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tv   WLWT News 5 at 500  NBC  March 22, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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of the attack. >> -- sheree: it started with two explosions, at a belgium airport, then another on the subway. at least 30 people are dead. and more than 230 are injured. good evening, i' m sheree paolello mike: and i' m mike dardis. tonight. isis is claiming responsibility. chaotic sounds. mike: this is the sheer panic inside that airport. the chaos is captured by a witness. in the seconds after the suicide bombs were set off. the explosions happened. just outside a busy airport security checkpoint in brussels. quest -- >> everyone was in panic. we had to run, just because the situation was such it was very, everyone was scared, so everyone ran. mike: late today belgium' s interior minister admits authorities knew that an extremist act was being prepared
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were surprised by the scale of this attack. >> a lot of heavy weapons have been found, which is an indication that something, perhaps, was being planned for the next few days and our people in brussels knew about that. sheree: tonight. much of the investigation is tied to a single picture. belgian police confirmed that 3 men in a picture taken from surveillance video. pushing luggage carts with bags through the airport are considered the suspects. two of the men, who were dressed in black are believed to be suicide bombers who died in the attack. police are searching for the third man, in the black hat and light tan coat. as for who' s responsible isis is already claiming responsibility. for families travelling at brussel' s metro station. they were just hearing and reading about what happened at the airport.
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at least 20 of the people killed. were at that train station this morning. the end result. is a city and a world on edge tonight. s best-known monuments have been s national colors in a show of solidarity. at nightfall tuesday, the eiffel tower in paris lit up in the black, yellow and red colors of the belgian flag. berlin' s landmark brandenburg gate and rome' s trevi fountain joined in the show of belgium' s national colors. sheree: a local woman studying in brussels was actually inside the airport at the time of the blasts. as luck would have it she found a restroom. in time to take cover. wlwt news 5' s todd dykes. is live tonight from notre dame academy, where she graduated. todd? reporter: ever since she left northern kentucky, alison talkers has been on a mission to help prevent the kind of terror she experienced first-hand a little more than 12 hours ago.
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brussels all alison talkers could think about was getting her luggage. >> i was going toward baggage claim and then i saw an escalator kind of above us, some movement and then screaming. and then i realized it wasn' t just people running late for their flights. but there were security guards saying, ' run. run.' reporter: alison, who' s studying for her masters at a university in brussels, had just gotten off a flight from switzerland when terrorists launched multiple attacks. >> and then i started running. and i tripped and all my baggage went everywhere, but i just kept running. reporter: eventually alison found refuge in a bathroom. when she decided to step back by what she saw. >> you were literally running for your life and then all of a sudden you come out of the bathroom and people are still drinking coffee as though nothing was occurring. it was very strange to wrap your head around. reporter: alison finally made her way outside the airport and
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by the lasts -- blasts. quest and so i think then, that affected me the most, knowing that there were direct victims from that terrorist attack and feeling very lucky that i wasn' t one of them.) alison, it was awful. reporter: after graduating from notre dame academy alison talkers went to saint louis university and is now pursuing a masters in international migration. she wants to help people from different cultures integrate peacefully and keep tragedies like the one that she experienced today, from happening again. todd dykes, wlwt news 5. mike: the university of cincinnati flooded with calls today friends and family concerned about students traveling on spring break in belgium. fortunately, the students are safe tonight. wlwt news 5' s jenell walton has been in contact with a chaperone on that trip. reporter: i' ve been in contact with one of the professors traveling with the students. they were about 30 miles outside of brussels during the attacks. they made the decision to get
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a new hotel. robert capannari snapped this group photo and tweeted he' d purchased a selfie stick when their plane landed in paris on saturday. u.c. says the students had just left paris and traveled to a train station in the brussels area last night. >> we have 19 students and two faculty students in antwerp which is about 34 miles from brussels. reporter: professors suzanne masterson and anthony salerno took the students from the kolodzik business scholars program to paris and belgium. the spring break trip was supposed to include a visit to parliament and the p&g office in brussels today. masterson emailed me to say they canceled the visit and searched for a new hotel further away from brussels. >> they are safe and they are redirecting their plans to stay away from the scene. reporter: concerned parents immediately began calling uc for any information on the students whereabouts. >> our international programs are very busy right now trying to reassure parents and to let them know their children are safe.
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want to thank kbs, uc lindner college and president ono for taking care of my daughter and other students in belgium today. reporter: the itinerary included plans to tour diamond industry, chocolatier and louvain school of management before leaving belgium on friday. students to cut their trip short. cappannari sending this upbeat i' m sure many of you are aware of the bombings in brussels this morning, however, our abroad points of attack and trying to stay lighthearted. so here' s a pic of me dabbin at the louvre. peace, love and prayers for the people here in belgium. uc says they do have students traveling on spring break to other parts of europe. they say everyone is safe and will continue on with their travel plans for the roses bring break week. jenell walton wlwt news 5. nagel middle school has 40 students in paris right now on a
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mike: the classmates are a result of a project the students did as 7th graders last year in social studies. we did speak with a parent who' s child is on the trip and we are told all the students are safe, and having a great time. for those who have not heard from their friends or family. facebook activated its safety check this morning. unlike a normal facebook update safety check automatically sends your status to friends in the form of a notification if you are marked safe. it can also be used to check on facebook friends in the area of the attacks. and wireless carriers are offering free calls and texts from the u.s. to belgium in the wake of the attacks. verizon, sprint and a.t.&t. all announced customers in the u.s. can call and text numbers in belgium for free for a number of days. sprint, virgin mobile usa and boost mobile. will waive fees through march
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sheree: president obama. did not to return to the u.s.. after learning of the attacks. a move. many are criticizing tonight. but he did talk today. during his historic three day visit to havana, cuba. pledging to do whatever is necessary. to help belgian authorities seek justice. president obama: and this is yet another reminder that the world must unite, we must be together regardless of nationality, or race or faith in fighting against the scourge of terrorism. sheree: shortly after the attacks. ohio governor, and presidential candidate john kasich tweeted saying. along with every american. i am sickened by the pictures of the carnage, by the injuries and by the loss of life, he later spoke on camera, saying the right thing for president obama to do right now, is come home. from his trip to cuba. governor john kasich: i' m a little surprised that the president is going to a baseball game. had i been president i would
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home, conducted calls jointly with heads of state and begun to assemble teams of people, intelligence experts who can take a look at the serious breaches we have in intelligence. i would also involve our friends in the arab community who know that radical islam is intent on destroying and threatening them. sheree: the president is now traveling on. to argentina. mike: vice president joe biden was in cincinnati this morning, at the time of the attacks. he' s stumping for former ohio governor ted strickland, in his bid for a u.s. senate spot. it was an invitation only breakfast reception at the westin in downtown cincinnati. wlwt news 5' s andrew setters spoke with a woman who saw the vice president' s speech, and found out vice president biden did not address the terror attacks in belgium. >> it'
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-- reporter: i know it' s on a lot of people' s minds and i was curious if he would talk about that? >> no, he did not discuss that at all . sheree: we continue to lead the way on the breaking news out of brussels. mike: from inside the airport. one man was right next to the explosions. >> i felt the first shockwave hit me and that was a bit of an ear ringer and the second one was more powerful even though it was further away. mike: he describes the scene around him. at terror strikes in the heart of europe. kevin: it is been a breezy day in parts of ohio. some cases downright randy.
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mike: right now belgian police are conducting raids targeting suspects linked to the attacks. sheree: investigators have found a nail bomb and chemical products at a home in north-east brussels. more than 30 people were killed in two bombings at the brussels airport and another bombing at a subway station near the
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isis has claimed responsibility and an isis flag was also discovered in the raids. out around belgium for hours, authorities believe two men carried out suicide bombings at the airport, and a third suspect took off. mike: we' caught in the middle of the choas. including jeff hoffman, a nato worker, he was at the airport at with his girlfriend and a man from ohio. he describes the scene as it unfolded. >> so the first explosion hit and i felt the shockwave kind of hit me and basically i turned and a lot of debris came flying at you. so i turned to her and the entire check in queue as well as everyone behind the counters were just kind of frozen in looking around and at that point i started to move towards her
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went off which was a little bit further away over towards, there is actually a starbucks in the main terminal before security and essentially it was right next to the starbucks. what i saw was a large number of casualties on the ground and again, 30-40 feet away it certainly did not look like we were going to be looking for survivors in that immediate vicinity. sheree: about an hour after the airport explosions. another blast stuck a metro station near the e.u. headquarters leaving about 20 people dead. a journalist traveling on a subway train. just behind the one that exploded described a nerve-wracking scene there. >> an incident has just occured on the line we are currently trying to consult -unintelligible . >> we felt a small blast of air, and we heard some thudding in the distance, the metro immediately stopped, the lights turned off, the engine turned off, a message came over the intercom saying that there are been a disturbance on the line
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minutes, people were obviously nervous. sheree: passengers were evacuated from the metro onto the tracks and told to walk back to the station. evan says many passengers were reading about the airport explosions as they were on their way to work on the subway when the explosion happened. mike: tonight the u.s. government is tightening security at airports and train stations nationwide. sheree: the bombings underscore long-standing security concerns, and the slow-going fight against isis terror. outside orlando, a plane from belgium was quarantined. far away from the terminal as a precaution. a reminder tonight airports and train stations remain soft targets. >> this event took place not inside the airport beyond the security, but before the security. >> im memory of the victims of a -- in memory of the victims of a
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>> this is not a lone wolf. this is a war with radical islamic terrorism. hillary clinton: even if we were to build a tall wall around the entire continental united states, the internet would still get over it. sheree: belgium' s ambassador to the united states says his country knew an attack was coming and stepped up security but was still unable to stop the tragedy. we' re staying on top of the belgium attacks, on air online, and on your mobile device. and when you' re not by your t.v. you can keep up with the new developments on and our mobile app. cincinnati' s certified most accurate forecast. kevin: today was another one of those windy and increasingly mild spring days. you could really feel it in the air this afternoon you could see it with some of the pollen. i will have your pollen count coming up. we see the bright colors across the ohio valley.
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windy weather across the area today. you can see right now here in cincinnati, we have wind gusts over 30 miles per hour. we have even recorded a 43 mile-per-hour wind gusts. of course we are little bit -- are a little bit elevated. here' s a live look as we look towards the south and west. it is 64 outside at the airport. despite the breezes, we had plenty of sunshine today which let temperatures warm up considerably. everyone is well into the mid-60' s this afternoon. 66 in lexington. 70 around louisville. it is going to be springlike evening around here. because of the effect -- the fact that we keep the winds up. temperatures will not be falling that much. we'
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the spite the fact that we have some high cloud cover spilling across the area, we are on the warm and breezy side right now. there is still a developing storm system out in the center part of the nation. there is no rain underneath the cloud cover. tomorrow we' way of cloud cover. but we still a c plenty of sunshine. it should be thin enough to see a decent amount of sunshine wednesday. here' much happening tonight. rain making variety. it will be dry here thursday night. thursday will be starting with some showers. keep an afternoon, there is a small chance we should see -- we can see a stronger storm.
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but it is something to watch especially south and east of cincinnati. until then it is pretty quiet around here. 46 for an overnight low tonight. southwest breezes stay up. tomorrow, those winds will pick up. a lot like today, a little bit more in the way of cloud cover. 67 for an afternoon high. there is your rain on thursday, a prequel down on friday. down on friday. up until monday. egg hunts. mike: moving it right along. known around the world for his shocking behavior and blunt comments. former toronto mayor, rob ford has died. sheree: he had openly had problems with drugs and alcohol.
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tonight we look at his life, and his final days. mike: plus. a mother accused of tainting her child' s i.v., at children' s hospital. how she' s now being punished. you'
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wlwt news 5. sheree: former toronto mayor rob ford has died at the age of 46. sheree: --. mike: he became internationally known after a 2013 scandal in which he admitted to smoking crack cocaine public drunkeness and drinking and driving. he was stripped of most of his mayoral powers. and when allegations of a second ' crack tape' surfaced in 2014, he took a leave of absence to get help, but was spotted hanging out in a summer cottage. out of the 2014 mayor' s race but he was elected to city council as he continued to battle cancer. sheree: a 16-year-old boy accused of making threats to blow up eight local schools was back in court today. this time, his parents showed up along with their priest. the tenth grader at dater high school is accused of posting messages on facebook, referencing being the next osama
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he mentioned dater west high aiken, withrow woodward, walnut hills colerain, and mount healthy. he' s charged with inducing panic and telecommunications harassment. mike: another delay in the recovery of the car that flew off the combs hehl bridge into the river. divers were hoping to get in the water today but search efforts have been pushed back again to thursday or friday. the current is still too fast. crews are hopeful they can get the car out of the water by the end of the week. i-275 east was shut down for two hours after a wreck near highland heights. it left roofing materials on the rolled -- on the road. no word if anybody was her. sheree: a mother accused of making her son sick while he was hospitalized at children' s hospital was sentenced today. jessica valik of syracuse, new york pleaded guilty earlier this month. prosecutors say she injected an unknown substance into her 4-year-old son' s feeding tube in
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she was sentenced to 180 days in jail. s under the guardianship of his grandfather. valik has been ordered to stay away from the hospital. mike: new photos of the suspects terrorist attack. the changes that big cities here in the united states. suspended for
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you are watching cincinnati' s wlwt news 5 leading the way. sheree: terror in belgian -- belgium. 200 were wounded and 30 were dead. one was on her way here to ohio. meanwhile belgians have created memorials for the victims. the brussels stock exchange had written messages of support.
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responsibility as belgian authorities have carried on raids to look for one more suspect. mike: how u.s. officials are responding. reporter: at airports, train stations and subways have stepped up security. two explosions at the brussels airport in a blast killed dozens of people this morning. the authorities have released this video of the two men on the left who were the suicide bombers of the airport attacks. police are now looking for the third man on the right. president obama: we can and we will defeat these people. reporter: president obama saying that we need to unite to defeat terrorism.
5:31 pm
prime minister to offer condolences. x we must, we will do everything we can to protect our homeland and the terrorists wherever they threaten us. reporter: many cities are boosting security. >> expect to see in my d -- nypd increased presence. reporter: outside the belgium in -- in the sea flags are flying at half staff. the brussels airport will be close for a lease tomorrow. tomorrow. mike: one american servicemember attack. they continue to evaluate more screenings are needed. sheree: the bombings in brussels are an ocean away, but the
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airport. wlwt news 5' s brian hamrick is leading the way with how travelers and security is impacted. reporter: here at cvg, people feel it, especially when they find themselves in the same kind of venue attacked, it all seems a little closer to home. terror, even on the other side of the globe, it' s always unsettling. , has a way of feeling too close. s a half the world away is somewhat comforting but it also brings it home a day when you' re traveling. reporter: david and melanie zolnier are traveling through cvg today. >> ever since sept 11 things have just changed and traveling isn' t the ease that it was and you always have to think ahead and plan ahead and worry about what' s going to happen. >> is there anything sharp or fragile inside. reporter: despite extensive changes in airport security over the past decade and a half, nothing is fail proof.
5:33 pm
passengers time to adjust, the tsa showed us last week how finding banned items is adding up to longer wait times, but how are divided up isn' t as well known. >> if a firearm or a stun gun or another dangerous item comes through the checkepoint, what we do is hit an alarm and local law enforcement will actually respond. reporter: the tsa is responsible for the screening, at the checkpoints, it' s airport police who are the law enforcement they' re also the security for the pre-screening areas, air travel expert jay ratliff says upgrading security in those areas has been a topic on the radar before brussles, in 2013 a gunman in los angles opend fire in the terminal at lax, but no major changes were put in place. >> not a big fan of flying to begin with so you have to put it out of your mind and go on with your life or they win right. reporter: it all leaves some like bernadett rose placing their faith in a different level
5:34 pm
>> it' s in god' s hands. reporter: the dept of homeland security just sent out a release saying, no similar credible threats in the us, they' ve been in contact with fed and local law enforcement, tsa has deployed security to major airports, live brian hamrick, wlwt, news 5. mike: meanwhile the front-runners in the 2016 presidential race are reacting to the terror in belgium. democrat hillary clinton says international powers must defeat isis. but the u.s. must embrace muslims as allies. republican donald trump talked about interrogation strategies for terrorists. would be fine, and if they could expand the laws i would do a lot more than waterboarding. you have to get the information from these people, and we have tough, and we can' t be soft and
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clinton: we still have lone wolves. we have radicalized terrorists, like we saw in san bernardino. so we have to remain alert and vigilant. mike: the family behind troy' s cafe in west chester comes from belgium. sheree: the owner posted today he was upset about the attacks. troy meyer still has a few relatives living in belgium. he says they called this morning to say they' re safe. but meyer says he felt sad and angry that a kind country could be attacked like that. >> even though i was born a united states citizen, my heart is still in belgium. and you know, this morning, the news was like, that' s kind of where i' m from, where i was born. kind of a shock this morning. sheree: meyers says the people of belgium will be in their
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the places they saw inside the airport, as they flashed on the we' belgium attacks, on air online, coming up at 6:00 we' reaction from local businesses with belgian connections. and you can check the developments anytime on and our mobile app. new tonight video of two high school girls fighting is making its way all over social media. scott high school in kentucky. natalie clerk is leading the way on the story. reporter: i spoke to scott high school student nicole williams and her mother. nicole tells me, she witnessed the fight happen. later in the day, someone sent her video of the fight, and nicole chose to put it on facebook that decision, she says, got the high school freshman, suspended. we' ve blurred out the faces of everyone involved. in the video you see two teen girls arguing eventually, it leads to a full blown fight of punching, hair pulling and
5:37 pm
now, students and parents are asking why school administrators didn' t step in before things escalated. >> even before that the fight got physical, they were arguing and they were yelling extremely loudly, were you knew they were about to get into a fight. reporter: scott high school freshman nicole williams says she witnessed the fight but, didn' t record it. someone sent her video afterwards and, she decided to post it on her facebook page. >> schools like, like all over the united states say that like, safety is like their number one priority, and bullying is like their number one thing they want to stop. yet, teachers were around and they thought that it was ok to just let this continue. williams and her mother say the school asked that the video be removed if not, williams would be suspended. reporter: the video wasn' t removed and today, she was suspended. >> my biggest concern is her being suspended because now it' s going on her permanent record and when she' s going to apply for colleges, they' re all going to see this. that she was suspended because
5:38 pm
reporter: school officials say they are taking the situation very seriously following school code of conduct and protecting all students involved. >> we have to protect the confidentiality of students involved. the students on the video. there are students that are minors. there are students that do not have permission to be videotaped or photographed on school property. reporter: elizabeth sevin says if things were handled differently by scott high school administration, she would have had her daughter take the video down. but, her understanding, she says, was that her daughter was going to be suspended regardless. and, just a short time ago, daughter may now be expelled, pending a future hearing. natalie clark wlwt news 5. mike: school spokeswoman jess dykes said they are taking the matter very seriously, investigating all parties involved. sheree: new details tonight about overtime in the cincinnati police department. an internal audit found more than half of overtime wasn'
5:39 pm
properly approved. that figure jumped to more than 90% in the chief' s office and community liaison unit. the audit also found some officers working over-time when they had paid time off. the city is recommending the department re-evaluate the entire process. train timekeepers and get a new database. two people now charged in a police chase and crash. william and dominic dickens from kansas city crashed along sharon road in glendale. police say the pair stole mail in sharonville then william dickens drove off. officers say dickens drove more than 100 miles an hour and ran several lights during the chase before he crashed into a pole. he had a warrant for stealing mail and forging checks. police say they found several pieces of mail from across the state of ohio inside the car. mike: a woman will spend two years on community control after police say she hit another woman with her car.
5:40 pm
whitson got into an argument with a man and his girlfriend in forest park. they say she slashed their tires then drove her car toward them, hitting the girlfriend. a judge also ordered whitson to pay restitution and stay away from the victims. the sheriff' s department has announced funeral arrangements for the indiana deputy killed in the line of duty. the visitation for howard county deputy carl koontz takes place monday at the high school where he worked as a resource officer, the funeral is set for tuesday morning at the school. koontz died in a shootout with a suspect. sheree: the president wraps up his historic trip to cuba. what he said that the countries have to do to bridge the gap between them. and his message for the brussels attackers. severe weather. how the weather service determines if your neighborhood is under a severe storm warning and when you should get inside. kevin: sometimes the weather
5:41 pm
we had gusty winds today not of the severe variety. i will let you know if those wins will begin to relax overnight and when we can see opportunity for rain.
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wlwt news 5. you are watching cincinnati' s wlwt news 5 leaned away. mike: president obama addressed the attacks on alive podcast. you can see those who have threatened worldwide security. he also called for a end to the cuban embargo. president obama: there is one simple answer. what the united states was doing was not working. we have to have the courage to acknowledge that truth. sheree: after the speech the president joined raul castro at between the baseball team.
5:45 pm
as severe weather awareness week continues tonight. we are taking a look back at severe storms that caused damage last year. mike: you can get involved to help meteorologists track storms in the area. wlwt news 5' s jennifer schack tells us about severe thunderstorms and how they may impact you. reporter: nearly 2 dozen severe thunderstorm warnings were issued last year in hamilton county alone and as lightning begins and winds increase, storms pose a major threat, especially for groups caught outside. storms are almost unavoidable this time of year. one way you may get caught outside in the storm, outdoor sports. whether high school baseball or little league soccer, storms pose a threat to all outdoor sports not only for the players, but for the fans, jeff trame >> we also want to make sure our fans are safe. find a place for them, whether it' s in the school building or whether it' s just evacuating. jennifer: severe thunderstorms can happen at any time, day or night lightning, heavy rain, high wind and hail all pose a threat to the region.
5:46 pm
storm brought more than 70 mph winds to eastern hamilton county causing widespread damage. a storm that easily met the severe criteria. a severe thunderstorm warning is issued by the national weather service when a storm indicated by radar or by a trained spotter, has hail at least 1 in diameter and or 58 mph winds. severe thunderstorms are not defined by amount of lightning so although storms can have intense lightning at times, like this one over great american ballpark last september, it is not necessarily a severe storm. but lightning is the number 1 interruption to outdoors ports stash -- outdoor sports. >> if we get lightning or we hear thunder we are automatically done for 30 minutes. jennifer: as meteorologists tracking severe thunderstorms on radar is a major part of our job but accurate reports from the
5:47 pm
s where viewers come in. remember to hashtag wlwt on your twitter and facebook posts to send us your reports. if you' d like to learn more about becoming a trained spotter through the national weather service, they do have several training dates still available in cincinnati, and we put a list on our website, including a meeting tonight in campbell county. jennifer schack wlwt news 5. mike: today hamilton county emergency managers also meet to discuss public hazards and threats. they' re hosting a meeting at the wyoming public library at 6:30 tonight. sheree: a beautiful day out there today. we could possibly have some severe weather later this week. now. this time of year it is march. we saw a week ago near the dayton area, you do not have to be expecting severe weather to since evolved. that is something keep an eye on as we get into wednesday.
5:48 pm
change no threats for severe weather today look at this afternoon highs 10 to 15 degrees warmer than they were yesterday it feels good outside the afternoon high is well into the 60' s with 70' s out to our west. we are not going to get quite warm for the rest the week but we are going to enjoy another day tomorrow with springlike weather across the area. with talk about all they springlike whether you' re probably going to notice it on your cars today. a little bit of the visible pollen. for most of us that visible pollen, you can take your finger across the windshield of your car, that is not going to be the problem for most of us. it is the stuff that we cannot see. the pollen count is up a little bit. around 29. mold is still on the low side.
5:49 pm
it is not as bad as it will get for the next couple of weeks. here' s a look at wind gusts this evening. so far winds are still gusting over 30 miles per hour. those wins will subside as the sun goes down. it will be breezy evening even overnight. 62 by 7:00. by nine will be down to 11. we' ll be down to 54 for a comfortably pleasant evening. you can see outside there are gusty winds. 64 degrees at the airport currently. we' ll have one more nice day before the storm system brings us a threat for rain on thursday. until then do not expect anything to really change there may be a little bit more in the way of filtered sunshine tomorrow. but rain chances increase on thursday we will so with morning
5:50 pm
especially south and east of cincinnati. there is a chance of for some stronger storms. 46 for a low tonight with a few clouds will take those southerly breezes and it will be not -- it will not be quite as cool. it will be high up in the mid 60' s. here is your day planner. it will not be quite as chilly as you walk out the door tomorrow. into the mid-60' s by the afternoon. here' s a look at your seven-day forecast. rain on thursday followed by a brief cooldown on thursday night and friday. after a chilly start to your easter weekend, things warm up. we go from the 30' s on saturday morning to 60' s by the afternoon with sunshine. right now we are keeping easter sunday on the dry side during the daytime hours. there may be some rain on sunday night. know what for. sheree: knowing your risk for diabetes while you can still
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mike: what can make you more at risk and the online test you can take to determine if you should talk to your doctor. sheree: plus starbucks creates a plan to waste less food.
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idea. mike: trending now. a former u.d. flyer returned a library book with an apology letter. james phillips, of minnesota, says he checked out the history book from the university library in 1967. but then he joined the marines. so the book ended up with his parents until they passed away. u.d. says it won' t charge james the 350-dollar late fee. sheree: you' ll soon be able to get a taste of moonshine in your hamburger. hardee' s and carl' s junior will release the midnight moonshine burger tomorrow. the limited-edition glaze won' t have any alcohol. but the restaurant says it will taste like moonshine. sheree: starbucks plans to help feed families in need with its leftovers. mike: the company says it plans to donate 100% of its unsold food to feeding america .
5:55 pm
it plans to give out 5 million meals this year, including breakfast sandwiches, paninis and salads. sheree: today is diabetes alert day. an estimated eight million people are living with the disease without knowing it. the american diabetes association says nearly one in 10 americans has diabetes. and one in three has pre-diabetes. you can reverse the condition with exercise and a diet change. the association' s website offers a free test, to figure out if you might have pre-diabetes. you can find a link in the as seen on section of >> no excuses. one minute. very few number of questions. and then, actually send that out to all your family, your friends, your colleageus and encourage them to take the exam as well. sheree: the diabetes association wants you to find out your risk level and then get any necessary treatment. factors putting you at high risk include weight, ethnicity, and
5:56 pm
mike: a local woman studying in brussels was actually inside the airport when the bombs blew up. what she did just moments before the attack to help save her life. mike: the university of cincinnati flooded with calls today friends and family worried
5:57 pm
how a customer tweets "bank fees make me physically ill. how do you respond? sounds like a medical problem. i'd send her to a hospital. "hashtag not the bank's problem." at huntington, she can link with her savings account and then we transfer the money for free. for a fee of $10. to transfer her own money? hashtag obviously. when you're overdrawn. welcome to huntington --
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[captioning made possible by wlwt-tv] >> from cincinnati' s wlwt news 5 leading the way. this is wlwt news 5 at 5:00. mike: terrifying new images from inside the brussels airport. after two bombs exploded at the airport check-in. >> suddenly, about two to three hundred people went rushing away from the security checkpoint towards the gate. sheree: 31 killed. and more than 200 injured in subway system in belgium' capital. but were these the only two attacks planned? >> a lot of heavy weapons have been found which is an indication that something was perhaps being being planned for the next few days. mike: good evening i' m mike dardis.
6:00 pm
m sheree paolello. picture tonight, they say show the 3 suspects in today' s airport bombing. responsibility for today' s attacks, saying its fighters opened fire before detonating their bombs. [indiscernible] mike: a series of attacks targeting the morning commute in the heart of belgium. thousands of passengers and workers were at the airport when two bombs exploded. >> what was shocking to me was that fact that the air inside the terminal was immediately full of smoke and debris and dust and everything else you can think of. mike: dozens killed. and more than 200 hurt. at the airport and a metro station thousands of others scrambled to safety. >> everyone was in panic. we had to run, just because the situation was such it was very, everyone was scared, so everyone ran. mike: tonight belgium federal police are releasing this photo. the faces of the men they say are behind today' s airport


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