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tv   WLWT News 5 Today  NBC  March 21, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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crash near the camp hehl bridge. what we are learned this morning about the victims. lisa: heartbreak for the musketeers. the reaction from xavier after a devastating loss. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 today. lisa: leading the way with breaking news. we' re live in glendale after a police chase ends with the driver crashing into a pole. as a result, wires are down and there' s a gas leak due to gas lamps being damaged in the area. this is in the 200 block of east sharon road. we are also learning a transformer blew in the chaos. we spoke to a business owner who got an early wakeup call about the investigation. >> i got down here and saw there' s a telephone poll sticking outside the side of my building. all i heard was there was a pursuit through the village. and i guess somebody jumped the train track, hit the telephone pole and then ended up several
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from i understanding they had to , cut the guys out. lisa: we' re working to get details on injuries. ll be sure to update you on this crash as more information comes into the newsroom. m lisa cooney. mark: and i am our case. -- mark hayes. we' this monday. randi: yesterday, we brought in spring officially with a chill in the air and that continues today. as you look at temperatures, most places pretty close to 30 or so but some spots in the 20' s. 28 in walton. 29 in springboro. 28 in hillsboro. there' s also a little bit of a breeze to factor in. s to matter where you are across greater cincinnati. grab the winter coat, even though it is spring, it is off to a slow start. forecast high this afternoon, 49 to 50. tonight, 35, which quits as
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where we should be this time of year. it looks like we will rebound fast, above average by tomorrow. one more day where you have to wear non-spring clothing. right now, on the cold side, though -- close to 30. at lunchtime, sunny skies, 42. the the afternoon, it will stay on the cool side, 49 or so. the wind picks up this evening and becomes breezy. i tomorrow, strong wind, but they will warm us up into the 60' s for your tuesday. let' s check the roads. kyla: we still have the closure in glendale at sharon road and willow because of an accident. try to avoid that portion of glendale if you' re traveling in the area until they get that reopened. interstate travel, looks good, 71 at montgomery road, northbound and southbound is still pretty light. it will build over the next hour. 74 and montana eastbound starting to pick up. not seeing any brake lights, so
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71-75 getting heavy northbound, which is expected for this time of morning. we will continue to keep you updated. lisa: thank you. students and parents concerned this morning after another school threat is made on social media. mark: but this one was directed toward more than one school. wlwt news 5' s andrew setters is live in clifton with what we' ve learned about the teen suspect. andrew, good morning. andrew: we know that 15-year-old is in custody, knocked what charges he faces but police in district five continue their investigation of the threats were made on online. threats called out specific schools and made sweeping threats of violence, too. police started receiving phone calls about what had been posted online. he mentioned walnut hills and dater, along with other high schools, including mount healthy and colerain. the threat is to blow things up. it' s not clear he had the means
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s still a crime. as people reacted to the threats there were more posts made , saying, "i guess the police are coming" and they did, took a minute custody. it is not there what charges he is facing, but he is off the streets and all of this at the age of andrew setters, wlwt news 15. 5. mark: thank you. if this morning, red cross is helping to people that were displaced after a fire. water was trucked in. the hope was fiercely damaged. no word on a cause of the fire. lisa: new details on a deadly crash on 275 near the camp hehl bridge. 41-year-old man was killed when driver. driver, but we are told excessive speed and impairment contribute it to the crash.
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this crash comes less than a week after an suv when off the bridge and into the ohio river. mark: divers are expected to resume the search for that suv tomorrow or wednesday. search efforts were suspended last week because of the strong current in the river. campbell county police believe they now know the identity of the driver, but a person' s they' ve has not been made public. lisa: investigators in indiana believe a distracted driver is to blame for a crash involving a school bus. 27 members of the griffith high school boys basketball team were on the bus on the way to estates in my final game. police believe a woman was not paying attention on the road when she sideswiped the bus, causing it to roll into a ditch. remarkably, no one suffered life-threatening injuries. >> i had to cry. i just ended crying because it was a scary thing. something i never want to witness again. >> we are all sore, but other
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lisa: one of the team coaches remains in the hospital. his injuries are said to be non-life-threatening. mark: the trial will begin today for a former xavier assistant basketball coach accused of sexual abuse. a xavier player claims bryce mckey invited her over to his home in covington to say goodbye before he took a job in maryland. but her father alleges mckey got the girl drunk and made sexual advances. mckey is also accused of offering money to the victim for her not to press charges. lisa: indiana governor mike pence has ordered all flags at state facilities to be flown at half staff today to honor a sheriff' s deputy killed in the line of duty. howard county deputy carl koontz died at an indianapolis hospital after being shot early sunday morning. he and his partner, sergeant jordan buckley, were serving an arrest warrant at a mobile home park when they were met with gunfire. both officers were wearing body armor. koontz had been a deputy less than three years. >> carl will be missed. we appreciate any prayers and
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can give us because we really need the prayers of the people that we serve. lisa: the unidentified suspect was also killed in the gunfire. sergeant buckley is listed in stable condition and is alert. mark: williamstown police need your help tracking down a couple of guys who try to rob a gas station. police say these men tried to walk into the marathon on 36 west saturday night, but workers had already locked the door. police say they ran off toward the ark parking lot. they were wearing hoodies. one of the men reportedly had a silver revolver. if you recognize them, call williamstown police. back to the sweet 16 for the second straight season. the musketeers had some trouble with wisconsin and it came down , to the wire. it was all tied up, and the badgers had the ball with two seconds to go. >> here we go. two to go. it' s good. it'
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wisconsin has one. lisa: the shot counted, and that' s how xavier' s season ended. wisconsin wins in stunning fashion, 66-63. >> i knew it was good. i mean, in terms of beating the buzzer, you know, i have been around this game long enough and i knew it was good. it is just heartbreaking. >> i just tried to stay strong. try to hold it all in. told my teammates i love them. going to miss playing with them. that was pretty much it. mark: so now the sweet 16 is set, and basketball fans are getting a couple of days off. there will be four games on thursday and then four games on friday, including indiana' s matchup with unc. that game is set for 9:57 friday night. get your popcorn ready. president obama is waking up in cuba. lisa: his agenda for the day ahead on this historic trip.
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lisa: 30 degrees right now on your monday. it is a chilly start for the second day of spring. randi: first full day of spring technically. as we take a look at the temperatures right now, in and around the 275 loop, 30 downtown and mount healthy. 31 in mason. everybody 30 or so. with the wind at five to 10 miles per hour, everybody feels like the mid 20' s. grabbed the winter coat before you head out the door. wearing short sleeves and no jackets. winter chill in the air. lunchtime, right around 42. afternoon, clear and chilly, the wind eggs up a little bit this evening. conditions but much warmer air.
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arrives, >> you are watching cincinnati' s wlwt news 5 today. mark: good morning. i hope your monday is getting off to a good start as we wake up on this first monday of spring and get things moving. hopefully, the roads will cooperate for the morning commute. that would be nice considering the chill in the air. kyla: you do need the winter coat if you' re heading out. we are not dealing with snow. that is always my fallback, no snow, i am all right with the coat. the road conditions have looked pretty good so far this morning. we have that incident still in glendale, so we will continue to monitor that for you on east sherron road and they still have some closures in the area because of an accident. 471 at 275, all lanes
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more down on 71, 64 miles per hour. we were a little slower in the last hour, but we are starting to pick back up. still as six minutes, but i think you' re good to go, five or six minutes to gain northbound at the downtown cincinnati. still looking good in both directions. we will continue to keep you updated. lisa and mark? lisa: checking some top stories south korean officials are now , saying north korea has fired projectiles from the country' east coast. the projectiles flew towards the sea to the east of the korean peninsula. since early february, the north has fired 15 various projectiles over four occasions. mark: closer to home, a grease fire outside an indianapolis truck stop grows to a three alarm inferno. 150 firefighters from multiple departments battled the blaze at the flying j truckstop.
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efforts on an outside container that holds grease from the restaurant' s kitchen. everyone got out of the building safely. damage is estimated at approximately $2 million. lisa: a most-wanted suspect in the paris terror attacks is now opposing extradition to france. salah abdeslam was released from a hospital in belgium saturday where he was being treated for injuries related to a shootout with police on he is expected to friday. undergo a second round of questioning by authorities. abdeslam is a key suspect in the paris terror attacks last november that killed 130 people. mark: both sides are digging in in the battle over supreme court nominee merrick garland. president obama is urging the republican-led senate to consider his pick. but republican leaders continue to say they will not to consider -- they will not consider any nominee from president obama. on "meet the press" sunday morning, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell explained his thinking. >> the principle involved here, chuck, is when an election is underway as joe biden was
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election is underway, the american people are about to and that' s the person, whomever making this appointment. mark: the stalemate is expected to continue since the senate is just starting a two-week recess. is focused on his historic visit to cuba. cuba and he has a full schedule. he plans to meet with cuban president raul castro and despite deep differences on policy, president obama looks to make progress on improved u.s.-cuban relations. >> this is a historic visits and historic opportunity to engage directly with the cuban people and to forge new agreements and commercial deals, to build new ties between our two peoples and for me, to lay out my vision for a future that is brighter than our past. lisa: white house officials say president obama will be candid with the cubans about areas of disagreement, namely human
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while the president is away, the presidential candidates continue to campaign to take over at the white house. mark: gop front-runner donald trump stopped in florida to speak to the west palm beach republican party, then he was called back on stage to be serenaded. wlwt so donald, donald, and stand by us and we' ll stand, by you mark: trump was on stage with ben carson swaying along with the music. lisa: vice president joe biden is making a stop in cincinnati tomorrow. the white house says the vice president is coming here to support former governor ted strickland. last week former governor strickland won the democratic primary in the ohio senate race. the hamilton county democratic party is hosting the breakfast reception and this is an invitation-only event. mark: let' s check in with randi and see what is coming our way in the forecast. randi: spring is in a seven-day,
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as you head out the door this morning, expect a slow start to spring. temperatures close to where they were yesterday. starting out with wind chill' s and the 20' s. tomorrow, a nice little boost, warm and windy. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, as we roll in for the end of the week, talking about showers and thunderstorms. this morning, everything is clear. most places reporting clear skies. temperatures generally close to 30 degrees. 30 officially at cvg. 32 in alexandria. plan on temperatures and 30. plan on the brief, five to 10 miles per hour, feeling like the mid 20' s to matter what part of greater cincinnati you are in. late date, 4:00 to 5:00, plan on upper 40' s to write around 50 or so. for the evening commute, the
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the winds will shift tonight out of the south, increasing in intensity, boosting those temperatures tomorrow. not so springlike today. if you want to check out spring flowers, you will probably have to rock the winter coat. 42 at noon. at 6:00, still around 48 degrees. futurecast does that show much except a few high passing clouds today. same thing tonight. partly cloudy at times overnight, dipping to the 30' s. tomorrow, the winds ramp up, 20 to 25 mile per hour winds possible, but coming from the south. tomorrow, low 60' s. today, only 49. sunny skies and cool conditions. tonight, 35. a few clouds around. tomorrow, wednesday and warmer. 63 for tuesday. wednesday, decent day, increasing clouds for the day. 62 for the high . late wednesday night, probably
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midnight, rain starts to move in. thursday is the one wet day of the week. thunder and lightning mainly late in the day as the cold front rolls through. temperatures will drive down about 20 degrees again for friday. easter sunday, plan on temperatures near 60. lisa: thank you. new gadgets from apple. the announcement expected today and what could be unveiled. mark: getting ready to stock the shelves. the construction timeline for the new clifton market. kyla: looking downtown along for washington way eastbound and westbound, looking good. our interstate travel has been nice so far this morning. hopefully, that will remain the case for those heading out soon. we'
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back. as we get up and get moving on the first monday of spring, 30 degrees. a chilly start. get over it, we are from cincinnati. we are ready. kyla: it is cold so you will need the winter coat but you don' t need a whole lot of extra time as far as the interstates. glendale, a few extra minutes to
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road at willow. you might want use princeton pike as an alternate, just west of where that closure is. pretty main thoroughfare. getting heavy southbound as you can see the headlights in the southbound direction toward the ronald reagan. northbound, look like either a broken down vehicle or maybe just a construction vehicle, but it is not blocking any lanes. no major delays. we will keep you updated. mark: thank you. happening today, apple is rolling of the nose to addition to its product line. the big announcement today is expected to be the iphone 7e six month after apple introduced its iphone 6s and 6s plus. it will have many features of those models, but at a cheaper, smaller, four-inch version. apple' s expected to show off nooks s or is for the apple
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lisa: drivers across the country getting bad news to start the week. nationally, the average price of gas is up almost two dollars a gallon. in our area, gas prices jumped last week and then leveled off. right now the local average for regular is sitting at $1.89, about two cents below the national average. clifton resident one step closer to having a grocery store. mark: there was a construction kickoff. clinton has been without a grocery store since 2011 when the keller iga" the members of the humidity have been raising funds to bring a grocery store back to the area. developers expect construction to take about four months and then another two months to get the store ready for customers. lisa: let' s check your forecast with randi. a chilly start, no way around it, you need a heavy coat.
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weekend mowing the lawn for the first time this season. our lawn has been well fertilized by the dog over the winter. a look today. where theweekend mowing the lawn for the winter coat. cincinnati in march. as you take a look at those norwood, wilmington at 28 and all across our area, your feels s. if you want to head outside and get the yard work done, both the lawn, 37 at 10:00 a.m. this afternoon, upper 40' the sun out. this guy. you will appreciate it. tomorrow, upper 60' s, stronger went, 63. 62 on wednesday. showers and thunderstorms make the grass grow even more into thursday. mark: when we continue a local , woman falls to her death at a nature sanctuary. how her co-workers are helping her family after the sudden tragedy. andrew: online threats could lead to real world consequences. the antisocial behavior on social media that has a local
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apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. mark: cincinnati police flooded with phone calls overnight. the school threats that alarmed parents and the 15-year-old taken into custody. lisa: a police chase leads to this mess. we are live in glendale this morning with the latest on this situation along sharon road. mark: a painful exit for the muskies, the wild finish after a
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basketball fans. >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way, this is wlwt news 5 today. mark: good morning, everyone. another chilly start to this monday. it technically is spring, just does not feel like it so much. i' m mark hayes. lisa: and i' m lisa cooney. we will get a check on the morning commute in a moment. let' s start with this technicality with randi. randi: we had some spring previews the past few days. i have busted out the shorts and flip-flops. we will get back to it later in the week. if you are out yesterday, you kind of know what you' re in for today. most places in the upper 20' s, low 30' s. harrison, 27. 28, wilmington. 29, springboro.
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we have a bit of a breeze. your feels like temperature, mid-20' s. yes, it is spring time, but winter coats are necessary. slow start in the spring season. you can see a couple of those full -- those flowers here and there, but looking at the winter coats if you' re taking a walk this afternoon. normal high is 55. we will fall short of that. we will be back above normal by tomorrow. today, clear, cold, 30 this morning. wind chill the 20' s. at lunchtime, 42. through the afternoon on the cool side, 49 or 50 for most of us. how are the roads? kyla: we' re going to check in on the breaking news with lisa first. lisa: breaking now, a police chase ends in a crash in glendale with two suspects rushed to the hospital. this happened around 4:00 this morning in the 200 block of east sharon road.
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police were investigating in the area of reading and hauck when the car took off. investigators say the car jumped some railroad tracks, hitting a pole and a gas light. >> as they came across sharon road, the car hit the railroad tracks, went airborne, lost control, the velocity carried them off the side of the road, hitting a telephone pole. because they are outage. hit a gas light. glendale is no their gaslight district. you can sell natural gas. the house. lisa: two people were taken to west chester medical center with non-life threatening injuries. there was also some minor damage mark: let' s see what is happening in our commute.
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want use greenvale to oak princeton pike to get around the closure. a lot of folks may be using bits and pike is a main thoroughfare to get around that closure on sharon, so you might see some backup on that portion of the glendale commute. 71 looking good northbound and southbound, starting to get heavy and that is really all you will see on our interstate. 71-75 at kyles lane northbound and southbound, northbound is building as well -- which happens around this time of the morning. nothing out of the ordinary for the interstate travel. right now. 74 at 275, going to get eastbound. mark: thank you. breaking this morning, a teen boy in police custody after disturbing threats he posted on social media. lisa: and this threat targeted more than eight schools in the wlwt news 5' s andrew setters is leading the way with the investigation. bring us up-to-date. andrew: this is the latest example of how easy it is for
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real world consequences. district five police continue their investigation of the threats made on social media. among the posts made to facebook, threats to be "the new osama." he called out schools by name like walnut hills and dater, as well as mount healthy and colerain. police received dozens of calls about these threats. they try county teenager who is now in custody. not their way charges he is facing, but we have seen multiple cases lately where teams and made threats and wound juvenile court. investigation. the teenager is in custody. it' s not clear if you the ability to carry out any of matter. andrew setters, wlwt news 5. overnight has left two people without a place to
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fire no one was injured. just after 11:30 last night. no one was injured. officials are still investigating the cause of the fire and where it originated in the home. red cross is assisting the family. also new this morning, an apparent fire is under investigation off reading road. officials say it started in the laundry room in the basement just after 12:30 last night residents were allowed to return to their apartments after firefighters had cleared the scene. no one was hurt. the cause remains under investigation. margot a local woman falls to and she has been identified as mary katharine stewart of kenton investigators say stewart flipped -- look and fell in lexington saturday afternoon. using a boat, but the boat capsized with six firefighters and stewart on board. the firefighters swam to safety and recovered the body from the river. last night, stuart'
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and coworkers held a vigil. >> katie was an extraordinary young lady. went. i called her a beacon of light, so anytime she was around she would fill a room with joy. she was incredible in the way she cared for others. mark: katie' s classmates have set up a gofundme page to help we have more information on our website, lisa: happening today three , people accused in the death of a st. bernard man are expected to be back in court. james kirby jr., mario lewis, and chasidy brewer have all been indicted in 73-year-old carl engel' s murder. investigators say they killed him when he came home and caught them burglarizing his home. mark: also today, the trial begins for a man accused of luring a teenager for sex and then holding her against her will. cody lee jackson faces charges of sex abuse and kidnapping. prosecutors say jackson met his
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lured her to his home for sex. he is also facing additional and harassing the victim from jail. lisa: cleanup continues today in over the rhine were part of a building collapsed. it happened sunday afternoon in the 1200 block of walnut. you can see the side of the building just crumbling to the ground. no injuries reported. we are the building is abandoned. later today, contact the attorney general provide details about a scam. he is not saying much about the scam, but we do know it involves scam artists impersonating peace officers. he is scheduled to discuss the scam at about 10:30 this morning. mark: xavier' s tournament run is over after heartbreaking loss to wisconsin in the second round. wisconsin had two seconds to make something happen. >> here we go. two to go. sweet 16, rises up .
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wisconsin has won it. mark: sending wisconsin to the sweet 16. it ended 66-63 and for xavier, is the devastating loss. >> honestly, not the outcome that we expected, wanted, really tough locker room. told the players in the locker room the sun will shine tomorrow. it does not feel like it, but it always does. just grateful. we had an unbelievable season. hard to end this way. mark: that loss cap to tough weekend for local basketball fans that started friday with uc phone to st. joe' s in the final seconds. then on saturday, kentucky for the archrival indiana 73 to 67.
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lisa: underreport says mick cronin is one of the top today' s for the unlv job. unlv fired head coach dave rice and generate. cronin has been the head man at uc for 10 years now and has taken the cats to the last six ncaa tournaments. mark: lets the out things are moving on the road. kyla: interstate travel has been pretty good all morning long and that continues to be the case. here' s a look at butler county. southbound, getting heavy and that is what happens around this time of mourning. warren county, getting heavier as well. 65 miles per hour on 75 as you head in the southbound direction. if you' re hopping across the river further down near the split, 68 miles per hour. could you clear conditions near the split on 71-75. southbound has then doubt.
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275 loop, not seeing a lot of areas of yellow or red just yet. necessary. let' accurate forecast. a chilly day to get started. randi: a lot of schools on spring break this week. in cincinnati at cvg, 30. most places within a couple of degrees of that. there is a breeze. we are talking windchill the second day of spring. it feels like 22 degrees at cvg and 19 in wilmington. for those that are headed to school this morning, make sure they have the winter coat. you' ll need them this morning. i know it is been a while. maybe even 30 degrees, winter coat needed as you wait for the bus. after school, less sunshine but on the cooler side, 47 degrees. a little warmer than yesterday. the wind will pick up in of the
6:41 am
tomorrow. we will take a look at that in a couple of minutes. years. a change coming to montgomery inn barbecue sauce. mark: the massive effort to be the ground of the original italian dinner. lisa: that looks good. a live look right now, 6:40 on your monday, 30 degrees. you' re up-to-date with more
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here on cincinnati' there's more to life than the
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there's the view. you've gotta stop and look around a little. come, shed life's layers in asheville. let the child inside you out to play. remember who you are. life is for the taking, not for taking it easy. asheville.
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lisa: welcome back. it may be jacket weather them have a coach weather, at least in our forecast. this is a live look from massachusetts, one of the areas on the east coast dealing with a snowstorm this morning. tellico see -- kyla: see? that' s what i' m saying. mark: montgomery inn is making a bold move. lisa: after years of success with its signature sauce, the recipe is changing. kyla: called down, it is going to be ok. montgomery inn is calling this a makeover after 65 years of the same ingredients. so now when you go out for ribs, the barbecue sauce will be gluten-free and made without high fructose corn syrup. montgomery inn is promising the
6:45 am
i repeat, the taste is not changing. the taste will not change. this is only about offering healthier sauce to customers. they say they have been working closely with suppliers for the last two years to tweak the recipe and improve the ingredients without compromising any of the taste. the updated sauce is now available at all montgomery inn restaurants and grocery stores. mark: is there anything going to happen to the taste? kyla: the taste will not change. still the taste of the montgomery inn sauce. the tasteful not change. lisa: thank you. happening today, springfield township is going to celebrate the work of charley harper. crews are going to be hanging 56 street banners featuring harper' s work along winton road. township leaders say the banners are going up to draw attention to the business district. charley harper lived for many years in springfield township. mark: also today the cincinnati , fire department and cincinnati firefighters union local 48 is celebrating world down syndrome today by giving back. the group will present a check
6:46 am
sales to down syndrome association of greater cincinnati at engine 32' s quarters. jim hudson, the director of dsagc, will accept the donation at station 32 in avondale at 1:00 this afternoon. lisa: people spent hours in line outside the camp washington church to get a taste of a homely tradition this weekend, the sons of italy hosted the original italian dinner at sacred heart for 105 years. these days, takes 500 gallons of red sauce, 23,000 meet walls, and 220,000 ravioli to feed the crowd. organizers say they kept the tradition alive through generations. the neil promises leftovers to share. >> i came with my girlfriend. they' ve been coming here for, like, eight years. it' s really good food here, so i said i' ll give it a try. why not? lisa: you can eat in or out every palm sunday. in the past, the church has
6:47 am
today marks the beginning of severe weather awareness week here in hamilton county. the wlwt team of meteorologists mark:the wlwt team of meteorologists are partnering with the hamilton county emergency managers to coordinate a week of severe weather preparedness information. >> if we at the national weather service issue a tornado warning, we are depending on the media to be broadcasting that alert to the public, so they can take action and seek shelter. mark: "watches" and "warnings" are terms often used on weather coverage. today on wlwt news 5 at 5:00, our meteorologists will break down the terms and talk about the best ways to keep alert of weather threats in the area. the best ways probably to download our app. it is really, really good. randi: follow us on twitter. so many ways you can get the message now. 5, 6, 10 years ago, you had to have a weather alert radio.
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you may learn something new. always good as we head into spring to be ready for the latest and greatest on how to find out about the storms. it does not feel like spring this morning. spring officially arrived at 12:30 a.m. yesterday. if you are out yesterday afternoon, you know it did not feel like spring. same thing today. a winter chill in the air. you will want the winter coat because the wind chill right now is in the 20' s. expect a good bit of sunshine today. we should make a run at 50 degrees, which will put us about five degrees below normal. we will warm up by tomorrow. this morning, mostly clear skies. it looks like a little bit of cloud cover north and northwest of downtown cincinnati. generally, expecting a sunny day. 30 degrees. the wind out of the west at nine miles per hour. a wind chill this morning, it feels like 22. the winds will pick up to about 15 miles per hour this afternoon. tonight, they shift out of the south.
6:49 am
that is pulling in much warmer air. this morning, the winter chill. i lunchtime, 42. through the afternoon, cool sunshine, 48 to 50 for the expected high across the area. a little breezy and of the early evening hours. futurecast does not have a whole lot today, maybe a few high passing clouds through the afternoon. tonight, dropping down to the mid-30' s. a few clouds overnight, winds out of the south keeping of not quite as cold tomorrow morning. today, 49, sunny skies and chilly. the winds increasing slowly through the day. tonight, 30 five, a few clouds. tomorrow, 63. looking at well above average temperatures tomorrow but it will be a windy day. 20 to 25 mile per hour winds. wednesday, increasing clouds, 62. by the time to get close to midnight wednesday night, rain will be moving in.
6:50 am
the day thursday, maybe even thunder and lightning later in the day. the cold front will dip our temperatures back down on friday. heading into the weekend, highs both saturday and sunday will be very close to 60. above average on easter sunday. how are the roads? kyla: interstate travel has been off to a great start so far. the main issue for us is in glendale at sherron road and willow, the closure. they have closed the intersection because of wires down. if you' re traveling through glendale, use greenville -- greendale to oak. 16 minutes on 75 out of butler county. on the northeast corner of 275 from eastgate is 71, third team minutes. 19 minutes on 71-75 from the split in the downtown. mark: parents are upset
6:51 am
lisa: the 15-year-old now accused of causing the concern. crews are still working to clean up this mess in glendale. we remain live on the scene the latest on a chase that led to a crash. mark: taking a live look outside
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lisa: welcome back. checking the top stories, students and hence concerned after another school threat is made on social media, wlwt news 5' s andrew setters is live in clifton with what we' ve learned about the teen suspect. andrew: if you' re a parent, this is the time to have a conversation with your kids about what they say online can have real-world consequences. this teen is in custody. he threatened every school in a 50 mile radius, including schools like walnut hills, dater high and aiken. , the teen said people shouldn' t come to school today because he was "going to be the new osama." the threats led to lots of calls to police, and the teen was taken into custody. we don' t know what charges he faces yet. he seemed very aware of the concern his comments were
6:55 am
"guess the police are coming." yeah, they were. they came for him. he was taken into custody. as was the lately with real school violence in our area recently, very little tolerance by police and school. andrew setters, wlwt news 5. mark: our second top story, a police chase ends with a driver crashing into a pole. this is a live look from the scene along sharon road. police were investigating in the area of reading and hauck when the car took off. investigators say the car jumped some railroad tracks, hitting a pole and a gas light. two people were taken to west chester medical center with non-life threatening injuries. there was also some minor damage to a building. lisa: our third top story, an update on a deadly crash on 275 near the combs-hehl bridge. the interstate is now open and police are saying a 41-year-old man was killed when he was rear-ended by another driver. police have not charged that driver, but we are told
6:56 am
contributed. the driver also suffered serious injuries. mark: president barack obama continues his historic visit to cuba today. this is his first full day in cuba. he is expected to meet with cuban president raul castro and members of cuban civil society. white house officials say president obama will be candid with the cubans about areas of disagreement namely human rights , practices. lisa: our fifth top story, a heartbreaker for xavier in the second round. it ended with a miracle three for wisconsin and the badgers moving on to the sweet 16. the muskies fell 66-to-63 after a historic season, which included a two-seed in the tournament, the highest in program history. mark: time to see what our forecast hold for us on this monday. randi: it does that feel like spring. right now you will probably want to grab the winter coat because our temperatures are close to 30, wind chills in the 20' s. we will see good bit of sunshine and temperatures on the cool
6:57 am
the winds at five to 15, closer to 15 through the afternoon. plan on mostly clear skies, it will be 30 at 8:00 and 49 at 4:00. tomorrow, 20 to 25 mile per hour winds, but from the south, jumping our temperatures back up to the 60' s. looking at-the 60' s on wednesday as well. i think wednesday is pretty much dry. on the way thursday. that' s closer to midnight, rain rolls in, cold front on the way thursday. cooler for friday. making plans for easter sunday, all of those cute little easter outfits, you probably won' t need
6:58 am
uh oh. oh.
6:59 am
oh my. good, you're good. back, back, back. (vo) according to kelley blue book, subaru has the highest resale value of any brand. again. you might find that comforting. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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good morning. snowy start to spring. millions across the northeast waking up to a messy, monday commute. a foot of snow expected in some areas. schools shut down in boston. al is tracking it all. history in havana. president obama kicks off his controversial trip to cuba. the first by a u.s. president in nearly 90 years. >> this is a historic visit, and it's a historic opportunity to engage directly with the cuban people.


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