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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  March 17, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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northern kentucky. here is a live look outside molly malone' s where they do it right about an hour before doors open. 6:00 a.m. on your thursday. mark: we will get to more headlines in a moment but first let' s get a check of the forecast with meteorologist randi rico. the weather is not going to slow folks down. randi: at all. it would take a big old bit of snow to slow people down. none of that in the forecast. mild temperatures for mid-march. most places are in the upper 40' s right now. we have 46 degrees at cvg. right now, green beer day in full effect in oxford. you dance around a little bit , all of a sudden everybody warms up and the temperatures warm into the low 60' s this afternoon as well. clearing skies this morning.
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but they will thin out as we approach sunrise. we had some passing sprinkles across southern portions of owen county, robertson counties . you may wake up and see the pavement a little wet in those communities. that line is south and it looks like that is where it is going to stay. on the cool side right now. the clouds around will clear out . most places mid to upper 40' s. by lunchtime, 56 and sunny skies . into the afternoon the breeze we had yesterday, a breezy second half of the day. 62 degrees is the expected high. kyla: we have clear conditions. for those heading out now for some st. patrick' s celebrations or anything work or school perhaps. 71 in pfeiffer. north and southbound rolling along. the heavier volume that comes with a six clock hour but
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heading between i-75 and i-71 crossing between the two you should be good. seeing clear speeds and great travel conditions as he had outside. 275 in dixie highway, looking great east and west bound. a great start for your thursday morning commute. mark: thank you. an alleged drunk driver proms a short police chase in symmes township. police tell us they tried to pull over the driver around 2:30 this morning. about 15 minutes later police were able to stop the driver near red bank road. they arrested him but took them to bethesda north after he complained of some type of illness. horrific abuse allegations in warren county. lisa: a boy is found dead. a stepmother behind bars. lycee anna ritchie punished his
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putting his legs in scalding hot water tuesday night. investigators say they sent the boy to bed and no one checked on them through the night. wednesday morning he was found not breathing. >> officers and detectives and myself, we all have kids and some of us have grandkids now. our hearts and prayers go out to the child' s family. no one should have to go through something like this. lisa: investigators say austin' s that was in the house but police are trying to figure out if he was involved even though the child is dead stepmother richie is charged with child endangering at this point. the corner' of death. mark: a mason-based company has collapse killed the 26-year-old construction worker in hillsboro last october. the occupational health and safety administration cited stauffer site service citing its employees were not trained
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osha proposed $91,000 in penalties. the victim was working on a sewer line when a 10 foot deep he died two days later. lisa: facing charges in school. the 14-year-old is accused of writing the threats on a bathroom stall. the school was evacuated , no bomb was found. warren county prosecutor david for schnell -- david form shall says these threats are taken seriously. a covington man arrested accused of assaulting a police officer. vinson lyday allegedly tried to push the officer into traffic on i-675. the officer noticed lyday' s license was suspended and conducted a field sobriety test after smelling alcohol. that is when the two started trickling.
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police say lyday pushed the officer to the ground and taser. mark: new information in efforts to track the spread of the zika virus. says it will start its own surveillance program checking blood samples of people suspected to have sica. the goal is to test these cases within the first seven days of a person showing symptoms. so far there have been eight confirmed zika cases in ohio and one in kentucky. no rest for the candidates on the campaign trail. lisa: presidential hopefuls are working hard to gain support in other states. dan griffin is live with the latest on the race for the white house. momentum for the candidates as they keep pushing forward on the republican side. donald trump saying if the party tries to block him there will be riots. governor kasich says he is sticking in the race.
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you never know what will happen. they will look at someone who can actually be president for the united states. >> we are way ahead of everybody. i don' t think you can say we don' t get it automatically. i think you would have riots. of people. dan: trump won delegates so far. the early candidate with a path to clinching the nomination before the convention in july. there has been chatter by small groups in the conservative community to discuss the prospect of a third rd option. hillary clinton is ready for a showdown with trump come november. she swept five primaries tuesday. clinton has nearly double the number of delegates sanders has. she still needs hundreds more to win the nomination. it appears the next gop debate will not be happening.
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john kasich saying he is not going if donald trump is not going. it appears there will be a handful of states voting between now and april. dan griffin, wlwt news 5. mark: tuesday was the second-highest turnout ever for a ohio primary. the secretary of state says more than three point one million ballots were cast. the highest was back in 2008, the presidential primary when turnout was at 46%. the ncaa tournament is kicking into high gear. the first round kicks off this afternoon. big blue nation in kentucky. brook. big game set for 9:40 tonight. >> we can lose the game. the thing about being in kentucky, every game we play is someone posts super bowl. if we don' t play, we lose.
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mark: you see and eggs a beer will be playing tomorrow. elise jesse will be in st. louis to bring you the story of the musketeers and derek forrest is in spokane, covering your uc bearcats. today is officially st. patrick' s day which means kegs and eggs is playing at several local irish pubs. lisa: live in covington with the event that will surely last all day. good morning. andrew: they know their crowd at molly malone' s. tvs all over underneath these beer signs this morning. pulling those off so people can watch march madness games. partying here at molly malone' s and this will kickoff at 7:00 this morning. a large crowd expected in covington. they will have st. patrick' s day celebration for everyone. lots of irish music. three stages set up.
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cincinnati gaelic athletic association. along with that you can also celebrate across the river in cincinnati on fountain square. more celebrations on the square starting at 11:00 this morning going all day long. food, green beer on the square as well. lots to see and do today if you s day. maybe taking the day off from march madness games today. make sure you stay safe today and also we want to see what you' re up to. should us some pictures and send them to the u local section of lisa: thank you. walking away from $13 million. mark: the star who retired after a dispute with his team. lisa: the thomas more women' s basketball team looking for another national title.
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mark: taking a live look outside morning. 46 degrees. randi: a bit of cool breeze as we had through the afternoon but temperatures for early-morning revelers not bad. 49 in florence. 51 in sharonville. clouds will be clearing out. a cool start to the day turning breezy by lunchtime. at that point we are at 56 and for your drive home or to your local irish pub this evening, expected in the low 60' s. enjoy today not only for basketball and green festivities because it will be one of the warmest days for the next week. lisa: another indication it is never too early. here is a live look. we are in hyde park , live in covington, hyde park, the kok annable opened just minutes ago and there are some dedicated people decked out at the bar wearing their green.
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m sure there' s coffee in those cups. green coffee?
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mark: good morning and welcome back. 6:14, 46 degrees. saint patty' s day. basketball on the walls,. your cup. lisa: a lot going on. a lot of specialties going on today so you have to know what you' re getting into with your brackets, the beer. great conditions on the road.
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we have a teeny bit of yellow on cause you any delays. what might cause some delays in anderson township to my construction you have been dealing with all week long and it is a daytime closure. eight mile road between hopper and rich stone, daytime work between 7:30 and 3:00. if lunchtime plans take you through that area, plan for some possible delays getting around those closures. 275 looks good. traveling north and southbound, starting to pick up a little bit but still not seeing any delays. mark: thank you. a deadly police chase and crash under investigation north of dayton in huber heights. investigators attempted to pull over a suspected stolen vehicle. the black car refused to stop. prompting a chase through several cities before crashing
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s the person in the white suv has died and the trace -- the chase suspect is in critical condition. lisa: the state house of representatives passed the measure. the bill had back to the senate for additional review. pennsylvania governor tom wolfe voiced support for the measure applauding lawmakers efforts. mark: the popular gomez salsa in over the rhine is adding a new location. lisa: you will be able to order tucows and burritos and walnut hill. andrew gomez has been a resident or a while now and this location will be his first stand-alone restaurant. the otr location is a walk-up window. the new location will open by june on gilbert avenue. mark: students in highland county are coming together to support an 11-year-old girl recently diagnosed with leukemia. abigail lykins has been hospitalized for a month now and her classmates recently came together wearing orange to show
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other schools are sharing picks online offer team abi. s basketball team hits the road for another trip to the final four. a sendoff celebration for the team at the connor convocation center starting at 1:45 today. the saints are looking to win back-to-back national titles. if they go past amherst college championship game. the saints take on amherst saturday. tip is set for 7:30 at capital university in columbus. mark: the chicago white sox have an open spot after losing adam laroche. reports say laroche is retiring because of a dispute involving his son. he was sent to make $13 million but reports say he is fed up. the team apparently asked laroche to leave his 14-year-old
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drake laroche has been in the clubhouse every day since spring training started. the white sox general manager asked his father to scale it back. two days later, the older laroche tendered his resignation. son, i' m going to need you to do really well in school right now. lisa: we are starting to talk about warmer weather which would be nice. today we' re on the warm side but as we head toward the weekend, not so much. it is st. patrick' s day. this afternoon. wearing one of those big green leprechaun hats it may slide down the road depending on wind gusts. decent all day and we will be welcoming spring with a bit of a chill as we head toward the weekend. the radar showing this morning across extreme southern communities but you can
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and extreme southern portions of robertson county, that is out of here. we will get some sunshine going. off to the west, not a lot happening so the clouds will quickly be thinning out and you are in for a comfortable st. patrick' s day. the wind will pick up once the sun comes up. about five to 10 mile-per-hour wind. more like 15 to 20 as we had through the afternoon. s to around 50 degrees. an oxford, 47 right now. florence, currently 47. 46 degrees at cbg. by 5:00, most places still close to 60. if you have to work or go to school today you cannot just celebrate and watch basketball. still pretty good once you get off work this afternoon. windy for st. patrick' s day celebrations but otherwise sunshine and 56 at noon.
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62 degrees for today. partly cloudy and breezy. tonight dipping down to 30' s. 37 degrees and we will stay in the 30' s every night for about the next week. overnight lows on the chilly side as we head toward the weekend. a full day of basketball at 55 degrees. for the weekend, cloudy skies expected. a chance for some patchy drizzle this weekend but rain chances are pretty low. low temperatures will rebound as we head toward the middle of the mid-60' s. mark: a familiar name with a familiar sound. a mood to -- the son of a music
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lisa: a new p lisa: the crowd is growing at the clock and bullet hyde park. hope they took a vacation day. if they called in sick, clearly they are not. we will have more saint patty' s day parties. mark: this is not a national holiday? lisa: i want to be there. i am calling in sick. [laughter]
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lisa: if i don' t budgelisa: my boss will not know it is me. kyla: 471 near u.s. 47, north and southbound things look good. i' m hoping that remains the case for those of you heading out soon. 65 miles per hour northbound 471 from the 275 interchange. newport and bellevue heading toward the bridge, that touch of yellow we saw earlier so we might be starting to get heavier on the daniel carter beard bridge. a lot of headlights toward downtown cincinnati but no major delays. not seeing things in a stop fashion so things are moving along. mark: frank sonata junior frank sinatra
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an announcement that the singer had become ill. it was later confirmed that he had passed away. the family says the cause was cardiac arrest. the younger sinatra followed his father into the music business as a singer. frank sinatra jr. was 72. a taste of what is to come from the cincinnati ballet lisa:. a special presentation to reveal the schedule for the ballet' s new season. the torilla morgan is making the announcement and this is her 20th season with the cincinnati ballet. mark: a new plan to boost sales at chipotle. the chain will beginning away burritos for free as it tries to safe. the move follows an e. coli outbreak. the chain had its first giveaway in february and plans to mail 21 million coupons to be before a free entree. officials say they may shift to
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target the areas where sales are lagging. lisa: 46 degrees, 6:25 right now. any march madness team that has green for the color? mark: tons of them. lisa: playing today. mark: does notre dame play today? randi: they play the winner of one of the games from last night. probably not. no matter what you will see a lot of people wearing green or their team' s colors today. heading down to the grail i know they open up at 8:30 this morning followed by march madness. it is going to be a fun day to watch basketball. local teams, indiana and u.k. playing tonight. if you' re heading out later today to watch basketball, 7:00 wind will be dying down. 57. not a clock, 53. 11:00 tonight at 48 degrees.
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cooler by the weekend. lisa: making the rounds. how the president' s new supreme court nominee is being received before he pays a visit to capitol hill. >> people are already in line to celebrate st. patrick' s day in covington. we will show you where people
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to early in the morning here giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase.
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mark: a child' s punishment proves deadly. lisa: when investigators could answer questions as they look for a vehicle at the bottom of the ohio river. mark: finish your brackets now. hours to go before the first round of the ncaa tournament. the big dance get started. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way. this is wlwt news 5 today. mark: good morning. a live look from dublin. my irish accent is not very good. they celebrate st. patrick' s day. the party is alive and well nice and early. they got a head start. lisa: i believe so. mark: thanks for joining us.
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are in this morning with your weather and traffic together. randi: good morning. lisa: we want to know about the payment -- we want to know about the patio furniture. breezy afternoon. may make you do a jig as ua for the upper 40' town. green beer day in effect in oxford. 46 there. 46 closer to downtown. florence, about 47. upper 40' s which for this time of year is not bad. it is dry across our area. early this morning we have green through our southern communities with passing light sprinkles. through the day, not bad for partying or basketball watching or actually doing your job.
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lunchtime we have some sunshine. 56. through the afternoon, mild with a high of 62. how the road looking? kyla: when you say bring your green hat -- [indiscernible] [laughter] re not scene. not an southbound, rolling right northbound in very heavy. nothing out of the ordinary. we will see delays make their way into that portion of the 7175 commute. across the river still looking good and clear. 75 in mitchell. this is an area that is prone to construction at times. on 71 at victory parkway, clear conditions for you if you' re heading out now. we will keep you updated. still accident free so maybe we have the luck of the irish today.
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police say his stepmom punished him with scalding hot water. lisa: wednesday morning the boy was found in his bed not breathing. dan griffin is live with the situation. dan: this is truly a gut wrenching case. police say no child deserves to be punished like this. frequent police say anna ritchie punished -- franklin police say anna ritchie punished her four-year-old stepson tuesday night by putting his legs in scalding hot water. police found quite sure-year-old austin cooper unresponsive yesterday morning. he was pronounced dead at aetrium hospital shortly after. it is not clear if cooper' s father was involved. police and neighbors say this case is truly heartbreaking. >> disturbing how somebody could hurt a four-year-old like that
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to actually do it in be ok while they are doing it knowing that that baby is screaming for help and there was nobody there to help him. dan: this morning richie is in the warren county jail. the coroner' s office is expected to make a final ruling on cause of death soon. that could mean more charges. lisa: breaking overnight, police were called to a local school for reports of a former student armed with a rifle. this happened last night at bridgetown middle school part of the oak hill' s school district. the student impostor mother contacted officials saying she was concerned after seeing a facebook post showing her child with a hunting rifle. the school canceled evening activities and evacuated the building as a precaution. the student is in police custody. mark: no definitive answers after a vehicle plunged into the ohio river from the combs heal bridge. police say tips are coming in on
6:35 am
vehicle. currently the river is too dangerous for drivers -- for divers trying to recover it. revealing the chaos as a dozen cars collided in four separate wrecks >>. a major accident on 75 -- i' m sorry, 275. over the bridge going over the river right now i believe a car just went over the edge. into the river. mark: campbell county police are waiting to hear from a family member of whoever was in that vehicle. new clues could come tomorrow during a media briefing. as for the river it could be sunday or monday until the current settles down lisa:. a new plea from the wyoming high school grad being held in north korea. otto warmbier was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor for allegedly stealing a propaganda banner from his hotel. he pleaded with north korea' s supreme court.
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i have made the worst mistake of my life. lisa: although many believe it was a forced confession, warmbier confessed last month saying he was bribed by a member of the friendship united methodist church in wyoming to steal the banner. on north korea to pardon warmbi er and release him on humanitarian grounds. mark: merrick garland will have introductory meetings with leadership. the president possibly inc. or nominee just announced on wednesday. if confirmed, garland would replace antonin scalia. prosecutor he has worked on high-profile cases like the oklahoma city bombing and the univar. on wednesday, garland accepted the nomination to the highest card in the land.
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my father would be very proud. mark: some say the president' s nomination is setting the stage for a huge constitutional showdown. judge garland is set to meet with senator patrick leahy and senator harry reid later today. senator mitch mcconnell has said he will not meet with the nominee. lisa: let' s talk march madness. kentucky wildcats are in des moines preparing for another u.k. starting out with stony brook and the cats are favored in this one. tip-off tonight is set for 9:40. if kentucky wins they could face indiana. in the east, indiana taking on chattanooga tonight. if the futures when that could second-round matchup with kentucky. mark: last night the final games game. michigan and tulsa.
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the wolverines were too much. michigan moves on. they beat also 67-62. they travel to brooklyn to face the fighting irish of notre dame . southern taking on holy cross. another cross game fish another close -- another close game. holy cross is heading to spokane, washington to face the mighty ducks in oregon. s day. covington. andrew setters is live at molly s having a good time. morning. i did not have any green on. they have taken care of that. we get up early in the morning about this time. a cheeseburger sounds good but these folks are in line to have a few adult beverages. they open at 7:00 a.m.
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day with their big street party. always a good time. big-screen tvs so people can watch march madness basketball. live music, dancing, all kinds of stuff going on. starting at 7:00 this morning. on fountain square you can grab a green beer. open up the festivities around noon today. the party will continue until 8:30 tonight. live music on the square. several bands expected to perform throughout the day. great place to take in the sights on your lunch hour. here at molly malone' s they always do it big for st. patrick' s day. i do not open up for another 30 minutes but these people are already up and outside, ready to get inside and party. they have people ready to stay out of the weather today. this is an outside street party. what kind of weather can they expect? randi: and looks like they will have great weather and a good
6:40 am
your st. patrick' s day forecast for early-morning revelers, heading at the door this morning , maybe heading for some cakes and eggs, chilly right now but that does not seem to matter to anybody. 48 degrees as you head out this morning. lunchtime looks like sunny skies but a little on the windy side. tonight, making a big rubin for dinner, expected to be breezy. the same patrick' s day forecast looks good matter what your plans are. even if you are just wearing green sitting in your cubicle watching mark madness -- watching march madness. we will to look at a cooler forecast in a couple of minutes. kyla: i' m taking all of these people attending the st. patrick' s day festivities cannot all call in sick so some of these companies, are they sanctioning these st. patrick' s day festival ease? if you' re heading out for work or school or a party this morning.
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to get you where you are going. if you' re heading up into parts of warren county this morning things are getting heavy. north and southbound. that is to be expected at this time of the morning. rather inside of the 275 loop near 71 off of mlk, you will see some construction in the overnight hours tonight. martin luther king between gilbert and reading. the addition of the mlk interchange in this area so you will need to be mindful of that and that will last until about 5:00 tomorrow morning so it will be shut down between gilbert and reading. lisa: thank you. a stolen ring turns up on ebay. the bengals legend fighting to get his piece of super bowl history back. mark: getting an early start in oxford.
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is mark: welcome back. not much to see today at the polar bear exhibit at the cincinnati zoo. the zoo is keeping two bearing holding areas after they wandered out of the exhibit. they took advantage of an open den door and wandered into a service hallway. zookeepers secured the building and notified staff. visitors at the zoo were alerted and moved into other buildings for safety. the two bears could be moved back into the exhibit tomorrow. ickey woods is working to get
6:45 am
lisa: that ring was taken from his home a few decades ago and now he has a new lead. what' s says he received a facebook message about his ring popping up on ebay the $25,000. he says he is not sure how the online seller got a hold of the ring but woods says he deserves to have it back. >> the person who took it from me, i hope we never find out who you are but the person who has it now, i would like to have my ring back and i' m not going to pay to get my ring back because i worked hard for that ring. lisa: the personalized ring is from the team' s 1988 super bowl run. ickey says he is working with the cincinnati police department to track down the seller. plenty of green today especially if you had to oxford. mark: miami green beer day is falling on st. patrick' s day. party is already started. kyla woods joins us with the scheduling of the event.
6:46 am
planned that way but it turns out it is not always -- but we finding out is there is always a group that has been up all night celebrating the arrival of green beer day. bars are open in early welcoming dedicated partiers. miami students do not always celebrate on the 17th. according to tradition, green beer day falls on the thursday before spring break and this year it happens to be st. patrick' s day. green beer day started 64 years taking place in 1952. green beer day has come along way since the 50' s. it has official facebook and twitter accounts. the most recent tweet says the next time the party will fall on st. patrick' s day is in 2073. they will get it all in today. always before it happens again. [laughter] lisa: more than the five year plan.
6:47 am
mark: northern kentucky, the party just about to get started. a live look inside molly malone' s. riverdance is warming up. kegs and ex parte about to get started. -- cakes and eggs party about to get started. checking out the party in hyde park this morning. right in early and impressive crowd. holiday on. that is official. lisa: it is. they all look good. we are not sure that is coffee they are drinking. another st. patrick' s day tradition happening in walnut hill at the high school. they are holding their saint baldric' s fundraising event in the high school gym. the brave the shave event raises
6:48 am
childhood cancer. students and staff will join in on the fun. this year' s goal is to raise $13,000. this morning. s day s it look like today? randi: a little bit on the cold side this morning. breezy as we had through the afternoon. patrick' s day revelers. s but we will make it to the low 60' s. wlwt radar showing dry across the area. you can see a couple of like sprinkles rolling through southern portions of a win, grant, pendleton counties. that line is closer to the 64 corridor through central portions of kentucky. if you take a look to the west not a lot going on. clouds will clear out quickly and leave us with a nice st. patrick'
6:49 am
afternoon it was mild. the wind will kick up especially as we head toward lunchtime. wind about five to 10 miles per hour expected to be closer to 50 to 20 miles -- closer to 15 to 20 miles per hour. 46 degrees, wind out of the west six miles per hour and your breakdown for this st. patrick' s day, 8:00 in the morning a bit chilly. 46 degrees. noon, 56, more sunshine. through the afternoon, windy, mild, 62. the wind will die down as we head toward sunset tonight. outlay tonight watching basketball, temperatures will be dropping. 62 today, partly cloudy cloudy and breezy. tonight, down to 37. just getting colder as we head toward the weekend. tomorrow, 55 degrees. action. 5:00 tomorrow, 55. 50'
6:50 am
less in the way of wind. into the weekend, cloudy skies expected in cooler air. we have been lucky the last couple of weeks with mild temperatures. spring arrives sunday morning. 30' s in the morning, 40' s in the afternoon. we should warm things up as we head toward the middle of next week. you on st. patrick' s day. heading outside we are seeing slow traffic on 75 heading lateral. here is a look at travel times. 17 minutes on i-74. although a from the indiana side i-75. only inching up a couple of minutes. 22 minutes, that is our slowest stretch on 75. it is in the northbound direction where as we typically see southbound slowdown. mostly in between the norwood lateral and the ronald reagan is where you will bump into slow
6:51 am
i have not been able to spot accidents or anything that would slow it down but if you' re headed in this direction give yourself extra minutes. lisa: a neighborhood in shock after a child is found not breathing. mark: the investigation into a family member now facing charges. lisa: a search delayed by dangerous conditions. when crews could get in the
6:52 am
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lisa: a four-year-old is dead after police say his stepmother punished him with scalding hot water. mark: dan griffin live now with the latest on the case. dan: it is a very sad and devastating case. police say no child deserves to be punished anyway like this. anna ritchie punished or stepson by putting his legs in scalding water in a bathtub. investigators say he was not checked on after that until yesterday morning. police say austin cooper was found unresponsive. pronounced dead at aetrium hospital shortly after. we are told cooper pass father was in the house when it happened but it is not clear if he was involved. richie is in warren county jail. the coroner'
6:55 am
of death. that could mean more charges in the case. lisa: thanks. unanswered questions after an suv went off the combs he hl bridge. the current is too strong for divers. we are told no one has come forth with information on who was inside the vehicle. investigators were hold a scheduled media briefing tomorrow. mark: police were called to a former student armed with a rifle. it happened at bridgetown middle part of the oak hills school district. s mother contacted officials after seeing a facebook post with her child with a hunting rifle. the student was arrested on school grounds. lisa: march madness kicks into
6:56 am
the first round of the ncaa tournament get started today. a full slate of games including kentucky' s matchup with stony brook. the wildcats take on the seawolves at 9:40. mark: rounding out the top five, today for saint patty' s day. the cock and bowl has been open for almost an hour. checking out the party at molly good morning. andrew: good morning . getting the party started at molly malone' s. they are getting warmed up for the crowd. outside, a waiting to get inside. a whole lot of fun here. green beer flowing and a lot of people ready to party. people lined up since about 6:00 this morning. people started to gather at molly malone' s. a big outside party. the inside bar. lots of irish culture, dancing,
6:57 am
on throughout the day today. they open the doors in a couple of minutes at 7:00 a.m. an all-day party for st. patrick' s day today. here in covington. it is about to get underway. andrew setters, wlwt news 5. lisa: about to get underway, it is underway. randi: we are looking at low 60' s this afternoon. a bit windy for your st. patrick' s day. this morning starting out with temperatures in the 40' s. mid 50' s by lunchtime and 62 for our high. tomorrow starting out at 37 degrees. for they a basketball tomorrow. whether weekend it will be cooler. highs in the 40' s. mark: got your bracket done? lisa: three hours until the first tipoff.
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back. (vo) according to kelley blue book, subaru has the highest resale value of any brand. again. you might find that comforting. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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good morning. battle supreme. president obama's pick heads to the hill today. democrats pushing hard. >> have the guts, the guts to vote yes or no. >> is the nomination dead on arrival? we will talk to the president's chief of staff. where is the love? a new poll shows hillary clinton and donald trump are deeply unpopular even in their own parties while trump has a dire warning for the gop if there is


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