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tv   WLWT News 5 Today Weekend  NBC  March 19, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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jonathan: now on news 5 today, the search continues for answers into a car that plunged into the ohio river. the new video that captured the crash and the leads police have on who was inside the car. plus -- >> if you dunk it, i thought it was good. but sometimes you just, you just can't control some stuff in life. jonathan: a tough end for the bearcats. the last second shot that didn't come quite soon enough for u.c. and how the xavier players are reacting after their big win. richard: we're camping out with reds fans in the rain just ahead. jonathan: one more day of winter and it will feel like it. meteorologist jennifer schack will have the falling temperatures, rain and maybe even some snow ahead for this weekend. it's saturday, march 19, 2016. this is news 5 today.
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jonathan: richard always brings a collapsable chair with him. welcome to news 5 today. thanks for joining us. i'm jonathan hawgood, this is how are you? umbrella everywhere? >> he should, especially with the folks waiting for the reds opening day tickets. that's a fun event. jennifer: chilly rain, in the 40s. so far, it's just been rain. everything's liquid. we're on the 40s, 39 to 45. temperature range this morning. as we drop off a little bit in the next couple of hours, some of us, some wet snowflakes mixed in. that could be a widespread issue. it's not going to be an issue or problem, per se. as you get one or two spots where it may come down briefly moderate or heavy intensity, it is going to be limited.
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we've had rain aloft in the atmosphere. now making it to the ground because the dry air at the surface was struggling a little bit with the initial sprinkles and showers not making it to the ground. we are at this point. satellite and radar showing heavy for northern counties. through indiana as well. there's a good amount of moisture to move across the region in the late morning. as the intensity actually picks up, the column of air in the atmosphere will cool off, and that will allow temperatures to support some of the snow making it to the ground in spots. right now, we're at 43. we have dropped back from 45 last hour. it doesn't look like the cincinnati metro will coop off enough -- cool off enough to bring in wet snow sflax. we'll talk about locations and timings for snow this morning coming up. jonathan: jennifer, thanks. we may be getting answers into the accident that led to a car flipping over a bridge on i-275. a family surveillance video was actually pointed straight at the bridge when the 12-car accident happened.
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do see it. the family does not want to be identified. but they realized their home surveillance camera was pointed at the combs-hehl bridge when the car wend over the landing into the ohio river. campbell county's police chief says family members have come forward to say they haven't heard from their loved ones since tuesday's accident. the person involved works in the area and traveled across the bridge to and from work. >> that individual was last known to be in the campbell county area and frequently bridge. >> we are going to do everything in our power to get the occupants out of that vehicle. that is our first priority. jonathan: the vehicle is in about 27 feet of water, but investigators don't know if the victim is still inside the car. special equipment to pull the car out of the river. dive teams will attempt to recover the victim next tuesday or wednesday.
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in a crash monday night will be the funeral for ella stout begins at 11:00 at the owen county high school gym. we're told some of the students are planning a balloon release. police say the car 16-year-old ella stout was in ran off the road in owenton and flipped several times. she died at the scene. another 16-year-old girl and an car and they were taken to area hospitals. all three were students at owen county high school. accident seems to be wet road conditions and the driver being unfamiliar with the curvy roadway. two northern kentucky men are being remembered after they died in what police are calling a murder-suicide. it happened in pikeville in southeastern kentucky. police say they found 36-year-old nicholas hopkins of florence and 22-year-old travis thompson of independence dead after being called to check on them. friends gathered in florence to remember the two. investigators say they're not releasing many details about the shooting.
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of pikeville. xavier fans are probably still celebrating this morning. last night, the musketeers did when what a number 2 seed is expected to do. wlwt's elise jesse begins our coverage of the ncaa tournament in st. louis. elise: xavier beat weber state 71-53 friday night. the team treated it like any regular season ball game. they walked into the locker room, got out of basketball mode by turning up the slow jams. it was calm off the court. on the court, it was a different story. james farr leading the way with 18 points and 15 boards recording a double-double. >> james had a hellacious game tonight. he set the tone for me, him coming in and have the spark. we love that coming from james. we expect that from him. elise: the fan base was strong tonight, but it wasn't exactly like a home atmosphere like we expected it to be. a lot of wisconsin fans stuck
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quickly let it be known they were rooting for weber state. but, of course, the muskies crushed wisconsin's hopes of an upset. now the badgers will be tasked with trying to handle a tough, deep, versatile xavier squad on sunday. from the scottrade center, elise jesse, wlwt news 5. jonathan: u.c. was also on the court against st. joe. tough call in the last seconds of the game. it sent the bearcats home empty-handed. wlwt news 5's derek forest is in spokane, washington. derek: it came down to the wire. the bearcats losing 78-76. it came down to one play, a dunk by octavius ellis, which was called off. the bearcats fall by two. here is a ruling of what happened at the end of the game. according to rule 11, section 3, article 1, it says when there is a reading of zeroes on the game clock at the end of any period,
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playing court and when necessary to determine the outcome of the game, in the following situations, determine whether a try or field goal entering the basket was released before the reading of zeroes on the game clock. as you can see, ellis actually never let go of the basketball before the red light goes off, therefore disa lowing the basket.lowing the basket.lowing the basket. this is what the players and mick cronin had to say after the game. >> we just came up short. i feel like the last call at the end wasn't a good call. i feel like the basket was good. i feel like they -- i don't know. >> seemed like the ball was inside the cylinder when the clock -- before the red light came on. inside the cylinder is a bucket. it's inside the net, inside the rim. >> everything that could happen to this team has happened to them. i feel bad for them. i told them i'm proud of their character. you find out who your friends
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you find out what you're made of in tough times. these guys could have quit and hung their head or splintered as a group all year, and they didn't. it's a real credit to them. derek: they finish the season with a 22-11 record. for a guy like octavius ellis a , a senior, his season comes to a close on a very disappointing end. he was not in the locker room for comment after the game, but you can imagine how distraught he might have been. but he ends an outstanding career with the bearcats. reporting from the spokane arena, i'm derek forest, wlwt news 5 sports. jonathan: today, the tournament continues for the u.k. wildcats. george vogel looks ahead to the matchup coming up in sports. it's a big day for reds fans. they can get their hands on opening day tickets. richard chiles is live downtown, where fans have been camping out all night. richard, good morning. richard: good morning. no way you can call these folks
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they're out here, rain or shine, supporting these cincinnati reds. excited, getting their hands on the most coveted ticket in town, opening day tickets going on sale here at great american ballpark at 9:00. counting down, 16 days and just under 11 hours, getting a chance to shout it out, play ball, enjoying the reds 2016 season. the fans have been waiting in line since friday, making the most of an opportunity to get a chance to see the red legs up close and personal. >> friday is my day off so i made sure everything was done around the house so i had all day to come down here and get ready for baseball with some other people. hopefully we'll have a crowd by the end of the night and have fun. richard: getting ready for some baseball. certainly a crowd showing up, about 10 to 20 folks camped out, waiting for the gates to open
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cincinnati reds and this world championship season. reporting live from great american ballpark, richard chiles, wlwt news 5. jonathan: thanks. we're now less than a month a way from opening day. wlwt will be leading the way with all your reds coverage. we'll have live coverage of the opening day parade. we have a float in the parade this year. and we will be there commenting on it from noon until 2:00. new details in cleveland, concerning tamir rice. a city employee fired after posts online about the shooting death of the young boy. what cleveland officials had to say. a car crash victim meets a hero who saved her life. the accident that put this college student in icu for nearly a month. citycam 5. the reds stadium, great american ballpark.
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jonathan: welcome back. cleveland has now fired an e.m.s. supervisor after the city says he posted something about tamir rice's death online. the city called the facebook post where jamie mar kward said 12-year-old boy egregious. the post says marquardt says he
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a woman who survived a devastating car crash met one of the heroes who saved her. >> thank you very much. >> you look wonderful. >> thank you very much. jonathan: elizabeth sexton was one of six people hurt in august. a man driving a pickup truck naked hit several cars on i-71 in sycamore township. sexton had critical injuries, a medical helicopter flew her to u.c. medical center. she spent nearly a month in icu. the 20-year-old thanked the u.c. air care team. >> it is something that i don't remember, but it's something you care about. i can't even imagine, you know, it's wonderful being back here and being able to talk to her and kind of full circle almost. >> it's amazing. it's just so nice to see somebody that was as injured as she was to have a complete recovery. that's why we do this. jonathan: she must not have had facial injuries. my goodness, she looked perfect.
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crash. sexton is now back in college. let's talk local weather with jennifer. jennifer: we have a wet and chilly start. not all of us reaching the ground with intensity, but we have heavy spots across ripley and dearborn county, heavy showers. we expect the rain to build in over the coming hours. for most, it will be chilly rain this morning. the exception, the north and east counties. notice the temperature variation. mid 40s for cincinnati south and down through the southeast counties. then you're at 40, 41, 40 degrees in oxford, in the northern and northeast counties. with the potential to drop off more this morning, the locations, a potential for wet snow in time. right now, it's just rain showers downtown. visibility is actually pretty high. the cloud deck is pretty high in the atmosphere.
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a northeast wind at 15 miles an hour. humidity climbing up. it was in the 50% range earlier. bumping one more rain falling through the surface. satellite and radar, moisture to roll through. the heavy banding back through western indiana, at it slides our way for the late morning or next couple of hours, we'll have temperatures dropping back in the potential for some locations to transfer over to some wet snow for a window, a brief time period. here's futurecast at 7:00 a.m. most of us, chilly rain at that point. the northern edge of it, we're watching wet snowflakes. it's after 8:00, 9:00, 10:00, we see some of it turn into wet snow, steadier wet snow up through clinton, warren, highland, northern brown county, maybe eastern eastern clermont county into the late morning. the northern counties up through butler county as well, a potential through oxford. the temperature chilly this morning. wet snowflakes this time of
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groundish you'd have to see an intense band to get any accumulation. doesn't look like we see this to be very heavy. so i don't think we have problems because of some wet snow falling, but we'll have a brief window this morning with north and east counties for wet flakes between 8:00 and noon. afternoon temperatures climb a couple of degrees. looks like cloudy skies and a couple of light rain showers still a possibility. but in general, a brief chance between about 8:00 a.m. and noon today for wet snowflakes. shouldn't be problematic in our northeast counties. doesn't include the cincinnati metro or within the 275 loop. if anything, it will be a mix with the rain at the same time. but probably never going to transfer all to snow downtown. here's futurecast with the setup. we basically have a low pressure that's cranking in the moisture on the east side. surface winds out of the northeast at the ground. both combining with moisture. heading into the afternoon, mainly just clouds around.
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highs only in the low 40s this afternoon. heading into sunday, still moisture lingering in the east, a system that bypasses us to the southwest. overal, its' going 's going to be quiet and chilly tomorrow. extra clouds with light rain showers will be possible sunday. most of our moisture this weekend will fall this morning, between now and noon. here's futurecast for later this evening. with the extra clouds, a rain shower or two, into tomorrow morning, still a possibility. we're going to hold the cloud cover pretty tight in the eastern counties, especially for sunday. a couple more rain showers will be possible across the whole region to end the weekend for sunday. today, high temperature, 48 degrees. that occurred at midnight. afternoon temperatures today will only be around 40 degrees for highs. tonight, we drop off to 30 under mostly cloudy skies. tomorrow, mostly cloudy for sunday. high temperature, 44. a couple of stray showers. we're still chilly monday, but dry with the sun back. the rest of the forecast, back
6:19 am
60s to around 70. we'll keep most of it dry with the chance for rain and thunderstorms thursday night into friday. jonathan. jonathan: well, part of our sports team is traveling, but news 5's george vogel is still here to keep you up to date on all things tournament play in your morning sports. george: we have reached a round of 32 in the ncaa tournament. elsewhere in the show, elise and derek have filled you in on xavier and u.c. xavier picked up what could be help down the road. stephen f. austin knocked bob huggins and the west virginia mountaineers out of the east region last night. dayton lost to syracuse yesterday. two-seed michigan state upset big-time by 15th seeded middle tennessee. just the eighth time in history a 2 seed was bounced by a 15. later today, john calipari and the kentucky wildcats will be in a big-time battle.
6:20 am
matchup between indiana veteran point guard kevin farrell and wildcats sophomore tyler ulis. what a battle this will be in the second round. many feel both deserve higher indiana a 5 seed, kentucky a 4. in the round of 32, tipoff in des moines set for 5:15. jonathan: happening today, bengals linebacker vinnie rey is signing autographs at fleet feet sports in blue ash from 9:00 to 11:00 to raise awareness about sex trafficking in india through the aruna project. he's the co-chair with his wife, noelle, of the 5k which takes place on april 16. a jury has decided in hulk hogan's lawsuit. what he was suing gawker about and what the jury decided in the case. your live look outside.
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jonathan: welcome back. the actor best known for his role as bennie on l.a. law has died. larry drake reportedly died at his home in los angeles. he won two emmys for playing a developmentally disabled messenger named bennie on the show. his manager says the actor had health problems and had been trying to manage his weight. larry drake was 66 years old. while wrestler hulk hogan has won his sex tape lawsuit against gawker media. a jury awarded hogan $115 million after deliberating for less than six hours. finding gawker media guilty of violating hogan's privacy by posting a sex type ape online. hogan has sued gawker for $100 million after the site posted a video of him having sex when his former wife's best friend. he says he never consented to being taped or to the release of
6:25 am
the jury awarded hogan $60 million for emotional distress and $55 million for economic damages. >> he's exceptionally happy. this is not only his victory but also anyone else who has been victimized by tabloid journalism. we thank you for your interest. jonathan: gawker plans to appeal. kanye west has launched a pop-up shop in new york city. west posted announcement about the shop on social media and fans started lining up hours before the store opened. some of the merchandise, such as jackets and outfits, going for hundreds of dollars. thousands of people waited hours to get in. some even traveling to come to the store. police had to manage the scene. the cincinnati ballet as announced the upcoming productions and they're celebrating the 20th season with artistic director victoria morgan. the new season kicks off in
6:26 am
director's cut series in september. the ballet shared these photos of their work. the new season will also feature the nutcracker and king arthur's camelot. still a lot more ahead on news 5 today, including putting on a party for a good cause. the local organization ready to make a difference for children with cancer. your live look outside. citycam 5. the museum center at union terminal. my folks gave that movie about up. it's been playing there lately. stay with us. you' re unpacking already? yeah, help me find some mugs.
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jonathan: now on news 5 today, seeking justice. the pleas from the family of a fairfield teenager shot and killed and how he's being remembered. richard: the cincinnati reds fans rounding third, headed for home and the big wait for opening day tickets. we'll give you a preview just ahead. jonathan: the weather has moved in the wrong direction. meteorologist jennifer schack will tell us about the chilly temperatures, which could bring a snow mix. it's saturday, march 19, 2016. this is news 5 today. jonathan: good morning.
6:30 am
thanks for joining us on this saturday morning. i'm jonathan hawgood. this is meteorologist jennifer schack. well, at the moment, does not feel very good out there. and there's rough weather ahead. you wouldn't know, the week we just had, went by. it was so beautiful. jennifer: let's relish mid 70s tuesday. jonathan: the grass is grows. jennifer: i got a sunburn on sus day, i spent so long outside. it was fantastic. mid-mampb mid-march, you don't remember spf. jonathan: for the long term, we're headed in the right direction. jennifer: the first half of the forecast, we'll struggle. second half, we get through spring weather. we have to get through 40s, cloud cover, rain and a little snow. here's a look at citycam. visibility is high. we've had some rain showers downtown. ongoing right now, nothing too heavy. temperatures are ranging, some
6:31 am
counties, mid 40s from cincinnati south. it looks like for the 275 loop and south, we'll make it through with chilly rain. northern and eastern counties later this morning. we'll see a transfer over to a brief window of wet snow. north of dayton, snow showers. we've been all rain. we're still saturating the atmosphere at the ground level. it's been dry. the trend will continue with increased coverage of rain in the next couple hours. expect a band of rain to the west to overspread during the late morning hours past 8:00 and 9:00. that's when we have temperatures cooling off some in our north and east counties. we'll have the potential for wet snow for a window. we'll talk about the timing for it, how much we're expecting and where the temperatures go from here coming up. jonathan: a balloon release in fairfield was part of a memorial for a popular high school act leet shot and killed a week ago in hamilton.
6:32 am
comes forward with a suspect and motive. courtis fuller has the details. >> i just want justice for jaylon. i want his name to never be forgotten. i want his legacy to continue on. they've taken my child but they can't take that away from me. reporter: family and friends of 18-year-old jaylon knight gathered at fairfield high school, the place jaylon would have graduated from in two months. it was in memory of the young man who folks say was full of dreams and eager to step into his tomorrow. that was all cull short last friday when someone fired multiple shots into jaylon's car while he sat inside. the teenager was pronounced dead at the scene. >> he was in the wrong place. he was where he was supposed to be, but some people had bad intentions for him. it's sad you have so many people that don't care. everyone we talked to this past
6:33 am
great things about the kid. from school officials to family and friends. >> went to school, worked and lived a regular teenage life style, man, of a good kid. reporter: serena knight, jalen's mother, organized the balloon release. they come from a family with faith in god, a faith that will get them through the tragedy. justice. >> for one young man to make an amazing. so his life was not in vain. jonathan: jalen's mom says she's praying for the person who committed the crime to turn themselves into the police. if you know anything, you're asked to contact crimestoppers or the hamilton police. charges have been filed in a deadly crash in huber hirts.
6:34 am
with vehicular homicide, vehicular assault, grand theft auto and failure to comply. the 18-year-old is accused of stealing a car from a gas station and leading police on a chase before running a red light and crashing into a car. the driver of that car died. the passenger was taken to the hospital with life-threatening hundreds will be downtown to help the cure starts now fight it's the annual once in a lifetime gala. it's at the duke energy center and wlwt's randi rico will be serving as the emcee. this year's event will have a moulin rouge theme with live entertainment, food, raffles and an auction. last year, the gala brought in $350,000 for pediatric brain cancer research. people have been camped out at great american ballpark to score reds opening day tickets. wlwt news 5's richard chiles, live downtown for us this
6:35 am
hey, richard. richard: hey, jonathan. abbey, you've been camped out, ready to go. >> i'm a member of the rally pack, help pass out doughnuts, coffee, to all the people out here camping and stuff. richard: going to be an exciting day. reds organization, lots of excitement for opening day. look at this, though. folks, rounding third, heading for home. they're rooting on the home team. great day, lots of things to do. opening day walkup tickets. with the package, they get a ticket for another game. >> i think so. we haven't been told everything. richard: but it's great to enjoy the atmosphere of the game. gaper will be out here. a lot of fun, camping out over the weekend, a lot of folks have been out here since friday. you have big-time cincinnati reds fans that make the
6:36 am
castellinis and everybody making this a hometown environment. excitement. we're glad to have you with us. of course, these fans certainly excited. jonathan, the gates opening up at 9:00 this morning. i have a feeling you're kind of guy. so we're going to make sure we bring home some tickets for everybody, getting excited to see the cincinnati reds. jonathan: sounds good to me. get me close to the field, richard. i'm 100% excited. thank you. in the ncaa tournament, it will be another game for xavier. last night, the musketeers won the first round game, beating weber state, 71-53. james farr was probably what you'd consider the mvp of the game. he had 18 points, 15 rebounds. coach chris mack says he's trying to keep his players focused. >> we see teams go down all over the country, michigan state on the same floor earlier today. and for us to be resilient enough and get stopped and being able to score and finish plays
6:37 am
guys. jonathan: yay, xu! xavier fans are psyched to be moving on to the second round last night. we found x faithful at maggie o'brien's in st. louis. they'll have another chance to see their team play sunday night against wisconsin. meanwhile, it's one and done for the bearcats. last night, st. joseph's isaiah miles sunk a three-pointer with nine seconds left. cincinnati returned with a basket at the buzzer. but it was waved off, giving st. joe a 78-76 win over the bearcats. a deadly plane crash in russia has left more than 50 people dead. what we know so far about the crash and the investigation happening today. and new details concerning the paris terror attacks. we'll tell you what france's president says about the arrests that have recently been made.
6:38 am
citycam 5. i got blue lights at the radisson. i can't tell on the top there, because of the tri health symbol in the way. but meteorologist jennifer schack is it an a-okay. oh, she said she just called. they're kind of reddish-yellow, but that's going to change. we'll look for that to happen as
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6:40 am
jonathan: welcome back. new details on a plane crash in russia. officials say the passenger plane from dubai crashed at an airport in southwest russia wile trying to land. russian officials say all 55 russia 24 television broadcast security camera video of what appears to be a huge impact. russian officials say all 55 passengers and seven crew members were killed. four children were among the
6:41 am
one likely factor was a strong, gusting wind. it was gusting to near hurricane level at the time. the plane's black box has been recovered and the crash remains under investigation. france's president now says he expects more arrests after a police raid in belgium. authorities captured the prime suspect in the paris terror attacks in brussels. the 26-year-old man eluded arrest for four months. investigators believe he drove a car carrying the gunmen to the site of one of the attacks. yesterday's raid left one man dead and a suspect hurt in the leg. >> three other persons have also been arrested. all members of the same family. all persons will be interrogated by investigators. jonathan: france's president say more people were involved in the attacks than originally thought and authorities will continue to look for anyone who helped. a great season for one local
6:42 am
after a hard-fought battle in the sfat semifinals. more on wilmington's final tournament game of the season, coming up. jennifer: it's a chilly and wet start. temperatures in the upper 30s, low 40s. most, light rain. but a potential for a mix as we head into the late morning. cool temperatures stick around this afternoon. we'll talk about the weekend forecast as spring arrives coming up. thanks for joining us on wlwt
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jonathan: welcome back. celebrate world water day by helping children in need get clean, safe drinking water. volunteers will be at the hope factory in sharonville with the group a child's hope international packing supplies to send to kids around the world. this will help purify their drinking water. there will be cases available for purchase. each case sold will be enough to pure ify 100 gallons of contaminated water. horseshoe will go dark for an hour for earth hour. the event raises awareness about climate change. the 80-foot sign will be turned off as well as the chandelier in the main entrance. inside lights will be dimmed but
6:46 am
it's sponsored by world wildlife fund. let's talk local weather with jennifer. jennifer: this morning, it's been chilly rain showers. on the radar, it's a northwest half of the tri-state seeing activity this morning. it's widespread for indiana, butler and hamilton countys as well. we've had showers downtown. temperatures in the 40s. the very northern part of the radar, the last couple frames, you note a couple of blue splotches. we'll see a transfer with wet snowflakes in the next couple hours. locations with the better potential for that, colder temperatures. oxford, 39. springboro springboro, 41. wilmington at 40 degrees. we're holding at 43. we'll likely see the temperatures in the northern and eastern counties edge back into the mid 30s. 35, maybe even 36 reporting wet snowflakes in the next couple of hours. i don't think we'll make it that cold downtown, though. look at citycam right now. visibility is pretty high.
6:47 am
in the atmosphere, falling through a lot of dry air. we're not getting too intensive rain at this point. 43, humidity climbing. a northeast wind drawing in chilly air at 15 miles an hour. it's chilly, preez breezy and wet. satellite and radar, good moisture across southern indiana working through this morning. as it increases in intensity, heavier banding will help temperatures in the atmosphere cool off so we'll encourage that chance for a transfer to snow in our northern and eastern counties. the close look at futurecast at 7:30 this morning. over the next hour to hour and a half, we'll likely see our northeast counties with wet snowflakes starting to invade. most, it's a cold rain. by 9:30, 10:00 this morning, oxford, springboro, wilmington, hillsboro, maybe even clermont, northeastern clermont, northern parts of brown county, the potential as close, a mix if not wet snowflakes mixed in.
6:48 am
of year, it will take an intense band of heavy snow to get accumulation because of the warm ground. this looks like light to moderate intensity snow showers mixed in. wet snow showers at that. when they're falling, air temperatures should be above freezing. shouldn't be a problem for this morning. just a brief time period with the morning bout of moisture. we continue with snow showers at 10:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m. by noon, the moisture will push off to the east. temperatures above freezing. mainly just clouds and a couple more light rain showers. wet snowflake potential this morning, from butler county, oxford to loveland, north of peebles a potential. between 8:00 a.m. this morning and noon. then for the afternoon, clouds around and cool temperatures. what's working to allow the snow showers here in march, we have a low pressure in eastern tennessee wrapping in the moisture on the east side. we have surface cold winds out
6:49 am
them combining from the east to bring us moisture this morning. in the afternoon, we'll break the cycle a little bit. we still have cloud cover, a few rain showers, but most of our moisture has pushed out. it's not moving out too quickly, because as we head into sunday, we still have quite a few clouds and maybe a lingering light shower and temperatures struggling. tomorrow, highs in the mid 40s as well. we're comfortably below average all weekend. a close look at futurecast for tonight and tomorrow. mostly cloudy skies, a few passing showers at times. i don't think we have much more in the way of measurable rainfall. most of that is this morning. 48 the high at midnight ovged. afternoon temperatures, around 40. tonight, 30 for the low. a stray shower tonight, a few more scattered showers tomorrow. they'll be light. i think we'll see sunshine mixed in sunday. 44, the first day of spring. we're still chilly monday, but look at the second half of the forecast, 60s to near 70 for thursday.
6:50 am
showers and storms return. now here's saturday morning sports. george: the high school championships are being decided this weekend. wilmington took the floor last night in ohio's division one state semifinal. the hurricane against undefeated lima senior. wilmington's first appearance in the state final four. lima senior would lead by as many as 20. late in the third, wilmington starts a furious comeback. jaren cumberland, a game-high 25 points. wilmington cuts the lead to 3. the hurricane with one last chance to tie it. cumberland, and no good. a great season comes to an end for wilmington in the state semis, 61-58. new cath breds have stormed in the kentucky state final. ben wire had a big game with 27 points and 12 rebounds. the breds beating murray. 75-54. they'll meet dunbar this evening at 6:30 in the final four. cactus league yesterday, the reds get a 7-6 win over
6:51 am
adam duvall 3 for 3 at the plate with a home run. also last night at u.s. bank arena, the cyclones get a win over wheeling, 3-2 the final in overtime. that's all the sports for new. more coming up later in the day. jonathan: nearly 5,000 runners and walkers are expected to participate today in the shamrock shovel. the event is hosted by and benefits the city of west chester. the courses wind through union center and the beckett ridge neighborhood. expect road closures. the 10k begins at 8:30, the 5k at 8:45. we are six weeks out from the flying pig marathon now. some of the littlest runners are practicing for their big mile. students at terrace park
6:52 am
months. they're getting up to 25 miles. then they get to run the final weekend. >> it's important they keep going, that this isn't just something they come to a finish line and stop. we'd love it if they'd come down and do their final mile in the 26-mile event. but we'd love it more if they become fit for life. jonathan: the marathon weekend begins april 30. wlwt is the exclusive media partner for the flying pig. we'll have complete coverage leading up to marathon day and live coverage as the runners take off may 1. tragedy in butler county after a fire broke out at a barn. why rescuers couldn't get to the horses inside and what we know about the investigation.
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
jonathan: five horses were killed friday morning in a barn fire in butler county. the liberty township fire chief says the animals, which might have been rescue horses, couldn't be saved because the flames were too intense. the fire was so big at one point that it could be seen for miles. liberty township fire crews could not make any attempt to go inside. they simply sprayed water on it from the outside. they're still working to figure out exactly how it started. the fire chief says someone was last in the barng about 11:00 p.m. thursday night and reported nothing suspicious. barn. the cincinnati fire department announced historic news this week as a woman rises in ranks. jennifer: for 163 years, there's been no female fire castens at the cincinnati fire department. that changed earlier this week. >> i felt like i wanted to do something that was making a difference in somebody's life.
6:56 am
cincinnati fire department. working right now out of engine 49 in madisonville. to date, she's been one of only four lieutenants in department history. now she has a new title. captain. >> there's 54 guys on the captain's list. they're all good guys, good firemen. and i'm happy in this round i made it towards the number that's going to, you know, be in the range to get promoted. jennifer: it's a title she's proud of, not necessarily because of being the first woman, but because of the efforts and follow-through. dedication to her career helped her overcome many hurdles. it took her two times to pass the test to become a firefighter, three trials to become a loo taept and this was her second attempt at becoming a captain. i don't think of it as a gender issue. i'm glad the fact that i put so much time and effort into it, it paid off. jennifer: the work to become a
6:57 am
>> people ask, why do people wait so long to promote. it's because it just takes a lot of time and effort. jennifer: captain arnold is one of nearly 20 other firefighters being promoted to captain this season in the cincinnati fire department. and captain arnold hopes to hear her permanent house assignment over the next month. the next level of promotion for her would be district chief. congratulations. jonathan: thanks, jennifer. still a lot more ahead, including making progress. the effort to put a grocery store back in clifton will move forward today. a live look outside. what have you got, citycam? electric light in bars on a big building downtown. that's the courthouse. i guess those bars were
6:58 am
(singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday...
6:59 am
7:00 am
the search continues for answers for a car that plunged into the ohio river. the video that captured the crash. plus -- >> if you dunk it, thought it was good. but sometimes just control some stuff in life. jonathan: a tough ending overnight for the bearcats. the last second shot that didn't come quite soon enough for u.c. and how xavier players are reacting after their big win. richard: we're sliding into home with reds fans picking up opening day tickets. jonathan: one more day of winter. it will feel like it. meteorologist jennifer schack will have the falling temperatures, rain, maybe even snow ahead this weekend. it's saturday, march 19, 2016. this is news 5 today.


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