital camera. this comes just in time for getting some snapshots of your spring break. the prices are lower because manufacturers are ditching their
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the newer models. and at a time when people are trying to slim down for the summer, heavy exercise equipment, like a treadmill, is most affordable in march. best of all, you won' t only find these sales in stores, you' ll also see them online, so happy shopping. i never really thought about that. lisa: i never thought about buying a treadmill. kyla: that would be my question. lisa: good to know. disney' s "zootopia" spent another weekend in the number one spot at the box office. the animated comedy earned $50 million in theaters this weekend. coming in second, "10 cloverfield lane," starring john goodman, with about $25 million. and the r-rated marvel comics' film "deadpool" is right there in third place, bringing in a little more than $10 million. now over to randi.
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randi: very springlike temperatures for the next couple of days. there is rain in the forecast. in the morning we are fine. tomorrow a big day on election day. here' s what we' re looking at. 7:00 in the morning, 52 degrees. lunchtime, 68. 7:00, we have more clouds around. mid 70' s and no worries as people head to the polls. temperatures take a slide later in the week. normal for march and cloudy as you start watching basketball. lisa: thank you. two men are killed on the same street less than a month apart. >> we are talking the potential
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for some old-time rivals to go
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>> get out those brackets. march madness is officially here. donald trump gets supporters and protesters alike riled up in westchester. how the two sides clashed. gearing up for primary voting in ohio. who is leading in the polls
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leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 today. lisa: good morning. >> looking bright and shiny on this monday. >> we lost an hour of sleep. >> we missed you. >> i will be dragging you know what tomorrow. >> today is a day where you feel daylight savings time. the weather is taking it easy. we are starting with a little bit of fog. yesterday evening, very thick fog around sunset. most of that has disappeared overnight with rain on the way
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by lunchtime today. there is rain, even thunder and lightning -- lightning in western kentucky. headed towards cincinnati by about lunchtime. we see a couple peaks of sunshine here and a few hours until sunrise. that doesn' t happen until almost 8:00 a.m.. 55 springboro, 58 now in alexandria. your plan today, not too bad. lunchtime rain showers arrive at 63 and through the afternoon, a high around 66. maybe a stray thunderstorm. first, let' s check the roads. >> we are seeing pretty good conditions for our morning commute. here is a look through ken woods.
5:32 am
once we get inside, that is when we start to see an increase. at mineola pike, things looking good along that string of the 275 loop. same thing on ohio 95. good conditions all around. a few cars headed eastbound towards the i-75 interchange. note delays -- no delays to report. not seeing any problems outside. lisa: it is the day before the all-important ohio primary. the last day for residents to participate in early voting. how candidates are crisscrossing the buckeye state. >> it is crunch time here at the board of elections.
5:33 am
not a lot of time left for the important ohio primary. plenty of opportunities to hear from kasich, trump, clinton, and sanders. john kasich will be campaigning with mitt romney. donald trump has a rally planned for youngstown. bernie sanders will be in youngstown and make another stop in ohio. john kasich looks like every vote will matter. a tight race between him and donald trump. kasich is on top with 39% of the vote over donald trump' s 33%. trump has a more than 20 point edge in florida, governor kasich holding last place in florida. trump looking good in illinois. governor kasich in third there. leading bernie sanders in all states including here in ohio.
5:34 am
in ohio she has got a 20 point lead. tuesday is very important because we could be dealing with a very different republican party race if john kasich doesn' t win ohio, if marco rubio doesn' t win florida. we will have to wait and see how tuesday shapes out. lisa: both democrats and republicans made their appearances at the columbus last night. s closest competitor, ted cruz was in town for a rally at last night. last night' s rally, 22 -- cruz said voters are wasting their time with other boaters. -- other candidates. ohio with the all-important primary tomorrow.
5:35 am
ohio democratic leaders say they wanted support of hillary clinton or senator to know that it was their party. >> we can criticize or protest mr. trump all we want but none t also show up at the polls. >> this campaign is about ending a corrupt campaign finance system that allows billionaires to buy elections. >> other big names in attendance, jesse jackson says he remains neutral and has not yet made an endorsement. longtime clinton supporter jerry springer was also there. closer to home, bernie sanders will see report -- support
5:36 am
the national nurses united cincinnati and dayton today. largest organization of registered nurses in the u.s. and first union to endorse sanders. the bus is scheduled to stop at the university of cincinnati campus. after a string of rowdy rallies, there was one minor out first as donald trump stumped for support in westchester sunday. the businessman turned politician attempted to appeal to ohio voters. people. we have not had a president in a deal. walls between people who should be allowed to come here. he can' t kick people out based on the color of their skin. >> there were a few clashes between supporters and protesters. supporters set off
5:37 am
car alarms to drown out supporters -- protesters. wlwt is leading the way tomorrow night. live coverage beginning at 7:30 when the polls close. then join us for a special edition at 10:00 and 11:00. it is 5:37. an amtrak train has derailed in southwest kansas, sending 20 people to the hospital. the train was traveling from los angeles to chicago when it derailed just after midnight. five train cars are on their side. 128 passengers and 13 crewmembers were on board. family and friends passed out flyers searching for justice for two men murdered d.
5:38 am
an hour later, a man knocked and shot murph. no one has been arrested in the murder of the 18-year-old. charles flagg was gunned down outside a bar in springfield township. one man was caught, another remains on the loose. >> very unfortunate for all of our family. you are talking about somebody who didn' t have a chance. just really, an innocent of another senseless crime. >> it has been really hard, a struggle for me. the reason is we should not allow the person who did this to out here on the street. >> flagg left behind a daughter. a school suspended a
5:39 am
an appeals court has rejected a lawsuit the colbert' s -- the their son. march madness is here and it is time to fill out your bracket. dan griffin is live with the drawing for the local squad. >> they have been working very hard to get to this point. of 68. as expected, they will be aid does cosi, -- two seat. cincinnati bearcats have beat spokane at friday at 10:00. big games people
5:40 am
those u.k. wildcats taking -- indiana hoosiers still in the mix. a tense game between old rivals. a of excitement as march madness heats up. lisa: now over to randy. you see some clouds behind dan. how is the visibility? randi: yesterday evening, widespread thought. near lunken airport, half mile right now in hamilton. wilmington 10 miles, so it is not a widespread issue. temperature wise, starting out nice. 57 degrees in wilmington. cooler near lunken airport. the forecast for today, we are looking at temperatures generally in the mid-50' s.
5:41 am
a little foggy and mild as we head towards afterschool. we see the potential for rain showers. lisa: coming up, runners braved the rainy weather for sunday' s heart many marathon. how much organizers were able to raise for the american heart association. a hiccup in the ncaa' s new plan to unveil this year' s new bracket. the organization' s response after it was leaked online. live on your monday morning, here is a nice look. shining bright on your monday.
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>> the time is 5:44. there is a little bit of fog out there but you are probably more foggy because you lost the hour of sleep over the weekend. here is a cup of coffee forecast . whatever it takes to get you out the door on time this morning. currently a little bit of patchy fog. 7:00 this morning, well you are used to seeing the sun, it is still going to be dark. 55 degrees at that point. clouds rolling in ahead of rain
5:45 am
we will look at that timeline in just a couple of minutes. lisa: millions of americans will be filling out their tournament brackets after selection sunday. some fans got a head start checking out the field as the official bracket was leaked online. kyla woods joins us. kyla: they are investigating how the bracket was leaked before the initial announcement. the bracket appeared on sunday during the annual tournament. at that point, only half of the field had been revealed. it turned out to be spot on. the ncaa released a statement saying "we go through great lengths to prevent the tournament list from being revealed early." unfortunately, the bracket was revealed prior
5:46 am
we take this matter seriously. several protesters -- several -- lot of people were complaining about it taking so long on that other network to unveil the bracket. it was only a matter of time until -- they drag out the process. >> that is too bad. >> the damage is already done. the investigation does continue. kyla: now for thousands of runners that didn' t let the rain stopped them sunday morning -- them monday morning. fountain square offered a post raised celebration -- post
5:47 am
raised celebration. $500,000 shy of the goal. for the american heart association and mercy health. a half-century tradition continued sunday at the banks. >> happy st. patrick' s day. >> the 50th anniversary of the cincinnati paint -- st. patrick' s day parade. it featured plenty of kilts, bagpipes, and irish family pride. celebrations kicked off with the dying of the chicago river. a mysterious orange powder in the river turned to green. people sported their best green outfits while joining -- enjoying irish step dancing. great weekend for them. let' commute.
5:48 am
times. they are looking pretty great some fog in some areas. 17 minutes on 71. across the river low they' split into downtown. 22 minutes heading from the bridge up towards i 71. hazy conditions at kellogg. obstructed. some mornings. randy, you said we had some trouble but the visibility is not terribly low? randi: it is really foggy. the good thing is, this morning, it is not as widespread. the sky started to clear.
5:49 am
a perfect combination of reduced visibility. starting out generally dry, but rain is on the way. even a little thunder and lightning right there in through portions of just south of that lunchtime. showers. thunder. tomorrow, you will notice that cincinnati, generally in this yellow zone, the timing of this, they should be weakening. 10 :00 to midnight, and arrival time for those storms. no worries. it is going to be warm tomorrow afternoon. wind out of the south, seven miles an hour. 8:00 in the morning, a little
5:50 am
you head into the early afternoon, could see a little rumble of thunder. stray showers possible well into the evening. as we approach lunchtime, that cincinnati. could see thunder and lightning. getting into the evening commute, pretty spotty. that will be the case up through midnight when we kick this rain out of here. some sunshine going in the afternoon. we will make it to the mid 70' s tomorrow and you will notice as we head towards the late evening hours, that is when that line will be coming in with rain and thunderstorms. models slowing that one down for us. cooler once we get that system through. temperatures on the decline second half of the week. tomorrow, storms role in at night.
5:51 am
thursday, cloudy, 60' s. lisa: an unusual sport gaining attention in the arctic winter games. the country that took home the gold for this. knuckle hopping. it does look painful. hope it is a great start for you.
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we have more headlines look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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lisa: welcome back on your monday. outside right now, it is the first monday after daylight savings time. we will check more of that just ahead. a police station in western australia has adopted an orphan kangaroo. the new addition to the team is going to be called cuejo. police officers started looking after this four-month old after his mother was hit and killed by a truck. a canadian athlete has won gold in greenland in the knuckle hop. athletes have to propel themselves across the floor supported by their knuckles and tolls -- toes. it is one of the final competitions in the arctic winter games a held this past week in greenland. christopher daniel skipdonk
5:55 am
he hopped before hitting the ground. the oldest man on the planet at 112 years old. israel survived auschwitz in 1933 -- 1943. he does not know the secret to a long life. just that we must work as hard as we can and rebuild what is lost. 5:50 five right now, with daylight savings time in a fact, addressed -- adjust habits. kyla warns us about the dangers of driving drowsy. kyla: many drivers may not be as alert. the sun is not expected to rise until 7:50 this morning. this can affect people more than
5:56 am
people who sleep 6-7 hours a night are twice as likely to be involved in a crash as those sleeping eight hours or more. people sleeping less than five hours increase their risk for-five times. -- 4-5 times. some police departments have reported as much as a 10% increase in crashes during the spring forward time change. daylight savings time also means an extra hour in the afternoon when runners will be out in the streets later. make your sleep a priority this week. it could mean a difference of life or death out there. lisa: at 6:00, candidates coming after your vote. the blitz in the buckeye state leading up to the ohio primary. >> local squads celebrating the tournament games after a tense
5:57 am
election sunday. randi: at the forecast, we are headed to 66 degrees. there is some rain on the way but it should not get here until around lunchtime. lunchtime, 63.
5:59 am
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a deadly ambush targeting a maryland police officer. the suspect in custody. what is being called an unprovoked act. the final push where the candidates stand a day before the ohio primary. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way, this is news 5 today. >> a live look at the great american tower this morning. and looks ominous. both pretty and ominous as we see some fog that maybe starting out your weekly. i am lisa cooney, marchese' s office mining. randy is here with a more official look at what is happening visibility wise on your monday. yesterday evening, we had a ton of fog.


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