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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  March 17, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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the queen city. how you can get your green on this saint patrick' s day. good morning i' m lisa cooney. mark: and i' m mark hayes randi rico and kyla woods are in this morning with your weather and traffic. everybody is dressed up in their green. randi: i even have a little bit of green on the radar. not a whole lot, so don' t panic. a couple of sprinkles as we take a look. you' re setting up a pretty nice day, folks in monterey may be getting a little bit of a drizzle. really not much more than a
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for today, and will end up being a nice day. generally, temperatures right around 50. 50 right now in alexandria. the planner for today shows the wind picking up as we head towards the afternoon. right now, a cool 50. by lunchtime we' re at 56. a high today around 62 degrees. still on the mild side for this time of the year but colder days are coming. celebrate all the basketball today. kyla: road to looking good, as you get ready to head out in will see. clear, dry rod ads, heading north or south bunny should be good there. same thing along 74, not an issue to be found. we are clear conditions along i-71.
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, not started on this thursday. lisa: in commitment 2016. no rest for the candidates on the campaign trail. tuesday presidential hopefuls are working hard to gain support dan griffin is live with the latest on the race for the white house. dan: the campaign trail just the fight on the republican side has garnered a lot of attention so far here in ohio. donald trump warning if the party tries to block him there will be riots. meanwhile governor john kasich is celebrating and moving forward after the win tuesday. >> politics are so crazy i don' t know what will happen but they' re going to look at somebody who can be president of the united states who has a record of accomplishments not just talk. >> we' re way ahead of everybody, i don' t think you can say that we don' t get it automatically. i think it would be i think you' d have riots. i think you' d have riots. i' m representing a tremendous many, many millions of people. dan: trump continues his winning
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states he can check off the list and he is now the only candidate with a path to clinching the republican nomination before the convention in july. with marco rubio bowing out this leaves kasich, trump and senator there' s also been chatter by small groups in the conservative prospect of a third party option. on the democratic side, front runner hillary clinton is ready for a showdown with trump come november. she swept five primaries tuesday a harsh blow to bernie sanders. clinton has nearly double the number of delegates sanders has. she still needs hundreds more to win the nomination. those very popular debates keep bringing in millions of viewers. but it appears the next gop debate won' t happen after trump and kasich declined fox news scrapped the event. reporting live, dan griffin, wlwt news five. mark: tuesday was the second highest turnout ever for an ohio
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the secretary of state says more than 3.1 million ballots were cast. that' s a 41% turnout. the highest was in the 2008 presidential primary when turnout was at 46%. lisa: giving voting rights back to some convicted felons in kentucky. that' s what kentucky lawmakers are debating right now in frankfort. the bill would put a constitutional amendment on the ballot this fall. to grant state lawmakers authority to give felons back their right to vote. right now only the governor has that authority through a limited pardon. if approved, it would only apply to non violent felons after they completed their sentences. mark: horrific abuse allegations in warren county. a small boy is found dead and a step mother is now behind bars. police say anna ritchie punished her 4 year old stepson by putting his legs in scolding hot water tuesday night. investigators say they sent the boy to bed and no one checked on him through the night. little austin was taken to atrium hospital wednesday morning, when he was found not
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>> our officers, our detectives and myself, we all have kids and some of us have grandkids now. our hearts and prayers go out to the child' s family nobody should have to go through something like this. mark: investigators say austin' s dad was in the house. but police are still trying to figure out if he was involved. even though the child is dead stepmom ritchie is only charged with child endangering . investigators are waiting for the coroner' s final ruling on a cause of death. lisa: a missing persons case in middletown is now being investigated as a homicide. lindsay bogan was last seen by her boyfriend six months ago but police have re classified the case as a homicide. bogan' s boyfriend was arrested last fall and charged with promoting prostitution which police say involved bogan. crime stoppers is offering a 25 ,000 dollar reward for information. a mason based company has been cited in connection to a trench collapse that killed a 26 year
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it happened in hillsboro last october. the occupational safety and health administration cited stauffer site service saying its employees were not trained properly and the company did not have cave in protections in place. osha proposed $91,000 in the victim was working on a trench collapsed burying him. he died two days later. mark: a springboro high school freshman is now facing charges in connection to a bomb threat at a school yesterday. the 14 year old is accused of writing the threat on a bathroom stall. another student reported it and the school was evacuated but no bomb was found. warren county prosecutor david fornshell says these threats are taken seriously but are not funny. he warned that those who make the threats will be expelled charged with a felony and will go to jail. new information in efforts to track the spread of the zika virus. the ohio department of health
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surveillance program in the state. sending blood samples to its lab of people suspected to have zika. the goal is to test these cases within the first seven days of a person showing symptoms. so far there have been 8 confirmed zika cases in ohio, and 1 in kentucky. today is in patrick' s day. lisa: now live in covington with the events set to last all day. andrew: they will be busy both inside and outside 20 open up the doors better this morning. it will be a busy day here. it will be irish music with , three stages set up, 11 bands, pipers and dancers all here along with the cincinnati gaelic athletic association bringing
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a big party always. you can also celebrate across the river in cincinnati on fountain square. there wll be live music and celebrations on the square starting at 11:00 a.m., and going all day long. there will also be food and there will be lots to see and do if you' re out celebrating today be sure to be safe and share some photos with us through u local section of live in covington, andrew setters, wlwt news five. mark: let' s check in to see what is happening in your morning commute. kyla: things are off to a great start. it would be lovely if things stay green all morning. we could see some yellow and red later this morning. some construction right now, freedom way between race and rosa park street along the banks the downtown area we have a lot
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we will see some closures with that. we only have a little while longer to deal with this one. out the door right now, heading to that area, you will see those closures. southbound rolling right along. green is always got on my map come on the weather map it always indicates activity. randi: on the radar it means activity, but most of us not bad at all. temperature starting out in the 50' s which on this map also is green. it is a nice coincidence for us today. had done to florence, at 6:00 this morning, 51. it is a nice way to start the day. you expect it to be cool in the morning. expect a cool start, upper 40' s with clouds clearing out as we
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sunshine he the brees pick up of -- lots of sunshine and we will see the breeze pick up a little bit. expected to be mild, and temperatures in the low 60' s. mark: a marijuana measure makes its way through the pennsylvania house. lisa: how the state could be on their way to legalizing medical weed. mark: and michele obama getting questions on a presidency of her own yesterday during her south by southwest appearance. her response to a potential future campaign. lisa: hope it is a great start.
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mark: welcome back as we take a live look downtown come all
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lisa: they are already. mark: everybody is ready. checking today' s headlines michigan governor rick snyder is set to testify in washington, d.c. about the ongoing water crisis in the city of flint this morning. governor snyder will testify before the u.s. house committee on oversight and government reform. it' s the third and final hearing on the flint water crisis which saw thousands of residents affected by lead tainted and undrinkable water. lisa: supreme court nominee chief judge merrick garland will head to capitol hill tomorrow for introductory meetings with senate and judiciary committee leadership. president obama announced chief judge garland' s nomination on wednesday to fill the vacant seat on the u.s. supreme court. some say the president' s nomination is setting the stage for a huge constitutional showdown. senate republicans have said they won' t hold a hearing for any nomination that president obama makes. mark: millions of spectators decked out in green will line
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s annual st. patrick' s day parade. this year marks the 255th consecutive year the parade has new york to honor the patron saint of ireland. the nation' s largest st. patrick' s day parade by the mayor now that it has fully dropped its ban on allowing gay groups to march under their own banners. an alleged drunk driver prompts a short police chase. police tell us they tried to pull over the driver at about 2:30 this morning but cap ongoing . about 15 minutes later police readable to stop the driver near red bank road. took him to bethesda north hospital after he claimed of some type of illness. pennsylvania is one step closer to legalizing medical marijuana use. in a 149 to 43 vote the state house of representatives passed the measure. now, the bill heads back to the
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pennsylvania governor tom wolf voiced his support for the lawmaker' s efforts. he says he looks forward to the bill reaching his desk to be signed into law. lisa: a new plan to boost sales at chipotle. the mexican fast food chain will keep giving away burritos as it tries to convince people that its food is safe. the move follows an e coli out. -- outbreak. the chain had its first giveaway in february and now plans to mail 21 million coupons to people for a free meal. chipotle officials say they may shift to buy one, get one free offers to target where sales are lagging. when first lady michelle obama leaves the white house in january of 2017, she says she has no intention of returning. mark: specifically she says she has no plans of running for president. the first lady made that point clear while speaking wednesday at the south by southwest festival in austin, texas. >> i will not run for president.
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s one of the reasons why because i' ve got these two young people at home, and being the kids the daughters of a president just think about it. come on young people not so easy. they' ve handled it with grace and with poise, but enough is enough. mark: as first lady misses obama has pursued a wide range of causes especially children' s health. she says she intends to continue serving in that capacity when she leaves the white house. forecast. randi: s day, your forecast calls for a ton of green, but not much on the radar. we need to the afternoon, but all in all a great day to get outside. whether it is fountain square, or just checking out your
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a decent st. patrick' s day put the bedding towards the weekend, we will be welcoming spring with cooler temperatures. to our south, where the couple of very light, passing sprinkles. not much more than really drizzle. a couple of sprinkles, same thing in milford, kentucky and towards mount oliver. the bulk of that is to sliding north the lexington. we' ll see the skies cleared up today. but the wind will start to pick up. not really much of a breeze. today, some mixing up to perhaps 20 miles per hour. it will be a breezy afternoon. temperature starting up for close to 50 at the moment. 53 in loveland, 50 in springboro.
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maybe you have to work all day and can' t watch basketball or had him a beverage until afterwards, temperatures to looking pretty good. wendy for your st. patrick' s day, here is daybreak stuff -- windy for your st. patrick' s day here' s how it breaks down. not a bad day for celebrations or basketball watching. notice it will be cold tomorrow morning, and every morning for about a week or so. generally, a cooling trend as we had through the weekend. cloudy skies both saturday, and sunday. it won' t be a very springlike day, 46 degrees dan cloudy skies. temperatures warm up towards the middle of next week. today is pretty much perfect. they have been some cold st. patrick' s day' s, so this one not too bad. lisa: i don' t think
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minds as long as we don' we' re seeing clear conditions, but along the overnight into tomorrow, they will see closures along mlk. we talked about construction on the bank, if you travel to the area you' the orange cones. the interchange very will be added, and a lot of construction going on through there. this particular project will close mlk between gilbert and reading. you have to plan for that overnight tonight, it will last until 5:00 tomorrow morning. here is a look at 71 and am ok, we will keep you updated the couple construction projects. lisa: are you an expert when it comes to saint patricks day? mark: coming up we' ll have some fun facts about the holiday. lisa: brush up now.
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well, there won'
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s day. forecast just ahead. saint patrick' green beer and wearing shamrocks
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behind the day. mark: some would say, does it matter? but to be more specific the man behind the holiday. kyla: so in celebration we have a few facts to share with you today. saint patrick' s day is obviously in honor of saint patrick the apostle of ireland. while he may be an apostle there the real saint patrick was actually scottish born to the name maewyn succat in the year 387. another fun fact the color most associated with saint patrick is actually blue not green. established in 1783 the order of saint patrick was actually represented with a sky blue shade. and as for the association of the shamrock, saint patrick in his sermons would use the three leafed clover to explain the holy trinity to the pagan irish. he would also wear them in his robes forever linking the two in history. another common misconception associated with the holiday that ireland must have the biggest saint patrick'
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in the world. largest saint patrick' s day parades are right here in the u .s., the world' s biggest being in new york. i learned quite a bit. mark: who knew we were supposed to be wearing blue? [laughter] lisa: nobody really cares about all that stuff. mark: and speaking of saint patrick' s day there will be a full day of activities at the irish heritage center. starting at 2:00 an irish mass will be held by a friar from dublin. it will then be followed with children' s activities and parades music dance pipers and plenty of food. members of ihc get in free admission for guest is five dollars. lisa: good times today. what is the st. patrick' s day
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randi: the patio furniture will get a nice workout today. the only queen lucy are these few passing sprinkles to our southernmost points. it is not all just green beer, there is some serious basketball action today. if you want to watch march madness, and the local teams, by 7:00 we at 57 degrees. the wind will be dying down as the approach sunset. after those tip-off games, we' re looking at about 48. temperatures on the cooler side this evening. a full slate of basketball action. mark: the campaign trail continues to heat up as we get closer to a chosen nominee. lisa: the battle over the brokered convention in the
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cracks we give you some ideas way can go to take part in all the st. patrick' s day -- really
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>> people say what about the contested convention? i say who knows. mark: a battle being waged in the republican party as donald trump continues rake in the votes. governor john kasich' s new support this morning and concerns over a contested convention.
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to marry me. lisa: an emotional day for the new supreme court nominee after s choice was the uphill battle the nominee now faces. mark: and a child dead in warren alleged abuse from the s facing in court tomorrow. >> leading the way, this is today. mark: pays for joining us. s day, dressed in green with weather and traffic together. randi: have a couple of beverages and you want my the green. it is all good. the rater issuing a couple of spring -- sprinkles maybe to our
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most places are watching the clouds clear out quickly. it is only although it to the south we are seeing a light sprinkle. it looks like most of this is just south of the robertson county line. for most of our area, you are good to go for the rest of the st. patrick' s day/march madness tip-off day. most places near 50 degrees right now. 49 right now in florence, one of the coolest spots is harrison. comfortably cool to start the day, 46 and sunshine is around. by noon, breezy, mild come with a high today of 62. i want to see those green
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kyla: we do have green conditions, i promise. here is a look at the roadways. about 20 or 30 minutes ago we will so secretly heavy traffic southbound. 71, kvitova warren county heading onset right now really not sing and issues. heading towards the park area, things look good right now heading along to 75. we continue to keep it updated hopefully we remain problem free and will continue to see those green conditions. mark: franklin police say anna ritchie punished her 4 year old stepson tuesday night by putting
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lisa: dad, bring us up-to-date. dan: police say no child deserves to be punished like this. franklin police say anna ritchie punished her 4 year old stepson tuesday night by putting his legs in scalding water in a bathtub. police found 4 year old austin derreck cooper unresponsive yesterday morning he was pronounced dead at atrium hospital shortly after. officers say cooper was left in bed overnight after the punishment and no one checked on him until yesterday. we' re told cooper' s father was in the home when this happened . but it' s not clear if he was involved. police and neighbors say this >> it' s just disturbing how somebody could actually hurt a 4 year old like that, let alone be ok while they' re doing it and to know that baby is just screaming for help and there was nobody there to help him. dan: ritchie is behind bars in the coroner' s office is expected to make a final ruling on the cause of death soon that could mean more charges.
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mark: nearly two days later but no definitive answers. tuesday a vehicle plunged into the ohio river from the combs hehl bridge. police say few tips are coming in. on who might have been inside. the recovery of that vehicle was called off wednesday. currently, the river is just too dangerous for the divers trying to recover the vehicle. newly released 911 calls are revealing the chaos as a dozen cars collided in 4 seperate crashes. >> yeah, hi there' s a major accident on 75 or i' m sorry 275, going around the loop, over the bridge, going over the river right now, there' s a car just went over the edge. >> ok, over? >> over the, over the edge into the river. mark: campbell county police are still waiting to hear from a family member of whoever was in that vehicle. new clues could come tomorrow during a scheduled media briefing. as for the river it could be until sunday or monday until the current settles down. lisa: the fallout continues at uc after a professor is arrested for child pornography charges.
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butler county jail. investigators say the professor admitted to sending and receiving thousands of images and videos of sex acts between juveniles. students we spoke with did not know parker as a professor but were surprised by the charges. >> i feel very uncomfortable and it makes me question the reliability of our professors. >> it' s important to distinguish the professor from the private life person, who he was at home is not really our business. lisa: parker has been suspended. the fbi says there' s no evidence linking the pornographic images to the university. mark: he did the police chase is under investigation. investigator said he attempted to pull over a stolen vehicle at about 1:30, the vehicle refused to stop prompting a chase before crashing into an suv.
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trapping a person inside. it appears that the person the white suv has died and the chase suspect is in critical condition. a new plea from the wyoming high school grad being held in north korea. otto warmbier was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor for allegedly stealing a propaganda banner from his hotel. before being sentenced he pleaded with north korea' s supreme court. >> i beg you to see how i am only human, how i have made the worst mistake of my life. mark: although many believe it was forced warmbier confessed last month saying he was bribed by a member of the friendship united methodist church in wyoming to steal the banner. the state department is calling on north korea to pardon warmbier and release him on humanitarian grounds. lisa: in commitment 2016 news now the battle for the republican presidential nomination continues. establishment figures with the gop are discussing a ways to
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now a key republican senator is throwing his backing behind ohio govenor john kasich oklahoma senator james inhofe. many are speculating that we will see a brokered convention this summer. however, former republican presidential candidate ben carson who now backs trump says ignoring the will of the voters >> there' s no question that there would be a lot of turmoil if the establishment tries to thwart the will of the people, recognizing that millions of new voters have come into the republican fold largely as a result of donald trump. lisa: trump himself suggested there would be riots if the g o p opts for a brokered convention. senator ted cruz, who is currently second to trump in delegates, also opposes the brokered convention. mark: happening today merrick garland will have introductory meetings with senate and judiciary committee leadership. he' s the president' s supreme court justice nominee just announced wednesday. if confirmed garland would replace justice antonin scalia'
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seat. the 63 year old is a longtime justice department lawyer and federal court of appeals judge. as a federal prosecutor he' s worked on high profile cases like the oklahoma city bombing and the unabomber. wednesday an emotional garland proudly accepted the nomination to the highest court in the land. >> if my mother were watching in tv if she were still alive, she would crying and my father would be very proud. mark: some say the president' s nomination is setting the stage for a huge constitutional showdown. senate republicans have said they won' t hold a hearing for any nomination that president obama makes. judge garland will meet with senator patrick leahy and senator harry reid later today. senator mitch mcconnell has said that he will not meet with the nominee. lisa: expect to see a lot of green today for st. patrick' s day. the celebrations always start early in covington, injuries their live.
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andrew: they up for a big crowd later today. they are expecting a lot of people to come out. you can go inside as well, molly malone' s can make you feel irish for a day. they will have green beer, and lots to go beyond that as well. live music, and dancing and celebrations of irish culture during this daylong party. it will open up the festivities at noon, and the party will continue until 8:30 tonight. expect to live music with several bands to perform truck today. it is a great place to celebrate. they always do it big for st. patrick' s day. there will be people partying it up today. the doors open at 7:00 this
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lisa: thanks. for those will be out, not locking too bad -- looking too bad. starting out with the kegs and eggs forecast. a wee bit chilly early, lunchtime expected to be sunny but a little on the windy side. then for dinner time, still breezy by run 61. looking great for st. patrick' s day. the rest of the forecast is imperfect, by the weekend a bit of a cooldown on the way. lisa: two polar bears lose of the cincinnati zoo. mark: how it sent the zoo into lockdown mode. lisa: students and staff at walnut hill planning -- proven
5:41 am
today. mark: taking a live look outside, we get up and get moving, st. patrick' s day.
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apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. randi: taking a live look
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looking festive. heading towards covington this morning, the party' s getting started and just about an hour. other places have already opened their doors. up in oxford, the green beer day kicks off but 15 minutes ago. if you heading up this morning, to work or school, not everybody can put on their green kilts and head out today. clouds are clearing out, into the afternoon temperatures should generally be in the low 60' s. breezy, and mildly home from school. enjoy today for the basketball and the driver celebrations and the fact that the storms take a slide this weekend. i have that full forecast of a couple of minutes. lisa: wyoming neighbors coming together in an effort to fight the opioid epidemic while also understanding more about the issue. dozens met last night at wyoming' s middle school to talk
5:45 am
reduce the impact drugs is having on their city. organizers say everyone has a role in this battle. >> it' s really important for them to know they can do something. that it' s not just the big problem and nothing is being done, but there is a lot of things being done and everybody can play a role in taking action. lisa: prevention first recommends the general public start a conversation with youth in their community about the dangers of drug abuse. they also ask that you report any suspected drug abuse to law enforcement. >> we didn' t know and then we see some people racing around in carts and tranquilizers we knew something was going on. mark: not much to see today at the polar bear exhibit at the cincinnati zoo. the zoo is keeping two bears in holding areas after they wandered out of the exhibit on wednesday. the zoo says 26 year old little one and 17 year old berit took advantage of an open den door
5:46 am
zoo keepers secured the building and notified vet staff visitors at the zoo were also alerted and moved out of the zoo or into other buildings. the zoo says the two bears could be moved back into the exhibit tomorrow. former bengal ickey woods is working to retrieve his stolen a fc title ring. lisa: the ring was taken from his home a few decades ago and now he has a new lead. woods says he received a facebook message about his ring popping up on e bay for 25 ,000 dollars. he says he' s not sure how the online seller gained possession of the ring but woods says he deserves to have it back. >> well the person who took it from me, hopefully never find out who you are but the person who got it now, i would like to have my ring back and i' m not going to pay to get my ring back because i worked hard for that ring. lisa: the personalized ring is from the team' s 1988 super bowl run ickey says he is working
5:47 am
down the seller. mark: happening today an annual saint patrick' s day tradition . walnut hills high school will be hosting its saint baldrick' s fundraising event in the high school gym today. the brave the shave event will raise funds and awareness for childhood cancer. students and staff will be joining in on the fun. this year' s goal is to raise $13,000. the event kicks off at 10:45 this morning. lisa: let' s get a check on some stories trending this morning. kyla: clear conditions, green conditions, very fitting for today. we haven' t seen any of the law red spots pop up yet on the map. here is a look at those travel times. the 13 minute commute from east k2 i-71. across the river, 18 minutes on 7175. hopefully that remains for us.
5:48 am
over to i 75. you as well as you head out towards the interchange. the eastbound side. we aren' t seeing any delays working in just yet. how is the forecast looking? still good conditions for a party. randi: it is early, it is crazy how that works on a day like today. it will be into the low 60' s as a head into the afternoon. a bit of a breeze later, but generally a really nice st. patrick' s day. temperatures in the low 60' s right now, most places totally dry. over the last hour or so we had a quick, passing sprinkle conference monterey and portions of southern robertson county. by and large, most of this is closer to lexington this morning. clouds are clearing out anyone
5:49 am
they settle down after the sun sets. can we have that mixing governments are right now 5-10 mile-per-hour winds. maybe 20 miles per hour at times. another breezy day, not quite as breezy as yesterday. you will notice that the trees are waving in the. winds out of the southwest right now. here' s the breakdown for your st. patrick' s day. at noon, more sunshine, 56, than the low 60' s throw the afternoon. as we approach sunset, the wind will be calming down. tonight we' re dipping down into 37 degrees. tonight, and really every night for the next week our lows will be down in the 30' s. the couple of nights even below freezing. i know which hurt you into
5:50 am
we officially arrive to spring it gets towards 12:30 a.m. but it want feel like spring. -- won' t feel like spring. this brief little cold front doesn' t last too long. next week of highs are back into the mid-60' s. mark: an amazing story of survival for one pup in california. with the st. patrick' s day comes to green beer in the annual celebration for miami students out there already on celebrating. lisa: outside life right now on your thursday come it is now 5:56.
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it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you.
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lisa: welcome back on this a traffic together coming up. right now, checking stories trending this morning. mark: one very lucky german shepherd is celebrating an unreal homecoming. the 18 month old dog named luna has been missing for nearly five weeks. she was assumed to be dead after going overboard from a fishing boat. when she fell off a commercial fishing vessel, her owner spent two days searching for her. and alerted officials that she' d disappeared. well somehow luna managed to swim to san clemente island which is owned and operated by the u.s. navy.
5:54 am
getting their pup home safe. lisa: a homeless man in san francisco is getting a $100,000 reward after helping police recapture two escaped inmates. matthew hay chapman who was living in public park spotted the suspects in a van after reading about them in the newspaper. he alerted police, who nabbed the pair after a short pursuit. he says he will use the money to start a new life and help his grown children get through tough times. mark: a wedding dress in oregon is getting a lot of attention for it' s unique material. the boutique' s owner created the dress out of recycled bubble wrap. lisa: don' t hug her two tight. mark: the bubble might burst. the store has a history of creating eye catching window displays. in the past they' ve displayed dresses made out of playing cards, candy, maps, and recycled exams and scantrons from the university of ohio. good stuff. lisa: that is pretty funny.
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green today especially if you head to oxford. mark: this year miami green beer day is falling on st. patrick' s day. the party has already started and kyla woods joins us now with a look at this annual celebration. kyla: they don' t waste any time up in oxford. there' s always a group that' s been up all night celebrating the arrival of green beer day . the bars are open extra early this morning welcoming the dedicated partiers. this is a saint patrick' s day celebration but miami students do not always celebrate on the 17th. according to tradition green beer day falls on the thursday before spring break. this year it just happened to be st. patrick' s day. green beer day started 64 years ago with the original party taking place in 1952. green beer day has come a long way since the 50s it now has official facebook and twitter accounts and someone checked the most recent green beer day tweet says the next time the party will fall on saint patrick' s day is 2073.
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mark: ahead, playing for that one shining moment. lisa: the madness in full force today. tournament gets underway. mark: where things stand when it comes to the nomination in the race for the white house. randi: s day forecast. it is in the 40' s, 8:00 a.m. 46, at noon 56, then sue upper 50' s later. low 60' s this afternoon, i little breezy at times. we take a look at how long that cold snap will last a couple of minutes. lisa: stay with us, we have your
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6:00 lisa: four-year-old' s punishment leads to his death. mark: going after the nomination . strong words from the candidates with another amount of contests coming up. lisa: a full day of hoops ahead including the tournament opener for big blue nation. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, this is news 5 today. lisa: the st. patrick' s day
6:00 am
northern kentucky. here is a live look outside molly malone' s where they do it right about an hour before doors open. 6:00 a.m. on your thursday. mark: we will get to more headlines in a moment but first let' s get a check of the forecast with meteorologist randi rico. the weather is not going to slow folks down. randi: at all. it would take a big old bit of snow to slow people down. none of that in the forecast. mild temperatures for mid-march. most places are in the upper 40' s right now. we have 46 degrees at cvg. right now, green beer day in full effect in oxford. you dance around a little bit , all of a sudden everybody warms up and the temperatures warm into the low 60' s this afternoon as well. clearing skies this morning.


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