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tv   WLWT News 5 at Noon  NBC  March 21, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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thiss our minute >> from cincinnati' s wlwt, leading the way. this is wlwt news 5 at noon. [captioning made possible by wlwt-tv] lisa: a teen in custody after threatening several schools on social media. the new details on the suspect, and how the teen' s school is addressing the issue. >> somebody jumped the train track, hit the telephone poll -- telephone pole and then ended up several hundred feet down the road. i got down here and saw there' a telephone pole sticking outside the side of my building. after a police chase ends in a
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the details on the suspects and problems it' s caused for residents. lisa: but first, we' re live on breaking news in fairfield. a construction crew hits a gas that set an apartment on fire. good afternoon, i' m mark hayes. extra crews have been called to to the get the flames under this is happening now at an apartment building, near 46 that where we find wlwt news 5' natalie clark, with the latest on the situation. natalie, good afternoon. natalie: good afternoon. they have been fighting the fire for over an hour. it' s happening right behind me, this is the area of the apartment complex where they are focusing on it. just don' t to go, the refuge -- just moments ago, there were huge flames. they were able to get the gas line shut off, finally. the car came in just an hour ago, here are the villages at wildwood apartments on woodstock drive in fairfield. the gas line ignited here behind
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there was a construction crew working here on the premises. they say once the gas line s in pine tree on fire. apartment building on fire. right now, no word of any injuries. good news so far on that. we are told from witnesses on the scene that the construction worker was here on a small piece of agreement. once he hit the gas line, i guess when the flames shot up, he was pretty shaken up and people were consoling him. the good news is, they were able to get that shut off. for the most part, you will see firefighters turn on the rushing water only if needed to hit the hotspots. we are going to continue to talk to witnesses, but so far, the good news is no injuries are being reported at this time. and you information, we will bring you into daily. live in fairfield, natalie clark, wlwt news 5. mark: a couple of local schools are dealing with school threats,
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suspicious device. lisa: we have team coverage on the issue. we begin with wlwt news 5' s todd dykes, who' s live in campbell county with the latest on this breaking news. todd: a very disruptive morning at campbell county middle school in alexandria. i just spoke with the city' s police chief, mike ward. he said around 10:15 this morning, 14-year-old started telling his classmates he had an explosive device in his backpack. students alluded -- alerted school leaders. students were evacuated. you see the students being brought back to the middle school because the cincinnati bomb squad was called. the bomb squad came to campbell county middle school, took a look at the backpack and found nothing inside. they gave the all clear. that' s what you see students returning to class. very disruptive, as i mentioned, the bomb squad being called. the check, nothing found in campbell county middle school. the 14-year-old is in custody , the police you telling me he is
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we will try and find out more about that and understand exactly what else was a play this morning hearing campbell county. for now, todd dykes, live in alexandria. back to you. mark: this comes as the superintendent of north college hill schools says the middle and high schools had to be evacuated after the threat was called in. police and fire were called in to search the building, but the school says nothing was found. lisa: new developments into a 15-year-old, arrested after making threats on social media toward several local schools. wlwt news 5' s andrew setters is live in the newsroom with the latest on this part of the story. andrew: the teen is facing charges and will spend another night in juvenile lock-up after his parents failed to show for a hearing this morning. the 15 year-old is a student at dater high school. he was arrested overnight on charges of telecommunications harassment and inducing panic. on facebook, threats were posted targeting dater high, walnut hills, aiken, withrow, and woodward in the cincinnati public school district. the threats also mentioned schools like colerain and mount healthy along with statements like i' ll, quote be the new osama, nobody come to school tomorrow. and being a terrorist sounds fun.
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possibility of expulsion from school too. because no parent showed in ll have another we spoke to cincinnati public schools who said whether actual harm was intended or not, this is a very serious infraction and cause a lot of angst among being taken very seriously. live in the news room, andrew setters, wlwt news 5. lisa: andrew, thank you. cincinnati. weather? i know warm-up is on the way, we will be patient. randi: know how spring goes. coaster. without warm days of winter, as at least it' normally, the advertise 55 today, closer to 50. lower than we usually are. into the 60'
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right now, 40 five degrees at cvg, 44 and springboro, 43 in dry ridge. through the rest of the afternoon, temperatures climb to the upper 40' s. some towns will see 50, especially south and southeast of downtown. i the evening, the window starts to pick up. they will be breezy for the dry home. -- for the drive home. a southerly wind will help drive temperatures into the 60' s. i will let you know if it will be spring dress worthy for easter plans this weekend in a couple of minutes. mark: randi, thank you. a police chase ends in a crash in glendale, with two suspects rushed to the hospital. this happened around 4:00 this morning in the 200 block of east sharon road. this is live look at the scene. police were investigating suspicious activity in the area of reading and hauck when the car took off. investigators say the car jumped some railroad tracks, hit a pole and a gas light. >> as they came across sharon road, the car hit the railroad tracks here, went airborne. finally came to rest down there
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mark: two people were taken to west chester medical center with non life threatening injuries. there was also some minor damage to a building. lisa: the red cross is helping two people, displaced by a fire in wayne township. this broke out, just before midnight along waynes trace road. firefighters did not have a water source near the house. water had to be trucked in. by the time the fire was out, the home was seriously damaged. no word on the cause of the fire. an apartment fire is under investigation off reading road. officials say it started in the laundry room in the basement, just after 12:30 last night . residents were allowed to return to their apartments after firefighters had cleared the
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no one was injured. new details on a deadly crash, on 275, near the combs-hehl bridge. police say, a 41-year-old man was killed, when he was rear-ended by another driver. police have not charged that driver, but we are told, excessive speed and "impairment" contributed to the crash. that driver also suffered serious injuries. this crash comes less than a week after an suv went off the combs-hehl bridge, and into the ohio river. lisa: divers are expected resume to the recovery for that suv, tomorrow or wednesday. recovery efforts were suspended last week because of the strong current in the river. campbell county police believe they know the identity of the driver, but that person' s name has not been made public. in commitment 2016, vice president joe biden is making a stop in cincinnati tomorrow. the white house says the vice president is coming here to strickland. last week, former governor strickland won the democratic primary in the ohio senate race. the hamilton county democratic party is hosting the breakfast reception. this is an invitation-only
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it was a devastating end for the xavier musketeers tournament run. mark: they went back and forth with wisconsin last night, but in the end, the badgers took advantage of the last shot at the buzzer. wlwt news 5' s elise jesse has more from saint louis. police: and this -- elise: this historic season and very these kids were heartbroken. >> whatever doesn' t kill you make is you stronger. the least -- elise: wisconsin' s bronson tainted with the three, with two seconds left to tie the game, shattering the muskies hope of another sweet 16 appearance. chris mack had some words of encouragement. >> i told my players of this is the worst thing that happens, you will have a pretty good life. that' s reality. it' s a game, nobody wants to lose. but that'
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adversity is going to comment, and how you deal with it really to find your character. elise: senior james farr was upset, but he assured the media that the sun would come out tomorrow and that he would in fact be ok. reporting from the scott trade center, elise jesse, wlwt news 5 sports. mark: so now the sweet 16 is set. there will be four games on thursday and four games on friday, including indiana' s match-up, with unc. that game is set for 9:57, friday night. lisa: uc might be looking for a new head coach. a new report says mick cronin is one of the top candidates for the unlv job. unlv fired head coach dave rice in january. according to the las vegas review-journal, the runnin' rebels could be moving fast, to bring cronin to vegas. cronin has been the head man at uc for 10 years, and he has taken the cats to the last six ncaa tournaments. mark: when we continue an effort , to serve a warrant in indiana leaves a deputy dead and his
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lisa: the new details on the officers and how the fallen deputy is being honored today. plus, president obama is what' s planned for him during the historic visit. randi: and yes, you may need to get out and mow the lawn. it is springtime today, you' ll need a jacket to do that. looking at temperatures in the upper 40'
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>> you' re watching cincinnati' s wlwt news 5. leading the way. mark: you welcome back. president obama is now the first sitting u.s. president to visit lisa: today is his first full day in havana, and he has a full nbc' s jay gray is in havana, with the details on the historic visit. jay: after a visit to old havana late yesterday, including a stop at the city' s famous cathderal, with first lady michelle. and daughters sasha and malia. s focus will shift from tourist to the business of a renewed relationship between his country and cuba.
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at the memorial to jose marti, the cuban poet honored as a hero s fight for freedom from spain. and later, there will be an official state welcome from cuban president raul castro, and a bilateral meeting between the house says the president will be "candid" about areas of rights practices. isn' t as important as the fact the two sides are talking again. s s a historic trip and it' s been 50 years without relations with the north american government. jay: third generation cab driver judais cordero hopes the president will take a close look at the country she is so proud of. judais cordero: i' d like for him to know about our country. our story, our country, how beautiful it is. its tourist attactions so he can share it with everyone else.
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than 50 years. jay gray, nbc news, havana, cuba. lisa: travel for americans is still very limited right now. the state department will not issue a visa for tourists. and of course the trade embargo remains in place, still many see this visit as a crucial first step toward easing relations and restrictions here. mark: a most-wanted suspect in the paris terror attacks is now opposing extradition to france. salah abdeslam was released from a hospital in belgium saturday, where he was being treated for injuries related to a shootout with police friday. he is expected to undergo a authorities. abdeslam is a key suspect in the paris terror attacks last people. indiana governor mike pence has ordered all flags at state facilities to be flown at half staff today. lisa: this after a sheriff' s deputy was killed in the line of duty. howard county deputy carl koontz died at an indianapolis hospital, after being shot early sunday morning.
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jordan buckley, were serving an arrest warrant at a mobile home park, when they were met with gunfire. both officers were wearing body armor. koontz had been a deputy less than three years. >> carl will be missed. we appreciate any prayers and support that anyone out there can give us because we really need the prayers of the people that we serve. lisa: the unidentified suspect was also killed in the gunfire. sergeant buckley is listed in stable condition, and is alert. mark: today marks the beginning of severe weather awareness week here in hamilton county. the wlwt team of meteorologists are partnering with the hamilton county emergency managers, to coordinate a week of severe weather preparedness information. brandon peloquin: if we at the national weather service issue a tornado warning, we depend on the media to broadcast that alert to the public, so they can take action and seek shelter. mark: "watch" and "warnings" are terms often used on weather
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today on wlwt news 5 at 5:00, our meteorologists will break down the terms, and talk about the best ways to keep alert of weather threats in the area. accurate forecast. randi: you is no that spring can bring all kinds of weather here snow. i may have some storms in the forecast, but there' s no -- none of the other as word. we started out in the 20' s a low 30' s, but we will warm things up starting tomorrow. the wind picks up, the temperatures jump, all of that stays smooth sailing until we have rain and storms in the forecast come thursday. for today, enjoy the sunshine, but you' re going to need to layer up when you had outside as we take a look at the wlwt radar, if there' s all across greater cincinnati. i will be the case through the day today all the way through the day tomorrow. as we head towards the middle of the week, things start to change.
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west at 12 miles an hour, this morning, a light breeze made the s. run at 50 or so. you can see at 2:00, sunny and cool, mid to upper 40' s. bit. the win tonight is going to south. temperatures are going to stay about 40 degrees on our site. we slide into the mid 30' tonight and then rebound very quickly tomorrow up into the s was some gusty wind. futurecast as a whole out of nothing for us this afternoon. that' s ok. tonight, down to 35 and for tomorrow, stronger wind. i would expect to the day on tuesday, 20 to 25 mile an hour wind. they' re coming in from the south and pulling in warmer air. a windy tuesday, wednesday still looks nice. we should be in the mid 60' s and things change for us come thursday. you can see we stay dry all the way through the day and most of the night wednesday and thursday morning.
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s when showers and maybe a couple of rumbles of thunder let' s take a look at the forecast for today. 49, 50 degrees around the area. side. tonight we get down to 35, and for tomorrow, very gusty wind at times, temperatures up into the 60' s. we stay in the 60' s on wednesdays with increasing clouds. thursday is the one really rainy is a cold front. s. looking ahead to the weekend and plans for easter, saturday looks nice, sunday through the day looks nice. by sunday evening on easter we may have rain moving in. lisa: randi, thank you. crime-stoppers is here with information on a couple of the tri-state' s most wanted. mark: officer lesa smith is joining us from the cincinnati police department. lesa, who are we looking for today? lesa: the first person we' re looking for is shawndale hogan. he is wanted for aggravated armed robbery stemming from an incident at buds pony keg on galbraith road. he also has three misdemeanor warrants. hogan is 21-years-old, 5' 10" and weighs 145 pounds.
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robbery from 2012, and was last known to live on ridge acres in golf manor. hogan has a nationwide pickup radius. meanwhile, the hamilton county heroin coalition task force is looking for jonah pelfrey, who' s charges and a misdemeanor warrant. pelfrey is 35-years-old, 5' 11" and weighs 195 pounds. he has past arrests for drug to live on clough pike in beechmont. lisa: lesa, thanks for coming in. have a good week. we will see you on mark: if you monday. have any information that can help police find these two people, call crime-stoppers. that number is 352-3040. or you can submit tips online at remember, you don' t have to give your name, and you could get lisa: mixing up trouble in minnesota. mark: the suspect who stole a concrete mixer and led police on an hour-long chase. s barbecue sauce.
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65 years. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute,
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visit] lisa: trending today, a joyride in minnesota, with concrete proof of the crime. cell phone video shows police in dodge center, chasing a stolen cement truck. mark: but to mix this up, when police pulled the vehicle over, they found an 11-year-old behind the wheel. police say the child swiped the truck from a local contractor. the chase went up and down several county roads, and reached speeds of up to 71 miles per hour. the pre-teen even swiped a cruiser, while cutting through yards before police finally >> i bet you i seen him six, seven, different times. smiling, hooting and hollering. he was having a good time. mark: no one was injured. the driver is now at juvenile formal charges are expected to be filed later today. montgomery inn is changing the recipe of it' s signature barbecue sauce, after 65 years of the same ingredients. lisa: the new barbecue sauce will be gluten-free and made without high fructose corn it' s al to make the sauce healthier.
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last two years to tweak the recipe and improve the ingredients, without compromising taste. the updated sauce is now available at all montgomery inn restaurants and grocery stores. mark: apple is rolling out the newest additions to its product line. the big announcement is expected to be the iphone se. this is coming out six months after the iphone 6s and 6s plus. the "se" will have many of the features of those models, but in a cheaper, smaller 4" version. apple is also expected to show off new accessories for the apple watch, and an updated i-pad air. lisa: twitter turns 10-years-old today. the social networking site invites users to express themselves in 140-characters. the first tweet was sent by founder jack dorsey on march 21, 2006. since then it' s impacted everything, from politics and culture, to entertainment and style. mark: who knew one day we will
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lisa: in 140 characters or less. #whatever. randi: let' s check the forecast, is not so springlike outside. we still need figure winter coats, temperatures are now climbing through the 40' s. we make it to the upper 40' s are around 50 this afternoon. by 6:00 and 7:00 tonight as we approach sunset, you' ll notice the wind picking up. it will be a windy day tomorrow, but it' s a trade-off because the mix it up to the 60' s for tuesday, wednesday, into thursday. mark: that' s it for us, have a great day. our next full report is tonight
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lights, camera, access. birthday party dressed as batman? it was at my house. the split. now it's ben's turn to face cameras. i'm billy bush. it never hurts to have a fellow superhero at your side for >> how does that feel? >> no one has brought that up. >> in full [ bleep ]. could she face any legal trouble for her latest stunt? looking down here with tears in her eyes.


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